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Four . Saturday Specials
That are Irresistible
Following our r'an of giving Omaha shoppers special bar
gains for Faturday, we are this week offering four of the greatest
tncney-caving bargains that wo have had occasion to present re
cently. They follow:
$2.50 Desk Clock
for $1.50
f 12 ' An excellent German
"'k i l-iA clock. Just like Illustration,
V. ,:r,h win oo boiu lor fi.ov. ine
"-,8 7 .vVi) ,l0 an excellent movement,
a' 7 5 0- -L n e aro enao,ed make
V- V r , , , . , , ; Yw this special low orloa be-
l. vQ Is ' , .
yy 1 vniiorj iai rr Sinvi L Ul Q II V
wss bought at an Introduc
tory price. It's a wonderful
timepiece for this money.
$3.00 COUCH COVERS FOR $1.75
An excellent mercerized tapestry couch cover, reversible and
of mixed rolorn. will sell for $1.75. Tho regular price Is 3.00. It
Is 60 Inches by 3 jards, and represents the highest value.
Special extraordinary value Is offered In this Chlnelle bath,
rag. which Is regularly priced at $2.60 and which Is marked down
to fl.CS. The Alio Is 3000. The colors are blue and whit and
green and white. It Is a dnndy rug for tho bath room.
35c Toaster for 15c
"",. 1,1 An n-6ieei toaster, like Illus-
-, " .." 1 kf t ration, which has regularly told
if 7 for 35 vrlcci at 15 centa
' ' X .' '''1 for Saturday. Four pieces ot
-: jJ bread nay be toasted at one time.
14" "''il- Th toaster may be attached to
gas burners.
' Buying good furniture of substantial character at lower-than-regulnr
prices will enable shoppers to become acquainted with the
great values given here.
Wle have lowered the prices on some articles for a few days,
Thts furniture Is of the highest quality and most modern designs.
f.'iO.OO Mahogany Four I'ostrr lUsl Very majeatir model,
with strong materials. Very beautiful 320,00
'f .1:1.00 Golden Oak Ituffet Substantial, and thoroughly
built nroad top, 40-ln.; beveled mirror, 38x13. Large
linen drawer , $23.00
27.00 fiolricn Onk Huffed Large linen drawer; durable
and attractive; 40 inches; French mirror 23x8. Leaded
glass door , $18.00
930.00 Mahogany Chiffonier Very fine article, 30-ln.;
French mirror, 16xl7-ln. Strong large drawers 821.50
$21.50 Mahogany Dresser Large, spacious drawers, broad
top, 40-ln., French plate mirror, 27x20 $15.00
f 00.00 Circassian Walnut Chiffonier Heavy front; large
drawers; 36 Inches; beveled mirror, 27x20 $35.00
Established 1884. 418-1B-17 No. lath Rt
V 7
'l fit
A. l
nn n rm
From Omaha's Near Neighbors
Mrs. C. B. Nichols vlilted In Omaha
Mra. A. A. F.Kbert and Mr. Harvey
fciahl were frniKint visitors Wednesday.
Mr. and Mm. W. H. Kdrty and Mil
Xldith WradMiaw went to Onmht Tucaday.
Mrs. Gertrude Ingram and Mrs. C.
Coi it a were shopping n oinatia Satur
day. Mra. V. It. Tliomun, lio has brn stay
Isi Omaha witn tier viator, cam horns
'Jln'THday tiiurnlnK.
Mr. Johntun went to Lincoln 'Vedn
0ay aftor hia auto, vthlih li loft bun
day evening on account of ths rain.
Mrs. J. C. Agra enjoyed a visit from
Mra. Itabidrr ( Manhattan, Kan. Mrs.
Jtiatslur was furmtiiy o( Waterloo, Neb,
Hev. Mr. Swretland of ths Omaha. Theo
logical seminary fieached Sunday morn
Ins and evening at the I'reabyterlan
Mra. K. . Klmmerman vlilted hers par
ent till week on her way to join 1UV.
Sr'.lnuncnuan In their new home at Walt
kill. Neb.
roitmaster Mnn Johnson Ha txen rio
t If ltd that bfginnln November 10, lfll.
the Valley poalolfics Will te a ponal
savins bank.
The Valley schools will be closed No
vember s. and IU. no that all the teach,
i may attend the Utate Teacher' ao
ciatlon In Umaha.
Tjia eoihoinor and junior clas of
the Valley iilhB echixil had a yery ilena-
nt Haliowe't-u party in JlubbarJ hall
Tuesday evening.
ai'ower wa given at the home of
Mm. V. a. V. hit mar. fc.r Mm HfKHle
Hie, who DiQtnaKe to Mr. i-toffrr ot
w yuiuli.a will Lu kuleiuulzcd soon.
The stria' basket ball team of the Valley
Jilsh achool iihiyed the mile' baxket ball
team of the Mllmrd lliKh schcxd Tuoaduy
rternoou, tho acurs being In favor of
the Valley team.
The rerulnr rm'etlnr; of the Iadle' Aid
socltty of (lie MethodlNt tiUHcui'al church
waa tieii at the iimiie ot Mra. C K.
iyara. The following officer were re
cocted: Mrs. I- 1. froaldont ; Mra.
3 H Keimeilv. vice ircH d.-nt : Mra. T.
I'.eaum, aecretury, and Mr. It. M. Krway.
treaaurcr. Tho society wl)l nerve dinner
and upier election day In the Hubbard
Inareninll hum hin vlaitin
Waterloo and Omaha for several months
IWIBt. but Bom In...,. i..
Shannon wl m.."Z. "'"'rr-
, - - ""uio tune,
'M- 1?id "i"' J-w,f- Conr'' ot lllam.
ir. nor.!ut week vleltlnfl
Tas. I on PA i si slsiap VI n, w. m
nd faiA-r m yra.
- eeew IU II V I SF. 1 nV
;LiWh.,J? m.",' """I1", '"ornln. to
"u lamuy, Mr. and
r. Conrad auln nn hmn. i.i..
v.'T "in ot the Waterloo
: t. : " r" "ma win atr. w. J.
k-.r ' the
Vi.Vti.r u "t. ,a an and In-
ructlee manner hv n,.
Haheth Todd. aaMated by Mesdamea vuu ,Bwuiun.
I'eter Minuold ot llenntnt'ton ws In
Ytateiloo ftlorulay.
HcV. K. AKtoti returned Saturday from
ni inn in iiijin county, tint Alia Anton
went tu Wabio li Melt friend Iwr a few
" O. Itoe-K of till" ad. Neb., a brother
nt Ur. tl A mm . 1 v ari l...l l,.r. LI.m.
oay evening fiom Omaha and vetted owr
lilisht with Ms nlftor and family.
Kmma Mct'iliitocl.; in living with her
hhut anu aiiiiioiiis aciiooi in omnha, U'tti. hunt. K I . i I ii r n.i.l Unn.l.i u I. . . a
mtrr ll-u accoini'aiiyliig licr tu Omaha
euuuay anrrnoin.
Tonv Z:nili)illi end Krett Kchnnliti.
Went to the div Tucaday afternoon, rt.
tiirnlns Wednesday at 1 o'clock. WlllUm
Itohi j.n, nu went In Wrdne-tday inuin
1'ig on uuNlitvee at the court ho una. ro-
luruea at tho .;m time.
John Kainn wna ocpnimrol In ir.t t ! m
n iiuint.r at the r--t-iii land ilia Inn
Jliaklnir two In una fi&ioliv. t'turi, t.'.itnO
amo drew a ru.nb: and both jf thexe
ne in the inim a a (truwing, Jjuttln
tn in above the l.vD mark.
Klmer Hall, who wua lic r attending the
lunerai or ine lale . Iiarlea Alexander
iaa been hue aince I oh njj att-r buiil
tik-nm ciilinrtt with thi. . II u . ..
over to Klkhorn Tudy vlall some
i in wa mroui over there.
Mr T. W. hhannon and ai.ter, Mrs. In
S.raoll. Wft Wt-t!llM.l.iv .I'.nlnif f..y l.
tblo, Colo., the home of the latter. Mr.
tnedlat and primary department, rs-psoUvely.
The annla rroo la so abundant hers tnla
leaaon that hundreds of buahels are left
on ths trees to waate. The market prlc
I not sufficient tit pay (or tn picaing.
Mlas Grace WahlgTen, teacher In the
primary department ot the ISIR city
schools, mat with a painful acoldent
Wedneaday morning. While arranging fur
her dally workt a heavy piece of Iron
fell on her finger, crushing It so badly
that a physician had to be called.
11. M. llopewsll and Ir. if. Wood are
c based runabouts.
Jay MoClanahan had th n.lfortun ot
laVltlff Sa frlvKl-liiaul Li
on Vdn?iidiy. breaking hla le.
Thfr aal-sm Sit til lllltaH-l. . W. M hanglnn unpick-d from th trea
s.a taiiuus WViisarUsl la tlU COUDiy,
JUdieea ray, Troup and Kenninly wr
Ut) fritm ItntaVisi Tia.-tt.i.u . ..i . . . .
th rrpubilcana of thi county In their
M r 1 Ijb -r V Hearts rvl n as- - I - . A
"T" " f a.iiij'iM VII I, VI tall1StJ
number ot friend at a pink kenalngtoa
j anernoon to meet a her
guent a Mia Itarkart, who 1 visiting at
.iii.a iiwiaiv.
Mra H .1 Kllti .nt....!-. . v.
- - ...... ...... ibuii m numni
t iiii-iuiB ii o chh'k oiiuier on Tue
.-iiiiia aiveii in nonor nr m i. i. .
nett McljiUKhlln, who la oon to leave
tor ncr noma in iiw lora Ulty.
Phurlu W 1 1 1 t. i i .... .
, - .. . ...... a, tt iV ,i, tnv pnOll
ana ptuno buaiuee at this flace. went
lu liiinoi iat weea ana on Thurutnv
Vlowvaqua. 111., wa marrle.1 .. n.
Luclle Verk. Mr. and Mra. Oatee ar
rived In T.kmn.h Thor.!.. t. M.n..l. .
- - - .v. .t(n, .ii
the evening a reception wa tendered
inem ai me noma in Mr. Qate parenti
i uti iiiiuimiaieijr oraan nouaekeeliln
In the collage oppoaita the Methudlat
Elk Cltr.
Mrs. Mr. Frank Oelaton and daughter
iinu were ai r remom n euneauay.
Will Sharps of IMkota dropped In this
weea to aee Ml old bom out more.
Mrs. i;;t;n:a Ccrriiton and son Lewis
were ojouriilng In Fremont for two day
ini weea.
K. Taliman has bought a carload of
a leer and Hut) sheep for feeding purposes
ima winter.
Mr. and Mr. Rchtenkamt and Mia
I-oiiK. all of Arlington, were vlaltlng ths
lanuian eunuay.
l'rof. I.ubker. principal of the Rannlnv.
ton echool. was railing on friends her
Meomanay evening.
John MoArdl' new dwelling I sbou
completed and add very materially to
nn view in mat uirwtion.
Mr. ana Mr. Charles Purcha, who
nnv ueen vidiing at tn noma of F. J,
MSb. v ror the iat two week, hav re
tuiuca to tors.
Mr. ni.d Mr. Odell enjoyed a tdeaaan
visit from Mr. Odell' father and mother.
They reaiou In Anh'ojid and were her
(or two or three ua .
Mr. M. B. Turner ba just completed
the delivery of 1.6o0 bubhel of old corn
at i "e t.aieriuo inaraet. ror Which h
received M cent per bualieL
Tli Flk City sohool are moving alone
nlci-iy thl year undor the prlnclalhlp
of Mr. tklell. with the Mianea Harriet and
juiace ttanigreu a teacuvr in t.'i Inter
TJ . f r r . ' We publish all the ingredient of
tilCll OCfr Ayers Hair Vigor. Your doctor
can thus quickly dedde any hair
question. He can tee at once it cannot color the hair.
Ask him about felling hair, dandruff, thin hair. f.'l
Announcement Extraordinary
Opening Saturday, Nov. 4
Of Omaha's Best Popular Priced Union Tailoring House. You have seen the
others, now see the o rginal and best.
With every order for a suit (taken on Saturday or Monday only) we will give absolutely free of cost a
$5.00 Fancy Silk Vest
Made to your individual measure. Every garment
is guaranteed all wool. Made by Union Cutters, Union
Tailors and Union Fitters.
l -
We oprrat oar own mills and
manufacture erery salt, overcoat
or crarenett under personal su
pervision and therefore Bare yon
the middleman's profit.
Yes, this is the Dundee Woolen Mills New Omaha Store and we want to make your acquaintance
tomorrow, the day for the "glad hand." Drop in and look us over. We realize that it's up to us to
"show you," and our splendid tailoring facilities, exclusive woolens in finest fabrics and styles, backed
T.'.iY i up with first class UNION WORKMANSHIP and ab ilty to fit any man, will earn your consideration.
14 Again we invite you to call at our new Omaha store Saturday.
g -i r
15th and Harney Streets
World's Largest Woolen Merchants and Tailors
, We hare now on display 1,000
all wool fabrics In all shades
and patterns. AVo absolutely
guarantee each garment In every
nun i j tattftffigg
Mrs. F. Lane entertained at cards Fri
day afternoon.
About half the farmers In this vicinity
hav llnlahed husking their corn.
Orvlll LAmb of Omaha was In Elk hern
thts week vUltlnf F. U. Lanoe and fam
Ths Iocs! lodss ot Plattdeutcher vrein
held a ball at Bchuldt hall ttaiuraay
Mra it. A. Kotta la confined to her bed
with a aevere cold snd Is threatened with
William Kelssr. who was injured isst
week by a pue uf lumber talllna' on him.
I slowly recovering.
Mrs. J. M. Brunner ntrtained the C.
C club Thursday afternoon. Jdrs. li.
Meyers won flret prlsa.
Tha Knlaht ot Pythias' loflse held their
flrat card narty and dance of ths season
at Caatls hall Friday even Ins.
The neadlnsr circle met Monday venlns
with Mrs. Henry Johnson, with all teach
er present. Mrs. Johnson served a de
licious luncn.
A meetlna was held at Mrs. J. D.
Mickey's Wednesday evening for the pur.
poa of organising a Sunday chool. Mr.
I'urcell wa aptwlnted superintendent and
Prof. J. B. Fat will tnatruct the Bible
clas. Thers will be Sundsy echool earn
Sunday morning at ths Metnoaist cnurcn.
Mr. V. It. Lane exchanged his hard-
war and Implement stock, together with
hi realdenos and bualnee property,
ahirh lie recently acquired from J. Q
I.lefua, for a fully stocked l.BSO-acr
ranch In Perkins county, Kebraaka, near
hla former home. Mr. Bautngardner 1
ths new proprietor.
John C. Anderon of Blair visited with
D. C. Krats Wednaay.
Mlas Kuth Noycs spent Sunday after
noon with Mia Mlnnls Jacobean.
The C. W. B. M. met at the horns of
Mr. John Hendrnkaon Thuriday after
noon. Mr. and Mr. Purcell and children pent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Wallace
Mr. I). C. Krats and Mr, a A. Bates
attended tha tirotherhood meeting at
Umaha Tue!y,
Btereoptlcon views cf a mlsslonsry
journey through Japan war shown at tn
Congregational church Bunday evening.
Mr. snd Mrs. Gus Sundell and family,
Mia Katie Peterson and friend from
Omaha war visitor at the Uein hom
A social waa held at th hom of Mr.
Raamua Jacobaeu Friday evening under
the auspices of the Congregational
Ths Chrtatian Endeavor social to hav
been given at the hom ot Mra 8. A.
Hale laat Tuesday evening was post
poned until next Tuesday evening.
F. B. Hlnbard gave a party for a num
ber of hla friends Hallowe'en evening at
Modern Wad men of America hall. Many
amusing and iisw game wcr played. A
lark crowd wa present.
Ml Bertha . Hre water died Bunday
morning at th hoaplial. Mia Brewater
had not been well for year, but had
been bedfaat only a week or o. Th
funeral wa held Tuesday aftarnoon at
tli old horn. Hev. J. k). Btorm of Lin
coln, a former minister of th Congrega
tional church, having charge of th service.
and Earl Henry attended th Nebraska-
Missouri toot ball game at Lincoln laat
William Fas has purchased ths sheet
Iron building lately occupied by C. K.
Preston as a marbls works, and" will uss
It as a garage.
The Wade sales stable la nearlng com
pletion, and when ootnpleted It will be
the largest and best structure of Its kind
In the country. ...
Judge Willis Reed of Madison, who Is a
candidate for th nomination for United
States Senator on the democratic ticket,
delivered an address here last Saturday.
Stilt ha been filed In the district ceurt
by I. C. Overton to set aside a deed made
by hla brother, William Overton, to
Charles Sack. William Uverton sold the
farm to Sack for 14.000, and was later
found dead in Dougla county.
Mrs. Hans Lebbert oelebrsted her fif
tieth birthday Wednesday.
The cement rock ntant lite afint rinwn
owing to the cold weather.
Charles Schlelp Is having a little trouble
getting hla engine In running order, so be
had a man from the factory adjusting It
J. Petersen has begun to equip hi
garage, which has always been F. C.
Uottch's carpenter shop.
C. W. Qlandt bought all of F. C.
Gotten' carpenter shop, which he has
had rented the last year.
William Reiser waa taken home last
Thursday. He is greatly Improved and la
able to walk around.
O. F. Mangold and George Lageman
were out to the Platte Sunday hunting
ducks and bagged about thirty-one.
The Russell Novelty company gave
their first of four shows to be given here
this winter on Wednesday evening, but
owing to the cold weather there was a
small turnout.
Henry Schuett of Omaha was
lard visitor Sunday evening.
Miss Anna Gosoh of Omaha spent sev
eral days this week at her home.
Mr. Edward Schuett of Omaha has been
visiting his uncle, John Wlllms.
Miss Wllhelmlne Koch, who teaches
near Irvington, was at horns over Sun
Prof. Wickland spent Saturday and
and Bunday at his home In Valley.
Mrs. George Tallon and Mr. Henry
Schats were Omaha callers Monday. ,
Miss Martha Stuhl has gone to St.
Louis, Mo., where she will visit relatives.
James Nelsen, jr., returned Tuesday
evening, after spending several days in
Misses Alice Koch, Tlllle Nelson and
Gladys Baldwin, who work in Omaha,
were at their respective homes over .Sun
day. Mrs. Clifford Bellinger and son of Wy
more. Neb., are visiting with Mrs. Bell
inger's parents, Mr, and Mrs. Chris
Mrs. A. A. Taylor and daughter, Mar
garet, visited In Omaha several days
this week with ths former's sister, Mrs.
Mrs. Hastings of Denver. Colo., de
parted Monday for her home after sev
eral weeks' visit here with Dr. and Mrs.
Mrs. Lena Johnson, Miss Marie Nelsen,
Miss Myrtle Peters and Misses Lo s and
Dorothy Anderson were passengers to
Omaha Saturday morning.
A large number of friends gathered at
Fralun a Monday evening tn help Mr.
Frahm celebrate his birthday. Cards i
were the chief amusement of the even
ing. The Valley High School girls defeated
the Millard High School girls at basket
ball Tuesday, by a. score of 22 to 4.
It was the first game played by the
home girls this Season, and they did
good work.
Billiard and pool sharks of th Com
mercial club will hold a tournament soon
to decide the best players In both games.
Prises will be offered.
Details of the tourney are being ar
ranged by Dr. W. J. Bradbury, A. G.
Munro and J. F. Dietz, acting for the
house committee, of which Gould Diets
is chairman. Dates and rules will bs
announced In a few days.
Srlas field.
K. J. Smith returned from Ogden and
xpect to locate la that city soon.
Thomaa Wilson of Idaho, a former resi
dent of tlil vtotniiy, 1 visiting relative
(lorge Oramllck ot Murdock ha bought
lu acres, whtitt la a part of th Jacob
rackler fai-nu
William fiperdla ha bought th Jeffer
son property In Springfield and will mev
Into It in a fw days.
Ernest Sicca. Krett Bates, Oliver Henry
nrfl fn fo
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