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iilK Hhi;: OMAHA. KU1DAV. DKcKAlHhK . l: L 1.
i"of nTk7ii vm vaVi "iiiTs k w aTkr
VlTTt lf R H ; W A TK H. KI'IT h"
J V K t'lll KIM . KA II N A M ANIIJ .1 1 1 .
Kntered Ml t'nialm mtofflce aa nt-ond
cl.. matter.
8und Hrr. on er 12 VI
Saturrtav Hw. nn' mr $1 Ml
Pally- Hce mithoiit Sunday), on year. 11
llly Ke and Smidav, one venr i.M
I'venlna Hce iwlth Sunday). er mo...i
Ilallv lire (Including; Sunday), per nio.Rhc
Pallv Hp (without Sund I, per mo... iV
Aridre. all complaint or IrreaularltleK
In delivery In "M v Circulation lept.
Remit hv riraft, expre or pnatal order,
pa M tile to The Bee Puhllhln cntnpany.
Only 2-ecnt Mampa received In pevment
f irriK II account, l'emnnal nhe k. ex
cept on Omaha and eautern exchanje, not
)maha-The He- Hullrtln;.
South Omnha-?"l N. St
Council Kluff. 15 Scott Ft.
Lincoln: Utile Bulldln.
Chicago l.'tx Mnrnm lte Biillrtlna;.
lana Cltv tennoc Huiklln.
New York;; M Thirtv-lhlrd.
Wahln.tin 725 Fourteenth St., N. W.
( "Uli r.Kg VONl'KNCK.
Cnmmuiilcallnn relatina; lu new and
eattorlHl matter almuld lie addreeed
Omaha Ree. KdHorlal Pepartment.
Ftate of Netiraeka. Cnuntv of Pour. :
pwlBht William, circulation nianaaer
rif the Ren ruhllahina; company, helna
fitly ewnrn. tlat the aver dally
rlrculntlnn. la apolled. u mined and re
turned copies, for the month (if Novem
ber, 1911. G".R7i.
Circulation Manager.
Subscribed In mv presence and aworn to
tefore me this 6th dav of December. Kill.
(Seal) ROBERT lll'NTKR.
Notary I'ubllc.
Kab.rrlher learl the city
temporarily ahnl4 have The
nee mailed to them. Addreaa
Trill be chanced aa often aa
Uo It now.
- Cougres is calmly in session.
The Iowa idea at Washington Just
now is how to apportion the pit).
; Mr. Uryan's annual massaga to
congress appears in the Commoner
Kverjr knock Is a boost, especially
it it does not hit you on top of the
; Nominations for commissioner ara
1111 open. Come on in. The game
) getting good.
t The happy wife makes a poor auffrs
telte. aahlnstnn I'oet, .
That's a clincher.
I Dots the Hew president of the
Standard Oil take over Frit Gates,
Mr. Rockefeller's almoner? ,
j Now we know the spirit of democ
traoy la alive In China. The rebels
t are ngn
I It is
era fighting among themselves.
not hard to Imagine what
IJnk Stcffens would get if he ever
- i ame up before Judge Dordwell.
! Dr. Lyman Abbott, who Is still ed
i J tor of the Outlook, urges the senate
I lo ratify the Taft peace treaties. ,
The worst of it Is that the law's
entity on the McNamaras fall hear
est on the aged mother in Cincinnati.
: . What a rustling of feet there must
iiave been in the Ananias club when
' Ir. Wharton Barker suddenly ar
rived. If our Congressman Loberk has
ly Influence, congress will at least
)ld on till the base ball season
; ens.
; Prof. P. O. Hclden of Iowa gets in
"Albert Hubbard's lint of twenty
greatest men, even If George Wash
Jlugtbn does not.
One somehow gets the notion from
Ihe returns that the people of Los
'Angeles did not want Job Harrlman
, for their mayor.
- f. Champ Clark says he cannot ex
press an opinion on the president's
uietMtage until he 4tas time to digest
) it. And then It probably will choke
The hotel cleiks would have con
ferred a favor oq the' world at large
' if they had finished their discussion
as to the adaptability of woman for
the position of "greeter."
, The early bird in the Nebraska pri
mary race may not run away with the
v I flic, but his action emphasizes the
(act that the primary will be held In
April, and not la August."
; Neither Alf. Henry Iewls nor El
bert Hubbard Included himself In bis
list of twenty greatest men. Mr
Carnegie ought to recognize that
ith a couple of modesty hero prize.
Nebraska farmers could have told
the congressional Investigating com
inlttoe several years ago all that Is
jiow being disclosed by Colorado wit
liesaca concerning sugar beet raising.
; With ell the rrcat training he had
lad. Mr. Taft Bow thinks that he
l;e!cd more to fit him for the mul
tifarious duties of the presidency
feuch a thought of himself never oc-
, t prred to Wr. Bryan.
The alliance between Mayor "Jim
tti A. C. ShjUlixibrrger Is a yp'.endld
jleulmoniaJ to the power of William
J. P7b In tiu matter of solidifying
Was o-PiAfi&hm. DlaJlke far Hrysu is
. plvml ik only txuumva gramrid the
j j iv.lty luayar and the former gov
' termir live btdwa-un fl'rna,
Bringing Bmtia to Time.
President Taft still believes in the
possibility of bringing Unssla to a
recognition and observance of the
treaty of 1S.12 and, evidently from
bis foreign affairs meRaage to con
gress, deprecates the advisability of
proceeding as. yet to abrogate that
compact, lie i.ays the State deport
ment is In negotiation with the Rus
sian foreign ' ministry to effect
a "clearer' understanding and con
struction . of the treaty" and the
"modification of any existing RubrIhu
regulations depriving our citizens of
their rights under the Iresty," ad
ding: I believe that the governmrnt of Rua.ila
la aridreaalng Itaelf eeiloiiKly to the need
of chana-lng the preitent practice under
the treaty, and that sufficient progress
ha been made to JiiHlIfy the continuance
of theee conference in the hope that
there may noon be removed any Justifies-
tlon of the complaints of treaty violations
now prevalent in this ounti).
The president Is. of course, im
pressed with the spirit and purpose of
such demonstrations of protest
against Kussian Intolerance and infi
delity as wero voiced in that Carnegie
hall niHsg meeting by representative
citizens of this country, and he can
not be Insensible to the perfidy of
Russian diplomacy, so that this mes
sage at this time Is fraught with
weighty significance. Since the ne
gotiations with Russia are on It
seems that they should be allowed to
run tbelr course in the hope of pro
ductive results. Yet In any new
transaction with Russia the United
States must be guided by its past ex
perience with that nation. That ex
perience has been, particularly In the
rase of this treaty, all promise and
no performance by Russia. We have
little business continuing the treaty
In force without positive knowledge
that It Is. going to amount to some
thing, that Russia means to live up to
Its obligations and our rights under
the compact, a thing It has utterly
and defiantly Ignored for nearly half
a century.
It seems to us that President
Schurman of Cornell In that New
York mass meeting put the Issue
rather patly In these few words:
It Is we, ouraelvea. and not RuRiila, that
stand before the forum of the world on
a cliarse of infidelity to our own princi
ple and contempt to otir own rltlsenshtp.
If there Is no other way of vindicating
our honor, then I say let the treaty be
That la unanswerable. Doubtless,
however, that Is exactly what J'resl
dent Taft has la mind in wishing to
consummate this final effort at en
forcing, treaty obligations. The ques
tion has been raised, Suppose the
treaty Is abrogated, then what? Well,
we at least have our national honor
left and are la a better position to
look all our own , cltUensl and the
world In the face, knowing that, If
we cannot compel Russia to observe
Ita sworn duty with respect to Amer
ican citizens under a treaty, we can,
at least, prove that we are no longer,
under the terms of a solemn compact,
a party .to aucb perfidy. Abrogating
the treaty, even with Its Impllcatloa
of denying similar rights to Russian
subjects over here, may not give us
all we want, but It will give us out-self-respect
and our honor and set a
very stern object lesson to Russia.
Time for Sober Speech. '
On the heela cf the news that the
McNamaraa had acknowledged the
guilt of their diabolical crimes, a
scurrilous-printed sheet was circu
lated In which, among other similar
anarchistic utterances, appeared this;
To hell with the courts. To hell with
polities and politician.
When vapid Intellects emit such
dangeroua doctrine, Is It not time for
eminent men to talk less of the
treachery and chicanery of courts and
Judges and restrict even their denun
ciation of other officeholders chosen
by the people? Enough has trans
pired in this country of late to warn
men of law-abiding sense against the
tendency of extreme condemnation of
public men and authority, and partic
ularly of the Judiciary. No one need
forego Jils right of fslr and sane crit
icism, but unless men of influence,
men whose words are listened to, of
perronal following, are guarded in
what they aay, there hi little ground
for scolding the crank or crook for
w hat he may say or do.
Cry for More Irrif ation.
A commanding cry comes from the
National Irrigation congress, in ses
sion at Chicago. It is a cry lor more
actual Irrigation and not so much for
the machinery of irrigation. The
complaint is made that bureaucratic
redtape has obstructed the flow of
water, and therefore retarded the set
tlement, or land in portions of the
west, where needs and conditions are
ripe ror development.
Thhj is a matter or considerable im
portance and should be put up Imme
diately to the proper authorities at
Washington, ir the machinery Is
out or kilter, ir It Is clogged with an
overplus of bureaucratic teal, the ad
ministration probably will lose little
time In correcting conditions, but t
is not surprising that In the detail
operation of auth a complex system
as that of reclamation obstacles of
this sort should arise and be kept
quiet for a t!m?.
Nearl C.000.000 acres of lanl sre
available tor Irrigation where there
are no jwtilera; it is said. Wrtainly
this tfbonlal VUt 1- .and If thia ia aa
a '-curate mMincann or ia i'iw it la
high tin- U imi pubJitiy airwd.
There is n Urn ia rh grral, w yrk t4
building up thld western country for
Idle bureaucracy.
Another good point mado In the
report of tho 1 rrlnat Ion congress Is
that against the fake irrigation
promoter. This scoundrel Bhotilil be
brought speedily to an accounting for
his Imposition, not only upon cer
tain crciluioi.s investois, but upon
the govern ni;iit. Itself.
The Los Angeles Election.
The result of the I.os Aneeles elec
tion may be interpreted In several
ways, the most plausible lissl of ac
count Inr for it hcliiK- that th ncmil
of that city are not so thoroughly in
oculated with social discontent as ap
peared at the time of the primary
election, when Job Harrlman, the so
cialist candidate for mayor, received
n vote that seemed to presage his ul
timate election. Not even the social
ists, themselves, claimed that all the
votes cast for Harrlman were reels-
ternd by members of the party. By
far the greater portion of tho Harrl
man vote came from that Vlempnt nf
society who seized that opportunity
to express dissatisfaction with certain
conditions that prcVail In Los An
geles, or sympathy, with 'organized
labor. Tho labor unions of Is An
geles voted for Harrlman as a protest
against the policy of certain An.
geles citizens, whose influence largely
nominates the affairs of the commu
nity. This was don without in any
way committing tiie organized labor
movement of the United State to th
program of .the socialist party, and
was so understood and accepted by
political students. The result of the
election may ,be accepted as Indi
cating that the voters of Los Angelos
were content with the protest regis
tered at the primary and did not care
to go to the extent of turning the af
fairs of the city over to the cmitmi
of the radical element represented by
iisrnmnn. Beyond this Is the further
fact that a condition exists in Los
Angeles which still requires careful
attention on the part of the neonin nf
that city.
Tho election on the outside hna tin
special significance. It was watched
wan great interest becauso of its
close connection with the sensational
developments In tho McNamara case,
but It wa only an eDlsode in th
combat between the friends and foes
or organized labor In tho "Cltv nf th
Angels." What effect the disclos
ures or the last few days will have on
the future of this unfortunate strife
is yet to be determined, but thore Is
reason to hope that the extremists on
both sides will be sent to the rear
and that the recent events will have
some direct Influence In bringing
about an adjustment or the differ
ences between emnlover and
- - va ill
Ployed that have made Los Angeles
notorious ror the last fev years.
The Increase in the floating debt of
the state is not an indication that Ne
braska's resources are Insufficient to
take care or the expenses of main
taining the Institutions or the com
monwealth. It merely means that
the legislature made, appropriations
without providing. revenue to meet
them. '
Champ Clark says ror Jhree years
he has labored for democratic har
mony. "Prepare to stand aside."
"Let Littleton get off the steel com
mittee." "Mr. Bryan, as usual, goes
off half-cocked.". And see how sig
nally he has succeeded.
Complaint is made that the Mc
Ardle law governing the movement
of street cars is a dead letter. , But
that is not unique. Several, other
dead-letter' laws might be found in
even a casual examination of the
statute book.
Now will be the very best time to
get all the legs! obstacles removed
from the pathway of the city to pur
chase the water plant. If there ia
any reason why the bonds may not
b Bol(l this is the time to disclose It.
Though bis friends may desert
him, Clarence Darrow, who Insists he
has always given his best ability to
organized labor and the poor, says.
"I can stand alcne." Propped up by
a fee of $50,000, who couldn't?
Am mm m Maftutaard.
New York FoM.
Inasmurh aa Kenator Ktepheion Is over
. the verdict of "not guilty but don't
do It again," strike him as quite satis
factory. Shady Uend'a Ham urts.
LmiHjila tKan.) liaiciie.
Til Jolly tars of hhady Rend are giv
ing a freali demonstration of tho fact
that they are bum aporls. Instead of go
ing to Jail and taking their medicine,
they are trying every possible dodgo to
avoid serving their acniences.
Krlead lis Slaht.
81. Paul Dispatch.
The word cornea front lnjon that the
I'nlted Elates has notified Russia that
this country will not Interfere to prevent
the removal of the American, W. Morgan
ghuster. financial adviser to the Persian
government. Evidently Mr. Morgan Is
not a friend of Mr. Fhaster.
" laawr4
New York Financial World.
Tt.e annual report of Attorney tlenrraj
Wtckereham. which ha Just Wu sub
mitted to tbe prmldMit rhows that during
the year the department cxjJIectcd $.t0,.
Vtt in flnt which had Uu aed
by th courts, mostly attains ih im.i.
and otbor offender agaUrot the 8nrman
law, itoim has more thaa U1 the who'e
expenses rtT the 6rtinnt, the altoruey
SfaeraJ ). Ja (he prerkius year the
urtylty was aJimwt as great as tn mil.
hma Uw iu.i'11'U lu Tinea wcr :,im,0ii
pjookin Backward
Thirty Years Ago-
A pleasant company of Omaha poon'e
went to 1'lattamouth lo attend the
f'latlnmoutli IVard of Trade banquat.
Through' the courteey of Treasurer J. O.
Taylor of the R. A M , a -special car was
attached to tho regular train, furnishing
a more comfortable conveyance than the
ordinary' conchc. The party Included
Mre. Henator' Kuutidera. Ml . Jlamle
HaundnrM, MIhs Mae Wood, Mia Jeaale
(."routine, Mls nurlelgll. judge E. P.
Dundy, Marshal Rlerhower, United Ktatei
Attorney I.smbertaoh, Superintendent
Itoldrege, Idr. TSylor, W. A.' Redlck and
John L. Webster.
Frank Mayo opened an engagement at
Boyd's playing "Vlrglnius." Familiar
name In til support arc tieorge Honl
face, Mr. Ji. L. Davenport and Mls
The Omaha City MKlnn will hold a
C'hrlntmas celebration Tuesday, Decem
ber IT. at the RaptlHt chuicli.
Mr.' K. Van Tuyl, formerly agent of the
ICrle . railway at Rlnghamton, N. V,, has
accepted tho position of tax agent of tho
11. ,M. road.
The excavation for the cellar of the
new court house Is In progress. The
whole 'block will Imv surrounded by a
board fence, eight feet high, to exclude
the irtiblle.
"The Omaha Bourd of Trail's are in
search of xultable rooms', having, given
up their former location. What they
should have Is a building, both for the
necessities of the board and an establish
ment of a chamber' of commerce." ' ""
For Viti Earnest Workers, Mrs. MV. J.
Mount, president, and Miss M. J. Tru
land, secretary, express thanks to those
who contributed to their annual dinner.
Oeorgo It. Jewel t Is back from Sidney.
Dr. Htone. president of the Plate Medi
cal association, has gone to Lincoln.
Mrs. W. n. Wood, In the Masonic block,
announce that she ha mssquerada cos
tumes for rent, and masque, gold and
sliver braid, spangles and fringe for sale.
Joxepli Barker want a lost black and
tan pup, 3 month old, answering to the
name of "Zip," returned to him at the
gaa office in exchange for a 15 reward. '
One hundred and fifty men employed
on tho new elevator at the transfer struck
because their employers wanted to pay
them monthly instead of twice a month.
Twenty Years Ag
The elehth annual 'meeting of the Wo
man's Christian association was held at
Kirst Presbyterian, church. Mrs. P. I.
Purine led lu prayer and read the scrip
ture. The reports showed much charit
able work , done during the year. These
officers were elected: President, Mrs.
Perlne; vice presidents, Mrs. Jardine.
Mrs. McCague, Mrs. Elliott, Mrs.. Lud
dtngton; recoidlng secretary, Mrs. Raise;
corresponding secretary. Miss Collin;
treasurer. Mrs. Ida V. Tllden; trustees,
Mrs. B. If. Windsor, Mrs. A. J. Twlkle,
Mrs. T. 8. Uelffor, Mrs. John Levett,
Mr. 8. P.' Hopkins, Mrs. Cadet Taylor,
Mr. Clayton, Mrs. O. Q. Wallace, Mrs.
Klla Rreckin.-Mrs.. J. B. Christian, Mrs.
H. Btovens, Mrs. O'. P. DIcts.'Mrs. O, II.
Csptaln HalUe Bmlth of the Solvation
Army, shot two weeks tiefoYe"hy the
Bledjer woman,, was reported oM a fair
road to recovery. s
First Assistant Fire Chief Sajter was
out on crutches for the first tlrtie since
Ills accident, seven weeks previously.
City Treasurer Hush announced that for
the first time In its history Omaha's
credit was impaired and the city found
difficulty in selling its bonds. lie at
tributed this to the "ridiculously low as
sessment that has gone on from year to
year, which, some of our people imagine
means low : taxation.
Mr. John A. Wakefield entertained the
Entre Nuuh Jub.
Mrs. ImMo entertained ' at luncheon in
honor of Mr. Mlllspaugh.
Ten Years Ago
Chancellor K. lienjamln Andrew;
preached at First Paptlst church on
"Yield Not to Temptation."
MUs Kinlly Paddock of Boston, vice
president and general secretary of the
American branch of the Girls' Friendly
society, made an address at Trinity
cathedral tn the evening. Iter Aislt to
Omaha was for the purpose-of establish
ing an arm of tho society here.
A, number of Boer sympathisers met
at the Paxton hotel snd organized an
Omaha Transvaal league, a branch of the
Amerhtin Trunsvaal league. J. H. Boon
btra was tlreted president, Thomas
Swift, vico'Jiesldent; Elisabeth Khlrley,
secictury, lid William Fleming, trea
surer. Mrs. William Millard returned to Mon
tana, after visiting her purents, Mr, and
Mrs. Ouy C. Rarton.
Colonel George 1. Clarke, a troud Ml,
souriun, spent the day In ltn city and
discoursing upon, the three-cornorcd race
for senator down there, between Champ
Clark, Hill Stone and A. M. Dockeiy. he
said that Durkery had the other. tWro
badly beaten from the start.
A. I". Wyman. president of the Omaha
Ixjun and Trust company, strongly denied
all rumors of a rccelverh!p for that
Pat Murphy of Ackley, Ia.. got a foot
crushed by a train rj I'nlon and wa
brought In to St. Joseph's hoepital for
People Talked About
Washington papers will not be happy
until every . government clerk I securely
attached to I'ncla Ram pension roll. As
for the fellows who hustle to provide
I'nde Sam's revenue, they can go on
hustling for the dough.
Henator Wetmore of Tlhode Island Joins
Senator Guggenheim of Colorado In an
nouncing their weariness of public office.
HoltOwlll retire' at the end of their terms
in lsll Both are hopeful of securing suo
Maine reports a season of great pros
perlty In the sardine Industry. High art
In label printing and fetching translations
of French, give a dash of tobaseu to the
esternals if the can.
A military aerial cruiser, capable of
flying with at iwople. I projected lu Ger
many. ArtllleiinU of neighboring nation
can art-fly fall to make a killing when
the row begin.
W. Morgan ithwater. financial carpenter
of Persia. doubtWas appreciates the
blunder ne made 1a faUng to tut Unooln
Htefrena uevi tOv Russia's base dealgua.
bercfore the bear Jul its hide lu the
usual j'Lace,
Tlic BceS LclicrBox
IT- tt? ir-
lefer of Mother Eve.
LINCOLN. Neb.. Dec. .-To the Editor
of The Uee: Of the many crimes com
mitted by superstition against humanity,
Ita teaching that woman brought aln Into
this little world is the greatest of tlirin
all. Like a gigantic Juggernaut this
atrocious libel upon the mother of the
race ha been rolling down the age,
leaving in Its trail tear, sorrow, crushed
heart and blasted hope. There super
stition reached the aupreme height of its
tremendous power for evil. The wither-
Ing effects . of Its inquisition upon the
hearts and hopes of mankind sink Into
Insignificance as compared with tho In
calculable wrong resulting to woman, and
through her to her children, from the as
sertion that her disobedience brought sin
Into the world. Thus was poison thrown
Into the very fountain of life.
Scientific psychology makes this plain.
It shows that the declaration, hitherto
received by many as from divine author
ity, that sin entered the world through
woman's fault, has degraded woman by
lessening her self-respect, paralyzing her
will, dwarfing her intellect and causing
her to feel a sense of guilt in the very
fact of her existence. For thousands of
year this teaching has blocked her prog
ress toward economic and political equal
ity with man, and is today responsible
for no small part of the opposition to
equal suffrage. For ages woman has
been told. In substance, that she Is a
lower order of being, an after-thought of
the Maker of the worlds, and that phe Is.
In effect, the creator of sin. since only
through her disobedience whs it possible
for sin to enter the world, making neces
sary the sacrifice of a part of the God
head In order to propitiate Him and ap
pease His wrath. ,
Scientific ' psychology shows that this
libel and its correlative ideas have had aa
effect Immeasurably harmful upon the
sensitive, impressionable minds of the
mothers of tho race, and through them
upon their children, resulting In evils
hitherto unsuspected by the world. It
shows that a really free humanity can
never be born until every vestige of this
false belief has been erased from the
minds of both men and women. Matilda
Joslyn Gage, hi her great work, "Woman,
Church and State," has shown In detail
the sufferings of women under this su
perstition In ages past. Kvery person
who believes in economic and political
equality for women should read Mrs.
Gage's great contribution to the cause.
Destruction of Horse liy Fire.
Editor of The Bee: I write this short
essay for Tho Bee as my closing labor
as patriotic Instructor for Abe Lincoln
posr, uranil Army or the Republic,
Council Bluffs, for 1911. I wish herewith
to start a popular agitation In favor of
fireproof fculldings for horses and other
domestic animals. The smoke of their
torment ascendeth forever. It Is strange
that the press, the pulpit and rostrum
are silent on this subject, which is one
of gigantic import. Knough horses and
other animals are burned up every year
In th'.a nation to keep every widow and
orphan in happy comfort.
The horse carries our burdens. He also
saved the union. I saw a horse one
evening upon which General Curtis'
scout had Just returned. One look satis
fied me, and I did not glance at the poor
quadruped again! I spare your readers
the description of him.
May not these burnings of horses and
other animals draw some gigantic retri
bution upon town and country some
teaching from an eye that never sleeps
from the source of Intelligence and true
advancement? Now, let us all demand
that this evil should cease; that no
animal's life shall he placed in Jeopardy
In fire traps. ,Who,illl be life first hotel
proprietor to ".advertise r rhe fireproof
Ktable for all domestic animal?
I also request teachers to, talk of this
matter to the children. A powerful In
fluence would thus be commenced. Tell
the children also to question their parent
on the subject, and so get the latter
thoroughly Interested. Children can ask
Vhelr parents , many questions about a
stable fire when an account of one is
published In the dally paper. I request
the children to not let up on such ques
tionings till their parents become not only
awakened concerning the matter, but
anxious to act. . ,
May not providence withhold rain for
Wise purposes? , It is inly the most short
sighted ' persons thst do not reflect on
the dealings of heaven in the material
affairs of humanity. And now. ye adult
readers and ye children, you know that
thousands of horses will be destroyed by
fire In this country in the next few years.
Let your opinion on this subject be known
wherever you are. Use that lunguage
Which no ear will misconstrue. And so
I must leave the subject with you.
Patriotic Instructor. Abe Lincoln Pout.
Cleveland Leader: Oyster Eav now
wears the sardonic grin for those who be
lieve It had been pushed off the may.
Washington Herald: Some of the mem.
bens of congress who have carefully laid
plans to electrify the country will wonder
next summer what was the matter with
the connections.
6t. Louis Republic: "The whole country
Is falling down!" screams Lincoln Htef
fens. Not yet: but It will fall if ever it
ha to deiend for support on the weak
sisters who grow hysterical.
8t. Paul Pioneer Press: Colonel Ervan
demands a law requiring all ship to
tarry two wireless operators. Evidently
lur. Bryan does not propose to aiva u
any rest, even when he 1 on aa ocean
going trip.
Kama City Time: Nlchula L-jnaaorth
also denies that Mr. Koosevelt is a
candidate for another presidential nomi
nation. And a man wouldn't have un
political secrets from a bald-headtd aon-
in-law, would he?
Sioux City Journal: The prospect that
the democrats msy wind up with a row
quite aa Imposing In proportlona as the
republicans row is improving dally.
Colonsl Bryan la doing the most efficient
advance work from the republican view,
point in promoting the Kilkenny fair.
l'laylagr I Luck.
Brooklyn feagle.
With Wall street supporting Roosevelt.
Taft will play Into mere luck than he
could stir up on a dozen swing srojnd
the circle.
Artivlly mt War Da.
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
The war doga of Europe are allowed
no rest. The year prouilaea to cloe In
the midst vt bloodshed and disorder.
".lorklns told me lie imd faJlen tnto u
aniline iIivki Mini when 1 was iml
Btartleii, explained it fm Ills lomfort
alile library chair.,''
"He warn right. Didn't he fall Into a
slot-py hollow ; Baltimore American.
"In flnamiiil trouble'.' What Ik it"
"Oh, 1 premised to pay Brown ) to
day, and i ui got It. nnd he knows 1 ve
got it. and he knows I know he knows
I've got it:" Fuck.
"The Mnuntoburns belong 1 nippose. to
what you call the idle rich' class."
"UiaiioUH, no! 'liey're tou rlrh for
that." Chicago Tribune.
Blohbs Yes, he's a good sctor, but he's
Mnbhi In what ws?
Blohbs lie Hdmit! there are other
actors juxt us good as he is. Philadelphia
'So you were given an Interest in your
employer's business?"
les, replied the Industrious youth;
but 1 made a mistake in accepting It. I
had lesa worry a a regular employe than
as a minority stockholder." Washington
"SpeakLur of etlouette. did you send the
dollnx for those advertised Instructions on
What to do at table?' "
"And what did you get?"
"A slip with one word printed on It:
'Eat!' "Chicago Post.
Bill." sulci his lone suffering sweet
heart, "I'm tired of your shiftless ways.
Got a Job yet?'1
pope. he grunted: "I m still waltin
fur somethln' to turn up."
well, here it is. Hill. Take a good loon
at It and clear out."
Whereupon she turned up her nose at
him. Chicago Tribune.
"I bought this armchair on the Install
ment plan."
"Kasy terms?
"Hather! A dollar down and a dollar
The Moselle Helmet
Ever since the Ostend toque took two
continents by storm, designers have been
working cn new ideas for this winter.
With a wealth of models before her Paris
hesitated. Should the new favorite be
this or thator- the other. Then sud
denly she made up her mind. "It shall
be the Moselle Helmet," said she. Sp
we brought the Moselle Helmet to Amer
ica. Paris had chosen well. The strik
ingly novel shape, the becoming lines,
the unusual stitch, the chic air it gave to
the wearer were irresistible. The Moselle
Helmet was an instant success. You
surely want one of these charming little
hats. .Send us the coupon below for
free directions. You can easily make
one in a few hours of Fleisher's German
town Zephyr, 8-fold, one of the 13
-the yarns whose fine, soft, durable thread produces
garments that retain their shape and softness under
hard and constant wear.
Kaunas' YimwmfA
Dread -'
Aeaatsat Worsts
Skxlaad rieaa Zephyr
i4- HS-I.II
:ia-ravB Weal
Kail tkia Cewpeei to S. B.
r"i r-H r.'" r..1. -i
. vririte rosvxvjix
a ;tv riA-ieTattnnc."
the U.
Its age Is guaranteed by the
u . i. Govern in enu
Its purity by the Schenley
Distilling Company.
Its quality speaks for itself.
When you buy Rye, buy Schenley. At all dealers.
Schenley Distilling Co
J0 1 ' ' '
v.hei"Mer the collector cau catch rue." -
Botou Traiicrirt.
.... .. ..:.i l.a f'nrntoaael. "don't
n ram . .
yon think Joeli Is makin' a pm of his
Melf''" . t ,i-' i.o tin aims of Josh's
glttiii' to be n n thing so valusblo."
Wsshlngton ftsr.
Century Magazine.
1 ni up In astronomies, and In figures
neat and clericul.
The orbits of the planets 1 ve reduced to
the numerical.
The paths of nil the cornels Snd th other
bodies spherical
It's l rally Just a almple as can be.
1 can figure to a paraang by methods
The route of any hoplite who has made a
march grammatical. , . .
And stopped till "Ho clenrchus passed a
few remarks emphntlcal
There's nothing uny easier for me.
But a minu logarithm is a model of lu-
ildltv. .
The nebular hypothesis, m bit of mera
vapidity, . . .
Incupnble of causing me a Jot of the
timidity M . ,
T feel for railway-folders of the dy
Though "Central" snd Eajtrn
Time" mean eomethlnff. undeniable.
And reading up In place of down Is never
And tvpe that's black and light-faced Is
essential, still. I'm liable
To hoard a train that goes the other
As to modern railway-folders, I admit ail
inability LI T.
For grasping why the data which, I m
seeking with nullity
Are always contradicted and reduced to
mere futlllty
Bv microscopic foot-not cs down below.
For "making close connections" I confess
an Incapacity,
A folder's "a. and p. m.'s" only foster my
And though perhaps I'm lacking In ap
parent perspirncHv,
I never find the thing I want to know.
' Sasarter fee Wl
Shetiaad Kephy
Spiral Kara
Nmli 5.htlaa4
Rtala W..I
Cleahasere Yarw
AaSre Weal
B. W. FLBSHEK. Philadelphia jof)
i1.1 ri K-va r"'-r
Properly aged with a
mellow, delicate flavor that
you can't beat
4 times distilled makes
it absolutely pure.
Bottled in Bond
m I
bottle is sealed with
S. Government Stamp.
Luceaco, Pa.