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Kntrel at Omaha postofflia as second
class matter.
Sunday Koe, una year '!
Saturday Hr. rne year 1 W
I 'ally Hp (without Sunday), on year.. 4 "0
laily lira and Sunday, on year COM
Evening H-a (without Sunday), par mo..l
Kxeiiln iiee twlth Hundayi, per month. .6c
fully Hi a (inc lulling Hunrtay), per month kj
l;aiiy iiee (without Sunday), par month. .ou
Addrexa all t omplalnts oC Irregularities In
delivery to City Circulation Liapartment.
Omaha Tha Dee ilulHllns
South Omaha. N. Twenty-fourth1 8t.
Council HlulfM-16 bcott HI.
Lincoln 10 Little Building.
Chicago IMa Marquette Building.
Kunaua Cltv helian e Hulliilng.
New lork-24 Weat Thirty-third 8t.
W aahlngton-7'.iS Fourteenth Bt., N. W.
Cutnmunlcatlona relating to news and ed
itorial matter ahould be addressed Omaha
lice, Kdilorlal Department
Keinlt by dratt, expreaa or postal order,
ayabl to 1 he Bee fubllshlng Company,
only 2-cent stamps received In payment of
nail accounts, personal checks except on
Omaha and eastern exchange not accepted.
Silencing the Jingoes. ,n vt uncertainty In .thieving It. they
....,, . . . Ihave, It It understood, listened. to d if -
Truly, the Jingoes who preach wftr
with Japan have fallen upon hard i fer'nt 'ounsrl.
.. . , , . - , nder the seniority rule La toilette,
times Events of the last few weeks .....
cummins, tiapp, Bourne, uristow ana
hi va rnmhltiArt I r HI ar rH It ihAm 011-
.ii.. Tk. . ., ,. , lothers of their group will come in for
in vi i iiq urn II rill J w m bi
Washington wis a severe blow to
them, but not final. Kven though it
went through with the avowed 'en- I
dorsement of the Taclflc coast states
doDlrable committee places. It
Iniean a stronger hold for them on leg- j
filiation than would be' possible were )
the old rule, that formerly denied
sloner to supervise and control the .
road work done by the different coun- j
ties no is to make It fit together. Ne- I
bracks wlil be left far behind In the
good roads movement If the present
legislature fails to do Its duty in this
may j respect.
The Bee's Letter Box
Contributions ea Timely -ejects
STot KaoeeeHaa! Two Hundred Words
Are lamed from Our Bleeders.
Sixty Year
State of .Nebraska, County of Douglas, as:
Liwlght Williams, circulation mansger of
The Bee Publishing Coinpsny. being duly
sworn, nays thst the average dally circu
lation, lens spoiled, unusod and returned
toples. lor the month of February mil, was
4 1, 6-1. UWiOHT W1LLIAM9,
Circulation Manager.
Subscribed In my presence and sworn to
before me this 1st day of March, 1811.
Notary Public.
Sabeertbers leaTinst tha elty tem
porarily should have The Bee
nailed te beu. Address will be
changes' aa tflta ea requested.
That wag a tough Jolt Jack Frost
gave the ice map, anyway.
Not even Its name could keep the
battleship Texas out of the discard.
It Is a smart man who can tell
where radicalism begins ind conserva
tism ends.
It did not silence the agitators. They
ame back with that scare story of an
Iterlor alliance between Mexico and
apan as the real reason for the pres
ident sending troops to the Texas
The president considered this ca
ard serious enough to demand his
personal attention, so he sent for the
apanese minister and to him declared
that it was without foundation in fact
and expressed the wish that this
word be transmitted to the emperor of
apan. The emperor's reply Is an ex
pression of Implicit faith In the friend
ship of our government and a reaffirm-
ng of good will toward us. Neither
government has suspected the other
of sinister motives or movements, the
most complete friendship exists be-
ween the two nations and under the
provisions of the new treaty they
ought to come Into even closer rela-
All this series of events ought to
suffice to allay the most sensitive feel-
ngs and convince our people that this
persistent agitation of trouble between
the United States and Japan is the
irrational utterance of Irresponsible
persons. Even on the Pacific toaU
the majority sentiment Is against It.
Seattle refused to take seriously the
last big anti-Japanese demonstration
and the California legislature has de
feated the alien land law bill, designed
to dlscrlmnate against the orientals
n the right of owning realty. All these
things must have their influence and
do. They ought to put an end to this
pernicious jingoism : for the best In
terests of the two countries cannot but
suffer indirectly by Its continuation.
Abe Reuf says a sebra is' prettier
than a horse. What suggested stripes
to the man?
ir me democrats want to make a
real hit they will make the extra ses
sion extra short.
Stage Manager Bryan had better
hurry or be will not get all the parts
assigned by April 4.
"Twenty-two plow companies
merge." News Item. That is what
we may call a "gang" plow.
As a compromise candidate for sen
ator In New York why has no one pro
posed the Honorable Dick CrokerT
Those bloodhounds evidently do
better in the south, where they are
not so particular about catching the
right negro.
What are the advantages of com
mission form of city government as
against our precious ($8,250,000)
Water board?
Those young Americans who have
been taken prisoners of war in Mexico
probably would not do it again If they
had the chance.
The Washington Post says "Honors'
ble Blue-eyed 'Billy' Sheehan would
make a dandy glue ad." Yes, or
sticking plaster.
holce places to these aspiring young
senators, effaced.
Mr. Bryan Is out with a plea to
progressive democrats" in the senate
to unite with progressive republicans
to secure committees "not merely to
pay personal compliments, but to
carry out the peoples will." Per
haps, however, even that can be done
to the satisfaction of the progressive
republicans without disturbing this
heretofore offensive rule.
A Credit Mark for the Governor
The taxpayers of Douglas county
owe Governor Aldrich a credit mark
for Interposing his veto to stop the
salary grab that Was to give four dep
uty county attorneys not less than
$2,000 apiece for devoting a portion
of their time to public service.
The Bee expressed its opinion vig
orously of this bill at the time it was
log-rolled through the legislature
urging the same reasons against It
that are embodied In the governor's
veto message. With the possible ex
ception of the chief deputy none of the
deputy county attorneys have any
good reason to complain of being
either underpaid or overworked, and
this bill would never have gotten
started except for' the fact that one of
the deputies Is the lsw partner of one
of our state senators.
President Woodbury for the water
company insists that they are eager
and anxious to complete tne sale of
the water plant to the city, but that
they are not willing to turn over their
property In exchange for another law
suit. In other words, the water com
pany seems to have stolen the Water
board's slogan "Not next year, or next
month, but now,'
A Democratio Dilemma.
A plague of place hunters has al
ready appeared on the horizon of
democratic hopes at Washington, fore
boding more trouble than the wheel
horses of the party like to think
about. The hungry horde of office-
seekers has already pitched Its tent
n Washington, ready to march against
he keepers of the pie counter as soon
as congress convenes next week in ex-
ra Besslon.
Fairly reliable observers count at
least three men for every job and as
the positions number 500, that means
1,600 applicants. How are the other
1,000 to be appeased? Ah, that is the
question that Just now haunts so many
of these majority members of the
house, under whose reorganization the
distribution is to be made.
Wise and seasoned politicians have
not deceived themselves as to the dan
ger that lurks In the wake of a dis
appointed office-seeker. Champ Clark,
as speaker, may change front on every
vital issue that comes before the house
and alienate half his democratic
brethren In the house, but Champ
Clark would rather" a dozen times do
that than to offend these long-suffer
ing hangers-on for a government job.
Distribution of chairmanships snd
committeeships and the reorganiza
tion of the house all are minor mat
ters as compared with this task of
parceling out 600 plums to 1,600
mouths. The democrat who can suc
cessfully solve that problem Is the
democrat the party needs Just now as
its Moses to lead it out of the wilder
Among other things that conduces
to the Increase of crime is the leniency
of some of our judges who have gotten
the habit of turning convicted offend
ers loose with suspended sentences to
go out and repeat their performances.
How times change. Here Is our
amiable democratic contemporary
burying an important announcement
from Mr. Bryan in an obscure place
on the third page, while giving Roose
velt front page space.
An F.sreptlon rioted.
Washington Post.
Mr. Bryan aays that the newspapers
shouldn't print stories of crimes, but how
much advertising would he ever hare re
ceved If they hadn't played up that-one
of '78?
"It should be understood that the
party Is more to be considered than
the Individual." Richard Croker.
Still, Boss Murphy stands pat.
No wonder Senor Reyes appeals to
President Diss as a good man for. war
secretary. The senor once undertook
a little revoluting on his own hook.
Come to think of It, why should the
president pardon the bankers sent to
the federal prisons any more than be
''should pardon smugglers or moonshiners?
It seems rather unreasonable that
the Judge who fined the Standard OH
$29,000 should get a Black Hand let
ter. What do these Black-Handers
want, anyway?
Those American youths on the
Texas border who are pining for a few
hot times should contain themselves
till along about July or August, when
things should warm up enough to suit
The Law and Fatal Fires.
New York authorities are making a
determined effort to fix the blame for
the terrible fire which cost 160 lives
Grand jury investigations have been
conducted with that end in view. As
near as has been established this
holocaust was due to some form of
criminal negligence. If so It ought to
be possible to fix the blame, and that
done, the penalty of the law should
follow automatically.
In such matters we are accutorcel
to be all too lenient in this country
We have gone Into paroxysms of grief
when hundreds of lives were snufied
out by fire, or mine damp, but not yet
baa a wholesome example been made.
It has not been due to the Impossibil
ity of ascertaining that someone was
to blame, nor, In fact, always of find
ing who that someone was. It has
been due more often to a maudlin mis
conception, which allows overwrought
sympathy toxoutwelgh justice.
When the law plainly specifies that
doors to such places as that destroyed
In New York and to great theaters,
such as the one, In whose destruction
600 Uvea were lost in Chicago, shall
swing outward and because of neglect
they fall to swing that way, as a re
sult of which human lives are sacri
ficed, the law should be allowed to
operate Irrespective of persons. Good
fellowship, political pull or personal
standing Is not a safe Influence to
yield indulgences and dispensations to
the culprits. Possibly If the penalty
were more often applied those re
sponsible would be more cautious and
fewer such disasters would ensue.
A Murder and Its Lesson.
The unprovoked murder by high'
waymen of a prominent and respected
business man like Herman B. Conn
has shocked the whole community pro
foundly. When a man who has shown
himself, as Mr. Cohn has, to be enter
prising and progressive; who has at
tended strictly to bis own business
and has thus earned and held the es
teem of all who knew him, is shot
down without warning It naturally
suggests the question, Who may be
the next victim of such a Crime?
Under the circumstances people are
bound to speculate on what has not
been done to give us better police pro
tection, and where the fault lies.
Omaha unquestionably has a smaller
police department than It ought to
have. In fact, we have been spend
ing half again as much money on our
fire department as on our police da
partment. Another . serious blunder
was made by the last democratic leg
islature, which increased the pay of
policemen all around without Increas
ing the police fund, and thus made It
necessary actually to reduce the num
ber of policemen available for active
duty Just at the time when the de
mand for police protection was stead
ily increasing. We are convinced that
Omaha has enjoyed remarkably effi
cient police service from the small
force maintained, but that offers no
excuse for not. having a metropolitan
police department' adequate to the
needs of a city of 125,000 people scat
tered over twenty-five square-wiles.
Our old friend, "Bill" Dech, rises to
remark that he Is duly thankful to dis
cover that he has a defender. "Bill"
does not seem to realize that the fel
low he Is thanking was really defend
ing himself.
The Hartford Times has nominated
the democratic ticket a little ahead of
time, but we have no doubt It will be
acceptable in Nebraska at least to
one Nebraskan. Its ticket Is Bryan
and Foss.
It is to be noted that in pleading
with Llncolnltes to continue to keep
their town dry Mr. Bryan, who lives
at Fairvlew, went out of his wsy to
make Invidious comparisons with
Omaha as a brewery-ridden city. 6U11,
Omaha will try to survive this assault
as well as It can.
This newspaper la the years that have
passed has not hesitated to tike Its stand
In favor of tha broadest tolerance, whether
In medicine, religion, politic or what not.
Oh, come now. People hereabouts
have not forgotten how the World
Herald bolted Its own party nominees
to espouse the cause of the intolerant
A. P. A. bigots, who set out to draw
a religious line disqualifying for pub
lic office.
Seniority Rule in the Senate,
it reports from political seers at
Washington may be relied upon, Mr.
Bryan probably is appealing In vain
for a coalition of democratic and re
publican progressive senators to set
aside the seniority rule in the reorgan
isation of that body. According to
expert opinion the republican progres
sives, who will hold ""the balance of
power In the senate, have decided not
to disturb this rule against which they
Inveighed when they were a powerless
This would seem to be a most natu
ral position for them to take, for In
the coming congress many of them
wll have ranking claims of which they
would deprive inemseives u tne sen
lorlty rule were abolished. For the
sake of consistency they may be
strongly tempted to help overturn the
rule, but ss practical politicians their
better judgment will restrain such ac
tion. It makes all the difference in
the world "whose ox Is gored." The
Insurgent republicans have thought
that by Ignoring the rule of seniority
they could defeat Senator Penrose In
his succession of Senator Aldrich 'as
head of the finance committee, but
when they have figured up what such
a victory would cost them, to say noth
tin nltk the Game.
Wall Street Journal.
If every government official who played
the stock market were fired, It would be
necessary to use the capltol for a poor
house and the congressional library for
soup kitchen.
Aervea the Whole Rare.
Springfield Republican.
In wrltind to Dr. Booker T. Washington
that Impressive note of personal esteem
and confidence, President Taft has per
formed an Invaluable service to the whole
negro race In America.
Reform lie fore Promotion.
Chicago Tribune.
Buffalo Bill might have a better chance
of going to the United States senate If he
would agree to modify the wild western
character of his goatee. It wouldn't har
monize with a senatorial toga.
National Economy
New York Tribune.
President Taft's economy commission
thinks that $200,000 can be saved annually
in the preparation of the government's
hydrographlc charts and Weather bureau
maps. There Is at present no co-ordination
of the work done by two bureaus of two
departments, and the natural consequences
are friction and waste. The economy com
mission will have Its hands full rooting out
duplication and unnecessarily divided 're
sponsibility In the work of the federal ser
Ahead of the Game.
The democratic bosses guiding the
reins on the legislative majority at
Lincoln are trying to put through a
congressional redisricting measure
planned specially for the purpose of
helping the democrats bold the dis
tricts they have and capture one or
two now represented at Washington
by republicans.
Why should the boundaries of Ne
braska's congressional districts be re
drawn at this time? Congress has as
yet made no reapportionment on the
new census. Reapportionment, when
It comes, may reduce Nebraska's
quota of six to five, In which event
the work of redisricting would have
to be done all over again by the next
The real reason why the democratic
bosses want the Job done right away
is that they are in control at present
and decidedly uncertain whether they
will be in control two years hence.
They would redistrlct now In order to
edge up on the congressional election
next year, and chance having one
branch of the legislature, or the gov
ernor, to block any changes not to
tbelr liking later.
Our advice to republicans In the leg
islature is not to let the democrats get
ahead of the game. Let us keep con
gressional districts ' In Nebraska Just
as they are until congress makes the
new apportionment, when redisricting
can be done Intelligently and once for
all until the next succeeding census.
Featherlrsa Chanteeler and His Proa-
peetlre Crowing? Mate.
Hartford (Conn.) Times (dem.).
In 1KM It was Bryan and Sewall, in 1900
It waa Bryan and Davis, In 1908 It was
Bryen and Kern. Few people carry la
their memories the names of all the run.
nlng mates of the Nebraska man in his
various presidential campaigns. As prep
arations are now making for the selection
of a fourth vice presidential candidate on
a Bryan ticket it becomes worth while to
"call of the roll."
Mr. Bryan has been in Boston lately, ha
delivered his lecture, has met his friends
and admirers In that section and is re
ported to be in a well-pleased state of mind
as a result of this visit.
Mr. Bryans' special happiness is that e
has discovered through his friend, O. F
Williams, an available man for the second
place on the ticket in 1912 Eugene Noble
Foss Is his name "Bryan and Foss" is to
be the ticket. Mr. Foss has been In the
democratio party just long enough (a little
over a year), and Is loaded to Just exactly
the right degree with democratic "prin
ciples" to make him an Ideal associate of
the Nebraska leader.
It la true that the thrice defeated can
didate makes the announcement every
where he goes that he Is not a presidential
candidate. That Is merely a part of the
game merely the harmless, permissible
dlssulatlon of the man who loves Ms
country and his people too well to go back
on them when they come again to demand
the auadrennlal sacrifice. Once he did
keep hla promise not to be a candidate.
That was In. 1MM and how melancholy the
result! He means to save us such another
catastrophe by letting the burden Of de
feat fall once more on his own broad
Should anything happen to disarrange
thlscroirram Mr. Bryan stands ready to
name the man who shall be nominated in
his place. He may consent, If neoessary
to the nomination of Woodrow Wilson, at
though not to that of Judson Harmon His
real preference, however, Is to take the
nomination himself, and in that event ne
regards the Massachusetts governor aa th
most available man to nominate for vice
president. The perpetual candidate regards
plutocrats with deep distrust at all times,
except when they are associated with him
In a presidential campaign. At such times
he can endure any amount of Ingmacy
with them. Whether he will be In the same
mood toward Mr. Foss Ifthe hitter run
.... ..-,.M tl.l. v..r or.,1 I.I
beaten at the polls Is a matter not neces
sary to be considered at present.
I.iiud Rends I. arts.
KKKMONT. Neb.. Msrch 3d -To the Kdl
tor of The Ilee: This I a cry for help
from the Nebraska (lood Roads associa
tion In Its fight for the passage of the
joint committee road bills now before the
legislature. I ant assuming that you are
In accord with the spirit of these measures '
The house has Indefinitely postponed two
of the three Important measures of the
joint Committee and has passed for third
reading the county highway commissioner j
bill with many amendments greatly weak
ening It. The senate has passed to third
reading three of the measures, vlt: the
state highway commission bill, state aid
for county bill, the county highway com
missioner bill, and. It la hoped, that by
the time these bills come up again In the
house for consideration that enough light
can be thrown upon the subject to enable
the house to pass the three measures as
they stand.
1 do not hesitate to make this request
for help because I know that your paper
Is vitally Interested In the general pros
perity of this state, and we believe there
are no measures before the legislature
now that will mean so much to the people
s wilt these good road measures should
they be enacted into laws. The very Idea
of Nebraska expending every year approxi
mately $3,000,000 on her highways with two-and-a-half-dollar
men as supervisors of
the expenditures Is ridiculous In the ex
treme, and that Is exactly the condition
under which our highways are constructed
and' maintained.
I also wish to call your attention to II. K.
673 which ought to be defeated.
Chairman Legislative Committee Nebraska
Qoods Roads Association.
Wants Physical lhone t'nnneotion.
OMAHA, March 27. To the Editor of The
Bee: 1 have carefully rend the masterly
argument in favor of a legalised telephone
monopoly aa presented by the president of
the Nebraska Independent Telephone sys
tem. In forceful, dignified language he as
serts the necessity of a telephone monopoly
First The present laws do not prevent
the absorption of the smaller companies.
Second If merger is not legalised, com
petition will be abolished by Illegal means.
Third There Is no way at present of
preserving the Integrity of toll connections.
Fourth It will abolish the dual telephone
Let us examine these arguments In order.
The present Junkin anti-trust law in the
plainest conceivable language prohibits the
creation of monopolies. I have never heard
doubt as to the Inclusion of telephone
monopoly In ylts prohibitions until within
thu last sixty days. If there is any doubt,
amend the present bills to prohibit, not
permit such monopoly.
In the second place we are threatened
that jinless monopoly Is permitted, In
pursuance of law It will come In spite of
law. The Bell trust has been trying Just
thst thing for the last fifteen years In this
state. Today It has Its back to the wall
fighting for Ita life in Nebraska.
The third and fourth arguments should
be considered together, and the answer is
piam ana simple compulsory physical con
nection under commission supervision.
The Bee has been urging from time
to time more systematic work for the
Improvement of our public roads, and
the enactment of leglclatlon necessary
to this purpose. The Bee was among
the first to advocate the ereation for
Nebraska of a slate highway com mis-
8 1(10
A Cream of Tartar Poivdor
Uado from Grapi
Lord de Broke Angela, my nuen
l leave my fortunes in your hands;
Anjjelo You flatterer! Are thev really
so small?
"I want
"This way, sir.
Dcesn't matter
ton in the back.
pair of button shoes for my
What kind do you wish.
-Just so they don't but-
I snd the hair snd costume of the present
"I hear she married beneatH her."
"Yes, her husband plays a wretched
game of bridge." Washington Herald.
I Stella Whst causes her Innomnla?
Holla Phe takes so many beauty exer
cises before retiring that It Is morning
when she finishes Harper s liasar.
About the only way an Indian can make
an honest llvin' nowadays Is by playln' foot
ball or poxln' in front of a cigar store with
a bunch of wooden cheroots In tils hand.
"What do you consider the rarest thing
In the world?"
"An ovster containing a pearl that hasn't
been damaged "
Every dog has his day and every
rooster his daybreak.
A cluar Is like a woman's dres: yo'i
can never Judge the filling by the wrapper.
And who," asked the Sunday-school
teacher, "who was it that cried, 'Oh, klni;.
live forever.'"
All the life Insurance aeenta. sug
gested the small boy whose father was an
Aesop was writing his fables.
"I hope," he said, "this will not consti
tute me a member of the Ananias club.
So. althoUKh lie made them short, they
were not ugly. Chicago Tribune.
Investor (angrily See here! You told
me I' d surely clear between five and six
hundred dollars on that deal.
Broker Well?
Investor Well, I've cleared Just $8.76 on
Broker Then you ve got no kick. That s
between 15 and tm, isn't It? Catholic
Standard and Times.
'Tell me," said the society woman who
had consented to meet the well-known
actress, "how you manage about your
uo you mean now i manage to supply
the demand for them?"
No. How no you manage to have them
show tha face you had twenty years ago
"I see." said Platers, "that our old friend
Bllklns had a strong article In one of tho
HoHtun papers the other day."
"ltrnllv?" said Ulnks, incredulously. "I'd!
never have believed that of old Bilk. What,
was It?"
"A recipe tor pickled onions." said Slat
ers Harper s Weekly.
me to
luch J
Chicago News.
Gee, this is tough! the promised
Out to a picture show tonight, and, oh
I dunno where I'm goin' to raise the
For love has put my bsnk book on the
Mv purse Is now as empty as a drum.
Nary a single red have I to show; t
But 1' must have a seed or two. and so)
it's up to me to look arouhd for some.
1 haven't Sot a pal that I can touch.
r O, I1IU1C IWU l m luwnf,
And I will need a dosen times as much
Kay, cully, ain't It hades to be broke?
Well, as I must dig up the change so.
There's nothln' left but knockln' d
some fares.
Last night I dreamed the darndest bun' ,
of rot;
Love aa a trolley car I seemed to see
Hittln' it up the pike for fslr, and gee.
The crowd on board was such a mush
Cooln' awav like ringdoves In a cot!
Ami dinkv little (.'lipid seemed to be
The motorman. Meanwhile, his majesty;
Old Harry was collectln' fsres. I thought.
And I was slttln' holdln' Mamie's hand,
Bwappln' a heap of lovey-dovey guff.
Fllln' the soft soap on to beat the band)
And handln' out a raft of hothouse)
suddenly we hit an open switch
And landed, badly battered, in the ditch I
Crime Breeding; Tool Halls.
OMAHA, March i8 To the Editor of The
Bee: 1 believe the Cohn murder was commit
ted, not by a seasoned footpad or highway
man, but by a novice. I believe many similar
crimes In this city of recent years have
been committed by youths, whose expert
ence in crime has been brief Aa we have
found out In many Instances, sdrne of these
youths are actuated by no criminal instinct
other than to get hold of a little money
Many of them are boys in the hab.t of
playing pool and want this money for that
purpose. They go out to get It by lawless
methods, not intending to commit mur
der, but are unable to control either I
hair-trigger pistol or a weak human Im
pulse. Of course, it makes no difference
so far as the blackness of the crime 'is
concerned. These boys who infest pool
rooms have no great amount of money or
resources, so when the gambling spirit
has complete hold on them, they cut loose
and the first thing they know they have
perhaps stained their hands with the blood
of an Innocent victim. It la an appalling
situation when such men as Mr. Cohn are
shot down in cold blood. What la the rem
edy? If the fault, or any part of It, Ilea
In these pool rooms, which are multiplying
with amazing rapidity, Isn't the remedy
in restriction of these abominable places? I
believe they are the most vicious influence
in the city, because they entice and en-
srare the young. Wa should do some
thing to curb them and that at once.
Mr. (haifk'i applanation.
OMAHA, March 28. -To the Editor of
The Bee: I feel that the account In The
Bee of the meeting gotten' up by the Klver
vlew Impiovement club haa misrepresented
my position aa to the protest made against
changing the name of the Forest school.
James l'ros brought the petitions, which
had been prepared by Mr, Tlmmerman, to
my place and asked permission to have
them left there for signers. He told me
there waa to be a meeting Saturday night,
when 1 carried the petitions over to them
across the street, but had nothing to say
and took no other part la the meeting. I
am a Bohemian myseir, and could have
no objection whatever to the naming of
the school after Edward Rose water, and
do not want to be charged with being the
cause of any protest. JOHN CHADiCK..
these little reservoirs
y ry vy
n A r3
are lhe feature Minnie
People Talked About
In ona of his merry moods Bill Nye piped
Off the situation thusly:
"Spring, spring, you giddy young thing."
The twelve passengers carried by that
French aeroplane weighed 1,315 pounds, or
an average ok iduui ih ivuuus, uiua
showing that they were small and select
Mrs. W. C. Brown, wife of the presi
dent of the New York Central, says she
Is prepared to do the milking on her hus
band's 700-acre Iowa farm, "and It would
not be the first time, either," she adds.
Mrs. Emma M. Nakulna Is a water rights
commissioner under the territorial govern
ment in Hawaii. Mrs. Nakulna Is an Amer
ican woman, granddaughter of Captain
Metcalf of the Eleanor. Uhe lives In Kallhl.
A, six months' residence and absence from
the state when desired during that term,
brings the Reno divorce mill down to such
simple requirements that not a murmur of
dissatisfaction is heard from old or pros
pective customers.
8eats are selling as low as from SIC to
yt each on one of tha grandstands that
will overlook the coronation parade. Amer
icans who care nothing for royalty and
consider It all nonaenae, will not find the
cost of living too high to prevent them
from contributing to the English enter-prlaa
A Traajlo Kplaode.
Philadelphia Hecord.
Captain "Jack" Philip Is dead, and now
the Texas, with which he distinguished
himself at Santiago, has been sacrificed to
gunnery practice by newer and very much
more powerful battleships. But the world
will never forget that In the hour of vic
tory Fhtltp checked the triumphant shouts
of hla men, calling out: "Don't cheer boys;
the poor devils are dying!"
An Airr i'pllft.
Baltimore American.
A western railroad Is going to put soda
fountains on its summer trains. This will,
without doubt, add to Its' flst-lcal valuation.
The snappy, rich flavor
of gingerbread depends
upon the ginger. Use
aas sat Sm hast rirrbmi aaa eoofc
IMIM latin mrtla. Dea l bar laMpta
rlaaar. Oat Taaaa'. It'llraahaae
aaraeslaaaaUSsaranaa Onfa, MM.
TONS SSOS.. Meieaa. la.
ri n
The Only SCIENTIFIC Pen Made
The Spoon Feed gives a uniform flow ol ink from toe bat.
rel to the point pf tha pen. It prevents the flood or blot of
ink caused by the beat of the band expanding the air in the
barrel. The ink displaced br expaneion settles into the Feed
Pockets and is resorted beck to the reservoir. Overflow is
impossible i still, there will always be tbe correct supply of ink
to feed tka point just m fast or as alow your writing
requires. The- perfection of this exclusive patent makes
"Waterman's Ideal tbe universally uaed writing implement
of the preeent day. There arc other flat feeds but not Spoon
L. . Waterman Co., ' 173 Broadway,
.N.Y. J 1
$19 Only Round Trip Fare
From Iowa and Nebraska Points to
Costilla Irrigated Lands
(Largest Private Irrigation Project in the United States)
In the Famous SAN LUIS VALLEY, Colorado, on
(f 19.00 Includes Blefpera an1 Hotel A coniixlttt ins
from Iteuver to Costilla IaaihIs and Heturn,. )
It's Springtime There Now
It's mild and balmy. Plowing and seeding are In progress. Come
with us snd see for yourself.
Tbese lands, with yerpetusl wster right, ,60.00 to $65.00 per acre.
Note the easy terms one-third down; balance in 2 Va and 5 years
thus giving two years' crops before second payment. And not an
arre six miles from the railrosxi. Can you equal this anywhere?
Just let us know you are going Tuesday, April 4th. We'll make
all the arrangements. Phone or write
ViVa VIaah Xf a Try rra
Phones Bell, 4254 Douglas; Auto., 3203-A.