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'j nuioiATT,
.JULY 13.
Storage loom for Newf Winter Wheat
it Becoming Scarce.
Hellish DrtOiartl la Cmrm le
Streaateeaed hy th Ileasaad -far
lav eeb '' Article eta
era Deaaaad la sharp.
OMAHA. July 12. 1911.
The wheat news Is mUrd and conflicting;
temperature tn th nortbweit r favor-
He for filling and no additional rat in were
irported. The main brarlah feature In the
situation la the remarkably early and heavy
movement of the new winter wheat crop,
and storage rm.m la becoming scarce. It
Kill be ten days before the prlng wheat
rrop la out of danger from heat damage. A
market of fcood trading character with
fair up ami down anlng Is predicted.
Bullish sentiment In corn was atrenKth
ened by the active demand for the cash
article, southern demand Is aharp and tlda
eteadlly advancing. Temperaturea In tha
went af favorable, but south the weather
keens hoi; Weather report are the trade
More favorable weather and fceavr re
ceipts depressed the wheat value. Longs
were inclined to take profile, alng the
market, lash wheat was V,o to lo lower.
Damaging reports of firing In the corn
started renewed burlng power, prices ad
vancing sharply oo covering by shorts. Cash
corn was to higher.
Primary wheat receipts were 1,211.00 bu.
and shipments were JfindOO bu., against re
ceipts las( year of 238,000 bu. and shipments
of 2KB bu. l.
Primary corn receipts were 410,000 bu.
and shipments were 297.WK) bu.. against
tecelpta last, year of 156,000 bu. and ship
ments of 4M.O0O bo.
Clearances were 4 000 bu. of corn, 50,000
bu. of -oats and wheat and flour equal to
113.000 bu.
Liverpool closed K!Td higher on wheat
and 4d higher on corn.
The following cash sales ware reported.
WHEAT No. 2 hard, cars, 86c; 4 cars.
4c; i car, 8ie; J car. 86c; No. t hard, 1
csr. M4c. '
CORN No. t white. I care. o; No.
yellow, 4 cara. (KHe; No. t mixed. I cars,
C6l4c; 1 car, Hoc; no grade. 1 car, 64o.
OATSNo. I white, I care, 4&c; No. 4
white, 1 car, 45Vc. .,
Omaha Cash rXMi. '
WHEAT No. t hard. 8tVg87e; No. t hard.
tvgmc; No. 4 hard. 7&y381c; rejected hard,
CORN No. t white. Kf?Vle: No. I white,
tyfttife; No. 4 white, b84e; No. 1
yellow, 5iee; No. I yellow, 6o'VfJ6lro;
No. 4 yellow, e4ioo; No. 2. fijJ51o; No.
I, UKtiWmc; No. 4, 64Hc; no grade,
OATS No. ' 1 White, 48fJ44e; standard,
4f.344,c: No. t white, 4d4So; No. 4
white, 4fit6Hc.
BARLEr-N. 2, 7WTSc. No. 4, 7434e;
No. 1 feed, 8JJ7e; rejected. 474e.
RTE No. J, 83ttc; No. I, 81i88So.
Carlo Iteereletta.
' Wheat. Corn. Oats.
Chicago , 606 178 81
Minneapolis 103 ...
Omaha , 7 48 27
Duluth , 22 . ...
Feataree af the Tradlaa; and Cloalne;
. Prieea oa Boar af Trade.
CHICAGO. July 12. -Corn prices today
soared to the topmost point so far this
season. Buying credited largely to a noted
speculator furnished the greater part of the
motive power. Higher figures were touched
tn the last fifteen minutes and there was a
buoyant close at an advance of o to lc
net. Latest figures showed wheat He up
to li-(jSc off, oats with VtfHc to 4o gain
and hog products varying from 24o decline
to a rise of 10c. '
Estimates purporting to make reasonably
certain 'a 10 per cent Increase of damage
to corn since July 1 had much affect tn
bringlnr about the bulge In the market
for that cereal. Many shorts were thus
led lnto a rush for cover. It was mainly,
however; owing to local assertions of a
widening area of damage that the course
of values headed for the senlth. The
total purchases made by the leader on the
bull side were alone said to be aggregating
$2,000,000 ' or more. During the seaalon the
September option ranged from 64e to 67c,
closing strong lo net higher at 67V067Xc,
Cash corn was firm. No. 2 yellow fin
ished, St 6&60.
Inrluenaed largely by the great bull dera
onstratlon In th corn pit, wheat gradually
hardened after an. early display .of weak
ness. Other factors that counted against
the bears were black rust rumors from
Minnesota, the pesslmlstto tone of the
North Dakota state report and a prediction
that Russian shipments would soon undergo
a rapid decline. September fluctuated from
Sla te B0o and In the end was ttc up at
8C. . .; . '
Oats more than recovered the lost ground
when Influential Interests took the buying
side. September high and low limits proved
to be 47H4To and 464o, with the close
V'iWftk!, a gain of o aver last night.
The provision prop was an out of town
demand for January options. At the final
gong .pork had Increased In cost 6o to 10c,
lard waa 2o off to 2l4e up and ribs were
dearer by 2o to 7ViB'10c
Prices In Chicago, furnished ty the Up
dike Grain company, 708 Brandels building,
Omaha; telephone Douglas 2471:
Articles-! Open. Hlgh. Low. Close.! Tea'y
W heat I
Coi n
80 4
89 SA
' 40 V.
Sept .
u w
16 80
- ai .
16 71
16 71
16 00
( 82H
S 42
8 40
8 40
8 60
I 10
in an I
IS 80
IS 80
16 82j
i r
8 874
I 80
8 40
t 40
8 40 ,
t 42H1
8 60
I 10
8 uy,
8 17!
Cash quotations were as follows:
Fl.OUK Klrm. ,
RYK No. 2. old. 84o; new. 83a.
BA RLE T Peed or mixing, 7085o; fair
to choice malting, tl.0Mil.14.
SKKDS Timothy; IS.OOtf 13.60. Clover, 89.00
J16.D0. .... ....
f ROVlSIONS Mes pork, per bbl.. 116.87
C 14-00. LArd, per 100 lbs., 8840. Short ribs.,
aides (loose), 87.7698.60; short clear sides
(boxed), $g.37fe.GOv
Total cearancea of. wheat and flour were
equal to 118,01.4 bu." Primary receipts were
l.ill.000 bu., compared with 808,000 bu. the
correapocd'og day a year ago.
Estimated recelpte for tomorrow: Wheat,
6VJ care;, corn, J48 cars; oats. 84 oars; hogs,
ti.000 head.
Chicago Caah Prleee Wheat : No. 2 red.
67B8oi Mo. 8 red, 86t7o; No. 2 hard, 870
bc; No. 8 hard. S6d7c; No. 1 northern
apring. 81.01ol.02; No. 2 northern spring.
tkVy.(c; No. 8 spring, SXtfOao. Corn: No. 2
caah, WSfltt1HP; No. 8 cash, 44c; No.
2 white. 6oma: No. 8 white. arfac;
No. 2 yellow, 6gEo; No. 2 yellow,
Sc Oat a. No. 2 cash. 4dMc; No. 2
white, 474o; No. 8 white. 6aAVbo;
No 4 white, 4AaHe; standard, 4740ta4c.
' BtlTTER Kteedy; crearaeiiee, UJ4c;
dalrlee, UttZc
EGOS Easy; receipts, U.868 cases: at
mark, case Included. 6llc; flrau, 14c;
prime firsts, l&c
CHEESE UneMtled: dalelee. 18o; twins,
12; young Amerlcaa, 1812; long
borne. lit14a
POTATO K,a-Steady: barreled. 8S.00i8b.26.
POUTLJtY Live, firni; turkey a, 12c;
chickens. 12e ; springs, loe.
VEAL 8teedj; SO to 80-lb., wts., Mfe;
SO ta s-lb.. wis., flc; SS to DO-lb. wts.,
Uo. , '
Keeelpta Today--Wheat. EOS ears; eora. 172
rare; oats. 88 cars, mimated tomorrow
Wheat, kli carat .eora. let oars; oats, 84,
cara . t , .
Mlsaeapall 43 mala Market.
July, ,': September. '264o; December,
Skc; No.' I hard. 81.60V: No, 1 northern.
(H.cj61 . : No. J northoro. 8e4j9lro; No.
I ahrat. VtAttjy7Hc '
TJiXt 04. . ' .
RAKLKr-;4crtl OS.
CORN No. 2 yellow,
OATS Nu. I white, 46ie.
RTFN' 2. B.VJ. ,
r)RAN-l&rXiJ0 0ft.
KLOI R-Klrst patenta. 2S0Oil: second
patents. It Mv4 75: first clears. S3 J. s3 ai.
second clears. 42. 250 1 SO.
Kanaaa 4" Up Grain aa4 lra laloaa,
KANSAS CtTT. July 13. WHEAT-Un-changed
to lo loweri -No. 8 hard, SrvtWc;
No. 2, M90c; No. ( red, Siahc; No. 2.
.MjH..'se; September. sme; tecembrr,
COKN-12o lower; No. 2 mixed. 6Httc;
No. J. 7iM; No. 2 white, fitie: No. ,
STtfWk-: September. So; December, 84o
bid; May. 7ai7e bid.
OATH I'nrhenged ; No. 2 white, 4f4c;
No. 1 mined. 47f4No.
HA Y I'nchanged: choice timothy, 8J8 0O
ftin: choice prairie, 817.fiOfl..
IH'TTE IV Creamery, 23c; flrats, 21c; sec
ondn, )!c; packing stock, 17c.
EiGGS Extra.", lc; fltsls. 1-; seconds, 8c.
Receipt, fehipmema.
Whrat 17!n 28 C)
Corn 40.0-sj .("
Oats in, owo 1.1.WW
BUTTER Creamery. Na. k delivered te
the retalt tra, In I ll. carionux i"c; Na
1. hi 80 IP. tube, 23e No. 1 In l ib. tatrtona.
Uc, pneking stock, solid pack. lHc; dairy,
la SO lb. tuba, upjoc; market changea every
K1SH (all frosen)-Plcke-i 10c; whl:e.
luv; pike. He; trout, lib; .area crappiea
wq-Oc; bpamah mackerel. 18c; eel, lee; itad
bvck. In-; lu'jniitrs, ic, Kreen catfish. !'";
iv ha. w ea.h; alieu iue. per pelr. 4uo;
Irug lege, per doa, &c$t3 0u; salmou, ivc,
liulihut. 8c, eiluw percii. kc; butiaio, ac;
bunn hla. 14.
BEEF CUTS Ribs: No. U lc; No. 2,
13c; No. 3, love. Loin: No. L ltc; No. i
M'ac; No. 3, l1ic Chuck: No. k to; No.
2. ec; No. 3. a. Kound: No. 1, luu; No. A
lic; No. 3, so. t'tate: No. 1, 4c; No. t,
ii No. 8. 3c
fc'HLirs, a, ic Apricots, California., per
ci ale, 42. uaiianas, tiney aelt, pr bdnctt.
J..)f J.tK); J umbo, bunch, i.'ib. Cherries,
liuinti sioHn, per 24-qt. case, 8J.00. Canta
loupes. California, standard, 43 count. 34.ii)
4.M per crate; pony crates, 4 count, 82 s
mi. Hi. Datua, anchor brand. .new, 30 lib.
tkga. In boxes, per box, 88.0a. Gooseberries,
Home grown, per 24-qt, case, 83.08. Lemons,
iiiiiont'iia bmnu, extra fano;. joo slse, per
box, $7.00; 3ti0 size, box, 17.00; Loma 11
nionelia, tancy 3u0 size, per box, Se.tiO; 3ti0
size, per box, 8.U0; 840 and 820 slses, OOo per
box less; cymbal brand, 8uU 8M) sizes, per
box, So.vj. Oranges, Niagara, Hedlands, Val
lenclaa, all eisea, per box, 84.00: fancy Va
lenclaa, 60-96-Uf alzes. 82.76: California Jaffa
ana Mediterranean sweet oranges, 174 and
mailer sizes, per box. 83.60. .Peaches, Cali
fornia, per box. 81.60. Plume. Calltornla. per
crate, 21.86. Pineapples, Florida. 24-30-34-42-12
slses, per crate, 83 36. Red currants, per
:4 qt. case, 32.502.76. Strawberries, Hood
river, per 24-qL case, 23.26. Watermelons,
Georgia and Florida, per lb., lc.
VEGETABLES Beans, string and wax,
per hamper, $2.60; per mkt, bsk 8100. Cab
bage, home grown, per lb., be Cucumber,
hot house, 1V and 2 doa. In box, per bos,
ll.604fl.76; home grown, per mkt, bek. of
about 2 dos., 21.60. Egg plant, fancy Florida,
per dos., II. DO. Garlic, extra- fancy, white,
per lb., 12c. Lettuce, extra fancy leaf, per
dos., 40c. Tomatoee, Texas, per 4-bsk. crate,
Oc 81.00. Radishes, per doa, 20c. Onions,
Texas Bermuda, white, per crate, 22.26; yel
low, per crate, 12.00; California. In sacks,
per lb., 2c. Parsley, fancy home grown,
per dos. bunchee, 46c. Potatoee, Wisconsin,
white stock, per bu., 11.3691.60; Virginia,
new stock. In bbls., per bbl., 34.00.
MISCELLANEOUS Almonds, California
soft shell, per lb., 18c; In sack lots, lc lees.
Brazil nuts, per lb., 12c; la seek lots, lc
less. Filberts, per lb., 14c; In sack lots, lo
less. Peanuts, roasted, per lb., 8c; raw, per
lb., 6c. Pecans, targe, per lb., Mo; In sack
lots, lo less. Walnuts, California, per lb, 13c;
In sack lots, lc less. Honey, new, 24 frames,
83.76. - .
Cara aad Wheat rtralon Balletla.
Record for the twenty-four hours ondlng
at 8 a. m. Wednesday, July 12, 1911
TemD Raln-
Htatlona. Max.
Ashland, Neb.... 86
Auburn, Neb 102
B'ken Bow, Neb. 84
Columbus, Neb... 85
Culbertson, Neb. 104
Fslrbury, Neb.. .log
Fairmont, Neb... 93
Or. Island, Neb. 87
Hartlnston, Neb. 82
Hastings, Neb... 92
Holdrege, Neb... 97
Lincoln, Neb 93
N. Platte, Neb. 90
Oakdale, Neb 80
Omaha, Neb 88
Tekamah, Neb... 86
Valentine; Neb. 80
Sioux City, la.. 84
Alta, la 86
Carroll, la 92
Clsiinda, la 100
Sibley, la 84
Mln. fall. Sky.
64 . 03 Cloar
65 .00 Pt. clondy
63 .00 Clear
0 .00 Pt. cloudy
W . .15 Clear
4TS .00 Clear
63 .00 . Clear
63 .00 Clear
64 .08 Pt. cloudy
63 .00 Clear
62 .00 Clear
8.1 .00 Clear
66 .00 Clear
66 1.76 Clear
' 86 .16 Clear
60 . 20 Clear
64 .00 Clear
68 01 Cloar
53 .00 Clear
64 .00 Clear
60 .3 Clear
,48 .00 . Clear
Minimum temperature for twelv-hnu
period ending at 3 a. m.
. No. of Temp. Rain-
District. . Stations. Mag. Mln. fall.
Columbus, 0 17 82 64 .60
Louisville, Ky 20 ' 8 eg .so
Indianapolis, Ind. 11 94 88 .10
Chicago. Ill 26 94 62 - .20
St Louts. Mo 25 98 68 .80
Des Moines, la.... 21 92 , 58 .to
Minneapolis, Minn. 80 78 48 00
Kansas City. Mo.. 24 ' 100 70 'so
Omaha, Neb IS 96 60 - .60
Temperatures were somewhat higher In
the eastern and southern portions of the
corn and wheat region during Tuesday.
Rains occurred In all except the Minne
apolis district and were quite general In
the eastern and southern portions. Rains
of one Inch or over occurred at the follow,
tng .stations: Bellefontalne; O.. 3 30: Her.
mann, Mo., 1.14; Hlllsboro, 111., 1 84: Spring
field. Mo., 1.50. L. A. WELSH,
Local Forecaster, Weather Bureau.
St. I.awle Gaarral Market.
ST. LOUIS, July 12.-WHEAT-F1rm;
track. No. 2 red, 848&o; No. 2 hard, 87
89c; futures, firm; July, 8686c; Septem
ber, 87o.
CORN-Hlgher; track. No. 2. 67847c;
No. 2 white. 6S6e; futures higher; Sep
tember, 877o; December, 65e.
OATS Steady; track. No. 2, 4Sc; No. 2
white, 61c; September, 47c. ,
RYE-Steady; 88 o.
FLOUR-Steady; ready winter patente.
24.10ttf4.60: extra fancy and straights, 23.80a
4.00: hard winter clean. 62.703.00.
8EHD Timothy. 86.004r9.60. "
BRAN Firm; sacked, east track, 81.06a
HAY Higher; timothy, 824.00tg28.60; prai
rie. 819 00ttr22 00.
PROVISIONS Pork, unchanged; job
bing, 216.00. Lard, lower; prime (team,
SS.07ttg8.17e. Dry salt meats, unchanged;
boxed extra shorts. 88.76; clear ribe, 88.75;
short clears, 89.12. Bacon, unchaged,
boxed extra shorts,. 89.76; clear riba, 29.76;
short clears. 216.12.
POITLTRT Steady; chickens. He: spring,
16e; turkeys, 15jI17e; ducka, 9c; geese, 6c.
-' BUTTER Firm; creamery, 20!if24c.
EGGS Unchanged; Uc.
Receipts. Shipm'ts.
Flour, bbla. 6.106 10.140
Wheat, bu. 178.040 41.000
Corn, bu. 68.000? 63.000
Oate, bu, 63,000 62,009
Pklladelphla Preface Market.
Firm; weatern creamery, 27o; nearby
prints. 29c.
EGGS Firm ; Pennsylvania and other
nearby firsts, free cases, 26.66 per case;
current receipts, filee cases, fS.W per
case; western firsts, free cases, 25.40 per
case; current receipts, free eases, 84.8Ctj
6.10 per esse.
CHEESE Firm; New Tor full cream s
fancy new, 12c; fair to good. 12912c.
Mveravael Orata Sf arUet.
firm; No. 2 Man It ob A 7s 44d. Futures,
easy; July, 6s 10d; Ootoberv As 8d; De
cember. 6s ""ad. " !v
CORN Spot, firm: American, mixed, old.
8n ft VI: new American, kiln dried. Sa 84.
Futures, esef; September, teiid: Decem
ber, te IHd. -
Peoria Market.
PKORTA. July lt-fORN-cFJrm: No. 2
white. StS',c: No. 2 yellow. Wc; No. 2 vel
low, 66c; No. 4 yellow, 64c; No. 8 mixed,
OATS Unchanged; -No. 2 white, 47e:
standard. 46Hc; No. I whit. 46frc; No. 4
white, new, 44to.
Mil weak Greta "larket.
northern, 21.0-1.08; No. 2. 81.60afl.0t; Sep
tember. 90ifitt0c; Deomeber, S9o.
OATS Standard, 48V4'i49e.
BARLEY-tMalting. &el.ll
Dalatk Grala Market.
DULUTH. July 11 WHEAT No 1
northern, e; No. 8 northern. 66V467Wc;
July. Ho bid: September. 99o bid.
OATS 47Hc; to arrive. 46Sc
Cattaa Market.
cloaed quiet and unchanged; middling up
lands. 14. lac; middling gulf, 14.60c; no sales.
New Tork cotton market, as furnished by
Logan A Rryea. members New Tork Cot
ton exchange. Hi South Sixteenth street.
Month. Open. High. Low. Close. Tes'y.
Julv ....14 08
Aug- 13 7
r1t .... 11 OH
14 10
12 83
1.1 Oft
18 M
18 7?
14rt 14 01
IS 78 13 aa.
12 7 12 II
1! 97
12 78
Oct 13 88
II 90
13 80 II
Dec. .... 12 8 12 SO 12 72 13 78 U 96
Operations oa Stock Exchange of naif-
Hearted Character.
Atteatlaa Dlreeted te r ateeaflriard
Rawen that Cerralaa Is later.
Caaetrwetlow Ceatrarta.
NEW YORK, July tZ. Operations on the
stock 'exchange today were, or the half
hearted character of midsummer. - At the
opening and at mid-day the market ad
vanced, but in both ensee receaatona lol
ktwed and net changes of the standard
stork were unimportant
'1 he southern railroads and American To
bacco preferred were the only prominent
issues te show gains of a point or more,
and on the downward movement loexea
were kept within correspondingly small
amounts, except thst Canatllan Pacific and
a few Inactive Industrials declined a point
or more.
Southern Railway waa an active feature
of the market. On the execution of a num
ber of large buying orders It rose to 830,
its lilKhest price of the year and within a
fraction of the top figure of lest yeer.
Speculative Interest centered largely on
United States Steel. That stock was sold
heavily In the early part of the session, but
seemed to be well absorbed. Particular
attention was directed to United States
Steel because of unconfirmed rumor that
the corporation Is Interested largely tn the
contracts to be awarded for subway con
In view of the uncertainty as to earnings
of steel companies following the reduction
In prices of finished products, unusual In
terest attached to the quarterly statement
of the Lackawanna Steel company, which
ahowod a falling off of Income of more
than half. The total Income of the com
pany for the last quarter waa 2816,000. a de
crease of 21,194.008.
The bond market was firm with marked
strength In American Tobacco 6s. Totsl
sales, par value, 22,237.000. United States
bonds were unchanged on call.
Number of sales and leading quotations
on stocks were as fellows:
Balea Hlfk. lw. Clou.
AHIe-Chattner pll
Amalgamate Copper ....
American Agricultural ..,
American Peat Bucar.....
2, sort
11 IV,
American Can
American C. St r
American Cotton Oil
American H. A 1 pf.....
American Ice Securities...
American L4neae
American lacomotlTe ....
American S. at R
Am. S. A R pM
Am. Steal Foundries
Am, 8uar Refining
American T. A T
American Tobece afd....
American Woolen
Anaconda Mining Oo
Atchlaon pfd
Atlantic CMat Lin
8.M SO 11
l ace hit, muj u
ne M MV M
100 ! tl
one iuv( ins li'H
loo loin ioi4 vn
110 111 1SH
in im ie iVi
m u is
10.40 14 H U 1.1
I.W0 Stilt 141V, 141V,
100 t'i 04
100 100H lOoVt ' 100H
1.10 n si mh
SOO KH ttVt' "S
100 147 14H 144
t.60 124H 1"IVi
4O0 844 S 4H
800 4 tV it
100 7't 87 67
8.70 17 U, tc SCi
I.M itVi U M
400 1MV4 ll ' Ml
l.etD lit 114 134
100 41 l 1
00 144 141 143U.
400 111 11 17
no ro r,o no
100 lH 121 131
100 11 11 11
100 41 41 41
too 11 10 1
700 84 15
800 U . 47
700 107 107 107
1,(00 1U 164 164
700 141 140 140
1,400 (7 14 S7
4 '
100 4 4 44
10 86 M ' -,
00 10r) 104 m
100 45 45 45
I 800 10 101 1OT
8,100 111 111 111
700 114 114 134
10 8 8 84
17.600 10 H JSS'4,
8.40 81 It 12
.Baltimore A Ohio.
Bethlehem Steal
Brooklyn Rapt Tr
Canadian PaclMa
Central Leather
Central Leather Pd
Central of Na Jersey....
Cheaapeaka Ohio
Chicago A Altos
Chicago O. W.. na
Chicago O. W. pfd
Chicago A N. W
Chicago. M. A St. P.
C C. C. A St. t
Colorado F. A I
Colorado A Southern
Conaolldatod Oaa- .........
Oirn Produeta
Delaware A Hudson
Denrcr A Rle Orande. ...
t. A R. O. pfd
Dlatlllera Securities
Kris let pfd
Erie 111 ptd
General Klecttie
Great Northern pfd
ftreat Northern Ore etfa. .
TJItnola (Vitrei
Interborough Met
Int. Met. pfd
International Ha treat er ,.
ifft. Marina pfd
International Paper .......
International Pump
Iowa Central
Kanaaa Ckr Heathers
K. C. So. Pfd
Laclede Oaa
lAularllla.A NaahTlllo...
Minn. A St. Lout
M . St. p. A S. A el....
Mlasourl. K. A T
M . K. A T. pfd
Mteaourt Pacific
National Biscuit
National Lead
N. R. R. of M. 24 pfd...
New Tork Central
N. T.. O. A W
Norfolk A Westera
(North American
jNonnern racinc
Paclflo Mail
People's Gea
P., C, C. A St L
Plttabur Coal
Preened Steel Car
Pullman Palace Car
Railway Steel Spring
Kcpubllo Steal
Hepubllo Steel pfd
Rock I aland Co ,
Hock laland Ca. pfd
St. L. A. 8. F. id pfd
St. Louie g W
ftt. L. S. W. pfd
Hloaa-Bheffleld 8. A I....
Southern Pacific
Southern Railway ,
So. Raltwer Pd
Tanniaan Con per
Texaa A Pacific
T.. St. L. A W
T.. St. L. A W. pfd......
t'nton Pacific
Union Paclflo pfd
United State Realty
United States Rubber
United State Steal
1!. S, Steel pfd
Utah Copper
Va. -Carolina Chemical . .
Wehaah v,
Webaeh pfd
Weatern Maryland '
Weatlnghouae Glectii ...
Weatern Union
Wheeling A- Lake Brie....
10 46
"ioo to'
.ioo ui 1:1 m
. 11. too
'. l.f
. 1,000
l,0n ! 17 17
in ! ' l
1.000 111 11 11 (0 49 4
Lehigh Vallay
174 174 174
Total aalaa tar th Say, 111. 00 ahanm.
New Yarlx Meaey Market.
NEW TORK, July 12. MONET Steady
at 1 to SVfe per cent; ruling rate, 2 per
cent; closing bid, 2 per cent; offered at 2hi
fer cent Time loans, stronger; sixty days,
3 per cent; ninety days, 2493 per
cent; six months, 24 per cent.
per cent
actual business In bankers bills at 84.8475
for sixty-day bills, and at K8640 for. de
mand. Commercial bills. 84.84.
SILVER Bar, 62c; Mexican dollars, 45c.
BONDS Government, steady; railroad,
Closing . quotations on bonds were as
li. S. ref. kv rag. ...10 lat M at. 4 41
do eoupea
10 Japan 4a U
V. A la. rag
So roupea
2J. S. 4a. rag
de aoupea
AUIa-Chal. 1st 8s...
Are. A, ta
Aa. T. A T. a 4a.
Am. Tobeoee a
de ta
Armour A Ce. 4a.
.101 do 4a 4
.W K. C. So. lat la.... 74
1 L. S. deb. 4a Ml.... J
.111 LAN. unl. ta...
. 7 M , K. A T. lat a. 7
.101 de gen. 4a 17
.10 Mo. Paclflo 4a 77
. 7'4 N. B R. of M. 4a 11
.104 N. T. C . I 17
. do deb. ta M
Atchlaon ea 4a..
oo c. 4a
e . Sa.
A. C. L let 4a...
Bal. A Ohio 4..
oo B. W. 8.
Brook. Tr. T. 4a.
Otn. ef Oa, Sa...
... a n. i., r. n. at at.
...111 cr. ta in N. A W. lat a. ta.. n
... 6 o er. ta....: 108
... II No. Paclflo ta
... i do la 71
... to O. . L. rfdg. ta.... 4
... r Pana. er. Ia iu.. 7
...ioii o coa. 4a im
... Reading gan. ta hu
On. Leather
ef N. J. g.
128 St. LAS. K. fa. ta li u.
Chae A Ohio 4.. .11 do aaa. aa. 1
e ref. a St. L. s. w. a ta... M
Chlrag A A ' d lat got ta.... t
C . 11. A Q. i. ta... 7 S. A. L. ta.... sot.
do sen. 4a M Bo Pas. col. ta.... M
C.M. ASP. g l da er. ta nu
C. R- I. A P. a. ta. 76 do lat ref. ta.... 4
4 rfg. ta so. Rellwar ta. loss
SCelo. In, ta. 76 ae gan. ta 7
(Ailo. Mid. ta... 4 Union Paolrla ta 101
C. A S. r. A . 4e M do o. ta io
D. A H. ct. ta M de 1st A rat. ta... M
P. A R. O. ta tl. A Rubber ta 1
de ref. Sa V. 8. Steel 8 6. ...10
natulan ae 77 eya.K'ar. Cham. e..lonu
Brie p. I. ta Wabaek lat te Is
ee saa. ta. 1 lat A as. ta....
de a. 4a, aer. a.. I Wartera MA aa. tt
a a genea a "it want. aiae. er. aa
ev. la..
l 4a Ir
. M J
Oea Blee. ev. wta. Caartnl
111. Cos. lat rat. 4a M Me. Pa, av.
lat. Mat. 4v,a 7I Paaaaaa Sa
ai. e04len.
Near York Carb Market.
The following Quotations are furnished
by Ixgan A Bryan, members New Tork
Stock exchange, 11a ui oixieentn street:
Aomt. Tabeooe
.16 lalretloa
Bar State Oaa..
Bulla Coal It tee
t at-tua
Chief Con
Sir Central .....
.... 11 Laraae
.... l Kit. 3en
11 Nawkoeae
... 11 Okie Copper
... 1 ft.. aide Cealltiea
,.. f Rar Central
... I Batlft Pkg. Oa..'...
.... 11 Vetted Coeper ...
... 4 Hoaeoala
.. a
,. 1
. 1
. 17
. 1
Lu4n Iteek Market.
LONDON. July 12. American securities
opened a fraction higher and Improved
under the lead of the Pacific stocks. At
noon the tone wss steady, with prices 4J
aho- e yeeterdiy's New Tork closing.
London cloalna stack onotatiiuui', aaeaer ...78 1 Leutertlle .ill
e accenat u ilo , kaa. A Taiaa. M
Amal. t eppar
AaacuiNn ....
.. 14 fw tor tenlral.. .1111
... 1 Nnrfalk A Wart era .tilva
...11 da pfd at
pf Ontario A Waaler.. 4
te Heare
J Sonthera Pacific
Uenrer A Klo O
do pfd
se let pr
o U pt
Grand Trunk ....
. lo
. 17
:i I oton Paclflo
0 da pfd
V S. Steel...
(I do pfd
4 We baa h
I o pfd
inmate cantret
K1L.V4.H Bar,
steady at 244,d pea-
VtONET-I per cent.
Tha. rattt f srliaranari Ih Kaa
r 'I'rl.yj1' ! P?r eEt; tor three
........... uii, 1 per cent.
utaa not,. a J-
9fTON' Ju,r '"-Closing quotations os
Alleuaa ..
.. M Mokaek
.. t Nerada Con ...
.. M Nlplaalng Mine
Amal. Copper
A. S. L. A S
Art inns Onia
. 1
- 11
. I
. 47
. II
. ;
. 11
. si
. 6
. 14
. I
. 411
. 14
. 49
. I
s . v- s. 'm: 14
i-a nana nutte ...
14 North Lab ....
II til ftninlnln.
ourie coallllon
t el. A Atirana
lii, 45 Parrott A A C.
tentannlal , Qulnef
Cop. Mange C. C... (0 Shannon
KT.Ti & M "'4 Superior ..
Ulroux Cos.".",".",",
Oranbv Con
It Superior AB M.
1 Tamarack
84 V. a. S. R. A M.
a. aa
tlrepne Cananea"
L"it.,l'"L1 "ta" " rtah con. ".v.'.'.'.::
Kerr Lake I 1 ..h v..
iT1. ff"!? ' " ttlnona
Miami' Copper
tloctoa' Copper Market.
The following quotations are fumlshsd by
Lngan A Bryan, members Boston Stock ex-
.1 r " ' " onicfian street:
Adrenture a, Mlcbtgan
Calumet A Arlaoaa.. 11 Miami
... ai
... is
... 17
... 11
... 2
. 84
... 41
... 1
""t ar. fiocta... .aaa rviptrajng
Copper Itange
o Narth Butte ...
11 Old Dominion ..
1 Rar Cotu
tl fihannon
14 Sunerlor Cbppae
17 Tamarack .......
v. a. a a...
17 do pfd
I Wolverine
1 Boatoa dtBlr...
Raat Butte
Fleet National ...
Indiana ,,
ale Rorela ......
Lake Copper .....
La Sella
Maaaacknaett ...
Neve Yark Mlalaa- Stacks.
NEW TOR V T,il 10 m-.t- ...1
or mining stocks were':
nce 171 ewttle Cklet
.wm. i-annei Clock . . IT
Mexican tfui
oo eondo
Con. Cal. A Va
Horn stiver
Ires Sllrer
Leadrllla Con. .
1 Ontario 10a
.11 Opblr S2
. Pt 8tandard loo
. M Yellow Jacket M
DemaaA to Cattle Weak Hoars aad
, Skeea) Straaa.
CHICAOrt Jutw 10 niTerw.o 1 -
I.v09 head: market m u k....u um
Texas steers, 4.GO(8J.10; western steers.
7i.,w., iimni anu ieeoers, e3.uuu6.TV:
COWS and hcifera. t9 IKMt 71.
, u. . m , vmTn,
HUG8-Recelpts, 23.000 head; market,
strong to 6c higher; lights, .35(jn.80; mixed.
-8; good to choice heavy, 2&3&w4.76; pigs,
fv.ivvu.w, uuir ui naies,
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 16,000
head; market, strong; native, I2.60ai4.ti6;
western. xX UitfiU Tilt vuriinv. e. an..x iu.
' - -, . w (, v. w , im
live lambs, 4.2537.u0; western, 4.767.00.
Kaaaas City Live Stock Market.
celpts. 6,800 head. Including 1,800 southerns;
ma.! ftri Bionur to jatc nigner, caives Zoc
hlarher: ltreeMt hMf n n H Ar,n. .
6.10.75; fair to good, W.OOrftAlO; western
steers, S4.6ua!-2&; stockers and feeders, 13.00
4TM.P6; southern steers, $a2nfj)5.00; southern
-"", -u native cowa, ez.zuv'n.oo; na
tive heifers, $4.0lKgi.4O; bulls, 22.76i'4.25:
calves, M.00r(J6.25. .en-,
HOGS Receipts, 17.000 head; steady to 6o
higher; bulk of sales, SA3QQA60; heavy,
$64cflt5.6T.; packers and butchers, $&30tU4J.50;
lights, 86.3(54(8 50.
SHEEP AND ' LAMBS Receipts, 6,090
head; market strong; lambs, lti.W?.0;
yearlings, 84.505.60; wethers, 24.00a4.26:
ewes. 83.2S'9l3.7n: etorkera etui feautara toon
j.3.00; .. -...
St. Law Is Live Stack Market.
ST. T.OT"IR .Jnlv 10 f"ITTf.irL-ri...ini.
5.800 heatj. Including 1,800 Texans; market
steady to 10c lower; native shipping and
export steerffS0.00fr6.76; dressed beef and
butcher steers, o.8i6i.25; steers under 1.000
I ha li AtV tat rnli.p. on4 C-. . I. ,1.
54.80; oows and belfera,3 006.50; cannere.
iv-y j.uv, ouiia, u.irut(tJ.nt; calves, WW(P
7.76; Texss and Indian steers, 3 25O6.00;
cows snd heifers) eS.OCijo.OO.
nuuo-riaMpu. iz.ouv neaa; market
steady; nigs and lights. K00f(6.75; packers,
ln.ftotaJs; butchers and best heavy, 26.60
j6.7o. .
BIIKKP AND LAMBS Receipts, 6.800
muttons, 83Zc,4 0O; lambs. 800(ffi.00; culls
and bucks, $2.mA-S0; stockers, (12o3.00.
St. Joseph Live stock Market.
ceipts, 1,600 head; market strong; steers,
M5t&ti.3ft; cows and heifers, l2.60tB-tS.00;
calves, 13 OdfttJ.00.
HOUS Receipts. 7.600 head: market
steady; top, 8666; bulk of sales. S8.20tSA4f.
on ttr ajnu UMB8- receipts, looo
head; market steady to strong; lambs, 24.60
Stack la Slckt.
Recelnte of 1lva atctck n r eiv rwlnctnttl
western markets yesterday:
, cattle. Hors, Sheep
South Omaha .',
St. Joseph
Kanaaa Cltv ....
.. 100
.. 6.800
.. 6.800
St. Louts
Totals' ........
..86,400 78.100 21.800
Coffee Market.
Futures closed steady at a net ' advance
of ltj(0 points. Sales. 39.230 bags. July,
11.71c; Aug., 11.66c; Sept., lL44c; Oct., 11.20c;
it... 11 1 '1 .. . T . I -CW A IlM W
HUT., Al.ldu. XSW.j i CU. eilu .1. U 1 ,
11.06c; April, 11.070 and May and June
nose, spot corree, steady; no. i Klo,
13c; No. 4 Santos, 13c. Mild, quiet;
Cordova, 14Cplo.
Dry Oaade Market.
cotton goods markets are very quiet with
prices neia moderately steady. Knit goods
are quiet. Worsted yarns are slightly
lower. Many buyers are In town, but
their operations thug far have been light.
Taeker Davis.
FAIRBL-RT, Neb.. July U.-(PpeclsJ )
Misa MabeUe Davis, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. A. J. Davis, was married to Rosco
E. Tucker of Hastings Tuesday evening
at I o'clock. Miss Moll! Q'Neal, one of
the graduate o the Falrbury High echool
In tha claaa of 1911. played tha wedding
march. . Rev. Mr. Gilbert pastor of the
Methodist church, officiated. The couple
were unattended. The ring ceremony waa
used and about twenty-five Immediate
friends and relatives of the contracting
partlea witnessed th marriage. After
the ceremony refreshments were served to
the gueejts In tha dining room. The bride
Is the accomplished daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. A. J. Davis and was reared and edu
cated In Falrbury. She was graduated
from th Falrbury High school In tbe claaa
of 1910. Tha groom la a son of Mr. and
Mrs. C. H. Tucker of Hasttfigs and is em
ployed aa n electrician. They will make
their home in Hastings.
Girl Takea Drtak ml Lye.
GARNER, la.. July 12 f Special.) !
perate and discouraged on account of III
health and an unfortunate love affair, Mlas
Mamie Monahaa attempted to commit
suicide by drinking lye yesterday. No
sooner had ahe swallowed the fiery mouth
ful than ahe began screaming for- help.
Physicians resorted to heroic treatment
and believe that her life can da saved,
although she Is frightfully burned.
kail frae-taree! veltSi .Haanaaer. '
IOWA CITT, la.. July 11-(Special.)
Joseph Cooper, struck by a big hammer,
alleged to have been wielded by bis former
employer, Andrew Dunn, at Kellogg, la.
Is lying In a hospital her wtth m fractured
skull. The surgeons have taken out the
splinters that were Imbedded In hi brain,
but Cooper's condition la critical.
FttillMitM a , 1 . 1 .
Canadian Pacific ..j44- Han Mines .T T ta
' ""- A hla., 14 Rcedtng nZ
IM. ureal Want cm . 21 Sautbern Railway .. Ut
t M . Mil. A at e mil . .,a
Cattle Vfc!ne Practically Unchang-ed,
but Trading Lacki Snap.
Rrasaaakly Rread Demaad frasa All
Qaartera le tke Mala Factor '
fceep aad Uaa Trade
le Dell.
POVTH OMAHA, July 12. 1911.
Receipts were: Cattle. Hogs. Slitep
Offl.l.l Mnnrinv S.tS V 4.8.H
Official Ttlenriav 4.796 1S.7W ' I.0M
Lstlmate Wednesday.... 4,100 12.800 2,0fJ
Three days this week.. 14, 429 ' 38,448 .8ti7
Bamo days last week.... 7,518 1.V447 2 S90
Same days 2 weeks ago.. I!.n9 24,!78 14 878
Same davs 2 weeks ago.. 10,348 29.3:- 7,74
Bamo day 4 week ago..l2.Ml 4n.6.8 12.311
Same day last yesr.... 11.422 17,116 22,687
Th following table shows the receipts of
cattle htiu-a and eh.ra at couth Oina,ta fr
the year to date aa com Da red with last
year: inn. 1910 Inc.
Cattle 628.840 491.077 87.8G2
Hogs 1.491.191 1.1W.M3 2,874
e'heep 781.637 738,334 j,au
The following table shows the averse
price on hog at South Omaha for th
last several days. With comparisons:
Dates. 1911. 1910.1999.1908. 11907. 1908.1905.
July 4..,
July t..
July S...
July 7...
July 8....
July ...
July 10..,
July 11..,
July 12..
V Kki t' 7 Vi'l" ' I VfV 48'
I 8 25',,! l TO 70t ! J i
6 81
6 78
1 691 S 26
6 2
6 29
s 8iy
8 661
7 6S S 16 6 74
- I
8 62
7 671
6 69
6 64
7 ft?
6 291
6 68
2 32
t 82
I 23
8 44
6 66
6 23
T 66
I 74
Receipts and disposition ef live stock at
the Union Stock Tarda. South Omaha,
Neb., for twenty-four hours ending st 2
o'clock yesterday:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep. H'r s.
C. M. St. P... 2 6 1
Wabash 2
Missouri Pacific 6
Union Paclflo 69 44 8
C. A N. W., eaat.... 2 4
C. A N. W., west:... 26 j 64 .. 1
C, St. P., M. A O.... 12 6 ..
C, B. A Q., east.... 6 7 1 1
C, B. A Q., west.... 81 28 , t
C, R. I. A P., east.. 2 1 .. ..
C, R. I. A P.. west ..
Illinois Central 8 ..
C. O. W 8
Total receipts ....166 182 t 14
Cattle Hogs. Sheep.
Omaha Packing Co 462 1,698
Swift and Company 840 2,635 if
Cudahy Packing Co 817 4.424 290
Armour A Co 238 2.638 808
Murphy 1,903
W. B. Vansant Co. 42
Benton, Vansant A Lush 88
Hill & Son , 225
P. B. Lewis 110
Huston A Co 47
J. H. Bulla 85
L. Wolf 12
McCreary A Carey K9
S. Werthelmor 213
H. P. Hamilton IS
Mo. Kan. Calf Co 2
Sullivan Bros 7
Schlmer 2
Other buyers 704. ..... 886
Totals 4.126 12,696 2,250
CATTLE Receipts of cattle were sub
stantially the same as on yesterday, and
about the only change In the quality of
the offerings waa the Increased proportion
of half fat and grassy stuff. There was
little change In th general market, both
local packers and shippers taking bold
of the desirable, well fattened grades
freely at. fully steady prices and shading
values wherever possible on the medium
and common grades. There was not the
same snap and activity to the market
that there wse yesterday, but the cattle
kept selling and a very fair clearance was
effected some time before noon.
Demand for cows and heifers continues
broad, and while supplies were somewhat
more liberal than recently, the movement
waa reasonably active and good atuff ot
all kinds commanded fairly steady flg
urea. Stock cows and heifers have found
a better demand so far this week and
prloes have firmed up more os less and
the canning grades have also shared In
this improvement. In the main, however,
It was a good, steady trade and everything
changed hands In good aeason. Veal calves
were in liberal supply and weak, but bulls,
stags, etc., sold at steady to strong fig
ures. Improvement continues In the stocker
and feeder trade and there were a number
of country buyers tn the yards looking
for good stuff of alt weights. Compared
with the low time last week, values are
25$36c higher, and the tone to the trade
Is better than for some time back. Volume
of business, however, continues with mod
erate proportions, although a good clear
ance. Is made every day.
Quotations or. cattlet Uood to choice
beefs teers. 86.2&S41.60; fair to good beef
steers, Iti.u0fe4.2o; common to fair beet
steers, 86.004iO.90; good to cboloe heifers.
o.iUo.70; good to choice cows, htkbo.ov;
fair to good sows and heifers, 24.uui4t4.7o;
common to fair cows and heifers. 62.00ttpt.00;
good to choice stockers and feeders, I4.764J
6.16; fair to good stockers and feeders, 64-00
b4. 60; common to fair stockers and feeders,
3.25ft3.90; stock heifers, li.uXKtf.4.00; veal
calvea, 3.6utf.7d; bulls, ataaa, ate, 83-0u4
Kepresentatlve sales :
4a, a. r. . He. A. r.
11 1071 I 71 10 1H1 I SO
II Ills K II 1411 I 41
11 1247 I li II .....1411 14
7 1111 11 II 1441 4t
M 1240 I II II 1U 8 M
II. ........ ...1111 8 18
1 IM 8 71 II 171 I II
I M0 I M 1 1000 4 10
' 4 ito I io u 4 a
10. 720 I 16
. I Ul I 71 8 441 8 71
1 41ft I 71 , I Ml I 10
120 I tS ' 14 I IN
I 427 I M 1 771 4 SO
I ISO I 06 II 771 4 M
I KU 8 11 8 130 4 U
4 460 I It I MW1 4 M
U 11 I I I Hi IU
1 1214 8 M 1 Ill I 86
17S 8 71 4 IN I (0
4 & 4 00 3.... la) I M
I lit 4 71
II 464 I M . 11 IM I 71
1 471 I W ' 17 744 I 71
I IM I 00 10 4M I M
10 641 I II I IM I 16
1 11 I Ill I M
14 IM I N I Ill I 10
I Ill I IS I Ml I 4
IM I 40 II M l
1 4!'0 I 60 14... M IN
1 71? I Kl T Ill 4 -
7 170 I M 81 Ill I 44
1 181 I M 16 I ll 4 M
1 4tj I 71 1 Ml I 7
I Ill I 71 It Ml 4 It
HoOti nehtsr managed to obtain anad
higher prices for the bulk -of hog receipts,
but It was uphill work to put anything
over the scales at nickel advances. Sales
ranged from steady to So higher, larger
drovjs costing only a little more than those
of yesterday. A reasonably broad demand
from all quarters was the main factor In
producing strength, but as soon as this
demand began to taper off,, the market
weskened, closing Just about steady with
About l'JO loads were received In all, of
ferings ranging from sklppy bacon grades
to well-flnlahed heavies. Animals weigh
ing from 200 to 36 pounds made up a large
portion of the run and quality was none
too attractive. This phase of receipts has
had ths natural result of merging spreads,
and the poorer kinds of light hogs are now
selling on much the same basis as good
It 0a V aWat
During the early rounds there waa a fair
degree of activity to the trade, but inquiry
late in the session was very quiet (Ship
pers called for a full 10 per cent of the
entire supply and selections consisted
largely of heavy butchers and good lard
loads. There was little or no demand of a
purely speculative character.
Yards were cleared ef bulk before 11
o'clock good heavies selling around 84 2t
and decent light moving at or near 8 Si.
Heat lights reached S6.42S. a split nickel
above yesterday's high price.
No. Av. 8b. Pr. Av. 8h. Pr.
It l ... lb ... a
.141 ... IM
i.. aia ae a ao
71 Ill ...
M 141 ... kisa
....171 M I M
....I0 I 11
....IM ... IM
....IM ... Ill
U 4 I M i
.. ll
.2M ... 11
.171 IS 4 H
41 ..
..111 ... I !
..Kl li use
..CI ... I list
..11 U I 1JS4
..i ... I list
..IM ... ll4
..Ul M I 11
,.! IM I 26
.171 M I St
.111 Mil
e 171 ... I7U 41..
U la 7 64..
71 lit IM I !7Sa 71..
U Ill ... I I7S 71. HI ... Silt
II 147 11 I7S II Ill ... Hi
U Ml .. 8 M HI SM
it in im m a ni ...
6 Kl . . I M M 1 I I It
17 ta 8 I M St H ... I t
II IM ... I 44 Ill HI 111
lut It M . 64 Ul M St
U7 8
I 8
e IK
4 8 38
... 4
pa at
M I t
... Ill
... I ss
... S 11
... I 17
IM lt
4 I 11
4 4
IS 4
4 I
. I le
M I an
I ...
4 ...
. .1
i. .
.Iw an M
.t 14 M
! 4 ... tie
.c Ml I M
.14 Mil
.tat ... to
.131 ... 4 tn
.It m t tn
.141 in a
111 M I M
.It ... I
.mr IM I M
.PS7 W I M
.IT ... M
.M4 ... M
.141 ... I M
lit ... la
.m IN t K
.K ... M
,t7 Mil
.1.1 M I M
.It M t M
III M I 10
111 II 8 M
.111 M I M
.21 ... IM
.111 n
.im li at
.171 4 I M
.17 NO I M
Ml ... M
tm ... a ta
' ...
.101 IH I 4
I 4
. 14
M 4 40
... I
... 4
... I a
I 4
.IM 14 I 4
4 I 4
... 07
M I 40
... 40
::: I Z
... I en
4 I 4
MS 4
4 41
... 41
attl'e liamlv enouah'aheaD and lamb
arrived to make a trade that would sftord
a very reliable Idea of the trend of values.
Only eight or nine loads of stock were
yarded, three from the range and five or
six from oornbelt sections. The three
loads ot raimeia were Oregon wet tiers,
similar to the 84.26 article yesterday. They
had plenty ot finish and brought Kli
In a general way It wa a steady to dime
higher market for anything fit to kill. The
corrbclt offering conaleted of mixed
bunches, featured by generally common
qualm. A few spring lambs sold as high
as 27.00, Indicating a quotable limit of 27, 16
or poenlbly 17, a. Strictly good ewes ranged
around 3&o4., and shorn yearlings,
lately known as lambs, showed little change
of consequence.
Denplte the limited receipts, demand had
a rather quiet tone and strong spots In the
market resulted from discrimination Instead
of a bread, healthy Inquiry. Only the bet
ter claeses foand free outlet.
Nothing much was done In the feeder de
partment as both the supply and demand
were too small to produce very much busi
ness. Inquiry from the country thus far
for thin stuff has been notably alack, -but
belief Is general that Improved corn crop
prospeots will put a better edge upon the
Quotations on grsss stock. Snriftg lambs,
good to choice. 28.8697.18; spring lambs, fair
to good,; yearling, fair to choice,
84.lfx95.40; yearlings, feeders. 23 604.26;
wethera. fair to choice. 83.nfuiM.40: wether.
feeders, 22.8f.7JS.40; swes, fair to choice. 174; ews, feeders and eulls. 21.7631.46.
Wuotat.on "on corn belt stock: Spring
tamos, Bj.zoOT7.Z5: fee run a. fair to choloa.
86.3fy.fe), wethers, fair to choice, Sl&OQ
.eu-, tan, rair to cnoiea, i3.0DQt4.Si.
Representative sales:
222 Montana lambs, feeders! 29
2 60
7 18
4 00
8 80
2 00
5 36
4 08
7 00
4 26
2 10
m Montana yearlings, feeders.. 64
26 sprlnar lamba culls 68
81 spring lamb, culls 86
21 spring lambs T4
10 spring lambs, culls M
47 western ewee 106
86 western ewe, eulls So
111 spring lambs 67
36 spring lamba, eulka 61
10 apring lamba 87
681 Oregon wethera 103
100 Oregon wethera, culls 81
George Decides for
American Claimants
in the Alsop Case
$835,000 Depositor! by Chile Will Be
Paid to Owners in United
Sttei. -
LONDON. July 12. The Times announces
that King George has given the award In
the Alsop claim to the United States. Th
award concedes 187,000 (2935,000) to the
American claimants.
Early last Auguat th American ambassa
dor and the Chilean minister at London
presented to the British Foreign office
their respective cases on the Alsop claim,
which had been submitted to King George
aa arbitrator. The claim la based upon
large gums, of money advanced to th
Bolivian government In 1874. Chile agreeing
to assume the obligations of Bolivia to the
company when Arlca passed to Chile. The
claim amounted to $1,600,000.
The United States and Chile agreed to
submit the case to the late King Edward
and after his death, to his successor, King
George. Chile deposited th amount
claimed In London, to be paid tn case the
award waa In favor of the American claim
ant a
Exploding Gasoline
Tank Causes Panic
Neighborhood Boosed by Fetr of Im
pending Catastrophe Which
Does Not Come.
The ignition of a gasoline tank uaed for
lighting In a barber shop and pool hall at
318 South Eleventh street early last even
ing caused small panic In th neighbor
hood. : . f
Flladelfi Malone. proprietor of th place,
becama hysterical from fright when th
flames broke out. Several Italians who
were in tbe place ran to the street warn
ing passersby of an Impending explosion.
Tht firemen arrived in time to relieve th
danger, although three were singed about
the face and head by the flame. Malon
recovered his senses when the blase was
extinguished. He said tha fir had dam
aged his place to the extent of 159.
, 4SafaaaaaTaa7BT
Blgr rear! Fa Near Btoatiealla.
MONTICBLLO, la., July li (Special.)
While clara fishing tn the Maquoketa river
near here Sunday Wesley Btarks. a veteran
pearl hunter, foand a pearl near the ford
at Pictured Rock which I regarded a
the moat valuable ever found In this part
of the state, it Is valued at from 2300 to
Mareaal Caaraed with MaaslaaTBter.
GREEN, la., July 11. (Special.) Marshal
Ed Tohn waa today bound over to th
grand Jury for- manslaughter, resulting
from his kilting a man who resisted while
Tohn was trying to arrest him. Publlo
sentiment is strongly In sympathy with the
Iowa News Nates.
LOGAN Earl Mason. Art Gelth. and Fred
Reabury of Logan, also Guy iiahoney of
the Missouri Valley Times left here yester
day for the good road meeting at Mar
halltown. LOGAN Funeral service of Mrs. Donald
Mauls who died at her home northwest
of Magnolia of heart trouble yesterdav
morning at T o'clock, will be held at
Magnolia tomorrow at 11 a. m. Interment
tn Magnolia cemetery A. M. Fyrando In
CORNING In a special election In which
It was decided whether the city would ac
quire the ownership of the water plant, ths
preposition wss defested with an over
whelming majority. The women were al
lowed to vote on the question also. But
thirty-one availed themcelves of th priv
ilege and all but five cast votes against th
municipal ownership.
RED OAK Both the volunteer and paid
fir department, together wtth a band af
twentytwo pieces will enter the 'stats fire
men's tournament to be held in Des Moines
the last week of this month to compete tn
the evente for state honors.
FAIRFIELD William H. Niebest, former
sheriff of Jefferson county, and a proml.
nent Mason, Is dead at his home her from
heart troubla
DENISON-O. H. Tellier deputy dairy
cmntlalonr, ha been at Denlson to give
the state examination to teeters of cream
In this part of Iowa. Me met nearly
thirty, th largest number he has yet had
at one place. Itlach . applicant must pay
the state 82.60 for his license.
DENISON The government baa arranged
for the establishment of Ih postal savings
bank here, beginning July 16. The First
National bank - haa qualified as the cus
todian of local funds Postmaster F. W.
Meyers and his clerks have been posting
up and moan to conduct a model depository
from the firat-
M ,
r. .
Iowa Roidi Apply to (kMml.4oTR for
Stock Shipment Order.
Grata Mew at Dea Melwea Talak "tail,
ways Saaald Pay tMtaira for
l.oeeee Oeeaaleaeal mr P-r
la Shlpnaeate.
(From a Staff Correapondent.)
DES MOINES. !.. July U-(Speclal Tl-egram.)-The
State Railroad commission
concluded a very Important hearing today
In regard to tha minimum length of freight
cure for handling live slock. Tlie shippers
had asked that the prraent minimum of
thirty-one feet b continue, and th rail
roads Insist upon a thlryt-i foot mlnl
mu. which waa In fact ordered two years
ago. but never put In fore. Reprenenl.
ttvee of shippers and packing houses ap
peared and asked that the thhty-one foot
slse be continued, declartnvt that this Is
demsnded by the-smaller stock shipper
of the slate. The commission haa not yet
Hold Roads for Delaya.
That all shippers of grain, especially
mcmbera of the Western Grain Dealera'
association, should hold the railroads 11a
ble for losses occasioned by delays In ship
mania was the principal rewmmenoati
of George A. Wells, secretary, at the open
ine- session of the annual convention
Railroad, accordlnt to his recommenda
tion, ahould make good all leasers to ship
pers caused by a declined grain market
when shipments rJ .delayed. TBey should
also pay for all damage In delay In transit,
he satd.
Wear Mimm Gatfccr.
Attorney General Consent stt4 today he
will appeal to th Internal Revenue depart
ment at Washington . for an order permit
ting the county attornryg ot Iowa to sc
ene at reasonable prices, lists of th
names of federal liquor license holders.
A representative of his office went to sot
Collector Weaver at Burnngton today and
It hi understood that he refuses to make
out the Hats a desired. Tha llsta are ta
bo kept on file so the publtm may know
Who la Illegally selling liquors In the
state. ' '
Th annual convention ; of th Negro
Masonlo grand lodge Of Icara and Nbraka
In session her with 108 delegates, haa Com
mittee's at work and will ng ag In an -tenalv
program. s
Married Ilea Maf Bar .
Man-lag by a youn man under
year of aire, confers upon him the legal
right to .buy drinks tn a arfoon despite
tha ftvet that the stat lw prohibits
minora from patronising liquor bouses, ac
cording to, a ruling announced today by
Special Counsel Bobbins of the attorney
Car la 04 Saap.
Crop conditions er far tter In Iowa
than tn any other middle western state
and Iowa's corn crop will b larger thla
year than the 1910 crop, according" to the
monthly report of Ooorg A. Welts, secre
tary of th Western Grain Dealers' asso
ciation, issued today. Secretary Wells as
sert that rain within the xt week will
giva tow. a V
School of Markaaaaasalp.
The state school of marksmanship xor
the Iowa National guard ta In progreaa at
th state rifle range near Ds Moines under
charge of Colonel 8. W. Brookhart of
Waahtngton. About fifty of th riflemen
of the companies are present. Later In the
week there will be others attending and
next week they will commence on the
state' rifle' contest' 'tvhleh will be partici
pated tn by about 200 members of th guard.
Captain M. C. Kerth of th general staff
of the regular army haa been detailed to
visit th encampment here.
Ta Atlead Negrra Caaferaact.
Governor Carroll has named a list of fifty
delegatea to attend for Iowa tha National
Negro Educational congress to b held in
Denver commencing August 12. Among
those named aa delegatea are Georg H,
Woodson. Buxton; 8. J. Brown, Des
MAtn.i, a J Clark. Oakaloosa: John II
Thompson, Des Moines; Charles J. Davis,
and P. 8. Pratt, Council Bluffs; P. 8. Bver
hart. Red Oak; E. B. Cook. Clarinda, and
Mrs. Jennie McDonald, Crestoa.
Gaveeraar lavlted Kaaeae.
Governor Carroll haa been Invited by
Governor Stubba of Kansas to attend the
semi-centennial celebration at Hutchinson
during the state fair there. H wilt prob
ably attend. The date la In September.
Th atate educational board has been ad
vised by th attorney general that It may
use a part of th support fund of th stat
eollega for tha payment of dues to tbe
American Graduate College of Agriculture
If that Is deemed to a a part of th work
of the state eollega
The Iowa optometry beard held Its an
nual meeting today and re-elected Georg
8. Dunlap of Sioux City for president. -
B spree Caaapaales Prateet.
Th various express companies engaged
in business in Iowa appeared before th
tat executive council today and preaented
their claims to reduction tn the asaeasmaota
levied by the slate. They took the posi
tion that nothing should be assessed In tha -
state except that which la located her, and
that thla might Include the Intangible val
ues auoh as good will; but gave figure to
ahow that the Iowa assessment is very
much too high. ...
The council finished up th hearings on
the railroad assessments and later will take
up that of th car, lines and telephone.
la Search af a Otoeea.
The governor today received from a Ber
lin man who says he I collecting a library
relating to the doing of the negroes and
th Indiana In America, a letter wtth re
quest that h forward th same to some on
tv ho Is designated aa "Th Queen ef the
Maacahukulumbwe," said to be located at
Cashton, la. The Berlin writer desire
Information aa to this Strang tribe and to
have sny book or literature the aforesaid
"Queen" ' may have published about her
people. It ta supposed the German pro--'
feeaor haa read aome wild story given cir
culation tn the European paper, as noth
ing is known ot it her,
Iowa Weather aad Craps.
Excessively high temperature and bright
sunshine prevailed during the first half ot
the week, the heated period culminating in
maximum temperatures considerably above
100 degrees, the highest temperature being
111 degrees In the southeastern counties.
While showere oocqrred aver the larges
part of the atate oft the night of the Sth,
the drouth remains practically unbroken.
The showers afforded temporary relief tn
narrow belts and spots, covering probably
three-fourths of ths state, snd few local
Itte reported rainfall sufficient for pres
ent needs, but over the bulk of the stats
the amount wss too light to give material
benefit. Moat of the corn Is still holding
Its own remarkably well but soma o thi.
earliest planted, especially In the euuth-
era counties, has been seriously Injured and
If rain does not com nen the crop In
those sections, will be light. Maying and
small grala harvest hev progressed rap
idly under favorable condillona. Thresh- '
Ing haa begun and early reports Indicate a
good quality and a fairly good yield af win
ter wheat The yield of oats verlee from
fifteen to thirty. five bushels. Ths hay croo
wilt average between on half and three-
lourtn ton per acre, fast urea afford but
little feed, and la many localities hay la
being fed to stock. Fotatoea and garden
truck show serious damae. Walla are fall,
ing, and water for stock Is getting atarce.