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! They Will Be Largely Represented
j at Meeting of Wool Ilea.
At Conclusion of Krulom n Cker
) Dflrcatr. will Rnar.l m
Train for Omaha to Attend
! tfce National Merlin.
A dosen or mora prominent railroad
men arc preparing to make their prea
nee felt at the annual convention of the
Wyoming Wool Growers' asscc!t;lon In
Cheyenne next Monday. They will leave
trre Sunday.
The Burlington will b represented by
Assistant General Freight Afcnt Mont
morency and John Pet, general live
lock agent, and all of the local live
tock agents who cover westorn No
biaaka and Wyoming. Among the North,
western men will be General Freight
nd Passenger Agent Miller; J. Lever,
freight and passenger agent of the Wy
oming llnea, and V. V. Cutler, general etock agent. While the Union Pa
cific will not send any men from the
general offices, nil of the live stock
agents who work western Nebraska.
Wyoming and Colorado, will be In at
tendance. Here the Union Pacific freight men
will resolve themselves Into a reception
committee to assist In entertaining the
delegates to tUo national convention of
the Wool Growers' aoeoclatlon that con
venes In Omaha Thursday,
't The Omaha men who to to the Chey
enne meeting expect to remain until the
' close ol the convention, accompanying
the delegates to this city. Of those who
attend the convention at Cheyenne it Is
expected that fully fW will come to
Omaha for the national meeting. They
will probably arrive 0:1 a special train
over the Union Pacific some time
Wednesday night or Thursday morning.
They Arc Enthusiastic.
Omaha railroad men are all enthusiastic
, over both the Cheyenne and Omaha meet,
ings. They anticipate a large attendance
at both places ad two very Important
and Interesting meetings. The say that
the wool growing Industry of Wyoming
and the states tributary to Omaha trade
on the west has grown to such an extent
during the last five years that at this
time It completely overshadows the Im
portance of cattle raising.- They point to
the fact that all over the west cattle are
etill raised, but Instead of the size of
the herds having Increased they have
constantly and gradually diminished. On
the other hand, both the slxe and the
number of the fiocka of sheep have In
creased many fold.
Up In the Medicine Bow country, 100
miles or mora north of the main line of
the Union Pacific in Wyoming, where a
few years ago all of the ranchmen were
ongaged in raising cattle, most of them
liave since turned their attentl n to sheep.
At the present time In this section there
are hundreds of thousands of sheep, most
of which are eventually boumt to come
to the Omaha market. Similar conditions
exist along the line of the Northwestern
from Casper all the way through to Lan
der and along the Burlington from the
Nebraska state line to the Big Horn
Omaha Finances
Will Balance at
End of the Year
City Comptroller Cosgrovo will report
to the city council within a week the fact
that the city finances, for the first time
In several years, will balance at the
end of the year, with a small surplus In
several funds and a deficiency In none.
"This Is the first time this condition
lias existed for several years," said Mr.
Cosgroye. "Usually funds are overdrawn
at the end of the year, but strict econ
omy and by a hewing of expenditures In
some Instances there will be no overlap
of expenditures this year."
In order to keep the expenditures within
the appropriations heads of aome depart
ments of the city government have prac
ticed stringent economy toward the close
Iowa Uni Debating Teams
r h
1- MUiv...-
. ;.;. r-. ': Jr. ;
Last evening the Iowa debaters held met Nebraska at Lincoln and Illlnoln at
Iowa City. The eam at Lincoln had tli negative of the question, "resolved.
That the ship subsidy Is necessary to tha American merchant marine.". The team
at Iowa City supported the affirmative of the same question.
of the year, the number of assistants
being decreased to the minimum and the
expenses curtailed as much as efflolency
would possibly permit.
J. Grant Pegg Wants
Colored Assistant
John Grant Pcgg. city Inspector of
weights and measures, has directed a
communication to the city council object
ing to the appointment of a white man as
assistant Inspector. He also objects to
the appointment of two assistants, believ
ing one other man will be all the help he
will need.
Mr. Pegg says: "As your appointee, at
the head of the department of weights
and measures, please allow me to make
the following suggestions:
''It Is not necessary to appoint more
than one assistant Inspector of weights
and measures. I have consulted with
Principal Dyett, Itev. John A. Williams,
W. F. Botts and some of the leading
negro business men In the city and they
are of the same opinion.
'We think that the assistant should be
a negro In order to Insure harmorty and
diligent effort to pafform the duties of
the office. We believe It Is a Job that
rightfully belongs to a negro, at least
until my term expires."
This letter Is brought forth In objection
to the appointment of Ralph Richardson,
while, with II. T. AtmBtoad, colored, to
nsslat Mr. Pegg, and to sfrve at a salary
of ITS per month. The appointments were
made by the mayor,' but have not been
confirmed by the council.
City-Attorney John A. nine will leave
next week for St. Louis to uphold the
city's side in the suit to compel the Mis
souri Pacific: Railroad company to con
struct a viaduct at Forty-fifth and
Dodge streets. The city won In the fed
eral courts here, but the case was ap
pealed to the-appellate court at t. Louis.
From Omaha's Near Neighbors
. Blatr.
Editor Fred Fassett of Herman was In
Blair Saturday. '
Bernard Haller was a passenger to
Omaha Sunday evenings
Congressman Ixbeck's secretary, J. H.
Hanley, was In Blair last week.
Clarence Do!l of Lincoln spent Thanks
giving pith his brother, Attorney George
W. R. Williams, editor of the Blair
Tribune, left on iuesday for a six weeks'
trip to California.
Attorney Clark O'Manlon and wife au
totd to Arlington and ate turkey dinner
with Judge Marshall and family.
1L A. Wentwoith, superintendent of
the Blair railroad bridge, returned Sat
urday from a trip to tne gult cou.H in
Mr. and Mrs. F.arl Slanfleld of Omaha
and Mrs. Fred Robertson of Herman
were Thanksgiving visitors at the home
cf A. C. Jone.
John Bchmahling was elerted by the
Modern Woodmen lodne as a delegate to
the Chicago convention to protest against
an Increase In rates. .
The high school foot ball players and
their beet girls wre entertained on Mon
day evening at the home of County At
torney Carrlgan by his daughter. M:s
A letter. to Mr. and Mrs. Kvans from
their son, C. O. Evans at Han KranciHco,
aays he would leave the day
for China as chief quartermaster on the
J. P. Gage of Fremont, grand secre
tary of the Odd Fellows, visited Blair
lodge No. It Thurxday evening and
helped confer the third degree on tour
Judge Troup, Mt a tes:oH of the Hh
trli't court on Saturday, granted Mrs.
Bertha Baker a divorce fiom Attorney
F. 8. Baker, who Is located In the int
ern part of the Elate.
Mrs. A. McCirew and daughter, Mrs. 11.
A. Alojkelinann, were at oinalia Tuesday.
Albert Gemlrg and family of Tralnor,
la., are visiting this week at the Bay
and Clauwn homes.
Casper Dellldotta lost a horse this week
which he recently purchased, the animal
having contracted a tevere case of dis
temper. William Andersen Is Improving his res
idence, recently purchased of Mrs. l.dv
tngsioti, by adding new porches, fence, and papering. Mrs. K. J. Mr
formic will occupy It until tpnrig at
George Frost, in old resident of Ioug
ls rountv, djd ' iast Friday at an
omaha hospital, where he wa taken sev
rl weer.s ao. He Waves three sons.
William. Harry and Richard, all resi
dents of this vicinity.
The C. C. plub met with Mrs. ,J. A.
Gibbons Thursday. The afternoon was
vuciit at cards, there belnsj four tables.
The first prlxe was won by Mrs. J. 1.
gecfus. Mrs. Gibbons was aislsted by
Mrs. J. E. Tate In serving a delicious
The Royal Neighbors elected these offi
cers Tuesday evening: Oracle, Mrs. A.
J. IKeerson; vice oracle. Miss liamali;
chancellor, Mrs. J. A. Gibbons: outer sen
tinel, Mrs. Chase; Inner sentinel, Mrs. A.
Grimm; marshal, Mis Freda Grimm.
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Slsson were over
Sunday visitors at Blair.
iss Elizabeth O'Brien visited over
Sunday with friends at Springfield.
Mr. and Mrs. John pence and daughter,
Miss Gertrude, spent two or three days
last week with Mr. Pence's mother at
Editor J. R. Sutherland and ton. .Doug
las, are in Texas thin wrvk, where they
went partly on pleasuieind partly to spy
out the country.
Tekamah women flocked to Omaha yes
terday to do some Chrlstma shopping.
They report tho shopping district as
crowded to suffocation.
Waterloo. x
Thomas Coates and sister. Miss Minnie,
who are both working in Omaha, were
here visiting over Sunday.
Mlys Etta P. Ixiwell was In Suunders
There are more cups to the
pound in this coffee.' The
(rrowths that enter into it are
picked to give strength as well
as splendid, enjoyable cup-quality.
Roasted to the instant of
coffee perfection.
Be sura
that ttis
seal b
ar two
kinds of
You'll be convinced by a single
pound that it is not only tho
most delicious coffee, but that it
is most economical.
- At your grocer' 35 a pounj. .
TONE BROS., Da Moines, la.
county over Sunday visiting her brother
and family, who live near Colon.
School resumed -Monday after the
Thanksgiving holiday and the work was
taken up with tho usnal Interest.
Roscoe Morton and Charles labclsteln
nnd two of the latter's sons, Hans and
Fred, went to Omaha Wednesday.
Rete Hlvely and family were here and
at Elkhorn last week visltmg their rela
tives and friends and left Saturday for
their home at Bralnerd.
Mrs. Bessie Chrlstenifon and.babv were
at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Jack Thrane, over Thanksgiving and re
turned to Omaha Sunday afternoon.
Rub; Jordan was here from' Kansas
City for the Thanksgiving holiday and
left Tuesday to return to his work with
the union Pacific construction gang.
Charles Payne, whose folks formerly
lived here with the family, his mother
being Mrs. Thonm 1.lin. ha returned t
V nlerloo to work In the seed houses.
August Hrhnelder, Jr.. went to Omsha
Paturday, rrrlng with him a large
bundle of furs of wild animals he had
caught trapping on the K.lkhorn nrr this
J. C. Robinson made a trip nn far west
BS Lexington the first of the week, re
turning 'i uesday evening. The car mot
him at Fremont, as he came In on one
of the fast trains.
Miss Bird Claybatigh. who tenches near
South Omaha, was home for Thanksgiv
ing. She was acrompanlod home Thurs
day morning by Mrs. V. W, Claybatigh
and daughter, of Omaha.
Lawrence Robinson left Sunday after
noon for his school duties at the uni
versity. Miss Vernon lllder, who had
been visiting Miss Robinson over Thanks
giving, also returned to Lincoln tltst aft
ernoon to resume school studies ul the
Miss May Nichols went to Otnalia Tues
day. Miss Shrpard visited Rev. and Mrs.
Klhott at North Bend last week. N
Mrs. Neff and mm, Harold of Vtnnha,
visited Mrs. Curtis the last of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hartford ate re
joicing over the birth of a daughter l'e
cember 1.
Mrs. Margaret tlnldawnrth spent several
days with her Ulster, Mrs. .1. Turk, In
Omaha this week.
Mr. and Mrs. II. Ilelmbach returned
Monday from a visit with Rev. and Mrs.
Zimmerman at Walthlll, Neb.
Mis. Arthur PeTfpi of Colorado
Sprlntts. Colo., visited Mrs. A. K. Hub
bard and the Whit more fnmllles Satur
day. Mrs. Horsey and daughter. Mls Acnes,
came down from Fremont and were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. 3. Kddy
Mr. Fye of the Otnal a Theological sem
inary accepted the rail of the First Pres
byterian church and will begin his charge
llecetnber H. There will he no preach
ing services until that dat.
Mr. and Mrs. John Intll lrt Wednes
day to visit Mr. lemon's parents at
Woolsey, Kan. A telegiam arrlvrd
Thursday announcing the death by acci
dent of tho fnther. .1. V. I-nlell.
Tho regular monthly meeting of (he
ladles' Aid smrioty'of the ( Methodist
F-plfcopal church was held at tho home
of Mrs. M. W. Gaines Wednesday alter
noon. Mrs. Susan Lewis a.slsted Mrs.
Gaines In serving lunch.
The Valley camp of the Woodmen of
the World held Its annual meeting Tues
day, electing the following officers: John
L. Veager, C. C: W. T. Miller. A. U;
John Mlnahan, clerk: W. K. Weekly,
banker; B. J. Rice, K. : T. Taleott. W.: G.
A. Burt. O. 8.; A. Gardiner, M.; John
Hall, past C. C; Vr. J. C. Ageo, physi
cian. Elk City.
J. W. Khtimaker made a business trip
to Omaha this week.
Miss Florence McCrelght of Ashland Is
visiting her slstor, Mrs. Odell.
County Superintendent Yoder was visit
ing the schools here Wednesday.
Prof. Odell has organised a class for
systematic Blblo study which meets every
Thursday evening.
-The regular monthly business meeting
of the Epworth league was held at the
Tallman home thla week.
'The Elk City church choir was called
to the home of the late George Frost to
sing at his funeral Monday afternoon.
. Miss Cunningham and Miss Hlaco of
Kennard, nieces of Mrs. Tallman, were
visitors at tha latter's home this week.
' Mr. and Mrs, Henry Clinton and two
oHMv.n returned Satcrdav fnui a four
Thiitik'.:lvlng ms'i at l'nhcilty
A large number of Klk City people at-tei-.lnl
ti e ladles' Aid society's basar at
Washington Tuesday afternoon an. I even
ing. The net pioeceds amounted to Ills.
Sam nnd George (lelston left Monday
for ("hlcsffo to attend the International
stock show. Tl ev will lslt their brother
Will at yulncv. 111., on their return t. p
The Odd Fellows lode Mils week ilerted
officers for tho trailing year as follows:
M I,. Comiton. tuihle sriuul: It F.
ialhes. h e grand; t'hr' ' 'hrl'Jtensen,
secretary; Frol Moullorfc treasurer.
Fred Moulton a long time guest of the
Cnlp hotel, was the recipient of n surprise
parly Saturday e coins. It being the oc
casion of his fifty-first birthday annl
veisary. A general good time was en
joyed -at cards and other game. I'.e
ficshmrnts rre srrvrd.
Clifford Harrow of Otnahn a fiif"t
of VlWan Roberts on Sunday,
lloadley Stuart spent the Thanksgiving
holidays at his home In Council llluffs.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Murphy nnd son
Lincoln are visiting with the Uuldwln
William Von Imhren, sr.. Is visiting
with his sou-ln-law, Mr. Tallon. at Rush
vllle. Neb.
Miss Hilda Anderson of Coiad. Neb.,
visited her sister. Mrs. t,rns Johnson,
last week.
Miss tlladvs BnUlwIn was out from
Omaha Saturday l( lslt at hrr home
over Sunday.
Mis. 1!. A. Kosher and son visited
srvetnl days this week with her mother
at Wyniore, Nch.
Henrv Von Dohren. J. W. Anderson
and MuyniK Von I Milch B'.tended the
dance at F.lkhom last week.
Miss McCluro of Pnpllllon made her
weekly visit to Millard Saturday to In
uriii t her pupils In music.
Misses l-jjlth and 1ols Anderson. Klsa
Slert.-Mabel Koch and Tlllle Nelson went
to Omaha Saturday morning.
Arthur Vort and Miss Anderson of
llcnson were guests of Huhla Htigctnuvn
Saturday evening and, Sunday.
Miss Wllhelmluo Koch, who teaches
near Irvlngtnn. spent the week-end with
her parents. Mr. nnd Mr. Koch.
Mrs. Georgo lloyer and Hon of Papilllon
spent Hrvcial da s lusl week with her
parents, Mr, nnd Mrs. Herman Koch.
Miss Mayme Von Pohren spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mis. George Schomer of
near Benson, returning Monday morning.
F. M. Pollard was a Lincoln visitor
Mrs. J. M. Palmer Is visiting in Avoca
this week.
P. Pi Adams, who has been sick for
six weeks, is Improving.
Mr. and Mrs. Vial I tnndo a flying auto
mobile trip to Omaha Monday.
Miss Nellie Blddleconee of Havelock Is
spending tho week In Nehawka.
Mr. and Mrs. George Sheldon have gone
to housekeeping In their new home.
Mr. Bonner has returned from a week's
stay with his mother at Cambridge.
Will Carroll of Portland. Ore., Is visit
ing relatives In Nehawka this week.
Mrs. St. John returned Monday from a
short stay with her daughter at Peru.
William Carroll, sr., has returned from
a to months' visit with his son at York.
s here attctidini; II." funeral of Gus
W. Peters.
John Shadendorf returned from a ten
day visit to Scotts Bluff county.
Henry Flegrnbaum was called to 'a
thena. Kan., by the death of his mother.
F.llinbeth O'Brien of the Tekaniah Jour
nal, visited st the home of L. A. Pates
over Sunday.
Mr. nines' little girl had hrr eve almort
put out by a shinny club In thn hands of
an older brother.
The boys' basket bull team of Klmwood
won here by n sro-e of t'i 0 from thn
high . Iich'I basket hall team.
Gilbert Rolen, whn was Injired by y-
unknown assailant In Fouth Omaha,
at one time a resident of Sp: Inpfleld.
John M. Finnur ded at the hospital
In South tnnaha. The funeral was held
Friday at Kiniiii-field. Interment wax
In Falrview cemetery.
The Springfield Monitor la getting one
an annual, to lie published peoemher M
to commemorate the thirtieth annl versa-
of the founding of Springfield as a village.
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