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New Home for Consumptives - Will
Be Established at Kearney.
Forty Tkoitml Iollars Appro
Striate and Separate Horn Will
Be Built Law la Sllaatlr
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Oct 12. (Special.)-Investl-gatlon
of the land bought by the state
for the establishment of a hospital for
Indigent consumptives Is under headway
at Kearney, Where the new state Institu
tion la to be located. The large Frank
residence, which Is on the thlrteen-acre
tract. Is to be used as one of the build
ings for the hospital, while It Is the In
tention of the . State Board of Public
Lands and Buildings to supervise the
erection of another building.
The last session of the state legislature
appropriated 140,000 for the establishment
of the hospital, but neglected to provide
for the appointment of officials therefor,
not setting out In the bill which was en
acted Into law whether the superintendent
of the hospital should be a physician es
pecially skilled in the treatment of tuber
cular troubles. It Is the Intention of the
state board, so it is said at the state
house, to appoint a business man to this
place and have a physician named sepa
rately, so that he may spend the major
portion of his time In attending his pa
tients and not have the management of
the institution thrust upon his shoulders.
Merrick County to
Have Corn Show
CENTRA L CITY, Neb., Oct. 12. (Spe
cial.) The executive committee of the
Commercial afQ) has just perfected ar
rangements for the holding of the annual
Merrlok county corn show, which Is year
by year becoming of more Importance
here and is arousing much interest. The
dates have been definitely fixed as No
vember 15 and 16. The program will
begin Wednesday at I o'clock, when Prof.
C. W. Pugsley will deliver an address
. on "Corn" and "Farm Management." In
the evening Prof. L. W. Chase will give
! a good roads lecture and will illustrate
his remarks with stereopticon views. Both
speakers are from the state agricultural
Thursday at 10:30 o'clock there will be
a domestic science demonstration and
lecture at Cuddington hall to be con
ducted by one of the women Instructors
in that branch from the University of
Nebraska. In the afternoon of that day
Prof. A. I Haecker of the University of
Nebraska will lecture on "Dairying and
The rules require that all corn contest
ing for prises must be entered at the
Academy of Music not later than 2 o'clock
Wednesday afternoon. The judging will
be completed so that the exhibits' will
be open for public inspection Thursday
afternoon. A special feature will be the
corn judging contest for boys under 16
years of age, to be conducted by Prof.
Culver of Nebraska Central college, The
committee Intends asking that all of the
schools In the county be closed on Thurs
day, so that the school children may
i The following committees have been ap
pointed to have complete charge of ar
rangements: Soliciting M. Q. Scudder,
Sten Nordstedt. O. D. Burke, Will Rice,
Henry Lee. Advertising James Hender-
aon. O. C. Fitch, H. O. Taylor, J. W.
Machamer, H. E. Glatfelter. Speakers
O. H. Gray. D. H. Burke, Prof. Culver,
E. H. Badger..
Miss Frances Kelley, county superin
tendent, will have charge of the boys'
and girls' contests.
iState Spends Mucji
! to Teach Agriculture
i .
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
748,240 to pay the expenses of agricul
tural education in this state for a single
blennlum, according to a report just is
sued by W. R, Mel lor of the State Board
of Agriculture. The compilation follow
a request from the Province of Ontario
for Information along this line. The fol
lowing shows where the money Is to go
and how It is to be distributed:
'Salary roll for College of Agrl
I culture. Including that paid for
experiment purposes at Lincoln
from the mill tax Is about $ 70,000
.Maintenance paid to farm depart
, ments from the mill tax Is about. 20, GOO
Cash expended by departments at
1 farm accumulated by farm aala
Is about......... 25,000
Adams fund I6,ouo
1 The Hatch fund u OoO
I extension iuna per year 17 &u0
.Agricultural botany j'ooo
Kntomology s'ooo
Hog cholera Investigations 15 000
j North Platte substation 30,ou)
Valentine substation 16 000
' ecou s eiuri substation 6 000
Culbertson substation 15 000
Southwestern Agricultural school
. Curtis 100,000
I Conservation commission, for blen-
I n'unt ,000
State veterinarian 21, fix)
I Pure food commission 412XO
Bureau of statistics s'toO
'expenditures at state fair l&U.OuO
State . appropriations for buildings
on fair grounds 15,000
i Board of Horticulture 6,000
i State Poultry association s,uuo
Corn Improvers' association 2,ouo
State Dairymen's assoc. at ion 2,0u0
improved Live Stock Breeders'
, association '
Agricultural building at the farm..
. Farmers' Institutes
Kebraska rural life commission..
Nonunion Men
at Grand Island
. GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Oct. 12.-Hope
that the local strike situation would solve
jltself has been abandoned by the local
I Union Pacific officials and the first In
stallment of strikebreakers from the east
Iwere shipped In .here last night. About
thirty were in the party. No violence
has marked the progress of the local
strike as yet. Fifty helpers are claimed
by the strikers to have gone out yester
day. Reaekaka Give Heaeflt.
TABLE ROCK. Neb.. Oct. lt-(Epecial.)
The local Rebekah lodge of this place
gave a social and supper at the Odd
Fellows' ball last evening at which a
Urge crowd was present. The proceeds
f the entertainment, amounting to near
:. are to go to the Odd Fellows' Home
at York, which 1 to be dedicated next
State Health Board
Plans Inquiry Into
Train Sanitation
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb.. Oct. l.-(SDeclJ )
Fanltary conditions of Nebraska railroad
ations and passenger trains are to be
investigated by State Health Inspector
tl. 11. Wilson, according to a request
made by the secretaries of the State
Board of Health today. The chief iur.
geons of the railroads are axked to meet
with the Hoard of Secretaries In No-
mber In order to consider the aen-
eral question of improved railway sani
The Board of Secretaries figures that
It is not encroaching upon the jurisdic
tion of the State Railway commission.
since that body Is empowered to regulate
rates, service and general control of
common carriers as the lenlftlatum mv
provide by law." While this clause mtgh
give the commission authority over sani
tation, the Board of Secretaries believes
that it has at least concurrent Jurisdic
The board has also decided to call a
meeting of delegates from cltv and
county boards of health, to be held In
Lincoln In January.
Following are the resolutions as to
railroad sanitation:
"We, your committee on railroad nl-
tatiou and resorts, would recommend
that the health Inspector be Instructed to
ascertain the source of the ice sunnlv
of all railroads in the state, and as to
wnetner the Ice Is placed In the water
for drinking purposes or is Disced In a
separate apartment for cooling purposes;
aiso as to tne sanitary condition of the
depots of the different railroads, espe
cially as to the drinking water used In
the depots, and report at our next meet
ing in November.
"We would further recommend that th
chief surgeons of the different railroads
or Nebraska and the chief physicians of
tne relief departments and the medical
directors be requested to meet with us
at our next meeting for the purpose of
taxing up the matter of railroad sanita
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Oct. 12. IScecial.l Jtn.n.
Ing to a Lincoln man who has just re
turned from a trip to western Nebraska,
residents of Scott's Bluff an MnnHii
counties are considerably dissatisfied over
ineu- inaDiuty to arrange, for water rights
for land along the government ditch.
In order to relieve the exlstlnsr condi
tions a plan has been adonted which
contemplates securing from the secretary
of the Interior an order' whnrahv h
Alliance and Cheyenne land offices will
oe allowed to accept applications for
water right certificates without further
payment, where 12 has been nald In the
first lateral district and BO cents In the
second lateral district. Under the present
law it is required that all charges due
on land under the project be paid at the
time of making a water right application
and that no water right certificate shall
be Issued for lands either In nrlvat . own
ership or under homestead entry until
such payments have been made.
Telli People of Superior Their Pro
fessions Are False.
Repabllrana Have Given State Pro
gressive Laws, While Demos
Are Baled by Ike t'or
aoratleas. SUPERIOR. Neb., Oct. 12 (Special
Telegram.) Governor C. IL Aldrlch ad
dressed a crowd of several thousand peo
ple here this afternoon In answer to
Mr. Bryan's, recently made here.
Captain C. K. Adams first Introduced
Judge Hurd, who spoke briefly after a
short talk of "Republicanism and Good
The governor told why progressive re
publicans . should stay within the rsnks
of the party and fight out their plans
for good government. He declared that
the democratic party was In the hands of
the breweries. He also makes the asser
tion that every piece of organised and
constructive legislation placed upon the
statute books has been placed there by
the republican party.
"It Is worthy of note that Mr. Bryan
did not point to anything the last two
democratic legislatures had done that
was worthy of mention," said the gov
ernor. "Neither did he point out what the
last democratic! legislature would like
to have done, but was prevented from
doing by a republican governor.
Hauler Suits Him.
"If Bill Oldham Is good enough for
Mr. Bryan, Mr. Hamer Is good enough
for me. Judges Letton and Hose have
each made good records, are able jurists
and should be re-elected. ,
"It Is worthy of note that Mr. Bryan
In talking of a nonpartisan judiciary did
not mention how the last democratic
legislature passed a bill that would ab
solutely have turned the Judiciary of the
state over Into the hands of the corpora
tipns had It not been vetoed by a re
publican governor. Neither did he men
tion the fourteen other democratic vicious
measures vetoed.
"Mr. Bryan did not tell the people how
the last democratic legislature passed a
measure turning the entire telephone In
dustry over Into the hands of the Morgan-Bell
syndicate. This measure was
vetoed by a republican governor."
Demos for Corporal loas.
The governor paid Mr. Bryan this trib
ute when he said, "that he was wasting
his great abilities In attempting to re
form the democratlcparty in Nebraska.
That the machinery of the democratic
party was today in the hands of the
breweries and corporations, and that Mr.
Bryan was on the outside. That Mr.
Bryan, who was thrice nominated for
president of the United States, was now
compelled to make a fight to be allowed
the humble position of going to the next
national convention.
"The democratic state chairman," said
Governor Aldrlch, "was during all of the
last legislature a dangerous and perni
cious lobbyist, working against any de
cent and moral measures that 'were up
for consideration."
The governor analysed and discussed
the progressive legislation of the session
of 1907, and argued that the only hope
for good government was in the repub-
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Mean party In Nebraska. He discussed
national Issues and answered Mr. Hryan's
argument on the tariff, praised President
Tart for his peace treaties, and asked all
republicans to stand by the ticket and
vote for the republican candidates. . He
was repeatedly applauded and was
greeted by hundreds after his talk.
NORTH PLATTK, Neb.. tvt. 12. -(Special
Telegram.) The regular fall meeting
of the synod of Nebraska Is now In ses
sion In the Presbyterian church In this
place. About 126 ministers and elders
are here. This Is the first time In the
history of the church that the synod has
come so fsr west In the state for Its
meeting. Soma Important changes In
church policy are under consideration,
notably as to home mission and Sunday
school work. Sessions are being held In
the new church dedicated last year by
the Presbyterian congregation, the finest
church In this part of the state.
Among the prominent men are trs. K.
H. Jenks, Nathaniel McUiffln and F. 11.
MeConnell of Omahn, lxng, I,awrence
and Srxton of Incoln and Young of Bea
trice. lr. Gvorge Franklin Williams, pastor
of the church in this city, Is the retiring
moderator. John W. Pressley of Beaver
City was elected for the ensuing year at
last night's meeting. Dr. A. W. Clark
of Kearney preached the sermon Wednes.
day night and Dr. K. M. Frrgusson of
Philadelphia was the speaker tonight.
r. Robert 10. Speer Is to be the speaker
Thursday night. W. J. Bryan Is to ad
dress the synod Sunday afternoon.
FORT WAYNE. Ind., Oct. 12.-At the
annual meeting of the northwest synod
of the Reformed Church In the United
States today the Rev. L. H. Kunst of
Sutton, Neb., was elected president.
Dry Gooda Stock gold by sheriff.
BROKEN BOW.. Neb., Oct. 12. (Spe
cial.) A foreclosure sale of some magni
tude was held by the sheriff yesterday
afternoon at Mason, In the eastern part
of the county, when he disposed of the
entire dry goods sttock belonging to Dler
doorf & Duke at the Instance of the
Commercial State bank of Grand Island,
which held a note against the firm for
$7,000. The stock Invoiced for 113,000, but
was sold to E. Burrows of Mason for
17,350. Before its failure the firm was
supposed to have carried one of the heav
iest stocks of dry goods in the county.
, Nm Notes of Deshler.
DE8C11LER. Neb.. Oct 12,-Speclal
Telegram.) The German Luthern Fried
en's church here will hold a mlsslonfest
next Sunday. In addition to the pastor,
Rev. John Schwerln, the following min
isters will be present: Rev. Gagefoerd
of Ruskln, Rev. Koehler of Gilead and
Rev. Krekeler of Deshler.
The Deshler public schools have bought
a piano for the assembly room. A bas
ket ball court has been made on the
school grounds and outfits for a boys'
and girls' basket ball team ordered. .
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at Important REDUCTIONS
Owing to the damage done to the west wall of our building by the
excavating for the new Woodmen of the World building, we find It
necessary to maXe extensive alterations throughout, and for this reason
we are making this unheard of offer. This remarkable sale will continue
for ONE WEKK ONLY, beginning tomorrow morning, October 9.
Schmoller Mueller
Manufacturers Wholesalers
Lincoln Citizens
Ask for Three-Cent
Fares on Short Lines
(From a Statt vonespondenl.)
LINCOLN. Neb., Oct. 12.-(8peclal)-The
Public Service league, composed of
several local Improvement clubs, and the
Central Labor union today made appli
cation to the State Railway commission
for a hearing In the matter of granting
three rent fare over all local traction-company
lines less than three miles In length.
Reasons advanced why the demand for
three cent fare Is Just, are that the short
lines cost less for operation than the
Havelock and Collegovlew, where six for
a quarter fares now return ample divi
dends. That several of the officials of the
company are paid enormous salaries
while engaged In other lines and devot
ing but little attention to the traction
company Is advanced as reason for
lower dividends and the reduction askod
Cleveland, O., where three cent fare
Is operative at the present time Is cited
and called to the attention of the com
mission In the applcaton. The filing was
made for the complainants by W. G.
Rtamm and Guk E. Roberts officials of
the Public Service league.
Crop t'oadltlona la Pawnee.
TABLK ROCK. Neb., Oct. U.-(Speclal)
Favorable weather and soil conditions
In this locality have resulted In a much
larger acreage of winter grain than usual
and the work of plowing and seeding Is
well along. Many fields of winter wheat
are up and the stand' and color of the
grain are both excellent. A careful esti
mate of the corn crop, it is thought, will
be close to 75 per cent of the full crop.
It Is said the potato crop Will average 40
to M per cent, which a few weeks ago
was thought Impossible. The rains have
1 .ys
n nnnn
also put the meadows and pastures in
fine condition. In many places the fourth
crop of alfalfa has been cut and yielded
well. The average amount of rough feed
has been cut and put up.
BKMvLKMAN, Neb., Oct. U.-tSpeclal.)
The Nebraska synod of the United
Presbyterian church, comprising the
presbyteries of Omsha, Pawnee and Colo
rado, Is In session In this city this week
and will conclude Thursday evening.
A number of pastors prominent in the
church are on the program, among whom
are Rev, R, K. Inckey, moderator, and
Rev. A. C. Douglass of Omaha, Rev.
Charles R. Watson of Philadelphia, Rev.
R. A. Evans of Superior, Neb., and Rev.
J. A. Thompson, D. D president of
Tsrklo (Mo.) college.
Wednesday's session was devoted to
addresses by representatives of the
church on home, foreign and freedmen's
missions, educstlnn, church extension, re
port of synodlral superintendents and
conference work.
Thursday's special event will be the
celebration of the quarter centennial of
the Ilenkleman-Parks congregations, with
addresses by Rev. A. Kvnns and Rev. J,
A. Thompson. Other matters on the pro
gram Include the problem of the rural
church, report of the oommlttee on nar
rative and state of religion, address by
representative of the ways and mesns
committee, reform work, the saloon, Bub
bath desecration, modern graft, church
auxiliaries, the Kabbath school, reports
by Young People's Hoclety of Christian
lOndeavor secretaries, the U M. 8. and the
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Little Girl Killed
When Auto Upsets
KIMBALL, Neb.. Oct 1J. -(Special Tel
egram.) Mary, 0-year-old daughter of
William Atkins, was killed Instantly last
night when an automobile turned turtle
east of here. Tho family of eight was
out on a pleasure trip mid the wheels
struck the side of a rut in the road,
throwing the car over. The girl's head
was crushed. None of tho others In the
car was hurt. The family has lived In
the community for many years and is
well known here.
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