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When the Big Chimney at the Omaha H'gh School Fell
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High School Smoke
stack is No More
The bli smokestack of tho Omaha
High tchoo!, the last relic o the old
building on Capitol hill, crumpled to
the ground In a maas of debris yesterday
afternoon at 2 o'clock.
The. work Of demolishing the ataclc was
carried on by the Harte contracting firm,
which Is erecting the new building. Early
In the week the alack was split way down
by cutting out a amall wedge of bricks
on each side. A kIow fire was then
built at the bottom and the heat gradu
ally parted the mortar holding the bricks
together, cauulng the stack to collapse.
When the old building was torn down
laat spring thj stack was the only part
of the building left standing. The con
structlon of the new building went on
nevertheless, but as .t is now completed
as far as the basement and the first
floor the old smokestack had to be re
moved. The stack was about 1S3 feet high,
Basket Ball Fives
to Hold Interstate
Meet in February
Wrestling Copper
Back in Mat Game
Omaha Bowling; Association Opens
Annual Events in January. ;
llaadteMi Will Be netrntla4
Later, Mill Also Katraae
I V- aaa Prt Maaey
i 'ta CUvaa.
MondaA January t, ha' been decided
upon by the tournament committee of the
Omaha Bowling association as the open
ing date for the annual city bowling tour
nament. Francisco, the Metropolitan and
the Oarlow alleys at South Omaha have
been rhoaen as the official tournament
Secretary Kdwln M. Tracy has circu
lated entrance blanks among the bowlers
of Omaha, Fouth Omaha and Council
Bluffs, and from returns received at
present the tournament will be by far
the largest of Its kind ever held In this
city. This is due, however, moutly to the
fact that the tourney will be operated
on the handicap basis, whereby the good,
the near good and the poor bowler will
be placed on a par with each other. The
Individual handicap has not yet been de
cided upon and a committee of four Is
working on a system which will be
equitable to all. ;
The handicap of a five-man team, will
be. decided by taking the average of the
team for the season. All teams with an
average of I.SA will roll at scratch and
all teams below that number will have
added to thetr number enough pins to
bring It up to t,K0 for three games. Three
games in all will be rolled by each team.
At present It is certain that fifty-five
five-men teams will be entered In the
tourney and at least 100 Individual bowl
srs. The double teams are estimated at
about 1 entries. The reason for the
large number of entries this year Is due
to the handicap system. This system was
adopted after a hot dispute at the Isst
meeting. The older and more experi
enced bowlers hung out for a nonhsndl-
rap tourney, but the majority were
against' It.
Ta Flaal Arruitmctli. , .
Neat (Sunday, December 17. final ar
rangements will be made for tbe tourna
ment, . The entrance fee and the prlae
money will be decided upon. The priti
money this year, it is asserted, will be
larger than at any city tournament ever
held in Omaha. The entire entrance fee
money will be turned over for prises
and maintenance of the alleya. Tha cost
for keeping this alleys in good shape will
be comparatively amall, and the remain
der will go entirely for prises.
All the team rolling will be done on
the Francisco alleya at Fourteenth and
Harney at reel a, because of the fact thut
there are eight regulation alleys and all
have been approved by the American
Bowling congress, under which rules the
tournament will be held. A representa
tive of, the American Howling congress
will be In attendance at the tourney and
will measure ami put the alleys In tour
nament shape. The entire eight alleys
will be used by eight teams, all rolling at
the same time. The system of uslnti
all tha alleys by as many teams has
been adopted by the American Bowling
congress s the boet system and will be
tried out for tha first time In Omaha at
the coming tourney.
lagles at Metroaalttaa.
The singles will be rolled at the Metro
politan alleya and the doubles at Oar
low's alleys In South Omhaa. The ob
ject of dividing the tourney into three
alleys is done In order that the tourna
ment will not last over six days. It was
planned at first to use Just the Fran
cisco alleys, but the large number of en
tries made It compulsory that three
alleys be used. '
Ackermann Prints
Perhaps the most popular prints, with mod
ern collectors, arc Uioho rarely beautiful old Eng
lish Sporting Scenes, which are so delightfully de
picted in the specimens exhibited by Arthur Ack
ermann & Hon of Ixjudon. During Monday and
Tuesday we announce n FVeo Exhibition of some
of the most beautiful of tho Ackermann Prints.
On thoso days there will bo a npecial repre
sentative of the Ackermann' nt our htore for the
: J purpose, of explaining to those interested tho
V processes by which the wonderful beauty of these
print is secured. J n every part of the world
V where art is appreciated, the house founded in the
eighteenth century by lludolph Ackermann und
"perpetuated by his descendant is recognized as a
.'producer of the very best in reproductive art.
.". We take very great pleasure in our ability on
thi occasion to tshow our friends and natrons
work of this character,
attend this exposition.
We hope that YOU will
(Primers Craft Shop)
Douglas St
Dead Ones Barred
at Alumni - Feast
by Nebraska Boys
Omaha alumni are boosting hard for
Nebraska foot ball and a game to be
played In Omaha next fall. The big
"help-yourself-frcely dinner" la booked
for the Millard notot next Tuesday even
Here Is a copy of a letter sent to all
the Omaha alumni, One found Its way
Into The Bee office and Is here repro
duced In text:
"You've got something on for Tuesday
night. Meet the old Nebraska mob at
the Millard hotel. Omaha Alumni Unl- ,
verslty of Nebraska will entertain "Dog" I
Kager, Coach Jumbo Htlehm and any of
the glorious Cornhusker team who can
"stiff-arm" the laundry man and get
away with $2.20 n. 11. fare at a 'llelp-yourself-freely'
dinner and smoker at the
Hotel Millard at 6:30 sharp Tuesday even
ing, December It
".Vow this la no bannuet and no orator
ical contest. It costs DO cents. Including
cigar. No collections, no assessments,
no sideshows, lust four bits.
"It yours a live one, be on the Job
you'll have lots of company. If you're
not a live one (any more, or yet), for
heaverj's sake, don't come. You'd be lono
some. What do we meet for? O. lots of
things. We want to put In a spike for
Cornhusker game In Omaha next fall
without fall. Now la the time to do it.
Then we want to huar what "Dog" and
Bttebm have to say about this Meason and
next season in foot ball. We want to
get a hundred or more Nebraska men
together who like to dope over the
Michigan game. We don't get together
often and this time we have something
to talk about.
"There will be much music and close'
harmony und mighty little speochlng.
"Como Just as you are. Dress up and
you'll be laughed at. Millard hotel lobby
will be full of Nebraska men that night
from 6. Jo on, so you can't lose your way,
"Committee: Clement Chuee, 'S3; Rob
ert II. Munley, '7; Dr. Uotlney Bliss, "SW;
Churles K. Koster, '00; Dean lllnger.
Italph Italiiey, '03; tfamuel Keen, Jr.,
Prank. Bullta. '; Amos Thomas,
Clyde Klllott. '09."
Yost Boosts Shonka
as Greatest Tackle
in Western Foot Ball
In selecting an all-etern foot bull
team Coach Yost of Michigan wrote at
follows of Shonka, Nebraska's great
tackle and captain:
"Hhonka of Nebraska and Frank of
Minnesota are placed at tackles. In all
the cames this season tho big captain
of the Cornhuskeis hss shown his worth
The cry was mado that Khonka hud not
rsully gone up agulnst a good team, but
thotte who saw tbe westerner rip up Mich
Igan on November 23 could easily tee
that Hhonka mould rip any line. No
player ever rlpied Michigan before, but
bhonka nsver hesitated. As for Frank
of Minnesota, he has shown great form
this season. The yards gained over the
Gopher tackle have been fw and thae
well qualified to Jude claim he Is the
heat In the country. Although not the
man with the ball that Khonka la. Frank
has an udded ability. He Is better on
defense than Hhonka, for he often teats
through to down the man behind the
Una. lie breaks up Interference and gives
the end a clear shot, while ghonka Is
content to wait, relying on his strenstb
to prevent being thrown back."
The Inter-state high school basket ball
tournment. which wilt be held under
the auspices of the University of Omaha
gives promise of being the biggest event
of the year In basket ball In this sec
tion of the country. The meet will be
held the latter part of February, and
Is open to all high school teams, though
the management of the meet is working
mainly for the Iowa and Nebraska
There have been state meets before, but
the idea of extending it to an Inter
state affair Is an Innovation, which If It
proves successful this year will become
an nnnual event, and will be enlarged
to take In 'any high school In the Mis
souri valley, which wishes to have a
representation. This year's tournament
Is strictly an Invitation affair allhlgh
schools being Invited to participate.
The proposlUon Is meeting with much
enthusiasm wherever It ' has been
broached. In, the smaller towns In Iowa
great Interest has been shown, because
they feel that in this way they will have
. . . ik. .
an opportunity 10 get omo
ball map. It Is a well known fact, that
In lots of the. smaller towns mey oo nn
e In for foot. ball, but begin the
dribbling game as soon as acnooi opens
In the fall. In thia way teams are often
developed that Tiave the edge on the
flvea representing the larger achoola.
Because basket ball generally is a los
ing game financially,, they are unanie id
take on teams claiming the champion
ship, and so they welcome this means
of meeting the better known aggrega
tions. ,
Cups and trophies will be given for
the teams winning first, second and third
places. These cups will be held by the
winner for a year only, unless the win
ner should repeat. Winning three times
successively gives the winner permanent
possession. Banners will also be awaraea,
which will state the position won and
the year, these will become tha property
Hi. n&ner on winning one of the
dares In the first division.
Tbe tournament will cover rour or n
diivi Mar. all or wntcn, wtin me p
slble exception of some of the preliminary
games, will be played at the unwersiiy
To arrange the details of ttve tourna
ment U. Al Ferclval has been appointed
special manager of basket ball, at me
local Institution. Besides him the other
men. who wIU help to boost the meet
ur: V. II. CurTens. faculty supervisor
of athletics at the University of Omaha;
s W. Salisbury, manager of athletics
iTnivrsltv of Omaha; A. W. Miller, bas
ket ball coach. University of Omaha; J
t. Maxwell, physical airecior xouog
Men s Christian association; R. I earns,
director athletics, publio schools; C. E
n-,i director athletics. Omaha high
school;' Joy Clark, basket ball coach
Omaha high school -
1 M W '
If You Are
Purchasing An Electric
motor car for town uses, you
want a Baker. It is the most
economical. Its entire driving
mechanism is designed to save
current in starting, stopping,
and climbing hilly streets. Its
brakes are unfailing operated
by a lighj pressure of the fooL
The car handles as lightly and
as easily as a bird on the wing.
Electric Garage Co.
Omaha Dutributtr
221822 Far nam St.
The Baker Motor-Vehicle Co.
Cleveland, Ohio
C. A. Jensen, the big heavyweight
policeman wrestler Is coming back Into
the mat game. He secretly has been
getting himself Into shape at his home,'
where he has fitted up a gymnasium. The
fact that Jensen . has been preparing to
get back Into the game came out at the
wrestling match Friday night, when he
let slip a little statement which caused
a few of the knowing ones to wake up.
Jensen until last summer wsa well
known among the grapplers of this sec
tion. He was taken sick early last sum
mer and had to retire from the game
until he regained his strength and condl
tlon. That he Is In good condition Is
certain from the fact that he weighs five
pounds more than he ever weighed be
fore and is as hard as nails. Prior to
his sickness Jensen was reputed to be
a comer among the heavyweights, hav
ing made a good showing against Wester
gaard after being In the game but a short
while. He has taken on such men
Bill Hokuf, Paul Domke, Farmer Burns
and several other one and got the best
of the argument In many instances.
When asked whether he was going to
come back Into the game Jensen said he
was preparing himself for that purpose
and declared he never felt better in his
life. After a few more weeks of hard
training, he said, he will be prepared to
take on any of the bunch. Jensen Is
well known In Omaha, having been on
the police force for several years. He
s a fearless and quiet man and that he
knows something about the game ran be
testified to by Beveral had men who have
been quieted by him at police head
Mrs. Kirk to Marry Old Sweetheart
FARUO. N. 1. D.h 9-3 P. William
son, a arll-known stockman of arKant
county, alii marry Mr. J. S. Kuk
widow of the t'htcaso sap manufacturer
during the holnlHVs. tt becunm known
here loiiav. Williamson and Mrs. Kirk
were schoolmates) in New York state and
recently met aalu autr luany eais.
Base Ball Magnates
Gather in New York
NEW YORK. Dec. ".Enough base ball
men were on hand today to start Informal
conferences In preparation for the meet
Ings of the two big leagues and the Ns-
tlonal Commission here the first thres
days of next week. The minor league
situation changes In the world'e series
plan, syndicate base ball, the New Tork
world's series ticket scandal and betting
are some of the topics to be considered.
Humors that the National league meet
Ing would produce a lively fight to un
,u President Lynch have quieted and
the outlook Is-that Mr. Lynch will be re
elected without serious opposition. A
proposal to lengthen his term has been
opposed by Lynch, a ho says that he
nroouaes to meet the Issue or whether
ids adnUnlstratlon has been satisfactory
at the cud of each season.
President llcrrmaa of the Cincinnati
club, chairman of tbe National Ctommls
sion. and President Lynch of the Na
lions! league are here now, and President
Johnson of the American league, the
third member of . the commission, is ex
pected tomorrow.
At the meeting on Monday this trium
virate will consider modifications In thi
chsrter with representatives of the three
minor leagues, the National Board of
Arbitration and the National association.
Jewelry -of Course Is On
Every Christmas List
Artistic Jewelry has always been a favorite 'with Christmas
Shoppers, for many good reasons. First of all, It is decidedly
appropriate. It reflects the Christmas Spirit It has a perman
ent value and Is always appreciated. We are boastful this
year concerning the great assortment that we have provided for
your selection we feel that we have a right to boast to say
that we are offering goods of truer worth, at lower prices, than
any other store In the city.
Monday Specials
O size Ladies' Elgin watch,
hunting case, 20 year, $15.00
value -.-$8.75
17 jewel adjusted Hampton
watch, 20 year case, open
We still have
blue whit
Tiffany or
a few of those,
diamond rings,
fancy setting.
1 dozen knives and forks, guar
anteed, regular price S4.60
a dozen, Monday ... .32.75
Fritz Sandwall Jewelry Co.
(In Omaha and South Omaha Twenty Years.)
308 S. ISth Street
The Dramatic club of the University of
Omaha will present its second play
Wednesday evening, December 13, at the
university assembly hall. This play, like
the first one given. Is to be presented be
fore none but students. It is entitled
The Cowboy Cousin." The story Is of
i western man who visits his wealthy
New York relatives.
The cast of characters:
Ben Markln (cowboy cousin)
8. W. Salisbury
Mr. Morrison Oldham Paisley
Jennie (a dependent)... Katherlne Matheut
Mrs. Morrison Clara llendrlokson
Clara Belle Morrison Zella Heebe
Coach Marguerite Walker
Salary Demaad Dismissed.
CINCINNATI, O.. Doc. 9. The National
Buhi) Ball commission In a finding pro
mulgated today, dismissed the complaint
of 1'iuyer David Skeels against the heat
tie and Detroit clulw for salary while
he was under suspension by Seattle dur
ing part of last season. Detroit sold
Hkeels to Seattle. The player contended
that his suspension was unjust and that
Ihu, Ih. 1 lu nU tf CU 1 1 la ll.n.Ja.
nient ahould be compelled to pay him for!
the time he waa Idle.
Key to the Situation Bee Want Ads.
Bell Phone So. 134.
Ind. V 1703.
Established 1802
Prompt delivery.
Christmas Liquors
I Carry a Complete Line o! Wines and Liqoors
1. Klein's Pure Whiskies, full quart
,. ,75c, $1, $1.25
KLEIN'S ,uU iurl - -15
a y w-A Ty 12 full quarts ..... .....
JxMLA. 20 full quarts . 812.50
Whlsky AU KPress prepaid In Iowa and Nebraska.
All orders outside of Iowa and Nebraska must call for 20
quarts In order to be freight prepaid.
J. Klein's fine wines ...25r, 50c, 75c per bottle
My Souvenir calendar is more beautiful than ever.
Announce a Special Purchase of
Key U the Situation-Pet Want Ada
Monday, December 13
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