Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 10, 1911, NEWS SECTION, Page 10, Image 10

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H. E. Fredrickson is Piesented with.
Badge for Good Service.
District tarnt fur Ihr l'lrrrr rrow
Is llnniirrit h ihr I niliirr fur
tkr Cinoil W i-k Hi' lln
Hnr In 'ihr ml.
ConinirnoratliiK their l ntli amil . i s.iry
In tha automobile luifii. "Kri. Ilin I'lrrro
Arrow Motor fur nrc arran;
liif for distribution ji d Mr wiio lisve
triad possible the ptifm nn nal prowth fit
this rompsny a hr-Hutlinl imdiilllon, 1 lie
work of rvfljoii (.f Pl'llailrlphla. who
hat made himself famous In this par
tlrular branrh of ait by his masterful
On ons r- i 1 in r.Ii'.r.1 knrolinK, n
Herculean jmul.. piouilly hoMlnit In
outstretched liuml'i a mlnlnture replica
of the. rifirr bcanlmpr. which. Willi Its
Imported Iellon motor, waa t tie first
produce of th liien ;o-fle N. I'lerce
company, H m the market for th
first time, in l: i. on the opposite sM
s pr"ana in has relief, v. hat from an
artistic standpoint run lo i lascl h
masterpiece, li Is the rtinval of a man
of mature jcais. t. hu"j ie rim a
mask of tlioiiclitfiilnprs thronarii which
clearly shlnrs tha light of genius. Ills
leevee. are rolled built and lil collar
rpen at the throat, and with evident pride
he hold iwfors him the ri'ult of Jits
ten years labor the 1IH1 1'lrrce Arrow
Buburhsn. 'J his side of thn mcdulllon Is
Inscribed with the uoid 'Time Artow
Motor Car company, lull" Hnd cnitlun,
"Trh years of Industrial activity."
While these mednlllon were not ready
for general distribution nt this tlmr.
Colonel Clifton, President of the Pierce
Arrow Motor Cur company, sent by ex
preea the cample medal from his desk to
M. E. Frederlckson, district acrnt fur
rierca Arrows, In view of the fact that
last week the H. 1C. Kredrlt kon Auto
mobile company wore holding; open house
In celebration of their thlrtrenth annl-
rerstry In the aittoniohlls business and,
at a peculiar coincident, lire at this time
displaying In their sales room a large and
exclusive, showing; of l'lerco Arrow auto
mobiles. Mr. Krederlcknon said: "When 1
stop to consider the exceptional accom
pllshmenta of the I'lerce. Arrow Motor
far company In the production of motor
cart of the highest K'nde and when I
consider the firm hold that they have
secured In the high class division of the
automobile . Industry, It makes ino feel
old In experience to know that I was
selling automobiles three years before
the Pierce company stalled to manu
facture cart. Of course, 1 wasn't Belting
many of them nor wore many of them
being manufactured, but I was getting
a Una on tome real experience that hat
proved very 'valuable o m since."
Along the
Automobile Row
The latest mall communication from
the Hupmoblla world touring '' iiarty
now on Ita way to 1'nrlt cam to the
Hupp Motor Car company from Cairo,
Egypt, under date of November 3.
On that day tha . world tourists cele
brated the anniversary o( the state of
their trly around the globe by a trip to
tha sphinx and pyramids outside the city.
V f Prnan of Fairmont. Neb., mo
tored liit-i Omaha Inst Friday In his Witt
.-peHnl Klandir car.
)(. K. j'.iown of Lincoln wai one of the
visitor nt tin h'tate Automobile associa
tion convention hern Iat week.
Tim Hnlclt company put out five cars
Monday anil Tuesday ami the remainder
of the week they averaged a car a day.
I'p l tin? present time the llupmoblle
people have, received 250 orders out of
South lmkota for their new V) 32-horse
power llupmoblle.
Manager Pchnilltdlrl of the Renal com
pany was out of the rlty the last few
days closing up deals for agencies. He
state that business out through the state
Is cry good.
The Powell Supply company's new
building will he practically ready for oc
cupancy by I'ecember IS. In view of thn
large Christmas business the company
has decided npt to move until the day
after Christmas.
W. It. McKeen of the McKecn Motor
company baa placed an order with the
llupmoblle people for onr of the largest
nujrfcls of the llupp-Yrates electric cart.
This Job Is considered one of the largest
In the western pert of the country.
The Wallace Automobile company' re
ceived a carload of Oakland 40s during
the last week.
A big Columbia Cavalier limousine car
was sold to an Omaha party the last
week. The car sold for 17,2m),, and la one
of the largest tales pulled off this season
along the low. ,
Ileal Indian tummer weather the last
few weeks has made the automobile busi
ness boom. Business all along the row
during the last couple of week has
broken all prevlout records for thlt lime
of the year. Many of the managers of
companies state that never before nt
h;t time of the? year hat business been
so good at It it now. One company stated
that for the last four montht their con
tracts greatly erreed those for the en
tire season Jt year.
1 T. V. firavea of Chicago arrived In the
city last iveek to take charge of the
branoh house of the flood year Tire and
Kubber company. Prevlout to thlt the
Powell Supply company had charge of all
the Ooodyear business here.
Tha company la building a new atore
at 2211 Fam am atreet. The new building
will be one of the finest office buildings
In the elty whan completed. Tha com
pany hat gone to great expense In In
stalling tha Interior fixtures, wulch will
m the best possible to buy. Defused
lighting la to be Installed. Mr. Graves
oxpeots to move Into the new building In
the near future. At present he It occu
pying a portion of the Powell Supply
Jlepubllc tlrea have strongly appealed to
Omaha motorlets, according to reports
Grand Prize Race a Thriller
Of all tha norve-tlngllng, tplne-rhllllng
heart-breaking races I aver witnessed the
Grand Trite speed battle from start to
finish proved the most thrilling. Never
waa tuch a long distance event run.
There may htve been morr.tnta during
a short finish of tome great horse race,
bicycle contest or an automobile event
that gave the spectators as great a thrill
for a few seconds, but here was a great
race which for more than five hours
held IA0AO persons spellbound and there
wae never, a time up to the moment
Bruce-Brown flashed across the line at
the finish that It waa posslbel to pick
three men between whom the race lay.
It waa a distinct triumph for Amer
ican drivers. Of course, there were but
two great foreign pilots to oppose our
home boys, but there waa never a second
that showed either Wagner or llrmmery
aa tha iial of llearne, Kruce-Krown,
Da Palma, Bragg or Mulfoid. llrarne
waa tha surprise ut the iuue. Mlendcr at
a grammar school boy, llearne sat at the
wheel of a big car and mastered the
monster at 'av.-ry corner of the course,
displaying a skill and reckless abandon
that no foreign pilot ever showed. In
thlt country, at leant. 1
Too much cannot be Mid in praise of
Bruce-Brown. There wero other drivers
In tha race who drove Just as game and
.heady a race as did Brown. But Brown
won, and that la tho answtr. praise
must always go to tin- one fortune smiles
on and fortune certainly navu Brown a
good hearty grin during tho lap.
Mulford's lll-f inuno alone prevented the
Vanderbllt cup winner from finishing as
good at third, Put one such victory as
Alulford scored earlier In the week It
enough fur an one man.
Tha average plied up by the winners
surpassed the great record held by
Naaarro ' In the Ta: go Kbit to tace lu
Italy a few years ago. The distances
were about the tame, of voursu, it it
, absurd to figure the rUiua Monica aver
aga of 74.1 miles an hour In the same
ilasa at tho average of trie U.-and Prise.
The Santa Monica 'Jwtfeui o was Just half
l ist of tbe big Havaiiuan rie. The 74.2
average wtilcli lleartie maliiu.iu-d pai
tha ZJO-mlle nuiil: .: the oranj Pi lie i
thaaverago which be compairtd ltn
tne Callfoi nla At that, i tx lw-ve
tne saniw csis thai vcid In tli lituiU
Pr.xe would hsVu l-l.cJ lu an average vl
seventy -igh(, julica an hour over the Cal
ifornia oourse. even at the Hi miles dis
tance. I would like to ee the Grand
J'rl go to fault Monica If tt U aban
doned by ravanna. And J have heard
soma rumors around the Cio.irg1a city to
the effect (hat there would b uu lacing
carnival next year.
( Tha first road ruce of the new year
jla scheduled, fur Washington birthday
'at Han Frenilsojk tha l'ajiaiua,-Pacjflu
jirom what I can lru from aciveg U4
. continent tt la the Intention of the north
rn California crowd to make their race
I a big evnt for tha next three years and
I '' P"t n a race for a M.tM) prlta in
when the big exposition is In full
'blast. But fuur years ahead
Is a Ion
Ivuk, and many of tha freat racing pltwtj
of today probably will not be In the game
In 1UIR . f,
The famoua Mardl ftraa poed carnival
will tie held again next Prhrmrv - v
Orleans. Announcement was made at Ba-
vannan mat tne 1911 affair would be of
the three days variety and that ih. ri.
wou.v. be llbenl and the program varied.
annual event Is the only sanction
the New Orleans Automobile club asks
for. and should be Included In any aehed
ule made up by the manufacturers' con
test commttte. The track Is wide and of
good surface, and although more than a
doxrn meets have been pulled off on It
there has never been a tcrlous accident
even when the number of starters was
so great that the cars bad to be lined up
In two rows.
I am In receipt of the following query
his la the first winter 1 have owned a
car. Please tell me Low to best prepare
It for storing during the cold months '
Is it possible, that there Is m .1
-...finj uwiier
of a motor car who la going to store his
machine during the winter? Inm't store
It. my good fellow. Ml l(. Ahy mM
who would part with a faithful machine
during a few cold weeks does not deserve
to own a motor cur.
Although the recent grand p. I.e race
was not sanctioned by the American Au
tomoblle aKsoclatlon. (here will not be
any of the drivers "outlawed" by the
triple A s contest board. But few motor
.MS know that the America,, Automobile
association has absolutely nothing to do
Uli t!,e running of the grand pr.xe event
Tbe great race 1. under the ., 1:ontroi
and amnion of the Auto,ob,l0 club of
America, which orjtanixatlon, by the wsv
.. the only body , America reco.n'.ej
or af filiated the International Fed.
eratlon of Automobile Club.. The Brand
prise Is the .,,,. , W4r m,rklt
victory of the Automobile club of Amer
lea over the American Automobile asso
clanon in a bitter fight some three year4
ago. When the smoke cleared away the
American Automobile association waj
laying prostrate with Automobile Club of
Aaierlca waving Its war club, tile grand
prlia gold cup. But at the Automobile
Club of America It not a boastful organ
lxatlon and as the American Automobile
association la a bit sensitive about the
subject the pul.l.o la seldom reminded f
the fact that the grand prise la run free
hunt ahree A tnterftreiv.e
from the Powrll Pnpply companj. fairs
on these tires for the first seven days of
this month compared favorably with tbe
sales made during the very busiest days
of the season. While Republic tlrea cost
a HuIa morn than the ordinary makes
automobile owners teem willing to pay
tne difference for tha added service and
comfort that these tlree give. Tha big
demand at this season It for the Btsggard
trend type cases and the special black
linn Inner tubes.
The Powell Supply company reports a
large number of visitors during the Ne
braska Mate Automobile association con
vention the first of last week. The dele
gates were enthusiastic over the good
work that had been arcompHshed on the
road-bulldlng proposition. '
Ouy I Bmlth has Just received com
plete data covering Terries trucks of
three, four and five-ton rapacity. Mr.
Bmlth has never devoted any effort to
the commercial car, but says the Peerless
people are making such a superior truck
that he Is going to get some business on
K. It:x of Kort Calhoun was In Omaha
last week and dropped In to tell Ouy
Smith abo'it some remarkable perform
ance of his Hurfwn "B."
3. K. Clause and family of Wahoo. Neb.,
drove a Hudson "23" to Omaha last. week.
The women wanted to do some Christmas
shopping and on tha return trip the car
w-sa loaded down with bundles. Mr.
Clause said that as a rig tor Santa Claus,
the Hudson "33" waa mlle ahead of the
proverbial old sleigh.
I. W. Peterson of the Mitchell factory
at Racine visited the agency In Omaha
Mitchell cars were delivered during the
last week to the following parties: otto
Barts, North Loup, Neb.; E. Baker, Stan
ton, Neb ; Ilenke A Bentxlnger, Teoura
seh. Neb.; F.rneet Bros., North Loup,
Neb.: Chris W Uba k, Pavld city, la..
and C. Jacobson, Charter Oak, la.
A carload of I.lttle Blxea and one car
load of the Gentleman's Roadster were
received by the Mitchell Motor company
during the week Just closed.
A chassis of the 1S12 six-cylinder Loxier
Is now on exhibition at the Mitchell Motor
company's store, SOiO Farnam. This Is
an exact duplicate of the car In which
Ralph Mulford made his wonderful show
ing at Pavannah recently, winning the
Vanderbllt cup and establishing a new
record of 71.07 miles an hour.
Though his handa and fert vera :iewrly
froxen, Bruce Brou n drove his v inning
Flat racer at an average speed of neariy
74'4 miles per hour In the International
grand prize race at Savannah, scittng a
new mark for this event.
It Is Interesting to note that the rtrlvrrg
of the first six cars and every car to fin
ish the race were Americans, and rvfry
car was equipped with Michel!,, tires.
Bitter cold as It was, the snectutor
were wildly enthuslHHtie, , ami Bruca
Brown was carried from the course on tha
shoulders of his admirers
TTM-IE "Savbrook" is most aotlv and sufficientlv describe it I 7? -71 99
l ed as Complete- : -1 V; -
1 No one feature stands out more prominently ' 1 1 J$ J $ Iffi PTfhfJl I
mm sT r nr w r w m km ma mm f r t i
HE "Saybrook" is most aptly and sufficiently describ
ed as "comolc?te:'r ; . . V ' -
- No one feature stands out more prominently
than another there's no . single device to catch the eye.
There is every last detail of construction, finish and equip
ment in and on the "Saybrook" Touring Car to make it
complete! It is head and shoulders above all other cars it
has no "experiments" to be tried by the buyer.
Every detail on it zve have tested and proven to be
worthy before it'finds a place on the "Saybrook." The sat
isfaction any car can give depends on the whole car,znd on
that thought the "Saybrook" Touring Car is offered for
your consideration.
Here are some of its features, which go to make it
such a successful car; all of them as conducive in the high
est degree to comfort in riding, long service, and wise
These for comfort
Bodies not touching the dash This
sweeping improvement eliminates the sounding
board effect of the one-piece body; it prevents
the irritating squeaks due to road twists; it re
tines the entire car into silence. Strains on body
cannot bind the steering post.
Bodies do not touch the frame Be
tween the frame and body are placed rubber lugs.
These cushions do away with the usual vibration
ordinarily transmitted to the body from the run
ning gear of the car. K
ft '
Second speed transmission, has spiral
gear The ratchetty buzz of the second speed
is thus soft-pedaled into an inaudible, smooth
efficiency. V
New type radius ,rods A universal joint,
cross and yoke type (covered with leather boots
to keep the dust out and the grease in), allow
ing for up-and-down and side motion. Result :
no wear nor rattle, and a much-easier-than-ordi-narily
riding car.
Adjustable e ront seats Movable for
ward or back, to suit convenience of the driver.
WheelbasE Of 122 inches. Exhaustive
tests proved this the most advantageous wheel
base for a comfortable 7-passenger car.
. Hartford shock absorbers Makes sure
the riding comfort of the already perfect car.
Springs arb V inches wide Permitting
the use of fewer leaves and while making a far
easier-running car, also makes for more strength.
Electric furnace steel in these.
These for long service
Valve-in-head Motor With four cylin
ders, 4 x 5.
Multiple Vacuum Exhaust Pipe The same
principle is utilized as in steam engines. It means a
difference of 20 more power over other motors
having same size cylinders.
Easy starting device A priming arrangement
that forces gasolene directly into cylinder ports.
WATER COOLING A gear-driven pump keeps the
water moving. Radiator has spreading manifolds.
Casing separate from the core, son hat strains on frame
don't damage radiator.
Positive lubrication A gear-driven pump forces
oil directly to each crankshaft and cam shaft bearing.
This means more oil when you want it and less when
you need less., No ifs and ands about it.
Great braking surface No car in America
at anywhere near its weight has the brakes acting on
such a great spread of braking area. These new
brakes are of an improved and novel design, absolute
ly rattle-proof and thoroughly efficient. Spring
operated releases. Brakes can't drag.
Improved type rear system Full-floating
rear axle. It is larger than formerly and carries,
in this 1912 model, improvements that make it
These prove wise investment
Demountable rims Quick detachable,
demountable. Tires 36x4t. An extra rim is
furnished. Also tire irons.
Combination electric and oil lamps
Makes kerosene an optional reserve, and not
a necessity.
Windshield Of latest improved pat-
tern is part of this equipment.
Top and cover Full mohair top and
top boot are furnished to harmonize with
the car. . Storm curtains are also regular
equipment.. Foot-rest, foot-throttle, and
robe-rail are included.
Stoddard-Dayton service Does
not cease with the purchase of a car by
you. Theniswheni't BEGINS. Thepleasurepart
of Stoddard-Dayton owners is the prompt and will
ing service rendered to car and owner at all times.
The 'price Complete, as outlined above,
:f.o.b. Dayton,) $2800. '
We will send you a catalog and, later, call
I vpmyou, if yon wish. Or, see the Saybrook at
our place. We will be glad to show it or give
you any further information without obligating
you in the least.
A2LtivG ...
cch ' Paraf. ?.'orccs th-
t want Dru 'c
jear,-r, StlnK m dir.
L Oa. "
Dsright Automobile Co.
Omaha, Nob.
PpeS dir.
Oil n, CQOfth
4i tor, j Con.-
Kred Brown Auto Co. - Luther Larson.
Far male. Uogenhagen A Uto Co. LukaDa A Johninn
, K. A. Duff Co.
Neb. lKAlVOOD, 8. D,
C. F. Peterson.
r7- V'de(1 7 resSUre
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