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Dont Fail
to read our ad Friday evening.
" j
. i Stt TesttrdiJ.
Mala f tbe L-t w Din Heir " ;
KiU Ha
Hrailn c DeeraiaU of
Farm r la otr pert of the eantera an 4 j
ssisth western localities of the mate arc tm i
a Joyf Hi trans e( mind c tut to T"rd
tain which fell there Wednesday nwntria'
and Jn ecme are prebabTy still falling:. At 1
fculo tba heaviest rains ef the vwasoa were'
failing at J.SI a dwt. At thai tline two ; "
inches ft raia bad faU-.' w itn rrowrU JYr J ltcFlieraOn TrebaUj Fltally
fT-Tt.. ei-o tbe Burl.agu- route. I "FeTUVi-d J TTaJr VW KCy
is tba W mi ing ClviK., r jK-- of rata Hf Had WoB la F6A.rT &eC
vera tooc'vad car.'y this mciming, la the :
UeCook division raia was UlUns goner- j FAIBBTBT. Neb, July IS (aertal.)
-.Dy w the entire dlvnooa. Tba imiaha ' A poker tn ea tba lttla Blua rtver wu
vaa LJamiB Ai-icuutia aiao rntirte4 rats , tbe cum of a rbavUr euttitts ftalr ba
a.lllin ta a fe-r iacrtatefl apota. All r;teea a tramp aoa TYed Mcfbcraoa at
-ba Al!ioe ) Jloa ciear akks, with poor : Fairburr. MrPber-oa la company arita
waiwcta. Jt ram jirtvajtea. nii in ut ,
SBcrldaa tflvjaicm bnt a-eatlier uil ci-r '
tldaa a era rfiartid-r . .
.Mlia4M Baia ax-pare.
" Roporta rrooived at th benttiaeekera'
AenarttTMtnt f fh ta-ltt-citt m K '
pQaet tli at tba corn aaa pick.ltic vp ta '
atmoet .11 parta ( tl state and Lhat i
tba cctlra atatc bad beoa tmrtsrea a-rtb j
arrihla tbc laat Slvt dajm.
a TTj-mor dirauoa la tbe con. flour-
aa tba
iHbtaj; and tba farmers is that locality are
tba belief that tba an trup Is t ba i
a bumper and very little damace baa bean
ina by tbe unuauaJ 'cwtber of lata. Wint-r
buat Ja flonnabiiic m ail parts T the )
atata. Tba Xunwtng; toa-ns roported rain i
Vadneday jcnurainr :
Hula. EroaTnille.
:ebraaka City.
iiej-ttji .
litTic.!' CeDter.
Clte Eaaeaar Kill Shawa latnaat C
n-a Tkwaal Ore 1-aot
BEA TK1C& Xeb, July li-H BpaoiaL
JU tba reruiar meelits of tbe otty oohucU
1M vainr the annual erpemaa bill f
SO.K. -ana, ado ted .Tltio im an dacraaa f
about SiMt aver lain )sar. Tba alootrte
liavnt ardlnanoe, f rtnc tna rata at II oenta
per kllearat arrts a tninimnTn taT C and aa
meter rent. u tabled. A- K. KJdd. EL t.
Bod a en and t. &. I3albe. a a apois.tad
near tnratbera of tba lfbra r board.
C oniaaioa ton a of car rnment waa tba
limn that bleaai
la ta arrtac ia aa.
a nag ambti a da
a rit ta a
It buld. Mica a tiiiao in
ut afort aatf fiteaMiita
Aa ltf.B r eauia
TtB jczr vrlt zhozl tbca
She is naturally a
better judge of soup
than you are. She will
' - appreciate the plain
(acts better than amy
man can. Call her
attention to what we
ay about
Point out how
satisfactory and whole
some they are; how well
suited to every occasion;
and how tbey relieve her
cf needless bother and
fuss. Ask her to prove
all this for herself.
And yonll both be triad
; of it.
21 lands 10c a Caua
' J-tttdd Lot ivatrr.
brrm tm m bang,
.vKd pervc.
Jo-i ra CK-nj.
Caaatas K J
Lcaok for the
rd aUd-whit
"duct Cay"
11 Uitzi
Til Fe.irkJi ter S3 Lti.
, More LetitiJ tiao Tea or Cttx.
Accea WKa tl-: -eiest dotation.
VkLoaoi, mvgcntit mod tvutriiioua.
P. . w.nHej f'tn, pov-fla iaroL
A f a-A ksca jrtTarci ia a Bauntc.
rCT Others ere imitations.
; i
wb.WI d;fcr . at t h tMh Tvvrtvday
flay. G A. Murprv cf Hmkt. Okl;
Frank TrtbcU of Fort gledkirk. Tokos.
and ltss Sophia Hosael f Vtrjrinia, tbi
county, were mtrrW hrf-re Monday by Rev.
L t. T nirr.t Aft r a Ttalt here of a few
day win Vrave fr their hem la tbe
J lucm terrrrory.
Tbe republican txiuuty oosvnlar i will toe
held J-r S ana the oaocuaea te Belect del
carate to the oanTCaOoi ariO toe beta
July r.
Cutting Affray
. Near Fairbury
tnr!a piott i mjas u. i e
poker fan tth tba trams aaa tba
fuimta. arfco ta uMe aa aant at fba pair w.
aoooeflofl tm -rtralr aJl af tbe tramp a
money. Tba tramp tb-a siaOa aa attack
oa - '
atart4 on bia rirbt temple, tank a aoa-a-trl
coorao OB bis cheek and -wound up
..a & aifc n eiti rat
"""" " . 7 ' "7" 7,
ta tbe bona. It took twntr-tb-ea aucbea
. . V. ' ... . . j
i borne north of tba ctty park In a p oart-
oua condition artth littla chance of ra-
opto ry. 1 caae be doea reo-ver nls faoe
j anil be peralyaed. Bberia Chtrnaida aue-
: oeeded ta capturteK tbe tramp aeraral mile
! aoutla-ert of Fairbury and "orourbt btm
j to Fairbury and ladrod him ta tba county
jail. Ha as a young Cello about 3 yoai
tf ape and claims be la a narreat hand
from Bare C3ty, Kan, Ka 1U hara hia
preliminary liuai iut la a day a
Kepact tbavt Cfce r Hatlataaar,
GRANT tSLJkXD. NeaV.-Juy IT pe
cUX Cbaater Holainr-r. tor many rears
aubject ta pflep oamrTilBiooja. eras Xscrad
dead rasaerday. la a ar,( a(Lt)k ne
eras anloadinc for the' CtJcaro lAonber
oompacy. Aa Iron bar sraa found near bins
and tbe first surmise was that be had beea
murdered. He a aa alone at vera. His
brother has beea laid vp tor sine months
,-ttii blood poieoninc la one of hia hands
and sraa not able ta cot late tha oar arhen
be event to sec If tbe brother was ttlnf
alontr ail rlri;t the latter fcarmc only
foac ta work yeatarday. The acad pare ota
are in needy dn umertanr a and a popular
aubscriptioB la beinc tak a up ta help tbem
out of their present difficulty. No hi tie
excitement was eeoattmed for some time,
and until it was aaonrtained that the death
was from natural 1
ad (art aa let
mm Baa h
a Hew
WEST POINT. Keb July IX. Special.
Tba West Point Cadet band, wtdch has
tbe to-Udinc- of the sew audlt-rrai sn
charce, has purchased tha lot owned toy the
West Point lAederkxana, tying atorth at the
id West Point heuse an north Hast
street, Tha lot Is aentraiiy loo tad and
the cboioe crees a; norai aaxiattaerion. Tbc
selection aaa made toy the vevea caT the
ubacribera. Tba a lount realised trj the
band frosa tha ettiaens" aubacilpqoas and
donations Is
The last ssansiiiiiiii. af personal pi cparty
aa retun sed toy County Assessor Clatanaff
shoa tha cash la the bands of tbe Cvujb
inr county people ta be only SIBTAS as
Against SHK.Clt rrrurned Is lBfi, This
abo nace Is aoo ousted for toy the tact that
the people have been buylua; autemontlea.
buildtnc bouees and adorns; ta tboaa slisaflj
b tit and doea not indicate any actual de
eease of the read a ia.Hr of the county.
The eifrhth rmde eaei rises of the oral
schools of Cumins county were beta 6et
nrday at tba higra acbaol aaditarium at
West Point, with flfty-orvea rraduataa.
CaioneJ J. C KUtatt
TAB'K. la, July li (Special r-Joha
Kted. a Tabor b very man. hanred himaeif
tue Bidnry jail Tuesday lorauna; with
rcpe that be mad out of the bedding- Tha
Ji-kr found turn hanfinc from the top of
the cell dour when be took nlm his break.
faKt: He was SMariy choked to death anu
two doctors worked ever him fur teo
hour tot lure reolorinf; conscieuBneHa
Mr. Reed bad driven a eoacmercial man
t HJdnty and while there stela about t3
from the effioa ef the Bvery bam.
pumutal and ledcef la Jail.
Ceaaatr Vale
S&WAKIX Nf-L, July
County Aa as user Bcrnorher has made bis
repurt ( the aaasaasneat of Beward 00 wit
ie the skate Board ef Y. rutoi axios. The
valuation ef peraonaj proterty for aaaaan this yeer Is C. which as sheet
E leas than last year. The tetal aaaxa
able property tor fKl is while last
year It was ST.iaC. the lea et about
IXUW botnc ta pseanal pruparvr.
-Teas IWab EAsby
r.RANi 1KLAKI1. July IX Spsraa!.V
Mrs. Weed, who heaps a rusiiiiiia boasa
ia a down town hlnck, m isand t e tm at
af a wunaT wenaaa nsaned Mra. Waits s.
Cbarrinc bar wtin the thett ml ) fa
the hrnar seem. "At fkra I the nosuned
o-med the thrJt. to t lat-r rsiiTi am and
tarn ne chief f paiioa that she bed se-
I re PaelSc dipac
Paapped Dual. BsmI atoew Mw.
eira Oaaaoa Bardtvaacait.
s-aeantad tba mplasass.
bar Has Insai d ( Ttoert Uaavsa
Hiaa-wlf artrh Kapr Wade
f mrddtaa.
ij Nebraska Nebraska
Lonely LaioVrrai Syi Vbllm
Afraid to Arprax.
voni) zxrosz tttth eialugs
; IUilrM4 Mm la fti4lM toy r"l"'l
iMmw la MUlata Car Weteht
Parte te Be idee e
easVc aew aaaus.
. Frora a &ttt I trrrrrcm otrt.
LJ(XLX. July 12 Special. That t r
taia aboleaale lumb-r dea.lrra araulo be
Mark'.iKled -y t talleea oer tba atate for
arllin di-Mt to roBniB-m. and that fear
of this kept tbem from reari-tertn- obo
tima airaitisl tlie propooed tneroaaa of
minimum carload freipt -a-eifThta. aa tl
charr mafle by R O. Miller of the Hafer
L.rirjer romjiany of Council Bluffa. arhea
tbe har1n on tbe matter -eras taken up
before tbe State Baila-nj- re imt-alou to
Car. tor atome appeartmt ta Tipht tbe ralae.
Tbe laai-a man oontonoed that tbore ere
f nl)r a bait doaon oonoerns in Omaha
-hch woulfl he dt srtfy injured by the
pr opnoea rajee.. but aaneffled tliat rhese
co tpanios a-e-e arared and utiwll !tnc t
attenfl the bearhnir beoauae It would lay
bara tbetr rperatioT ta The rotafl doae-B
of the mate. ATI -retail oeaJora. an tbe
other hand, aooordinf to atate inta mada
by Mr. Miller. miM te likewise aoi-erraely
afTocted by tba ctoanr In the rates, but
srould tmfleriro efteht injury becauae tboir
troncmt competitors, the lafi order
booms, a n mid be far)y handicapped ta
thotr ft a: tit fir husinens af the dlroct bn T-
Tbe Neibraaka i are not objortlns
bocauaa of their on i oelfisb -naarnia" aaid
Mr. MiTier ta the con imhnrion. "bat they
are opposed to such a concern as ours and
they hope by thia moans ta curtail amr
bualnoes in this atata. Tbc mi i saaa, anak
lna tbe m:ninaum as - lumbar ampmsaita
K.we pounds metead off S."tt, aaald ark
irreparable Injury ta tba no (party, and
tbouch tt arauid hurt tba r-taJlera ta a
a-ay It srould be as alifbt as t bardy ba
The 1 141. iwntatlw af tba Ooimcsn BrnfTs
ouncrrn -sraa la a difficult poarctoa from
tha bermnmc of tbe bearinc. the raj li aa a
men, a number of a bom irera praaeot.
almost repeatedly caRtnc tbc atMctirni af
tba raileay ewiiuijiaatouea a to tba fa ot that
it sraa aa ant af the state cmitocxa oblaet
tns to the raioe of a Xebraaka rer-laMB
of Nebraska eommea carriera.
t-lannlaa Ktaiam Crrww."
Mem bora of the city fiamaoe oamaalsteo
are atiil of tba opinioa tkat tbey can
snake up a budret of next rear'a expenses
far the municipal year srbica arin net
nail for aa tncraaae of tbe city rry.
Councilor ten fijrure that this can be done,
theucn tbey assert that If tbe Cull amount
of city bonds -hick tall due are paid a
Irry of X miila anil be entire inadoquate.
Departmeot expanse far tbe year are ta
tbc mala la so oeas of tne amount ere a
them lat year, totalise airr tost naif a mil
lion dollars, all of arnica must be se
cured taV taaatioB. Tbc total aaseasad
ralnatloa of tba city ta round numbers Is
&.5W.M0. If tba lery la B nulls that
amount arffl prodooa la taxes but SZCaSt.
Of thia amount tne city Is ail oared ta ap
propriate tout P per cent.' ae that taasns
stLU leas left tor tbe ranxunc cxpens
aaa of
the year. The eneral fund and occupa
tion taxes raise varying amcninta. which
y be used aa that a total at about
pUiue aocruwc f n tlmae wia toe avaO-
abie to meet the demands of Cbe recea
smioted touddet.
cartaaa ta Pailaa Caasae.
ratea for heanaera ea the applicatlena
of three tore convicts ef the state poo-
Hen tiary which have appoaled tor liberty
have beea art by the state advisory board
of pardons. Calvin Harris, col -red, of thia
city, who was convicted cf criminal aa
aauit, will' come before the board an Aa
sTust L Harris la hia application does
not deny his ruilt. tout assui ta that be
has suffered sufficiently and toeue-es that
be abeuM be released.
Barm ZMrkoea ef Boyd county, seat te
the state penitentiary for assault upon
hi enepdapchter. win appear before the
board Aarust X. Xhrkaea aites that be
Is the victim af a csnapi-acy and that
deeds ooBrrynac land te fete attorner for
appoaHaa; the ease ts the state supreme
court should be canceled team nuca aa the
lawyer torro t te take further Intel -e at la
the caa after be bad obtained title te
the oM man's land.
Chart Pumphrey cf Omaha, esartdnd
and sentenoed for the murder of a f hlna
man la that city, baa else applied" far a
pardoa and bis case sriil be beard toy the
board July 10.
Ctft Caaouai la IMstrart faat.
Tbourh tailins ta set a restraaninc ar
der la the federal courts nt the n
foroement cf the Hsush anti-free rift a
terpriae art, the plaiarttfTa. the rpsry A
HutchinsoB trading stamp can aoa af New
Jeraey and tbe Stacaatea and Book com
pany ef New Tark city, today arra the
cace te tbe district court af this county
and succeeded ta obtaining- thetr lajuno
tioe. The Inunrtloa aa issued restrains
Goiernor AJdricai and County Attorney
Btrede tram farcins; a compnano wtib the
r art. Te-terday'a case was threwa
out of the federal court boraiiai the ap
pticatioa for tbc restraining order waa
anade out axatnut Attorney Oeneral Grant
Q. lAartiB instead af the county attarnry.
whoac duty It is te enforce tbe prerisJoaa
f the new law under tbe act Itself.
The case of Max 1 BJch of Grand Ir'and.
charred with pert or tine a criminal epera
tiea upon Flare noa aUrt her land, a lWmer
HaH county achnol teacher, area taken np
by tha ttats Board ef Health today ta
this city. Ir. C. B. Fall ef Beatrloa, pre
sidina Avrrumeats and the af tescU
many occupied the entire afternoon.
Atturueya W. B. Then ipaoa and Fred
J Aai.toa ef Grand Island appeared for the
J defense and H. B. Wilson ef this dty was
1 eounael for the complainant, Dr. B, B,
! McGratk of Grand Island,
j The initial clash ta the pTeoaadinas --c
Hew te ihed" A
Bad CempIezieB
lts feeiiah te ettem I ts ma np or
bide a sarise- nsniiilaslsn. when roe can
ae easily rane-re tbe aallassias, ar the
cempieea itself. Suause and the Use ea a
tore wmsh akja. only ea nptisalna tba daferl
The better way la ta appry pure
wax tha earns as yea would
putties at ea at niaht. resnevlac It ka the
nanrataa with wan a water and si an foi
lewtna k a dash T eeid water. The
effect af a few appUcaxiana Is stanpty a r
vefleua. Tbe toaif-ded f uooie 1 a teorlial
T the wax inialteely. rradually. la txay
impel ooptibie lertli ilia teiaellin the In a 11
1 trful veJvetr whn
Ne won laa need have a si Has, blotchy,
Pimple ar frerAied iwmi-iilna If
e the drvr- s. Sat a ma aaaad mmr-
wtoea tbe ef endant' counsel eertd te
tha adtr laiitiia of aa efflflavn made the
yevnc wo ma la the rasa, h a) near a .
lestoetrt of the atste of Ore a. J
U Asai saaaiat
The lvate Board of Aaw wmwrti win :
snoot Monday t equalise value as t ported .
from the -ertous ooantie. The Indlcattotia
are for a nllsrht de-reaae is the total i
amount of taxable property rn the state, (
Couatdw able decree e Is accounted for re !
a Imtmm la the parnb-r of cattle la the i
i mvA iiMia of era in
Tbe f olleinc Is tbc comparative asaeosed '
raluatioa af tbe lest counties that filed ;
report : HOI.
Tharrr J a.TM.1 I t-pa
Lad raster
l et w
ffaaaba Madrt City.
South Omaha la a model city, acoordtns
ta statements made te Omrnor Aldricb
thia afternoon by Commissioner Ttyan and
other merr.bers ef the Jouh Omaha Fire
anl rolioe board. The pacatmrtpwe men
caDed ta extilam te the enter executive that
saloons ta South rma.ha cinee oa eunaays
and at t P. m. rrery week day and that
there aa no other open flotation of tbe j
law. .
Law rosea taatreH ( j
Tba board of pubhc iaads and build-
mcs met this afternoon te consider tb '
reneeal f a oontract for convict
enth tbe La Broom V Liuster com pan
The ooatraet -iUi tbe state expires Ai
s-ust 1. Clintoa X. deatres te m ;
tbe earn ewnt-act no aa exist enoe. 11 ;
previa a that tbe state ehall furtdBh 2k j
coni-lcta te the company, tbe price ta be
H ee nta a day for a tank or a fn3 ear ;
work. The cempaay a.loo para W a
month far tbe rent of ebopa. lirht. heal
and power. There are about oonrict
la the penltexitiary. - Tbe Platte Ehn-1
oempasy of Chicace baa a lass tor !
which will not exjilre tin o-
Appeal In Wam
pa T. Wntta. attorney tar tbe North
wests a rnilread company, baa written ta""
the stats rail ay commission tor a com. ;
ynete reeard ta tbc snatter cf the Wayne
depot case. ladioaUnc that he tstends t
appeal frecn the ardor at the ocaatmiaanan
direct ts tne supreme court, under a pre-vt-koa
of the sew law pre ndinc for a dV
rect appeal. The eoanmlsHiam has ordered
tbc company te build a new stone ore
brick depot at Wayne. The railroad de
sires ts reconstruct thje eld trams depot,
tout the city affio-rs have refused te sus
pend the fire limit ordinanoe tear the ac
commodation of the company.
Tbetea Ttaata Srbntaka.
Max Thelen. attorney tor the railroad
commission ef California, called thia tnre-
oa the Nebraska railway coramis
Bs win iaveeticate the work njn of
railway oetmrleai-ns la several states and
report Ondicir te bis own con imiesloa.
Mr. Tbelea was toora In Nebraska and
d urine bis vcunt r days Bved at Riainc
City. Neb.
Aldricb arte frees Plerec.
Gomuu Aldrtch baa returned from
Pierce, where be dell 1 red cm addi ise be
fore the North Nebraska OM Soldier s aa
sorlatina The crops alone tbe KIkborn
alley.' said tne aoamior. nre the tia-
1 cat
ut cf doom. A hoary rain tell bet are
'i 1
arrived and plenty cf rain has tali en
durlne tba entire siniiinn.'
BSATBJCK. Neb, Ju!y it BpoclaU
The TUlaca board ef ,Ti as nt is, sranted aa-
. Emms,
J ! It, ': S ."!? I I IB f I
It leLV E? : 11.
U Wy
w I -
I, 4
- a
W mm
the real old
German lager flavor
l2 O
licenses to Ja ie Huarbes and Jos
Zuber last niarht, BA-aeetoB has been dry
one pear. This makes ten saloons la ope re
ation in Oaxe county.
laaawar et tie aoa
CATVSON. Neb.. July 12. (Special.) 3Leo
Frloe Is suffermx from ts broken ribs, a
broken collarbone and aa injury ts hia
Hmfra as tbe result of a runaaay accident
when drtvir.g into Dawson on his let urn
from Humboldt. Mr. Prire was rendered
unoonscious toy tbe accident. His tea 1
ran from tbc north part of town te Riley's
park, and he was throws from the ris;
near the depot.
Toofh Powder j
cleanses, pteservea and be-uib- j
fies the teeth, prerenLs tooth
decay and imparts parity j
and rragrance to the weath.i
When you drink
ur. lv
ytni taste that rare, delicious tang of the genuine old Ger
man Lagex beer anappj; rich arkd mellovr becauae it's
made by the old Gf-rman formula, from crisp barley-mah
and mature hops.
It's aged for months in (h-ss4ined tanks, to give it a ds
Iicious flavor then pasteurized, to mskr. it pure.
Comes in pint bottles of dear glass, so you can aee it's
pure and dean. Tbe red or yellow wrapper keps out the
light, preserving the anap and the life.
Ask for it always better still, order a case sent borne.
Dowlas 647-Ind. A-1215.
Save the Caps
trora bet tiea of Old FaalinJ
Lacr Br and cxcKano them
for r.luabi pKmiumi. Aak ua
for fro book of 2.4D0 prcvrilumaw
for -Old Faahioned Lager Bee
"Now for o
Genuine Sale0
Our Great
of Men's and Young Men's
Fancy and True Blue Serge
Suits in Outing and Three
piece styles starts
tOFday, duly iSOn
All Broken Lots of
1911 Suits that sold for
SIO to S3G
will be offered for
op to S17.GO
See the Windows and
Friday Evening Papers
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Beautiful Tooth !
There are tout few people who have !
them. Good teeth everyone ilarht have !
If they would co to Ir. Bradlury. 7 tie '
cjuSckeet. easiest and least painful are
tbe only inetMKia emplnved by ue and
hundreds of our patierta. both in sn-
out ef the city will cladly tell you about
the rood dental v-ork and pur up-to-date
.ay of doinr thinra. Crown and bridrc i
work from t per tooth. Plates that
fit from 14 f ee Ftbilmt extrac
tion of teeth Nen ec cf tooth removed 1
without hurtini you. Work warranted
ton years.
IT Tears Basse Xrftcetiaa.
lBOd arnaai Bt. Pnans B. ITS
Fboae Ponelae SSS .
BrlAace Harner 428S
. vJ-;.V"-"55pS-s!Ssap
- HHed the dsy received. Shrpped everrVhem.
a Ccoiodisn
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