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    Daily Bee
Our Magazine Features
Wit, humor, fiction and oomla
pictures the test Of entertain
ment, lnstru-.t.on, amusement,
Candy Specials
Bennett's GOc fresh lluffctn
chocolate nt St)e the lb., COo
chocolate dipped maraschino rhcr
lies at :W)c the 1U. A 20c box of
firsh salted pennnt, Saturday, for
China Bargains
BOc decorated baby plates, 2.V.
I truss randlo sticks In artistic
shapes, fiOc. Large glass punch
honN with 6 sherbet Cups, 7"c.
Odd lot brass match boxes ami
ash trays, 10c.
Sale of Flowers
Iai'rc, freshly cut rosea, worth
$1.00 tho dozen, on sale qq
Saturday at J 'C
Choice thyrsnitthctiiuin specially
priced for Saturday only, f
at, each, 15c and I'C
30c Ribbons at 15c
One lot of five and six-Inch, all
silk snt In, taffeta and mesaallno
ribbons In black, white and a good
variety of colors, worth up to COo
the yard. Saturday only, 15c.
EverMing for Everybcd
Everything for Everybody
writhing for EveryboQ ,
U1 1iiL.
Men Accustomed to Basking in the Smile of Prosperity Are Enthus
iastic Over Bennett's $15.00 Suits $20.00 Values or More
"When we say a $20.00 suit, or bettor, for $15.00, we do not moan that some little 6tore around the corner asks that much for them. We moan that somo of tho best
stores in Omaha ask $20.00 or more for the same grade of a suit the ?cnnett Co. soils for $15.00. Since we started our campaign, for bettor clothing values in Oniaha, prac
tically every clothing merchant in the city has had its representative trying to find out how wo can soil such clothes for so little money. Asido from tho annoyance it has
caused, their work has boon a waste of time. e would gladly have told them if they had asked us. The rule is simple, and any store that
loiiows out our rule can make as lug a success or their clothing business as we. Hero it is: DO NOT THY TO
MAKE A FORTUNE OUT OF YOUll CUSTOMERS EVERY SATUKDAY-buy where best clothes aro made.
There is no question about the quality of a Uenne f t Fifteen Dollar Suit, If we merely told you they were
as good as other dealer' $20 or $25 suits you might do tbt our judgm nt and not come But note this--
to your personal appearance and your pocketbook wo ask you to do as others taavo done compare style for style, Quality for quality and prlco for price.
We will BUbject our suits to any test you may wish. Some $18.50 and $20 suits are reduced to 915 for Saturday's selling that tho slc, color and pat-
1 "J 1 1'7J 101
On big- lot of all wool salts from
this Sanson's sailing-; heavy
weights that hava teen priced at
$18 and 830, to
close, Saturday.
A lot of man's winter trons.
ars worth npt . Q i
$3.00, Batnrday V -I J J
Every suit that goes out of this storo bears an irrevocable guarantee of strictly all wool materials and the very best workman
ehfp obtainable. And the suits that have been sold from this store this season have been measured by other standards by the man
who wears them and his verdict coincides with the assertion we make that they are equal in every way to suits selling elsewhere at or more in price, vompnnson n;ts proven our supremacy to others, in justice
180 man's and young man's ovsr
ooats of all wool gray, tan and
dark mlstureej have convertible,
collars! reg-nlar $19.60 costs.
for Saturday
Man's nil wool tronsars that puts
teenJssUlnr op to &J CI
$4.00, Batnrday. Sj!l.JD
tern ranges may be as good as al the beginning of tho season.
Great Attractions in the Mens Furnishings Store
th n.ilitary col1ar8--special at $2
Men's grey,' Mas "a tn laiinsl "" . ,n. n
rlzes, that regularly sell lit, $1.50 each, baturdsy,
88o for your choice.
Purchased Your New Hat Yet?
Men's Men reads oiitlnff f'annal pajamas, accurately cut and proportioned and I " AT . TT O 1 Otis lot of men's l!4o
finely ?"lifbJI bed Thrhouf-tl.rro bTg line. nt $1.00, f.1.25 anu $f.f,0 the suit. Vl CU S llOSICrV OVCCJal po,.ton half hose lit black
flannel nignt roues in a bo"" "i ntv faiicua mm in oniy, an sizes, hjio-
fi i iui iuiu v o i'bhb iur Aiiv, ur, ilia biii(io imir, vo.
Men's Underwear Lower Than Common
If not. you will be dcllnrhteil with the new Beratch-np Men's wool, union suits from thrrn of the heat
snd smooth finished bats In brown, grey anu mack; ut makere in tho IhiiU liooper. Utenlx anU lr
12 (10. 12 .50 nnil IM.on PBfM, WrlKht's I2.r.0. 1.1 00 Hnfl ta.r.O the suit.
Tina imported beaTer bats that m out stores ask $6.00 Men's wool shirts and drawers hetter qualities
fnr Mi.ll hofA fit 14 T,0. I thHM Vnn lilivrt MVitr Itnl'.trA m.w.ii nt II III 11 ?
Imported velonr hats, in brown anil niacn. at 3.oo.
Alao a blv stock of fnr lned wlntar caps in urey.
brown, hlne anil hlHCk an low a 2'ia and fruiu that lrice
up to $1.50. rienty of service in them
46c, &9u. lie, $1.00 and $l.ov each.
. Have You Seen the Cufturn Shirts?
Finest shirts for bunliesa ami office men that
have ever been Invento.t. If your turfs become
soiled and vou have a Cufturn shirt all you have
to do In un'faHten your cuff links, turn your cuffs
over, put the links back In place a frenh, tiew j.Blr
of cuffs; juet like that. U's a clover Invention that
makes the attached cuff Mi!i-t more practical than
ever. Ask to see them the first time you are in
'he store. A variety of materials una patterns at
$1.50 and $2.00 per shirt.
Men's fine California flannel shirts
Sweater Coats for Men and Boys
Wo bavs Just received 100 doren wool sweater coats,
for men, to sell at $2.00 to $4.00 each according- to the
qunllty. They are from the famed Ascot Mills of Phila
delphia, and come In blue, tan, drey and maroon colors.
Choice of V neck, military or stornv collar styles.
Hoys' wool sweater coats In tho V neck or auto collar
styles, several colors to soled Jrom, $1.00 and $1.25 each.
than you luivo ever he lore seen ut $1.00, $1.5, $1.50
and $.U0 the Kurment.
Special for Satwdav Only One
lot of lamb's wool fleece lined shirt
and dravers, worth il.OO
the garment
r., tvorth $1.00
it. at - . . OzfC
Boys' Suits and coats
Probably the most Interesting- Item to the majority cf mothers
Will be the suits at 3.!8 and 1.PH. They are all wool, of Knicker
bocker style, and Include all of the "boy'' tanhlons that are popular
this seaRon. Some of them have an extra' pair of pants to match.
Up to $3.00 Talnas go at $1.98
Vp to $4 00 Values go "at a.98
Very stronjf lines of boys' suits are also shown at $1.60, $4.00 and
$5.00. Made of all wool matcrlala In tan, icrey. brown, blue colors
to fit boys from to 17 years of ase; hava an extra pair vf pants
to match.
Big boys' and children's overcoats that have
been great sellers this season at prices to $4.30:
Man's wool fleeoad shirts snd drawers purchased
to eell sn a leader at IHc tho garment Uiorelore,
extra value for your nvoupy.
divided into two lots and priced
for Saturday at $2.98 and
Ton will find other overcoats at $!l.50, $4.00 and $5.00 to be
money-saving; propositions. All slsea, from 2 Hi to 17 years, of
cuHHlnieies, cnevlotn, rhtnchllla and heaver cloth.
Boys' and children's hats and caps In a great variety of felts,
Velours, chlni o i in i.75 each.
A large collection of boys' separata trouaers, worth up to 75c,
(Saturday, oOo. Hoys' I'lothlng-, .Second 1'loor.
New Coats Coming Daily At $1 7.50
. v. . JnAln. anaann Ktj'lnoSJ Blld mixtures 111 tlTOWn
ore several new ideas that have made their appearance wun lu miniT hood 1 effect at the back-aud many
and grey with large collars slightly trimmed with a contrasting collar for
other pretty styles. The style of these coats will be Quicaiy pprec. .
Womzn's tlannelette
Dressini Sacques
Another new lot recently ar
rived will be shown for the
first time Faturday. They are
full cut, warm and plenslng
in pattern. A variety of styles
at M)c, $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50'
note how gracefully they hang and how perfectly they aro proportioned. Materials 1
and workmanship are of the better sort. j
New Black, Brown, Tan ana,uray iaroaaemtu -uncviui. xy
: : . ' 1 . ' nn cr COR An ,111
uoats, in aii Bizes, at auu "'Wi
Plain tailored stvles with notched or sailor collars trimmed with nar
row. braids; lined with Betting's guaranteed satin-a very strong show
X of these much-called-for coats that are so hard to unu.
All Mothers Should Read Everv One of These Items
Our departments devoted to Infants, children, girls and misses are "chock full" of the right rort faJln5
ablea for the little folks and those who want things like the older sister bas-coats. dresses. weat era hats caps etc
each preserving the girllshness of style all mothers want. The variety in each line Is very extensive, the quality tne very
best and the price as low as is consistent with reliable merchandise. ,
Children's and Cir's' Sweaters Sizes for the little ones and up to 16 years. Made from
all wool and worsted yarns in single and double-breasted styl s, with muitary or shawl
cnllar. in a unlendi varietv of weaves and colorings. According to tne size
and quality. $1.98. $1.50, $1.25 and
1 I V a a
Knitted Wear for Little Folks
such as caps, leKerlns. skirts, sncques,
etc. In fact you can find every knitted
needful in the Juvenile department
They are real serviceable articles too.
reasonably priced at 25c, 35o and up to
$1.25 the garment.
Children's andCirls' Coats
Come, Saturday, and look over our
very large varieties in all of the wanted
fabrics and i:oloring.i. There's no bet
ter time than now for choosing. Thers
are . .
Costs for Infants. .
Costs for Ages One to Six Tears.
Coats for Ages Six to Pourtsen Tears
Coats for Ages Tourtssn to Elg-hteea
Isach of these divisions has some par
ticular characteristic that distinguishes
it from the others and makes It correct
In style and quality for the ages for
which lntemisd. ... .
$:.S.ri, $3.5.1, $5.00 and up to $15.00,
according to size, material and finishing.
Girl's New Dresses
There's no better showing of girls'
dresses in the city than ours-well
made from the most reliable fabrics,
plenty of width In the skirts, dainty
girlish trimmings, colors to meet
their wants, stylos pleasing to all con
cerned. Pardon us for "harping" so
much on these points but we know
they concern you In every garment
you buy for your child and we know
that the garments we offer you con
tain every feature essential to the
satisfaction of yourself and your girl.
So we ask you to visit this depart
ment Saturday especially. And bring
along the girl. Chances are she will
aid you in choosing. Prices range
from $2.50 to fC.75 for ages six to
fourteen years.
A Shoe Sale for Men and Women
There will bo largo doings in the shoo storo Saturday for we aro going to clear out all ot
tho broken linos and odd lots from this season's selling, enabling you to save from $1.00 to
$1.6.") on every pair you buy. 1
Women's Shoes Worth Up to $4.00 at $2.35 a Pair
Of course, this item is principally for women who wear small sizes but
all women can be reasonably suro of being fitted if they come early in the day.
In this lot are patent colt button and laco shoes with
either turned or welted soles, and button and laco dull
leather shoes with wide toes and weltod soles. ,
Please note that you will not find these shoes on bar
.gain tables. You will bo fitted out of tho stock with the
sanio care and skill as if you wero paying tho full price.
Again, come early. '
Men s Shoes in tan and black leathers and all sizes:
button and lace styles that have sold all season at
or j
$3.50 the pair; are reduced, for Sat-
turday's selling, to
: $2.45
Minses' and children's
Jockey hoots of putent colt
and dull leathers with red
or black 10-inch tops are
priced as follows $2.00 for
sizes 0 to 8, $2.75 for sizes
8 to 11, $3.00 for sizes
ll'i to 2.
1,000 Pairs of Children's Shoes, 95c
One thousand pairs of children's shoes of vici
kid leather with patent tips; button and lace styles
in sizes 8V2 to 11 and 11 Vis to 2; values up to $1.35,
I Saturday, while they last, 95c the pair.
Hoys' sturdy shoes In tUi
of the newest lasts In both,
button and lace styles also
the new high-top tana $1.50
to $4.00 the pair, according
to the size. These shoes ars
made for what happens m
well as for looks.
$5,00 to $15.00 Hand Dags, Saturday, $3.98
This Is n closlnir out of broken lines nnd odd lots, but don't con
fuse tho offer with the averuKe sale of this character. Lot conslnts
or beautiful novelty hand bags of leathir, velvet, tapestries, etc.;
aU down-to-dats styles. $5 to $15 values, for Saturday only, $3.1)8.
Agents' ample Leather 'Novelties, Half Price
including- women's and men's dressing- rases, manicure sets, flasks.
111111, c
ces. V
these articles upon tho payment of a small deposit,
iiiorlUlnn rimes, hnnd nurses, bill fo
exactly one-half of their reiiular prices.
Iirar rases, etc. all nt
We will lay aside any of
Purchase Sale of Willow Flumes, French
Plumes and Bird of Paradise Continued
If you will just remember that Bennett's is the only store in Omaha that guarantees
willow plumes, you will begin to grasp the money-saving possibilities of this sale. Be
sides being reduced in price, each plume is sold with a written guarantee of absolute sat
isfaction, a new plume or your money back. Special 'attention is directed to the large
showing of bird of paradise and aigrettes at half price. And
besides the items advertised there will bo extra special offer
ings on our new Millinery Bargain Square.
Guaranteed Willow
Black and White Only
24 inches long and
22 inches wide.
.Guarant-"d French
PL' cs
Guaranteed Willow
$12 98
Black, White and Colors
25 Inches long and
22 Inches wide.
Guarantied French
Regular Price, $8.98
Black Only, Full 20
inches long.
Regular rr. $5.98
Black snd V, nite, Full
19 Inches long.
Beaver Hats at $1.98
Beaver hats quite popular for win
ter wear and In this lot you have a
choice of all wanted shapes. Although
Saturday's price is only $1.93 the tatj
are worth double. Black oniy.
Guaranteed Willow
C1h QQ
4 lI.SU
Comes in Black Only
29 inches long and
26 Inches wide.
Guaranteed Frenc
Regular Trice, $15.00
Black, White and Colors
Full 26 Inches long.
Silk Velour Hats at $1
This lot of Imported silk velour hats
comes In all the wanted colorings and
small, medium and large shapesrequire
very little trimming. Up to $1C00 val
ues, to close. Saturday, $1.00 each.
Hardware Bargains
4 60 Perfection
galvanized aah
$1.60 Clean Cllrper axes with hard
Wood .d. idles $1.19
$1.00 setf-wringiPK mop 7Eo
15c qt.-Hi,-.o corn oi er Co
$2 60 heavy bread and cuke bnxea
plain or oak iiuisii !.
udlocks v,ith 2 keys..35o
stoves So
ood bath tub seats... BSC
$l$l)0 sai runKea with ll-lmli "-'n
broiler urid ahiiinerlng- oven. .$13.93
every Link enameled or Savory
IjL plain or i
;1 $0c brass pi
1 1 f $0o alcohol
I t (0c hard
Two Hosiery Specials jor
Saturday Only
Women's 5c full ri-jfular made
hosiery with wli!e welt tops, high
spllcctl heels and double toes;
fast black; 17c tho pclr or 3 p;iin
fur &0c.
Women'i seamless silk boot hos
iery with wide garter tops and ex
tra heavy heels and toes; strictly
fast black; regular 60c values for
Wooden Ware
Wooden salt boxes 10c
85c palm leaf knife baskets
for 50c
2 5c holly wood potato masher 10c
lndivldua. butter prints ......Be
Wooden buckets of all kinds 10c
Cigar ash truys, to close out tie
3 boxes Japanese toothpicks 5c
8-drawer spice cabinets 43c
Eight rolls Bennett's "Special'
toilet paper for
Gloves for Women and Child'
ran They're Under-priced
Women's high grade, 2-clonp Rlace gloves with
Paris point embroidered backs; tans, greys, browns,
navies, greens, black and white; made from the
finest imported skins; sizes from 6 to 714 inclu
sive; $1.25 values, at 08c the pair.
Heavy, Imported, single clasp gloves for winter
wear; black and white and a variety of shades cut
In mannish styles; $1.50 values at $1.10 tho pair.
Woman's, hoys', misses' and ohlldrn's eashmsrs and
golf g'oves In a largo assortment m fancy colorings;
vulueb up to 75c tho pair at 86o for your, choice.
Women's heavy flaecs lined cashmere gloves In navy,
brown, grey and black Juet the right sort of a Klove
for this season of the year all sizes, BBe the pulr.
Toilet Goodi and Drug
iOa Pompelan massage crenm 990
Graham's Sue cucun.lier and elderf lower creuni. . . .34o
Hind's 60e honey and almond cream 39o
$1.50 Oriental cream sao
z6o Swanndown powder , 160
60c Java rice powder aso
1'ozzonl'a 50c powder sfo
2Bo Fnnitol tooth powder , lto
60o 1'ehflco tooih pants 3o
Grave's 25c tooth powder 140
Williams' and Colgate's Km; shaving soap So
habcoi k s 250 C'orylopsls powder 15o
25c Cutlctira soai OOo
2fa 4711 glycerins soap -.140
25e White 1'lne cough syrup.. 80o
15c lb. borax loo
15o -lb. hottle peroxide ...So
l ennett's 15c Antlrhap lao
60c t'ullfnrnla Hyrup of l-'lga 4oo
I'liiklittiu'a $1.00 vegetable compound for 8o
Misses' and School
GiW. Corsets at 50c
Long hip models of good, strong
materials, firmly boned and sup
plied with four hose supporters
The kind we regularly sell at 70c,
Saturday only, 50c.
Discontinued $1.00
Corsets at 50c
These corsets are splendidly
adapted to bouse wear as they are
. made of good materials and allow
the maximum of freedom la move
ment. All sizes in the lot. Regu
lar $1.00 values at 50c, Saturday.
A Sale of Popular Fiction
Alexander Corkey's, "Tho
Victory of Allan ltutledge;"
Nicholson--' 'The Lords of High
Dcelson;" Connor "Glengarry School
Days;" Counor--"The Man from
5 0c a Volume
Winter Weight Underwear
for Women, Girls and Boy
Children's vests, pants anA
drawers, slightly soiled from dlav
play, 12 He each.
Women? s vests and pant thor
oughly well made of good mater
ials, the usual 35c kind at 25c th
Women's first grade, fleece Una
ed vests and pants of extra qual
ity combed yarns; both regulai
and extra sizes, specially priced
at fiOc the garment.
Women's fleece lined nnloK
suits in white only, sizes C and t!,
60c the suit. H! -in-
Complete Unas of children's vnlosi
salts at SOo to $1.60 the suit.
Womsn's high grade anion salts
In all styles and sizes, priced ss tha
material Km quality warrant at $1.09
to $3.79 tha suit.
"Quality considered--More jfbra. dottartfan a tfoiiarwill buy elsewhere
Pennett's Host coffee and 20
slainpi, lb 85o
8 lbs. Dennett's Heat coffee snd
tu sUrnps $1.00
AsMorted teas and 75 stamps, lb. 6Ho
AsHorted teas and 40 stamps, lb. aao
6-lb. can II. C. baking powder and
100 stamps $1.00
30c Jar prexerved Tiffs for
i)()l;iiiK H;rAtrs"6N huttehTnk
2-1 i. pkK. lieunett's Capitol buckwheat and 10
HlamiiN ISiO
lUamond Crystal table salt and 10 stampi
auik 100
3 pkK. Dennett's Capitol and 10
stamps 95o
Full t ream cheese and 10 stamps, lb SOo
Vlrr'nU swIhm cheese and 10 stamps, lb. ..SBo
MmbiiiKer cheese and 10 stamps, lb SOo
Assorted pickles and 10 stamps, bottle. ... loo
Holder's chile sauro and 10 stamps, boUleBo
10 11AU.S H1AT-'KM-ALL I.AL'N Oil V "SOaTp
for oo
Culllard's oll ve oil and 80 stamps, bottle &5o
heeded rulslns and 10 stamps, pkg., at..l3Ho
A Grocery Combination that Zvery Housewife
Three packages n. C. Mincemeat SBo
1-lb. can H. '. Hakinir l'owdor 84o
Two pkK. Reeded I'.alsins Alio
Mottle ;alllard's .dive uil SOo
2 cans II. C. Country Gentleman Corn....s5o
2 cans II. C. Wholo Tomatoes.,., 850
All the above for $1-49
And you (at 130 stamps free.
Fru t and Vegetable Prices
Reduced for Saturday
Extra fancy potatoes, per bushel SBo
I.xua fiincy llorlda grape fruit. 3 for 35o
I-am y lurKe l aiiunus, pur doiell ISO
l aiicy bolld cabbage, lb lljO
Jcl.-t y sweet potatoes, 3 lbs. 10c, or, peck 40o
.1 lartiu heuds plain lettuce 10o
Fancy California tomatoes, lb 100
I rish Kimllsh wal:itits, lb 83H
1 ancy wux beans, lb lOi
lted sloba onions, peck 40o
Teja slf tings and 15 stamps, lb. 18o
85o can Geo. Jjalidet's niarsctilnu
cherries for j' ;!. a8
15 I b"sr"o rtX.N u Dated huoa'h $1.00
( lbs. iiavy beans for flBo
Lun.nn cakesf resh and delicious
very -pedal at, the lb. ISO
Veal Xf
12V2c, Vft
Chops, v
10c I
Calumet I
I i6y2c. Vu-,
3 cakes York ltose toilet soap and
lu stamps SSo
2-lh. pkrf. neunett's Capitol oats
and 10 stamps 104
S-lb. pktr. Hennett's Capitol wheat
and 10 stamps 10o
21b. pkg. Hennett's Capitol pancakti
flotr and 10 stamps lOo
Pork Loins
Tork Roast . .10o
I'ork Butts . .13 He
Tot Ilosst, ...8Hc
and 7 He
Shoulder Steak, S
pounds for . . . 25c
Hamburger, 3 lbs.
for 23c
No. 1 Skluned Hams
'at 13?c
No. 1 I.ean I'jcon,
at 1H
9 lbs. Leaf Iard l$l
4 - J
JjJ iamb
X Chops
i" 10c.
jj Lamb
si and I
i 4V4e
1 . Lamb 1