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To You! Visitors In Omaha!
1 Alora Exttnds Special Welcome
In only th greatest rills of America will you find store Urge
devoted to th sttpsrel needs of children, your men and minuet ami small
woman eirlustveiy. ..If you are one of our large and growing lint of mail
crl-r tuntomere w shall he glad to have you make a personal tour of in
sertion here. ltrnti or not. however, you are certain to he glad you trade
thin ttore a visit while In Omaha. BENSON THORN B CO.
The triumph of
yean of shoe mak-.
Inf Fiti the foot,;
yet brim full of
trie and eicluslve
ness. Fatent and
dull leathers; sites
2 to 7. We feature,
this model at 34
with others at 35
and 86. ' 1
Triumph I
This Is
"The Hobble"
for Young
, 94.00
Our Children's
Shoe Section
sella only the best root form
shoes, best leathers, largest
varieties and, lowest. prices.
Attorney Bead Sums Up Evidence for
' ' 1
a Aa
J W - -
Uncle Sam Will
Sell Tovvii Lots
to Best Bidder
One Hundred Thirty-Two Tracts at
Mitchell, sTD., Arejto Be Dis
posed ot inThil' Manner.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WABH1NQTON, Septt f (Special Tele
gram.) Professional and bualneaa men will
be offered; an unuaual opportunity on Oc
tober 27, when . Uncle Sam will sell to the
his" hen t bidder. 132 tow1 loU contained In
the government townalte, Newell, on the
Helle Fourche Irrigation project. South Da
kota. . ;
The townalte Is located, n a high point
and overlooks many miles of fine farm
land which will be Irrigated from the gov
ernment system. When -the system is com
pleted there will be about 60, 0W acres of
Irrigable land tributary to 'the town. There
are already about fifty temporary buildings,
Including general stores, three banks, news
paper office, hotels, etc. located oq the
edge of' the town. The owners are all
anxious, to procure lots hnd move Into
permanent quarters before cold weather.
in. branch .railroad connects Newell with
the main Hne of the Chicago A North
western, at Belle Fourche, and the new
town . the distributing point for the
wide range rthuntry adjacent to the Ir
rigable tramtrt pf f ' -,,..;,.,
The town It laid out ' with streets vary
In from sixty to 100 feet In width and the
lots now offered for sale consist of four
blocks In the business center, earn block
containing' thirty-three lots, KxlW feet.
The secretary of the interior has ap
proved the decision of-tlnV commissioner of
the land of five In the case of William J.
I'rtce against Julius Scfielle'nburg, Jr., on
appeal ot thfe latter In- rejecting his ap
plication to (content the entry of W. J.
Price for a' tract of land located In the
Lincoln land .district 1
Mis. U. M.-ilryah ot Grand Island and
Mrs. A. J. Cusnman are .visitors from Ne
braska now jdolng the capital city.
John Dorgan-and wife of Lincoln, who
hve been tujulng -the east, visited friends
in Washington this week and left tonight
for Chicago enrout home. - v
W. T. Thompson, former attorney gen
eral of, Nebraska,' appointed to succeed
Maurice IJ. O'Conhell of Penlson, la., as
solicitor tor Ike Treasury department, will
arrive lu Washington Saturday to assume
Ui duties of -his office. . Judge O'Connell
practically, relinquished his position several
weeks ago and with his wife is scheduled
to sail from Jn Frauctsco, October 4, for
Manila to pay a visit to his daughter, wife
of Captain Condon, I'. S. A., now atatloned
In the Philippines.
lioiiry (J. Hooker, postmaster at Gothen
buig. Neb., today filed u application for
authority to open a postal savings bank.
In his office.
.le.lmd very Important bearing I ot looM tmni m n.d ciay 4n1 Crvl otten
the wl.ol, wVld. The speaker called j, alkalL Tm reiiow p but
' .-Ct V-"' ''
Cvnt:naca.s"'jm Fire Vsge.) .
statu rivers and .water supply commission
of Victoria, JCustrall. In a Speech said:
' "Australia began earlier aud has done
more towards solving the problem of the
proper n.onegsmsnt ot public' Utilities and
liiu adu,uateconservatlon- of 'natural re
oourct than America, but the awakened
ueiitliiieiit in this country In'- favor of
uuit conservation la certain tf grow."
; -llewtau (peaks,
to an address dolivsred here before the
National Irrigation congress today, K. IL
Skornlakolf. engineer, ministry of agri
culture, Jtufcxlu, re 1 erred -to Aniericu as
th most, uctive pioneer Uh the revival
of tlio art of Irrigation, adding thut Its
alien Hon to the fact that 14,000,000 acres
of laud in ltusala are being Irrigated. He
k.ald In 1 ;ut:
'This Is the second time have the honor
.to attend an American Irrigation congress.
A'hen we met last year at Spokano. I had
been in this cocntiy only a short time. io.
i deemed It then the better p-.irt of wisdom
lo hold n:y pea: uud listen. Today, how
ver. 'after seeing every thing that can pos
sibly be seen In the twenty months that I
have been In America. 1 take the liberty to
Wak; hoping that you will pardon my au-JucllV-in
addrstng you in English.
"The InnUtuttow ot irrlttatluii Is older
than .all ai ts mmJ. science. - It U poalblo
lu Imajiluesuiiif' lUghj StiM of otvlllaaliou
as lint of am'ieht- L'gypt. Assyria and In
dia -to which we are so greatly Indebted
If, from the eutiest -tltnee nau; had uot
earned how. kvv divaitlug- water from
rivets, to turn the deswrt. Into fluids and
5111 dens. " 1 k
"Now the countries With the blshcvt civ
lliautlon are tcmp'e ate and humid Uut the
ei.idlo of the buman race, the places where
man first begsn to seek after. God and
truth, are toda far behin4 uid uegloeted.
Whoib empires which onoe, by means of
Irrigation, gave to the world ita arts aud
tcleiWs have fallen, into oblivion.
Ki&juple ml Aaarlea Luod.
".Unerk-a ks not only the most active
pioneer In the revival t ht art. wlilub w
onoe the foundaUoa ef civilisation. It also
took it eut of -iae ie of slavery and In
UeUueed U W the world under the condi
tions of modern llfo. American energy
called to life a vast ref.lon of over 1 .000.000
square miles, which only a few decades
ago people regarded as a hopeless desert
The example of America has a very
Important bearing upon the whole world.
The possibility of the success of Irrigation
under present condition has been proved,
and now the time Is not so far when many
deserts of the old world will hear the mur
mur of water and the rustle of foliage.
Permit' me then to direct your thoughts In
the few minutes allotted to me, to another
country, not less vast in extent than the
Unled States and remarkably similar -ton
them in Its physical conditions to Russia..
I regret to say that In the United States
the majority of the people have a very dis
torted conception of Russia. Very few In
America realise that already 14,000,000 acres
In our country are being Irrigated, that
there are places where the Inhabitants have
never seen snow, and that we grow quanti
ties of grapes, cotton, rice, oranges and tea.
"The population of the Russian empire
amounts to about' liiO.000,000 souls, and Its
area comprises nearly t.OUO.OOO square miles."
. What RimIs HaS Done,
The speaker then dwelt at considerable
length on the natural features of Russia,
declaring that there are In that - country
four distinct regions that require irrl sa
lon, and that the total area needing water
la at the present time 1.500,000 square miles.
Thene districts, -he said, are the south of
Russia, southwestern Siberia, Turkestan
and Transcaucasia., , He. described in da
tall the conditions in these districts. ay--Ing
of the south of Russia: 1 '
'This, region came :-.Jjito. our. possession.
11, I mn than im Van.' afrnV l""(rt 1
. e coming- of the nussnui, Hs .sesiity'
population had been leading s nomadic
life. Therefore, - for- a long "time 'after
the Introduction' of farming, the virgin
aoll yielded to the Russian emigrants very
good crops, but now, tfwlng to the con
stant tillage, the crops are more and more
suffering from drouth. "
'In order to determine the possibility
of irrigation in that retHin, the govern
ment sent a special expedition, consisting
of many hydraulic engineers, under the
direction of the well-known General J 11-
liiHky. The worn of tne expedition shows
that Irrigation by gravity on a large scale
encounters In southern Russia many ob
stacles, owing to the flatness of mnrt of
the country and the Insufficient fall of
the rivers. But It also shows that Irrlga
tlon of many separate tracts can be eas
ily affected by means ot reservoirs storing
snow waters and by pumping from rivers
and wells.
"The Irrigation wors established by the
expedition cost the government from II to'
$5 per acre for flood Irrigation, and from
$10 to S3 for regular IrrlgaUon. The cost
for maintenance and operation of these
systems averages 60 cents per acre annu
ally. The profits derived from the use
ot Irrigation amount to from 16 per cent to
32 per runt 011 the invested capital.
Dry Farming: flaecvaafal.
"Although Russia has beeiv in possession
of this country for about eighty years,
it is, owing to lack of railroad facilities,
still Inhabited chiefly by nomadic natlvea,
whoso main occupation la atock raising,
together with a little agriculture carried
on by moans ot irrigation. Tle-ril4i(fln
soli of this region, yield n.-w 'sjA orepsl Bros.
1 . , . . . v T . .. : uMIi.
01 toreaiii, even unaer ary larming, wmie
under artificial watering. It Is an Ideal
soil for the cultivation ef - trail's and
sugar beets."
lie dwelt at length on Turkestan, say
ing: ."Turkestan comprises evbeug . 700,000
square miles, and Its soll'can be divided
into three regions, the mountains, low
plains and the 'loess.' As mlglrr-be ex
pected, tne mountain region Is Vfty-rooky,
and Is used chiefly for stock ralslffc. (low
ever, black soil ot considerable1 'depth
can be found on many of the pateaus,
where owing to comparatively heavy rain
fail, wheat and other cereals can be grown
by dry farming. t
The soils of the lowest' rrglftns.Bome-
timea even bolow sea level, usually consist
Army Tliraiaftl Proves Blsr
cees. Trees Belag Reviewed by
Preeldeat ef Dee Melaee
Commercial Clafc.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DBS MOINES, la., Sept. 19. (Special
Telegram.) The Carroll trial for crim
inal libel came to an abrupt termination
this evening when Attorney Read for the
state summed up the evidence and made
sn eloquent plea for Justice to John
Cownle. the accusing witness, who aa
alleged to havs been libeled by the gov
ernor. The court's Instructions were be
lleved to favor the defense.
The army tournament today was a great
success. The troops were reviewed by
B. F. Kauffman, president of the Com
merctal club, and a complete program of
amusements was carried out.
Already mors than 11.000 has been
given to the vsrlous competing org&nlia
tlons at Camp Hull out of a fund raised
by the tournament committee for distri
bution as prize money. Tbe money Is
apportion! to the competing teams from
the different regiments each day and they
are allowed to spend it at their conven
Itepablloan Coufereace la Callest.
Having given Impetus to the work of
district organisation throughout the state
by making a personal visit to several of
the eleven congressional districts, Chair
man Coil F. Franke has called a meet
ing of the members of the republican state
comlttee for Friday, September 30. The
meeting will be held in Des Moines and at
that time the political situation In Iowa
will be reviewed and reported upon by
the committeemen from the various parts
of the state.
While the meeting Is the first of the
kind that has been called since the state
convention, matters of unusual Importance
will come up for disposition. It Is cus
tomary at this period of each campaign to
bold committee meetings tor ths purpose
of getting in direct touch with the political
activity In all parts of the state.
Before another week has rolled around
Chairman Franke will have held meetings
In svery district' In the stats. Today at
Davenport Congressman Grille, the legis
lative candidates the county chairmen
and 'the Congressional v committeemen of
the Second congressional . district are
meeting with him. Tomorrow a similar
meeting for the First, Congressman Ken
nedy's district, will be hold at Burlington
The Fourth district meeting will be held
In Charles City on Monday,' October
and the following day the Firth district
meeting will be held at Cedar-Rapids. As
the meetings ot the Third, Sixth, Klghth
and Ninth districts have been held, but
three meetings of -the kind will be left
Those are for the Seventh, ' Tenth ' and
Eleventh districts, M settings for these dis
tricts in all probability will be held shortly
ter those of the Fourth and Fifth.
n examination or the county experiment
tatlon a picnic dinner was served. In
the afternoon M. L. Monler made a report
of the work of the experimental station
nd Hev. J. Williams of Malvern -and 8.
Gllllland made addresses.
Senator Cleveland, democ ratio candidate
for congress, was Introduced and made a
short talk. The Iowa state band furnished
the musical numbers, rsdflc Junction de
feated Ol en wood and Hal four defeated
West Osk In the ball games. Score, first
game, 11 to 10; second, to S.
Director Chanabe-rlala Recommends
laervoae of Aparosirlatloa to
Tweaty- TkeansaS Yearly.
PIERRE, S. I Sept . (Speclal.)-In the
annual report of A. B.-. Chamberlain of the
Farmers' Institute work in the state, he
recommends that ths appropriation for ths
work be Increased to $30,000 a year. This
to Include the money for Institute work di
rect; for school extension work; for publi
cation of bulletins; snd the other details of
Institute work. He shows In the report
that for the year ending June SO, 1909, there
were eighty-nine Tegular Institute meetings
continuing rrora one to three days, with a
total of S2 sessions, and there were lot In
stltuts meetings continuing from one to
three days with S68 sessions, and an at
tendance of 48.500. He asks that the appro
prlatlons for the women's work In the do
mestic science department be either In
creased to a point where It will be of prac
tical value, or that that part ot the work
be dropped. The report calls attention to
the assistance of county superintendents
In Introducing elementsry agricultural
courses in the schools, and asks that the
money be provided to assist In this part of
the work.
Ing liquor among the members. The lodge
was Indicted early last summer. The
Ragles' lodge was Indicted for the same of
fense at the same time. It aleo pleaded
guilty a short time ago and pal J a fine
ot $100.
(Continued from First Page.)
he who was responsible for this only a few
years ago unostentatiously removed ieci
eral office-holders for daring to participate
In a political fight"
Referring to Colonel Roosevelt's speech
pleading for direct nomination. Judge Par
ker continued:
"And yet the temporary chairman who
made that speech listened without protest
to a resolution taking awsy from the dele
gates a right which they had exercised for
fifty years, namely, the power to name
their own representstives In the commit
tees. "And this resolution passed in the face
of cries of 'gang rule.' "
Judge Parker characterized Colonel
Roosevelt as an "usurper" of the polit
ical control of the state and called upon
delegates to deprive him 'of this power at
the oomlng election.
Dr. W. f . Oraftoa Re-elected Saner
Intendent and CoantyOntlon
Flffht Oatllaed7
MITCHELL, 8. D Sept. 29 (Special)
The annual meeting of the South Dakota
Anti-Saloon league woe held In this city
Dr. W. M. Grafton, who has tilled the
position of superintendent of the associa
tion for ths last four years, was re-elected
to the place again this year. The superin
tendent in making his annual report stated
that the year closing, had" been the best
i 1 ti .. - . . : , - - fm
iiiM.uuia.iir mr me, league or any year tne
league has been organised. The report
showed that over $15,000 had been collected
over the state. Reports were presented by
the men from the various parts of the
state, and they expressed a confidence that
county option Is going to win this fall.
Prominent speakers have been arranged for
to come to the state during the last few
weeks of the campaign.
SCHUYLER, Neb., Sept. 29.-(SpeciaJ.)-Glen
Beaty and Miss Emily Schults sur
prised their many friends and relatives In
this city by going to Omaha where they
were married Tuesday forenoon and im
mediately went south on a wedding trip.
Mr. Beaty is a member of the Elkhorn
Construction company of Fremont, snd !s
at present supervising the constructlop of
the Platte river bridge near this city. Miss
Schults has been filling the position of
deputy county clerk of Colfax county. Ne
braska, for the last eighteen months.
County Judge Allen Issued a marriage
license on Wednesday to Clark Pelller and
Edna Mason, both of Schuyler.
Convention of State Aaaoolatloa. Will
Be Held in Aberdeen Late la .
. October.
little gross and support a very scanty
nomadio populston.
utiwwi inese iwa regions lies at sn
elevation of rrom 1.000 to . 7,000 feet, the
third and most Important region of the so-
callid 'loess.' It Is the soil to- the fertlt-
Ity of which the countries of the orient,
and among them -urk'stan, - owe their
existence and history.
"As regards present day conditions, we
find that In five provinces of Russian
Proklbltlenlsts Get Off Ticket.
John Bernet-.of Wilton Junction, th
prohibition candidate for congress in the
Second district, gave notice to the sec
retary -or stats toaay inat ne win with
draw from the ticket. John J. Clark
Bedford, prohibition candidate for the
'legislature "valso withdrew,
':"' Iotra Crop Conditions.
Weekly report of the state weather
and crop service;
The first three days of the week were
clear and very warm, but the last four
Were cloudy and Cool with generally
heavy rain on the TiA and 23d. Corn
made rapid progress toward maturity
during the early part ot the week and
about 85 to DO pvr cent of the crop Is
now safe from au ordinary frost. Much
of the remainder will require ten days to
two weeks to be safe from damage from
heavy frost and would be seriously in
jured by freezing temperature within
that time. Rapid progress was made
during the early part of the week In
cutting corn and filling silos. The. late
rains have put the ground In fine con
dition for fall plowing and that work,
together with seeding tall grain, is pro-
f;resslng rapidly, with a large Increase
n the acreage of wheat The early sown
winter wheat Is up and Is growing nicely.
Considerable hay was put up, especially
on the Missouri river bottom. Late
potatoes continue to improve where the
vines were not killed by the drouth, but
the crop will be light Pastures are in
excellent condition for fall and winter
feed. j
Sapre-nie Court Decisions.
1 The following supreme court decisions
have been rendered:
Charles A. Ury, appellant, vs. Modern
Woodmen of America, Cass county. Judge
ureen; action lor damages; arrirmea by
the court. !
State of Iowa vs. certain Independent
school districts, appellant; Clay county.
Judge Coyle; contest over aiaputed ter
ritory; affirmed, opinion by Evans.
F. E. Grlswold vs. Andrew Uugsne, ap
pollant; Linn county, Judge Smith;
action on replevin; affirmed, opinion by
Oscar Swnyne, appellant, vs. John E.
Tlllotaon;- Polk county, Judge Brennan;
action on replevin of piano; reversed,
opinion by Weaver..
tt. -A., uantonwine. appellant, vs. Boscn
i'oh., et al.; Marshall county. Judge
Bradshaw; action in equity to set aside
agreement; affirmed, opinion by Weaver.
Paaaed It li to Legislature.
The supreme court today passed up to
the legislature the matter of deciding
what Is the meaning of the law In regard
to consolidation of school districts. A
cose came up from Clay county wherein
three districts got Into a tangle because
of Inability to apply the consolidation
law. The court found Itself divided and
unable to say Just what ths law means,
and so after pointing out the difficulties
in the wsy of applying the law the court
respectfully refers the matter to the
legislature to have It straightened out.
Methodist Committee.
The entertainment committee of the na
tlonal conference of the Methodist church
was la Des Moines today In response to an
invitation to bold the 1VU conference in this
Cannulas Takes Kxrrptloas.
When Senator Cummins rend the plat
form adopted In New York today he stated
bo did not care to comment, because It
was not an affair of local Interest. "I do
nut believe," he said, "in any platform 1
j of unqualified Indorsement of the admin- i
1st ratio of President Tart or of the Payne
tariff law." Leading republicans are dls-
ABERDEEN, S. D Sept. 29,-(3peclal.)-October
26-27 have been selected as the
dates for the South Dakota Good Roads
convenUon, which will be held In Aber
deen. The committee , was disappointed In
Its efforts to segure James J. Hill for an
address, ut George W, Pooley, state high
way eng.neer of Minnesota, has been se
cured tq. speakv onthe,ftaetica! features of
good roads making. teJe, .Engineer Samuel
H. Lea of South Vtakoia will also take a
prominent lart in the Proceedings, and
other speakers will be Governor Vessey
Former Governor ilerreld, A. E. Chamber
lain, state superintendent of Farmers' In
stltutes, and others. All local associations
throughout the state are expected to send
delegations, and the meeting Is expeoted .to
be largely attended. :'
Hlffht Hurt in Wreck at Aberdeen.
ABERDEEN, S. D., Sept. 29. (Special.)-
Milwaukee paf-senger . train No. 1. west
bound, ran Into a work train at Bath, 8
D., severely Injuring Arthur Mehner, con
ductor of the work train, and slightly In
Juring Frank Coleman, Ed. Wakefield, Earl
W. Clark, F. Hersey and Henry Anderson
trainmen and W. H. At water, G. E. May
nard and E. C. Johnson, mall clerks on
No. 1. The passenger train was fifteen
minutes late, and - tne work train was
caught on the main track, when It should
have been on a siding. The passengers on
No. 1 escaped without Injury.
Added to the Long Ust due
to This Famous Remedy.
Oronogo, Mo." I was simply a ner
vous wreck. I ould not walk: across
I the floor without
my heart fluttering
and I could not even
receive a letter.
Every month I had
such a bearing down
sensation, as if the
lower parts would
fall out. Lydia E.
Hnkharu's Vegeta
ble Compound has
done my nerves a
great deal of good
11 nil haa alanrpliuvpl
r a rinwn, 1 ran.nmmAnrlp.r! it
Turkestan there are about 7.oou,ouo acres po,ea 10 "ol ranwn' upon inB c,,on ia to some friends and two of them have
permanently under Irrigation.' If we add ! York- been greatly benefited by it" Mrs.
to this about ,&oo.0li0 acres irrigated in Took Choice on Ticket. JUAE McKNIGITT, OronogO, MO.
Khiva and Bokharavassal stoles of Rub- I Herbert A. Huff of Eldora was nom-! Another Grateful Woman.
sta we shall have the totid for'' lh. ! lhated by both th republicans and the ot Louis, MO. "I Was bothered:
-- Elk ousd Eagle Pay Fine.
MARSHALLTOWN, la., Sept 29. (Spe-
cial.) Marshall lodge No. SIX of Elks was
fined $100 and costs by Judge J. M. Parker
in the district court Wednesday, when the
attorney representing the lodge pleaded
guilty to an Indictment charging dtstrtbut-
Wromlng Bankers Finish.
DOUGLAS, Wyo., Sept. 29.-(SpeclaI.)-
The State Bankers' association adjourned
ts fourth annual convention here today
and elected the following officers:
President Harry B. Henderson, Chey
enne. -
Vice President C. H. Townsend, Casper.
Secretary H. Van Duesen, Rock Springs.
Members of the Executive Council A. L.
Johnston, Cheyenne, and Ira K. Jones,
Sim Ha Walsh Record.
CHICAGO. Sept. 29. A record in the ap
plication for a pardon for John R. Walsh
was received here today by District Attor
ney Sims. Mr. Sims will study the docu
ments, whloh make a packs ge weighing
fifty pounds, and report back to Attorney
General Wlckersham.
La Kollett Ooe to Rochester, Minn.
MADISON, Wis.. Sept. 29.-Senator La
Follette Is expected to leave Madison this
afternoon for Rochester, Minn., where he
will consult with physicians regarding his
health. He will avert an operation if possible.
1A58 0FHUI0R
On Baby's Face, Head and Shoul
dersParents Decided He Could
Not be Cured Cuticura Made
His Skin Perfectly Clear.
"Our boy was bom In Toronto on Oct.
13, 1008, snd when three months old a slight
rash appeared on his cheek. What appeared
to be a water blister would form. When it
broke, matter would run
eut, starting new bllnters
until bis entire face, head
and shoulders were a mass
of scabi and you could not
see a particle of clear skin.
Other parts of his body were
affected, but not to such an
1 extent. We did not know
what to do for him and
't tried about every adver
- tised remedy whhout avail.
Indeed some of them only
added to bis suffering and
one in particular, the
Remedy, almost put th
Infant Into convulsions.
The family doctor pre
scribed for him sud told
us to hatha the hhv In
buttermilk. This did not do anv snoif. n
w took him- to a hospital. He was treated
as an out-patient twice a week and he got
worse, If anything. We then called in an
other doctor and injide of a week the boy was.
to all appearances, cured snd the doctor said
his work was done. But the very next day
It broke out as bad as ever.
"We decided tbat It could not be cured
Snd must run Its course and so we Jurt kept
Is arms bandaged to his side to prevent his
tearing his flesh. We left Toronto and
shortly after our arrival In Duluth, the Cuti
cura Remedies were recommended. We
started using them in May, 1609, and soon
the curs was complete. You would not
think he wan ths same child for Cuticura made
-his skin perfectly clear and he is entirely free
from the skin iHsetss. There haa been no
return this time. We still us only Cuticura
Soap for baby's bath. Robert Mann, Proctor.
Mine.. May I, 1910."
Ctlera Rsanain snM tkinorsoat the world.
Pottar Drat Cheat. Corp., Sole Plops., Bonos.
. .SVMiltod fra Sliest book go Trattuant ot Ihm Ska,
Another Big Sale
Our Special Saturday $25 Suit
Sale has made a tremendous hit. ;i
We repeat it again Saturday
One Day Only-Octoher 1st.
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The Weather
Official Forecast I
For Nebrask Generally fair.
For Iowa Fair.
Temperatures at Omaha yesterday:
I " j ft a m. 6fi
f 6 s. m 63
I m H
S a. m 55
9 a. m 0
' 10 a. m M
11 a. m 8
12 m 72
1 P- rn i 3
! p. in 75
1 p. m 77
... P- 15
5 p m M
6 p. m... 7ej
7 p. m 72
8 p. in UK
" a
lei I
Bum iim t,
m. a i .n
anv m a m. mi
tor Eye Examination
Remove all doubt as to re
sults. No guess work here.
Defects of the Eye-Sight
corrected by properly fitted
Glasses. -
Huieson Optical Co.
SIS South 10th St.
"Smoking is believing.'
Try a package of Cob.
and leam what has mac!
Cobs the biggest selling
cigar in America.
Don't permit substitution
Cobs come otJy in a greet
9 for 15c
Sc for packet of 3
L LEWIS CIGAR MFG. CO.. Makwi. Nswsrk. N. 1
The Lariest Independent
Cisar Factory in the world
Allon Bros. Co.
1 Overcoats to Order, $25
The every morning Job of explor
ing the internal regions of the balky
furnace are now "In season."
Frosty mornings and frostlor
nights remind one of the need of a
fall overcoat.
And a true study of one's own
personal Interests brings one to the
conclusion that that overcoat should
be made to order made for YOU
And, since one Is In Omaha, ts
have an overcoat surely means .'t
have It made here always. .. .
933 to $SO Orerooats made to Measure
MacCarlhy- Wilson
Tailoring Co.
304-306 South 10th St
Near Farnam St.
At The David ft Miller Auctions
Co. House, 218 South 18th street,
Saturday, October 1, 2 p. m. This
will be the blggoBt bargain sale that
we have ever offered. $2,000 worth
of new furniture and $3,000 of one
complete household furnishings: Cook
ing untenslls, beds, complete chif
fonier, sewing machine, organ, piano
and all that go to make up a complete
household. ,
This will be sold regardless of what
It brings.
Omoua's IUag Tnatra
Attraction QaoUty
ays. - -
The longer you irroke H'ZZJ'
the shorter your chance of T j
buying the ordinary.
la tbe best cream wade lor tn
skin. If you have a red, rough,
blotched, sore, unsightly skin, try
this great product of the Ameri
can Druggists Syndicate.
You can use it for massaging
wrinkles and for a sallow com
plexion, as It whitens and beauti
fies, is safe, harmless and does not
grow hair.
No woman who values her ap
pearance and who wants a smooth,
clear skin should let a day go by
without trying it for the face, neck,
arms and hands.
Get It for 2ic at anv A. D. 3.
Jruf ro'
irrigtea in i umesiaiii vis: ns.beo.ono acres.
"Acording to our laws, all lands In Tur
kestan. no irrigated; and not peewpied by
actual aet'tlers. are. the poopetny of the
state. Our' government plans to Irrigate
them and Settle -them with "people from
European Russia. Thes lands will make I Ham Wlemer of Radcllffe
ideal liomea for th emigrants, and cotton
will be the most profitable crop. , . ,
"The Imperial Husalaa government recog
nises the Importance of the development
of Irrigation la our country, and its above
mentioned works have ba and are being
done not for profit, but largely to serve
as models for private undertakings." u.
democrats of Hardin county tor represent- j terribly with a female weakness and
ative. Under the law his name could not j had backache, bearing down pains and
go on both ticket and he chose to siand fains in lower parts. I began taking
as the republican candidate. The demo- Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vejretable Com
cratic county committee today certified I Pud regularly and used the Sanative)
nt u ii n ssu nuu uuw i uave uu mure uuuuirs
I ll,n, 11 r A. Tl.,n MfA
the - m nay -lio. AU iiiniuu, iiim
ine ueino-, , , . . T .
cratlc candidate for member of th house. I ai, cu. jfhis, wu.
This la tiie first time It haa been ntearv . 7ur tano U1"iv-U'L
I do not continue to suffer without
; giving Lydia E. Pink ha ms vegetable
Farmer. Picnic at Gleawoaa. I oiupounu a inru,, it surely lias curru
to th auditor of state the name ot WU-
I -..! A 1
under th primary law for a candidate to, u"u" J .?."""?
I l oop mf urat"
(Dandruff Kemovar)
Look for the above
ign in your barber
shop -tell the barber
"A Fitch Shampoo" -then
Judge for yourself
whether It has merits.
Tonight, Saturday Matins and Wight
William Srorrls, in th Musical gaeeess
Popular lrics Matinee Saturday.
Matins Wednesday. Seats Selling,.
RQYD'S 5th B'Q
Tonight, Saturday Matins and Tight
get off on or the other of the tickets.
Tii best plaster. A SMece of - flannel
dampened with . Chamberlain,' . Unlaw at
and bound on over th offertad carta 1
superior to a plaster and eostk f,ryTin
teuUi a much. Jot sole by all druggists.
glenwood. i.. sept. tRpectai.) I uiany cases of female ills, such as ln
Ta fir.t annual picnic of the lo.a Eperi-j flammatloit, ulceration, displacements,
ment station was held at the county farm I bbroid tumortL .molarities, j periodio
today. About lwo of Mill, county's n.t P'f. b-f.e. that bearing-down
melflg.nt people were In attendance. Th. i Hn. lndirTStiojJ. dizziness, and ner.
.ddrel. of welcome wo. by I M1- J.4
Cbsrlee 8. Block of JJalv.rn Suid the
spouse by Aobert U. riersou. After
to try it, and the result is worth mil
lion to many suaenng women.
'. i ft. -, . v- :
" ' 'iV i K -J' 5!
I .ml ilwi
lSth and DODOS STS.
FOB KENT newly derorotad. Steam hast,
it YH94r In e.ry
UU OS) avwa mwm
South End 16th Stree
jl wrillsn guoroatM glv.n in ail cases
Hnulndi of Ilia most
spl In Outoua and froiu oil port ef ta
Uuiwd Stat have beeu cur.d by Da.
AfilERICAH ns1Sjo?.l
la Streets.
Sr. alng lOo, Boo, BOo, Ts
Matlnaa DsilvBBt Orchestra Seats 80
WalinSS UBIIJ soond Balcony, 10a.
Brilliant Array of Headline Acts.
Btars ot "The Love Cure."
In "The Flirtation Dance."
"The Man ot 1.000 Roles."
Marvelous Mystifying Mlud Readers.
Matinee Every Day 2:15.
Every Mailt, 8: IS.
William Farnum and company,
in "The Mallet's Masterpiece;"
Mile. Camllle Ober; Three White
Kuhns; The Great Asahl; Cook
and Lorens; The Devil; Bervant
and Man; Fentelle and Vallorie;
The Balrars; Klnodrotne; Or
p lieu in Concert Orchestra.
Prlcea Matinee, lOo and 25e.
Nights, 10c, 25c and 60c.
Bvgs, 1S-SS-O0-7S
mat., is-aa-sos
2&3J&$it Boa,
K&XWZlili, who has renini-u in uiunni
lor t years. ruu nmi . "
Ifflce fr treatment 624 Be. building.
Omaha. Neb. fbon Pougl 1424.
(Cut thut out lor rt.rDc)
Ws snd aarvou mn
bo find pow.r t.
work ti4 youthful vigor
HUM r.suit uf vt.r-
urk or mntl Artloo yuould laas
bHAT'S Ke.MVil ool P1LUB Tb.y
lli uiaK uu i ud al aud S t
slr5oa "
nwnjaVaa k sUCOHKU BBO0 0K
ts. IStk a Dos UU.
owi. Lsoe oo.
tain ana morn at, wi
Th Un.. b.try th m tudled
effort that has been notloaabl sluo.
tui begluulng of Uie aoa, to lift
burlesaue out of anything approach
ing the vulgar. sratl
tylng ndeavor to place barlu.a on
th olone with other oln productions
l having Its reward In th attendance,
particularly of the fair a." Omaha
Woria-Hrald, Mon., Sept. 8S, ittlO.
HfKCIAlr-Th Kngllsh Comedians, unit
Ritchie and Kichard McAllister, in th
laugh riot. "Fun In An EnKllxh Muslo Hall."
X.adls' Dim Matin Every Week Uy
bunday and All Week: "Uainty Duchess';
' ISc-aso-BOo
TOX1GHT, 8:15.
Sunday . .At the Old Cross Roads.
rooD FOR
Under Auspices of Omaha Motor Clak
6 EVENTS 2 P. M.
Tnr.e Minuted Walk rrom Bod ef Cog
X.U. te Sp..4wy.