Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 29, 1911, NEWS SECTION, Image 9

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Thousands of Dollars Worth of Merchandise Must Go
Monday Mop
Basement and 2d
ale Start
Floor Opening Will be IVSacIe IFvs'St
A few cases of high grade Maish Comforters, large
size, 72x84: indies, cambric covering, long, clean
cotton filliug and Laminated. Laminated means
that the filling comes in sheets and is laid layer
upon layer, insuring evenness and lasting quali
ties; 4.00 was the price; Monday, each, $2.95
One lot of Stitched Comforters, cambric covering,
pure white filling, 72x84 also; formerly $3.00
Monday $1.05
Hundreds of other Comforters, the value of which
will he equal to those mentioned.
Xo house in America has a more enviable
reputation on Blankets than ours. "We are proud
of it justly so we think for only the highest
grade goods enter this section clean, reliable,
perfect merchandise sanitary and hygienic. We
have countless opportunities to buy imperfect, dis
carded, refused merchandise but we shun it as
we would the plague!'" You should, also, for the
sake of your dear ones if not you own CLEAN,
WHOLESOME bedding means so much.
Cotton Blankets worth $:?, on sale Monday $1.95
$().50 all wool White Blankets, on sale Mondav
at $4.25
$4.00 Wwol Blankets, white, gray and tan, plaids
also; at $2.95
$4.00 White Blankets. 3-inch silk binding a
beauty at $2.75
$12.00 fine wool, pure white Blankets, large and
heavy, at $7.50
$10.00 all wool, made in the St. Mary mills, 72x84,
at $G.75
Extra large, all cotton, but woolly to touch and
heavy, worth $2.25, at $1.35
50c Baby Blankets: per pair, at 29 C
A small lot of extra fine Blankets; indeed, nothing
much finer made, St. Mary's cidelweiss; regular
price $1!).00; will all go on Monday, pr., $12.50
Beacon Comfortables These need no descriptions.
$4.50 was the price; Monday, each $2.95
The boarding is in place, the archways are al
most completed in a week we'll be ready to move
in on our SECOND FLOOR. Wo would crowd a
week's business into one day for we must have
room. Never a bettor chance for ou.
Women's High Class Tailored Suits to go
Monday. Cheviots, Plain Serges, Mixtures, Fan
ciesnavy, black, brown, gray, etc. Perfect in
construction, correct in stvlo--desirable in everv
PLAINS IT BEST, and to those who know, tells
the whole story.
About 100 Suits, should be $30, Monday, $18.75
Extra help for Monday, but come early.
The Children's Section is at a disadvantage.
Crowded now by the workmen. Business will be
interfered with still more in a day or two and after
that more room a bigger department to meet the
needs of bigger business. If you need wearables
for infants, missv or miss DON'T MISS THE
Wool Suits, ages 8, It) and 12; sold up to $18.00
to make room, each $5.00
Three -piece Suits, ages 10 to 15; Coats, ages 14 to
17 navy blue and mixtures medium weight
sold up to $1!).00; mom making price. .$10.00
Children's Dresses of wool serge, ages 4 to 12
Momluy $5.00
Children's Caracul Coats, ages .' to 8; Monday,
oacli $3.48
Two special lots of Sweaters for voung folks
$1.93 and $1.00
(heat Sale of Waists Bonutil'ul goods and the
dressy kind fine materials, sold, indeed, as high
as $15.00-many of them Monday, each, $3.98
55 dozen pairs of fine (Jerman Lamb (lloves new
goods, perfect and guaranteed, worth $1.25; to
be sold at, per pair 98c
If you want early delivery you must place
your order for made-to-measure skirts very soon;
business already crowding us.
TttncDinniSLS IrCilpaftipS.'dts Ss. Co
Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Wasa
Lodge Will Be Celebrated.
Maple l.onf Lodge, Order of F.astern
Mar, Given Delightful Musical
rroicrama Happenings
In Lodge Room,
Wasa lodge. No. 1X3, of the Independent
prder of Odd Follows, will celebrate the
twrnty-flret anniversary of Its Institu
tion next Wednesday evening at Odd Fel
lows hull. John Norberg will speak on
Wana lodge and Its history, i A. Baum
gurdner will give a talk on Odd Fellow
ship, Mies Swanson will play a solo on
the harp, the Norden Singing society will
appear for a couple of songs, and the
program will be Interspersed with or
chestral music. After the above program
has been concluded a lunch will be served
In the banquet room, and the remainder
of the evening will be devoted to dancing.
Omaha lodge No. 2, will have work in
the Initiatory degree next Friday night.
K. II. Roberts, treasurer of South
Omaha lodge, No. 148, broke both bones
of his right arm last Thursday afternoon
while ' cranking his automobile.
Dannebrog lodge. No. 216. will put on
the Initiatory degree work next Friday
' Alpha Rebeckah lodge No. 44 will have
degree work next Monday night.
Maple Leaf I'roitraiiit
Tho quartet composed of Miss Florence
Jjiucasler, soprano; Mrs. P. W. McMul-
Every woman's heart responds to
the charm and sweetness of a baby's
voice, because nature intended her for
motherhood. But even the loving
nature ot a mother shrinks from the
ordeal because such a time is regard
id as a period of. sufferings and danger.
Women who use Mother's Friend are
saved much discomfort and suffering,
and their systems, being thoroughly
prepared by thU great remedy, are
m a healthy eoudition to meet the
time with the least possible suffering1
and danger. Mother's Friend is
recommended only for the relief and
comfort of expectant mothers ; it is ia
no sense a remedy for various ills,
but its many years of success, and
the thousands of endorsements re
ceived from women who have used it
are a guarantee of the benefit to he
derived from its use. This remedy
does not accomplish wonders but sim
ply assists nature to perfect its work.
Mother's Friend allays nausea, pre
vents eating oi
the breasts, and
la every way
contributes to
ttrou-;, healthy
motherhood. Mother's Friend is sold
at drug ttores. Write for our free
book f'r expectant mothers.
len, contralto; Charles Ilartzog, tenor, and
John F. Barton, bass, assisted by Miss
Helen Taylor, gave a concert Saturday
evening at the Masonic temple for the
Maplo Leaf chapter of the Order of the
Eastern Star. The program was arranged
by Miss Florence Iancaster, the first
point of the Star. The Program:
Oh, Hush Thee, My Hable ...... Sullivan
Sister Awake Mlnltti
Miss Florence Lancaster.
Solo Selected
Jo F. liarton.
Pluno Solo Selected
Miss Helen Taylor,
Who Is Sylvia Schubert
Charles Hertzes.
The Voice of the Rain McCoy
Mrs. I . W. McMullen.
The Bonnie Hunks O'l.och Lomou
miprrt Lecturer touting;.
Sofia Stephall will deliver a series of
"concert lectures" with Illustrative songs
on musical subjects at Rarlght's hall,
under the auspices of George Crook
Woman's Relief corps, November 13 and
14. Her lectures are not only thoughful
and suggestive but entertaining as well,
and she everywhere charms large and
enthusiastic audiences. Her songs, illus
trative of a rich variety of pure and
beautiful tones, are, through her magni
ficent voice, sympathetic temperament
and versatility, veritable tone paintings
and show that besides careful training,
she is richly endowed by nature, with
both heart and voice.
Modern Woodmen "Sla" Parly.
B. M. camp No. M5, Modern Wood
men of America, will hold a "stag" Hal
lowe'en party Tuesday evening at Its
hall that will bo considerably out of the
ordinary. Several new and novel "stunts"
will be put on. There will be short talk
by prominent Woodmen and refresh
ments will be served. The entertainment
is for all members of the camp and their
friends and Is given complimentary by
the camp.
Maccabees Initiate.
Omaha Tent No. 75, Knights of the
Maccabees, met Friday evening and there
was a large attendance of Hit' Knights
present. Several were initiated, the team
exampllfylng the work in their usual
delightful manner. The entertainment
committee la now at work preparing a
program for the entertainment ot the
Sir Knights In tho near future.
lien liar AollvIO,
Mecca Court No. 13, Tribe of Ben Hur,
had a large attendance at the meeting
Thursday evening. Captain Rackley put
on the degree work. At the next meeting
light refreshments will be served, and
November will be a benefit ball for a
sick member.
Achate Hallowe'en Party.
Omaha Ixdge No. 1, Royal Achate
will have a special social session Hal
lowe'en. All member of sifter lodges are
cordially Invited to be present. Refresh
ments will be served.
Ancient Order of Vnited Workmen.
Omaha lodge. No. M, Ancient Order of
Cnlted Workmen, will entertain South
Omaha lodge. No. W. their degree staff
and the Raxoo band on Tuesday evening,
October 2L
rirat Dims Aaaonnrrd.
MoTKlaniiii lodge. No. lit Fraternal
I'ctuu oT Ai-vloe. w'.ll give the fljv.
dnnre ot tfee sea-ou at taefr ba.'f, Twen
ty-fourth and Parker streets, Monday
evening, October SO. Admission 20c.
Would like to hear from all ex-members
Jr. O. U. A. M. to organize new
council, K. F. Wagener. Phone A-43S7.
709 South Twenty-seventh street.
Grand Island Party
in an Auto Wreck
Screeching of automobile brakes, a
crash and rattling of glass and the
screams of two women near, sent the
passenger of a westbound Farnam street
car Into panic at 10:15 o'clock last night,
when the machine coming south on
Thirty-ninth street, turned tast and
smnhed into the rear ot the car.
Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Hopkins and Mr.
and Mrs. Louis I.. Moore, all of Grand
Island, were thrown from the machine
Into the wreckage on the pavement.
Miraculously, however, none of the four
was badly hurt. The women's clothing
was badly torn and they suffered slightly
from the shock, but otherwise they
escaped Injury. The men were only
slightly scratched and bruised.
The wrecked machine was taken to the
parkway at the aide of the street and
left, while the party went to the depot
to catch a train for Grand Island.
The matter of high school students who
work outside of school hours has been
taken up with several students and par
ents by Principal Mcllugh during this
week but otherwise no definite action ha
yet been taken.
The double session arrangement of
classes now In vogue at the school has
made It possible for students to work as
much as six hours per day outside of
school in different ways. A great many
of the lads are carrying morning and
evening paper routes, others are working
in offices about town during tho after
noon and some are acting as ushers in
the local theaters both In the afternoon
and evening.
Principal McHuch Insists that In order
to curry on successful school work each
student should devote at least three hours
per duy I the preparation of lessons and
that work outsido of school hours In
some cases Interfere to a great extetit
with the success of tlu student. Khe
doe not object, however, to work outside
of school provided It does not Interfere
with levsons.
"If a boy goes to school from 1:30 lit
the morning until noon, taking part In at
leust four recitations," said Miss Mc
llugh Friday, "and then goes down town
and work during the remainder of the
Rfternoon, often until C o'clock, he has
accomplished the comparative work of an
ordinary man for one day. If he then
puts in two or three hours of studying
In the evening, he Is overtaxing his physi
cal a well a his mental strength and Is
unfit for good school work the next day.
"I have taken the matter up person
ally with several boy and also with
some ot the parents and expect to ar
rive soon at a lutrmonloux solution of the
To Die on 1st neafiola
la painlers compared with the weak, lama
back kidney trouble c-uaes. Kloctrlc Bit
ters Is the remedy. Mc. Kor sals by
Lent on Drug Co.
H Wan! Ads will Mount your busl
tad e-wt It to (row. (
E"Prrr sfiifraanaT i.jiih i i
, , Yi
II ll; 1
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$1,090 Complete F. O. B. Omaha
Extra Touring or Roadster body to fit same
chassis if desired, giving you a winter and sum
mer car at very little more than the price of one.
The Elegance of This Coupe Will Surprise You
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