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lincoln Taft Club Holds Session to
Make Arrangements.
that Mffllm In Lincoln
Hfwmhff 10 Will Draw Many
Republicans to Ulr -Dale
Set for State Fair.
' (From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Dee. '.(Special.) Ilia
"Lancaster County Republican club held a
meeting tonluht at which the matter of
selection of Taft delegates to attend the
state mass convention here September 19
was taken up at length. Dans for the
entertainment of the bin gathering Were
discussed and It was decided to co-operate
extensively -with the view of making the
convention one of the largest political
gatherings ever held In the state. He
orts of the growth of the club since the
initial meeting were read by Secretary
Walter Dawson, which showed that ttie
. increase had been more than MO per dent
inc! the first gathering.
rnmnnn Slay lie Playwright.
Oliver P. Neumann, formerly a news
paper man of this city, and the author
of a story. "The Fortunes of the Sun,'"
which appeared In late issues of the
, Saturday Krenlng Post, may become a
' playwright, according to word which he
ha, written to local friends. Mr. Neu
' inann la In New York at the present time
, in regard to the matter and Is confident
I that a big manager there will accept the
, play .written-about the story.
Dale for State Fair.
Th Nebraska state fair for 1912 will be
: keld September t to 6. Inclusive, accord
ing to plans made by members of the
state fair board, who attended a meeting
!f stale fair and exposition managers at
Chicago this week. C. H. Rudge returned
i here with the news today. , At the Chi
cago gathering a different classification
of premiums and various alterations In
transportation were taken up and con-
) aldered as advisable by these in attend-
't To Judge Iotts Debate.
Peaa Hastings and Trof. Conant of the
College of Ijiw and Prof. Preslnge of the
-American history department left, today
for Iowa City, where they will Judge the
llllnois-Iowa debate. Friday evening. The
subject Is the shlpsld- question ,the same
as that to be debated IS- Iowa and Ne
biaska at Lincoln tomorrow evening.
Corporations In Dad.
Over 3j0 corproRttons, Including the
."Remington Typewriter company of New
York and the Burroughs Adding Machine
.! company of St. Louia lost their legal
; standing in Nebraska on December 1,
according to the report Issued today by
'Secretary of tSate Walt, for failure to
lay the occupation tax levied by the
state. Over ICO of the corproatlons were
chartered with home offices In Omaha
and about forty were chartered In Lin
coln. Han-gerty Born la Lincoln.
John J. Haggerty, who was killed in
tire Los Angeles Times explosion and for
whose murder James B. McNamara was
sentenced to Ufa Imprisonment, was born
in this city In 1SS8. HIS father was track
foreman for the Burlington. The family
moved to oLs Angeles about twelve years
Otoe Old "ettlers Association Elects
Officers Woman Is Madly
NEBRASKA CITY, Neb., Pec. 7.-At a
meeting of the members of the Otoe
County Old .Settlera' arsoclatlon the fol
lowing officers were elected: President,
Mrs. John C. Watson; vice president, Mrs.
R. If. West, Mrs. O. C. Baker, Mrs. q. T.
(iverton; treasurer, Mrs. R. E. Hawley;
secretary, Mrs, C. M. Hubner; executive
.' committee, R. E. Hawley, John Teten
and Patrick Roddy., It was decided to
jnake this association a part of the State
. Historical society and a historian will be
appointed. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hall were
the oldest settlers present, they having
come to this city In 1854 and mde it their
I hums ever since.
Mlsa Lucy Richardson, a colored woman
residing on North Eighth street came
near being cremated yesterday morning.
She got up at 5 o'clock In the morning to
tart a fir and her outing night gown
caught fire. This set fire to her bed and
everything waa ablase In a moment. She
. threw the bed and bedding out of doors,
but before accomplishing -this-was badly
burned. The house was saved by the
neighbors. .......
Ora Chandler, who was married to Wal
ter Chandler at Ulciiwo'cd, la., June 20,
IJuS, haa filed a suit in the dlvtrtct court
asking for a divorce. She alleges failure
to support and asks . to. be. given her
maiden name, Ora Pel by.
On au order from the sheriff at Sidney,'
la., Frank Lyons was arrested here by
the officers and held until this morning,
when he was taken back to answer the
charge of awaulting with Intent to kill
Mm. Mead, who resides neanPerclval.
Herman if. Meents and ' Miss Hilda
Maria Eudberg were united In marriage
this morning at the home of the bride's
1'arents, Mr. and Mrs. Ueorge Badberg, at
John True of Syracuse has filed suit
In the district court against William Ii
1 .nd of Berlin, asking for 3.i"5 for In
juries received because hW team became
frightened at an automobile which was
driven by the defendant, and ran away,
wrecking bis vehicle and Injuring him.
DSTld City Beildlnu Darns.
DAVID CITY, Neb., Dec. 7.-(Spei lal.)
The David City steam laundry and an
adjoining taUor shop were burned to the
ground yesterday. The blase started In
the laundry, owned by Mr, Schoouover,
who wes filling a gasollno Iron, when
the gasoline, running over the sides of
the tank, caught fire :mU before any
thing could be dune the building was In
flames. The tailor shop waa owned by
Mr, Sochor. One of the unfortunate fea
tures of the fire was that Mr. Schoon
over had permitted some of his Insurance
tu run out Tuesday noon. As it is, his
loss will be about 12,5u0.
Take Formaldehyde by Mistake.
URAND ISLAND. Neb.. Dec. T.-( Spe
cial.) James II. Foley, a long time resi
dent In this city and well known through
out this portion of the state. Is In s
serious condition as the result of swal
lowing a traeuoonful of formaldehyde
niliitake. Ho went into the closet at hit
home to take a ceilaln medicine an 1
grasped the wrong bottle. He at once
noticed the mistake ami a physician waa
summoned. The stomach was promptly
drained, but Mr. Foley's condition Is still
Rogers Takes Stand
KKKMONT, Neb., Dec. 7. (Special Tele
gram.) Louis Rogers, defendant in the
Rogers murder case, was on the stand
this afternoon. In his testimony, which
was, given In a careless, rather flippant
manner, he admitted his relations to Mrs.
Richtcr and denied all knowledge in re
gard to the birth of the child except what
he claimed she told him, which was, that
the child was born In Omaha., He was
cross-examined at considerable length in
regard to conflicting statements made to
County Attorney Cook and the sheriff
soon after his arrest. He denied most
of them and could not remember the
others, though able minutely to detail
everything his attorneys asked him.
Drfl. Hatlam and Leake were called as
experts, and In answer to hypothetical
questions, stated that it was Impossible
to determine whether the child was born
alive, taut the latter. In answer to tlmllnr
questions by the comity attorney, proved
a good witness for the stste.
Mrs. Rlchter was taken sick this noon
and has been taken to the hospital. Her
condition Is quite Berlous and may be
such that she cannot be called by the
state in rebuttal.
FAIRBURY, Neb., Dec. 7.-(Speolal.)-The
annual session of ' the Jefferson
County Farmer' Institute opened in the
Majestic theater Thursday at I p. ni.
and will continue until Saturday. The
program was furnished by the extennlon
department of the state university at
Lincoln. ,-
The program for Thursday afternoon
consisted of a talk by Prof. John Bower
of Lincoln on the "Silo." W. C Ajulreas
of Beatrice also made a talk on "Weed
ing Out the I'nprofltable Cows" follow
his lecture with a milk and cream testing
Friday V. W. Chase of Nebraska City
will lecture on "Alfalfa in Eastern Ne
braska" and Miss LouIpo -'abln of Bea
trice will talk on "Helpful flints for the
Busy Housekeeper."
Saturday will be known a "Horse
Day" and Dr. O. L. Carson of 'Norfolk,
Neb., will bo the principal speaker. At
11 ai'm, Saturday he' wlft lecture o-n
"Horses." At 1:30 p. m. there will be a
horse Judging demonstration by Dr. Car
son. At 2:30 p. m. will occur the cult
show. Quite a number of valuable prizes
have been offered by prominent Jefferson
county horsemen and farmers for the
best colts on exhibition.
Quick Jostle at Ida Grove.
IDA GROVE, la., Dec. 7.-(Special.)-James
Callahan, wanted here for robbing
J. P. Illtchings, a farmer for whom 'he
worked last summer, was arrested on the
streets of Ida. Urovc In the morning, was
Indicted by the grand Jury In the after
noon, when arraigned pleaded guilty, and
waa sentenced to five years at Fort Madi
son. At 7:30 the same evening Sheriff
McLeod left with the prisoner for Fort
Madison. Callahan worked for Hitching
last cummer and while the latter was
away from home took a suit of clothe.,
a sjlk dre. Mini other apparel valued at
a total of S!)j.
Welly Freed oil Trial.
GRAND ISLAND. Neb.. Dec. 7.(3pe.
clal.t A Jury in the district court, havUig
heard the evidence produced by the state
against Howard Welty. on the charge o
horse stealing, and after leaving been out
from early yesterday tifternuon to 10
o'clock this morning, returned a verdict
of not gtillly. Welty and one Stewart
were alleged to have stolen a horse from
the Wescolt livery barn, to have sold it
and to have divided the proceeds 121.
Welty alleges that he did not know the
horse was stolen at the time he sold It
and that he gave all the money to Stew
art, li s partner at the time.
A. O. I . W. I.odce Must Fay.
IOWA CITY. la , Dec, .7. (Speclal.)--The
sensational lawsuit of Ruth treasure,
the unmarried daughter of the late Colo,
nel J. C. Leasure, against the Ancient
Order of I'nited Workmen of Iowa came
to an end today when the plaintiff was
given Judgment of 11.D00. The peculiar
death of Colonel Leasure and attendant
circumstances were grounds on which the
fraternal organisation refused to jay his
death claim. In addition the lodge ha-1
contended that the dead man owed them
several hundred dollars of delinquent
tioldru .Weddluo; at Melbourne.
MARSHALLTO..N. Ia.. Dec. T.jHnr.
rial.) II:-. aj:d Mis. WUI.em Avu of Mel
bo u its tcoay celebrated thdr golden wed
ding anniversary. They wsre married In
Rochester, X. Y.. December T, JM. They
have eleven children, all of whom are
living, and eighteen grandchildren-
V .....
y . y
: V" ':.J: ::-.f rtS-
Lincoln Cathedral
to Be Dedicated Today
(From' a Staff Con ? pnndent.)
LN1COLN, Neb., Dec. f. (Special.) The
dedication of the Cuthedml of tho Im
maculate Conception will take place In
this city tomorrow. The services will he
In chsrge of Bishop Tlhen and the sciv-
Ice will be followed by nonttfictnl lihsh
mass, the celebration of which will re
conducted by Bishop Keano of Dubuque,
la. ltlfhop Hennesey of Wichita. Kun..
will assist.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb.. Dec. 7. (Special.)
Federal Judne T. C. Munger heard the
preliminary hearing In the temporary
Injunction against the L'nlon Pacific and
St. Joseph Grand Island Railroad com
pany, brought by the minor stockholders
this morning, and the case was set for
hearing at 11 a. n January ::i.
I'pon that date the defendants are to
show cause why nu Injunction should not
be granted to pi-event the l'nlon Pacific
from voting Its stock relative tb the
Grand Island Improvements, from ex
pending any more motley for Improve
ments, and also to shew why n tem
porary receiver should not be appointed
for the Grand Island road. The defen
dants were given until January 20 to
fllo their showing, and the plaintiff until
January ,T0 to file their counter-showing.
Myron L. Learned cf Omaha represented
the casd for the plaintiff, and Kelson
Rich and N. II. I.oomls, both of Omaha,
represented tho L'nlon Pacific, L. J.
Eastln of St. Joseph 'representing the
Grand Island road.
Mr. Learned, attorney for Charles A.
Frank and others who represent the
minor stockholders of the Grand Island,
allege that since the Grand Island road
has been under the control of the Union
Pacific the latter has only kept up that
part of the road owned by the. former on
which the "Union Taclflc run their trains.
Also because a large sum which was
formerly owed to the plaintiff road has
been Bpent by the defendant road, and
more, too, for their own benefit, and be
cause the Union Pacific has not kept up
the freight equipment of the Grand Island
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Dec. 7.-(Speclal.)-That
the city of Lincoln has a learger
per cent of Its achool population in Its
high school than 'aTny other city in the
United States Is the assertion of State
Superintendent Delsell, who has been
making extensive Investigations 'along
this line. The percentage has been about
16 perc ent of all children enrolled In the
public schools. The figures and facta are
sent to Dr. .Wlnship of Boston, the editor
of the American Journal of Education.
In the letter, among other things, the fol
lowing facts are set out:
It Is said th-U of the &7).000 niipils In
the public, schools of Nebraska only :!,0o0
are in the high schools. A campaign Is
now on to promote attendance upon high
It Is true we have 'SuO.OCO children be
tween the sges of IV and 21 years In the
state. Of this number there are 2H0.0U0
enrolled In the schools In the Mate. In
our twelve grade schools alone there are
17.7S1 high school pupils. i)f this number
2.!0 are doing normal training work. Pu.
plls are not enrolled In the normal train
ing classes until they reach the eleventh
gradr, and the work Is carried through
the eleventh and twelfth grades.
"There are JM twelve-grade schools In
the state; 400 graded schools with ninth,
tenth or eleventh grades, in which there
are over .,000 high school pupils. This
makes a total of nearly 10 per cent of
the total enrollment. In all. the public
"There are more than S.flOO pupils of
school age, who have completed me high
school course, now In higher Institutions
of learning, either of the vocational or
nonvocat.onal type."
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb.. Dec. 7.-(Speclal.)-
Accordlng to ' word which reached this
city today, Congressman. George. W. Nor
rla will not withdraw from the senatorial
race but will stay 1n the fray and will
oppose Senator Norrls Brown for the re
publican nomination for that place.
The word came In a letter from Con
gressman Norrls to a local mi. the
Fifth district representative, declarlg that
stories which have denoted that he might
get out, were. clreulatedentlrely. without
his authority.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Dec. 7. (SpedaJ.)-Mlehael
Donnelly, one of the oldest locomotive
engineers In the employ of (he Burling
ton railroad, died at his home in this
city today. He Is survived by a widow
and four children George Donnelly of
Denver, Thomas of Falrbury and Robert
and Ethel of this city. .
Fatal Flaht at Raymond.
TITt.'NKA. la., Dec. ". (Special.)
Henry Phillips, who waa Hilled near Ray
mond, la., while in the kftchei), of his
own home, supposedly by a sewing ma
chine agent named Caeklll, the latter
being under arrest for the crime, waa for
thirty-five year a resident of this county
and all these years here bore the best of
reputations. He waa the father of eleven
children. From what can be learned here
at his old home Caaklll has admitted that
he killed Phillips, but has a plea of self
defense. High school Operetta at David City.
DAVID CITY, Neb.. Dec. 7.-(Splal.)-
The successful presentation c-f "Sylvia,"
an operetta by the high school chorus
here, under the direction of Prof. Everett
M. Hoeman during the first of last month
has prompted the management of - the
Butler county short course In agriculture
and domestic science to ask for a repeti
tion of the performance on nest Friday
Iowa Woman to Wed.
PR BATON, Ia Deo. 7. (Specials-Announcement
haa been received at Mount
pleasant friend of the brldo-to-be, of
ih ramlng marriage oT Mirs Mary Gregg
to Hev. rranklln Marshall Wilson on
January I In Oracle hall, M'lttie, India.
MIm Oregg la a graluata nf Mount I'laas
ant Wrilevan college, class of lsW, and
has bssn principal of the Daaeonese home
and Training School for Oirls, a Methodist
Institution In Muttra, for the last twelve
years. Rev. and Mrs, Wtlson Will make
their bore at Delhi, India,
Commission Takes Jurisdiction Over
Another Feature of Traffic.
Decision tomes In Connection with
tomnlntnt of Coal Com peer
Against Illinois lenti-nl
WASHINGTON, De 7.-'i'hc interstate
Commerce com-nlsxlon today declared Its
assumption ,.f Jurlnillctlon over the prac
tices of u ritllivtail, or railroads consti
tuting n through route "affecting the
right of tlie shipper to ssfo and speedy
liauxportutioii of lit freight."
The deciHlon was handed down by Com
miesloner Lane In what wa known a
the car shurtmte case, In which the Mis
souri & Illinois Coal company complained
of the embargo established last winter
by the Illinois Cendal railroad against
the movement of coal from mines on Its
lines In Illinois to points In Missouri.
The rsllioad's defense was that If It
allowed Its cars to go to lines In MIs
s til l, the cars would bo confiscated and
tho Illinois Central would nut have suf
ficient equipment to conduct Its local
Iloldlnsv tars Is tlleusl.
The commission holds "that the tern
pciary conflscatlu,! y carriers nf the
cars of other railroads ami the placing
of embargoes agalunt curs being sent off
of the lines of the owners arc alike un
lawful and the railroads aie expected to
make such rules for the return of cars
as will terminate such abuses."
Under this decision all of the car In
terchange rul.-s of tho American Itsll-'
road association byconio subject to the
regulations of the commission, affording
It Jurisdiction over the transportation as
well as over the charges of all freight.
The commission holds that an embargo
may hfl Justifiable because of the phys
ical Inability of the carrier to deal with
traffic which overwhelms It, but an em
bargo placed against connecting carriers
because of their failure promptly to re
turn cars Is not consonant with the serv
ice which the carriers are required by
law to give."
Commissioner Lane's Opinion.
In his opinion Commissioner Lane says:
"Instead of an orderly show of enr
Interchange carried out In good faith, we
find In this case one rosd stealing the
equipment of Its connection by way of
reprisal against a similar thefl of which
It Is the victim. Tha tesult is that the
coal .company ' in Illinois, which had
undertaken ' by contract to serve In
dustries In Missouri, Is cut off from Its
market by reason of the closing of the
route which the law requires the Illi
nois Central and the Missouri Pacific to
maintain and keep open.
"The coal mine Is entitled under the
law to rely upon the carrier maintaining
its route. The commerce of this country
cannot be conducted under a system of
railroad operation baaed upon such prac
tices of warfare as reprisal and embargo.
Such methods are not the expression of
civilization, which leads to crder, system
and certainty, but the loose and archaic
methods of a disorganised Industrial sys
HOT SPRINGS 8. D Dec, 7.-(Spsdal
Telegram.) Gibbons B. Flannlgan was
today found not guilty of arson. He was
charged by the state with the destruction
of the Snilthwlck lumber yard at Smith
wick, S. D., on Juno 4 last. Kastmaii
and Dudley of Hot Springs and M. F.
Harrington of O'Neill, Neb., were Mr.
Flannlgan'a attorneys. There waa prac
tically ho evidence against the defendant
and none of his witnesses were allowed
to testify. The Judge Instructed the Jury
to bring In a verdict of not guilty.
otea from Yankton. S. U,
YANKTON, S.- D., Dec 7.-(peclal.)-K.
I). Gray, who operates the Lahoii
fruit farm and Is uiiex-aldcrman of this
city. It the latest victim of a corn busker
and has lost his left Index finger in one
of these dsjigcrous machines, the second
In the last two weeks in this county.
Charles Van Dyke, an old resident of
this city. Is dead here at tho age of 65
years. He was found dead on a lounge
by .tils wife, who had boeu absent on a
short visit. The deceased had been In
poor health for the last year.
Judge Bartlett Tripp, ill with a paralytic
stroke. Is reported as doing fairly well at
TORK. Neb., Dec. 7.-(8pevlal.) -Arthur
J. Oberg of Polk and Miss Nellie P.
Usby of Benedict were married yester
day by County Judge Wray.
The key to success In business Is tite
judicious and peialstent use of newspape.
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Grand Champion
Steer Brings Ninety
Cents the Pound
CHICAGO, Dec. 7 Victor, the cham
pion steer of the International I. He Stock
exposition loaiitd be the Iowa Agricul
tural college, came rl.w to a new record
for cattle in the auction ring today when
ho was sold to n department store for
W cents u pound. Only once ha this
price heen piivsnl. The first car of the
exposition n rutMlim-gh packing lious.
' hi 11. .'1 a pound for Ailxsncc, the prlrn
winner of Unit year.
The Intel national Live Stoik exposition
held In t'hictiKo this ck Is .tin largest
collection of fine stock that has ever
been ussi milled nt one place on either
continent. J'hc Hon. .1. ,1. '"i ilUui, who
came all the way from ln .1 to nwurd
the prizes on K'ade and ci n.. hi t d rattle
and to declare which of the first prise
winners ahull be champions. Is enthusi
astic In l is praises nf what Is being ac
complished by American breeders and
feeders. Tho slate universities and agrt
cultmal colleges of the country are tak
ing an uctlve part In the competition and
have can-led off the leading prises In the
fnt steer classes. The grand champion
ship steer, all breeds and all ages com
peting, was won by tho Iowa Agricultural
collcgo on Victor. Prince of View IVlnt,
one year younger, exhibited by the Uni
versity of Nebraska, was made champion
of the Angus breed, later winning the re
serve grand championship of the show,
Victor was purchased by lYof. Kennedy
of the Iowa college after the steer had
won a championship at tho American
ltoyal Slock show one year ago.
The Nebraska entry was purchased
when a few weeks old by Prof. Smith,
who hail a few years previous made his
sli-e a champion at the Nebraska slate
fair. Prince was reared as a calf on milk.
Hhailng the cow with Bobble Burns, the
least year's Galloway champion and first
In ciiiKs attain this year. A mixed grain
ration, alfalfa and corn allege was also
supplied. Bluebeard, a Nebraska entry
born and reared on the university farm,
was again first priso winner In the grade
class, and later made reserve yearling
cl amnion, all breeds competing. Max and
Donald of the Nebraska exhibit were
also leading winners, the former first as
a grade Shorthorn yearling and the latter'
second as a OHlloway calf. Eleven of the
twelve shown were wlnncis of cash prise
amounting to Jf.'lfi, not Including carcass
awards, which come later.
The younger animals, accompanied by
Herdsman Shumate, will be returned to
Lincoln Monday. Prince, upon his re
turn will have the distinction of being
the best steer In America as the grand
champion Is 2 years old and has to he
slaughtered before the close of tho ex
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obtained of your home ticket agent, or by addressing -(
S. North, Dist. Pass. Agt., Illinois Central R. R., 409 So. Sixteenth Street, Omaha, Neb.
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Sold at 60e, 75c, $1.00 ALL DEALERS
Hav Your Ticket Read "Burlington'
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Whether you 'travel via Denver, Kansas City or
through the North-Wont, I'miington tiekcls are avail
able for any of the reeoruized routoft-to or from the
Toast. Note the broad choice of. Const routes in eon- '.
t nection with the Burlington's . high grade service
through the West.' '
VlS f OOIMO to Seattle or Portland la direct northwest
line, or Tla Denver sad BlUiBfe, thence Sheet
C.-f ff0 P, I Bonte to California. ,
tJCalUC Ot, ' BXTVBBTVO throurh Salt rake and Seenlo Oolo-
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Kansas Olty,
faoiwo via Kansas City, thsnoe southern rontea te
Electric Lighted Trains With
Denver and the North-West at
t a.
Cures Dandruff, Stops Falling
Hair and Makeslt
"Pull out one fray hair and a doien
will take Ita place" Is an told saying,
which le, to a arsat extent, .true. If no
tepi are taken to stop the cause. When
gray hairs appear It Is a sign that Na
ture need assistance. It le ' Nature's
call for help. Gray hair, dull, lifeless
hair, or hair that la fallng'odt. Is not
necessarly a sign of, advancing agefov
there are thousands of elderly people
with perfeot heads of hair wifhout a sin
gle streak of gray.
When grey hairs come, or whsn the
hair aeeroa to be lifeless or dead, some
good, reliable, self-restoring treatment
should be resorted to at once. Special
ist aay that on of the bast" prepara
tions as use I th old-fashioned "sage-
The fast, solid, electric-lighted, through train of the
Illinois Central.
from Chicago and St. Louis to Jacksonville,
Through ebMrvtl0n-cmptrtmnt
and fourtMn-sectlon drawln-room
sleeping can, lrt racllnlng chair
car(tl eonttructlon) and coach
(all tourist tlstplng car on 1st and
3d Tunday of tha month) betweta
Chicago and Jachaonvlll. Twalva
Mctlon drawing -teom ststplng car
and Irea chair car St.Loul ta Jack
aanvlll. All naals ia dining car.
Connection at Columbua with through aletping- car for Savannah, Ca.; also
at Jacksonville (or alt pointa in Florida, and with train making
Steamship Connections for Havana, Cuba
Information about Winter Tourist farea and homeaeekera' fires to Florida on fir&T
and third Tuesday of the month; also information a to tourist ticket and Illinoia
Central service to NewOrlranu ViYtn.hnri i National UMitinPsrU r..
The Skin
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OOXHO via Dearer u Santa re Bonte; personally
eonduotea through tourist . sleeper esourslons
to loi Arlea from Omaha every Tuesday
via this rente.
BBTUBaiira Banta re Bonte. or via Salt Lake, or
Shasta Bonte and Furat Soand.
OOIBO via Seenlo Colorado and Salt Lake.
BBTVBWlaTO southern roate, or Tla Shasta Bonte
ad Puret Sound.
ivumiii rontea ana Denver or
BBTVBWXBO via Salt Lake, Soenle Colorado, or via
Shasta Bonte, Portland, pnret Sound and Bluings.
All; Classes of Equipment foi
4:10 P. M. and 11:35 F. M.
, - .
V: J. B. REYNOLDS, 0. P. A.
' ,'1502 Farnara Street, Omaha, Nebraska.
tea" which our grandparent used, Th
best preparation or tnt Kina i t yei
6ag and iulphur Hair Remedy, a prep
aration of domestic , sage and ulphur,
scientifically compounded and later dis
covered hair tonic and stimulants, tha
whol mixture being carefully, balanced
and tested by expert.
Wyeth' Sage and Sulphur I clean and
wholesome and perfectly harmless. It
refreshes dry, -parched , hair, . remove
dandrurf and gradually restore faded
or gray hair to It natural color.
Don't delay another minute. Start'
using Wyeth' Bag nd Sulphur at one
and 'what a difference a, few day'
treatment will make m your hair.
Thl preparation Is offered to th pub-.-llo
at fifty cent a bottle, and I reeom- ,
mended and old by all druggUU. Sher
man McConnell Drug Co., C6r. Utlt
and . Dodge. Cor. 16th and Harney, Cor.
24th and rrnam,' JW-t V. U'h St., Loyal
HUhoU Central Dally
LvChlrago .... R:15pm
liVHt. Ivoul ..11:20 put
Ar IUmiingliant . 3:30 tnu
Central of Georgia
ArCoInmbu ... 9:00 pm
Ar Savannah ... 7:30ni
Ar Albany 1:00 am
Atlantic Coast Line
Ar Jacksonville. 7:00 am
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