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TJMiil WW i'W
Remnant Day Bargains
nevr lines
' of silks
and dress
goods for
fail wear x
lines of
supplies of
all kinds
at this
Prices the
That Will Make Friday a Very Busy Day for Us;
A Very Profitable One for You.
Store Open
Till 6 P. M.
Till 10 P. M.
Store Open
Till 6 P. M.
Till 10 P. M.
wJillilML 11 m
1 Excepting Saturdays this store closes at I J
Jy 6 o'clock Saturdays at 10:00 P. M.
mAmmn, n'lm '
Announces an event of
most unusual interest to
out-of-town customers.
It certainly will pay you
to make a special trip to
Omaha to get your share of
the bargains in their great
which starts next
Ml ilk
Brandeis has held great Bug Sales in the past, but
held by any store anywhere.
this will positively be the greatest sale of rugs ever
Koom Size Brussels Bugs, worth up to $18, at $7.98
$30 Arminster and Wilton Velvet Rugs at . .$15.98
Room size Axminsjter Rugs, worth to $25, at $12.98
Seamless "Wilton Rugs, worth up to $55, at $29.98
36x72 Axminster Rugs, worth $4, at $2.59 '
Reversible Bath Rugs,' at ... . . .79c and 98c
Make your plans now.
Come to Omaha Monday
and attend this wonderful
Rug sale at
Brandeis Stores
Gray Hair Makes
You Look Old
Dbo Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur
and Your Gray Hair Will
Quickly Vanish.
Qmr hair is a mark of age, and no3
UH that eaa be said a to Its beauty wUl
offset the disadvantage of this mark of
at est upoa your brow.
Wyetb's Bag and Buiphar Hair Rem
edy darkens the hair and restores it to
Us youthful beauty. Our grandmothers
and thalr grandmothers twrfore thora used
sage and aulpnur for darkening- thalr hair.
Nothing haa aver been found mora af
fective for this purpose than these two
V tiste-hooored remedies, but Wyeth, a
medera chemist, has combined the two
. with ether Ingredients, which makes a
delightful dressing for ths hair, and
i which not only removes every trace of
dandruff but promotes the growth of the
It also stops the hair from falling
tad aaakea It beautiful.
11 drocxlata are authorised to refund
the loner It It talis to do exactly as
Sept. 8-0-10
Friday, Sept. 8 Radios' Day
Cera Leave ISth and Tarnem at 3:30
Deat awKtaot your hair ao4 doat re
sort to eioVtlme heir dyes. Oat a battle
of Wyeaa'a Sage aad Sulphur froaa your
ttrosclat today, aad notice tha diftsr
eaoe to yoor hair after a few days use.
This preparation Is offered to the
pa bile at fifty oanta a battle, and la
roonmrnestrtod and sold by all drwaraatai
Special .Meats: Bharmaa atoOamWl
Dru Oa, lath sad Dodsa SKjlj Owl
9nic Oa, lta and Harney Sta.
If Oil 4 TODAY 2:80
VsaMd .o enau am - W.
Matinee Xvery Say Svery Vlyht
B:lO. AlKASbliU VAUUli Vll.L,i
It) la wee. Mush Grace Cameruii;
BobledlUle; William H. MacCart and
Kthalyiine Bradford; The Muslkal
Gills; "The Little Stranger;"' Gordon
ami nlarx; Kramer and Pplllane; Km
odrome; Orpheuin Onnwrt orchestra.
Frloea. Wight lOo, S5o, 60e, 7 So. Mat
inee, best eata 25o, esoept holidays,
Sunday ml Saturday.
omaba'i rtrsr trswrzm.-
Kvya, 15-M-O.T5e
Sally Mat., la-aa-AOe
The Imperial Travesty Star
and Ker Famous London Bailee.
A Fortune in Wardrobe end fccenery.
Ladles' Dime Matinee Bvery Week Day.
fcL'N. The original "Painuug the Town."
Tonight and Saturday Sat. Kantlaao
HxraT a. BAjtmis. nssxirTs
JTlg-hts, too to tl-aoMat Sao to Sl.OO
O. Sw Woodward, Mrr.
Commencing Saturday Night, Sept t and
All Next Week .
and tha Woodward Svook Oempamy
In the Beautiful Comedy
1'rlce.'. lOo and Sou. Mun-es. Tuesday,
Tuuredar, Saturday and suauay.
Our Fall Ostrich Opening (L Sale
Friday and Saturday
This greaf opening and sale has been arranged for Friday and Saturday because we are able to
give auch an event greater space and display than at any other time of the Fall season. And, be
sides, women want to know about Fall Feather Fashions as early as possible.
The showing includes hundreds of styles in Fane 'Mrich, Bird of Para
dise, Fine French Feathers and our well-known C
1 Willow Plumes.
For those who are not familiar with the guaranteed willc looosltion. we state that to
make more emphatic our unqualified guarantee we have beeti . ..Is every willow, plume sold
in the store, we will begin, this Friday, to Issue a written Kumanu- m :;h every plume sold which will
state that if for any reason the plume you buy does not glvo tntire ssttiEi'aetlon we will make It right,
replace it or cheerfully refund your money.
This is the only store i
that- guar.5mA;V
A One Dollar
Reserves any
Plume of Your Choosing,
The Largest
Stock of
Willow Plumes
in the State.
A Discount of 20'"Per Cent for Friday Only
To make the occasion still more memorable to all who attend, we will give a special discount of
20 per cent from our. regular prices on FANCY OSTRICH, AIGRETTES. BIRD OF PARADISE,
FRENCH PLUMES and our GUARANTEED WILLOW PLUMES. If it happens that you do not care
to purchase at this time, we will lay aside any plume you choose until such time as you want It upon
the payment of a small deposit and you will get the benefit of the savings, too.
These Specials for Friday Morning's Selling Only
Guaranteed willow plumes, full 18 Inches long and
20 Inches wide, regularly $15.00 each, (JQ QQ
from eight o'clock to one o'clock apO.vO
Fine French plumes, full 24 inches long and 13
Inches wide, black only, regular $12.98 (J; QQ
value, from eight to one pO. yO
White aigrettes, full 24 inches long, regularly sold
at $10.00 each; Friday, from eight Qfr QQ
o'clock to one o'clock J)O.'0
Three popular fancy feather noveltls, In all popular
colors that have been selling up to 98c; .
choice Friday a. m OC
Brief Word of Some Extra
Special Friday Bargaining
in the Women's Ready-to-Wear
One lot of beautiful linen dresses made
up in several pretty styles and trimmed
with embroidery work; choice of pink, blue,
lavender and tan-
And one lot of handsome lingerie dresses
of allover embroideries and the finest qual
ity Persian lawns trimmed with cluny and
Valenciennes lace
Formerly sold up to $19.50, Friday, or
while they last,
Plain tailored suits suitable for early fall
wear, made of good quality serges in black,
tans and gray; sizes 14 to 38; values up to
$19.50, Friday, choice at $7.50.
Four Great Specials in Hardware
100 $1.75 all copper, heavily nickel plated tea ket
tles In sizes Nos. 7 and 8; Friday onls QQ
while they last .yQC
50 $2.50 brown and white Guernsey ware casseroles
with nickel plated steel frames; extra Ql QQ
fine values, Friday pl.UU
150 hard wood bath tub seats with heavy wire
springs the kind we usually sell at 50c 1Q
" each; Friday IOC
Heavy-nickel plated range kettles have solid copper
body regularly sold at 75c each; Friday
Baskets of All Kinds at 25 Less.
Choice of our eotlre tock of fancy work baskets,
fruit baskets, lunch basket, market baskets and
waste paper baskets an exceptionally wide range
for your choosing Friday only, 25 per cent less than
the regular prices.
Fruit Jars and Jelly Glasses
Tou will find every need for fall canning purposes
at this store. Only xtandard lines noted for superior
Quality. Here's word of some: v
j pint size Jelly Tumblers with tin tops. -JOo the
dozen. No deliveries will be made or telephone orders
filled on this Item. '
Mason Fruit Jars, complete with caps and rubbers
pints, 60o the dozen; quarts, 70o tha dozen; H gallons,
90o ths dozen.
Economy Trait Jar Caps SOo the doien.
Mason Fruit Jar Caps, SOo the dozen.
Extra Heavy Fruit Jar Rubbers the kind that will
last tliree dozen for 85c ,
The Linens and Do
mestics Contribute
Some Special Pricings.
4 36-inch, good quality, heavy
weight. Unbleached Muslin, Friday . 6o
the yard.
'tbc, 7:xD0-tnch Beamed Bed Sheets,
made especially for the hotel and
rooming house trade, Friday. 39o each.
Choice of All of Our American Call
ooes, in a wide range of light and dark
patterns positively not a single yard is
reserved from this Friday sale Ao the
17 Sc. 45xJ-inch, gcod. heavy weigiit
Pillow Cases, Friday. 13c each.
SI 19. large slue. Extra Quality Cotton
Blankets in either tan or gray, Friday,
BBo the pair.
11.10, Full lias Bed Spreads hemmed
and ready for uxe, assorted patterns of
late design, Friday. 85u.
45c, SO-lnch Mercerized Table Damask
in a good range of new patterns, tYiday,
S3o the yard.
$1.B&, All Unen Mapklns In sssorted
patterns very fine for hotel and restaur
ant uSeFridav, 68c the half dozen.
One X.ot of Fancy Unens that are
slightly soiled but otherwise In perfect
condition, regularly sold st T5c and 85c
the piece. Friday, choice. 390.
THc, good weight, Unbleached Xiinen
Crash with blue borders. Friday only,
6o the yard.
75c Corsets
Specially rrloed for Bargain Friday
at 49c
There are three good style numbers to
select irom so thst each type of figure
can find the model It requires. They
are mads of a good quality batiste or
routil i:l extra long and medium length
styles. Have good hose supporters at
tached. Friday. 49c.
Friday and Saturday Are
" Cut Price Days in the
Big Pure Food Grocery
5 cans Oold Medal
Corn for &5o
6 bars Ivory 6oap
for ISO
10 bars Bennett's
Bargain Soap . . Sftc
Bennett's Bxoelslor
Floor and 60 stVps
per sack (1.60
Bennett's Pride Flonr.
speeial, sack $1.80
lt-lb. sack Diamond
Crystal Salt and 20
stamps for .... 95o
Can Capitol grated
Pineapple and 20
stamps for .... SOa
Whole Japan Bios,
five ponnds . . .BSe
S-lb box of Gloss
Starch and 20
stamps for . ...83o
Large jar Gillette's
Mustard and 20
. stamps for ....15c
2 cans Mulled Lima
Beans with chicken
and SO stamps Sac
Pint can Gaillard's
Purs Olive Oil 400
1-lb. assorted Teas. t
and 7& stamps, 68a
1-lb. assorted Tess. I
and 0 stamps, 48o
8 lbs. Bennett's best
Coffee and 60
stamps for ..$1.00
1-lb. Bennett's Best
Coffee and 20
stamps for ...,35o
Pkg. Tea Si f tings
and 10 stamps. ,15e
1-lb. can B. C. Baking
Powder and 20
stamps for . ...94o
CZAXS Fruit Wafers, tha
pound l$o
Xten'a Orahem and
Tourist Crackers,
and 10 stamps, tha
package lOo
Pull Cream Cheese,
and 10 stamps, the
pound SOo
tloa of
Onion Salt
The Universal
Friday's Menu
Sardine Sandwiches.
Cocoa not Bars, the
pound 13o
Virginia Swiss
Cheese, and 10
stamps, lb ' aSo
Two Jars Peanut
Butter, and 10
atsmps 30e
Two sacks Diamond
Crystal Table Salt,
and 10 stamps lOo
Bennett's Capitol
Creamery Butter,
fresh from the
churn and guar
anteed fall weight,
the pound 3O0
Freeh Country But
ter, ap from, the
pound 23a
Guaranteed striotly
fresh Eggs, direct
from the country,
the dosea goo
Libber's Asparagus
Tips, csn $5o
Beauty Asparagus
Tips, and 10 stamps,
can aoo
Heins large Dili
Pickles and 10
stamps, the don, 80o
Dress Goods Sale
Hundreds of remnants in
lengths sufficient fov
waist, skirt or dress, both
plain and novelty weaves,
storm serges, pauainas,
checks and stripe novel
ties sold to $1.00 vard
your choice
91.50 Dress Goods, 78o 30
pieces of all wool storm serge,
novelty chalk line stripes, all
worsted cheviots, etc., 54 ins.
wide, regular value to 7Q
$1.50 a yard, choice.
Sale of Silks
73c Silks, Friday, 8Ho 3,000
yards of New Fall Silks, In
cluding all silk messalines. In
20 different shades, checks
and stripe taffetas, jacquard
poplins, foulards, liberty sat
ius, etc.. values OH. QOp
up to 75c yard, at. .tOlTOQli
36-tn. Liberty Satins In gray,
tan and brown, white or black,
at, per yard 58J
$1.25 Silk Poplins, 78 36-ln.
wide, in Delft blue, chamois,
reseda and Vleux rose; great
snap tt, per yard 78f
75c Press Velveteens In 20
new fall shades, at, yard 59
At 9 A.
yard. .
f Friday Is Remnant Day in Our Pop
ular Domestic Room. Sea 16th St. Window
All the remnants that accumulated during the week
as well as a carload of mill ends from the various eastern
mills will be placed on tables and priced according to
grade-1, 5c; 2, 7YsC 3, 8V2C; 4, 10c; 5,
M. All the remnants of the high grade wash
that sold up to 50c vard in three lots
7V2C, 10c and 15c
At 9:30 A. M. 1 case of Aiinch bleached pillow casing,
regular 120 yard, as long as it lasts 7Vc
At 10 A. M. 1 case of genuine Lonsdale muslin, regular
price 10c, as long as it lasts 6V&C
At 10:30 A. M. 1 case of the celebrated Pontiac. Sheets, extra size,
for double bed, worth 69c each; on sale as long as case of 20 dozen
lasts at, each 471
At 11 A. M. 1 case of Lancaster Apron Check Ginghams, one grade
better than Amoskeag; as long as it lasts, yard 5
At 1:30 P. M. One case 12-4 Gray Blankets, Ktllarney, regular
price $2.00 24 pairs only 3 pairs limit, at, pair 96
At 2:00 P. M. One case of 12 He Pillow Slips, 42x36 six Blips
limit, at, each S
At 2:30 P. 51. One case of Crib Blankets, nice designs, worth 2 5c
each, as long as they last, each 10
At 3:00 P. M. One case of union linen Huck Towels, regular price
12 He each, as long as they last, each 7
At 3:30 P. M. One case of our "No. 18 Comfortfis, weighs 8H lbs.,
made of fine carded cotton, straight stitched, etc., and sells at
$1.65 as long as case lasts will go at, each 95
Six other specials not advertised.
In the Domestic Room
Suit Department
Wonfen's and KUssea' Dress
Skirts $3.00 values, in blue,
brown or black.; snap
t $1.50
Women's and Misses' Tailored
Suits Values to $18.50; all
sizes and all new styles, In 3
lots. 512.50. 810. $6.95
Women's Long Coats In grays,
browns and black; values to
$12.50 special at ..$5.95
200 House Dresses at . .$1.25
75c Black Underskirts. . -59
$1.25 Gingham Petticoats 75
$1.50 House Dresses . .$1.50
Children's Gingham Dresses
75c values, sizes 2 to 4 years,
at 49
50c Dressing Sacques In all
sizes, on sale at 39
Underwear and Furnishing Bar
gains in Domestic Room
Children's Long Sleeve Vests
25c values, on sale at . .
Children's 25c M-Underwaists,
at f)
Children's and Infants' Under
vests and Outing Flannel
Dresses 19c values, at .
Ladies' Gauze Vests Values to
25c, on sale in two lots
at 9 and 5
Men's Balbriggan Shirts and
Drawers Values to $1.00, on
sale at 35 and 25
Ladies 85c Underwear Me
dium weight, all sizes, per
garment 154
Men's Fleeced Underwear
Good quality, all sizes . 35
Ladies', Men's and Children's
Hose All kinds and colors,
to 25c values . .12HS 7H
Men's Canvas Gloves . . . 10?
Special Bargains in the Drapery Section
$2.50 Lace Curtains Ecru or
or white, at, pair 98
$1.25 Lace Curtains in ecru
white, per pair $1.98
Reversible Scrims for Curtains
Big assortment, at, yard. .18
Bungalow Nets Big variety
values to 60c yard, at...25J
12 lie Curtain Swiss Stripes or
figured, at, yard 9
Drapery Remnant All kinds
to 25c yard values, at, yd. .5(
f Friday Business Bringers in Hardware Dept.
Four-tie Parlor Broom Worth
35c, Friday, at -15
Enameled Water Palls 10-qt.
size, Friday at 29
Blue and White Enameled Ware
6-qt. Preserving Kettles ..25
H-qtnDi6li Pans at 49
03 Galvanized Garbage Cans
10 gallon size, with bail.69
4-qt. Pudding Pans, at ...,9i
04 Galvanized Garbage Cans
12 gallon size, with ball, 79
Cold Blast Lanterns Large size,
each 69
5c Rolls Toilet Paper Best
grade, 13 rolls for 50
8 rolls 10c size ToUet Paper,
for 50
Special Big GROCERY Sale Friday
It Pays to Trada at Hsydan's.
4 S-lb. sack Best High Grade Diamond
H Family Flour; nothing finer for
family use, sack 91.15
10 bara Beat 'Km All or Diamond C
tioap for 38o
Bromanelon, Jellyeon or Jello..7 4c
6 lbs. good Japan Rice 2bc
i lbs. fancy Japan Rica, lOo quaJlty,
for -5c
Corn Flakes Breakfaat Food, pk. 6 Ho
Grape-Nuts, pkg lOo
011 or Mustard Sardines, can 4o
Skinner's Macaroni, pkg 10c
Gallon cans Table Syrup 55c
. HAKKET Makes tha Frloea that
Keep Down tha Prloek
Oreen Peppers, market banket... 2fe
jrw Potatoes, 15 lbs. to the peok, at.
per peok 30c
See that you get your weight The
law requires It.
Fancy Wax or Green Beans, lb.... So
1 bunches fresh Beets or Carrots.. So
Sweet Corn, per dozen 10o
6 bunches Fresh Radlshe 6c
2 heads Fresh Hothoube Lettuce.. &c
6 Green Peppers for
2 heads Fr-sh Cabbage 5c
2 heads Fresh Celery 5o
Sweet Potatoes, lb Bo
Large Egg Plants each 5o
Fancy Denver Cauliflower, lb 10o
Fancy Lima Beans, per quart Bo
Fruit Jar Sale
1 pint jars, per dozen 50
1 quart Jars, per dozen . ...(0?
J. quart Jars, per dozen ....75
ar Covers, per dozen 19
Jr Rubbers, 3 dozen for . . . 19
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