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    The Omaha Daily Bee.
A Home Newspaper
The paper tint jiM to tie harres
briar, i.f.rtiser. tie bnt rtri
Ft br.Jit UnaeC-VA.
Kor If r neet : led..
VOL. XL NO. -J'--.
Upper Chamber Decides oa Beae-a-il
of IiTeittgitica. Forty-Eiht
to Tweaf
er TO
Zfalax Body of TTppei -Take
Wiscoasia Seaator Proposes
meats ta Resolutiaa.
aw rearm Waste toetssew
TtnH Oat Wltkaat Fnkr Is-
mtismtl 4
lark a, Birealetbvau
WA.fHTXGTON. June L Br o ?. the
nut today adopted a resoltmrn to re
open the InveMtsaticw ef charg-s of brh-rr
in connection with the e'ecticTi of Senator
Larimer of Illinois. The rwiui:f d;rfrt!
the re"iiar elections committee to nuiie
Ct Inquiry
When the aenaie took up the I.rime
ease today Senator La FileTe pt-'H'm1
amendments to bin nIK'nn f mfiiri
n u ti provide lor the sein'ttna of f"
new senators tn make the re-lnvesrr cailon.
three republican and two detnocraa.
peaking tn safiport r.t the La Foj.ette
resolution. n-or Owti of Oklahoma said
there would be no good reason fir wndint
the rim back to tie d committee win
there were twwm new mm in the annate. !
Mr. Brtatow declared that in the ffirmer i
aviuiry sucir of the nonlwri of the com- ;
smrtee bad tried to cott on the testimony f
aiptead of bringing it out. He alvocatrd ;
a new oomujm j
Setiasor Brown of Nebraska wants Sen- j
or Larimer turned out of the senate
without any further mveetisatiim. Today J
be introduced a resolution stating that evt-
dnca a-ready Ujlpa proved conclusively f
that Mr Larimer was not entitled to his !
rat ud there was ao excuse for Isromu i
th MpeiKe of anniher inrulrr. ' JTTAHEZ. June L Word was reeeired
' h- rwTuess. SVjiaior Brown's resoia- ! here t-ta .- that the l-stsiimr of the state
tion was id on the table with the an- j of Chihuahua, wouid prooably ctmveaa to
nourceroent that ha wouid caJ it up at morrow and eiect Ahrajn Gonza.)es as
tn pmper nrae and ask its adcptton as a 1
surrutute Sor aJI athrr resolutions of m-
TuiT which have been offered.
Wreck on Frisco Line
at Pleasanton, Kan.!
Sereral ?eroa. Eailj Saaieu Up.
Amoag HCaom it TSin: A. W. JUtt-
vcrUi of Omaha.
FOEfT SCOTT. Kan, Jane L-St. Iuls !
San Fmcl-o paacger train St 3. I
known 4M tha Southeastern. UnataA. which
let ViwhIiIm . . S- W n4M n TT
Mi n ui7,-wa jarwir gavaima Born- 4
. ' , , !
rmaaaatnav Kan. Threa Pullmans and an
obaarvattaB car turnad aver aad want
Aown an atnbaAament. Xo ana waa killed
and ao oe waa asi Imiaiy hart.
1M fBua manaea tha to-
low'n"- !
Ralph S. Morton. Torek, arm rat j
Mra A. W. Lltworth. Omaha, body !
aratae. j
O. A. Nmmom, Atcbiaoo. BlatL, shoulder i
wrenched. '
W. H Churchill. eandtKtar. Kansas City,
Mo., bruiaed.
J. J. Bucn. Fmporia. Kaa.. head rat.
J- E. McKnitaL baegSLgeman. ICanaaa
Oty. Ma. head cut.
Tha wreck is believed to have
ranstid by a broken rail. The Injured w
brought to this city.
Seward Farmer is
Missing from Home
Ourles Biceaba v, VTha Attended Me
morial Day Exercises ia Seward,
Fails ta Return Home.
. . I . . i
SHEARS. Neb. June l.-ipeclal Te
gram-e-Charies Rioenbaw. one of Seward
county s moat prosperous farmers, la suae-1
tag since Tnerday night. He came to Sew- j
- Jt mm Aav mw le 1... W t
- '
a Bvery ham. A man answering his de -
scrintioa was id a tkket ta Aurora. !teb.
on Tjeaday night. Sheriff Glilan has trie-j
graphed the ahartfr of Hamilton and Mer-
rick counties to took tor Ricenhaw He
bee a wife aad four aooa and three i-h-
vers who are alarmed at hia dlaapearanca.
The Weather
H-v today
lowest .... 4
ir.a lMC,rIurt 77; i
I re.-iittia T .as a
1 r iT-i-i aaw jm4tiumua artarll a
frum tue cuniu::
V armi. Uirruurt r;
Ec-s fr tlx ly ;
lnu eateei asi:j March L
Jrml W'-W-ii"a 17 ire n
Iri-wK:y bur i lie oUy .17 iti, n )
Total ninU.I aioe liarra L L"U..13 ini Kea
IftcieaT fin htana 1. H"incni
1 lidifGt y f,ir cur. pertoU h. inches
IfH leiic-y tor cur. penod, ixat : H bi'iki ,
Meairta freea IxtlMa at 7 P. M.
fttatiua and Temp. r?'jrh. Pn- ;
iiue ut ther T p m Ttalay. t
r heeiiae. ciiuI y
leiveapurt. cujudy. ........
rnrer, ruiiMly
I -r Moines, ciojav
tw.Jne htr, pert cloudy..
lmier. pert ciut
,atl P-aJte, eitmay
i naOi. part wad?
PjU10. fiTt CiOUuT
R.m tjr. part cuudy...
FT. CliMlttT
'. City, 'art citrudy...
.-tira ci.tly
For Nehraka "naertled.
Far Inwa Lnsettud.
Teeseeiatare at O aba TaMreis
1Zmi U m
" , I ? I a. m !
J f u " .
Im 18 - - " i
( TTjt V. a. m 75
w S ' 13 m. 75 .
Zg 1 v- m - ?
rn?,f 1 -
"ry V. n- - n
rfcT' B- m -
. P- m
'Mi w " p. m 75
I p. m
laasusilt I EMera.
XKi IM'J. 11KIS. TJttl '
... s p
. M
... M SK
.. H m
... ft s
... Ti NS
... H n
... Ja.
.. i
T X.iti"ates tra.-e of peeriwtatAuau
L.A. W bijhii. Lm iatcr.
Garros is Second
Aviator to Reach
the Eternal City
Freaea Aviator Att:tm at Borne ia
5e- Aeroplane. "Silica He Be- 1
cerred it Pisa.
ROME. Jne .lisnd Gar-rmf. the
F?nrb aviator, was ti:e nd twuat
in the l.J r.i'.e Fir- Rnme-T jrn avta
ton rare to re a the capital. E
irriTed at .! inrH th:s aJtTTj tcn from
r:!a, whi, h city he iff. at ". .T this mora-
After raes:n- Ter rjroneef.o.
landed at Ca:rne Tvlla Paaraa.
war betwm F'.?a asd Erme He took on
a suppir i,t t ;e! and reumed his C:at
It : eaunsated that 3- prscms wjt-n-fcd
ihe defnt uf Gai-ros hre. shouts
nl "hravo 'Jitrr'i " and "urraj for
; France" Piled the air
In a de-.e-mlned rfTirt to over-ajte his
' iwtm rivs;. A nitre Eftiniont who was
' the firM aviator to comoleie the seccnd
ue (f the Par-.s-R'.m.Tjr-.n flight. Kj- '
; lad Gr" martod from Ptaa at
a -ioi k tr?: mcrtinff. hoand f ir Rume. who was decayed at Pisa yester-ia;-
hy an acndent. which badly 4amaed
hje n-.a hine, receii-ed a new aropiane th J
mortiir.a After worKina f"ir two hours cn "
' the TTj'it r to perft its tnnvernent. the
Frenchman awenitod and ttjirnf. the
j(r-d; nun. hnjded ftr this rtix. '
Tatww-l o"r Gnserta aoout eighty j
injies eou:h of Flsa it U.i f. ra. '
Vjdart rf-wimed his TJht frm Nice to
: 4ay at iSl o'clor-k a. m.. and reached
Gen"a three tftor an'i five nunutea laser.
, After taAinn on a uppi; of fuel he m.a
ascerded and h-a3el for Plaa, which he
i reju heil at 12:1$. !
Frey. the German aviator, whose machine 1
' was tr.aihed at Fta reterda.v is still
; sta-lied at ThaX cry He hopes to have the :
j mu biM In ehape to resurna his Cight
fore noun.
Gonzalez Will Be
Elected Governor
i HI. I V, y, ri 1 jm r. I
Ul jlliilliUiIiU.Ca :
prrrrteinnal f un :ior
GfrraJes has been
one of the most active of the Maderit j
chiefs, and his election w-.jl complete the tha plans of tha 1-beral party successfully
installation cf provieionai governors hi j naattrrlaJlsa. This la. according to gossip
northern Mexico. j the Cantrai Americaa colony here today.
Alberta Madera, an uncle of Francisco j Th, schema provides for making lndepend-Madyra-
r arrived here today from mt republics out of tha Atlantic and Pa
th city cf Chihuahua to a speclai train to j dfv nr-Ttocea. In tha west tha eonserva-
j inform Sen or Xadero of oonditlor.s about ,
-re tha the larx, body rf tawmtt,
Croon, north of the ory would not an- j
proach too clo-ely until further dispatrhe.
JT1. 17X1" " . T
.!uid ToUled J
preaem. could he avoided by keeping tha !
rival soldiers apart.
MarUaa Lopes Ortlx oaa of tha SBadara
. , .
with Alberto Mader asut "vniaJneal that
three chJefii were cmualBS much trouble la
that vtctnity and asked tor laarructlaas aa
; to how beet tn eutreas hhrtn.
I "Luna; Tom." one of the insurreru caa-
noa. wa nreaented to the riry of E3 Paso
today by Fr-ridsca L Madera in a speech
a tha tntematifwiai hridga. Ma.yor Kilr
Earber Identifies Hing
of Murdered Man
Testimoay of Cnocei ia Caaiom.
Trial Creates Great Commotioa
ia Prisoaers' Cage.
V 1 1'EKBO. June L Cnorrl. a Xeanolltan
I barter, was the star witness at rodafa
ntriRff- nf the (mrt n tm ! - 4 hi. .
i :rr r-n r cause d aa uproar.
The wirnees described The habits of
Granaro Cmiorolo. the murdered man.
Cuocci said be aaw among the ricira
worn by CuocroJo. the one eeouestered bv
the rarnhlneers folio wins; the arrest of the
Camornsta. The rtn here tha monogram
-a c." ud was found, the authorities
te mattr-s. of a bed at the
home of a woman known as the friend!
rf Glue-rhe Selvt The theory of the I
...... I
, poiire waa tnat tnia rmg was to be sent
j to Luigl Arena as proof of Cnncoole s
, death. Tha accuaed mairtains that the
ring was placed in the mattress by the
Carabineers m an efTort tn manufacture
: evidence.
j The barber's statement called f irth loud
i outmea from the pnxmers' caxe. The
ae&nae law-yers recaJed that CaoceJ at a
; prtor era mi nation had tesced that be
1 had aeen no ring aa Caoceolo's ficirers.
i Thev demanded that the wirnees be pmse-
cured f ir per uty. The oourt. however.
! refuaed. Tha arg-omest betweea evunaej
j became ao heated that the president waa
I oiHtipeiled ta adjourn the sirtlng.
Will Press Butter and
Lgg Case Prosecution
2Luter Appoiated by Jiigv Zablsaat
ta Take Erideace oa Charges
Ag-aiast Chicago Board.
CHICAGO. June L Voraua pmaecutioa I
r.t the government s suit to enjoin the Chi- j
co Butter and Esg hoard fim con
trailing prices ef butter and ergs Is ex-1
rwted to f 'llow the recent decisions of the !
Un.ied Si irs surreme court tn the oil j
and tobacco trust The Erst step!
waa taken today whea Circuit Jjdge Kihl-t
saat oa motioa of Federal Eternrt Artor
nev Sims referred the case to Charles B
Momaoa. who will take evldrnce.
eseHeI Pmrate4 te Keferwaed
heakrwriaa rw4 tm Xew Tor.
prTT3T-RG. June L T the iadrridual
' ctmmunK a eup to he adonted by Qocgre-
t i sarii.ns
f tha Rfwmrd PTwsbvtettaa
' ctiui-ch and the axample of the aoa of God I
, This quetioa ia put to the synod here
ttHiav bv the sejunoa af the Third cnumh
T ' of New Tort la a memorial vuhuiirred.
'7' A raj- luuos m as 'nlro.iuc-l nscunnf
... the ecumenical councj .f mie ci wum
M met at Eunbunrh lant .nuer for re-
fusing to a low xiunn to Roman
M ' t'atsvUe (nasiras ta be rvraeantcd ao
i the .rucraa.
; UP; 150 MEN DEAD
Crelei TTa-'rf'-y of Zxplouxe Be
lieved Cause of Disaster ia Fart j
it Majiaua.
Strict Ceasorslup PreTiJj aai Detaili
Are lackaj.
' lotiinj to Indicate Discoateat at j
Preseat ia iepahlic. !
Llhrrsl rwrtr
arhvaalaiai ta 8i aarate
taab(le lata Twa
DTlaia Pft
itfi Lea4m,
SAX JTA.w rEL STH. Nkanru. J"
L The f-irtress on Tiscapa hi!!. Masairta. !
waa biown up at 1 a. m. yewterdar One '
hundred and fifty acJdiers oeri.'hed in the ;
expltjsjon. All the ammun.Uoa. in the fort-
resB was demroyed. Tha cause of the ex- !
pinsirm s as yet uniiaaws. Strict cahia i
cenont:p has been established from j
WASH1VTTOH. June J. One bxindr-d j
and fifty peraonw wera killed in tha ex- :
pkmion of tha Fortress Laioma at Man
atma. Nk araurna. ir.l to a teJesrram
to the state depart ment today from Xin
, isr-r North trt The rtuw of the explo-
suin is not known.
' Mr. NnrtheoTt's diFnatch lndkted that
every perm in the pmsTii was killed.
9c the resria-'iaaoo of President K
j trad and ue eievatlm of VJca Preatdent
j t lax to power, the State department baa
i received an advices indicaUns; discantent
!n the repubiic. It is conjectured that the
&Haster was tha result of careless hand
I liss of ei-ploKlvea.
! NEW TORS. Jnne J.-Xicarajriaos in
I th:a city were disinclined to beiieve to-
day that tie explosion of Fort Lnma was
an aoddent. They were sure that it was
Part of a plot by the rebels against the
administration of Prewdtt Adolfo Diaa
and they expert rprira.s tn follow.
hessv to Dlv IryakiW.
ICHTW ORL.EAXS. Jjne L Nlcarajrua,
prohabiy the moit war-torn republic of the
to be split into two aailona if i
maid rule, wkile tha new AUaocui
rau. rw. ta t5l.
at a u planned that
AAiJo Hu, .uecaeded Jaan
Estrada as president of tha republic ahaii
k. chf in th. ew P-fJc nation, wha.
Estrada, shall resume reie as ni natdent ot
the Al tan tic dlrlaiaa.
- t-stra.1. wbe led the revolution against
Zetaya. is aajd to be on hts way ta Kes
Orleans. It la declared here he will be In
favor of the split.
Chicago Bartender
Kills Fatron Who
is Too Fastidious
Driux Dispeaser Object! ta Commaad
of Customer to Wash. Eaads Be
fore He Serrei Bererag-ea.
CHICAGO. June L A Utn fastidious re- ,
quest that a bartender wah his hands be- i
fore serrtng a drhik is said to have been ;
the eause of a quarrel wbirb today cost ,
Andrew Plewanek his Ufa. The p .lice are I
now srrrh:r.g for Emsntiel Over, the bar-1
tender, who Plewanek's friends declare I
strnck their companion, knockinc hun to
tha floor and fracturing hts skull a short !
rma after the words. Tub your hands
before you wait on me," wera uttered.
Plewaaek died at tha county
without conadouasesa.
hOSpiUai I
Insurrectos Present
Cannon to El Paso
Fraaeisco X. Xadera, Aecompaaied by
800 raarmed Mea, Pays Fraternal
Visit to Americaa City.
I ZL- June i lugat busdred un-
an"et tnsurrectoa. headed by Frandaco L
1 Madera sad aa msurrecto band playing
Mexican and American arm. Invaded 3
Paso today. The occasion was tha
i to 1 Paso of
captured by tha
"T-enar Tim."
used ta battle at J
The cannon waa giv-
for "McGlntyg blue whistler," which waa !
kidnaped from the dry park djrtng the )
war and used ia the siege of Ojinja. j
Speeches tn Spanish and Engllae. altaraatad
in tha expresaaoa of future friandahia be
tweea the two eountriea
Great crowds greeted the Insurrectoa with j
shafts of "vtva nva Madera." I
Indicrments were rerurned today by the '
grand jury agitnat Camel da YllUara and j
W. I Dunne, charged with conspiring j
against the life of Madero. I
Boy Confesses Murder
of His Playmate!
j Italiia Lad Shoots Compaaioa ia JSrw
York aad Takes His Money
aad Speads It.
XEW Jmm LS"t ocel Carmme
i i Jiiiuixio eroae oowu Euay aou aa ill as
j Cra tlMl ""o wp" Poura able
i " Ucll wtlcB of tour w r
apoaainia ur the oeath of Jona 11m
The Mlaje boVs body, atuffed into a ha.
waa feund last Bight la the cellar ef a
tenement la the Italian suarter. Pour ef
1 . 7 " '
arrested, aad while they admitted that be
been killed by ana of taa (nut
j claimed aw awn lauaaceaca. j
Plomaino wept aa ba tuld hts story aad.
I erorpmg aa his kn. as. called oa the spirit i
' af Cat dead fj lead eo forgtve mat. H j saad !
: Jotnay Aktir while they
' ever money
! after that the bo.a oanfeaard taey lock
1 tjs dead bay a mosey, lane Ek. aad spent
u f-a- caady and siovaag pant are imiee
. . ,"y, '.v. sMari rifc hv-s -yyyz-
From tha Minneapolis Journal.
Hoose Democrat Disease Tariff Meas
ure for Two noun.
It WM Take af
TaTkM e
WAJHiyGTOX. iaa i. The desnocratls
.wool.tarrff bill, preparedx. the wayn aaat
meana eommfrtra of -elis bouse, waa pre
sented tn the democratic eaaetnu at noon
today. The bill w. reditenuraa af from
one-half to rwo-thlrds ia ail wool 'dntSeB.
Raw wool itself, which waa free m nrevtoua
democratic tanft bill, ia green a duty of
X per cent ad valorem, equivalent to from
1 to a cents a pound.
The wool bill waa laid before the caucus
by Chairman Eurtenn. It waa the Crst
indication the majority ef the members
had been given of its exact terms. Chair
man Underwood undertook aa exhaustive
explanation of the measure
Mr. Underwood declared the dnries col
ierted last year on raw wonl amounted tn
Cffl.ewt. The reducticn of the raw wool
duty to 30 per cent as proposed, would
cut these dunes, be said, to r-5.2..
even under a greatiy stimulated import
trade. To reduce these duties further
would be impractlcahle at this time, he
added, even had the committee deeired to
do en.
After having been in aeasion two hours
it was plain that the caucus would not
finish its work today, and that It probably
would continue through Fnday and poaa
bly Saiurday.
Prevleieas ef the SebedaJe.
The new duces, torether with the present
duties aa figured an an ad valorem basis
by Chairman Underwood, are aa foilows:
Raw wool, propose, duty 3 per cent; ex
isting duty. M.H per cent.
Soils, waste. shoddies, etc. proposed
dory a per cent; et .st ing duty. S K per
Combed weol or tops, proposed duty 3
per cent: existing duty, K6.1S per cent.
Tarns, made wholly or in part af wool,
propoaed duty St per cent, existing duty,
SS.M per cent.
Cloths, kmt fabrics and all manufac
tures of wool, proposed duty a per cent;
altering duty. fT.ll per erat.
Blankets aad fanne-a propoaed duty S?
per cent, whan valued at lees than a
eeara per pound. 41 per cent whea valued
at more Than 5s cents; cxtacnf dory,
per cent.
Women s aad children's drees g-joda aad
similar roods, proposed duty per cent;
exiting duty liCS per cent.
Ready made eiothirg and arriciea cf
wearing apparel, proposed duty at per oeat;
existing duty. SL31 per cent
Bra-da, nbbuna. Insert Jons, laeea. em
broidenea. nerrisga. and lis artlclea.
Wholly or la part made of wool, proposed
duty 35' per cent; existing duty. JT.lsJ per
Aximnistrr. aubiuwoa. moaueca aad
chenille carpeta prtpoaad duty St per cent.
exiaCag duty, C tie per cent.
Saxony, wtltoa and velvet carpets, pro
pueed duty SC per cent, exiwii duty, TtLli
per cent.
Brussels carpeta proooaed duty 3D per
cent; existing duty " a per cent.
Veivet tapestry carpeta. printed ia tha
warp or otherwise, prortosd duty S per
cent; existing duty. C.4S per cent.
Tapestrv, bruaet-ia earfxjts. printed Oh
the warp or otherwise, propuaed duty Xt
per erat. existm duty. per cent.
Trebie-irgra-n, three-ply and aJ chain
veneta carptfta proposed duty 3s per ceai;
exissng duty, ki U per cent.
Wool duties and two-ply ingrain carpeta.
propoaed duty 2 per cent: exiaung duty.
M per rent.
Orwntsi riga. prapaaed duty SB per cent;
existing d -ity. m ST per ceatt.
rvuggets and boamga. printed or ool
ored. protvoaed duty S per cent: existing
duty, sta pee- cenu
-"u7i, sot ouierwiae provided tor, of
wool. Tax or cotter, and mail. mart. at
aad rugs af eottoa. proposed duty S per
cent; existing duty, ekal per cent.
The till stales
Whene'er ta this act the word "woof is
iCanrlnued ea Seeaevd Page I
freaM lOaa-HaJf
Preaaea Detlee
SHIM aw s.
The New Chauffeur
! First Bonds Sold
i nnpr Nit Hnnnrpri
wuuui win AAiiiimuUi
Million Mortgage
First Jfatioaal SaaJc of Tew York
Takes Tweaty HiHioas ef
ISew Lvae.
SE WTORJC June 1. The asneuneement
.'of James J. H1H of the execution of a
.mertaUMfs of . SmMjlHI by "the.. Great
"yirThem Eailway company was f nCowed
1hy the as a s todar that the Out Vnehtni
ham sold" te the "Vat SetJonal Bank ef
Xew Turk prr cent fifty-rear
bonds secured under its mortirace.
It la stated proceeds will be used for gen
eral corporate purposes which include im
provements aad esneasioas en the Great
Northern under way at present or already
planned. . .
11 -ao was made known here today that
the Bankers' Trust eompaar. New Tork.
Is the trustee under the ttmt.OM mortjrae
which Is the lsrgest corporate mortgage
an record.
The Cna Tidal community accepts the
mortgise on the Kill system as a precau
tionary measure more than anything else.
It Is also disposed to associate the pro
poaed acquisition of the Chlcaim. Burling
ton A Quincy by the Great Northern as
a direct result of the recent Standard Ofl
and Tobacco dechoona. eince it is generaHv
recngntaed that the Northern Paeirie and
the Burlington are ia a sense eerapeting
Lral. representatives of the Hiil riads
declined to discuss the matter today, but
it ia known that the mortgage will take
care primarily of the Chicago. Bariinn.m
I aad Quincy per cent bonds uuiudiit
to C.e (.
Taf t May Speak
in Waterloo, Ia.,
Next Monday
Presideat Tryiig to Make Arraajfe
meats to Spead Hour aad ?f
with Dairymea.
"WASHTNTTON. June L If tha railroads
and Senatnr Keayoa of Iowa can fix it.
President Taft will make a Crtsf trip from
Chicaffo to Waterloo. La., to rpeafc on June
Before the stats dairymen ODnventlca.
Tha presideat will be la Chicago oa June
aad go to Iowa for a stop of aa hour and
a half at Waierine and hurry back to Bal
timore, arrivUig there in time tn speak at
the Cardinal Gibbons celebrants Jane
Senator Kenyon left the White Hnuse t3
begin a telegraphic eutipcra to change
the eonveimon date fr-ira J ine I to jJne
i and the executiva . fr. es began to bom
bard the railroads with questions as to a
poanbie ached a. a
Pauline Wayne, the White House cow,
already has accepted aa lnntaii..B to be
the guest of the eimteitioo at Waterloo.
Church of Brethren
Meets in St. Joseph
Fifteea Thousaad Members of Sect
from All Parts of the World Will
Attend Co nitre ace.
ST. JOSZPH. Mx. June L The world's
conferences of the Chui-ch of the Prethren
heJd Its Crst session today In will sot be
under full headway until Friday. Reports
of standing cosamttees and addresses were
the order today. 5evera traiHiaauls af
deiegataa aad vuatsrs will arrtve tosnrra
moming. when the conference win get
duwn ta biuBBcsa The indications are that
21 JUC af the sect wjll be here by Sunday.
The ooafereccis nalnit to June K.
I. bL Uarvea of Trotwobd. O.. was today
led saiiieraier and erul sreaida ax tna
President Keltaer at iraXord. LL. eras
mads ree.t ng tiers , J M Slouch, mts-aw-savry
ta India. wrhic eierk. aad E3ar
Bauiwx, Car'is.e. Neb.
j Uung to odia.n the decision that has been
I obtained aan!Jt the rtandard Oil com-
EIG BAjNOUET FOR EDITORS i,n4' "Vwttirp!.w
the prr?biem created by what are com
, " . ' ""oniy called trusts that la. of enormous
Fiid Club to Be the Scene Of Bill- j combinations of corporate capital encaged
liaat Affair. !n tetrtate business the aaa-trast law
j la radically and vitally defective aad aav
' WnsnnsF tlhm lltnai at inxa- wa- U ik. -
Editors -WUl Be Takes rrees the Ms-
Traal Dtreex ea the
rield Cleb few the Stta:
Arrangi'mesita have been completed by
L. Campbaii. 2u the baa4 art to be
given Thur sitae evecicg at the Field club
b the Nebraska edlt jrs, who will meet in
aoauai sesaVnn here.
One btiadred autotm?biies will be required
to convey the visitors rrom the M tannic
temple. Sixteenth aii'nt aad Capitol ave
nue, to rhe riub, and nearly all the tiitot
needed hare fceen offered.
The party will start for the Fleid
aoout a X in the artemoon. JHr .a--npoi
states that there will be not tees than 3M
editors and ITS wives and pretty daughtera
la speaking of the approaching conven-
ton Mr. Campbell ,d ThursdaTi
"From a buatneea man s standpoint this
conveTirion will ba the best for Omaha
which has been held in the city with.n re-
cent yesra Every new-paper and everv
printing supply bouse ia Omaha as well as
every hotel is doing something especially
for these newspaper men. and we feci we
ar not asking toe much when we asa you
to bring your automobile and help us boost
Omaha aa the city has never been boosted
before. "
Light on Identity of
Body Found in Bathtub
, , , , .
Decomposed Corpse Probably That of
Daughter of Coaaor 0 Grady of
Snriazfield. Mass.
NEW TCHX. Jone L The Identity of ! Tvee w.TT C'l
zxrz zrzTit? vj-tto ocjy -
We Cat four month, afer ahe died d" - these greet corpura-
prooahly will be settled today. The cor- ! monopolistic trend which are
oner, laciest wtl determine th. woman 1' rJw3' toIio t-hs Uses aio
real name. Connor O Gradv a Spring- hU'b nuo" h" dealing with
field Mass) pubiiEber. will appear as m'thu- of Laera hich are railway aiterta
witnes., and if he idenuCos the busbaad aad dcve on te podcy as conditions aad
of tha dead woman as tha man who mar-
rted his daughter Elisabeth in 1HB7 the
police will consider th. identic cation com
plete. Vvaa though the condition, of the
body prevents recognition.
Tha husband, a young cha-iffeur, who
calls himself Harry A. Sheih. will be ar
raigned la the supreme court on Hj ha
beas corpus pro eeainrs de mail ding re
lease from custocy. o '3rady aays that
the man h.s da-ghtsr marred waa known
aa Hugh Aiierton Sherman and that he
ithe faiher) had been writing letters to
her under that name.
It waa the aiacivery of aome of these
letters ia the flat with the body that k-d
to the not-fli-ation of Mr. O GraJy and
his trip here as a witness.
Thus far tha police bar. not revea-ed
the evidence cn which they determine
that the wamaa was murdered- It ia ae-eert-ai.
Sowntr. the corater has
prucf of this kind and that it ami appear
at the inquest- Other imporant witnesses
at the Inquest will be women fnends af
Schien. The poUia beneve the story
by Mjh Mae iake wnl be aa Important
Una is the evidence against the cnajfjeur
Miss says taat c hieo toid her
last March, that hia wife aied of pneu
sjonia in Feuruary and was buried in
SpringCdd, Maaa
Rebellious Arabs
Capture Assyr
Capital Falls Iato Haads of 2-e-raIa-
tioaisti aad 2.0CO Tarkiah j
Troops Are Captured.
H'jC IRDA.A rabia, Jme L The rebeiUous j
Araba ta Aasrr have caprurad the capital.
taaicg as prisoners 3. T'ntifl troopa I
They aecurad tl.le baitaries e
and a number of large t -ns
Farmer Preiideat Cucuisei Eeceat
! Decuicoa in Xaese Cue. aad
j Tie Elfett.
i Dco arises Aay Effort to Stx-ag-tiea.
1 Sheraaa Lav.
Mraald Hire Corpcntioas Put ix
Cazi of Eailwajv
Owtam tar K fleet w rkaaae Aet
Waald Kemalt la Dvlar. PrmetU
eally rtaytas liH Haaaa
f C ai aai attaaa.
NET TORK, J ine L Theodora Rooee-
veit has an ar-.oe cn '"The Standard Oil
I-ecisicTi and After" .n the Outiooa. it in part.
"The de-iKin ef the supreme court tn
tiie Standard 01' caee has of ro'irse
brwucht cut many pr'iponais for aiteaing
ur ajtv-tiu.nti itie anti-trust taw. There are
tti ciassen of men wnoae rwpective atti
tudf in r" to th.a law are in the
ory diain, triiaily opposed aad la reruns
altruist ider.ticai.y tie same . those mea
who wan no interference whatever by the
government wita any omhinatiena or cor; and those men who under the
pea of being aainet al oomianaijons and
big corpora:;un propose absuluteiy to pro
hibit their ex-su-nee.
"In thnii-'' these two sets of nn are
diamtncaliy nfoned. In practice the ac
tivities of the -c:cd claea who rja tola-iy
t prohibit all corporal iu&s. can only
rtsult in practically fil,.ing tae an mi of
the first ciaes by leaving tue preeent situ
ation unchanged. Actual
experience has shown that the ahti-trust
iaw does net and can not by any d.ksi be ma.d to do what the extreme
aaiaa-nr.ists nf eorporaiiccs desire or as
et tnat aey desira
Law Dan Sense Gsad.
"As construed by the supreme court the
any-trust -a v acrotnriisries a eertaia
amount of g'xd. and it has been a sod
! . . " "
Lu:ns wui escajio eontrol af tha
asanded in the latereeta of tile people.
The ana-trust law waa framed as tha
tltarv thai i, w . . " . - ;.
I - a. luai. mv w i i a eaica.
I the wheels of progreea la mdustrlallBre,
! and la aa age cf ramisaatSaa to put s
i seen to tha cfwililnaffkma imUr whiett bcai
I sesa was canied aa. TThiie. as 1 bars
' said, the anti-trust law as aow construed,
, dues accomplish a certain amount of stood.
it was out of the question that framed as
It was ta such a saint and emu oca a
purpose, it could achieve ia any but the
amaiJest degree what Its framers hoped.
and any effort to achieve this
. jriDlV bV maJllna- t.a laar
, wul -r-.i, -,,.- - ,
j suatiot, for tha worse,
btesraaattaea eeeel.
"Wn 18 ar";T the enact,
) m11t of drtJC ff-reachW -tgiala-
1 Con w!ucn pul interstate
! b,ilcnM corporations of the tvps of the
i sd OH company, the sugar trust, the
'. CrJst lika " n-
' D,rt4y' und"r control aad regulatioa
! of St la each and every re-
', ,pect "ttaie ra lroads ara new
j IMJt-
j "To break up the Suuidard Oil company
' " the receat decuaua has brokea It up.
j does a certain amount of rood; but It does
( nut do anything like the amount of good
j that would be achieved from the staad
t point af the public if tha proper govera-
; -
mental body were given tha same auper-
isiun and control over it as tha Interstate
Commerce eommiHsioa has eslamtsbod over
j certain of the railroad, of ut. country.
ttiay well be that ta tha end go em-
1 control of these great interstate ear-
j puratiuaa may have to
go much furthe
, 'vtn-1 ar.a .ixstiry. Our prima object
be to hare the rtuniiamm aer-anr..ian a
concnuous admia-stratlva actlna and sot
by aeceaiiarlly intermnxent lawwuita,-
Steasaew Tptrsaata Leaves Term Crvs
tew E erepe by Way ed
I VERA CRUZ. Mex. Jwrse t -The at earner
j Trlramra. haxlr.g oa board .a-PreeideBt
; I'iai and his party, aailed at 4 a dork
: mi. morning f r Havre. Franoe. The
steamer goes to Europe by way of
j Hai-aaa. Dtax preernt tntentton is to
. make his home ia palav.
aVeveraee MaaJaeU la aWvter.
MT"SK"ITE. -ai.. Jme L-Pbyak-ian. at
tendlr.g C. X. Haeil. rormar governor ef
Oklahoma. whi a 111 here, today reported
r.s condition greatly imjirovad.
Cans cf FarrtH's Sjmp.
Boxes cf O'Brien ' Caiy.
Qart Erict at Dilzell'j
Ice Cream.
All civM away fres ta thoeo
ho Rhl ttslr &aJtea ta tis
vaat a4a,
RsaJ tt. want ads rtarr day.
your no will appssr aomscaio
cay be mar. ttaa cues.
No pasties ta mtdrm mar gabscrtpe
tic la ta get Just read LX sui
Tm U Cis wast a4 paas -