Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 11, 1911, EDITORIAL, Page 17, Image 17

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l0r AM) Kil Xli.
PERSONS having h u,. artlc e
Would do well la col un Die oilier of ihs
Otnaha & Council Bluffs Street Railway
Company tu Murium whether they lefi
tt In the etre-t car.
Many articles each day are turned In
net u;e ioni,inv la anxious to restore
las 43 ,l l"" rl';l',ful ' Call Doug
t V the best place In town for
switrhej mailo ot yiir own combing.
Mrs. Fisher. ;or, K Ith, R. fi. Down. in
IOST Between Chsrle street smi
Clifton Hill church Sundav, gold and
pearl brooch. Reward, 4;U Charles. St.
EVERY person know i who D. J.
O'Brien Is because lie has mmle Omaha
famous with Ills randy. If Mir. Enyeat,
12 Hurdctte, will coma to The Bee
office within three days we will give her
an order for a tso-cent box of o Brlens
candy free.
Salary autt Chattels.
Money for Everybody
$10 to $1110
$10 to 1110
it at charges you can afford, and $1
($ without the red tape and delay you it
tt experience with uthrr companies. $$
if ACCOUNT. $1
It $10. you pay back lll.M. J$
1$ i la. yon pay buck JII.OD. $$
tt $-5. yoi pay back $:S.i". tt
JiO, you puy lack J.V.OO. IS
tt Weekly or Monthly Payments A8 tt
tt you wish. it
tt 30M0 IS r own WK. Opposite ltran- tj
tf del. IS. K. Cor. lt'th nnrt Douglas. U
tt rhu.'ia Doujjlas 20L'o. tt
M t;
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 $ ? 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
to any working mnn or woman on lust a
personal note; no security or Indorser
required. Why mortgage your personal
belongings when
All transactions confidential. Coma id
end see or phon tut.
4.17 Board of Trade Klrtg
Fourth Floor. Bell Phono Doug-lsa Slit.
130 Dpi Iiklfi. Douglas 1JS. A-1358,
Harm Hld,i formerly N.
Life illdg.
DIAMorsO leans at 2:s and a per cent.
W. C. Flatau loll Dudge. lied Wl.
MOMil keucd aalatluJ people, women
keeping house anu othbrs, without
curlty; easy payn.i-nu. Offices In fi prln
clpa: titicj. 'loimau. LOS Omaha Natl
Hoard and Itoocm,
O. T. K. hau.s trunks T. Hi. A-tSlL
Wiil.L. tuMiimied nt-uleJ room with
board. In r leld club dmtrlct; rt;Ieieuce
r(iulr(d. Tel. Harney lull.
Iortoli, family hotel, itn Av. tic har.
Fbs Hhiliur, :i Hurney; room & board.
ttt, Hotel Sttnm heat, batb,
hums cooking; winter rates to few couplet
(tt fc0 per mo. ; dally Jl.Jj. Near all theat
ers. LAitUK sunny rjoni for two gentlemen,
with board If desired. Harney 640,
r'tiUAT panor, nuwly turniBiieu, mod
ern, with board. 1'hune Red
THH best treat for wile and baby la a
dish of Halzell'g ice cream. It J. Holata
roH, bOavt S. Ulh, will coma to The Ltee
oftlce within three Uaya we will give
him an older tor a quart brick of this
fine tee cream.
furnished Kounis.
GOOD rooms, 12Ci2 Douglaa
UitiUiii, warm room in private tamlly,
clone to Creikliton colieitu, reabonatile.
.rhona Hai ney b&H.
fUiiiMbilt-U room in luodern liome;
private lamiiy; gentlemen uiuy; walk
in distance. uu2 South 2bih tit.
iMLhLl' luini&iiLU room tor gciulcinen.
G0Vi H. l.'tn bt. Liuukius US 14.
0-1 fAKK AVK., fiueiy lurnlwheU room
wun uoutu lor particular people.
FliNUi tor two uuiik mules; good 1am
li", very convenient, i'hono Hainey tL,H.
ut,iluii0i.u, iroiii iuoiii; ciobb to rai
liain car. 131 N. Hist Ave.
Lewey iuioptan Hotel, l.ith & Farnum.
LARGK l ooms suitable tor two or tour.
Slvaiu heat, electric l.ylit. Private lam
iiy. is24 Dodge Bt.'
2i02 LOUUlAt), nicely funshed iront
parlor, also sinaie front room; well heated
and modern.
AN excellent opportunity to secure
rooms at Douglas street, at reason
able prices. Call or phone immediately.
Phone Red 4735.
io.i lUli.Vhi, south room, warm and
pitaaant; strictly niuuern; walking ui
tanre; ti per week.
iJLbiiwbL,! furnished room, private
family; iltilv N. 2oiti. i'hino Webster uj.j.
t'KuNi' panor and on other, liiodem.
2( .South Wtlt.
U-M Lii.vAtiU , sunny (larior. suit
able for two, furnace neat, not water
tud ftRH.
fe UfUlsSVS ItlfUM'kVt'llMtf liooius.
The Manuel and llowaid, 1 & Howard,
t und i-riii. hkptr apis.. :U to Ui-
'VJ, nil ce or lour ncciy luiiusued
bvusekecpniK rooms, iula iaei.pui.
io.iV i'iiviC jv L:, lui fco uniui iimlicU
front pallor; uudeti:; htusvkv Itifi. Har
tley 3?.l.
i vyu, iiou:t-i.uLpni. outu eyobure,
n odern .li Ui.UKaM. a day's worx a little recreation
Is welcomed. We win give Harry nhau
Lars', North bliUtuih street, an oi-
Uer for a pair of Stutit to the Woodward
Klock company at the American theater
If he will come to The Lee office within
three days.
Hotel ttud A iMirtiueuis-
N TCLLY FURN'ffllKD ROOil8 for sen
tlsnien. THE CHA IHAMl. Utl S. Utli be
PAL,il HuilLU llluo OouiUm, newly d looiua. M veiils; weekly, M up;
steam hest.
ilub hotel, bl a. n l.e.ited. 1 a Loug. bt.
PulJiiii HulcL, ijtii and Uouge; oil
coot outMldL looiiis. special wet k lute.
l.ikcelient lueais, N. ,ih, to. iiiiauu.
llownid Hotel eiiksnt rn I Houaid
Klk hotel, louiiis i.'C uml uOc. 4ii .. toll).
HUl'Ll, Al.llAiSV; Itioet e.eunt rooms,
liot unu cold water, tircpiooi; prices
n.tsonable; both phones lilt liouiua.
tiraiui Hotel, rooms &o up. ui ti. Uih.
nXI'Ullll uid Arcaue, special wklyiate.
Ni; WJi'Oith; hotflons,oc. iou nocg ai."
Hotel A in lor, ekBant looina. Ho . . l,tn
jl ...niun. luce rooni! 1 nip, k to depot.
t ArS jJeiiU, Met loom .. ie S t 'us SU
Wl.SI'Suit HO I k.l,- tlooum "mc to 1 &J.
Atikrliuculi iiiil lilats.
(4 SOL'TH Idlll Ave., lower six rooms,
tcut initrior liiiich; wuils to be finely
ecualed ntxl week. lu rental biuu
snould be f-10. Will be rented to rs paity witnout chiiuicn for tii.
Aiahy people are puylng louiu for much
Is.ia dcsliubie iuaiter. It will pay to
move 11. i. Mann, 710 linuide s Ttuaier.
.1.9 U.-HIUtlliOio,!, u lOullLS
".lh r D M t. A-i4:.
SI UlCTl.Y modern four-room a;. art
mnt on Hushlow Terrace, tiheinian Ave.,
and Yat.. Wtbs'er i.U-i.
OiiAja iowi . ...i .. ii-.hAn.
TUB h tANlMKi) "
Six flue, ueoiaird, luige, full ncdern
rouir.a, liulde hall. bath. Uiadei yas
rants, fres hot water all vca. .'anlir.r
-walktuc dts'snc; retr' rciuiri'.i.
lotcr: Ons at t.--. anoucr f.,3, anot'irr
surKnier, t'l fe. 1 r lor in m..y
than t!a.vtiere. I' or special Induce l.-.iu
call and ! tl'.z otflfs m p-mn.
- , i v .s '.;.' "" i
PF.Al'Tll'l'I.. IX.RRAINF.
Throe and fix-room apnratmmts. ste;im
heated and a. I modern in every roptct,
P'll t" 1-W M h pip street. See tieKC.
M ENtl:iOH T. Ifusl3 S40- ebter S711.
THKEL and six-room flats! Marlis
bjoek. lth and Webstet.
i-moin flat on Wn e r m an Ave. 7e I), roii"
Kt'LLV modern, t-to in Healed apart
ment In the exclusive West I'arnam dis
trict: very choice.
niilM . lli.t'tltlNfi tvir; KAHNAM ST
tl jtfayette, J rnis.. t;.. Wrh n77.
I'af arurlird ltouius.
HQCSF.KF.F.riNU room. Tel. Houp. 37t2.
n floor. conNts of thrfe larif rnms,
private toilet, witttr. ju. $3, :r.. Cap
itol avenue.
Ilonaea mil Cottaaes.
WALL PAPF.K,,"u,n" PaP" hann
u.iiiuiititiii111( RluxiiiK. picture
framing. Monson, Ht'J Park Ave. H. &.ao.
For Bent Brick
Four bed rooms, bath and toilet on
:eioi,d; noor;. utrto unulv room dinlnu
room, buttery-klti'hen, rcfrlKcrator room,
hall nnd vemlhula on first floor: full
cement bnsement; furnace heat; every
thing first cliisa and atrlctlv modern
Located at 1.M1 Oeortila Ave. See the
owner at iwjj Ouorgia Ave., or Phone
narney 1.119
EH5HT-P.OOM house, ,T.':i7 Evans, $10.
J. n. I'ariotte. Koiirrt ot 'trade.
MOD. l-room rotinx. f ne itp r. tl.
HoliiKllul.b IjUUH.i pacKed. fur-
vaidcd; cheap f-eiiit tates; moving and
Hoilnu. Exi'i ess'nen's Hellvery Co. Tel.
In. jk. :0L City oflico HIS a t;tli bt.. PtJ
HiiiUfB, Ins. TlltiK w alt, ltrundelB Th. P.ldK
.-room bouse, f.'4; Broom house, toi.
Hnnscuni park ilintrUL All modern.
r-none Harney IbHi.
t'lve-.oom cottage, modern but heat.
M4im, iiuc repair, narney tfi44.
ti-ROU.i cottage, modern except heal, In
good repair located ot No. N. &th
bt.; t-w per month.
Tel. n. 7Si".. 1014 City Nul l Pnnk Rldflt.
Ft.ilt RENT Pin room houso at 3414
Caldwell t. Modern except furnaco.
Good cellar. Cistern pump In kitchen
sink. Near car line and close to school.
Key next door. Telephone Harney iiiil
or enquire at inn Webster St.
b'2 o. L'Mli bi., rooms, complataly
modern, lafi.OU. Hall, 433 ltaingc. I). iliAt.
Orn. Van i Storage Co., packs, movsa,
stores household goods. Fireproof slur
sge. tu H. liith. liranch, M to. Ltij.
Tel. . 41(53. A -1233.
OMAHA LAP. CO., moving vans and
storuue. Trunks, Luggage del. D. 'HA.
41 N. 17th.
t?0 Six rooms, 2Mu Urant CSL, modern,
new house, reduced rentuJ.
J-3 Eight loouiH, tutu Madison Ave.,
modern except heat.
L!0 Eight rooms, 219 Capitol Ave.,
modern except heat.
tM Six rooms, so 8. Slat St., modern,
nicely decorated.
30 Six rooms, C01 S. ISth. St., modern
except heat.
3o Seven rooms, 1407 83d St., modern,
hot water heat.
H& tieven rooms, ltith and Emmet Sts.,
almoM new, strictly modern.
135 Eight rooms, 1142 S. 2yth St., mod
ern, good yard.
t37.tpU h rooms, &2C Park A vs., mod
ern flat.
$42.60 Seven rooms, 3317 Dodge St., mod
ern flat.
tfiO Seven rooms, 120 N. 81st Ave.,
strictly modern.
Three rooms and bath In Lafayette,
Including refrigeration, vacuum cleaning,
laundry and Janitor servicv. nciiiai
$o7.W per month. "
002-13 City National Hank Rldg.
Phones lJouglss 7&fi, Independent A-1758.
Hnncns "' parts of lue city, crsigj
uuusl-a 6un 4c Co.. Mee Bldg.
FOR RENT Modern apartment, i
rooms, two bath rooms, apartmeut 4.
The Clailnda, aut and Farnam.
iiEiuia i am, ion .. cju ot., i-iooin
modern, 'tel. Douglas 6n4.
BEvEiS ruoiiis, partly modern, three
blocks from car." IJ. 12M.
cjtOoO, modern nouuu, o looms, l.4J b.
-Dth St. Ind. A-44,1
SIX and seven-room modern flat, hot
water heat, for fl. Tel. Webster HAS.
iiatiil'l-UOUji house, modern except
furnace, located at No. 94V N. 20lh St.;
paved street and one block to car; t-t per
Tel. P. 7Mi. 1514 City Nat'l Hank Bldg.
'Mi'J Maple bt. S-roum modern except
furnace, tM. Hall, iii Ramge. t. 74otj;
A. 4406.
MODERN bungalow, fully up-to-date
in every particular. Price and terms right.
Call from 1 to 4 p. in. Tyler 1213.
7-ROUM house, Charles St., In good
repair. Inquire 2C23 Charles.
TWO very nice, 7-rooin cottages near
22d and California. Modern, except furn
aces and rent moderate. A. C. Wukeley,
Louk. 1U7. or Red M'I4.
A t-room cottage, walking uiaiuiiuc.
lied 0t4Ji.
toil I. mi M., o-i ., moilcrii except heat,
with barn, only t-0.
DO N. SJU St., 7-r. house, modern, t-5.
lttb una Ohio, 3-r. cottage, lt).
2423 Cuming St., 6-loom, $12.50.
2t.ll Dewey Ave., 4-r., mod. ex. heat, $11
tS23 Lewey Ave., i-r., semi-basement, $7.
litl 8. Lth St., 3-room, t7.
bniall store, 713 8. 27tli tit., $12.E0.
;trj S. 27lh St., small iwim, $7.00.
N. P. IiijIiHK Co., Huh mid Harney.
$Jo 7-rooms, 3i2S N. 27th. tl'ir- rooms
t4l0 N. tlth. 1UV Park Ave., modern, 3o.
Tel. Web. 1677,
1702 SOUTH llh meet, fivs rooms, Hu.
Louglan iOT4.
ALL modern, g-room house, Ho. 2ith st ;
best furnace; t?2,6u, Phone. Webster lit.
"6-ROOM house, modern, $18 60. JiiiYTaas'
MMv-UOuM brick house, modern,
Harney 647.
CHEAP lll.Nl'.
Fine, large, full modem S-room bouse,
built for homo. 1513 N. 20tu Rt , newly
decorated Inside und out, walking ls
tance, $30. If tenant doo4 his part, takes
good care of property, (.'' will be de
ducted from last month of year T. J.
HOOK, offlcfi No. HUl N. lfth St.
O'tmlia Nutlrmul Hunk DldK.
stores nun utfli-es,
OFFICR to rsnt. Mulllkarv 211 M. rth.
l.AliUK store loom, with netv front.
17(.7 N 24th. Tel. Web. 12.75.
Lr-H.-IM1I, bloie. I.i.w l.oln. 1
('ninliik. Ind. A.ict,a
lsli to sublet suiie uf li'e rooms In
CUv National Hank Hldir. Call I
ri.'H lit.VI-lil Ivwiuiee, nuilauic eioi'e
room for buuery. J il.i. ii. italic, 1.;
HANDY oftlce cloap 4'4 Ree llldg.
A T f n. i'liii e i . i.ooni. ...kiiu, bup
pllcd with steam heat, now lie.un put In
fine condition; prlco reasonable.
I'KTKHS TRl'KT CO., 17th and Farmm.
WAFHINtlTON 11 ALlIxKlrss. rianest
tanquets C C Hnreni-n. I) A-Mli.
FOR RENT Good barn, suitable for
small ftarage, machine or carpenter shop
KVKltr person knows who H. J.
O i l leu Is because be has made Omaha
tamoua with his csndy. If Mrs. G. A
1'.. kles. I:.0 8. H2d St.. will come to The
pes office within tnree days ws wlil
islvn her an order for a tio-cent box of
0'.-.rlen's candy free.
FURNITURE of five-room boiue for
sale. '.Wl Farnam. '
MAilES'llP range for sals, almost new.
Pnone Harney 4.S1
ie r-r oiiie hiv, iuji
Muiit'til I ant rsBirtu,
riAN'O sllirhtly used, at a brirtrsln.
Peaerstrom Piano Mfg. Co.. lDlh and Far
nam sts.
VIOL.IN reialilns, all ioik promptly
none and pum a meed, .it So l!h Si.
Tf peTrUer.
W Rl l Kit CO.. 411 fl loth. Pnone I). ..
lJ'YAI, is knm o. l) peTiii iT 5
SM I Tl 1 PRKMIK K"tnmltla"N o7 For No?
4. In txceHint condition, lenltd three
nionths tor Jo.
"iiL "',t, 'Douglas.
WE HAVE A'0n i.l-l'lT.rNKf
all makes of typewi Iters, fai lory rebuilt.
Prices rlaht. It mil puy you to see us
before buvlnir.
TYPLwimin iNsrrccTtov .;- erp
L". B" l"'Ver tvpptvnti r" from-Trie
Oliver 1 Vpewroter Co. Hin dus
For SAI.K -tine prarT.rnliv new Tnder
wood tyrevtrlter with leather rnrrvinu
case. Address Poslofrico Uox N'o.'U,
South tiniHha. Neb
Kindling, tt load. II. Pro... V. 2W4.
Fill sai i. v....- b . . .4" 7. .1 7. r
- ...... ... .. prviidu-iiniiu
carom and "pocket billiard and
bowling alleys and accessories; bar fix
tures of all kinds: easy payments. The
Brunswlck-Kalke-Coll.indor Co., 40-4uJ
""yi 101 11 ru.
fiAH'.s t 1, 1 u. - , ,
" "."'.nru null IHII.V OV1 - II II 11 U
late, ail size.i and luiikes; burnalns.
j-nn-i lean nupiuy i o . in,, t arnam St
SlX-l-lllll In,..,. I,... . ...... ...
, r - ' " in rii, uui .111'
, f',r 0l "I ii- Apply, ticorge .
!!: ' i i iiiiiiHDing i'o.
A SNAP One $23 computing cheese
cutter; t!3 If taken at once; as pood as
!!r.'.!l(?Fe2'J',,n',ro'' 1,lvlt' l'"V, Neb.
YELLOW H k A 1 "p A It Ri rTtt i liTa mi
vrhlKiI.s, prei4 -t, large case; price tli.
Yellow canary, bias- cage, $2. 2c). lUUli
'e. ., k ouncii n iirts.
i-. .t v ooiici. lllllllH.
o.vui' water power washing ma
chine, pracitcally new. Tel. Web. 4J0S.
trie machine, two music boxes, .me for
tune teller machine, all placed and work
ing; will be suld this week. S124 Lcaven
wnfth. Hnrnev 24.1, Indp. A 24.IS.
SECONLHANI) hearse In mod condi
tion for sale cheap. Rox oil. Central
City. Neb
ii'itit. .i.i. i u ,u . ....... ,..
- - - - nviiiiiaianii 1 1 1 1 1 1 0
Omaha Commercial college and one In
fyvyixm volume. AiUS'.ncSS OiliCS, Olliatia
MUSI sell at once for t!2. practically
new lynx fur set, latest style. Address
E 621, I tee.
FOR a dainty dessert use Halrell's lee
cream. If Mrs. R. T. l'owers. 2mi3 Dodge
St.. will come to The Ree office within
three days we will give her an order for
a quart brick of this fine ice cream.
Om. Nat. Hk. Illdg. PAY WHEN CURED.
Qladdl-h Pharmacy. 12th and Dodge.
ment and massage; graduate of Dr. Kell
berg Inst., Stuck noun, Sweden; day
Phone D. 71; night, i. 34M; 4i4 Oiil
Nat. Dank Rldir.
Automatic, Phone Bus s. 2; residence, tt
Massage. Rtttenhouae, 3c8 old Ho. ion Hid.
Mrs. Pierce, shampoo, halrdresslng and
manicuring, l'jiit Farnam. H. A-HjU.
Tuesday evening. November 7. nlirht of
election day, a muii led oi uf a South
Omaha stieel car near ltith und Wllilam
streets and sustained Injuries resulting
in ueatn. i-ivo or six men on rear plat
form of the car saw this accident. These
men will confer a great lavor on the
relatives of the deceased by sending their
names and addresses to Carmen Tata,
care Mauirlameli Hrothers, luu6 Farnam
S.. The street car company liaa the
names but will not reveal them.
YOUNG WOMEN coming to Omnha as
Strangers are Invited to visit the Young
Women's Christian association building at
Seventeenth St. and ;U. Mary's Ave.,
where they will be directed to suitable
boarding places or otherwise assisted.
Look for our travelers' aid ut the Union
HINDOO TAULETH will build, brace.
strengthen, foo. HELL DRUG CO.
WE rent and repair all kinus of sewum
machines. Ind. A-ii3, Douglas 18U3.
10th and Harney Sts. -
MASSAC IK 'rf"lent- Mrs. Steels,
JUflcjOAUlJ1(, B I7lh. 2d tloor. rm. 5.
THE SALVATION ARMY solicits cast-
off clothing, in tact, anything you du not
heed. We collect, repair ana sell, at 134
N. 11th St., lor cost u( collection, tu the
worthy por. Call phone Doukiaa 412J and
wagons will call.
AUlLKiIU hair food grutvs lialr. Mine.
Frayer, Megeath Sta. Co.. luth it Farnam.
MASSA(iKulh' fcail low aiumatlo
iviaxOKJAUXj treatment. Mme. Allen
Chicngo, 108 S, 17th St., 1st floor. D. Ttiist.
MASSAGE bHwliUll lllovemtni : nolhimf
batter tor rheumausm. Ladies. $1; gentle
men, tl.&u. Apt. 2, lbtii larnara. D. 024O.
1)1. Ruike, woman s uiseases. 4i Doug. liik.
SllAMi'OO I'"""!! ts, Mis. oieele, ex-
. . - v.v,...i.j.,, hub vfcieucu new
,m mi BHum imiinn tt i ooj Seville, u.
MISS LAiNtl Alunlcui itiif und vilirafi.rtf
niss-age tieatmcnts. ilouni 1, ;u Hour,
lijtw Luoge St.
Alii, fin, dill. scumli inak.uue. balha.
tauiuior ai.u iuuiur ti u unriit. Ins
Huiii.uiiy. l- lat 2, ! I n anil l itres. D. 43o.
rsiiudy for itcoing, biuisdliig or protrud
ing piles, iiuc poot paiu. bum He tree.
Sherman & MuConuuli iirtig Co.. Omaha.
L'liAIll ATM tnil'w.. fr.,1.1 1 1, i lil K..,'...,u
liisiitute would liKe Uohi.ioii urn iiui.j
iiiitid. ( nil WeliH. i 4.14.
MAUNETIU l,eal'"l'"t' lv liloU-?-
ir K- -,1- ,luu' l-2w.
Uiibit'ii liourdcd
Cu.i Htb. ii4ju.
IiOuO ItUAiL,.
i.tLII-.s to cuie lor. Weu.ier iOirfi,
Mihbl'.ltl caie, small children. W . I,4,u.
u ii :i.i7 iii. ,.. i u k.. . . "
.v ,Hnu . - a oa iii i u or
D leul'ri ol tor ili nil...... .. ,,i i i
,, . , - " ' " , II HI UU4IU
and cure loi it lor 2j per muulu; best of
,vi,.,-. ji in. .utli ot.
lie. i.; ah... i... - i u ... . . .. r. 1 . . r -
" "nil IIIV V OOU-
us.ia btoeiv eoiiipaiiy at Ina Ame.icau
Ihmlcr. ir Mi vv .1 i. '
si 1 1 et. South oinaha. will corua to The
"iiico niwiiii iniec HI is a will glvu
her un older tor a pair of tickets.
FLOOH swecpihiji, goou ctuckVu led
tl.Ou per hummed tv'hhiier, sol . icllh
LOUP easily cured by llob vVnites
I'.oup Cute, ivo box. If our dealer tun.
not supply juu, write us direct, sending
'.alii' nuine. Holt WitliE CO.
2lo4 N. loth St., Omaha. W'ebsier &J7
uliie. ,
A till it AC I a on' 'AtLti.
7, PaitPisun 111 Pc. .
Aifciiac. M I Hecii'-. j, l.til-l in"
Ulll.l)l.ll IM'-ORMA'llU..
IQctrlc cas fixtures. Omaha Silver C.
larai Ciineot ,-i,,oe i ',,
.. iiili sua Cuming
Ainei Sulj Co., tool g pauita, Jlj Mich?
r Leu,., rvon
tii'iio pa.tuw decoruii&g,
W'lMlil) 1U Ut'V.
LIST your city property for sale with
Vogtl. H Karbaeh llldn
7-ROOM houso, Lath and electric
light; lot 86 feet front on Jjocuat
street. Ouly 12,100.
Pbone I). 1291.
CvtAn ""' t'-..V TJM.
ritui-KH 1 1 hi it ai i:.
Beautiful Home
West Farnam
" $6,000
315 North 31st St.
At the above number w have an lde:il
home, splendidly constructed, conven
iently planned and beautifully finished.
It bus S rooms and larse sleeping porch,
tine basement, prebsrd brick foundation
with aood furnace, white enameled laun
dry tubs and floor drain. On the first
floor a nice reception hall, laigrt living
room, nice dining room, good kitchen,
with Urge pantry and tin closet, largo
rear entry and bnck porch; lront and
back stairway, beautiful oak finish and
floors, beamed ceiling in living room and
dining room. On the second floor four
fine corner bedrooms and large screened
sleeping imrch, loxli feet; large floored
uttic. with four windows. In which two
more rooms can he finished. The bed
looms are finished In birch, while rn.
amelod. All of h walls are beautifully
decorated; bnth room niniios and white
enamel. Latest pattern lighting fixtures,
lino oak floors throughout all the bed
rooms. Nice lot with yard sodded from
street to alley, cement walks; paving all
psld. This Is facing the beautiful home
of W. H. Yates and on one of the pret
tiest streets and best locality In Omaha.
There Is absolutely nothing lacking In
this house anil tt Is cheap ut t'i.Oi'1; $2,000
ni'h required: balance to suit purchaser.
It is Just as represented nnd It will pay
you to investigate. Just completed, never
Norris 6c Martin
400Pee Hldg. Douglas 4270, A-4?70.
m down, $10 ri:u month
A few choice building lots In north end
of city and In West I'svenworih dis
trict. .In order to sell before spring will
make above terms. Prices sums n
though nil cash Unit, $frnj with sewer,
water, cement, walks, etc., and tJTA), $ltiu
for lots without water and sewrr con
nections. HARM'S A WILSON. VM Ree. D. Mil.
V08 Jackson,
steam heutcd, modern
Just west of Kotintre Place at 1701
Plnkney St., we have a dumlv little ,
room cottage, party modern, nice corner
lot, facing th university grounds. The
price Is low enough to suit anvone, so
get busy now. This won't last long.
Doug. 1781. A-m.
Oil Farnara-Cuuiiug Line,
One block from Cathedral, one block
from car, new beautifully decorated house
of 6 rooms and bath on first floor, one
finished on second and room for two
more, full cellar. Entire house strictly
modern. Price $3,950. The best property
on the hill for tho money.
O'Keefe Real Estqte Ccuipany.
Douglas or A-21K2. 1010 Omaha National
Rank RuDdlng.
Worth $3,000
Now Offered for $2,500
Btrlctly modern, six-room house, con
sisting of hall, parlor, dining room and
kltched downstairs, Hire good-s ied bed
rooms and nice bath room upstairs. Full
lot. 50x12(1 feet. Nlco shade, nrettv.
street, good surroundings; handy to 24th
St. car line, School, stores, churches, etc.
ir not soia witnin it) aays win be rented
This Is a spiendld bargain.
. S07 McCague Rldg..
Thones Doug. tWlS or Ind. A-17E2.
EVERY plumber Is not a robber; If any
thing happens phone Loug. WIS, Good
Plumbing Co.
Walking Distance
$5,200, eight rooms, reception hall, par
lor, dining room, all finished In oak and
kitchen first floor, four bedrooms and
bath upstairs all finished In hard pins.
Plenty of closet room, floored attic. Full
basement, subdivided Into laundry, vege
table and furnacs room. Ixit 60x140, south
front, shade tree::, paved street, paving
all paid. House less than three years old.
Easy terms.
Gallagher & Nelson
490 Rrandels Hldg.
Omaha, Neb.
Great Bargains-
lfnillll-ll lllllluu f .1 .1 1 n 1 1 . . ...........
whs,... .,vi.ww ...... 1 , .WIIDUUIII I .
south and east frontage. Make us an
offer of half what It tfusu
, i
Farnam street store building; must be
sold lor benefit of creditors. Rental,
$2,400. Make us an offer uf $20,000.
Thomas Brenann,
Douglas 12i4.
o-M0 City hall. Hank.
FOR SALE by owner, Dundee, u-rooin.
I l-mlill Iniiilu, ii V...UI I u .
v.. .-- nuiiin, lull teiliejll
cellar; floured attic; good leiuis. liaiuoy
We have u two-apartment house, Con
taining U rooms, two bain rooiim, seven
beu looms, Willi parlor, dining loom und
kitchen in each, with new
plumbing anu good heating plant.
Tin pioperty Is too luige lor personal
owner and it la a splendid proposition tor
sums one who will by It and d.nds it
li,;o 'oui tin i u loom uptu tmen's. Owing
to tho arrangement of the uuuse this
Miri can i,u uuus at a vuy oinsl.' ex
penv und uhtii completed the apart
liivnis will rent for $-i each. The buyer
tu live in one apsi tiuent, rent tiie lest
ti. u test and iaau a good iiivuaiiucui
out of your lioma.
'1 he building is well built and in good
conuitloii; uiuy lliirieen minutes rids to
His tuuur of His c.t , on block from the
Dougu stievt tsr line and ju guud isu
Ukllc Oixliict.
Hit NCMllKIt Id S'iUX
N. Will St.
It Is Just north of Ohio cn ths Flor
ence Rivd. A good six Or soven-room
liiodein house mil pa taken in exohangs
at no tigut pries, 'ihu piopubiiiuii i
lur'.auily wurtu at.
i.'CltKi- tc AlAllTTN.
4t Flee HiUg. Doqg.a 4j,u. A. 4J70.
f-lilctly inoueiu un-. imin collage two
lid one-half blocks fro-n V'arnuia bt '
tnly 12 toinute. walk from loin ai
1 hi nam. Man s leauiug up to seoond
siory, tnuugu space tor two Urge rooms
Slid CiOaeib. luf Mill, coiliuil.uuoil In.
tuies; cenientsd bascinant; newly painted.
kio l.sw waig and aisps; haidwood Hal
oili iiiiuuglioui. House is only une years
ind ai.d a pctlect gsui iiisius. to u ou
uant an lutui i,om drop out sou lows
It over. Rents tor At bi capitul
Ave only 4ki,4tM, pan asu wu vsiuis -.a
- Hilt SALE at a bargain, new l-rooni
modern home; small payiiimt and
jest on easy lernis. Call beutn luj
i'OR SALE CHEAP SouTtieasi-ciJi lier
lot, loth and Dominion. Phune Har. lohi.
FOR SALE-Two-story frame building,
40x24, five rooms on aeuond tloor; lot lo
X24, east front; good well and barn; mlgnt
consider trade tut Ununu reaidenua. Ad
uiua t ail Lux ... UsUno, Neb.
WORK, wsntsd by pruotica, pamisr auj
genmal house , i pair man. O S4U, Hue
30 Cash s-room cottage on paved St
paving ah paid, large bath-reduced from
U:d; $1, Sousnap.
$.w Cosh 7-ioom new modern bunga
low on Ames Ave. big snap prlne $j,uu
4-JuQ Cash -room hew bungalow, mod
ern ei'ept heat price $2H'.
$juu Caah rooms modern except heat
on Seward St., ner 3lth St.-Price $2 loo'
- ui, . !,.., K.rha.ih 'n v
tilt I Kill Mill
Would Consider
Good Lot
as first payment on a new eight-room
strictly modern house. Excellent location,
near car line, schools and churches. This
home Is priced light. U-t us show It to
4! Jti;in.lels Hide. Omaha. Neb.
PHM i4 II 4. 4 II I M, IOII t.V.
A Fine Tooth
Run through any state in the Missouri
valley would not reveal a California cltl
sen. On the othr hand. If vim go to
California, you will find men from everv
slate In tho union. In Oregon, toil wlil
find no men from California, but You will
find plenty of Oregon men In Csllforula.
In Texas, you will find no men from
California, but In California Mu will find
ninny lormer Texana.
They Never
Come Back
A man wlio Incntm In California liaa no
dr-sitro to return ti the r HHtern ntntva
Wlinf in If ti..t L .... 1.1... I.. 1. a..
M sit nrrjin II I ill . i ii inn
cllmnte? Is It the rich soil? Is It the
i.icnu. nn iiiakes or why tloes he stay 7
Go and See
There Is only one way to answer the
question to your own satisfaction. Ho
una see., would like to have you go
with us. We run an excursion Into the
San Joaouln vnllev. thrmurh tho hoiifoi
llltle city of Patterson, and wn would be
glad to allow you that country. On our
excursions, we also show people the ru
inous fruit lands of Riverside and ld
lands and Sun Rernarxllno. They are ths
highest priced fruit lands In tho world.
Then we take you to Patterson, where
we will show you Just as good lond for
less ttian half the price. We would like
to to is: witn you about our
Excursion Wed.,
November 22
Wo want people with us who are Inter
ested In making a home tn California
We have nearly a carload of people ready
to go. anu we expect to make the ex
ctirslon at least two carloads.
If you want tu know more about Pat
terson, come in and talk with us,
Payne Invest
ment Co.,
General Sales Agents for Patterson.
We Aim to Put tho Landless Man
on Manlcsa l.nnd.
mild climate n'o extremes.
Land clos-to bplendid mar-
RETS. In tills 'the ORAM) TRUNK
PACIFIC RAILWAY will be completed,
opening up the rich sailuultural districts
Thousands are now buying land In the
fertile valleys of the FORT UEORUE
the 11UCKLEY VALLEY. Thta land will
double and treble In value as soon as the
transportation facilities. Write today
for booklet describing this wonderful
FRUIT land bargains. Intermoqntaln
Ijind Co., 1122 Farnam. Phone D. 4026.
Haigaliis Fruit land, tm Hrandwle Rldg.
Traversed by the
iJtnus auapiable to the widest range of
crops. All the money crops of the boutn
plentifully produced. For llteruture treat
ing with this coming country, Us soli, cli
mate, church and school advantages,
V. H. LEAHY, DKf'T. K.
Usnsral Passenger Agent.
Iotva. i
THE easiest way to find a buyer for
your farm Is to Insert a small want ad
in the Des Moines Capllal. Largest cir
culation In the stale of Iowa, 4.1,001 daily.
'1 he Capital Is read by and believed In by
the starupatlars of Iowa, who simply re
fuse to peiiint any othsr paper lu their
homes. Rules, 1 cent a word a day; (1.(1)
per line per month; count six 01 dinar y
words to the Una. Address, Des Molurs
Capital, Dta Moines, In.
A place to make big money If you have
some money 10 Invent, 'the climate la de
lightful and healthful, no cold or lieea
lug weutuer. You tan buy rich bluck
land for li;.ml pur acre, easy tonus, lu an
American colony, wheie tney are many
AmciUaiia living, wheie you will have
American neighbors, boar railroad, and
one crop of corn mora than pays tor the
anu ana lor ins labor to produce It.
Native labor very cheap, 60 cents a day.
If you will go with us down to Termoicu.
011 the Euhi Oull coast, you will ses
the corn In the field that will mass
what we have stated above. You will ana
Hie orungt.s, lemons and grape fruit on
the trues. You can hue tame grasses six
to eigut fnwt high that weie planted
this year. Y011 will see the II her plant.
the owners of whluh are roalixing from
lu0 to $, gold, per acre annually; lu)
acres set to fiber will make you wealthy
and Independent for life.
Next excursion November T. IU II road
fare from Omaha to Tail. nlco and mum
t-O.lii. Write for llteratuie.
Chocoy Land Co.
M Hraridsis I51dg , Omaha, Neb.
148 ACRES, absolutely I!. v.e 1...,
bargain near Omaha. Situated In Rm r o v
county, within 7 miles of buuth Omaha
ana By, nines 01 rapiiiiou; valley land;
Tt ini.e irom new uraiuage uitch; up
land, gently rolling. Hie very beat of h,,ii
$6,0U) worth of Improvements, conslnlii,j
wi euou, wuu uom i-roum nouse tlarge
roouib, goou cenar, plenty of vloscts
pantry etulpped with flour bins, China
closets, etc.; good Lam for It head, with
haymow for 4o tons; good orchard, etc.
If you want line very bust Impioved and
vsry best lurm ou can get, without any
exception, for $Luu per acre, near Omaha,
then takg this; vi cash by March 1, bal
ance long time.
Let rna siovv von the goods. Urlug wife
with you. A large list and a few hai -tains
ail terms and ail prices; but If yuu
can handle the above on not ovuiiook It,
as you havu a chance 011 tills buigalu
1213-1214 'lty National Hank Iliiildpig.
lIOMESTEAi-32u aciss rr $lj.T 5(CouT
N miles out, rich Ijrin imi.1. not land.
Was an old ciurv u iw can. ell d A onti
li'OK J A. Tracy. Kimball. Nut..
IMPROVED lo-acro truck fain), near
Trkamuh. Nub. Address Joe J 1 yuan, 1.
kamah. Neb
Free list of Improved Huaaid, Greeley,
Valley, Sherman and t'ui.tur county
farms, for people of limited alalia waut
Ing homes on lunus. C ilradiay,
w, 11. tin NeU
FaHM A IIIM II I.IMi roit at, I.!
Mouth Ilakuta.
A FF.W snaps In Unite county. South
Dakota, lands; will pay railroad faie t.i
buyers not satisfied. J. A. Stransky,
Pukuana. S D
NV A N I'El City uaua and warrants.
W.FarnitmSinitrij6j,(il.l2,i Farnam St.
OMAHA Pioperty and .Nebraska lnils.
1T'!-:N-'L i!L"J .NarjjtBiiH nuiidinc.
W AN I I i -t liy loans. Pe eis Ttust Co.
$UM to JIO.eiM made prompt I v? F.D?
Weiiil, Wend 111. Ik , Uih and Faiiisin.
vis inont t'ompany Omnhrt.
1 ,t 1 w 1 : a t e -4? "h km isirX i tT.Un.Rij v 6T
Vh'-.-ri Hmndels Theater HI, In.
ARM LoA.. 110 cumml.-slixi ; option. il
amruls; chrap monev; uulck service,
OHn S Merrill, lilt City Nat I Hk Rldg.
FIRST TRUST CO. ijs""""'s'' "
MONEY to toan on busness or resi
dence properties, $1 1I to $1)1 0l W. II.
I HnM AS HrlN4l. Hank lllrlg.
( 1 A ii V i n J iff.t s r'"nsr!. vanrnii..
IAROE LOANS, municipal bonds, m m I
gme. onuglit and sold. SI'L'LI. PROS.
FIVE or six-room modern residence on
monthly payments, (live price, location
and full terms Address M till. Res.
A bl'. l.oiilri FLAT Two apartments,
with living and dining room and kitchen
on first floor, sleeping rooms on second;
must be new and worth the mousy. Will
go up to siti.titv,
ISEVEN-rooin house to trsdo for pool
hall or hotel In small town. Address
M. Iv., 7U N. Pell Ave.. Hastings, Neb.
Fo 1 C SALE ORT I tA I) E -M "ac ""
Lorlmer county, Culoiado, one mile from
Wellington; well Improved, all under Ir
rigation; price, $IF0 per acre. Three
hundred and twenty acres, five miles
from Casey, well Improved and well
watered; gently rolllug; price, $124. W. C.
Zellmer. Casey, la
OWNER wTlTTrade good Improved Ok
lahnma land for hotel. Neldon, Doxey,
WE exchange piopertks of merit. C. W.
Welsh. NI2-1.H o, N Pit. Hldg. Doug 7'S. .1 swell, lt d of Tiade, D. paf.
ARE you a trader 1 trade anything
where or time. Kelley, 127 Neville ink.
i-ACRio ML'HL RiA. HoMa., iniprovod
with I-riHim house; choice location and
many talkahle features; value $,000, easy
terms or will exchange with Omaha or
South Omaha Income property. An oppor
tunity. Investigate.
Rooma 1213-1214 City National Hank nidg.
Anchor Line Stcumshipa
New York, Londonderry nnd Glasgow.
Now York, Palermo and Naples.
Attraojtlve rate for ticket between New
York and all Scotch, English, Irish,
Continental and Mediterranean points.
Superior Accommodations, Lxueilsnt Cut
sine. Efficient Service. Apply promptly
tor Reservation to local agent of Auchor
Line or Henderson 111 others, Ueusial
Agent. Chicago, 111.
td-hsnd gtio'ls. Kleser, 1020 Center. D-M62.
I WANT some oil barrela. ltu Harney.
P1RST-CIASS room and board In
strictly private family; walking distance.
Slate price and location. Hoarumg and
looming houses pluas do not answer.
Address F C23, Ree.
FAMILY 01 tour sveke lugii ciass board
Inp place; must bo suitable for cultured
people; neighborhood and house must be
10BM om, iivaii ev ev arnaiii 01, All
dress I) H20, care Res.
Vv A N 'l Ei Furnlbhed auile lioat' Miiim
boarding place, suitable for family of
tnren auuits ana child. No objection to
outskirts If near Fainum St. Only high
grade place considered. Address N 1M,
csre nee.
'illHWli auulis and 4-eur-oiu waul
completely furnished apartment. Please
liik Hot I-, I il u nnliuia n.iu Ii h,i.l,,l . n .1 i
else qualifies for refined people; WeBt
e eiiiniiioieirioi, Auuress u asii, care Roe,
FOR a first class practical uurae, oall
sira. noynton. ll. lis. A-IKI4.
A SOBER, reliable married man, want
position aa watchman or Janitor. Best of
rcivreuces. it oj, csre ties.
POSITION by experienced bookkeeper.
mil w s Etmm.
hUNliI.E HMhiiiug waiitru, liar. 637k
WAfclHNu anu .10 ism- Onus I H ,4.
DANISH graduate nurse. Harney MIO.
WHI'I bl iionuiii 11..I,.. .1- ... i. ,
------ - - - - - v nw,, V,
sinu virsii, rrionn i, oiw.
I5fu4 1 r" ill i i... ,i.L.i.,..- t.i..i. 11 1'
wy .,i,iu-f iiiyii runout
boy; will work from 13 to S:3t) p. in. M
412, Bee.
aenaiai store, country town, suxperlenoed,
O-IIIB. Bee. i
BY high school graduate, steiiugrapuar,
clerical or bookkeeping; unexperienced.
I ,. SI0
AN Ail ll,'. I mA yniiiimi i .. .. . i. ,
-- laanca mil in
flmuhll e 1.1.11111111. Ih i .. ji i . ,i i. .
. :, ,-.-v...i..,, ,,. ii,vi,iiiiufi vr
family to assist In keeping and taking
Clin i.t ..h I ..I -... ti.'i .. niv,
' --- -..l..P,,. II , HBLITI Hi f
YOllNil inmi wi. i
tender, t xperienced H-16, Bee.
U'AN.TICIiV,,.li"l.... I.. ,Z71 , ,i..
or garage by experienced chauffeur and
repair man. Steam und guauline. Best of
references. Address Y Dtt, oare Bes.
WANTElJ i'.iMiilun l.o V 1
. . I f . i 1 1 c a r, i -
iicel In real estate rentals and bus.utaa
chances. Addrers L H26. Hee.
VV AMlllNtJ or cleiiiilriM lur i im,..!,...
Friday and Saturday. Web. 42u7.
I'O.'-il 1 HJ. us UOUbeMULiliel : uoml ho,,,
raUisr than wagea. Aliens Carey, ill N.
mill ni, i ooiia inij. 11-dlfcii IIOIII 1 to .
U A.N 1 ED A POblileii bv a vouuu i,ii.
allh one I'ea exoerienca as .i,i.,.
rapher; salary according lu ability. H S24
Hie. '
DAY work wu.iiledPhoiia Harney UMi.
hip jour stuck to Boath6mahajTas
tutlsage and phrlnkagei your ooastgn
uisnts receive prompt ao4 careful aitsu-
Live stock (xlmmi.ssio. mzn.
Cyers Bros. &jStrone an l reiponslble.
O rea tWS t . Coint In. .Oina h a lvn v r?
W? U.SMITH A SO?Nftf IJiia'ndroneTp?
vY:?fl,.!:' NY..sT') t KscliBlilkT
T A (ii 1 B RHSTh" lii". JK "shMp?
C!.1 SllKi H.llg
I louahiis At itan ai
..' Exeh. ttldg.
I lay , Hobiuso
-"" e mil. Hldg.
Interstate (,'o. Hei lei i euit. Shiu to us.
HI ltM-.-IOl Kl.i ii.'. .; ;.;ea llTdg"
A Ueyv , jy le) Ai
L TRoi", 'in.
i . io a
veil. Mlug
Cos i-Jcnis urn t o,, uuncn of hustlei s"
Fsrnien L, ri. Com i, ;,m '..xi'nsii.i).
Deposit procoeds of ainpiuunis in Stoo
isrds ,st" Hank. Onl bank at yard.
N Hiti.s. v n., i.v.iinne Hidg.
l.A '
i".-j'j i.xcii. Hldg.
Mai tin i.ros, a
Evcll Hu.g
" nut imiia i ,i rioll. I .4. , . (, . tiiu a,
aUton a crii:... i,im iuea com ineT
.1 I. i .
1 i ly .1 1 ; i'.A 1 isi 1
consignments solicited
grain nicrchania.
7U3 Rrandois.
Nebrsska-Iuwa Uraln Co. 74 Hranuols.
dealers in xiaiu. hay, chop focd. 7:1
Braudels Ilhlg.
HubSHIS URAIN Co., gram consign
mants sulicitsd. grata buugut tu urriva
ts Biandvia.
Cms r.srUutJy baudied, Cuiaba, Nob.
Absolute Title Olven-The unallotted
lands of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Na.
Hons of the Five Civilised Tribes In Ok
lahoma, and not Including the coal and
limber segregations, will be sold at pub
lic auction to ths highest bidder at the
following terms, times and places at not
less than the minimum price stated In,
the advertisement: Grady county, Cnlek.
asha. tracts. ST.fsM snes. November
2. 3. 4.' Stephens county. Duncan, 7J0
tracts, fii.sotl acres. November. , 7, ;
Jefferson county, Ryan, 7u2 tracts, 49.401)
acres. November , 10. 11; Lovs county.
Marietta, tu.4 tracts. 7A.WW acres. Novem
ber 1.1. 14. 1.1, Id; Carter rouiity, Ardmnrs,
l.l.f. tracts, H3 3i acres. November 17, 1..
20. 21, 22, 2.1; Murray county. Sulphur, 361
tracts, 2il,0nO acres, November 24, 36; Oar
vln county, Paula Valley, oil tracts. ftn,.ni0
acres, November 2r, 2S, 81; McClaln
county, Pureeil, 2SC tracts, 14,600 acre.
December 1. 2; Pontotoc county, Ada, bA
tracts, 4i,ftB acres, December 4, 6. 6;
Johnson county, '1 Ishomlngo, 6M tracts,
W.2i.) acres. December 7. , 8: Marshall,
county, Mn.llll, 27:i tracta. 1R.M0 acres.
December 11; Bryan county, Durant, 504
tnicis. 2H.1U0 acres, December 12. 13: Atoka
county. Atoka. 1,309 tracts, 124.0nO acres.
December 14, l.", 111, IS. 1JI; Coal County,
Coalgate, 6iH tracts. M.sTO seres. Decem
ber 20, 21. 22; Hughes county, Calvin, 43T
tracts. 40,700 acres, December 2fi. 27; Pitts
burg county, McAlester, l.tvtd tracts, lii..
UM acres, December 2H, 21), 30, lull; Janu
aiy 1, J. Haskell county, Stlgler. 41S
tiacts, JO.lnO acres, January 3, 4; Latimer
county, W llbilrton, 11)1 tracts. l&.OOi) acies.
January 6; l.etiurs county. Poteau. 27$
u acts, 21, SCO acres. January S; Pushma
taha county, Antlers, HI tracts, 62.009
acres, January s, K, 10; Choctaw county,
lluio. is.1 tracts. Si, Mo acres, January IL
12, 13; Mct'urlaln county, ldabel. 7it
trsets, $1,600 acres. January 15, IB, 17, 13,
H"fS. Not more than lt acres of agri
cultural and 640 acres of other lands will
be old to one person In aov one nation.
Agricultural lands are those having a
minimum valuation of $S.oo or more per
ai l p. Terms ars 2S per cent at tho tune
of sale, 21 per cent In twelve months,
and Ml per cent In two years, with per
cent Interest. Pnyments must be made
In the furm of tlraH or certified check,
payable to J. tl. Wright, commissioner.
Upon full payment being made at an
time deed will Issue. Immediately after
arproval of sals certificate of purchase)
will Issue and possession bs given, but
cutting of timber or drilling or mlnln
for minerals thereon will not be permitted
until full payment of purchase price.
Right la reserved to refect any or all
bids. For Information apply to the Com
missioner to the Five Civilised Tribes,
Muskogee, Oklahoma, or any of the Dis
trict Agenta aa to lands within their re
spective districts, lasts of these land
have been prepared by counties, showing
the terms of sale, the description ot the
various tracts and minimum price. It
will be Impracticable to furnish each In
quirer all of these lists, and It Is sug
gested that persons desiring such Infor
mation specify the locality In which they
are Interested. Blueprints of the varloue
counties, showing the location of the land
to be sold, will be furnished upon appli
cation to the undersigned upon tbs pay
ment of $t).U) for each county, in the
form of draft or postal money order.
J. O. WItlUliT, Commissioner to the
Five Civilised Tribes, Muskogse, Okla
homa. August 1, WIL
Chief Quartermaster's Office, Federal
Rulldlng, Chicago, 111., November 0. 1D11.
Sealed proposals, in triplicate, subject to
the usual conditions, will be received cere
until 11 o'clock, A. M., December I, UU.
and then opened, for furnishing and de
livering at cither the Chicago or Phila
delphia Depot of the Quartermasters
Department: SS.OOO pairs. Olive Drab
Woolen Gloves; subject to Increase ot
not to exceed 60, It dealrad by this De
partment. Right la reserved to reject
or accept any or all proposals or any
part thereof. Preference will be given
to articles of domestlo manufacture, con
ditions of quality and price (lnoludlmf
In the price of foreign productions or
manufactures the duty thereon) being
equal. Standard sample ran be seen, and
specifications, blanks for proposal and
full Information will be furnished upon
application at this office. Envelopes con
taining proposals to be Indorsed "Pro-
iiosals fur Woolen Gloves, to be opened
tecember (, HUL" Col. Jno. L. Clem,
Chief Quartermaster.
N9-10 11-18-D6-1
Depot Quartermasters Office, 2:'d and
Hickory Sts., Omaha, Neb., Oct, 28. lull.
Sealed proposals will be received at this
office until 11 a. m., Nov. 22, 1911, and,
then opened, for the sale ot lot) Oenuine
Buffalo Skin Overcoats. Full Information
and blank forma furnished un applica
tion to Lt. CoU John E. Baxter. Depot
Quartermaster. N3-4-10-U-17-1U,
Union Paelfl
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Denver Special a 7:04 am
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Colorado Express a 8:34 pm
Oregon-Wash.- Llm't'd.all: W pm
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Grand Island lxcel....a 5:30 pm
Btromsburg Local bli:41 pm
Chicago A Northwestern
Minn, -St. Taul Ex....b 7 00 am
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Twin City Express. ...a 7:45 am al0:20 pm
Sioux City Local a 8:46 pm a8:2tpm
Minn. Dakota Ex. .a 7:00 pm a 8:16 am
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Minnesota Express all:00 ana
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Chicago Local all:00pm a 8:28 pin
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Chicago Special a :02 pm a 8:49 am
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Chicago Express a 4:10 pm a 1 :10 pm
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Chicago-Neb. Ltd a 8.08 pm a 7.47 am
Chl-Neb. Lmd to Lin
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Col-Cal. Express a 1 15 pin a 4:00 pm
Okl. At Tex. Express, .a 6:00 pm all 4S am
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Omaha-St. Ixiuls Ex. ..a 6:30 pm a 8:15 am
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Chicago Express a 8.46 pm
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