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as, Xiao, rixtnrea, B-rross-Ora-i&sB.
lbor Waata a IMToro rna U
Shower started suit for divoroe against
Charles O. Showers In district court
JTsw library for Geneva Plans for a
new city library at Geneva, Neb., have
been aubmltted to Omaha builders for
blda on construction.
Tn. J. T. Xlssler moved from 8.1
Brandels building to S.4 Brandals Theater
building Practice limited to diseases of
nose, throat and ear. Phone Douglas ISM.
Wheat at Dollar Mark Wheat contin
ues to sell around the tl mark on the
Omaha exchange, some days the price
being above that figure and some days
a little beJow. .
Hard Goal Kay Mot Up Hard real 1
till selling at the summer price $10.50
but some of the dealers say It will be
advanced SO oents a ton en November 1.
Steam coal, which has been selling at
18- a ton. Is being offered by some
dealers at S3. 9a
Orchard Sill Club Meets The Orchard
Hill Improvement club will meet Friday
evening at the residence of J. H. Lyncto,
lB Decatur street Dr. Q Holovtohlner
ad other speakers will address the meet
tug on matters of Interest to the -club.
All members are requested to attend.
Powell's Offloe Inspected Thirty
members of the National Grain Inspec
tors' association, which met here this
week, visited the offloe of Chief Inspector
Powell of the Omaha Oratn exchange,
to examine hie system of Inspection and
records. Their expressions were very
complimentary to Mr. Powell.
Gas Fumes Fill the
Court During Trial
When two spectators In Judge Sut
ton's court room In the court house were
almost .overcome by illuminating gas
fumes Wednesday afternoon. It became
apparent that a gas pipe was leaking
and a force of gas repair men set about
locating and repairing the leaking pipe.
The spectators were deeply interested In
arguments In the (20,000 damage suit of
Mrs. Fannie WeUel against the Omaha
General hospital for the death of her hus
band, Alva P. Wetzel, and did not realize
they were being affected by the fumes
until they almost keeled over.
All this week the fumes have made
work In the court house extremely un
pleasant, but as they were strongest In
that section of the building which Is near
est to the new county building It was
thought the wind carried them from the
new structure, where gas connections are
being made.
While the court house was almost de
serted Thursday. It being Columbus day,
the repair men completed their work.
National Stationers
Are Coming Here
' F. I. Eltlck of the Omaha Printing
company, who is In Buffalo. N. Y., to
attend the convention of the National
Stationers' association, has wired home
to the Commercial club that Omaha has
been selected as the place for holding
the 1911 convention. The association has
BOO members. President Cole and Chair
man Haverstlck of the Executive com
mittee of the Commercial club wired In
vitations Wednesday to the association,
at Mr. El lick's suggestion.
Word has Just been received rioci
South Dakota School of Mines canceling
the game with Creighton for October 21.
The game was to have taken place before
President Taft at Rapid City, 8. D., but
owing to complications that have arisen
on the part of the School of Mines,
Creighton has been left with a hole in
Us schedule for that day. The team Is
Just recovering from the disappointing
effort of last week agalnt Western Union.
Coach Miller now has the boys work
ing double drill and whatever foot ball
lies dormant tn these men he Is de
termined to bring out. The bucking
machine has been brought out and no
mercy is shown his line men. Heffer
man is back and will undoubtedly be a
fixture in the game against TanWtou,
6. D., at thst place Saturday. A new
man has appeared on the scene Moor
head of Drake. He is contending for an
end position, is a fast man and showing
up favorably.
Chief among Miller's numerous troubles
Is the lack of a strong fullback with a
consistent boot. Duckle McNichols Is
good at times, but Isn't sure. Hefferman
may go in for this Job.
Creighton will be a new outfit when
-they face Yankton Saturday and they
are determined to redeem themselves at
Yankton's expense.
The committee of one hundred, ap
pointed to arrange for the coming prison
congress has passed the following reso
lution on the death of General Mander
son: Whereas, In the midst of a recent sea
voyage General Charles F. Mandereon
was called forever from the discharge
of the grave and responsible duties that
had confronted him in this life; and.
Whereas, His career has been una so
marked by high character, loyalty to the
best Interests of the city, state and coun
try, and sympathy with movements tend
ing to the amelioration and uplift of
tot let y; and,
Whereas, Many organizations looking
toward the betterment of conditions are
Indebted to our lata distinguished till
en tor valuable services rendered; and, '
Wheress, Among thee organizations is
the committee of one hundred, having
local charge of preparations for the an
nual convention of the American Prison
association soon to convene in Omaha;
therefore, be It
Resolved, That we. In behalf of the
committee of one hundred. In common
with all other Nebra.kans, express our
deep regret at the loss of the dis
tinguished ex-senator of the lhlt4
States and esteemed fellow ciUsen; and,
be It further.
Resolved. Thst we extend eur heartfelt
sympathy to Mrs. Mandeieon In her be
reavement MRS. DRAPER SMITH.
Chicago School Superintendent
Cojne for Prison Congteu.
the Is Firm Believer la Maaaal
Train I a a- aad Won Id Eatrafl It
to Eaifcraeia Other Crafts
Thaa Tarpe-atry.
The Water board has let the contract
to the Kats Construction company for
laying mains on California street from
Fortieth to Forty-eighth and on Forty
fifth to the School for the Deaf.
J. W. Cr, pel and oi uayion. o.. purchases
a bottle of Chamberla'n's Cough Remedy
for his boy who had a cold, and before
the bottle was all used the boy's cold was
gone. Is that not better thaa to pay
a doctor's bill For sale by ail dealers.
Mrs. Ella, Flags; Young, who reigns over
a kingdom of .ftft(t boys and girls as
tuperlntendent of the Chicago public
rchools, and Rev. Albert J. Fteelman of
Seattle, superintendent for Washington
of the Society for the Friendless, arrived
in Omaha Thursday, the first delegate to
iome for the National Prison congress,
which begins Saturday evening.
Mra Young, who lost year was ap
pointed aa delegate to the International
Prison congress, comes to the Omaha
meeting representing the state of Illinois,
having an appointment from Governor
Deneen. She arrived early, tntending to
spend two days tn visiting the Omaha
schools. Heavy mall prevented ber doing
so today, but aha experts to study soma
features of local school work Friday, par
ticularly domestic selerfoe tn the high
school and manual training In some of
the grade schools. ,
"I am a strong believer in manual
training and domestic science." said Mrs.
Young. "I believe tn giving the boys and
girls a chance to find out what they are
fitted for. It may lead boys Into techni
cal schools and success, who, without
manual training, would not have known
that they had a faculty for work In the
given line."
In addition to the usual manual work
carpentry is taught for three months a
year In the Chicago schools, says Mrs.
Young. She Is about to Introduce print
ing and wants to aM a third trade for
three month a year that a corps of com
petent Instructors tn technical subjects
may be kept busy the year round.
Printers t"nln Objects.
. "The printers' union has objected to the
introduction of printing In the public
schools on the ground that It would tend
to make the supply of printers greater
than the demand. 1 was astounded when
I heard their objection, but since I have
been thinking It over, there seems a
great deal to it. When I go back home
I am going to ssk the printers to work
with us, as the carpenters are now doing.
"Union carpenters of Chicago send
their apprentices to school for the three
months and pay them regular wages
during the period. The boys get the
theory of their trade and additional help
ful knowledge that they would never get
In a carpenter shop. Now, If the printers
will agree to send their own apprentices
to school under the same conditions they
can still exercise control over the supply
of printers.
Mrs. Young says the school teachers
can get pointers on handling children
from the sessions of the prison congress.
"The viewpoint of the reformer, as ex
pressed at the congress," said Mrs.
Young 'Is that he must acquaint himself
with the character of the Individual
child and work from that basis. The
teacher business too often is merely
to teach that five times six are thirty.
Of course, there Is an excuse for the
teacher. Teachers are too few In com
parison with the number of pupils for
them to give much study to the individ
ual child. In the average school the
teacher would have about five minutes
a day to devote to each child. If she
spent her time studying Individual char-.
acter and- teaching the individual."
Hunt's Wound Fatal,
Murder Suspeoted.
Woman Arrested
A. N. Hunt, who was shot through the
lungs at Twentieth snd California streets
Sunday Bight, died at St. Joseph's hos
pital Thursday morning at T o'clock, and
Mrs. Mattie Woods, who was with him at
the time of the shooting, has bean arrested
on the bollef that she knows something;
of the affslr. The story told Sunday
night was that Hunt had been shot by
a robber, who attempted to hold him up.
In the neighborhood of the affray a
witness declares that he heard a woman
say "Shoot him again." Mra Woods win
be asked to tall what she knows of such
a ram ark having been made.
Y. W. C. A. Secretary
is Quietly Married
One of the Young Women's Christian
association secretaries auletlv vaa max.
ried Tuesday without saying a word to
her eo-workora about her fnteoMona.
This was Mlae Florenoe LUJeros, office
secretary, who la now Mra. Albert F.
Rasp. a
Miss Llljeros met Mr. Rasp at a valen
tine party which the Young Woman's
Christian association gave for the Young
Msn'a Christian association two years
ago. the latter being an aotlve Toung
Men's Christian association worsen They
have met often tn charity work at the
City Mission and In ohurch work elnoe
'After wrangling all morning Thursday
before Judge Sears over the question
whether or not the attachment of Charles
M. Oarst of Watson, Mo., against Henry
E. Wilcox of Omaha should be dissolved,
Attorneys Stanley M. Rose water and
William J. Hot quit until Friday morn
ing, each desiring to offer more testimony
before Judge Sears should rule.
The attachment Is another development
In the trouble between Gsrst snd Wilcox
over an automobile deal. Garst recently
had Wilcox arrested on a charge of em
bezzlement, alleging the Omaha man
acted as his agent and sold sn automo
bile for gi.mi and then failed' to turn over
the proceeds to him. Wilcox was ac
quitted. Garst then secured his attach
ment on Wilcox's household goods. Mr.
Rofewater, attorney for Wilcox, moved
to dl.rolve the attachment because of an
Irregularity In the attachment bond.
Hots, representing Gartt. resisted. At
the hearing Thursday Wilcox and his
wife were required to go Into their fam
ily history and detail their movements
for the Isst year to show thst they never
attempted to run away with Garst's
money or his car.
Eighty dollars were added to the city
coffers Thursday through the efforts of
the flying squadron, which arrested five
mere speeders Wednesday. Those ar
rested and fined were L. A. Thatcher.
Ml North Twenty-first street, $20; B.
Swanson, 838 South Nineteenth street, $10;
C. Li. Jacob a 3fc6 Leavenworth street.
$-0; J. K. Vogel, 131 South Twenty-sixth
street, $20; E. P. Bennett, Atlantlo, la.,
$10 bond forfeited.
Alameda Wii&rd Products Rainbow
Corn that Has Red Whisker.
W. !. Ntefcols, Proeeas Kapert, Rep.
reweadaa Bartask, Is Here aad
la Arranctea His KahlMt
la the Big Collseaas.
Luther Burbank. the wtaard of Cali
fornia, wbo haa a world reputation for
his new creations In all sorts of grain
and fruits, haa sent a I aire and most
Interesting exhibit to the Omaha Land
show in charge of W. P. Nichols, who Is
now Installing It. Mr. Nichols is the
processor for Mr. Burbank and for
Alameda county, where Mj Burbank a
farm Is located.
Rslnbow corn with all the colors of
the rainbow and with red whiskers Is
one of the latest creations which will be
show'n, a full stalk with three ears hsv
Ing arrived.
A Nw IMam.
new plum whloh ripens In November
and which, whan picked Septambar
was aa large aa an ordinary pear, la one
of the numerous exhibits which will at
tract at taut loo. A plumcot, a cross be
tween a plum and an aprloot, is another
which will be exhibited In Omaha for
the first time.
"My time Is worth Just $100 a minute."
la an expression often used by Mr. Bur
bank whan axnusing himself from visitors,
said Mr. Nloboia, "but he was pleased to
give time to Mr. Rose water on his recent
visit and to show him soma oi his latest
work. Among other things Mr. Rose
water saw a cactus plant from which
Mr. Burbank had already sold $10,000
worth of cactus."
. Wilbur Walker, commissioner for
Alameda eounty will soon arrive for the
Land show to explain to visitors the
beauties of that section of California.
Mrs. Clarence Parsons, who came to
Omaha from her home in Sioux Falls to
take her 6-year-old son from ths St.
James' orphanage, left last night with
the boy. after habeas corpus proceedings
had been instituted. The orphanage offi
cials had made arrangements to place
the boy in a private home and papers for
the adoption were prepared, when Mra
Parsons telephoned that she hsd corns
for the child A disagreement arose snd
court proceedings followed, but Mrs. Ood
frey, who was to have adopted the boy,
gave him to his mother after an Investi
gation. The lad was placed In the or
phanage a year ago. when Mrs. Parsons
hsd been divorced from her husband and
had fallen 111.
Babies strangled.
by coughs or colds are Instantly re
lieved and quickly cured with Dr.
King's New Discovery. BOc and $L0O. ,For
sale by Beaton Drug Co.
Flour on the local market has ad
vanced 15 cents a sack in the last ten
days, according to the statement of
Manager King of Hayden Bros.' Grocery
department. Coffee has gone up b cents
a pound within the last five weeks.
Potatos are down to 80 cents a bushel,
and Mr. Kins' predicts 00 cent spuds be
fore long. '
Electrical Shock
May Prove Fatal
Arthur Brown, employed at the South
Omaha plant of the Omaha Eleotrlo
Light company, was perhscs fatally In
jured at I o'clock ThureiKy morning when
8.0P0 electric volts shot through his body.
He was standing on a stepladder dusting
the switchboard with a feather dustier
when bis light arm came in contact with
the potential transformer and the entire
voltsge was received.
Rendered unconarlous by the force of
the shock Frown fell to the floor, strik
ing on hh head. He was found uncon
scious by NUiht Inspector J. Everman
and Dr. F. O. Berk aas Immediately
summoned. Together they worked over
him for an hour and at last restored him
to a eeml-conscious condition- An am
bulance was called and he was taken to
the South Omaha hospital where he lies
In a dangerous condition, with his right
arm badly burned and his skull probably
Brown la to years old and has a family
thing tn Omaha He haa been living at
a hotel In South Omaha for the last
three montha
Mid-Term Class Has
Chosen Its Officers
The mid -term otass of the Omaha High
school held Us first meeting Thursday
afternoon and elected offlners for ths
coming year. A olasa of nineteen stu
dents has signified its intention of grad
uating next February, and Principal Mo
Hugh la wall pleased with the way the
students hava ah own their spirit of or
ganisation. The following officers were elected for
the clasa of 1911-1911: President, Lynn
Saoknttt vloe president. Bthel Padmore;
secretary, Oraco Huntley; treasurer, Min
nie Malchlen; aergeants-at-arms, Gladys
Ellis and Carl Hansen. Mis Towne and
Mr. Woolery of the faculty were elected
as class teachers.
Following are the members of the class
of 1311-1-12: Ijmn Saokett, Victor Gal
bralth, Arthur Robinson, Carl Hansen,
Boise Turk, Joe Rosenberg, Morse Olan
dar Paul Wlginglon. Louis Kowaleskl,
Julius Rachman, Arthur Podolak, Minnie
Malchlen. Grace Huntley, Ethel Pad
more, Lois Corey, Gladys Ellis, Irene
Cotter, Marion Marowits and El ma Pearson.
Adventurous Boys
Return to Parents
Equipped with a book entitled "Mark
Mason's Triumph," two youths started
out to see the world and mske their
fortunes, but their plans were knocked
galley west before they got out of town.
Howard Wylle of SIS South Twentieth
street Is one of the youngsters, and he is
accused of having robbed his mother and
ths hired girl of about $&. Accompanied
by Hamilton Hall of 607 fcouth Twentieth
street they got as far as Florence, where
they slept in an allay over night. Thurs
day morning they came to Omaha
and Wylle bought himself a suit of
clothes, hat and shoes. The boys then
proceeded to the Union station and asked
for tickets to Wyoming. The man in ths
ticket window was suspicious and he
called a policeman. Ths lads, who sra
about 12 years old, will be turned over
to the Juvenile court.
Your Neighbors Can Tell Yon
No doubt, if you yourself don't know, of many marvelous cures of Stomach, Liver, Blood and Skin affections that have
Been made by the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, for it has a most successful record of over 40 yean.
These CURES embrace also many bad cases of Weak Lungs, lingering
Coughs, Bronchial, Throat and Lung affections, some of which, no doubt,
would have run Into Consumption, had they been neglected or badly
treated. We don't mean to say that the "Golden Medical Discovery" will
cure Consumption when fully seated, but It will strengthen weak lungs.
Improve digestion, and make pure, rich, red blood thereby overcoming and
casting out dlseaseproduclng bacteria and giving robust, vigorous health.
All particulars about the "Discovery," its composition and uses, in Common Sense Medical
Adviser in cloth covers, 1000 pages, revised up-to-date, sent for 31 cents, in one-cent stamps,
to pay cost of wrapping and mailing only. Or send post card request for free booklet
to World's Dispensary Medical Association, Dr. R. V. Pierce,
President, No. 663 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are little in size but great in gentle
acting sanitary results; cure constipation, ask your neighbors
Behind Dt- Pierea'a tto&icino
stands ths ZonUds' Botslsad Sur
gical Institute, at Butfalo, thor
oughly mqofppsd aad! with a Staff
of Skilled Specialists treat ths
mors difficult casus of Chromio
jdissaas -wbsthsr requiring Mad
icl or Surgical skill for tktlr
cure. Send tor fr0
You Don't Know
To dream you'v started on lite j way.
With just the qiri you 6 cnooie,
Means Life wH seem aHolidaq
If you wear The Stetson Shoev.
The Stetson Shoe
Makes Life a Holiday
Foot -ease being essential to
mind-ease, comfort is made the
first consideration in building The
Stetson Shoe.
Shod with the shoe of comfort The
Stetson Shoe each day will
be gay, your work a pleasure
and your pleasures complete.
The STRUT is a stylish
model for the young man
a fitter, too
and fit means comfort.
Stet$on cott mere by the pah bat Ut$ by the year"
S S mm 1
under the most modern,
sanitary conditions by
skilled masters, In a
brewery us clean as
"mother's kitchen."
0241s Wu hna. taau. I.
faaaaf DmutUu 6J
; zlj?'
4 t "T i) - n s-riaiissarV r . --.i'ai
fi""asSll aW.Iii KslAaVaL
Sandrin$ham Jacket
The Coronation has brought the most
famous of English styles, the Norfolk
Jacket into vogue again. Its effect is
seen more or less modified, in most of
the short coats for winter. The sweater
shown above has the clean-cut lines of
the original Norfolk, the favorite garment
of the Tate King Edward. No style ever
designed is so appropriate for "out-door"
wear. The Sandringham Jacket cannot
be bought ready-made but -we will send
you complete directions for making one
upon receipt of the coupon below. Send
it today. The yarn used is Fleishcr's
Knitting Worsted, one of the thirteen
the yarns whose fine, aoft thread and splendid
wearing qualities have made them standard.
Most women who use yarns use the Fleisher
Yarns; if you are one of the few who don't, you
should certainly try them for' your next garment.
altNag Waraaa
Dvasaaa Hasaa
bansaalawa Zaakr
(4- aaa a-loU)
fciaaaaawa Waal
Saaarla f aa Va
SaatlaaJ Zapajr
spiral lara Sh.llaa4
tllshl.a Waa4
Ca.kai.ra Yara
Aaaava Waal
E Mail this Cauaan to S. B. B. W. FLEISHER. rkiladalpMa 120
Features of the world s Greatest Typewriter
"A STRAIGHT LINE is the shortest distance ho
tween two points."
THE SMITH PREMIER WAY is the "straight
line" way from key top to impression.
No complications.
No time-wasting motions.
No double key strokes for single impressions
No faulty alignment of printed characters
because of shifting platens or baskets.
No adjustment of the machine every time
a capital letter is wanted.
But straight lines, up and down, right and
left a key for every character.
And direct, positive action from key top to
impression on the paper.
THESE FEATURES insuring the most rapid, ac
curate work are characteristic of all Smith Pre
miers and of SMITH PR1.MIER VISIBLE, Model
10 the machine with truly visible writing.
"Now I am ready to buy," said a business man last
week, "you showed me nil nbnut your machine last month
and have not bothered ine since. I like j our methods of
doing business."
The Smith Premier Typewriter Co,
Branches in A
sioux city, 19th and Douglas Sts.
deSes. OMAHA, NEB.
Dandruff and Falling
Quickly Stopped.
From tims Immemorial, aacs and sul
phur hava been used (or ths hair and
s.alp. Almost everyone knows of ths
value of such a combination (or darken
ing ths hair, (or curing dandruff and
falling hair, and for making the hair
In olden times the only way to get a
hair tonto of this sort was to brew It In
the horns fireplace- a method wbtch was
troublesome and not always satlaTac tory.
Nowadays almost every up-to-date drug
gist can supply his patrons with a ready-to-usa
product, skillfully compounded tn
perfectly equipped laboratories. Tha
Wyeth Chemical Company of New York
put up an ideal remedy of this sort,
called Wyeth s 6se and Sulphur Hatr,
Remedy, and authorise druggists to sail
it under guarantee that th money wtu;
ba refunded If It falls to do exactly aa
If you have dandruff, or It your half
Is turning gray or coming out. don't
delay, but get a bottle of this remedy
today, and sea what a few days' traat-'
ment will do for you.
Thla preparation la offered to tha
public at fifty cents a bottle, and la!
recommended and sold by all druggtsta.
Special agent: Sherman MoCoonaU
lrug Co., ltih and Dodge Eta., Omaha,
The B
ee for All the