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Savings and Satisfaction in Saturday's Special Sales Ff
111 . i . -V '!(,.'
IJ f "rt;
Kit ' tr4'- " 'If'''''. v-'5 ' 2
1; f SI. ' V'l. r - .-.
t ' t - V' 'i
l Magnificent Display of Clever New Fall
Garment Styles Moderately Priced
A broad range of artistic style creations, embrac
ing all the wanted fabrics and coloring?. At each price
we have bettered the assortments and the quality of our
showing insures every customer perfectly satisfactory
We now show upward of 60 different models in the
ful, better than ever, superior in style, material, work
manship to any suit shown el.-ewhere at COC
the price. Zj
Elegant New Tailored Suits, Imported Models Dis
tinctive designs, no two alike, the verv choicest of the
new creations. $35 $39.75 $45 $50 $65 to $98
A showing which gives expression to the very best,
most popular style ideas of the world; most renowned
style creations. Let us show vou.
wnxDHii vi, m ix value.
Garments mad expressly for us from
fabrics selected by us; Stylish. Service
able Suits at an exceptionally lor price
$18.00 One-Piece Dresses Saturday $10.00 A big
special purchase of ladies' and misses' one-piece
dresses, in 6erges, panamas and messalines, all col
ors and big range of pretty designs; values up to
$lS.00-choice $10.00
At $12.50 A splendid line of Early Fall Ladies'
Long Coats, in tans, navy and black; matchless values
at Saturday's price.
Most Clever Style
Ideas in
Autumn Millinery
Assortments that insure you
satisfactory selection in
becoming mode; values you
will find it impossible to
duplicate in any other
Omaha store. See us and
get posted.
Willow Plumes at Cost
Ladies' Long Silk Kimo
nos Great bargains at
sale price, each.. $2.95
Ladies' Peter Pan Waists
Regular $2.50 values.
nil sizes, Saturday $1.19
Child re s's Wool Serge - Children's Winter Coats,
Dresses, red, navy, black I in plush or bearskins, 1
and plaids, to $5.00 val- ! to 5 years; to $5.00 val
ues, at .$2.95 i ues $1.95
Household Neces
sities Greafly
Attractive Bargains Sat
urday is Hardware Dept.
Galvanized Garbage Cans
10 gallon size at 69c
12 gallon size at 79c
16 gallon size at 98c
i ft. Step Ladders... 39c
5 ft. Step Ladders. . .49c
Preserving and Stew Kettles,
1.000 of them Sat., each f)
$4 5.00 Globe Ranges, very spe
cial bargain Saturday g25
$2.00 Folding Wrfnger Bnch.
for 81.50
$1 Flower Cans, each ..50
XJekled Steel Carpet Beaters.
each 90
5-ft. Skirt Boards at 59
Willow Clothes Baskets, large
89c. Medium ....... .(J9
39c Linen Mops at 25J
Heavy Cotton Mods ..-.-19
Mrs. Potto Sad Irons . . 79
Full Line of Heaters and
Base Burners at very low
prices. Pipe elbows and
stove boards, all kinds.
Best Shirt Bargains Ever
4 hi
Men's Cotton and Lisle Socks,
to 50c values In black, aolors
or black with white feet.
t 19 12H and SHf
Men's fleeced underwear, shirts
and drawers, on sale, at gar
ment 350
Grand Final Clearance of a Big
manufacturer's surplus 6tock
purchase, every shirt guaran
teed perfect, all best colors and
patterns. $1.50 to $3.00 values;
on sale at 69c and 49c
Collars attached or detached,
all sizes, very finest quality
Men's Wool Underwear at 75c. $1.00,
$125 up per garment, all the best
makes light, medium and heavy
weight. You'll find Monev Saving
Price In all lines and grades'.
Men's Pure Silk Hoe 50c and 75c val
ues in good line of colors
Men's Outing Flannel Gowns,
$1.00 to $2.00 values, cut long
and full, heavy quality, on sale
at 08 69 49
Men's $1.00 Undershirta and
drawers, medium or heavy
we,ht l 49
2 Velvet Hand
Bags 98c
Saturday we will hold a
great velvet hand bag saje,
offering for the day:
$2.00 Velvet Hand Ban With
fine silver frame and long silk
cord, at 9S
$1.50 Velvet Bags at 59r A
strictly new line and splendid
values at $1.00 to $1.50, choice
ior 59
Seeing Is Believing Hayden's
"Wonder" Suits $1
surpasses in value any other suit made up to retail at a simi
lar price there is just as much goodness crowded in a
Hayden "Vonder" as you will possibly get into suits that
you are paying $18 and even $20 for. The "Wonder ' suit
following is steadily growing noticeably among men who
have been accustomed to paying $4.00
to $5.00 more.
We have the new English and conservative models in all
II. . 1 1 -v
me new nanasorne weaves, uxtora blue, gray serges, ruue JFI
serges, browns, tans, silk mixtures all splendidlv hand- 4A
A m 1 11 M m .... . 4Bte
tailored ior men ot all proportions, stouts, slims, stubs, longs,
6touts, extra sizes up to 52 breast md regular sizes.
Young Men's Suits Not small sizes of men's suits, but
specially designed models for the young fellow with a par
donable pride in the perfection of his physique. Long lapels,
English roll lapels, with slight form fitting backs medium
and full college cut peg trousers, with or without cuffs. We
want you to see the most wonderful clothes ever produced at
$14.50 none too much can be said of the merits of the Hay
den Wonder Clothes.
You will receive one of our special folders containing sam
ples of these clothes. If your name is not on the list, write for
one thousands of them on the way.
Hayden Bros'.
Home of Hart, Schaffner & Marx Clothes S18 to $40.
Specials You'll
Want s
50c Ladies' Neckwear 25J
25c Ladies' Neckwear 10
25c Silk Ribbons 10
20c Tooth Brushes 10
50c Silk Elastic Belts . .i . . . J.S'
$2.00 Leather Bags at OSC
Sole Omaha Factory Ageut for
Hall Eorchert Dress. Forms. We
sell you all styles at the factory
prices less all the transportation
Men's Fall Hat Styles 515 a QC-
Values to 53.00-Choce 1 J
Our Delivery System
Covers Omaha and surrounding
territory in a most thorough
manner,' giving all parts of
Omaha, Dundee, Benson, South
Omaha anJ Council Bluffs a
Daily Delivery Service. Order
t Hayden's and Save.
Entire floor stock of a well known manufacturer of Men's
fine Felt Hats, both soft and stiff felts, including Scratchups
ijiAru reu, etc., in au sizes, colors
and shapes, at
big assortment of 75c and
$1.00 values at...-. 49c
0 UO
'l5 and 95c
all popular new shapes,
at $3.50 to $7.50
Read Hayden's Big Price Cutting Grocery Sale For Saturday
MopU profit br traaim at . itV.t. . '
pel SEPTEMBER 25th!il
Ifyl Watch Sunday jjjj
A Announcement JySf
ltd m 60 rr otu.
1 IB. bet UranulateJ Sugar.. 11.00
44-10 sacica best ijigi grade Diamond
H Family riour. tor saiarjmy, per
ck IMS
10 bars Beat 'Em AU or Diamond C
Bromangelon. Jellycon or Jall-O,
pkg Tic
1 lb. cans aasorted Soups 7Sic
011 or Mustard Sardines, can...... 4c
PottsJ M.ats. all kinds, can. .1.... 4c
1 lb. cans Corned Beef lie
lbs. good Japan Bics J5C
8 lb. pkg Mt Rnlled Oatmeal 25e
Skinner's Macaroni, the Omaha prod
uct, pkg ioc
Gallon cans table Syrup 3Se
Grape Nuts, pkg ioc
Corn Flakes, pkg 64c
Th best Soda or Oyster Crackers,
lb c
The best crup Pretsels. lb. tc
Th best crisp Ginger Snaps, lb.... 6c
McLaren's Peanut Butter, lb lie
The best creamery Butter, carton or
bulk (don't pay more) lb .ill
Full cream Colored or .Brick Cheese.
No.' 1 Dairy ' Butter". ib! '. '. ' ' j
country t. reamery, very 'fine lh 'r.
Seet o-rn, pr duz "ioc
Fancy Mix or Green Beans. Ib... it
X r-u."-chS! tT.e,tl Bel or carrou..ic
- '
Sweet Peppers, dox. ....
Sweet Potatoes, lb.
F"ncy Ripe- Tomatoes ib.'.".'.'
Cape Cod Cranberries, quart
bunches freh Radishes... '
New Cabbage, lb
2 stalks Celerv
b.'KCh ir,i'h Lf Lettuce:
Rutabag't". lb
Fancy Cauliflower, lb
Tokay Grapes, basket
Blue Plum?, hasket...
Peaches. bsKket
I'tah Elberta Peaches, ate' '.
Biiy Your Gas Burners and
Mantles Saturday
Inverted Gas Burner, com
plete with globe and man
tle, Saturday, only...39c
2 inverted or upright man
tles, regular 15c; 2 for 23c
2 inverted or upright man
tles, 2 for 15c
Decorated Cup and Saucer and
Plates, 18 pieces, worth $1.60
set. per set gg
Plain White Cups, only 6 for 25
Plain White Saucers, only 6
Ior 100
Muslin, Knit Underwear
and Hosiery Values that
Will Surpass Your Expec
tations a Single Disappointment.
Qualities and values you '11 find cat
not be duplicated at the price.
Ladies' 50c and 75c Muslin Corset
Covers, special 25c
Ladies' $2.00 Muslin Gowns, combina
tion suits and skirts, on sale Sat. 98c
Gauze Vests; very special values shown
here, 19c, IS
Boys' $1.25 Blouse Waists; all newest colors and styles, at
Big Sample Line of Hosiery
Fine lisle and cotton, in black
and colors, values to 75c pair;
on sale in two lots S3?. 35
Ladies' 1.00 Silk Hose 4DC
Ladies' $2.00 Silk Hose. . . .984
Ladles' Silk and Wool Union
uits $3.50 garment values, in
pure white, on sale
at $1.98
Ladles' Sweater Coats All col
ors and styles, worth up to
$7.50; on sale at 93.98, $3.50,
$2.98, $1.98.
Misses' Sweater Coata Regular values
Children's Sweater Coats All
sizes, 2 to 6 years, in red,
white or grey, values to $1.50;
on sale at n1
up to $3.50; on sale
51.98 "d si.45
We show complete lines of Ladies' Sterling, Howard Mills, Kay
ser and Swan Brand. Wool and Silk and Wool Vests, Pants and Union
Suits, at Lowest Prices.
Drugs and Toilet Goods, Better
Bargains Than Ever Saturday
Kotlce Prices. We save 70a
89 to 60 Per Cent.
One pound C'ontis White Castile
Soap tor 20o
10c Jap Rose or Palm Olive
boap at two bars (or 16o
One pound 20 Mule Team Borax
for So
Four bars of Ivory Soap for.. 16c
10c can of tinest quality Talcum
Powdsr for 5c
$1.00 bottle pure Hydrogen Per
oxide, extra site, for S5o
25c sue pure Hydrogen Peroxnie
at three bottles for S5o
25c size Dr. K. L. Graves Tootn
Powder or Pasta for loo
25c can Mennen s. Colgate's or
Williams' Talcum Powder
for 15o
25c size Pond's Extract Vanish
ing Cream for 15o
25c lar Peroxide Vanishing
Cream, three to a customer, per
Jar 10
Large size Pompelan Massar
Cream for 49o
t5c Roger and Oallet Rice or
Woodbury'a Faca Powder
for 15o
One hundred Dr. Hinkle's Cascara
Tablets in ealed bottle, regular
price 40c. sale price sSo
11 25 values In Hand Mirrors
for 750
$1 50 Hand Mirrors 98o
;00 Ebony Finish Hand Mirror.
Extra heavy, for $1.3
25c Shaving Brushes, big snsp
for 100
$1 ?5 !-qt. Rapid Flow Fountain
Syringe for Sao
11.00 2-qt. Combination Syringe
and Bottle for $1X0
12 SO Red Rubber Syringe
and Bottle for Il.TS
13 00 Wellington Syringe and
Bottle. guaranteed for five
years, for S2 00
J2.00 No. S Red Rubber Fountain,
while they last $1.19
The Largest and Most Complete Showing of
Trunks, Bags and Suit Cases in Omaha
TRUNKS, $4.95 TO $50.00 BAGS, $1.00 TO $35.00.
Suit Cases in all leathers, fatting, etc, at $1.25 to $30
30 Trunks and 75 Bags and Suit Cases Samples On sale
Saturday at y3 Less than Regular Price.
Mail Orders Filled from
Our Daily Ads.
You'll find it both convenient
and profitable to shop by Mail.
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
sent only by express at pur
chaser's risk.
. . . OO
... 5e
. .3H,c
... 5c
... 5c
... 5c
. 1 Uc
. .25c
. 2 jC
. . 2'lo
. . T5o
Liquor Department Specials
Maryland mye Waiskey, six years old.
per full juart 7S0
Per gallon $2.50
Cedar Brook, Wei. ton bpnngs. bchenly
and Jack Daw Brands
Full quarts $1.00
Per gallon $3.00
Golden Sheaf. Old Bridgeport and Win
chester Whiskeys, bottled In bond.
1'Jirts $1.00
California Wlnas, quart &Oo
Sur.kist Brands Port. Sherry, Angelica.
Muscatel and Tokay. All old and
Mail Orders Promptly PUled.
Extra Specials in Our High
Grade Linen Dept. Saturday
Hemmed Huck Towels and' Hem
stitched,, worth 19c; Saturday,
each IOC
Extra large and long Hemstitched
Damask Towels, worth !9c; Sat
urday, each 19C
Extra large Hemmed Turkish
Towels, worth 39c, each . 23 C
Full size Fringed Bed Spreads,
worth J2.00, Saturday, each . SI 85
Full size lx90 Seamless Bed Sheets,
worth 11.00. Saturday, each .SSo
Full ize Pillow Cases, heavy and
strong, worth 15c. Sat. each ..10c
Saturday In the
Domestic Room
Grey Cotton Blanket, extra heavy,
Wilton Blanket, full size, our $1.75
Blanket, Saturday, at a pair $1.25
Good Wool Blanket, full size and
heavy, Saturday only 84.50
Crochet Bed Spread fringed full
size Saturday, each S1.50
81-0 Sheets, our 5c Sheet. Saturdav.
each 6&o
4S-M Pillow Slips, our regular 15c
case. Saturday, each lie
Outing Flannel, good assortment of
colois and patterns, at, a yard.. 80
MT.PTP.MBER 25th 111
Watch Sunday
Papers for
nnrvnnrprrieTv VV
Caooie Men to Represent Them at
Gneral Conference.
Will Select Their Delegates to the
Cavestioa at This Afleroo'
Sessloa at Plymouth Cos
CeatleBsl thareh.
Delegates from the North Nebraska
conference to the ger.ersl conference to
fee bold In Minneapolis next May were
lected at Friday morning's business ses
sion. The three delegates elected were C. N. Dtvion, P. D , of Omaha:
Rev. WilUaJS Espliu of Arlington and
Kev. E. T. George. D. U . suierintsndenl
of the Nelign district.
Mr. Dawson served for fifteen years in
the Omaha ministry. He was mlni&ter
at the old South Tenth tre church.
bow tbe Diets Memorial, for a number of
ears After that he was in charge cl
the South Omaha, church for three year,
and the Wauaut Hill church for liv.
lears. He was also pastor of the Se- iu
Street church for a number of sr
Mr- George was pastor of IBs Tri:..t
church for one year.
The laymen met la the Plymouth Con
gregational church at 10 SO and organized.
The bupines? taken up was the nominat
ing of lay delegates to the geceial con
ference. Whan the session closed at nwn
all the nominations had been tnade, and
the election of three delegatvs from-' the
atne nominees held over to be taken up
at the afternoon meeting. Those nomin
ated were J"hn Dale of the liancora
Park church. B. H. Paine of Grand Is
land. Oscar Jonton of Laurel. Richard
Conr.ell of Aln. O. O Snyder of O'Neil.
George T. Lindley of the Walnut Hill
church. J. W. Tamplln of Tekamah, E. P.
Sweeley and G- H. Gray of Central City.
Wosaesi Woilt fee Candidates.
A great diversity of opinion exis-.ed
among the laymen as to how the dele
gate should be nominated. Some wanted
each layman to nominate three delegates
by ballot, while others favored a motion
to nominate by voice, and state why their
man should go as a delegate The women
wrre greatly in favor ot having the lay
men put their nominees up In front of
the meeting, stating that looks went far
ther than praise. Finally it was decided
to nominate by voice and vote by infor
mal ballot, leaving the nominations open
for ten minutes.
A number of ministers were admitted
to full membership of the conference at
the morning session. Those were Rev.
Carl K. Steiner. Rev. Earl E. Bowen. Rev.
Ford. Rev. Charles W. Has Rev. Carl
Padcr. Rev. Miles V. Rose and Rev.
Ceorge W. McDonal, who was transferred
to another conference; Rev. Thomas
Hlnkle of Omaha was discontinued from
the ministry by his own request
A motion made by Dr. J. W. Jennings
to adopt the Dcs Moines plan in regard to
hotplts's was carried. This provides that
the general conference name a general
hospital board.
Breeches were made by Mrs. Alice Mc
Laughlin on the Nebraska Methodist hos
pitals, by Rev. E. B. Johnson of the
American Bible society and by Chancellor
C. A. Fulmar of the Nebraska Wesleyan
The Tri-City Ben Franklin club held its
annual meeting at the Paxton hotel Thurs
day evening, elected officers and con
ducted other business. President C. E.
Corey gave a talk in which the reviews
the progress made by the club. Other talks
were nude by llj'.ljn L. Tostevln. John
M Hogan. F. W. Wallwej. Frank A.
Kennedy, R. Baliman and L. J. yuinby.
The new set of oftieers is as follows:
The club re-elected President C. E
Corey. Vice President C. A. Sherwood
and Treasurer Wiuiam H. Hoj'on. and
elected the following board of directors-
Omaha r C. Ellick. Herbert McCoy.
Fred . Wallwey and George Snell.
South Omaha E. A. Morehouse.
'.'ouncil Bluffs Charles A. Howe.
Key to the Situation Bee Advertising.
Fn m Omaha's Near Neighbors
Colo . is the guest of his alatar. Mrs. W.
E. Miller.
A iew ten-horse gasoline engine baa
been Installed at the water worka pump
ing station.
Ross W. Bates went to Chicago on
Monday to enter the law school of the
Chicsgo unversty.
A bresk in the engine at the water
works left the village without water for
twenty-four hours.
Mrs. James MfCampley and her daugh
ter. Mae of. Los Angeles, are visiur.g
tpringrield friends.
Mrs. Simpkins received a paralvtic
stroke on Monday and is not expected to
survive but a few days.
G. C. Blake sold his forty-acre farm
for t. per acre which sets a new record
un Sarpy county real estate.
William Kieck. Enla Bates. Frank Beg
ley and I.o d Morrison are Springfield's
irpresf-ntames at the state university
this semester.
James H. White went to Washtnpto.i
to attend the insurance agents' conven
tion and to soliort insurance on the
White House,
Sprina-field la thirty years old. Only
six people are here now w ho were among
the first citizens of the village. Thay are
L. A. Bates. D. O. Brownes. C. E Smith
Jacob Fackler. A. V. Rogers and Grace
Omaiia sDent Saturday and Sunday with
Mrs. Schata.
Miss Gladys Baldwin, who works In
Omaha, spent Sunday at her home.
Messrs. Sibert. Hanger and Shook of
Waterloo attended the dance at Miliard
Saturday evening.
Miss Frieda Holstetn. who atends
school In umaha. spent Saturday and
Sunday at her home.
Mra Chris Koch left for Wymore. Neb.,
laxt MonUav, where will vis. I her
daughter. Mrs. C. Bellinger.
Messrs. John Peters and Dut Andersen.
Mrs. Peters and Miss Edith Anoeifcon
attended the Orpheum Sunday eenin.
. r i . ' ' w ..i.rtiinfil Vedned.iv
evening at her home in South Omana
for Mr. and Mrs A. Peters and Rev. and
Mra. Krebs.
a Ma... f i t r frnm rretna were
In Miliard Wednesday announcing the
celebration to be given theie September
22. Tbe Gretna oand accompanied them.
J. li. Quinn arrived home Satarday
from a stay at Excelaior Springs. Mo.
H A. .Volts is preparing to start re
butldir.g his elevator where It was burned
Jaxes C. Betts and Miss Eva Brug
ms'iu were rr.arnea H tuii.ln. jec
w.,1 reside on a (arm four miles north
eut ot Eikbom
Mr Peter Kedde and children arrive!
in Klkhorn Thursday from irtgory. t
D.. for a visit wltn her parents, Mr. and
Jli P -i lio'eldi
tar ted
and William Quinn
for Stutaaxt. Am., to
visit Hugh Marsh and other friends. They
expect to be aaay a month or more.
Mra A. J. Deerson and Mrs. B. F. Cal
vert drove to Valley Thursday to visit
Mrs. Calvert's daughter. Mrs. Rfgby.
The Royal Neighbors met Tuesday
afternoon Each member invites a gurst.
Aoout thirty were present.' After
the business a social time was had. the
young women furnishing munc and songo
A delicious lunch was served.
Kenry Kroeger. Louis Ball and Wll'.ard
Ksllon shipped a carload of rattle to
the S.juth omaha maiket Tuesday.
Mra Susan Aifora of Castle Rock,
Miss Delfs returned from Rlslns Cii-v
!at Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Detweller were la
Omaha Thursday.
I The work on John Peters' new residence
is progressing, rapidly.
Misses Lillian and Anderson were
shopping la the c:ty Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Taylor returned
from Tekasrah last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs Ro Sweet of Lewis, la.,
are guests of the Ed Bweet family this
Miss Lois Anderson, who teaches near
Fiknorn. was at home Saturday and
Miss Grace Koch left for Kearney Sun
day, kere she will attend the normal
this year.
Mr. and Mrs. Gallagher of South
Mrs. C. B. Nichola and Miss May Nich
ols war Fremont visitors Thursday.
Misses Nell and Marlon Whitmore axe
spending two weeks in Llnco.n.
Mrs. Isaae Novea and Pris calls are vis
iting Mr .and Mra Gardiner this week.
Rev and Mra Shawkey are attending
the Methodist conference in Omaha this
Mrs. Eddy and Mrs Gibson were shop
ping In Fremont Wednesday.
Mo nil Johnson. C. B. Nichols and F. C.
Kennedy went to Hooter Thursday in
the auto to attend the live stock exhibi
tion. Mrs. Kelly entertained Wednesday af
ternoon in honor of Mrs. Harry Cramer,
who Is a guest of Mrs. C. H. Webb.
There will be no preaching service in
the Presbyterlaa church Sunday.
The members of the Masonic lode's
gave an informal and verv enjoyable re
ception for A. J. McCheng Saturday
A. J McCheng. who has supplied the
Presbyterian pulpit since January,
preached his farewell sermon &unda
evening and left Monday morning for
Princeton. N. J. where he wul com
pete hia theological course.
The following graduates of the Valley
High scnool will attend cullt-ge this year.
Misses Leo la Burt. Kale aod Davis,
Fremont normal; Misa Vers Curtis.
Minnesota State normal; Joe Claybaugh.
Bellevue. Neb.: Buiah Byars. Wesleyan
university; Mles Mabel Johnson snd
Eva Harrier. Etner Anderson. Clifford
Edmlnster. LerOy MeCormick and Elmer
Merryweather. state urjvtrslty ; Neola
Parson. Peru State normal.
Mrs. C. TV Fwitxer and daua-hter,
Hatel, spent Tuesday at the Krats home.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Maree are rejoicing
over the arrival of a baby boy.
Charlie Gilbert and family of South
Dakota are viiting 1. D. Gilbert of Ir
vington. Mr. and Mrs W. L. Rl. hard have been
enjoying a visit from tbe Edwards family
of Iowa,
spent Thursday
Mra Phalen. of
Miss Nellie Scanlln
night with her aunt.
Mrs. I. D. Gilbert and daughter, Mra
Charles Gilbert of South Dakota, called
on Mrs. D. C. Krati Tuesday.
The Christian Endeavor society of tha
Congregational church gave a slcial at
the Haz&rd home Friday.
The Chrlsnao Endeavor society of the
Irvine-ton Christian church gave a
souvenir social at the home of Mrs. 8. A.
Bates Friday evening
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Peterson of
Creiphton. Nto.. were guests at tha
Stoltenberg home Friday.
For All
Ayeis Pills are liver pills. All vege
table, sugar-coated A gentle laxative
for all the familv. Consult vour doc
tor freely about these pills and about all medical matters.
Follow his advice. He certainly knows best
Host Popular Bread Today
. ? T1P - M T" ," Wagest seller
In Omahs. couth Omaha aad Council Bluff,
today. Wlta our Immense plant and deiit
ery system, no arocer allowed to offer
11 for sale except when absolutely fr..h
Tip Top breed la being tin Its ted In style
of. pckace not in Quality. r 9
T T Package not in Quality.
Dread ... 5c at &U grocers