Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 10, 1911, Page 5, Image 5

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r rr i T
leiims lvien ana onooiers vie
tanas to the semi-finals
Soma Tut TTork it Sees La tie Chaa
piocdiip Do tit.
Bt?M ul Ailmn r Ft-svc-rleles
Hard te av abbs 1 rv-f- laelr
rttiea ia th n
Bala Daktn.
OoeXessSnc for snejuens is tb aetm-cmai
f the rM"-' ciay wsrt double, els ti
hat nT---t war pulled rff at tha Field
WaaaeaOer memlr.g. Tb witnre fsr
ta Bsl I fill plane Mi tb way tbr
will be MUlui up vti they meet tht
rml Tnsreoay afternoon ar MoQniston
a aettth NUU pla- Branson
tit Kont k Dakota; Horr ana
Jmi ef t. Lsul ly Anenoif ef St.
Md and JheJlay of Alston, Ok.1.: Sirrrt
ef Pltxsbwrg play ano
VsXay at Onthi, urf B nd Whlt-
Mi ef XartoiX -, P-ay Ainu a.-
tea af Dalles, Tax.
The fight tar the kaw cf paying
Che aeml-r.aal round wa bet and a3 th
snaxobes were good- Koch and McKay, the
fonur Oenaaa dry criaTripinri, and McKay,
Indianapolis champion ul reoactiy issved
to this city, won a. plaM for Omaha by
defeating Bradley of Dee Mane and Sin
clair of Toieda, la-. In -X -a Tkt
Omaha pair outplayed th 3owan straight
throng h.
Armstrong, the Bt. Paul player, ul John
Seller, official referee, the Ok.l.ht3i matt,
played a great cam defeating Hughs,
th Denver and Overall Of Bt.
Loula They von the first tw set In
hart araer. tba ramea roii-t Quickly, bat
tn tb act Rugrbaa and Owtll took
brace and err ram waa a battla.
Ttia twa otbar OtnaAa iMffli la the rna
trt wrat out la abort nrfler. Etrert asd
of PSttaborf; trlznnMd Robinaon
kb4 itcKmMT oaaily. and Hoerr asd
Tirnea tb St. Lma axpeirtau attnpir
bUl tts Koran and MrCuiioufh of
"rbTia pcmetlcSas abota.
Cawytowkli DwVUa.
Tba two UegiiUKmi, Paul and Earoer.
pot BP a baanefal exhibition of vbat taain
. voek vUl do ta trtmmfc tbo WaUerateadt
Vwotbara of Omaha, -. -. The aontb
yjcz.ta aSmplT alka r 'Iti. ovorr
- ft-mg- ta aiarbc plants the ban back a tb
eoart. up to tbo mot, or any other rule of
tbo tame that the 'Walleroteadta aeomed
to be wlllin to try.
Wlnatos and Whitehead of V.reiEla de
f eaited nahcr asd FVber of Cbloaco Id
three hot Beta. t-C t-X. H The Srat Bet
the Chloaro brotJMra led off Mtrons; and
2iad the Virt-taia voadera -worried for fear
at they would looe the oat. wlwm the
yimaa were douoa. However, the oaatars-
- pcDed through that aet aafeiy by dint
of real hard playuir and took the twv f ol-
wltb eue, t-Z. Tba Tlrrmla
Wd nv wuuwii m Jittw vw
ptarrinK to win an throu k the tonraament,
pt aeoinliif to ret warmed up to tbo fame
tmtil aoar the end of the flret aot.
Braneoa and Barum, tbo ftooth XalDta
team, ctaatly oneted toah and Bo tot, tba
twa lewacLa. from tbo champioDabtp elaaa
Todseoday atornlnc. wtnal&f la e-c
P-l Branaoa and Barton -ana piaylac n
thetr eld atyla. wortdnx owy rnniaiait and
(ocalbor all tbo tlaa
Plar la Tklod Bwtd.
Tbo alrtaen player oompoxtac In tba
fhtrd round al&ctaa Toeaoay were from
all the wide atrecch of terrsorr from tbo
SCaaloslppt-taaeoon to tbo Atlantic, and
from Canada to tbo Oulf. Haay of tboa
Vara chamjHflne of ettbar einriwul r atata
tranunesu. Tbo ooane of aeren of tba
poedy inatcbao ta prorrooa at tbo aasao
time on tbo oxnirta made tbo moat brUbant
tacjile picture that Omaha baa mr loeaod
X.H. J. BeiridaJl of PtttoborK, won tbo moot
penaatlonal and bard fouxbt mabob of .the
flay, dereatm Hnrh V Whitehead of Nor
folk. Ta-. a-X. -K a-. BondaU played
tooaoiy 1 tbo flret aot. Wattoboad y-'vt
pita t?me and time araln and plaeinc the
will, but aaar tba middle of the
aet tbo PUtabtarwr took a brace
atowtr our etoadUy took point after
ajart til from ata apvawaata
aa tbo Mc eoe of the after-
la tbo afiaraooa of Important
k raOlory watched and
tho entaatanta all throucli the
JRjae erta. Aftar he had loot lour etralaht
Jte tbo aeonnd aot aftar wlnalnc the flrat.
AKaadall made one of tbo meat remarkable
VptJU fifbta owor oeoa haro and dafaatod
Vrhitoboad la a whirlwind finish with both
bontaatanta piaytn oa their norraa
Tbo day was hot and a burnlns ana
BBorebed tbo yoUow ooorta, makmc It bard
to aeo tba ball and bard to play.
Flret aet:. Oamoa. Pta.
Flendall . 1 4
Whitehead I 4 1 J W 34
Beoond eat: Gamoa Pta
TUatdall J447 1 I M
Vbltaboad .4 4:iS4 44 r
Third Bet'- Gamea Pta I
endaQ 444444I414T44I i 4 ,
hltefaead .1411411141141 44 il
Kendall: Total gaaaea. 13. total peinta
teheed: Tatal aajnea, 11; tetal etata.
Joe Ai uisti uavg of St. Psnl. the ekll'fnl
Twta CKy ywuth with the raquet. took
Jobs Bartoa of Bleu Fall to a tnmmtng.
I-, 4-1 Armstrong mad the mistake of
trying te play Barton at hi own game
the first ant. Barton play a strong net
Same and It was late m the set before
Armstrong seemed to gain control of the
gdtuation, but he finally won by carefully
placing the ball with well dirwtted force
ful shot first ba one corner and thea is
la other, keeping Barton os the move.
Walter T. Hayes of Chicago met W. C.
Prod' I of St- Lout in two speedy seta
that tried tbe metre of the former middle
west champion. Hayes finally took th
roateet. d-t. tb Mound City player
coming bark etronr In the second aet and
g-"ing the Chic. roan a run tor his money. !
J. H Wtnstoe cf Norfo'.k. Ta. walked j
tbroarh two easy sets tn hi usual long
legred manner with Jack Cannon of Ken- j
aas iTiy. Taking in cociejt, -i. I I
Paul Mcvuustnn nearly met hi Wtariae
arbes he got started In th first set of
bus match with Roland Hoerr of St. Louis
Horn ran him U-t th first set, the two
egruag long on the ceuce gama How
ever, tb Older player's skill prevailed la
tb kmg ran and b tcx' that set and th
ase foliewtng. 4-1.
O. H. McKay, the iBdnapolai Crry
moau put the last Omaha m
tbe running. Arthur ciihner. Tueadar
Bcntiner has been playir.g a good, gams all
t-u-ovgh. but McKay waa toe speedy for
aim. taking th match, t-l. 4-1.
Daablrs let pr-4r.
Tbe preliminary round of doubles can
earung of fooneen Bnatchee was r.ntnd
!Tweedy night Tb mauhea in the prefim
tnery round ' sere not etperiaiiy eneedy.
Hatch and rarreil. the Rod and Gun club
tcaie u Cmiaha. put up a good haul liuctie ef li and OkrrsU cif
a 1.U:K
Tt.s M-vu,i.s tirvurs ff New
Orieaa '
,-. i-vu an anna an alaSdea ef iawelry
SsJAh. a4 a apeeCr. f th rlaUars T)aoi 4
1 PI
COUST 107115X7.
M . V '3.. .1 .
Norfolk, Ta
nine M, -L
Tbo flret round of Aonblaa will be played
this mornlrg.
Plarero Defaalt.
Fourteen matches were played In the
oonaolatJon round, half of them ktfnr ds
fanMa, man playing- ta tfc doubleo chain
plonahln, prof m rtng to default rather than
Joe their Chance in we fltmblea. Tre
matehea were pAyefl oa the Harpy Hal
low club court, which ware renerruaiy
offered by these olob to the Fieid club to
help them run eff fha many matehea. An
tomobilea ocnrreyed the niayera from the
Field club ta the aoena of the battle and
4 tba Day.
J:3- BnS-:1' PlttabCTt. beat Hurn a
nhoad, orfo:. Vs., a.j. -4 -i0
irTy Vewu-rtoo, Val Vlooa. Tex. beat
F. P. 6Uccuir, la. H.
Waiter T Haj-e, Chioan, beat W. C.
Brodux. St. Lomi, 4-t. M
ton!7"rr0t' X lDhn Br"
of11' MoQulattm, New Orieano, beat
o.acd ioerr. feu Lenta, u-t, 4-L
rC; " Wlcton. Xorte.s, Va, beat Jack
uannon, Kani.aa Oty, a-l, -.
OmahfYii ATth" Barib
Oaaoalattea Blarlae,
praXikinabt Boorrx
rl?. Wr;-t. Omaha, beat K. HHler,
Omaha, ry default.
Oa. I?- 0aU
T id'att'. Kewmao Grove, Neb, beat
t A'1"'' i-aamey. Neb., 4-1. -a
rJr.?- Jtifr . Chioaaa, beat Fred Ijufrene,
Omaha, by default.
a "Jr. P. uart. la, beat 3.
Albion, OkL, by default. -
T. Baiiey,
Adosi. Daiiaa Tex, beat Paal Jtor
Plattamontb. Xsh. by natault.
C Offutt Omaha, beat la. C Hartieom.
AfrnT, Neb, by Aatauit.
Leo Wllaon, Omaha, beat X Ttr,-w..
Omaaa. by default.
O. k. Bayrwia. Omaha, beat Hal DranoIL
t Br nersnn.
Omaha, beat T. Baneker,
M. M. a-i.
C 1L Denny, Badfield, &.
JUiy. Ornaha, 1-k. 1-4.
M- Celpetaer. Omaha, baa
Omaha, by default-
beat O.
Myron Buca. Omaha, beat Lao Tan Camp,
Omaha, -, K H.
l Leable.
Fawbar Brotbera. Chioaro, beat
and wiiuama tmaha, s-4. 4-1. (-r
Adoa and Bhaioon, Iaiaa. Tex.,
Potter and Seriener, Omaha, 4-4, 4-4.
Kobtneon and MciLicney. Omaha, beat
Hadley and aardnar. Omana. 4-1. 1-4. 4-L
aierer and Recdail. rittetiurc beat Ken
nedy and feuoode-ood, Omaha and New Tork,
4-C, 4-k.
Koch and McEar. Cmaha and Iniiinti,-
oiis. oeat ti PTt ana OTIutt. Omaha. 4-1
"1- I
rr ana Jeziea. Louie. Msat Col-
petaer and Powell. Omaha, 4-4. 4-1
Koran and UrCuilourh, Omaha, beat
Meyer and Wllhama AUianoe. NeL, by de
fault. liutrhes and OvtiraO. Denver and Ft. Louie,
beat Hatch and Farrell. Omaha. 4-4. 4-. 4-a
Armatroxtf and Bailey. Bi Paul and Ckla
boina, beat BrocLi and IdcOonneU.
Lou s and Omal-a, 4-t 4-4.
htaoQuietoa Brotbera Texas and New
Orieena. beat Burns and Madden, Omaha.
4-4. 4-1.
Waileratoadt Brotbera. Omaha, beat Nec
ley and Rorere. Omaha 4-t 4-4, 4-4.
roan and Sweet. Dee Wo.nae. beat Cald-
wil and Webster, Omaha 4-1. 4-4
Bradley and 83nrA.r
Ie Molce and
To.edo. Ia, beat
Omana. -l.a-a.g4.
and Becaet,
Falter and Morgan, piattamouth, Neb
beat Hamaoa Brothers, Kearne', Neb., by
Flret keaai.
MaoQulatoa brother. New Orleans and
Teaaa, beat Walurstaadt broth era. Omana,
4-tl. 4-. 4-0.
Branaoa and Barton, South Dakota, beat
Dosb and Sweat, Iowa, 4-4. 4-4. 4-4. I
v in si m ana n.ii.eea. irgtma beat ;
Fleher and Fisher. CUcigu. 1-4. 4-t. 4-1 I
Ados and Sneitoa, Daiiaa, Tex., beat 1
Fa - tar 1
Morgan. Piattamouth, t-L 4-4,
and Re-iall cf Pittbui
HibBisok ana HcKJnney or Omaha
Koch and McKay of Omaha beat Bradley
and ehnciar of Da Mornes and Toledo, 1
4-1. 4-1. 4-h
Hoerr and Jonas of Bt. Loin beat Ki
and MeCuUougb of Omaha. 4L 4-t 4-L
Armstrong and Bal sf St. Paul and
Albion, C'kl. beat Hughe and Oterail cf
Denver and St- Loula, 1-1 4-4. 4-1.
aire wf tbe feena
Ray Branson, the Mitchell, fc. D., tennl
plaier. ha agreed to be lb official referee
tfor the l:wa state tournament te be heid
in Dw Motne nert weea.
Conrad Touna ta induced bv inuix f
eertais silver coins some. doses or four-
teen laos 10 chai-t tn tiai.s tor tha players. '
bniig eater and make inemaeives f i,tr-
ally useful
In spit ef their usuaLy loud woioed
I soora tor tennis a feral of Omaha proml
Infill foifers sere to be seen ai'.tmg Quit
'p-aoeiih;y oa the Field club galiery and
I sat Thing the tennia gama
j Iowa and Oklahoma are planning two
ietat tourtiameiii following th national
iciay ctturt at uinaba lesa will hcud 11
, eiate tournament at I Mmtxia. aug-usr
:14-J. and ttaianoma at ILr.xi. Oah, August
Drummoad Jane sf tU Leius added an
(ther laurel wreath to hi ouIm-cuob Tuas-
vo t
K ,..H.,..l .. . ..
bancs down Irummund oefeaicd Kid I
An,in r llmm 14fnii in I t.i f , , ..
carried err the prise The tr-un.amit srnt
or? la grt st i. lurig pisig
pt, gam of the moiLtiL
being tbe ,
It was 'J r
hara y sat te venture Intu Ui psviiioB of
Lit, a Jri niu. mv i"i lur.iKm vutO V
in. 1 mm. w.ii t.. i 1 1 w muiif ever
tables, net and wiarj-ti.u.g in s.ol.
Eagaar Lada-tat aa Hew.
rrwrt aad tarry 4tff
44 ertb af Plaadrr.
F. C Partina wbo condocta a reaming
house at S4 Howard suwet, rented a room
t a brace of crook Tuesday, but lie did
not know it at tb tima Tba tact that
hie new tenants were criminai-y inclin
came te bun forrlMy later in tbe day sbee
other compart of th beuee rvptd tt
In uf all tl4ur 4-aliabiea The teo thieves
j to .4 thrts suit - .its, loading lien wiih
all tb things tbey couid fiad. iniiutin-g
3 . - , ... . .
' 5 ' ',
batwaaa jssk
j T 7
5ncber ii Incrrard to Orer Two
Eiadred 'Weixeeiaj ICornirj.
Watt aad Joe K
tbo Aaaatoare to 5
of tbo Ufa
The aooond blc oay of tba abooCnc
toumasiont oa the Omaha Otm dub
rrounda anriaa the rlTor opened wttt PX
cctranta waitliic their channel to aet bo
hind the trapa aereral hew men haTlz
arrlTod Tneoday hlxfct and reclatared
Wodseeday morxmx. The larfeet raliery
of the trarnameiit waa present, many
women belt m the crowd behind the I
roll Ua.t aeparatod
the ahootara from
the public.
OaaaraHy. the ahootlnc waa behind
that of Taee&ay. due pnnelpaUy to
the blab wind that swept an uaa the
Celd from the north, ma sir g tho Clahte
of tie targeu unsteady and erratle.
The ahootara are dmded lute tarty
BQuada of five men each and at neon
twecty-elxht equais had ahot off aeewBty
Eri of the IM tarceta Bewea of the eaaade
had not had as opportunity of gerOna; up
to the trapa.
At the noon misuiiilein Oemga Potter
White and Joe Kouexty lead the amateur,
baring each broken aevesty-four of their
oeveEty-fJv target
Among the prcf eaej onala W. R. Croaby.
Fred Oirtrt. John R. Taylor and L. a
German were tied, with aeventy-tour tar
ret each.
Owing to the great length of the pro
rtn and In order to Cnlah the Btt'.
before dark the doublea ava been out out.
The management ha been fooled on the
aiae of the tonrr.a meet. It waa snrmip,
that ISO to 174 entrants would b the znaxi
mum and the grounda were planned fur
that number. The result 1 that with Kt
men shooting, the wait of the equada are
long and tedloua. However. It 1 too late
now te clear off additional apace asd In
stall more trapa and the tonmament will
be Cdalhed with the present number la
Clark High Tweeeay.
In the professional ciaaa. Homer Clark
of Alton, LX. a high man, finishing with
a score of 141 out of a poaalbl lau. While
his ahoonng wa conaidered good. It wa
not the best record that he ha made, tor
at the last rtats unuviament In Oklahoma
City, he broke lift targe out of a poe
able 0. At that shoot, he broke IK tar
ceta without a cuaa, winning the gold
Among the amateur, George P. White
of Watenown, 6. D.. walked oK with the
honor, knocking down 147 of the HA tar
s' eta The last ninety target were broken
without a nasa Whit hold the ohamplon
aulp of South Dakota, having won It tare
year la aaeceeaion, hi average during tie
three aeaaoni being 16 per cent.
The acore of the big shoot of the day fol
N umber of Targets TX
W. K. Grubb 11 J 21 u a 14 1( U 11 1R
wot...ji itaimauuM i ia i
J. a. Beversoa.U li U 14 il i 1 l ii ie-jr(
M. llUKUAul . H 1 14 Ul in Ik -j v -ia ' I
V,'. fenuuiway .l u . il ii 14 u ii a-ijn
. A. Urowu. JIJMaai41il
N. Munty i it 14 i4 14 a 1 14 - 14 itu
a. A. Huntley 1 li i4 16 li a m It ibi4
P. W u;ve it 1 14 i4 1 li i ii is i7
Bay TayiW a 14 ii ii i li 14 14 1 144
leUbe er 14 i4 jti il u jjt a 14 le il ii?
lata. ii 14 ii ii 14 jJ) 14 il
rrea Neusun 14 14 14 li 14 li 14 14 1 144
Fred l eal 11 14 14 14 li J 1a Is 1, ii i4
Dan 1 Biuing ..IDlililliuUillill 14 i
K . G. iiliis 1 it i4 is a j4 14 14 aL 1 i4
1. C. Davidson.! J i 14 il li 14 14 14 17
Fred aubert ..Ii4i4iilii4lilili i 4t,
H. Dewta ...... 14 14 14 14 14 -4 i4 li ii ii .42
Jess Xouxif . . .ii li 14 ii 14 14 14 14 li 1 .44
- G. cpeitoer..4 liiililAiiiiiili ii ,
H. il. tiLunger. Iii4 144iiii4iiil ii ii
a, a. ..Uiil4i4iiili4i414 ii 1
A. UOHisit ..At i ii 14 it, 14 a1 ii li 14144
AXt K 1 ISm ... 14 A Alt A 14 Ail At Ah AM i4f
AA. Tj. I .M -. If II . H -. , . fc 1v T
CrUV OUiLltf ... 1ft .H . k II, ,L A . li ... "...
Fred Ca.c well. .14liilill414111ill: li 144
! C. O.HL.iSurih.ii 4 14 ,4 14 11 it In 11 1aa
i J G. Van t-4.Ll.j4 14Jii4111tlli4 1 ii M
nManw 14 -i i. li x At ii aM lb
A nidsr ...
A C. Connor
ii 1 14 i 14 1 14 14 At 14 44 1
.1 ii 14 14 a At il i4 a 1 Ai
r. .eie
-Am AM Am A AA A AA Am Am AtAil
U il 14 14 -4 J 14 14 14 is aJU
4- aaeuy ...44 14 ii .4 am 14 ii 14 14 14
aid Ba-T d li 14 14 44 14 i4 44 i4 14 il -IT
Jfahn -Ntve. 14 iiiiii4iiil14ll ie aa
A iaswur-b ,. . .14 14 14 ii 14 il il 11 44 i4 aM
1 . Gem-ui . .14 11 14 il .4 14 14 i 44 ii 14i
a- a. Dunnei 14 14 is 11 14 il -1 1 b
Vs. H. J-'ii-n...l 14 14 44 At 14 aM ii it aIuM
XL. VV . ) Ik-lty . 14 A Ah am AB 14 il 14 i 141
R- 7ajror . .14 14 ii ah -4 14 14 IL 14 li-
A. M . iaeai-i . .14 i4 11 il il 11 - 14 a aaaa
McDuna-d lillitUitiiititii 14 ey
Dan M hi-ney
Rehhauaer 14 14 il it, 14 ii ii 14 14 ii -41
T. A Lart,,l IV -111-114141414 14 14 -41
M. iL Nevui . .14 iv li L 14 14 44 14 il 14
ve. Maxwtl ..ii ii 14 li -1 14 aa li 14 ii i44
(. 4uger ..14 14 34 14 4 XI, 14 il i2
A H. ir ...i 11 14 li 14 ii 14 ii 14 14 i4v
C. A. Thorp ..iil4iii4i4l4ii liw
Bert D-aun ...iil4iKl414ii4il,i4 14 ii4
ioi.ii Den ii 14 11 14 14 1 1 14 Is aU
M. F. noi.K . .m lii 34 14 lu 1(1 n, ji n li ii,
C Daianey iillilliliilllaiill 14 ii?
W. W m a.kiii ii iiiiiiudiiittf
A. F. BaiJ- 14 li 14 11 14 i 14 14 14 ii il?
H. F. t-uh ...14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 li la
U. 1- tarter
14 it ii 14 14 ii li ii li 14
W. VeaiB .
John Bauer
lu nievsr
f. Uuioi ..
J. B. Day ...
W. H. hieer
L. K. Kiel .
C A. Lewi
J. F. Beard
C -aa Day .
.. .11 14 14 ,4 ill ii 14 14 li
...14 ii 34 11 14 14 11 At il 1'
...Ai i. AA AA il
...14 14 Li 11 li 14 14 li ii 14 -k,
...ii il 1 ii 14 11 44 li j ii lit 1 14 ii ii li 14 ii 14 i4 i4
. ..i4 14 14 14 14 14 ii 14 ii 11 14X
.. .14 li 14 14 14 14 li 11 li 14 iV
. .14 14 11 li 14 14 14 14 14 iv iJ
. . ii 3 li 14 11 14 .4 11 14 11141
...I4 1ilii41414i414i4
ii' ii 14 ii in 14 ii ll ii
...Iii4liiil41i iiiii
I LlUierbui y ..
A. Mwooon
i Geo Mauaie
I Prank uray
j C 7. Rankin
Ld O xu-ien
..iiliilliilllliliii 1 U7
.ii i4 14 ii 14 14 1 14 li 14 1m
. 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 ll i -tt
. ..14 14 li ii i ii it li 14 14144
...i4iiliiilil44lili ii ,,
.. .L 14 ii 14 11 14 14 -1 ii 14 lii i4 ii it 14 14 14 14 14 14 4i4
...-ilii41iiU1114 14i 14 iiT
. . .14 il 14 ii 11 ii iO 14 li 14 13
H Inxua
fthroeoer ..
V" 6 jatee
If - Dlm-'
D. itWM
.i4 1iillil4i4i414i4 14 i-4
.11 il i il 14 i4 w i 14 imAt
C. P- Dickey
! Moureary Li Ik 4 ii il 4 14 11 -i 1 iii
I K . Murray ..11 14 14 ii il -6 14 li 14 14 1
W. kuvrrie . ...-4 li 14 il 14 ii 11 14 14 14 ii:
I W. R Crosby. .i4 1ilii4iiiiiiiCii ii
I bL F. Turur .-14 14 14 14 li 11 ii li 1, i. iA
jl. R C nsa-a . .14 li ii IX 14 li 14 li ii ii i
a. B. V are . .14 14 i4 -i 7-1141444 lr:
1 c. G. GeaUy . .14 li li 14 14 14 14 34 14 1, iv
I Carl Gouct-er ..ilHiitiUll-iiliiili 14 la
t luaerbau4-a ...14 li 34 14 is 14 14 li ii it
H- D. iliiliiilillll l it
t . H. h.a:.4h ..i4 1i4141ili14iili 14 141
aeabrr Ld
..i4 1i41411ii.l41i,li 1 1,4 r'-- - " '
...liialilililiiilili li i hadQuarters m Chi it it u il - J it 2 u iTTi ! T,?",.1 i"'
Jk. BWUUll
i. " i . : t. fi TT , , TT f"
if i.aini'ii am am Am, i. as as, u ab Am i
Ira Nf a 11 14 14 1 li il 14 li 14
b F. hhert .-lllljlllliiiailll 14 Ul
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H. Duis ...14 14 ii 1 ilil 14 21 11 14-Isi '
W. uk-ay ..11 li li 14 ii 11 14 ll 11 "i ,i i
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J. iL. Graham
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! John Mian -li 1! 14 11 li li li li li 1a1m
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RotKO-lrun 11 U 14 14 11 14 It 14 14 is
J. H. liu ....11 11 11 14 14 11 li 34 I 11 IA
1 F. H KSiaiea..h' 11 11 1 1 11 11 It IS liti
j Gk io.ui... Li U li 14 I! 14 11 14 14 1T
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..". 'oiima 14 i i li li 11 11 ji li ii 34' ;
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F. B. Obpeey ..11 11 U 14 11 II U 14 11 11 IB
C. Thornton ,.M U 14 U 14 44 14 li 11 14 1
w. h. Haadr ..) 11 I 14 n 11 n u i j ,i
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3. Graves
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H. Iians
T. Jarred
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IT. JL Patch ..14 U 3 14 34 11 11 14 14 it ill
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B. H More . Si 11 U 11 11 II li 14 11 11 III
G Keating I li 14 ll 0 11 li li 3 li-iii
E Briade 11 U 11 14 31 I 11 li 1
H iTIay ..14 II U 14 14 U 31 iTii li-141
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ChnetmBon U 14 IS IS 11 11 il 14 II 1311
Cunmr gham ...11 U IE 11 11 ii 34 14 li 14 -sf
Geo. Hug htm .J4 11 14 It 14 li li li 14 44-441
Bert LeSroa .. T 11 11 11 14 14 11 14 14 14 i
J. Pander 1 li 11 U 4--.
The aomnd big event of the day
the twe&tj-Sve Aoubae targeta, fifty-nine
men laj-tloipetiaa, i. S. Tmmg of Ciilnero
lee!lr,g the amaievra with a ouore of 4i
and W. B. Croaby of O Fallen, IIU at the
head of the protase'iunal otaae with a soon
of 47 targeta
The boot of the shooters wee as follow
S. Toung el K. F. Turner 17
Fred Gue
a J. Cheaaer... k,
Bert Lewis.........
K H Woodruff...
a Ira Newels.. 14
W. R. Crusfcr 47
aa. fc Germs p 44 A
E.. Bates 17
D. D. Gratea..
4i J. b Granam.
Ed. O'Brien
H. H- Beanay....
R. IL Murray
B. F. Yeech
C G. 6;eiicer.....
A. R. Cheak
H. D. Frtwman....
F. Camnt-eil
K. Ciark
F. (eierrnu
N. B Jaoobeon
44 Tom Graham.
C J .Ntsoa. li
N. Mintey
K George Reamers... St
41 E. . Breck nnoge
41 Joe KoutsA) 11
to K. C. bensnaw.... X
K W. D. T4VBH&C.. I.
13 F. Weatherhead... li
44 J. T. I-Ilv 17
tt William Teach r:
H. G. Taylor 40 B.
B. Ward. S3
A Gate st
C. H. Into KS L.
P. A Hartley.
F. G BUI....
Art Kl.lan ...
rV. C. Conner .
J. T. Flieliry.
R. W Ciancy.
H. Tixfn ....
D D. Bray . .
S A K Chamber... kt
C C W Ohey S
17 R Thorrjfwn m
41 B. F. Eitrt 1?
4? A. L Putt 5
41 J R TavJor r
l W. H Clarey
K J N. Noel
William McCreery J
A. Muldoon M
li. Bauer r
Stranded Woman
Asks for Milk for
Her Little Babv
Does Jtot Thiii of Ecntlf Euibati
ii Sotified of Eert Wlierw
aboatt. ' Ptrarded on her way to rejala her hua
; band, Mr. John W. Morgan cam to tha
ofTlo of the AsBoclatad Charities Wednee-
day morning and anked a drink cf nuik tor
'. her baby. She did not want food tor har
I self, when aha first Baked for aid; eh
waa thi tiki r,g cf the baby, too email te
, understand It own want or mn ia them,
j Anorfcer child, a boy large enough to walk,
i acoompanled her. 6h had been left by
! her huaband In Alneworth, Neb., their
former home, and be went on to Btuart to
follow hi trade ot carpentry. Eh came
a far as OrT aha, when he wrote for her,
but had no money t go farfher. Her hu
bar.d vu wired by the Aaeociated Char-
1Uea -na he will be Bent to him Thursday
Hawkins Uses
Hammer and Knife
to Settle a Dispute
fttarreli with Earry JCoore Orer a
Woieaii and Inflict Probably
Fatal Injuries.
Harry Moore, negro, to assaulted
Wednesday morning by Walter Hwkin.
alD cf the same raoe. and tb r urgeon are
- now working on the paoe.nt mdeavormg to
; save hi life.
Haw kin and Moore Quarreled Tuesday
night over a woman. Wedneeda y morning
1 Hkwkin went te where Moor to work-
lng at Twenty-fifth and Grant street and
1 announced that he would settle the dif
j fcoulty. In proceeding he drew a knife.
Biaahmg' Moor acros the left cheek and
'seek. When Moore fell Hawkins grasped a
hammer and beat hi victim over the bead.
At noon he was rriil living bnt to In a
very fctr-:u cond-tlon. He rrobab'y sill
not live through the day.
Rallrwad etes aed Persaeala.
Jarr C. Kelhy of the legal department
of tiie Burlington is liack from Chicago,
s here be sent .eveial aays airo to conier
with the head official of the road.
The private car Columbia 4 on Its way
from ti.e Facific coat. bear:ng George
list! man. th camera and piste mas cf
il:ntli-tcr. N. T It 1 coming over th
I'nion farific and bore It will be transferred
to ti e Mi'vuukee.
Carl C Wrigfct of tb Northwestern, ac
c.'ni, miAri ly Airs, bright, leave torilrht
Ut Giwwood. la., where they will spend
u morrow and Iriday attending a hoT.e
tximlng of tre old settler of southwestern
Iowa Mr Wright hted at Gienwood f:r
many year and Mrs Wright waa born
Quuig Hayrkea anKintant general pas
enrer agnt of the Milwaukee rtaii. with
rag ci. bat wbo hu been
t-nos, lert lor ttie field
of hi labors last l.ii.l During yesterday
afernoon tbe (in; in the Miieaukee
orr.oe I'layed Bomething of a joke u-on
tieir old w-vorker He left his hand
gnp sitting 'n th tiffioe and went out on
the strert. Tbe griji was an did one. 'iiav
ll .g seen better days While Uayties wa
ae-ay tne noys took up a eolation ana,
'ir-1 eut and louittt the beet traveling
''Hg they oould Tnd. The tbey transferred
Hayne' poamtsioa from tn oid to the
bw bag. Vja Hyne' return he wast
unabl to End hi o.d bag ana thinking it
had been stolen, refused to he comforted
until it was explained to fa.m mi th
cnang naa ueen irot
Pstatrrs a M
Psictar' union, local Ko. K
smoker Thursday evening at
pie at t p. rn.
. will gtv
Labor Tes
Bill Uat Defeats nmt Seetrva.
KRIPBAIXE. annrslla. aug. "THir"
Lang defeared Hi.l" Hqulre la the fifth booay ef a buut for th boa vy-wwrht
cUmiwiiuiiifi cf Australia. Lane weighed
in at 1! and e-aiare at 174 pounrta. Tbe
odds vera t ie 1 an Ler.g. arb bad all the ,
bst of it throughout. rx'UT taeiasfitt peo-
saw tr bout.
.. , -. . . .
5"h Ax; is U bituaooa stes Watt Ads.
InniTi I cnYii nmrpviTFCTj'
7ita Other ArtiLi and bwwiti-
Vita Other Axtaa and sUrse&ta-
Ufa Ee ieoeirti EsteriTfa.
ay af
ti tiawls stalrea Bit wrrta
aasT Kaewtrts at Pa tea Havel
a tbiBaiailitT aa.toyes asad sjer,bH
at any arerteae meeOnga. and tnla
fact 1 largely due to tbe Worrell Manufac
turing company of St. Lenta which aa- 1
umed the burden of sntartalnmr th dele
gate and making them feel that tb whole
world and th beet part ef Omaha belonred ,
ta them.
Well Kaewa ta Obbbwb
Under the direction ef F. L. Hexla who.
Vy the way. 1 not a stranger In Omaha
tbe Worrell oompany established headquar
ter for tha aheriffa at th Paxton hotel,
where hundred ef visiter were entertained
la royal faahten between convention ses
sions A part ef the entertainment pro
vided, and. la fact, the meat important 1
social event af convention week, was tb
reoepUoa given te tbe delegate by this
oompany at tbe Rasas betel. Heal, who is
a pi osmi um 1 eiil extraordinaire, eMua. In
aa cxregittoBany
alalght-ef-aand Bkaalpnlaaor. f labsd one
Hstv SsrrealaeT Ie
far Early Msnlig, Bn
Ike Case.
Th breakfast cap or bowdotr cap became (
a BeosssTty whaa the more eiaborats styles ;
of hair dreaaing came Into rorne a few
year ago. Woman of taste and neatness I
are reluctant te appear at any time In
tha day with tousled or -undi ussed hair,
but th Urn required to "Ac an" tbe coif
fure that have been worn during recent !
year cannot be spared In tbe early morn
1ns hours, neither by the matron who su- 1
perrlsea bar own house be Id nor by fbe '
woman of leisure, Boot the necessity, one '
may almost aay the luxury, of th break
fast cap.
Our English sister,-' who are more par- j
tlcular about these things than any woman ,
in the world, adopted this dainty head- ,
dres a long time ago. It popularity In
thl country is now In evidence every- i
where. Wnl. tbe chop have been offer-
ing these cap tn all aorta of beruffled and '
beribboned ahapaa to fascinate the woman
of meana they hav so tar shows no mod
el that can be laundered weTJ enough to
appeal to th practical woman a sal
Shape that may be laundered are a Bevel
and charming a anything of the kind
could be, and they ive a very great ad-
vactag of being made la such a way that
laundering will Improve Instead of destroy
their TtTarn Tineas Each one 1 eon-ati-neted
ae that It may be palled out flat
en tbe drawing atTing-a, and every dainty
bit of embroidery and lao Ironed out oare
AeeaBBpltsaed "Dip" Kehe Two Mara
Mrs aa Sherssaa Aveaae
tret Car.
A heavy set man, aa aocomp'Jachd
pickpocket, who ha been operating ex
tensively on Bhermaa avenue street car
for a number ef weeks, has renewed hi
Doren Smith, 404 Grand avenue, report
to the polio that he rode about six block
on a Bhereian avenue car Tuesday even
ing, and recall h ring been jostled by a
heavy set man. Later Bmltb found that
hi pocketbook containing ISO was missing.
E. R McOinnla. T77I California street, re
ports a smllar experience at about the
same time. MoOinni say a heavy set
man bumped Into him while riding tn a
car on Capitol avenue, and i out tla,
H3 description of the pickpocket tallies
exactly with that of tbe man who Jostled
Doren "ii During the last eight week
it has been reported that th game of pick
ing pocket ha flourished on Sherman
avenue oar. A thort time since Mr. Peter-
eon of tbe city engineering department
lost a wallet coat air, trig about tend. This
happened on a Ebermkn avenue car w-hlie '
be wa returning from the dry employe
picnic at the Rod and Gun club.
attaiaey Will Be Heard by Jde
Esrelle Tbarsday for teeth .
Who real J4 sto. I
Application for parol of Arthur E. Wing,
whe face charge of grand larcery and j
breaking and entering because be tOj i
automobile to satisfy hi eras for driving 1
them, was mad to Judge Lee S. hsteiie by
MeGUum Gaines a- Smith. Wing counsel.
! Wednesday. Judge Eetsii conferred briefly ;
with County Attorney English and ent
word to the attorney that he will bear
tem Thuiwday.
The proposition of th attorneys la to
plead guHty with the understanding that
th boy wiil be paroled. They contend hi
case l an unusual one in that he ha none
of tb Instinct of the natural , criminal.
He merely wa o evereome by hi mania .
for eperatms; car that h became lrre
sponsibie, tfcey sy.
Wing la at liberty under tV ball. :
If the bone for th Jail and th fur
fitahing of t-l new court house arc not
woted new they will hav to b voted later
as a necessity, tor th new building cannot
be used unci the board ha-h money ta
gulp th Jail, furnish th building asd
grade down tha grounda A failure to rott
th bend win only postpone the data an:
eaus aa cnnecisy loss to th taxpayer
Thy are new paying about X)0 per room I
rent for airraid court rooms and office
and a new court hous and jail 1 of no
value unless furnished so that It can be
Ddegate arliax in tne awawal (oavas '
tka ef the Natl 1 n f3ertf&r saw hkrlna
wQ leas Oauba JsbBaBt awer tba aaae-
ai&esBt iBuiiatlea em is Bid tbsas. Newer !
bare tba 1 irs at the esir4Mn bad
I el
sy Bcrtnmg ior mis piano. 1 nen, in aaoiuon, they ram through having: their tLlldren learn to
play get a rcadcal adncatlon Ir. All the eijeh la on Haepe. for tie sliir.htly uaenj planoa.
whlfn sell front SCO to 111", may be returned alter tho youngetera tare learned to play, and all
tbe rosta then apptted oa a new inurnment- Tbe first piano cct nothing and tbe children buniptd
and th die pad to their utmost the damase wag not charged agaiast the rarer, ia The slightly
naed pianos may he taken from the store any day. Il'a a good plan to investigate.
Hoape also rent piano at 1100 a month and aenda a scarf and atool along.
1S1S-151S riOTGLAS ST. OMAHA, Branch 6tore iP7 Broakdway, Ck-oarfl Elaffa
V4etrra Iyreucntative ftsr Woatlrs-iuske' Ms son at Haanlia PUaMsa.
P. S. Our Opea Hearth Soft Steal Sheets a2 so freely
that we don't have to avdrertise thea, but vre cant help
uyisg that when the Dreis & Krcnp Co. Wanted gxd
aheeti to use in deinoitratiiig' their brake it this thov
thej bought ' 'Stark Open Hearth OalTavaised."
We Carry
All Standard Sizes and Gauges
w s
We Can Furnish Quick
Hade of Tonoan f7etal.
TS6 Bit-Ill
While a Member, of the City
Council Fred Hoye Secured
a Redaction of $1.00 a
Month In Home Tele
phone Tolls,
If there ia any reward for public merit
Fred Hoye aboard have th gratitude of th
householder of Omaha for tb successful
Etht be made In th City Council to hav
tb price of home telephone service redooed
CO a month. The candidate for tbe Re
publican nomination for sheriff, while a
member of the council some year ago, as-
KFted tn the fght to hare home 'phone
rates reduced SLOO a month, and ha to
gather with a few ijuncilmen, waa suc
remftu after a strenuous battle. Although
112 a ywar may not look Ilk a large sum
to many residents of the city, the saving
of that aum annually to hardworking folk,
through the effort of Fred Hoye. mean
a large alio of happiness to th home
where there are a number of children who
need clothe and cboea It 1 hardly likely
that tbe people who were benefitted by
Fred Hoye work on their behalf whfis a
member of tbe council will forget that he
1 a candidate for th P-epublioaa nomina
tion for Fheriff at tb primariea. Augut
li. Should they look to their own Interest
they will certainly vote for Fred Hoys
You Wm
tr- "" - ill-: 1 ..i ' i
The Hocr alisbUy-used-piaco-sale plan li one ry
wtifh buj-ra win La two a ay a Ttey rat no chance
to lose Ltroufch havlr g tha piano dainajfcd, tor tbey
in Stock
Pipes Tanks, All
Best In Sjrt
Republican Candidate for
District Judge
Has furred as County Jndg?e and
was County Attorney of Doug
las County .
for eournr trcasvker,
W. G. URE"
Candidate tor Nomlnatlwa oa
Republican Tlokat
Primaries Aug. 15, 1911
Graflotte rairerslty of Ne
braika. a practidrg attartey.
and forraerlT rputy Conrty
Attorney Douglat County.
in Two f ays
0f' 'iC$rK