Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 19, 1911, SOCIETY, Page 8, Image 20

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    mi; omaiia m:ndav r.i;i;: Novi;.ir.i;i m. urn.
? .-ft u ji ,,:,,r
hi:iiol, i
Appli lon'i i nititii; I'
I lie Coo'l-l
,". .'"Oil vurrtw ft in t' "0 jaiil
null ctnls .
t-ilkolmc. cood heavy Roods,
Blanket and Comfortable
We have juM received iiiU' n number
of Blankets ami (Jullt from I astern Mill,
ImhikIiI off I ho floor li clear up Msrk, at
prices rotiMdorahly below tin? roM of man
ufaititic, hiuI will he on mle Monday
0 psir.4 of wool Mnnkcts, Puritan, mode
to nell lit SI 2.50 pair, Monday only.
pairs if llils'lulc, vol tli $l?r,d,
pair 97.60
. i pairs if llnyal Hose, worth $rr.n,
lHlr 97.60
l"'i pail i.f blankets made In m il Hi
Is Mi. Num. mi, linn, j-' ami
I'M."., nil hi, .Mir 94.48
have ihnu.'.aiid of pair thHt v Ml
Pi ri'l'i.-. to sell hi BOo, B9o, 78o,
So, $1.07, 91-95, 91.50 op to 96.00
f'oni frtc rm nt nil prl'"". Mo, 7Bc, Bllo,
91.00, 91. its, Sl.&O, 92.00 up to 910
OUTIMO ri.AllfEL8.
.mn.-krac lulling" Flannel, bst
luiiiln .... lOo
Anderson's niitiim Flannels, regular
J : i ji- n nl 8'ao
Yard w pin I 'dallies, fine coloring for
pulls 10c
Cotton plaid. 1'iillun Shepherd
i Ik-i k Mini other c In worth
yard 13'o
l.niMI vurdj. oT remnants of table ihi
musk, worth up 1 1. .Mi yan1, will
Mi Hi, yard 3 So, 39c, 49o, 69q
. 7,o
xra Value-Giving in
Sheets, Bed Spreads and
Pillow Cases. Linen Depf.
for Monday
Iniporli'il 'Marseilles. lVtl
SpreivK lull size, as.sort
nl patterns, scalloped
witb cut coiners, worth
",'. 70, sale priee. cadi,
at $o.50
Imported soft quilted Marseilles
Bid Spreads, full size, hem
nil. Rood value ot $1.00; sale
prior, each $2.50
Big niHortim-nl. hemmed und
I'rinjJVd, straight, or cut corn
ers Crochet, lied Spreads,
worth a . 0 " ; walo pi Ice
u.b $1.08
Fringed or lie mined II nil
Spreads crochet with Mar
seilles patterns, full slue,
worth $-.00; pale prleu
cHi li . . $1,125
Full nlze, 76x90, strong and
durulilo Bed Sheets, Trench
seam, worth 75c; salo price,
cu.h 550
Grand asKonment Pillow Cuses,
well miido and Kood for wear,
all sizes, worth 18c; sulo
price, eucU 12'(
Ribbon Sale
Momlay Mill ho lh big ofH-n.
ItiK salo day or llolldnjr llll.
hiin. I'laln iunl Fancy Itlhhoiis
of orry MnMildo kind and color
all width bo on Male nt
irrenlly rcilin1.:! prices Monday.
Narrow liuby Hlbbons, 10 jar a
, ara, which m
No. 1! lUbbons. Satin or Uros
Grain, nt yard
No. 5 Taffeta Uihhoug t. .'Jt
0c. lillibunfl on salo J
U: Hlbbous on salo. . . -T'C
2&c Klbhonn on sale 10
50c Fancy Ribbon at...
lluy Your Holiday Hlbbons Now
, new line of very fin Linen
and SwInm llandkert'litefs.
I'laln or embroidered, also a
fine Hue of Initial Haudkor
chtefs. . Special salo prices
Monday, 2Hc 5r,.74c lOc
to 350
Auto Scarfs
A tarry a most complete line
of these most practical and
useful articles of women's
apparel; nearly every color or
Myle you could iiuaglue;
cholco vuluea at to J5
Some Strong Draw
ing Cards Monday
In Our Busy Domestic Room
rulnK an up do in innnenne
qua mi lie direct from fho tnanu
fiu-urer ve'r In n position (o give
you K'xx's of guaranteed (piallty
at lew price than clewhcre.
Hn't Mls Then Monday lnr
'. I'epp.-rel J lleu.c hed, rrmilar .lre
"uc anl 194o
9 4 Ahioi Pl.-B hc1, rrmilar pi P-o
:..u hiu is,o
t.oimdMle, yanl wide, icrnuluo w rt 1. -1 ,
10: 9J,0
Il'ipn, yard wide, nenuliie artP In,
10c reuular, yard eo
MaHonvlllp. yard wide, very heavy.
regular prlro lJljt 9o
Ilutitera liciice, rcKflur I Or. valur,
at B40
t'amhrlc '. '. rd wltla unbliarlicd
HllCl'llllR Bo
AmaiiaMta, 1i;x'J'). Iniivy, Una Htmrt,
Wurlli i .".-' SUo
Halveilers. Mxno, iieavy, flna rliet,
.rlli 1100 S40
WaniNiitU, Hlx'.0, bent ulieet In tlm
world, worth II I", on milo nt 78a
!lipeta at liif, 4Sc, 6iii', 6Hc, liui' iiml
HP In 91-35
Pillow Hhpa c. 10c, lie, 12c 15c. I He.
iuo, and a So
All klmla of tnnelx. Iluik. llutli.
Hainahk, Huh lry; etc., at he.
10c, 12HiC each, and lip to 750
At (9c. 79.'. 1.UU, l.:r,, 11.60, I? 01
and up to 910
Trimming Sale
Monday wo will begin a great
Special sale of llress Trimming
which will continue, throughout
Um entire week.
lOvery plwe of l'anry lh-eas
TrlinniliiR in the entire stock will
be offered durlnn tliU sale nt
(.really ljeaa Than Worth.
Ail the latest novelties In fine
Ilanda, Ornanienta, (.arnltuie.
tVirdlllcra, fir., offeretl nt inoxt
reinarkahle dlcount In thin aale.
I'rlcea Mondiiy and all week, at,
per yard U'itf to $15.00
Don't Miss This Sale
Mail Orders filled from
daily ads, except in case of
Hour Sales or when other
wise mentioned.
Great Sale of Winter Un
derwear continues all this
week. Values shown Satur
day will be duplicated, even
Extraordinary Values in Dependable Silks for Monday
A special showing of bordered effects in Satin, Poplins and Serges; also costume
velvets and Corduroys, greatly underpriced.
.Ml Silk MtsHline ut ."Kc Browns, Scarlet,
Coral, Myrtle, Slher Cirey, Alice or Delft Blue,
Taupe, wine, Finks. alBO 10 different combina
tions In Novflty MeRHalines and Hatin
Barred Plaid Hllks; regular 11.00 yard
values, at
Genuine It. & T. Silk Poplins All perfect goods
fresh, from the mills, no soconda or Job lols, 42
to 48 inches vldo; regular values tip to $2. '.'3
Er.'.f $1.25 and $1.50
$1.25 Imperial All Silk Dress Messalines in full line of street tind evening shinies, .")(.)
different eolors, :it, per yjinl 89
reie d t hlnc and Salin luii inciise. alao .leleror
Satin CrepeB, heautiful Kofi clinajina; furlcs, fine
line of wanted shades, at, per yard
OMl' $1.3'J o $2.08
JM.."n Ithick hi cms I Van de Sole, no t glove flnlhh,
;!6 inches wide, yard f)8
$t.7il Black Satin IMicIiphs ',',(', inches wide, all
Silk, nt, per yard $1.25
Black lire Taffeta.--Fine, lualrotis, Zi
inches wide; on sale, at, per jard
$1.J5 Black Silk MesHalines, HO inches wide, firm
heavy quality; at, per yard 89
r ' -ft a ( t i 6 m. a
Coats, Furs, Suits, Dresses
Values that comparison will prove superior in all
respects to any other offerings in Omaha, at sale prices.
New arrivals give you matchless assortments for selection
Monday. Come early.
200 Beautiful French Seal Plush Coats, also Sealettc
co.'itvS, fine imported garments, Skinner satin dAf
lined, values, 54 inches long, in all sizes aftja!
14 yrs. to 46 ineh bust, on sale, elioicu
300 Handsome Novelty
Coats $18.50 values, iu
all the newest stylos, on
sale Monday at $10.00
Little Women's and Misses'
Coats A big new line of
clever new designs, attrac
tive bargains; $10, $12.50,
$15, $18 to ...425.00
Beautiful Fur Sets Values
to $40.00, in lied Fox or
Natural Wolf, 011 sale,
at $25.00
Canadian Mink Coats Ele
gant garments, sold regu
larly at $100.00, elioiee,
at .' $69.00
Hand Bag Sale
The most exteuaivo and complete
we bavo over shown, Including
l'lush, Satin, Velvet, Suede, Fur,
TapcHtry, Ijuo and all the var
ious line of 1Pthcr llaa.
every coticelTable style; you'll
find them most attractive values,
ot 191 to $25.00
For your own use or as a gift
you cannot find more pleasing
assortments for selection. See
Our Special Window Display of
Itags and Fancy leather Good.
Long Near Seal Coats XXXX
quality, regular $75.01) values,
at $55.00
Tailored Suits Half and Less
$10.00 Tailored Suits ..$5.00
$15.00 Tailored Suits ..$7.50
$25.00 Tailored Suits $12.50
$30.00 Tailored Suits $15.00
$50.00, $60.00 and $75.00 Tailor
ed Suits $25.00
Misses' Party Dresses A beau
tiful new line Ijust received,
regular $1S, $'20 and $25 val
ues, at, choice $14.90
Russian Pony Fur Coats Finely marked furs with rich
brocaded linings, coats iu the lot that are bargains at
$S5.00, choice $59.00
An elegant line of Jap and
American Mink Sets, almost
unlimited assortment of styles,
choice values Monday at $35,
$45, $59, $69 to . . . .$290.00
Ladies Wool Breakfast Shawls
Values to $1, choice ..35c
Percale and Flannelette Wrap
pers, $1.50 values, on sale 95c
Ladies' Panama Dress Skirts
Values to $5.00, nt ..$1.95
Children's Coats Values to $5,
sizes 2 to 14, at $1.95
One Lot of Fur Scarfs that
should sell at and are great
values at $1.50, on sale, while
they last, choice 75(
Thanksgiving Linens
Special Bargains in Our
Linen Department Monday
High grade hemmed Fa I tern Table
strictly pure linen, size 8x111,
wortli $.'1.00; sale price, each. -
at 91.93 tgs&i;
High grade unheinrned Pattern j
T:ihl! Clotlm. slrii-ilv imrn Y A
, . t. , f
flax, sizeSxS, worth $2.75
sale price, each $1.98
Manufacturers' sample lengths of
Table Damask, 2, 2 i and 3 yds.
long, worth double; per yard,
t $1.00
Puro Linen Dinner Napkins, as
sorted patterns, full bleached,
pood values at $3.00 a dozen
fale price, six for $1.23
rrt if i t I
xw r i -ii'j l wt mt ii kr aai
Hemmed ond Hemstitched 1 luck
Towels, full size, warranted all
puro flax, well worth 30c, sale
price, each C5
Extra large hemmed Oriental
Turkish Bath Towels, heavy
twisted thread, worth TiOc, salo
price, nich 20
First showing of the New
Spring 1912 Patterns Mon
day with special bargain
offerings that surpass all
10-6x13-6 size, seamless, regular
$25.00 values, at $l!.OS
10-6x12 size, seamless, regular
$22.50 values, at $17.98
8-3x10-6 size, Beamles3, regular
$15.00 palues, at $11.98
9x12 size, seamless, regular $18.0o
values, at $13.98
7-6x9 size, seamless, regular $12
values, at $S.98
6x9 size, seamless, regular $10.00
values, at $0.98
$:iO.0O Axminster Burs 9x12 size,
on sale $19.98
$i;t.50 Seamless Hrubsols I tun,
9x12 size, great snap. . .$9.98
$22.00 Seamless Velvet Hurs,
9x12 size, great snap at $14.75
Cocoa Mats, up from 59
85c Surfaced Linoleum, 12 feet
w-ide, good patterns, at per
square yard (9
7-ft. Water Color Window Shades,
on sale at 25V
Oilcloth Stove Hugs, up from 50
Some special Monday offer
ings that will be vt keen inter
est to all economical buyers.
Lace Curtains, worth to $3.00
pair, one to three pairs of u
kind: bin assortment for se
lection, pair $-1.50
Ice Curtains, worth to $."i.00
pair, one to three pairs of a
kind; big assortment; on sale,
vair $2.50
lave Curtains, worth $2.23 puir,
full size, in. ecru or white; on
sole. I'air $1.15
Portieres for lHiubln floors
lieds, greens or browns, with
Persian borders; specials
at . . . . JM.0, $3.50 up
line Line of Couch Covers All
kinds and colons choice val
ues; on sale at l.-3, $1.50,
$.50 to ?H.OO
7V Bungalow Nets, 4 3 inches
wide, extra special, yd. -39
BOe Drapery Silks, ;!6 inches
wide, figured and plain, for
overdrapes; snap at, yd.38
35c Reversible Scrims, 4 0 in.
wide; on sale, yard....25)
13c Curtain Swiss, big assort
ment of pretty patterns, per
rard 12H )
Some Rousing Dress Good Bargains
Assortments that will please the most particular:
vames mat will delight the most economical buyers
Arlington Mills and Amoskejur
Serges, $1.50 yard values, 50 and
54 inches wide, pure wool, all
thoroughly sponged and shrunk,
at 98
(I2.U0 and $2.30 Yard Dress Good
Broken lines from regular
Etock Scotch homespuns, re
versible sorges, English tweeds,
etc.; the season's best; on sale
at $1.25 and $1.50
I'laln ami Novelty Dress Good
Regular $1.50 yard values, 54
and 66 inches wide serges, di
agonals, broadcloths, semi-rough
suiUngs, etc.; at yd 9y
?1.00 Wool Taffetas at 7e- A
fine lino of imported wool taf
fetas, in 20 different shades, best
$1.00 yard values shown in
Omaha; at yard Tfiv
tainlng a splendid line of plain aud novelty dress goods, including
serges, Panamas, cheviots, plaid novelties, shepherd checks, etc. ; values
to $1.50 yard, at yard ass .i8 aml 6gk
Zt Winter's Coal Supply & ftr.
We you a neat saving in your COAL bill if
you'll be sure to Use
HAI DKN'S RoYAIs Lump or nut r ton $0.50
Hot, (lean, liktiiiK, for Furnace or RaiiKe,
11A1DUVS M'Lt l.l Lump or nut er ton $(S.OO
Coal Department In our Grocery Sectiou.
Bargains in Wash
Goods Department
lor Monday
36-ln. Cotton Challies and Flun
nelettes. Persian stripes and fig
ures, all our 15c goods, at &
yard 10?
36-ln, Percales, light aud dark
colors, neat patterns, at a
yard 12Vit
27-tn. Poplins, In all the newest
ahades, at . .3k' :Mc and 25
Gli-iu. Madrus, neat patterns,
goods worth up to 39c, Monday,
at 25
Cipro. an lOidi-rdown for bath rolie.
aood colors and pattiM'na, at yd. S8o
Hatli Holio lllankpts, lull Mine, a;oud
wplicht, a fc-ood an.Horlinpnt to
cIioohi. frtim, clinlce 99.49
liuby Hl.i ik.-tn. fhiIi ..75o, 6 Bo, BOo
Monday's Extra Barg'ns in Hardware
ISO. K. Washing Machine, nt $5.75
No. 3 Western Washer ,at $3.25
No. 2 Western Washers, at. .......... . .$2.98
$5 Ball Bearing Wringers, 3-year guarantee,
at $3.-19
Folding Wringer Bench for 2 tubs, at.$)l9
No. 1 Heavy Galvanized Tubs, at 39
No. 2 Heavy Galvanized Tubs, at 49
No. 3 Heavy Galvanized Tubs, at 59
No. 1 Extra Heavy Wringer, with attacU
nt. at J9
.o. extra Heavy, with wrlniter at
tached, at 79o
No. .1 ixlru heavy, with wringer at
tached, ut 89o
FoldliiK Clothes Hack, 6 ft. apread,
at 98o
Folding Ironing Jl.xods, at ....91-95
1" -it. ri&lvaiiiKi-il puila. at 1B
l:-qt. Kiilvanlzed puila, at 900
M-qt. Kalvunlzed pull, at 9 60
.ii) clot lies pin, at 9o
J 1.00 Willow (.'lollies Banket, at 59o
Tit v LHiaYOLl'S
Special Flour Saie Monday
M want every housekeeper in Omaha to try a sack of llaydon's DiarnonH
11, that ia Kiiaranteod to xlve perrect batlNfaction or your money refunded.
It's made from the finest selected wheat, and meana a Bavins to you
of Ru centH a nark on your houKokeepintf expenses.
Monday, par 48-lb. aaok 9139
w.i in nuiiiicii nur. .i . una nest '-reamery uutter, bulk or
9 Hih. best White or Yellow Corii- I carton, per lb ::i..
meal lor 15c I Hirdini Midi It Poaalbla for fh
8 lbs. bet rolled lireakfast Oatmeal
for only a:,u
6 lbs. eoyd Japan Hire, 1'rjC qualitv,
for 25c
3 lbs. fancy Japan Head Klce 25c
2 pkgs. Diamond II sclf-ralvlna; Pan
cake flour j.i,o
Yellow cana Ooldnn Tabl Syrup.. a5o
The best k'lnestlc Macaroni, at, per
pack uk e
Oil or mustard Sardine, per can... 4c
Tho bet .oda or oytstor crackers at,
per pound So
Hromun folon, Jellycou or Jell-O. per
package T'.jO
The best mixed bird aeed, per lb.Jfec
Cioldeu Santos enffee, per lb
The best tea niftinK per pound. ll-c
The befct mixed nutx, per pound ... 1 '.c
7 -frown new Kins, per lb '0i:
Bnttar, Battarlna and Cliaaia Bala.
L' lbs. gO'id tluiterine 2ic
I'.ood table botlerlnc, jier Hi lie
L' lha. fancy table butter 4o
Full cream, VA'lor.onaln cheeaclb. 1 iu
Paopla of Omaha to aat rrasb Vg.
iiniii ini saar aoiua.
licud and compare these prices:
2 heads I'rcsh leaf lotto. -e
3 large bunches fancy Texas radishes
for 10c
3 larse bunches fancy xha lot uo
3 large bunches lancy Texas carrotf
for 100
S larRe bunches fancy Texas beets. 10c
3 large ounchea fancy Texas turnips
for 10c
I.arKi) head lettuce, each 1 0.-
I.arae cucumbers, each "'ie
Fancy California cauliflower. Hi.7'iC
Fancy California ripe torr u toes, at,
per pound 72i:
Fancy cnbbase, per lb I 'Jo
Fancy Hubbard Sipiash, per lb.. I -.::
Fancy Hrussels vproutN, por lli....1..c
Fancy Cape Cod cranberries, u.t...lo:
3 buni hes parsley ,.i:
Jerey nweet pi.tatiws lb :;'..i:
Cdd beets, carrots, lurriipn, I'Simupm.
at, per pound -'c
l Variations in Shapes and Colors in
Winter Millinery.
. hmtart ( realloua In Ikr Kluaalna
! I'liiiaf. and, I'ura
aad Klowrra, l.a.'e autl
llalnbi. Itlbl.on,
It Is a plcuKure to n'pu. t the fa. I that
velvet and hllk flowers uie beliiK oin
and aliown 011 the smart hats, tiard. niur,
which aic bo etfi'otive on fur and vrltti, i
fcro being UJ, as well an lai g 1 ul In r
flat rowt and popplci, in bl.i I. u'i in Ii
dark t-hadiH of vrlnl. Small (.arluipls
of satin aud Mlk 1imh in Wall. 111 and
loccx'-o roloiinys uie alco ui'i--ui ink.
ppt'fckJ aialiii t a sod in.'li -Km 01 other
lur or pluiih but ksroun 1. Tlo s.- aie un d
for the younger tienerai'.un and even tor
tna baby's bonnet, but thy an' 111 iu
wise toiifiiirl to that sphere, for ouo
nrounttrs hats for tho elder decidedly
older by the way trimmed in Huh uian
net. tho loliuge usually bflr,;," dull Fold.
I. rouxv, ailvrr or chenille. Small fiulls,
eirtuud In chenille, are also uaud for the
kiddles and their elder Uhlvin.
I'i1ugo coatliiuea to find ready sale,
tv nl lops are coining In vogue aalti on
I .wars and tuoie, but let us Inultn to udd
that the touch of time has been kind
for they are minus their uulovellness und
j come to us with modern linpioveiiiculs,
I so 'o speak.
I'roinliieace uf I. ace.
I White lace Venetian, filet, Irish clO-
I diet hi bands-Is In goal demand for
I trimming pin poses. Home of the hlh
trowced Pierrot huts- a. sli.lpo which has
tuken a new leaso of life have some
tinea a three-liuh band of lace, bout??!
round tho crotwi 111 a splial of two evolu
tions. A elocho will have a blnlo wide
bund covering two-thirds of tho brlnl
from the lae to the cionp. Ninlehes
and other shapes coming down over the
lean-, liuludiiiK the coronet to.iie with a
hliih puddlm,'-tuiN.H 1 row 11, will have a
baud i'f luvo ci'iiwiilng the front from
cur to cur, aometliuos iiioiiutel 111 a wldu '
ribbon, the 1 nds of which, fastened by a
ri.sette of the same, haul; loose or are
knotted under tno thlKnoii and 111 some
cut-eft under the vhm.
I. uie bunds uie ol'leu hoi d red with'
Hallow folds of ermine, rial 01 mole-.-kin,
tin- addltcnul trimming consisting 1
of a cockade made of any one of the
three or of Hie brown or tray eklu mixed
with white or ermine tails. !
t ar as Trlmualaw fur W later Hats,
Milliners are doing a great dial with
fur for w limning purposes. The skins of
martens and bands of skunk figure oil
many of the better velvet hats, more
Xn and wraps along with many old-j especially of
lasiiloited materials, and this idea appeals blown color.
alt-o on )ata.
rivet brocade la another old tuner re
vived. Indeed many of the hats und
gjwus Uauk baik to a period uf iwtuly
a deep crimson or ruddy
An ermine pelt makes a
ri fnt trimming for a det p blue or
blui k velvet hat. There is lather a fancy
In use moleskin for trimming seal brown
beaver and tukk tarty flue li. aad bio a
furs for aray and diati hats, thus carry
ing the, fur Idea throughout, with a touch
ot color In the cliupo of a large dahlia
or chrysanthemum bulli up of satin rib
bon. For the covering of such hats b!at k
velvet divides favor with plush Iu fur
colors, beaver felts being also used.
particularly those Imitating seal, ermine
und tnolcsUn so closely as to bo easily
mistaken for the pelts themselves. The
drawback of Iieavy shapes bus been gen
erally recognised, and for this reason
alone fur shapes would meet with little
approval, especially us the same effects
are obtained with Iclts and certain makes
of plush, which ure comparatively quite
Illltbnua llreomloa Popular.
Itibboiib ure coming to the front as a In
with a iiish after bavins aufteied some
neglect. Choice lies between satin, taffeta,
faille and velvet ribbons, all of the plain
sort. One of the purposes to which they
aia put is us u binding for bat brims,
generally large shapes ami the trimming
1.1 caiTlfd out In the Mine. Some times
the libbon used for binding Is shirred
but whether hlrird or !hiii It Is nv
uuued to be prettv w tile and ov erlats tie
I edge as deeply on one side as on the
A giay velvet sh.vpe with the brim
turned up all the way around Is liound
! with saim ribbon to match, nearly cover
lug the rolled-up portion. This is trimmed
. with a fan arrangement consisting of
seviral tiers of ribbon loops, held in by
a large buckle made of dull sliver galon.
I l.ut often a bright nolo Is strut k by the
I ribbon. Thus a coronet toipie lit tde de
Juegte btowo velvet is uiuiuivd with 1 lb-
may be conjectured they aie only seen
on felt shapes, generally of the soft sort.
Farly Notes of Sprlug.
As regards shapes the new styles will
follow on the sombrero styles now iu use,
with u tendency to run to higher crowns.
They have the advantage of beiiu; very
with crude empire greens and magenta comfortable to wear and this may help
reds, und toiincs made entirely ot two to keep them iu favor. In tho larger
shades of brigut porcelain blue, Willi vel- hats there Is an inclination to lengthen
vet and falllo ribbons w ound together, I the brims at the back and decrease the
close-fitting turban lusliion. ending up In width nt tho front, this, of course, is
a lopping sheaf of loops of the two. in keeping villi tne iaea mat an lai
boll of cerise faille, twisted twice round
It and then lied iu front In a big bow of
six loops, each of which is wired so as
to give it a point like a donkey's ear.
l.atge soli chalk white felt shapes are
trimmed not only with ribbon of soft
nattier shades of blue and green, hut
It Is only the most artificial rendering
of nature's handiwork that goes just
now, though a freh demand for ribbon
flowers ulone keeps the trade from slag
nation. To thesM many petaled compli
cated blossoms have been added others
carried out in black velvet and bright
trimming will be placed at the back of
the crown.
One very striking large hat which will
be one of the eurly spring modes has a
small, round crown with brim tlopuig
well at the bark, and the front thrown
right over from the Hat, entirely hiding
colored satins, suggestive of huge peony the crown. Another change for next nea
or double l-oppy buds, the satins (closely ' son will be a new girls' bat to take the
crumpled) representing tho bulging pet- place of the present sailor. The new pat
als. and the velvet the cahx. 1 have fon ' h. giaceful lines Instead of the hard
llne Joined into a (sarland by gi ten j hues of the present sailor. I have seen
stalks used to encircle a broad brlmnied j '"" of thee new sailors in wear, und
black velvet hat. 1 o"e is tafo in saying that they will take
Flowers are also made I,. Berlin wool lllir Placc 1,1 ""8' w'ai '
ens net work, simple forms being selected j A regards colors, nothing sensational
and rendered In etude vellows. reds, vio-ji looked foe. Natural colors in plaits
lets und blues, combined with white, HI be " demand and color cl'lc-t will
made up Into sprays with haves produced 1 be left to the trimming.
In the same way in green wool. The I As a gloat word, millinery fancy plaits
latest of these ornaments Is a bunch of ' w 111 be almost a dead letter, plateaux
grapts with leaves and tendrils composed and wide t'.rtps taking their place for
entirely of wool, the bei rles being fluffy millinery use. New York M.llinery Trade
bulls such as children play with, l.ut I Kev lew.
las only white or one coioied arn Is 1
Chicago Preacher Formulates Ten
1 ontJiieadments for Head of
the Ilooae.
j used, tha effect Is lees gaiish, sttli the
best that call be said of them la that
ithry withstand wind, and w eatiiar. A j4ici Using.
The key to success it iusiiie;s is the
Judicious and pcititlui. u;e vt newspaper
Rev. William li. Millard, peilor of the
Morgan Park Congregational church,
Chicago, lays down tlies-o coniniajidments
for fathers and husbands:
1. Thou shalt have no woman except
thy wife.
2. Thou shalt not neglect thy home
for lodge, or club, or fruternity, or sa
loon, or any male meeting place of auy
kind whatsoever.
3. Thou shalt not be a gallant In so
ciety, a diplomat in business, and an
autocrat ut home.
4. Thou shalt not compel thy wife
to ask for every needed penny, neither
rhult thou dole out the same like sour
faced charity.
j. Thou sliult not allow thy wife to
become a household drudge, enslaved by
cook Move, broom, and babies.
ii. Thou shalt not smoke Id cent cigars
and wear silU socks while thy wife wears
last jear'a hat and thy sons wear rai.d-nie-dow
11 pants.
7. Thou shalt not quaff the flowing
bowl, sit iu at poker, or play the races,
on ain of tby son's damnation.
S. Thou shalt not neglect needful dis
cipline, lest thy sons and thy daughters
stray into crooked paths; neither shalt
thou be a harsh and hard handed tyrant,
lest thy children desplve thee and thy
, (V Thou shalt not nrgiact the education
ot thy children in o:der that they, with
! Immaturo tttength und unprepared
minds, may help thee hear the burden
of support.
10. Thou shalt not farm out the ie-
1 llgious training of thy children to any
minister, Sunday school teacher, religious
zealot of any kind, or eve:i to then
mother. Thou th.vself ehult Instruct
them In righteousness and shalt lead
them in the puth which giowetli brighter
and brighter unto tho perfect day.
The kiy 10 success In buslnefs is ths
Judicious and persistent use of newspaper
Dm btfj FBaiuet.
This institution is the only oik
In the central west with M-.patatf.
buildings situated iu their own
ample grounds, et entirelv
distinct and rendering it possible
to classify cases. The one building
being fitted for and devoted to the
treatment vl noncontagious aud
nonmental diseases, 110 otheis be
ing admitted. The other Best
Cottage being di tidied for and
devoted to the eiclusito treatment
of select mental cases, re:ulrinb
for a tiinu watchful euro and spe
cial cursing.
I . . "' 111 '