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Strong Omaha and South Omaha Banking Institutions
Summary of the
Ixian 7,1J,U-'.s;
Rankin? Hohc i 'JOo.finiUHi
U. S. Bonds to Secure Circulation, L'OO.OOO.OO
Ihio from Banks and '
U. S. Treasurer, $2,!MS,!)!i().(;(;
U. K Bonds 1 .(), JW.(H)
Other Bonds :UG,'j:!4.!U
Cash VV.r2,m:M rif187,NJJU2
XVe pay 3i
C. T. KOUNTZE. President.
T. I.. DAVIS, Cashier.
F. H. DAVIS, Vice-President.
Bee Rotunda it Crowded with Buy
en for Christmas.
, ,
lkrf rmbilrrlmi mn ikm St.
Mary's Aveee Conaeeaatloaal
Phowln Pre-ltjr hrlat
aaaa Vlli:
Kven the men fIk find It hurd to pass
by the attractive m-tldea displayed at
the church beiars In the rotunda of The
Hee biillilliiK. Yesterday a youns; bnrhelnr
who lives at .the Young Men' Christian
aaaoclatlon tuped at the fancy work
counter of tbe Cherry Cungrnga
tional chur;h. , eyed with Int'-rest the.
array of bor'Ibboncd ami bci'-uf fled ' finery
and finally srloctrd a handsome) hand
cmhrnidered drearer aearf which M
fated he, was solus; to liao In Ma room.
Another man with lonrlnffa more material
than aesthetic braveJy marched up to
To the Policy Holders of the Union Fire
insurance Co. (Lliitual) Lincoln, Neb.:
The iattle is now on between the Policy Holders of the
Union Fire Insurance Company (Mutual)' and the Directors of
the Woodman Fixe Insurance Company of Lincoln, Nebraska,
who paid $18,CC0 to the old directors of the Union to resign and
elect them in their places.
Tha question la, shall these men ho bouRht their wa Into office be
iciauiou uyi me puiicy noiaers or ine i nioa to munage the company, or
shall the policy holders elect a new board of directors who are not directly
or Indirectly connected with another Insurance company? In other words
can these belf constituted director.! fairly serve the mutual company aud
the stock company at the same time when both companies are competing
for business? Can they honestly serve two masters at the same time? To
be fair with these self appointed trustees, they did not lnteh4 to serve both
companies but. bought, their way Into the control of the mutual company
o that they might merge tlte mutual Into a stock company aud tbuji put
the mutual company out of eUsteucs. : To show this Intention I quote the
following from a letter sent out to the special agents of the mutual four-1-any,
dated Oct. 28th, 1911, and signed by Jos. W. Walt:
hi la
! lutmtlon to retire
insuranco Company issuing Union Fire stock In Its stead and'
amending the articles of the Union Fire Co. so that it will- be
the parent company in place of the Woodman. Wat will continue
to operate the. Woodman Fire as an underwriters company of be
Union for the purpose cf handling our Mercantile business and
keeping a distinct agency plant over the state. Of course, It
would not do for us to mention In our letters what our proposed ' ,
idea would bo with regard to the Woodman in view of possible
undue reflections on our. agents and policy holders. However, , '
we are giving you this in, confidence so you can explain matters
f If necessary. Such explanations to be kept absolutely confiden
tial to the agents with whom you may converse."
Are the policy holders of the Union going to muke a present of their
$100,000 plant and JSO.OOO surplus to the Woodmen Cojmpany? If so
jou should vole to re-elect the present de farto directors, but If not, you
must attend the lieu meeting In pensou or send your proxy to myself or
to someone whom you know will vote to preserve the mutual company
I have been with the Union Fire for 17 years and during that time
Lave been soliciting agent, special agent and adjuster and 1 know that
the Union Fire Is the beat Mutual company In the state and can be per
petuated as auch If properly and honestly managed. If you will send
your proxies to me, I will vote thera for men whom I know to be honest,
upright and of business ability; men who are In favor of mutual Insurance
nnd appreciate thai a mutual company belongs to the policy holders ana
not to Its officers; men who will keep the expenses down to the minimum
and who will give to the policy holders their lnurauce at exact cost.
Uelow will be sttached a blank proxy and I ask every policy holder
who cannot personally attend the annual meeting to be held In the city of
Lincoln on the 4th day of January? 1912, to cut out that proxy, aign it
cud mail it to roe,
Very truly yours,
do hereby constitute and appoint Chaa. Rose my attorney and agent for
me and in my name, place and stead, to vote as my proxy at any annual
meeting of the stockholders of the UNION FIRE INSURANCE CO of
Lincoln, Nebraska, and at any special meeting thereof, for the election of
dliectors. and upon such other questions as may come before such annual
or special meeting.
I hereby revoke all former proxits given by me to any other person
or agent.
Dated at
1'oljcjr No.. , , , , , , . .
233d report to the U.
DECEMBER 5, 1911
Interest on Tims
Running for Twelve Months
O. T. EASTMAN, Asst. Cash.
L. L. KOUNTZE. Vlc.e-Ijres.
O. T. ZIMMERMAN, Asst. Cash.
the ptietry counter of the Mrt Christian
church' aud bought an applo pie.
Tha women of three Preniiylirlun
fhurchna tha Cllftoh lllll. Castellar
Street and North Presbyterlnn .nd the
St. Mary'a Avenue Congregational
church ura selling their Christmas wares
today., , .
At the-Ht.-Mary'a Avenue church bazar
all nurt of Chinese, Japanese and Mexi
can baskets and traya are being; aold,
hansltiK bankets for flowers and fains,
potato baskets, darnlim baskets; waste
paper baskets and Jardinieres. Mm. J.
V. Hholen'.la chairman uf the hasar. and
she la assisted by Mr. W. C. Dean, Mra.
IT. O. ICdwards, Mrs. J. W. Griffith and
Mra. It J. Pollard.
At the apron rounter of the . North
Presbyterian church are Jits. W. if.
Crawford., Mra. I). V. Mcrrow, Mra. 11.
N. Cral(f, Mra. IS. I). Kvana, Mra. J. T.
Imugherty and Mr. A. N. ICaton. Helling
fancy wotk'are Mra. K, K. HiuenkUna- and
Mra. J. L. Maglnn. Mr. W. If. Ander
son. Mra. 8- V. Miller and Mrs. J. K.
Salisbury are dispensing doughnuts,
tiook lea. cuke, plea and bread.
The- Caatellar l'reebyterlan church bus
the stock of the Woodman Fire
Nebraska, this
day of
. ,
S. Government
Capital Stof-k $300,000.0?)
Surplus )U),000.00
Individual Profits .... 0S,740.05
Circulation . . 1 'J.V00.00
Deposits 11,021,731.33
a njacellaneoua exhibit of all kinds of
fancy anTl useful aewed articles. Mra.
llobrrt oraner la president of the
Women's society of the church which
mad them. She la assisted by Mrs. Mary
Bell, Mra. I,. A. Doand. Mr. Hurry
Uraner, , Mra. rani Blegclmeler, Mrs.
Ralph Houseman, Mra. Corliss Hopper,
Mrs. William Kunold and Miss Elizabeth
Aprons, handkerchief, dolly rolls, doll
and cooked producta are the specialties
shown by the women of the Clifton lllll
Presbyterian church. Mra. Harry Rowley
and Mrs. Charles 8extrm are In charge
of the bread 'and cake. Mra. T. XI,
Ureenlee and Mra. K. M. Zeller are aelllag
candy. Mrs. Mary C. Campbell. Mra.
Thomas JolniHton and Mr. K. Allstrum
are at the aprqn aeetlon and Mrs. Will
Heynanl la acTllpg djplta aqd, uoll goods.
Mi s. ; H, D.; . JOIxtisAfti' JrH; Tred Unerne
and Mrsl P. M, iudaan hava,tha handker
chiefs. Mrs. t. ' Vt yorfleld." Mrs, f. C.
White and Mra.' Fred Hartley are at'the
fancy work counter.
Benson Will Ask
, for a Bigger Tax
The Benson u!ty council will, decide next
Thursday night whether aor not to levy
an occupation tax on the .Nebraska Tele
phone company, the Omaha & Council
itluffa Htreet Railway comany, the
Omaha Electric Light and Power com
pany and all coal, hay and grain dealers.
The ordinance haa passed two readings
and will be up for third reading and paa
sage Thursday night. Repreaentatlvea of
the corporations affected are expected at
the meeting. It Is proposed 'to make the
corporations pay Into the city treasury 3
per cent of their groaa Income on Benson
business and to lay a tax on hay, groin
and coal merchants of $10 to 13 a year,
aocording to the amount of ,buslnohs
tliey do ' ' I
Benson needs more money for munlclieU
Improvements and cannot ralae ita prop
erty tax Jvy, under the law, until It at
tains a population of u.000. Though the
liW censua showed only 1,200 people In
Hanson, the counvllmen nay that 309 new
houses have bean built this year and, tko
population La now alose to 4,e3.
Tha ordinance was ready for passage
last. night, but action waa deferred.
Police Keep Crowds
i from Busy Streets
Chief tf i'ollce Donahue haa given In
structions to the police, department to
keep the crowda out of tha street upon
tha approach of street cars, 'to enforee
this ruling two extra, traffic men have
been atetloned at xtevnth and fr'arnam
'Sometimes all traffic Is blocked." said
Chief lHinabue, "by "many people who
will crowd out Into the street when the
car Is half a block away, tot only Is
trafflo Impedud, but the practice is a
very diingeroua one for some automobile
driver Is likely to loae control of hts
machine sod dah Into tha crowd. Much
an accident would result In serious injury
and posvlble death to Uios In the street.
"The tare will stop. Thure la plenty of
time , land llila dangerous practice of
crowding Into tha street must be stopped.
We are going to educate the people to
the need of more caution. .The ruling
that wea recently made forbidding pedes
trian to cut corners Is being Mem-rally
obeyed and haa done much to wii tf
accidents and lujuries. Thla is nex. an J
the peopla will be comelled to heed It."
!rotet against the renewal of the a
loou license of the William L Hurke sa
loon at Tenth and Davenport streets will
le made by Judge Ie . Eatelle of the
criminal division of the distiiet court
unless the indite learns that the Board
of lire and Police Commissioners will
take coKiilsance of tha character of the
pines and deny a renewal.
The trial of Hurke for manslaughter
for the death of Charles Forbes Kobert
son. which resulted In disagreement of
the Jury, was had before Judgo Kstelle.
und while the evidence adduced Aid not
Convince the Jury that Hurke killed Ftubr
erlsun, tt did con vines the court that the
aal on haa not been proparly 'ondu
and thai-It was operated lu pracijei!v
uptu vtolatlou of the Munday closing- iw.
Report, to the Comptroller cf Cur
rency Show Up Well.
Ciiparlon filve flattsfaetloaj to the
Offlrem aid Coevlnee roblfce
of Snnadnesa of the
The call of the comptroller of the cur-rfTi'-y
on tlie national hanks for a state
ment of tliHr business condition on
cerr.ber S io-.tud tho Omaha and EJiHh
On .il a lmriia !n excellent aii.ipe. It hits
beon onn of the features of thvi commar
rtal an-! indiist.-jal llfrt of Ifi two
On:aha that the bnn!s are si toiiJ a
ever l:i.iici! Institutions could he This
l inie. of cntire. to the cr and frj
dencr upa whh'h thHr affairs are ntan
oned. Yet, with all t'.u corerv;t'.v6
a!!ifn!nea the banks are th' vr
rrady kirvanta cf business ntul Uavc
prr.veii their efficiency at all time by
the ceiirlry tvtth which the sr,lrv,' re
Hi'rei'.ents of -tho co:iim-Mr!yr and It
tributary tnrrito: ar ptev'.,i for.
An cscallrnt thovr'.ng of (.-mtvO 1)
made. More thtta t'AfO I can led on
di p'.,-j:t Ir. tiie local tans, while luv ;jet
(PiuJe l.y ti-e-so lnt,iiutior ar,3 .:tund
tt date cf t fiu'i a.-f,:'.-!leJ
n.trs than iM,(fi . Tr.i. eliwe a'P,l
f uii.l : to (.sir fcr the vol'ii.ia of
I. ,,b;i.)i lint f.owj '.hjnntn Or.iuha, and
j.Ido sId.vh a ;ieelhy empl.ijment of
r.tcner In furthering rnlcrrvise la the
v.oy of varlouo undrrtutlngtf. YIUIe the
'ol . I volume of bjaluejv Is not so sreit
at that reported lu EciiUiabc;', It la sev
eral n.lli:oa larger than one year ago, a
ir.oit tiicou! gliig tlau.
The First XatiOiial built of Omuliu
aiends vo hlfrt se a' wll&y Swcidcd end
coiiservaiivuly ccituMctod. ti;ns Inr
atllntlen It neda cemaier.flit-
t: :i l.eie. I; in atoo-l hrat.-er irt all
tft t-t cotnmercla: weather moro
thaa half a cenii.;, mo.rU solidly and
at the same i!r;;o axter.illr.i; ita Influence
and srnpr. i:nul !l na n'rarUa with the
really b r finaiKlsl house of. the country.
Its facilities for caring for Its cuMomors
were never surpassed and It la lu tho
full power of Its usefulness.
The IJve ' Rtock National of South
Omaha has mude an Increase In Ha dc
prslta since the call In September of more
than IIOOOCO. and un equally larpe In
crease In Us tdtal of loans, ahoninj a
very gratifying Increase In Its total vol
ume of business. This bank I fast lu!ld
Ing up a clientele amonjr tho fcubstnntlcl
cattlemen of the stoto and Its officers
are confident that Its usefulness Is celcb
llshed. '
i At the Puckers' National of South
Omaha a most healthy lncteasa U noted,
the deposits having grown by al.uost
:.MO,0( smoe the call Inl Scptcfr.bcY. whtlo i
the loans made era also considerably
larger. This bunk has luniz been an bc
tsbllshed factor In tho affairs of South
Omaha and Its' Industries and has devel
oped along with the growth of. the com
munity it serves ao well, f '
The two younger national batiks of
Omaha make excellent, showings.- t- the
Cite National an incrcaso fn deposits, uf
half a million Is shown tor the year, with 1
a gocd Increase since the rail in Septem
ber lt. The loans of this Inatltutlo.-i
alsa show a very healthy condition. Tho
Corn Exchango National has made an In
creuse in deposits of ,130,6it9 In the' last
three montks, with an equally satisfac
tory showing as t4 loan. The capacity
of thhi bank for rarlti far the Interests
of lis customers has been establfshed.
Miss Jontz Will '
Play Santa Clans
To play Santa' Claua to nil the children
In tlie fourteenth division of tha
service of the United States Is a bigger
Job than Miss Ida V. Jonta of the Asso
ciated Charities la willing to undertake.
It Is estimated that there will be at least
2.000 letters written to Santa Claua by
children In the fourteenth division. These
letters will be sent to Omaha, as required
by the flew ruling? Miss Jontx, signified
her Intention of assuming the d,uty of
anawerliir these letters, hut when aha
discovered that Borne .of them, would be
from remote comers ef neighboring states
she hesitated and la yet undecided. "I
think," aha said, "flint we'll luka chsrir
'of the letters from Nebraska and then
send tne others to somebody In the Mate
from which they come, or wilt wrtt a.ime
association, giving the list of little writers
iiuiii linn, . y. wo can l nanaio Z.'W
Han la Clajis5jye from thl office with
out additions!- help."- . .
Will Inquire Why
Marble Hasn't Come
Irritated at the lung delay In getting
tw.iM) worth of marble to -tiitiah tlte
Court house the Hoard of County Cotn
mlasloneie yesterday derided to send some
one tq the quurrlea In Colorado to see
why the marble haa not beeiv shipped. It
was promised months ago, but only one
cur hit arrived.
City Engineer Creg has begun an In
ventory of the work accomplished duiinj
the lust year by the atrvet tmprovemrat
department, and three mra are gathtrliu;
data with a view to finding how much
ha been spent, for what It has been
spent and to what purpose. Upon secur
ing this data the ei;y eugineer will atriks
a balance In the department for the work
nf IIia V.MI- Anulnir ntlit- it.n
which Information wilt be recured u the
actual coat per square foot of. oemsnt
walk, which will be compared with the
cost In other year, with regard to price
of material, labor and the amount of
work accomplished.
United State Attorney K. 8. llowtll
will leave for t. I.ouls Sunday morning
to take charge of the proaevutloa of Fred
erick 8- Balrd, a Chicago attorney con
victed of conspiring to defraud the gov
erumeat of public lands before Judge
Munger a year ago. Jude Munuer lui
pcaed e aentenre of alxty da tit tlie
IKiugUs county .lull aiMl a five if fj'M
and italrd carried the case to the circuit
court of appeals. Mr. Howell auya tlte
evldauce againat iiaird waa very stronj
aad the piobatillitlea are that the de
clateu ot Judgs Uunger wUl be fr'-'
- South Orr.tha, Nebraska
December ". ISil
Banking House, Furniture nni
U. S. Bondi to secure ciniilation , . .
Frcmlum on U. y. Bonds......
Redomptlon Fund due front U. S.
U. 8. Gov. Bonds on hand......
Ca3h and due from Banks.......
Deccml er
C. F. McGREW, President.
T. E. GLEDHILL, Vice President.
The Packers National Bank
; of South Omaha
To Comptroller of Currency
December 5. 1911
Loans . .
Bonds. .
. .a..
Keal Estate
Bank ...
- November, 1910 $1,807,427.00
December, 1911 2,692,081.78
N Gain over last year $ 825,254.78
: , .
C. W. TRUMDLE. President J. F. COAD, Jr.. Vice Pros.
W. A. C. JCjHNSON. Cashier ' .
HARRY F. TRUMDLE, Asst. Cashier )
T. J. SHANAHAN, Asst. Cashier
Standard Oil Company of Nebraska
Effects Its Reorganization.
Com pa a r Oreeplea Office of Tvrrnty
Klakt Hoema lu tbe Ilrandels
Hattdlaa All Itecorda
'or Here.
The Standard Oil Company of Nebraska
went out of existence yesterday morning
at 10:30 o'clock and was Immediately suc
ceeded by the Standard Oil company (Ne
braska) without a minute's cessation ot
office routine.'- The board of directora of
the company met in the couipany"s offices
In Omaha and elected -the following; offi
cers: C. I.. Allt-man, president and general
manaaer; A. 11. Kicliardson, vice presi
e let-
board of directors of said company
11. E. liohart has been appointed as
sistant treasurer. C. iiolleatelle chirt
clerk, James A. ' tilimore purchasing
Alleiuae President.
W. P. Cutter of W Broadway. New York
Cltv Is the outgoing president. C. j.
Alleman was vice president and cencral
niajiaaer of the old Nebraska roirpany;
Mr. nichariison. treasurer and asjlstatt
minacer: Mr. Smith, assistant treasurer.
Tuo other officers of the new cbtiipany
are old employe of the On,auji otrw.
but held no ei'flclal title un!or the former
nianlsStloR. All the officers and direc
tors are now Oinnii i men.
rhe new oi-Kan'.su'.ljrt H e result of fie
dissolution by tbe United Bta'.ea supremi
court ef the Standard Oil comveny i f
New Jersey as a hokliux (oniwm for the
stock of the Star.dan.1 Oil conipciuta nf
the lojntry.
"This tomfn-, said FreslJent A!lc
uiau. "is now absolutely independent in
oaueriiip and rnartar,tniit cf any oth
tttnadard OH compsov. V have ealah
IlKhed a stuck transfer tc)arirrent aud
sit record are now in this offa and will
t; George M. Smith, trea-svirer; Harold' I .f.U k .rfV V i
Mleman. aocretary; James A. Gilmore, ! I 1 j J T 7. 3!llliir J
Mant secretary. I mhW-aTO
I of the above named men were nU"c I -UifwvVL "J
ted dire to.e and they constitute the I mrlflf W!rHeCiWTr.rTll
y'm ksiil bie
v ..ou.-i v.. ?
' . .-; t is .
I tt'iividtj Tiflu
4,4;!2.lo rcvoeits
10.72. bit
4,650.00 ' -
19, 000. (Ml
5th, 1908. S 373,123.62
5th, 1900. 5'5G,3'j9.90
5th, 1910 " 699,000.20
5th, 1911 1,438,574.25
J. W. HASTINGS, Assistant Cashier.
V.. 150,000.00
Deposits .
The company now has twcnty-els'-.t
rooms In tho ISrandels building, l.uviivf
Inlcly aOdcd vix rocms to laUe care o'
tho transfer department and record.
President Allcm;m entered the emptor
of the Standard Oil company nt Mim.c
opolls In 1W3 nnd wa- sent to NebraMv
In 1?5. He becuiuo vlco iresldent an i
general ntanai;cr of t!m Nebraska cor
poratloiu win u it w:is orjranlxed on July
l:, 1AM. I'rior to that time tho StanilnrJ
OH company nf Indiana had charKO cu'
thu .Nebraska business.
r-ARTLESVILLlC. OU1.. De. T.-sind lr
today shot to death J. C. Torry. i .-
prietor of a t oad liou;-c near hei a 1c dim
he attcmpte! to prevent their robui.-.:;
U. O. lilalr, hotel man.
and other tils, due to an inactive tot.d
boo of tbe Liver, Ettunac) anU Bowels,
nay be obtained snost pleaaanll and
moat promptly by tulnt Syrup of Hi
and Elixir of Senna. It is not a mw
and untried remedy, but is seed by
miflifrni ef weS-informed faetilics through
out the world to cleanse and sweeten
and sbeectH lb system wbestecr a
laxatie raioady it acedod.
Vees buyicv! not tbe fuQ aame
ef the Company -CaHosme t'i Syrup
Coy printad en ev-jty paJu(c ef tbe
K RatuJerprie SC'pet bof. er to seedy.
la sa! by aJ teaala; dmysuts.
Mri U'm ItU.lsiVi.Mllftllk'i'i
, Iftj.CO.a:-.
.i,f f-C
ill I ..
aFefese s-f
Capital ..;..$ 200,000.00
Surplus ' ?io6,ftob.tifl
Profits ,; 18,978.77
Circulation 135.602.50
t '
. . v2,238, 100.5 1
: -$2,092,681 .78
G?t tha Original r! S.ub?
Tht Food-drink for VA J&es,
For Infants, InvaliJs.aadOtrArrJHViVw
PurcNutrition.upluildirttf t!.evaft!cS.'y.
Invigorales tlie nurt in g mothc aid tl .e tvl.
Rich milk, maJtrj in p-worr form.
A quick lunch prernrej ra a mtoetev
Takenotnbititute. Ailfor HOKLICK'3-
Uot In Any milk Trust
Only a Few Days
Kemembor bow much trouble
you had last year - how yon
waited till the last minute to
buy your Christmas preiciits---and
hoTv cranky the tired clerks
wove, and how you co:oj!ninfd
that the goods were all picked
over and soiled, and you re
solved to shop early this year
Do you? ,
On the want ad ppgesJ of Thu
Bee Mill bo fount!, under ihh
classification of :Fcr Christ
mas," : vent mr,ny n:ercl;ants
.vho are offering Lnrgtiins o
you if yo.T uii'. e'.on c:ir!y.
Turn to -thft v.uitad fragc