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Buy Vour Coys' and
Girls' Shoes at a
This busy mioo department of ours is confined to
fhoes for boys, girls nnd women our expert fitters
have had years of experience in fitting children's feet
with comfortable, perfect fitting shoes.
It will pay you to bring your boy and girl here, where
their roods are given careful, expert attention.
All shoe are indelibly marked In plain figure with the elr.e
and price tho long wearing qualities leave aa Impression Just aa
Shops In all leathers, either button or lace styles.
Boyi Sizes Children's Sizes
1 to 6 $3.00 and $3.50 8 to 11 . . $2.00 and $2.50
Little Men's Big Girls' Sixes
Sizes $2.50 and $3.00 2l2 to 6. . .$3.00 and $3.50
Misses Sizes 11 to 2 $2.50 and $3.00
-TV, Tit youm norm
Judiciary the thro.i pardons three men
mho wore Imprison d for havlne at
tempted to blw up the palsce and the
lure If q office.
Tha throne again commands Yuan Ehl
Kal to con to Peking. - .
Wa Tina; Fn la Recalled.
LONDON, Nov. 8 The dlspalcn to
the London Times, announcing the ap
pointment by the revolullor.ary author
itles of lr. Wu Ting-fang, former Chi
nese minister to Waahlnglcn, to an Im
portant office, believed to ba minister
of foreign affairs of the revolutionary
organisation at Shanghai, while hot of
ficially confirmed, Is accepted as prob
ably correct. Wu Ting Fang fell out
with tha ruling authorities at I'eklng be
cause of his advanced reform views.
CAR.ROLLTON, 111., Nov. 1-Aftrr flee
ing for twenty-four miles and swimming
a swollen stream, exhaustion, exposure
and hunger caused Elmer Carter, who
sawed his way out of the Calhoun county
jail st tinrdln. 111., last night, to sur
render to a farmer near here today.
Carter, charged it killing Marshal
Charles Hon, of Kampavllle and Nlmrod
Voval. charged with killing William Har
, ding, both escaped, but Foval returned,
saying that Carter compelltd him to Join
In the Jail break.
. I too, wish to a4d my testimonial to the
thousands oU ho- doubt' bave n 'will
- tell you what your1 great medicine did for
i i
m. - ..
.' Several months ago I was taken very
shk with bltidilrr trouble, had Intense
pRlns and suffered totally, at times I
could not stand on my feet or sit In a
chair and often was forced to cry out
with ia!n.
I consulted two doctors who save me
different kinds of medicine, which did me
no good. It teemed as though the mors
of their mediclno I took, the worse I be
cam. The doctors seemed to ba greatly
puxsled over luy vase and after holding a
consultation 1 was told that I had a ae
vere cane of l.ilUiuinatlon of tha bladder
and an operation was very necessary.
1 was being prepared to b taken to tha
hoiplul, whan a neighbor cam to my
house and said, "Why don't you try a
bottl of Vr. KUmerV Swamp-Root" I
waa willing fo try anything to get relief
from nty suffering. My wife bought a
bottle of your n.edlcln which I began
taking and aoon noticed a change for the
better. I continued taking it and got
better right Along, my appetite returned
and I was able to resume work.
I have used about fourteen bottles of
Bwamp-Iloot and know that had I not
taken It, I would have been operated on,
and perhaps never recovered. I never
fall to tell my friends about Dr. Kilmers
Swamp-lloot as I know It will save many
people from a if faring and perhaps, as In, a dangoroua operation.
. y0Jr gratefully,
il fierce St N. K., Minneapolis, Minn.
Stat or Minnesota, I v
County of Hennepin I
Personally appeared before ma this
:t!h day of fcpt.. 119, Samuel Wllaon.
of the city 3f Minneapolis of the tstate
of Minnesota, who subscribed the above
and on oath ray that same la true In
u beta nee and In fart.
M. M. KtatRIlHli;
Notary Public.
Commission expires March It, lat.
Letter to
r. Kilmer si Co.
sting-ham ton. X. T.
freve What Swans-Keel Mill 0 rr Yea.
Band to Dr. Kilmer dt Co., Binghamton.
N. T., for a sample bottle. It will con
vince anyono. You will also receive a
booklet of valuable luforn atlon, telling
all about the aldnoys and bladder. When
writing, be sure to mention The Omaha
Daily He, iteirular fifty-cent and one
dollar sis bottles for sale at all drug
You Kavs Ona Pair of Eyes
til'.K I'K, to sea that they get
proper attention. It la our
business to take rare of other
people's Eyes.
Experience, skill and facili
ties enable us to do tbla to your
advantage and satisfaction.
BY- m
and Girls'
Jury Box Filled in
McNamara Trial
IXS ANGELES, Nov. 7.-The McNs
mara Jury wss completed today as to
cnauenges ror cause. Kach sld then
was entitled to use Its peremptory chal
lenges, tne detense having twenty and
the prosecution ten. The defense, how
ever, announced that It would offer fur
ther Information to contest Talesman
Qeorjre W. McKee.
The twelve men on the box were
Robert F. Haln. rai'Xiiitr; F. D. Oreen,
orange grower; Oeorire W. McKee, real
estate dealer: A. C. Winter, builder and
contractor; W. N. Frampton. farmer;
Oeorge W. Johnson, retired; Bam Men
denhall, orange grower; Frank Frakea.
fermer; Uyron I.fslc, miller; M. T. Me
Neely. tailor; William F. Clark, retired
farmer, and Oeorge W. Norton, retired
820,000 Again Taken
From a Mail Pouch
QftKKNSBORO, N. C. Nov. s.-That a
Untied, Htates mall pouch routed from
Raleigh to New York and containing 20,
000 disappeared two weeks atco In a man
ner similar to the recently reported ,
ft theft of the pounch at Lynchburg.
Va., became known here today. Hcyond
admitting the lone of the peukage, the
official refuse to discuss the matter.
"That Interesting period of' the year Is
here when, In accordance with a long
and well established custom, we, as the
people of a great and free aetjo, turn
our attention in suppliants end thanks-,
giving to Him, 'rthe, giver et every good
and perfect gift!" . '
We cease our toll and strlfs. The day
la devoted in Various ways to manifusta,
tlons of gratitude. All aordlnea on this
day Is laid aside and let us harken unto
the fact that our people have been pre
served from pestilence and famine and
serious contagion. The early and the
latter rains have fallen and the earth
has yielded a bounteous harvest as a
recompense to the toll of the husband
man. Labor has found ready employment at
liberal reward. Opportunities for the ac
complishment of good things are every,
where manifest and manifold.
Better things and higher standards are
more and more becoming exahitehan. via.
and wrong are being pursusd and visited
wun punisnment. A higher plane is
clearly outlined and well defined, upon
which those who conduct public and pri
vate affairs must stand.
All of these Innumerable blessings sum
mon us forth to the exerotse of that
graUtude which is the crowning virtue
of the human heart.
Therefore, In keeping with tha tradl
tlone of the fathers and the proclama
tion or the president of the I'nlted States,
I. Chester H. Aldrlch, governor of the
state of Nebraska, do hh
Thursdsy, the loth day of November. A.
j. ii, aa a day of public and private
thanksgiving to as ill.tiu n,.i
our preserver, protector snd benefactor;
no he sunshine on the Just end
the unjust alike. ' Whose tenrtai. -
are over us all; end that the world mey
-now, ma mat it may be. made more
emphatto as a dav of nui.n ii,..i..u.
In. I do hereby call upon our people
" "" m ineir respective places of
worship and In the manner beat anit
each congregation or aasembly, render
thanks and prayer unto Him from whom
all blessings flow. And In every home
throughout all our land may there be
that consideration for better thin. t.i..
comes from thanksgiving, melody and
In testimony whereof. I hava v,.
set my hsnd and caused to be affixed
mereto the great eeal of the state of Ne
braska, this fth day of Novemhae A n
1M1. ' '
ADDISON K. WAIT. Secretary of State.
"Interest In nmslo seems to be Increas
ing all over the country,- anld F. W.
Teeple, member of the firm of Prtp a
Teeple. piano manufacturers of Chicago,
wno was in Omaha Mondsy. Num.i.i.
concerts seem to be the direct cause of
was. in Chicago there are concerts
galore and they are all veil attended
and I notice that Omaha Is having a
maiuiucen run or spleruld concert!."
l.tarmaa swlle ta Street.
BEATR1CK Neb., Nov. &-8pecial Tsl-egram.-Whlle
agisting removing the
structural arch at the corner of Fifth 'and
Court streets todsy Oeorge Howe, a line
man for the New Home Telephone com
pany, fell distance of about twenty
feet and sustained sever internal Injuries.
1 "
Llreloaa; Bealag
to dyspepsia, IKrr complaints and kidney
troubles Is necUuwa Kiectrio Klttere la
the guaranteed remedy. Ma, Fee seie by
Woikeri of Both Parties Busy in the
Last Hours.
Cballensrera to Be at Pnlle to Head
Off I rrr alar I lira sa4 ftesab
lloana to herknate Irna
orratlc Mkaldaaerrr.
Tuesday la elerllnn div
Candidates and their friends were busy
all day Monday and will be active until
the tiolia close Turuliv nlirht fWnn.
orats are strucallna- to lrt a rn,u.t
or two. hsvlng ssnririced most of their
ticsct, county. Judicial and state. Re
publicans, confident of the election of th
entire ticket, are working to make the
pluralities as lars-e aa Doaalhle. realitlnir
that the more dcclatve the victory this
yesr, the better will the party be pre
pared for next year's national battle.
All day there were conferenrwa nf rm.
dldatea and workers on both iMm Aa
In all campaigns It developed In the last
nours that some oosalbllltles ha.l t.n
overlooked and men were sent out to see
the voters and to plead for thslr support.
halleaarera at tha Pnlla.
t-'ampalKn manaaara if both raria
completed breuarati una trt Lava ihiL
lenger at every voting place, ready to
wiwbi-i any attempt at fraudulent voting.
Democrats still sre making their dls-
proven claims that the republicans by
irauauient reglatratlon have laid th.
foundation of a scheme to steal the elec
Hon. ltepubllcans, not misled by the crv
of "top thief!" from the organisation
wiai uss been guilty of such practlcea,
will be ready to stop any crooked work
that may be attempted.
It la reported that some dlsreputablea
have been employed to pose as republl
cuns attempting to vote Illegally In order
that the democrats may have them ar
reated and thus prejudice the electorate
agalnat the party. The republlcana will
be on the lookout for attempts to execute
such a scheme. ,
Kotarlea at City Hall.
John W. Iiattln and (iiU . it .
two Omaha lawyers-will sit in solemn
and respected stats in tha -i.. .
offlCe all day Tueaday. from I o'clock In
the morning until n the evening, and
hear the excuses of voters who are not
registered. Mayor Dahlman has named
them notaries for the examination of ex
cuses. )
The two notaries wilt -. i-.
prompUy In the majority of cases whether wno am not register is entitled
voio oy tne probability and soundness
the excuse he auhmita It
"'"'P'y neglected to reglaer he will be
barred from the ballot, unless he can
adduce sufficient evidence to prove the
negieci was justified. On ths other hand
If alckness. death, marriaa-a nr
misfortune of the family prevented the
ir iruiu registering Be wilt not be re
tuaed the right to vote at tha an..i
Kemoe Permitted to Talk.
James C. Lindsay, who waa rh.i,..
of the meeting held Saturday evening at
Magnolia ball, Twenty-fourth and Ames,
insists tnere was no foundation r,.r a
misunderstanding of the purpose and
character of the meeting as a republican
"At tha dtisens' meat In hcM
previous," said Mr. Lindsay, aonounoe
msnt was made of the one to be held fiat-'
uraay evening, and it waa,.n..
Stated that lio Indoraamanta' an,ii. h.
made. Homeone had to pay for the use
9 . l. l. 1 1 . . . . ...
- naii, ana me. repuuncans of ths
Twelfth ward shouldered the bill. Nat
urally, then, it was organised aa a re
publican meeting. But Ura fupmlllal
democratic candidates to address the vol
ers, and they were given courteous treat.
ment. even being Invited to sit ou ths
platform. It la safe to say no republican
candidate would be given such a chance
at a democratic meeting, and the Twelfth
wurd republicans need offer no apologies
to anyone because of Baturday night's
meeting. Ksther, they can take a par
donable pride in the course they pur-
Blx polling places have been chm.
Since the last election. The changea are:
Beoond Ward fourth rii.t rift 17IU TM
--. , vi fill.
ton street.
beoond Ward-Fifth district, IMt South
Sixteenth street. oovin
sterh's?re.ardnm i,,vtiet- 15a web-
Klfth wird-Fourtb district, UM Sher
man avenue.
Hixth Ward Viva ill.i, mi.a k.
Twenty-fourth streVl. w
.igntn ward Third dlstrlot. (U North
Seventeenth sireet.
From a 8taff Correspondent.)
WASHINQTON. Nov. L-ftn.l.i t-k
agram )-Claude It. Davenport of Chad
run. Neb., has been appointed a teacher
at the Carlisle, Fa., Indian school.
Nora D. Booth ef Mitchell, g. d.. has
been appointed a clerk In the treasury de
partment. Alfred U Stoddard of VlUlara. Ta ...
appointed a copyist In ths patent office.
Postal savings banks will be established
December 4 aa follows:
In Nebraska-Benkleman. Ruehviiia m
Edward, Wood Klver.
In Iowa Brooklyn. Essex. Lanalna xt.t.
vern. Odcbolt. Stansgore, West Branch,
In South Dakota-FaulktoD. Bpearfjah.
Tt'XIA. Nov. . Contestanta In th t
- - - - mvm
Angeloa to Phoenix automobile races ar-
riveu ai luma ims morning in the fol
lowing order:
Lexlnaton. S:45 o'ciork: Paim lUri
I:sV; Cadillac, 4:43; Red Cross Truck, :li!
The Pope Hartford broke three wheels
on th wsy from Los Angeles to this
Beainnine at S a'rJock tha Mrlm,
left here In the following order:
National. ritodda'd-I ta vtnn
Kranklln, ktulck. Widland No. 11; KUnd-
srs, Aiaaweii, vuica, is; is. ai. jr.. Cole;
Lexington, Pop-liartford and Cadillac
slearl Oaoar K, l.rarstard.
LAWHENfC Kan K'n a
. - v. uiuuri
Oscar K. Lesrnard, pioneer, and one of
me luunorre vi um repuoncan party In
Kilmil A iA at hi hn.. V . .
-- ..' ..w.,. iiki m iimsy,
aged T2. During hie public career Colonel
Learnard served at different times as
district Judge, stats senator and was for
on year superintendent of the Haskell
inuiaii inaiiiui. jte (urmeriy waa owner
of the lAwreooe Dslly Journal, now ths
Lawrence Journal-World.
TO flKK A (4ltU 1.1 DAV
Take Lexatlv Bromo Quinine tabieta
tirnaalata rauiid munv If li tMii...
I l,W.Wniil s aJgaa4ar t ea k-ea. (m,
Fremonters Hurt '
As Auto Turns Over
KLKIIOn., Neb. Nov. . 'Speclsl
ificKram ) oisr Jtolmea, driving a
party of three men from Fremont to
Omaha In his automobile, came Into Elk
horn at hlsn speed at 6 o'clock this aft
ernoon and In rnund'.ng a corner the
auto upHpf, turning completely over.
Thomas, Clydo Emory and Wllllmn
Dodds, all of Fremont, were severely
brulxed, but the driver excaped with but
a few scratches.
The three passengers were hurled
against a telephone pole. The auto, ac
cording to Holmes, became unmanageable
an was running st such a speed thst It
would not round the corner. The sccl
dent occurred on the principal street of
Klkhorn. The party was able to con
tinue the trip In "another conveyance.
Aviator Fowler is
Near El Paso, Tex.
EL TAPO, Tex., Nov. . Aviator Hob
ert O. Kowler expects to follow the South
ern Pacific railroad tracks from here to
New Orleans on his transcontinental
flight. He took a force of mechanicians
today to Msatodon, where his machine
was wrecked yesterday. He said he would
probably fly Into El Paso late today.
Methodist Bishops
to Meet in Lincoln
fF'rom a Btsff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Nov. .-(Hpecial.)-
A.. of the Methodist bishops In I tha
world will gather In this city April IB,
1912, according to sctlon taken by ths
conference held In Oklahoma City, and
which has Jut cloned. The meeting will
continue for ten days and will attract
several of the most prominent men 1n
the country In addition to the eccle
siastical authorities.
ej IIS Lm.
Folks Pally
That is what we are doing.
For Gold Medal Flour now far
. outsells any other flour in existence.
Yet 13,000 millers are grinding
All sorts, all grades of flour.
But millions of "women have
made their comparisons, and the
figures above show the test of
You'll reach the same conclu
sion. Sometime you'll insist, like these
millions of others, on Gold Medal
Flour for your baking.
For Gold
We wash
goid MedalFloub
Iowa Schoolma'ami Seek to Beat
Slate Made by Men.
NtaiWr of the Lead Ins; Kdnrators
Anion; Fair e Helag ('eldered
for Offices Mall Order llooee
Makes Charge.
(From a Htaff Correspondent.)
DE8 MOINS, Is.. Nov. .-(Speclal Tel
egramsAn organisation of the woman
teachers of the state has been effected
for the purpose of trying to control ths
election of the officers at the coming
Piat Teachers' association meeting this
week. Jt Is planned to have a slate pre
pared. Including a candidate for presi
dent of the association, and for the
women to combln and defeat the slste
made by the men. I'sually the women
are In great majority at the conventions
and they believe they can be orgsnlied
to dictate nominations.
For president the names of Dr. Adele
Fuchs and Principal Mae Ooodrel! of
this city and ids Fordyce of Cedar Itsp-
ids ars being considered.
I.ate.t In Mall Fraod.
A peculiar method of usln gtne malls
to defraud camo to light In federal court
today when Q. 8. Moss was arraigned
on a charge of fraud. It was asserted
he sent to a Chicago mall order house
for a diamond ring and when It was re
ceived he substituted an Imitation dia
mond for the original and sent it back.
claiming the ring was not as represented
and demanded his money back.
NEW YORK, Nov. . -Committees of
the Minneapolis & St. Louis and Iowa
Central railroads have concluded their
negotiations and have arranged the de
tails of the lease of the Iowa Central to
the Minneapolis dk Bt. Louis. The Minne
Medal Flour we use selected wheat.
and brush and scour it.
We pass it through twenty
Then the flour is
times over, through
Only the flour that comes -through
the perfect flour
ever goes into Gold Medal
barrels and bags.
apolis A Ft. Ixiuis stockholders w ill meet
In December to authorise an Increase In
the cspltailzntion of fvoOO.O) preferred
stock snd I9.KOOO common Mm k. This
additional atoc k will tie ujed fur th
transfer of Iowa Central stock. A new
bond Issue of fTTi.MlO.O) also will be au
thorised for refunding and construction
The key to success in business Is the
Judicious and persistent use of newspaper
Remarkable Home-Made
Wrinkle Remover
(From Modern Housekeeper.)
A wrinkle removing preparation which
acts powerfully and quickly may at the
same time be entirely harmless, as has
been amply demonstrated In the case of
the famous saxollte solution. While
acting so marvelouxly on wrinkles of
every sort, the saxollte Is really bene
ficial to the skin Itself, giving the latter
tone and In. proving the texture. In the
rase of bag;y cheeks or chin, also, more
than mere .emporary results are ob
tained. One ounce of pure powdered saxollte,
securable at any drug store, dissolved In
a half pint witch haxel. makes this most
effectual wrinkle remover. te as a
wash lotion. The effect Is wonderful
and Immediate. Adv.
Or. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
is packed in a dust-tight metal
box, with patent measuring
tube, which is both safe
and convenient for tourists.
sifted, ten
1 1 1
1-11' 3
I as J II
t '4 IT li I
Jfyr You'll be -NN.
j' lighted with the to TVt
f suits of Calumet Baking
Fj Powder. No disappoints j
f do flat, heavy, soggy biscuita, V I
I J cake, or pastry. 1 "V
I El Tint Ilia litMal .!n;..l i I 1 C t I i
I uniformly raised and most deli J J
i nuns wuu jou tver tie, t
1 I A ""'''"'''re'WerM'e J f
j Y w" Fa. E.iUon. V
t ay
For en year's rental of a safety
box In our Safe Deposit Vaults,
and have absolute protection
aaalnst Are or burglsrs for your
bonds, valuable papers and
Should you nesjlect this and
lose your valuables, a hundred
times this amount will aot eve
your loss.
Omaha Safe Deposit
& Trust Co.
Street '..level entrance to Vapjts,
South End 16th St.
Long Ton"
5 Christmas Cards pDFF
" Send only 2c stamp and receive S
very finest Oold Kmboesed Christmas Post
Cards FllEK, to introduce poxt card offur.
Capital Card Co., Copt. 386, Topeka, Jtan.
The Omaha Bee reaches more
readers in Omaha tlian any
other paper.
Tonight Matins Today
FkUCSa 860 OsTIiT
MIB3 Vs. LAlfu and th
la Xug-eae Walter s Flay ef
Next VVtV "THK tKKnTKU.'
vmaha's run Canter."
Pally Mat.. 15-25-50
Eva-s.. 15-fl5-SO-TSa
LM.BI .veajon a itecoia lioi.ici s.
Fam Howe and llLs LOVE MAKEKS
'J'lie Aquatic .Jystery, "O'Devio;" JTanW
Cleineno' Deer Team, Poney iour & i,
J. Davey, Xciluh Dallas, lviUian ic
iJoore. If in Ktuulv Chorus.
Xadls' Dim Matin Every Week Day.
Tonirht Until Wadneadaw
Popular Matin Wednesday
Th Most XttUod of Musical Show.
Kt Sunday Geo. Evaus Minstrels'
Special Tuesday Matinee.
Ma tine Today 9:30; Tonight, 6:3a
Best 3ats CCo. o lumber
Tanks Soodl OLrls and Billy
Breauan, ta Umpire.
Iiaffydlll w-sek. Trlses for beat tiaffy.
dill. Tuesday nlslit elettlun returns
will be reud from the ntuxe.
Matinee Kvcry la 2:15: Every Nlslit
3.1C A M wr im ....... I '...,.11.411 ....I
The TaesdST Morulas; Musical Clab
kiartl In a Lecture Keoital,
Tha American Indian Music Talk
Tuesday Afternoon, sov. 7 lb, 4 . M.
rickets 60o and ai.OO at A. Kosp'.
His ItolfoniaiiH, l'firo. Ma lame lies.suii,
hlc fale. Connelly and Webb, DeliiKir
md Adair, Mac lUe and levering. Kln
Moacope, Or,heun.' Concert Orchestra,
t'rlcea 10i iav, f0i'. 76r; Matinee loc,
oeat seat 25c; except hat. and 8unduy.
V if