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    THE BEE: OMAITA, MONDAY, MAT 20, 1911.
'xwa Association. Goei on Record ia
. FaTor of Balk Sales Bill.
Mem urn Fnror It but Mtir Realise
that Flat Rale It Weald Bt
Impossible of Rnforrr
(Prom a Ftaff CorrrRponrfrnt )
VES MOINRR. May 2S.-flNpclal. Secre
W Jra B. Thomas of the Iowa lift all
Omcera' efw1ntlnn rrtnrned home last
evening from Cedar rapid, where he hart
beea atterxllnir the annual convention of
the annotation. IT vmfttni a report to
the nasoclation which show that It la In
an on usually prosperous condition, that
thnre are now about 4.W10 members In Iowa
and that the Iowa association la the only
one that keeps aa organ! aer tn the field
ten months In the year. The secretary said
that a mat amount of work ha1 been done
and, much had been arrom pushed In the
way f preTention of fool bills ta the leg
islature. They fcad made a hard flrM to
fecora the pannage of the bill abotmhlna
the ware exemption, but had not aa yet
For one thlnr the association went on
record aa Indorsing the bulk Kales bill
which, had: been nrred and passed by the
Jobbers and manufacturers. It was pointed
oat that this bill while It Is not for the
benefit of the retailer, will have the effect
of protecting all honest business. The new
'w for Inspection of wetphta and measure
also received commendation by the asso
ciation. One of the most Interesting discussions
was that In regard to the caeh eystem as
opposed to that of credit. The state orga
niser urged that all ro to a cash basis and
cited Instances showing- where this had
proven, vastly better for the dueler than
to give credit. But the araociatlon took
no action, as many of them realized the
Impossibility of a Tat rule on that sub
ject. The association made arrangements for
a standing leKlslatlve committee of seven
members to engage in promoting legisla
tion. The scope of the association Is to be
extended to Include dealers other than
Wot "attarled with Airmen.
The State Board of Agriculture has thus
far refused to make contracts with any
of the companies operating aerophmes and
giving exhibitions. Investigation has been
made and It Is found that none of them
can carry out the agreement in case the
weather. Is the least difficult. At all the
recent meets the flyers have refused to
go up when there Is any considerable wind
blowing. The state fair will probably have
an exhibition of that kind, but It has not
yet been engaged.
Views of the Liquor Men.
"Organization and education of the pub
lic are the only salvation of the liquor
dealer, in the face of the agitation which
has been started against him," said Tim
othy L. McDonnush of Cleveland, O., pres
ident of the National Association of Liquor
Dealers, before the Iowa convention of
liquor men held. In Davenport.
Over 200 men and women attended the
annual banquet,' at which a recent legis
lation directed against the liquor traffic
throughout the , country ' was denominated
as "fanatical." Robert J. Hallhe of Chi
cago, national secretary, was also a
Corporations Are Complying.
Only .a few of the corporations doing
bifness.lniowa'haue this year failed to
compfy fully with the law tn regard to
annual reports and a small fee. Whan
the year closed.' there 'were about thirty
five that had not been heard from and
some of these ."were 6ut of existence, while
'"other have since made the reports. It
Is probable that the state will not have
to prosecute any of them to secure com
pliance with the law.
Ease Advertiser.
Egg advertising la a neglected art In
Iowa, according to Prof. W. A. Llppin
cott who acted as Judge at the egg show
at the Coliseum last light, given by the
Iowa Poultry Raisers' . association.
"In Des Moines there is no demand for
uniformity of color and kind of egg."
said Prof. Upplncott. "People have been
used to getting eggs of all sorts and do
not ask for anything different. Tet they
could be educated ' as the people of tbe
eastern cltloa have been."
. Ames Head Not Settled.
The matter of selsctlng a new president
for Iowa BtaVs college was today left by
the State Board of Education. In session
In Cedar Rapids, to a committee consist
ing of Trewln, Funk and Murphy. It Is
understood that the committee regards fa
vorably Prof. K. R. Fnarka of the Uni
versity of Pennsylvania, but has not de
cided upon htm. Tbe board has not acted
as yet on the charges made by Representa
tive Moore against Prof. Hohlcn, but mem
bers of the board are Insisting on an in
vestigation; '
. 'Town Knllrend Reports.
The executive council today completed the
compilation of statistics regarding the Iowa
railroads for' last year. These show that
the gross reoelpta- on Iowa business was
tT7.M4.SM.. as against ri.lC9.r5 the year
before. But the Increase in expenses was
even greater" running up from to6.ftM.6S2 to
t03,41C.2!l. The net profits, therefore, de
creased about $1 .SOrt.OOO on Iowa business.
The taxes paid amounted to $2,tET7.508. This
is a slight Increase over the previous year.
Iowa lias Hate Cases.
On June 1 representatives of Des Moines
publishers will have a hearing before a
representative of the Interstate Commerce
commission on their application for an
order to reduce the freight rate from east
ern pomts on print paper to Des Moines.
There will be three other caaes taken up
at the same time involving other freight
rates ta which Des Moines business men
are Interested. Thd claim Is mad trat
Dee Moines djos not get a proportionally
fair rate.
slay Pardon Van Tassel.
It Is expected that during the coming
week the Wtate Parole hoaid will recom
mend to the governor final acMon lit the
case of I W. Van Ta-sel. a life convict
from Chickasaw county, whose application
for clemency was refused by the legis
lature. He and his friends have made a
very strong showing of a mistrial and are
asking the governor ' to release him on
that ground. The parole board has made
a thorough Investigation and Is ready to
make a report, but no hint baa been given
of lis decision.
Kew Member Dental Board.
Dr. Arthur Solvesberg of Sioux City was
today appointed by the governor to be a
member of the State Board of Dental Ex
am In era ,,
Adjutant General Logan today designated
an examining board tor the Iowa National
Guard to consist of D. & Fairchild, W. &
Conk ling and Charles S. Grant, to meet
here June I and examine eight applicants
for oommlsstona
Cnartrl.nt la Candidate.
Ex-eeaator O. B. Court wrtght of Water
loo, who spent some time In the city this
week, made It known to his friends that
he expects to l a candidate for tue ic
publlcau nuiulnatlon t for governor next
Educational One of Strong
Features of Y.W.C.A. Work
By Kate A. McHugh.
Few except those directly connected
with the Toung Women's Christian
association realise the work which
this association Is doing In the edu
cating of this community. Few
lines of education are omitted from
Its courses. The foreigner who
wishes to learn conversational Eng
lish, the young maid or matron who
wishes to learn the secrets of house
keeping, the girl who wishes to train
her body, and the one who wishes
to gain from the mssters of litera
ture the great secret of making
life worth living, all find help In
the classes provided by the Toung
Women's Christian association.
None but one closely connected
with the students who gather here,
knows what an earnest and inter
ested set of listeners gather In
these rooms. These classes have
been the college course of many a
girl to whom college training has
been denied, and few college classes
boast such an interested and atten
tive group of students.
Were the work of the Toung
Women's Christian association re
duced to that done by the edu
cational department, the associa
tion would still deserve the hearty support of the -community,
r ; -. ..'
1 "eV ;
'-rC "-
year. lie has not commenced active work
but will do so later. He was In the state
senate two terms and made a good record.
It is also regarded as certain that Carl
Keuhnle of Denison will be In the race as
a candidate In opposition to Lieutenant
Governorer George W. Clarke, who Is con
ceded to be In the lead ss a conservative
and non-factional candidate.
Governor Retarns Home.
Governor Carroll returned home this
evening from a trip to Hot Springs, S. D.,
where he went with friends for a rest.
He will take up the completion of much
unfinished work which was left undone be
cause of labor troubles at Muscatine.
Cleaning; t'p Keoknku
Attorney General Cosaon has recently
caused action to be taken at Keokuk re
sulting in the raiding of gambling houses
and other resorts, and this has given rise
to the rumor that he intended making a
general campaign against vice In the state.
Numerous cases have come to the atten
tion of the offices of the attorney general
from many cities of the state of failure to
enforce the law and in each case the facts
have been laid before the local officials
and they have been very prompt to uphold
the law.
Revising Salary Schedale.
The State Board of Control la engaged In
revising the salary schedule at the state
Institutions. Under an Increased support
fund as provided by the last legislature It
will be possible to give the employes of the
state some increase In compensation. The
number of employes has been steadily In
creasing all the time, but It has been diffi
cult to keep them.
Mrs. Hammond to Make No Display of
Gems at Coronation.
Special Ambeuseaalor to Crowning ot
Kins; Ceeim Believe that the
West Offers Opportnaltlea
for YonnaJHea,
NEW YORK, May 2S. (Special Tele
gram.) Mrs. John Hays Hammond, wife of
the special ambassador of the United States
to the coronation of King George of Eng
land, will make no lavish display of dia
monds In London, for which capital she
sailed Saturday with her husband and
family on the Cedric.
There have been printed from time to
time elaborate stories of the fabulous
11 uiaiiiuiiiiB niiii-ii ivjra. immnionai
has and with which she was to dazzle thofl
British court. Bhe put a quietus on these
stories today by declaring that she would
wear no diamonds whatever at the corona
tion. Accompanying Mr. and Mrs. Hammond
were their children, John Hays, Jr., Harris
Hammond, the former Yalo athlete, and
Natalie and Richard P., and Miss M. E.
Hammond, sister of the ambassador.
Mr. Hammond told the ship news re
porters he had nothing to say as to his
mission, that he was simply going over to
the coronation, and that was all there was
to It. ,
"What about your diplomacy?" he was
"I cannot discuss that," he replied. "Some
people are very sensitive, and I cannot
please everybody."
When he vouchsafed the Information that
he would return during the first week of
July he was asked:
'Are you really coming back?"
"Surely, -why do you ask"
"Well, there's the Berlin post still va
cant," waa the reporter's answer.
"Will yon accept that?"
Hammond Would Not Accept.
"It has not been offered me, but I could
not accecpt It. My children are going to
school In America and I think I can do a
great deal more for America by sending
my children to school here to learn to be
Mr. Hammond said:
"I am a strong advocate of the so-
called policy of 'dollar diplomacy." I have
believed for years, as a result of my ex
perience in may foreign countries and
often behind the diplomatic screen, that in
spite of preconceived Ideas of diplomacy
to the contrary, the dollar Is the object of
Cornemton elaylag at Waterloo. I quest. It Is well that this Is a fact, be-
WATERLOO, la,. May (Specials j cause diplomacy of that kind, which pro-
Mesansre Received Threatening be
traction of Homo with Dyaa'
mite Unless) Demands Met.
; WATEEtOO, la.. May 28. Special Tel
egram. VMayor John R. Rector of this city
received today a letter threatening his life
qrfid the destruction of his beautiful home
by dynamite before Sunday noon unless
he complies with the provisions of the let
ter received from the Black Hand society.
This toclety demands the Immediate dis
charge pf Police Chief W. T. Dtnneen and
Night Sergeant W. II. Holcroft. Persecu
tion Is charged. The black hander says
his countrymen have been arrested and
fined on manufactured testimony In Wa
terloo. The letter Is signed, "Yours for
blood and justice, (Black Hand Society
Mayor Rector will not yield to the
threats. His property Is protected by spe
cial police and ha does not fear for his
personal safety.
exist. Ot course, time alone can prove
what discoveries may be made. Certain
It Is that underneath the earth s crust are
billions upon billions of dollars worth of
mineral. How far down this extends, no
man knows. Whether It will, to any ex
tent, ever be reachable, no man again,
can tell."
Foley's Kidney Mnaedy Acted Qntek.
M. N. George, Irondala, Ala, was both
ered with kidney trouble for many year.
1 was persuaded to try Foley Kidney
Remedy, and before taking It three Cays
I could feel Its beneficial effects. The
pain left my back, my kidney action
cleared up and I am so much better. I
do not hesitate to recommend Foley Kid
ney Remedy." For rale by Ul druggista
Chinese Pheasants
For South Dakota
Two Hundred Pairs of Game Birds to
Be Released and Protected by
the Game Laws.
SIOUX FAIJ-3. 8. D., May 27. (Special
Telegram.) South Dakota, through W. F.
Bancroft, chief of the department of game
and fish, has purchased 100 pairs of
Chinese ring neck pheasants for the pur
pose of propagating them tn the state. The
birds cost $6 a pair, making a total of
$1,200 to be expended out of the state game,
fund, besides other necessary expenses In
sending them by express to different parts
of the state and to people who will look
after them during the experimenting.
In order that the experiment may prove
satisfactory, few of the birds will be given
to persons who wish to raise them In cap
tivity, but they will be liberated and their
propagation carefully watched.
Near Redfield and near Sioux Falls some
of these birds were put out In their wild
stale and did quite well. The birds put out
near Sioux Falls have nearly ail been de
destroyed by hunters, but those near Red
field have been well protected.
There Is at present a closed season on
these birds until 1315, and the law will be
vigorously enforced by1 the state game
warden in the various counties of the state.
' Fearful aianghter
of deadly microbes occurs when throat and
lung diseases are treated with Dr. King's
New Discovery. 60c and 11.00. For sale by
Beaton Drug Co.
Administration Pleased with Tend
ency to Relieve Increasing Ten
sion Between Two Coon trice.
WASHINGTON, May 27. Confirmation
of the report that in addition to admitting
to Russia, American Jews who go on busi
ness, the Russian government is con
templating the abolition of the whole sys
tem of passports has reached Washington.
The advices to the State department are
unofficial, but they are accepted as trust
worthy and accurate.
Already the Russian ministry has
prepared a bill which win relieve Jews of
foreign birth, seeking to enter Russia of
the necessity of having their passports
vised by the Russian diplomatic and con
sular offices.
The attitude of the Russian government
has given great satisfaction to the ad
ministration here, as It tends to relieve the
Increasing tension that has been steadily
growing between America and Russia.
In cases of rheumatism relief from pain
makes sleep and rest possible. This may
be obtained by applying Chamberlain's
Liniment. For sale by all dealers.
' . Refereadsrm on Conoty Sent Law,
PIERRE. 8. D., May 28.-8peclal Tele
gram.) The referendum petition to carry
to a vote the law for settling of county
seat contests was filed with the secretary
of state today with about 1000 namea
As only one town tn the state is especially
Interested In having this law up. It ls
auegea mat me names were eecurea Dy
hired solicitors, but they count Just the
r ,v. - ' -. , .
Hit ' l. - - k
W t rs-t r-yiiv, w r i- - if KV
i Y trui x nu watH M w elI
, I V-t 1 1 e. -m e -mi-m w-w w w-e RW
Made Pure
Kept Pure
It's the
5 f -.'..f .5-
s Bottle
Cleanliness is a science
Schlitz is brewed. We filter even
air where the beer is cooled,
filter the beer. Then we
every bottle.
Then we
We go to Bohemia for hops. Our
barley is selected by a partner in our
business. ' .
The water is brought from rock
.1,400 feet underground. Our yeast is
produced forever from the same mother cell.
Schlitz beer is sent to you in Brown Bottles, pro
tecting its purity from the brewery to your glass.
Light starts decay even in pure beer. Dark glass gives
protection against light. -
If you knew what we know about beer, you would say,
"Schlitz 'Schlitz in Brown Bottles."
Phones A
Schlitz Bottled Deer Depot
723 S. pth St., Omaha, Nebr.
The Beer B
That Made Milwaukee famous
wiumuii ihibiij 1
Arrangements have been completed for the
laying of the corner stone of the Seraphic
Heights hospital on Memorial day. High
mass will be celebrated In the morning at
10 o'clock In the grove of the hospital
grounds, which consists of forty-three acres
by Archbishop Measmer of Milwaukee, as
sisted by the priests of the archdiocese of
Pubuque and visiting priests from the Mil
waukee archdiocese and from Devenport
and Sioux City dioceses. At noon a public
and official dinner will be served at the
Ellis hotel at 1 p. m.
Bmal Fortune Hidden la Cans.
IOWA CITY. I a., May 28. (Special.)
John Keeled, who was killed by the Rock
Island cars near Atallssa, left tl.500 hid
den tn old tin cans, at his home In West
Liberty. It has been discovered by the
officers, who searched the house. Keelen
was 65 years old and unmarried. A sis
ter, Elizabeth, is connected with a re
ligious organization In Omaha,
Black Goes to Prison.
CRESTON. Ia.. May SL (Special,) Will
iam Black, who sent threatening letters to
Creston druggists to extort money from
them so he would not Expose them for sell
ing liquor, has been sentenced to eighteen
months In the federal prison at Leaven
worth, convicted of ustng the mails to de
fraud, lilack is the man who waa captured
in Denver, and brought back to Iowa to
answer the charges.
Logan Memorial Orator.
LOGAN. Ia.. May 28. (Special.) Rev. W.
R. Crewdson of the Christian church at
Logan, will deliver the oration on Memorial
day at the opera house In Logan In the
afternoon following the services at the
cemetery, where the graves of departed
soldiers will be decorated by the Women's
Relief Corps organization and children of
the publis schools. '
7:15 a. m.
4:20 p. m.
6:30 p. m.
I'aldentlflrd Boy Drowns.
TAMA. Ia.. May 28. (Special.) An uniden
tified boy IS or 19 years of age. waa drowned
In the Iowa river near here today while
bathing. Ilia companion, who was with
him while both were bathing, says he does
not know the boy's name. The body was
Logan Teaseraic. Society.
LOGAN. I a-. May 28 Special.) A Wom
an's Christian Temperance union was or
ganised here this week by Mrs. Oldham
of Council Bluffs. Mrs. A. O. Broyls was
elected president; vice president, Mrs. H.
U Allen; secretary, Mrs. Ida M. Hill;
treasurer, Mrs. Susie M otter.
Few Births In It.rn Lake.
STORM LAKE. Ia. Msy .-Special )
Storm Lake with a population of approxi
mately t.SOu. bad but nine births for the
last year. This Is the lowest birth record
ever rcoided in the city.
Persistent Advertising Is the Road to
B'g Raturna
motes Intimate commercial relations be
tween nations and being the fact In their
minds of the interdependence of nations,
makes for the world's peace.
"The more extensive the business rela
tions of nations, with one another, and
the larger the Investment of foreign cap
ital, the greater Is the guarantee of peace
between nations.
Adda to the Dignity.
"Better provisions should be made for
our diplomatic and consular representa
tives abroad In the mutter of better resi
dences as Is done by other nstlons. This
not only adds to the dignity, but Im
presses the foreigners with the dignity of
our nation. As one of the foremost na
tions of the world, there Is no reason why
the United States should not uphold Its
position among nations. It waa our late
ambassador to .the court of St. Janie.
who. on a very foggy London night, when
asked by a policeman If he was looking
for his home, replied, 'No, I am only an
American ambassador; we don't have
homes,' "
Speaking of the relative chances of suc
cess In the east and the west, Mr. Ham
mond said:
"I believe if a man gets on top In the
east his sucress is usually greater than
ny buiwh ne coum acnii-ve in the west, i
but for the man of average ability, I i
think: the weBt .offers far better oppor
tunities for the enjoyment of life. Ah!
that Is the country:" he added enthusl- '
astlcally. "I think western experience,
even for a man who Intends to make his
career in the east. Is of the greatest value XX
. v,ounuin wiu ufriuuing nis cnararter 1
The cities, as we all know, are biM-omlnn' ililllllllB ' " '""TT
irrnoiy congestca In population popula
tion in the class of population that is
not especially qualified by education or
training for a career in the city. Such
young men of this class should by all
means cast their lot In our western coun
try, where the land is still cheap and where
there are many opportunities today, partly
through the Intensive system of farming,
to profitably utilize brains In agriculture.''
Doable More Rich strikes.
"Is It likely that the present generation
will again witness such Important mining
disroverit-s as those which took plare In
California In earlier days, in Virginia City.
New, Leadville aud Cripple Creek, Colo.,
Dawson. 4'anada and elsewhere?"
Mr. Hammond shook his head doubtfully.
"1 think that is highly improbable," he
"As far as geological possibilities In
parts of tbe workl are concerned. I don't
look for such a repetition, although un
doubtedly there will be great develop
ments in Siberia. South America and
Afrha in the near future, but I doubt if
any ill be comparable to those of the twenty or thirty years; nothing, prob
ably, to compare with the great diamond
and sold discoveries of South Africa, so
far ss Indications go. although some un-
pro&pccteo sections of the world
Have Your Ticket Read Burlngton
Three Great Trains
for Chicago
! Daylight, Sun Parlor, Lounge Car Train, arrives
Chicago 8:45 P. M., connecting with night trains
for the Middle East, Atlantic Seaboard and New
Englnnd. Famous No. Six.
Mid-Afternoon Train, arrives Chicago at 7 A. M.,
connecting with the 8 o'clock and other earlv
morning trains from Chicago to New York and
New England. Steel frame chair .ears, standard
sleepers and dining cars. Electric lighted trains,
Chicago Limited; sleeper and dining car service
available at 6 P. M., arrives Chicago 8:07 A. M.,
dining ear serves breakfast en route to Chicago;
convenient connections are made with the nine and
ten o'clock morning trains from Chicago, East and
Southeast. Electric lighted train of chair cars.
di ners, sleepers and library observation cars.
Reduced excursion rates to the east com
mencing June 1st. Let me help you secure your
accomodations during the heavy movement of
vacation travel over eastern lines.
J. K. KEVXOI.DS; C. P. A., 1502 Farnan. St.
' It'H Phone, IMS; InO. A-.'J:lL,:i.
Improved Service
. wsjsni.m liTsmslsnfcsMMBI
A Few Applications of a Simple
Remedy Bring Back the
Natural Color.
How often one hears tbe expression,
"She is rrav sni berinniDg to look oM."
It is true that fraj hair ukusIIj denote
age and is always associated with are.
You nerer hear one referred to as baring
gray hair and looking younr.
The hair is generally the index of age.
If ronr hair is gray, yon can't blame
your friends for referring to yon as look
ing old. You can't retain a youthful ap
ptaraace if yon allow your hair to grow
gray. Many persons of middle age Jeop
ardise their futnre simply by allowing
- - ' I ' J JJ .I1U
tbe gray hair to beci.m m lrt
yonr hair has become faded or gray, try
yn atfe and Miipbur Hair Kemedy,
a preparation which a chemist by the
name of Wyelh devised a few years ago.
It U simple, inexpemlre and practical,
tnd will banish the giay hairs in few
lays. It i also guaranteed to remove
dundruff and promote tliv growth of the
It Is a pleasant dresninc lor the hair,
nd after using it a few dajs itching and
dryness of the cslp ertirely dissppesr.
This preparation r offered to the
public at fifty cents a bottle, and Is
recommended and sold by all druggiots.
Sherman & McCont'ell Drug Co..
and Owl Drug Co.
Oklahoma and Texas
Leave Omaha 5:oq pm ;
Arrive Witchita 6:50 AM ;
Arrive Enid 10:55 AM
Arrive Kingfisher 12;03 PM
Arrive El Reno 12:50 pm
Arrive Oklahoma City 2:10 PM
Arrive Fort Worth 8:30 PM
Through Electric Lighted Drawing Room Sleeper
first class coach between Omahn
a-v i Wlfc fV Ui tali, t
Cafe diner between Omaha and Fairbury.
Low round trip fares in effect 1st and 3d Tuesday of each
For further information, inquire,
J. S. McNALLY, D. P. A.,
1322 Farnam Street.
Fifth Avenue) and Fifty-ninth Street
The coolest Hotel in New York, overlooking Central '
Park. Convenient to theatres and shopping district. -
Single Rooms, with bath . . $4, $5 and S6 per day
Double Kooma, 2 beds, with bath, 6, $7 and $a per day
Outdoor Tarraca, dtrWe with Ration String Orchestra
Spcie I flat mm during Ihm Sumtmo .Reason
Tbe Plass-Copley, Boston, now under construction, npret Msy
1st, 1912, under same mansgsmcnt as The Plszs, New Yjk.
Maeagtng Director
ee want ads iSrgr results