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CKAIMM MUMu jatllitl
Wheat Values Go Up, Owing to Good
Cash Demand.
Receipt, of torn Are tiooil, bat the
t oolrr Heather anil Llfects of
Wheat .Market Hold the
Coru friers.
OMAHA. Aug 27. 1910.
VV values er utiong ami advanced i
on a marked Impi oveimnt in tut casn de
mand. Export business was aisu reported
more active and some good sales auruaii
were reported. Carh houses were urgent
buyers or all offerings.
torn receipt Hre nmre liberal, uul cooler
temperatures and the advance In wheat held
values firm. A inure active shipping uo
niand Vu noted.
Wheat was surprisingly strong; demand
from millers and reports of new export
business In some volume being the feattne
of the advance. With receipts runntiig
lighter, cash wheat brought l'ul'ic above
Weather conditions wero more favorable
In the coin belt, but offerings were not
heavy. Samples on the tloor were readily
absorbed, values ranging from unchanged
to 4c; higher than yesterday.
Primary wheat receipts were l.litf.OnO t.u.,
tvd shipments were 4JO.imo bu.; against re
ceipts lat year of S!r,i,'j00 bu.. and ship
ments of 44:.iO bu.
Primary corn receipts were oOl.oo bu .
. and shipments were oon bu., agalnxt re
ceipts last vesr of 377,000 du.. and ship
ments of Eil.OuO bu.
Clearances were 18.000 bit. of corn. 2.01)0
oats, and wheat and flour equal to
146.000 bu.
Liverpool closed tn Hd lower on
wheat, and Vjd lower on corn.
Omaha t'nsh I'rvii.
WHEAT No. J hard turknv, Sl.OOJi 1 ni4
nominal; No. 2 hard, semi-dark find yellow,
JVi&'J'.ic ; No. 3 hard turkey, WifWc nominal;
.. No. 3 hard, semi-dark and vellow, ,4jU'
-, n"r1' Wo; No- ! Pilng, WVjcH
11.01 nominal; No. 3 spring. ahtfoiwc nominal;
No. 4 spring, 9f.i9oc nominal; rejected, 2o.
CORN No. 2 white. KUlWie nominal,
No. i white, 5Hi&'S7c; No. 4 white. B(S(tr
rc nominal; Nu. t yellov. Rtri u6"4c ; No.
I yellow, W(aWc; No. 4 vellow, -IMfSfiHc
nominal; No. 2, BWi.W.c; No. 3. SWOic;
- ' i 66&'S6o nominal; no grade, VMlhAc.
OAT8 Standard, a3fil34c; No. 8 white.
yelIow. 3331'Hc; No. 4 yellow. Sl'iJf
-. BAKLBY No. 4, BOtitUo nominal; No. 1
reed, 66buSa nominal; rejected, 53p5i',o nom
inal. RrRf"', 7677s nominal; No. 2, Ibdt
, Carlot Reaelpte.
, Wheat. Corn. Oats
rncago m g20 314
Minneapolis 347
i'.mil?? 11 99
Uuluth 203
Fcatarcsf of the Tradlnsr and Cloalnar
Prices ob Board of Trade.
CHICAGO. Aug. 27. Wheat ruled higher
from the start and closed ltlMic up. Corn
borrowed strength from the wheat pit and
finished feWc higher, while oats on a
moderate trala advanced and closed 'Afcc
Up. Provisions showed a strong tone and
finished from 2V4B22'o higher, with pork
leading the other products.
Reports of export sales from Chicago,
although moderate In volume, controlled the
Wheat pit toil ay and were the basis for
a bullish market throughout the session.
At the start prices advanced sharply and
on the upturn shorts began buying.. The
export sale gave promise of larger ship
ments and traders listened willingly to re
ports that the continental and English mar
kets would need much wheat later to Im
prove the grade of the home crop. North
West receipts were liberal and arrivals for
the week at all grain centers while smaller
than last week totalled much more than
those of the corresponding week last year.
Kstlmatea of enormous world's shipments
and a notable lnoreaae In the visible supply
for n.)xt week, were bearish statistics will oh
were Ignored. The close was strong all
through the list, with September mo up
at 1100. The -final quotations was He be
low the top price for the day. December
Blosed 1Q1V4C to lVdo up at l 0H to SI .044.
Corn prlees advanced to (4(tfH(! higher
than yesterday's closing quotations. The
rssh demand was good and prices were
41QU0 higher. No.. 2 yellow sold at KVie.
The close was ront In all the futures
deliveries, with Pentember V,c 110 at 6I0,
December closed at Wo un at
Trading In oats was uninteresting. The
close was firm all around, with September
Ko up at 4Uo. December closed at He
hlher at 3K74c.
AH provisions finished strong. wMh nnrk
leading at an advance of from iRifiHc
T,ri4 closed from MV tip and rlhs from
ir77"Ac higher. ClnBlng figures for the
September nroduc we: PorV ?1.!0. 17Ue
'n: lard I12.07M.. 10c higher, and ribs 112.30.
5" un.
The leading futures run"-' " follows:
Articles. I Open.) High. Low. Close. Yes'y,
" Dec....
Sept. , .
C4 1 OOM11
1 00 I 98
1 044HI 1
1 09V4 1 08H
1 OSMrVi 1 04H
1 tB'41
1 081
1 I
84 4
21 20
20 u
13 65
12 07H
21 024
20 72V4
13 50
U 97'A
11 97V4
11 46
10 05
12 25
11 70
21 26
30 30
13 6
21 00
30 7
18 66
20 95
30 75
18 Do
11 95
n 7V4
11 07W
12 07
U 91
12 07Vii
11 6IV1I
11 46
11 45
10 a
10 60
11 to
10 bi
12 27
10 60
12 30
13 30
U 70
11 Tlhi
11 70
9 65
11 77!
No. t.
Cash quotations were as follows:
FUOUR Steady; winter patents, $4.46
6.76; straights. 4.166.00; spring straights,
360A(3t.l6; bakers, fc!.60'ii5.4O.
RYB-No. I, 7Sc.
BAHLEY Fesd or mixing, KfftiOc; fair to
choice malting, to'gl-a
KEKDS Flax. No. 1 southwestern, IL'.SS;
No. 1 northwestern. 32.60. Timothy, Sti.OOGjl
AKk. Clover. 113 50.
PROVISIONS Mess pork, per bbh, 321.80(9
21 75. Lxd, per 100 lbs., jiZ.UiVs. riiiort nra,
sides (lcoae), $1 1.IUV4U12.25; short clear sides
(boxed), lia.JfxuU.JO.
Total alearanoes of wheat and flour were
equal to 14,0u0 bd. Primary receipts were
1.156.000 ou.t comparea wun wj.uw uu. un
cnrrBsoondlng day a year ago.
Estimated receipts Monday: Wheat. 108
cars; corn. TJ cars; oats, 3.:.' cars; nogs,
tt.000 head.
Trading In produce was light and prices
kept within narrow limits in me tuny
trading. Opening prices for the October
products were; Pork. 3J0.75, 2"c up; lard,
Ill VTVt and ribs $11.70, both unchanged.
t'HKKSK Hteady; daisies. ltWittiUc; twins,
l&ijloo, young Americas, ltultic; long
POTATOES Easy; choice to fancy, 751
78c: fair to good. 704j71c.
POITL.TRY Kasy; turkeys, 20c; chickens,
ISo; springs, loo.
VEAL Steady; M to 60-pound weights, fa
8Uc; W to 86-pound weighls, lc; 85 to
110-CHunii weignis, iTOwiir.
Mtaaeapella Grata Market.
tember, $1.14; December, $1.15; May, $1.18;
No. 1 northern. $114; No. 2 northern, $1.09V.
SKKD Klax. 2 4StV.
CORN No. 8 yellow. 5P-fl5!lo.
OATS No. I white, 34iflJ4Sc.
RYE No. 1 7072c.
BRA N In sacks, -OOOci J0.M.
Minneapolis) $5itl6 70; second patents. $6.30
f)S60; first clears, $3.904 10; second clears.
IHIlniskr 4. rain Market.
northern, 1 lo'mn 1 itvj; ro. 1 northern,
$1 lOWtll.U: December, 1.(MH.
OAT8 Standard, 35Wo.
BARLEY-niples, 70ifl73Sa
t. LosiU General Market, v
. Aina a ,, v rr jlt ur 1 t r w
H I, iji w, " - . . . . v wan,
firm; track No. I red. $1.(X;104; No. t hard.
i r? T'liute: Kutulea hlrher: Knliik
ber ssaiWc; December, $1.0kii.
CORN Futures, higher; September, 80
600, December, 17a. Cash, hisher; track
No 1 tW;'eVo; No. I white. 6lnrt2c;
OATS t'uiui ess firm; September. 82o:
IVcember, 36'c. (.fli, loei; track. No. J,
81V; tin. t White. :Ac.
RYE Steady. XJc.
KIjOIR yuiel; red winter patents. i
5 4"; extra fancy and stra ght, fl. l.Mi 4.70,
hsrd winter clears. M 3 ).
HEEIi Tlrroilhv. q.75.
COItNM KAL-i..!i.
I'RAN Finn; sacked (east track), SSc'o
11. on.
HAY Steadv; timothy, S14.Uf(l!V.0U; prai
rie. $12 OOriM 50.
l'KijVlsiuNrt-l'org steady; Jobbing. l:2 00.
fjarri unchanged; prime steam, til tiiitw
117',. I ivy suit meats unchanged: boxed,
extra shorts, li.S7S; clear ribs, ia.H7.3; epot
cleura, 41:1. uVf. Macon unchanged; boxed
extra shorts, 114 .1;i; clear lloa, $14.37',;
short clears. $14. fa1.
l'Ol'l.'l KV-r'11 in, chicks; 12Wr; springs,
14c; turkeys, lDji&e; ducks, :Vllc; geefe,
D'll :C.
BUTTER Htesdy; creamery, 2fltic.
tUUS -Klrm. He.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbis 7.7K) 14.WH
Wheat, bu lOf. OiO 44 uoo
t'orn, bu rl.sHi 3:l.t
Oats, bu lld.OiO ti3,um)
Prediction of Weather llureoa Is for
a Warmer Mandar.
OMAHA. Aug. 27, 1310.
The cool vtavo hu. j.. unn.iu 10
lliu Atiaiuiu couki Kuiies, unu lempt'i a lui
kI h ueciueui iuWki luia inoi uma every
where east of Hie Alieglienles. 4 he cuol
v.ave was prectueu by ruins 111 Ills eastern
ana souiiiern state, uut generally tair
Heather prevails linougiioul tnose sections
this niunilng, aitiiougu uoiisluuiaule cloud
lnes Is silli shown along tne coast, tem
peratures are insner m the Hocay moun
lalns, and east over the central valleys and
lake region, the rise uelng very rapid In
tne upper Missouri valley and west Into the
mountains, where the weather Is much
Warmer tnls morning. The temperature at
Cheyenne, Wyo., Is 30 degrees higher than
on Friday morning, and the weather is
cloudy, with a light westerly wind. A
barometric depression la now central, over
the p.lack hills, and this depression will
probably cause the weather to be somewhat
unsettled over the Missouri valley during
the next thirty-six hours, but the outlook
Is considered favorable for fair In this vi
cinity tonight and probably Sunday, with
slightly warmer tonight.
1910. 1909. 1908. 1907.
Minimum temperature.... 6 72 62 68
Precipitation 00 .00 .00 .00
Normal temperature for today, 72 degrees.
Deficiency In precipitation since March 1.
14.50 Inches.
Deficiency corresponding period in 1909,
2.79 Inches.
FJxaess corresponding period In 1908, .01
L. A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
Corn and Wheat Region Dulletla.
For Omaha. Neb., tor the twenty-four
hours ending at 8 a. m.. 75 tb meridian time,
Saturday, August 27, 1910:
Temp. Rain
Stations. Max. Mln. fall. Sky.
Ashland, Neb 75 63 . 00 Clear
Auburn, Neb 76 48 . 00 Clear
Broken bow jeo. it ov .yu uiear
Columbus. Neb.. 75 43 .00 Clear
Culbertaon. Neb.. 82 54 .00 Clear
Falrbury, Neb.... 18 4i .00 Clear
IFairmont, Neb.. 74 47 .00 Clear
Or. Island, Neb.. 74 48 .00 Clear
Hartlngton, Neb. 78 45 . 00 Clear
Hastings, Neb.... 76 4 .00 Clear
Holdrege, Neb.... 76 43 . 00 Clear
Oakdale, Neb.... 74 60 .00 Clear
Omuhh, Neb 74 63 .00 Clear
Tekamah, Neb... 76 47 .00 Clear '
Alta. la 73 60 .00 Clear
Carroll. Ia 72 4ti .00 Clear
Clartnda, la 67 43 .00 Clear
Sibley. Ia 74 39 .00 Clear
Sioux City, la... 74 62 .00 Clear
INot Included In averages. .
Minimum . temperature for twelve-hour
period ending at 8 a. m.
No. of Temp Raln
ni.tptct Statlona Max. Mln. fall.
Columbus, 0 17 72 44 .00
Louisville, Ky I" 74 62 .40
Indianapolis. Did.. 12 72 46 .00
Chicago. Ill 26 72 48 .00
St. Louis. Mo 13 74 48 00
Des Moines. Ia.... 14 74 46 .00
Minneapolis, Minn. 30 .. .. .CO
Kansas city. mo.. 34 7 4 .00
Omaha, Neb 19 74 48 . 00
The only appreciable rains In the corn
ahd wheat region during the last twenty-
four hours occurred at three statlona In
the Louisville district. The weather con'
tlpues cool throughout the entire region.
Local Forecaster, Weather Bureau.
Quotations of the Dny on Various
Com mod I ties.
NEW YORK. Aug. 27. FLOUR Steady,
nominally lower; spring patents, Jo.X(i6.7(;
winter straights, $4,4044.60; winter patents,
$4.7&&5.10; spring clears, $4. 3541-4.60; winter
extras. No. 1, $3.76fti3.90; winter extras. No.
2, $2.50(ii3.50; Kansas straights. 34.Hbrao.uu.
Rye flour, steady; fair to good, $4.11X4.30;
choice to fancv. $4.36to-t.40.
CORNMEAL Steady; fine white and yel
low. $1.652il.60; coarse, $1.61X11.65; kiln dried,
WHEAT spot market rirm; imo. z red,
ll.UbV elevator, and $1.08, f. o. b. afloat.
Futures were firm ail day, closing H
l&'ta net higher. September closed at $1.07Vi,
December at ll.iu'fc ana May at i.ia-.
CORN Spot market steady; No. 2, 70V4O,
elevator, domestic basis, to arrive, c. I. f.
The futures market was without transac
tions, closing nominally c net higher. Sep
tember closed at 6940, December at 67o
and May at 67c. Receipts. 17,625 bu.; ship
ments. 950 bu.
OATS Spot market steady; new standard
white, 39c; new No. 2 white, 394c; No. 3,
39c; No. 4, 38ttc. The market for futures
was without transactions, closing V4c lower
to 14c higher. September closed at 3&c,
December at 424o. Receipts, 157,076 bu.;
shipments. 1.000 bu.
HAY Steady; prime, $1.151.20; No. 1, $1.10
61.16: NO. 2, 1.0MB-1.1U, NO. 3. son;;.
HIDUS Steady; Central America, 21c
Bogota, 21&22c.
LliATHIiH Steady; hemlock firsts, 21(8
2tic: seconds, 214j23c; thirds, lt-.Xc; rejects,
PROVISIONS Pork, steady; mess, $24.60
eo OO; family, $24,60426.00; short clear, $:2.50
tiiM.oo.- Beet, steady; mess, jiouuhiio.w; tarn
lly, $19.00'0.OO; beef hums, JJ2.OtkS444.00. Cut
meats, quiet; pioKieu bellies, 10 to 14 ids.,
$14.764iH6.60; pickled hams, 4J4 0Wi 14.50. Lard,
firm; middle west, prime, $12.2tKu 12.30; re
fined, steady; continent, 112.1t; soutn Anier
lea. $13.50; compound, $10.7611.00.
TALLOW Quiet; prime city, hgs., 74c;
country. 7&7,o.
ClIEliSli Unsettled; state whole milk.
special, waiiiytu, eiave wnuie moiH. fancy,
iic; state whole milk, prime, llffl
nc; state whole milk, fair to good, lJJ
1444o; state whole milk, common, luferf
12c; skims, full to special. UVaijUc.
ncTTElt Unsettled: creamery iiuMii.
Sl'iitlic; extras, 30Hailc; third to first, 24
ta 290.
EOU9 About steady; state, Pennsylvania
.. nArKw whit "H. 'j o . .
Pennsylvania and nearby beanery, gathered
white, S6(i29c; state, Pennsylvania and
nearby hennery brown, 27(&29c; state, Penn
sylvania and nearby hennery gathsred
tirowu, jv"1-. va" aiiieien extra first
l4W-'6o; first. 22oJ8c; second. JOijfZlc. '
itiunrii-Aiiv", steaay: nuion
springs, lc; fpwls, 14l'ul6c; turkevs, 10j
14e; dressed, Irregular; western broilers, 17
U-Mc; towis, iuioyc; luraeys, IS'OJi'c.
Kansas t'lty Grain and Provisions.
tember, 9tJ814o bid; December, 1.07T4i
101 bid: May. $1.06S'Ol05H bid. Cash: Un
changed to 10 nigner; no. x nard. 99cSi$103'
No. 3. 97cf$1.0m; No. 2 red, $Luunjl.02; No.
3, VSC9-41.W.
CORN September, K'SrtfUc. sellers: n.
cember. fcuVntjuoVo, sellers; May, 6NW0.
Cash: T'nchanged to a lower; No. 3
mixed, ovc; ro. nuxen. nieowijc; No. 2
white, ft-nnOHc; No. 3, 6Mfl0c.
OATS Unchanged ; No. 3 white, 3493iHc-
INO. M liliAeu, niliiwiv,
RYK No. 2. tic.
HAY Unchanged to 60o lower: choice
timothy, $14.0oSu 14.50; choice prairie, $12 00
jl2 ..
BUTTER-Creamery, C9c; firsts. He; sec
onds, 25c; packing stock, ZL'c.
BOOS-Gxtra. I3c; flrstx, Sl'c ; seconds,
13Vc; current receipts, &w.
Receipts. Shipments.
Wheat, bu 1X9.(100 1j9.0
I Corn, bu sn.wt 20.0110
I Oats, bu 21,0ii0 (.out
I 1 - . .
LIVERPOOL. Aug. $7. WH EAT 8 pot
dull; No. 3 western winter, no stock:
futures steady; October. 7s frjd; December
7s 7WJ; March. 7s 7,d.
CORN Spot, firm; old American mixed
Is; futures dull; September, 4a d; March.
4s d.
Peoria Market. '
PEORIA. Aug. 27.-CORN-8teady; No. t
white. 60c; No. 3 yellow, &0tioHc; No. I yel
low, 6Vtc; No. 3, 69Vic: No. 4, 6c.
OATS-Hlgher; No. 3 ahlte. 34iJ4Hc; No.
$ white, ttos: standard. S3 Sac
Many Millions Are to Be Paid Out in ;
Dividendi. i
West ffili No Help from the East
In the Way of Honey for
Maudlin the t ron.
NKW Yt.HK, Aug. 27.-(Speclal Tele-)
giaui.i it is e.-uimaied that uivloends and
iiittfi'est distiui sernents in Sepitn.uer oy
i nliiuatl. Iiuiusirlul and other coi poratlons
ill sHKregatu U4i,0u,vw). Inls Is aI.iuivki
ahead of issl year, y nlrh Is a pieasmx
siiouiiih' in. teed. i; ir since Amencaii niai.
ufactuiera and mllroad have entered Into
1 neil III.,.,-!!! .1. lit liiniilMI'ilV llklllll'....
moms on investments nave been graduui.y '
iiici cu.MiiiK. 'i im increase lias been siow
and substantial wnlch is the best kind.
1 noso rocket Jumpa aie unnatural, but tne
sturdy climb in dividends and earning.-!
winch lias been In evidence recently be
token soundness.
The dividend payments next month will
exceed $.ihl9.'si,iiu0 and Interest payments will
be In the neighborhood of J37 ,2oti,tM.
The disbursements for the nine months of
this year tincludlng September) are (1,194.
Hio.uov, an Increase of Ilu0.utiu.000 over the
same nine months of last year. Already
this year dividend and Interest disburse
ments are $J7,OU0,0n0 ahead of the disburse
ments of the entire year of 1907.
In the face of these conditions It Is the
height of absurdity for any man to at
tempt to discount prosperity. All of the
underlying conditions of business and fi
nance today are firm. It is true that few
Wall street Napoleons, who are alarmed
over the political trend, have been attempt
ing to falsify actual conditions, but the
statistics herewith set forth, eloquently
deny all false assertions.
o Cause for Alarm.
It Is said here that the New York bank
surplus will not be sufficient In tne eariy
fall to assist the middle west in the move
ment of the crops. There Is nothing for
alarm In this statement, for the financial
conditions In the Interior are such now that
financial help from New York will not be
needed. There is plenty of money in the in
terior. In fact, bankers from the middle
west have complained that they have too
much money on hand.
On the currency operations 01 me piwui
week. New York banks have lost approxi
mately 8726.000. A gain of $!..000 was mude
on money transactions with the Interior
but this was onset oy tne met him
$1.2I6,0u0 was paid to the United States
sub-treasury more than was received. To
this must be added $500,000 gold, which wus
withdrawn on Thursday for shipment to
Failure on the part of the Bank of Lng
land to increase Its rate of discount ac
coidlng to expectations in certain quarters
here caused no marked change In the foi
eign exchange market It was said that
spculatlve committments for and against
such u, development pretty well counter
acted one another in the subsequent trad
ing. As a matter of fact. It is only thO
outsldo discount rate in Jjonaon mai is
earning concern.
Crops Are Satisfactory.
Crop conditions are highly satisfactory.
Such creat industrial corporations as the
International Harvester company and the
United States Steel corporation, wmon
keep In close touch with crop conditions,
have issued statements that they are
eminently satisfied with conditions aa
they exist at present t.irougnoui tne mia
dlewest and the western states. Late re
ports Indicate a decided Improvement In the
cotton fields and It Is said that the corn
crop will go to three billion bushels.
With these broad conditions so satisfac
tory. Industrial aik financial men are
teurnlng to the New Year to see what It is
going to orfer. Torn tne industrial ana
mining fields in Pennsylvania, Alabama,
Indiana and Illinois come optimistic signs
for 1911. The labor difficulties which have
seriously affected the coal and steel trade
are now about done. Already the order
books show a substantial showing for the
Initial period of the new year.
Progress in tne raureaa iieia nos oecn
somewhat handicapped through the dull
ness of the bond market, and the caution
of American and foreign investors.
Frankly speaking, railroad men will he
clad when the November elections are
over. There have been sundry expressions
appertaining to the activity 01 Colonel
Rooaevelt. Political enemies of Colonel
Roosevelt have declared that hla utterances
will cause unrest In Wall street. However,
that will do no great harm, unless Wall
street takes it into its head to act as It did
three years ago.
Adds to Working; Capital.
The Colorado Fuel and Iron company will
not likely pay off Its accumulated preferred
dividends, as the new policy of the com
pany is to accumulate working capital
against an unexpected Increase In business.
The company Is over $1,000,000 in arrears on
lis preferred dividends. However, the
finances of the corporation have now grown
to the point where no alarm Is felt. The
company will not be compelled to borrow
money. In fact. It Is predicted that It will
be doing a gross business of $30,000,000 next
year. It has spent nearly that much In
the Improvement of Its properties In the
last decade so that It Is Just now settling
down to a steady upward movement In
Dullness prevails in the copper market.
The constant cropping up of merger reports
are greatly responsible for the present pre
vailing conditions.
With few exceptions the Important indus
trial companies are In a position to finance
their business and put through the con
struction work they have under way this
year without outside assistance, learnings
since early last year have been large and
the aggregate amount of cash carried is
above the average. The cash In bank held
by the United States Steel corporation runs
over $26,000,000.
International Harvester Is so long on re
sources that It has turned a lender. Stand
ard OH, American Tobacco, Bethlehem
Steel company, Westlngheuse company and
others have the biggest cash resources) on
hand now In their history.
Considered all In all, conditions are be
yond tear of cavil.
The stock market this week has been
without moment. Trading has been narrow
and tight and movements have not been
exceptional. The tone has fluctuated with
out going to extremes.
N ember of sales and leading quotations
on stocks were as follows: ,
Oaks. High. Iw. Clow.
Alll-Chlmrs ptd 1V
Amalgamated tVptr I,o00 44 4Va
Amtricn Asrtculturtl .... 4 4
Am. i)Mt Suftr D HI M I
Amcrhan Can 100 H (H I
American U. T isle 4 4a
Aninrliin Cotton Oil y 1
American H. U pld 244
Am. lue IKourltlM 100 lVt ID It
Amsiioan LltiMca 11
Amerloan Locomotlvs , 34
American 8. K Lim Hi S4 i
Am. 8. R. ptd IM KM Hi
Am. Bteel Foundries 42
Am. Sugar P.ellnlng 318v
Annrtun T. T U0 1j4 1V
American Tobacco pld 91
Amarlcan Woolen '
Anaconda Mining Co 1-H
Auihlaon l.i ' J
Atchison pfd
Atlantlo Coaat Line 110
Baltimore Ohio,, l.Jno 104 103'i 1iM
Baihlehem Steal
Brooklyn Rapid Tr 74 74 74
Canadian Pacific W
natural leather 300 l U
Ontrai Lattiar pld ll4
Central of Naw Jeraey t"i
Chrapake A Oblo MO Ti 71 7
Chicago A Alton S6
Chicago U. W new i 24 24 U
C. O. W. pfd K 44 44
Chicago A N. W 1"0 144 14 141
C, At. It. P 1 11 !'
C. C. C. A St. L t5
Colorado P. A 1 2
Colorado A Soatharn M
Ooneolidatad oaa 10 110 12 1
Cora Product 1U0 14 14 13
Ijalaeara A Hadaon , IM
iMnter Klo Uranda 0 SO tv Vt
D. A B U. ptd 4.i0 7" tb
lnstlllars' Sacimllaa 2"0 17 37 :
k - I'M 26 ti
Krie lt ptd , 41.
fctle 2d pld 90
General Electric 4n0 144 14! 14! (4
Great Northern prd if) 124 U4 134
Ureal N on hero Ore ctls 64
Illinois Central 1J0
lnlarburough Mat 17 17 17
InO Mat. pfd 4O0 44 41 47
International Harraatar ... tut PS M
Int. Marine pfd H
International Paper luv.
International Pump St
Iowa Caniral 14
Kanaag City to an
K. C. So. pfd l' ! tl 41
Lolade Uaa bw 1 lull lul
Loul.Yllle N 14
Minn. A SI. Louie t4 14 U
M., St. P. g. t. U 1 114 IX?
M., K. T J 41 11 11
M . K. T. pie. 41
Missouri Paaina M At 4J'4j ai
National Biarult li
Naiional Lead fc.)
N k. H. o at. Id ptd..-. 1.100 to to
New Tork CanUal 4O0 111 lit 11"
N. T., O.
Norfolk Walters ta
North American 47
Northern Paoltls VO 111 1U 111
Pacltlo Mall IS
feiuieylvauia Ian IM u;
Pe.ipie a bea .
P.. '- r. A ft. 1.
Pitt.i-urg t'
I'refB.l si.h.1 far
Pullmen I alare i"er
Hallwsr Jtrel Spring
Hr,n''ilr fat ee" I
K.putlK- Stel pld
KficK leiend Co
hoik IrijtHl I'o pfd
si. 1.. s. V 3d pM
si. Iiule S. V
St. I.. f. W .IJ
Si"-shri;a it I
Sitnlhtrn Tji fn
Ht.ul! Kjllwuy
So. Ha laa, lIJ
Tiinn.'e C'tn.r
1 x. at I'S. ill'
r , st. l . w
T.. ft. U W. pld
I nlnn Paomu
t'nlon Paclltu pfd
Limed Statea Healtjr
1 nlled Sutee liuhter
I'nlted matte Sirl
I' S. Hieal I'M
t teh t'ipper
Vs. -faro. Clumltal
Weliafh ptrl
W'Mei n Maryland
Weilngiuiiee Klei-trtc ...."T-n l niou
Wh.-ellng aV U E
Total eMles lor tlie day.
M.tiO 141
i,V in
.'00 2a
21'i U
4 4.n
14 IV.
l 41"
14, W0 16
t ail
Uo .a 11.
100 lKIt
400 l
K2 ihaiee.
.tn Vurk Money Market.
NEW YORK. Aug. 27. MONEY-On Clll,
nominal; no loans.
Tl.MK LOANS Firm and dull: 1 days,
SOI1 per cent! W days, 4 per rent; months,
4i per cent.
per cent.
actual business In bt nkers' hills, at 4.V).MVU
4 Si, 5 for 60 day bills, and at 4.si26 for de
mand. Commercial bills, $4.!W?4.83.:'0.
SILVEK-Bar, 52c. Mexican dollars. 44c.
44 c.
BONDS Government, firm; railroad,
Closing quotations on bonds today were
1 follows:
V 8. ret. 2s, rag. ...Ill Int. M. M. 4a M
do coupon Mol Jatan 4a 19
V. S. la, rag Ml Mo 4a t4
do coupon 101 K. V. K. lt la 73
V. S. 4b, rag 115 S. deh. 4a 1M1.. 91
do coupon 115 I.. & N. unl. 4a PI
Allir-I nul. lat 6a.... 76'j M. K, A T. lit 4.. 17
Am. Ag. r. ini, do sen. 4a t4
Am. T. A T. CT. 4B..10-I Mo. Pacific 4a 17
Am. Toiiacco 4a 7S N. K. R. ot M. 4a 9
do aa 100 X. Y. r. g. ls.... 17
Armour 4k Co. 4a.. 82 do d'h. 4a N
Atchlaon gon. 4a tn N. Y., N, H. II.
do ct. 4a lii t. 6a 13
do ct. ia l'KI N. W. 1st 0. 4a... N
At. C. U lat 4s.... M do ct. 4a t
Hal. Ik Ohio 4a fn No. Pacific 4a... v... too
do 3 1 do 3a 1... Tl
do 8. W. Ia !' O. 8. L. rftlg. 4 S2
tlrk. Tr. cv. 4a 1 Penn. cv. ls 1016.. t:.
Cen. of Ua. 5 105 rio con. 4a 102
Can. Leather oa S" Reading gen. 4a l
i of N. J. g. 5a.. .121 8t. U 3. F. fg. 4i II
Chea. & Ohio 4s...ld0 do gen. 6a
do rf. 6a 92 St. L. 8. W. c. 4s.. 7J
C'hU:ai) A A. la... 70 do lat gold 4a 90
C. B. A U. j. 4e.... to Seaboard A. L. 4a.... !
do gen. 4s tH 80. Par. col. 4s. ft
C. M. tz 8.P. g la II do CT. 4a 1
C. K. 1. A P. 0. 4a. T2 do let ref. 4s M
do rfg. 4s 89 So. Hallway 6s 1044
Colo. Ind. 6s 74 do gen. 4a 74
Colo. Mid. 4a 6 'fnlon Pacific 4a.... 1W
C. A 9. r. A . 4a Tv do cv. 4 104
D. A H. CT. 4a 9. dn 1st A ref. 4a.. -'
D. A R. a. 4a 94 V. 8. Rubber a 102
do ret. 6s HI I1. 8. Kteel 3d 6a.,..10
Dlitlllere' 6a 48 Va. Caro. Cham. (a. tt
Krie p. I. 4s mWabaah let e 107
ilo gen. 4a 6k do let A ex. 4s.... 43
do cv. 4a, ear. A.. 4 Western Md. 4a K3
do aeries B 62 V.'eat. Glee. cv. iB.. S7
Gen. Eleo. ov. 6a 137 Wla. Central 4a 92
111. fen. lat ref. 4s. 9 Mo. Pac. cv. 6s N
Int. Met. 4a 7S
London stock Market.
LONDON, Aug. 27. American securities
Improved today on favorable New York
advices. The closing was dull, but steady.
Closing quotations on stocks were:
Consols, money 81 LoulsvUle A N 144
do account II M , K. A T 92
Amal. Copper U N. Y. Central 114
Anaconda 1 Norfolk A W tt
Atchlaon 10O do pfd M
do pfd 103 Ontario A W 41
Baltimore A Ohio... M7 Pennsylvania te
Canadian Pacltlo ...16 itand Mlnea 4
Chee. A Ohio 7 Reading , VS
Chicago O. W 11 Bo. Rallaray ......... t3
C, M. A St. P 124 do pfd 14
tie Been 17 80. PaclNo Ill
llenver A R. 0 14 Union Pacific
do pfd Ti do pfd t4
Erlo ioU. 8. Steel 70
do lat pfd 41 do pfd lit
do Id pfd 13 Wabash 17
Orand Trunk 2 do pfd 17
Illinois Central 134 Spanish 4a M
r SILVER Bar, steady, 24d per oa.
oMUNEY-lM'l per cent.
The rate of discount In the open market
for short bills is Z per cent; the rate of
discount in the open market (or three
months' bills Is Wu-'i t-16 per cent.
Local Bwearttlea.
Quotations furnished by Samuel Burns,
jr.. 93a umkni fiiaiivuBbi ue.ii uuiiuing
. Bid. 1
Alma. Neb. Lt Is.. M .100
Beatrice creamery Co. pfd II tt
1 City Nat. Bank Bldg. Is, ltt N in
Crab Orchard, Neb.. 6a 100
Columbue, Nab.. K. L. la, 1124 N tl
Houston Water do. aa, 1444 lot lilt
Iowa Portland Cement lat Idt. Is.... tt let
Iowa Portland Cement e. Is M lot
Kanaaa O. A B. T par cent pfd t 109
Kansas City II. t L k ltll 44 t
Idlcblgan BUte Tel. is, 1934 N M
N. T. Central Un 4a. ltUJ loo 100
Omaha Water Co. Is. 1944 ta tt
Omaha Oaa, 1H7 N M
Omaha A C B. 8. R. ptd, I per seat M 14
Omaha A C. B. 8. R ia. 1121 M r
Paelfle T. A T. Be, 187 H M
Pennsylvania Buulp. 4a, lilt M IT
I'nlon Stock Yards, 80. Omaha, ex-dlv ti t
Rocky Mountain Fuel M lot
Wabash Kqulp. 4a. ltll t M
United Ry. pfd, St. Louis 4 14
Oar man-American Coffee it .....
Boston Stocks and Bonds.
BOSTON. Aug. Z7.-Closlng quotations on
stocks and bonds were as follows:
Alloues 40 Mohawk 47
Amal. Copper 4 Nerada Oon
A. 2. L. A g J Ntplaalng Mines .... 10
Arizona Com, 16 North Butte n
Atlantlo 6 North Lake ., 10
B. A C C. A g. M. 11 Old Dominion Klu
Butta Coalition IS Osceola .....121
Cel. A Arliooa 60 ParroU S. A 0 II
Cal. A Hauls 66 Qulncy T2l
Centennial 11 Shannon t
Copper Rang C. C... Id Superior 46w
Eaat Butta C. M 7 Superior A B. M.... I
Franklin 10 Superior A P. C II
Olroua Con. a Tamaraok 44
Orsnby Con 32 U. S. C. A O If
Greene Cananea 7 U. 8. S. B. A M.... IS
Isle Royal Copper.. It do pfd as
Kerr Lake I I'tah Coo J3U
Lake copper II Winona I
La Balls Copper 10 Wolverine jjo
Miami Copper It
New York Curb Market.
The following quotations are furnished
by Imogen A Bryan, members New Tork
Stock exchange. Ill South Sixteenth
street. Omahal
Bar State Oaa Inspiration .u
Butt Coalition ..... II Laroee , 4 '
Cactus . 1 Nevada Can jtw
Chlno 14A Nswboua m
Chief Con. 1 Ohio Copper
Fraction SO Rawhide Coalltloa ,, 11
Iavte-DalT 1 Ray Ontrai m
Ely OntreJ M Swift Pks, O) 10J
Ely Con f Silver King Coal'n ' t
Franklin 10 Superior A P jju
GIroux 6 Tonopah Mlnlsg .... ga?
C.oldfleld Coo I Trinity Copper tj
Ooldfleld JTorenoe... 1 North Lake inu
Ooldfleld Daley 4 Bohemia "" a?
Orean Otnanea. .... 7 "
Bank Cleartnsra.
OMAHA. Aug. 27. Bank clearing for to
day were $2.1o8,4SB17 and for the correspond
ing date laat year 2,818.477.0a, A gain of
6i8.473.99 was made In the clearings for the
week over the same time last year. Clear
ings for the week were:
aa - . 1909- 191-
M(,nQy $ 2.641,81,4JI f 8.6M.02I.16
Tuesday 1.9J6.440.01 t,Of3.33d 11
Wednesday 1061,117.65 1,169 463 67
Thursday 2.402,676. J.4S4.1h38
Friday ,Jl.477.(ib tl,4:16
Saturday ,lo6,684. I,14, 17
Totals H3,49,385.07 4,071,86.0
Treassry Statement.
WASHINGTON, Aug. I9-The condition
of thetreasury at the beginning of business
today was as follows: Trust funds: Hold
coin, $i,is5,i; silver dollars, 146.163 000
silver dollars of 1S90, $3.R.'3.fM: silver rerllfl
1 Icates outstanding, $4Mi,163.0liO. Oeneral fund:
! .Standard silver dollars In general fun'
16. It.; current liabilities. IM,7(i,799; work
ing balance In treasury offices, W.21,133j
In banks to credit of treasurer of the
United Ktatea,; subsidiary silver
coin, $30,440,410; minor eoln 1976.044; total
balance In general fund, l8o.S99.021.
New York Mlalnsx Bteeko.
NEW YORK. Aug. 27. Closing quotations
on mining stocks were:
Alice 17f. lMdTllle Con I
Brunewrfek Oon t Uttl Chief
Uran. Tunnel stock.. 14 Mexican 149
do bonds 17 Ontario )
Cen. Ol. A Va lt Optur im
Horn Silver 40 Standard t
inm Iliver 160 Yellow Jackat 40
Offered. ... .a
Metal Market.
NKW TORK, Aug r.-METAI-Markets
were dull and practically nominal as usual
In the a b Hence of news from foreign ex
changes. Tin. quiet at IK SOU M &; Uke rop
per, 'C S7al 0": electrolltlc, Ill.sji
U. 75; caXtng. ll2.2Mtl3.60; lead. $4.4o4-SU,
spelter, Io..o6.46; Iron, unchanged.
Moit Kindi of Cattle Twenty-Five
Higher for Week.
Siheep and l.amb Hroelpts Largest of
Any Week This l'ear, with Ue-
anand liond - and Prices
Steady All Week.
SOUTH OMAHA, Aug. IT, 1910.
Receipts were: Canie. i'is t-nep.
Official Momtav 10 4SJ ViM'i
Official Tuesday 7.S71 1.630 S7.ii
Official Wednesilay 6M4 -J.isJii 13.6-d Thursday J.i.Ti 21.21
Official Friday K4 .Bu U,
Estimate Saturday K10 bM
8lx days this week 2.l"i S.1 123,740
Same duys last tS.KMI &6 '3
Hame days I weeks ago.. 13.77e U.lTa ui.Wo
8ame days I weeks ago .2i.lla lb,VA bi.iii
Ham days 4 weeks ggo..!2.o;M 4n.Sl 40,5-'4
ciame days last year SU.vii 80,400 bV.JU
Hie luiiuiiai iuk annua .lie rC4ipls uf
cattle, hogs And sheep at bomb umalia fur
the year to uai. as uomparad with las:
ar: istn i,s Inc. Pre.
Cattle "57.1S1 SM.SU fl.UO
Hogs 1.4J3.127 l.7s,ritt 4,41li
Sheep 1. lit, illHI 4,ieil J.1U
The following table shows the average
prices of hogs at South Omaha for the last
several days, with comparisons:
Dates. I mo. I1W8.I1WJ8. 1307. 1!W.1906. 11904.
Aug. 17..,
Aug. IS..,
Aug. IS..,
Aug. XI..,
ug. II.. .
7 67
S 74
I M) i 88
4 M
4 M
6 1(1
I u
t W
i Vi
i 04
6 13
6 22
t 24
8 M
T 71
7 64
1 41
k 23
t 6
I ao
1 cai ,
I I Ml
6 Vll M
& nil I 92,
e hoi & ri
Aug. tt...
Aug. u...
Aug. 24..,
Aug. ,.,
I 6o
I 63
7 621 321
i till
S 77
i 77 1
7 ill 6 S4I
7 601 S
7 ttt I 41
6 on I 6 e
( 67141
I 6 Si
Aug. 27...
CATTLK Only four ears of cattle were
reported today and only about one ot them
was on sale, this meaning that there was
nothing here to make a market. Fur tli
week receipts have been very lioerai, foot
ing up Ito.Juv head as against 29, WO head one
week ago and 3u,9vu head a year agu. Con
sidering the large receipts the market has
been In splendid condition througnout the
week and entirely to the liking ot sellera.
Beef steers have been In good demand
very day until Friday, when receipts were
very small and prices have steadily worked
upward. At the close uf the week cornfed
steers may safely be quoted liUJao higher,
wth goou range beet ibc hltfnor.
Cows and heifers have been active sellers
all the week and at the close they are
safely 10&2oo higher, the amount of the ad
vance depending entirely upon the kind and
quality of the stock.
Feeders have been very free sellers
throughout the week and cattle ot that de
scriptlun have met with ready sale at
prices showing strength every day. At the
close of the week the general market un all
desirable kinds of fettling and stock cattle
Is safely 26c nigner than one week ago.
Old time operators on the market all
Insist that there never was a time when
the general market on cattle was in better
condition at tnls season of the year than It
has been In during the last. week. Receipts
have been large not only here, but at all
other points and the demand still larger.
4Uotuuns on native cattle: tjood to
choice beef steers, 7. 268.00; fair to good
beef steers, 6.fc7.2&; common to fair beef
steers, 6.u04j6.2b; good to choice cornfed
grassers, 6.6.Ud.&0; good to choice cows and
heifers. M oOao.60; fair to good coav and
heifers, I3.60ir4.p0; common to fair mwi and
heifers. 12.504 3.50; good to choice stockerg
and feeders, 4.7&6.00; fair to good stockerg
and feeders, 14. 081.76; common to fair
stockers and feedrs, $3 254.00; stock heifers,
12.76&4.7&;H veal calves, a3.60tf6.60; bulls,
stags, etc.. $3.26428 00
Quotations on range cattle: Choice to
prime beeves, S6.0tK&.76; good to choice
beeves, 66.40411.00; fair to good beeves, 14 M
QT6.30; common to fair beeves, 13.75434.60;
good to choice heifers, M.2&4T6.00; good to
choice cows, 14.004.66; fair to good grades,
(3.S04.0O; canners and cutters, 2.K$4.2o;
good to choice feeders, R0tf6.0; fair to
good feeders, $4,8o4.8Q; common to fair
breeders, 13. 26 6. 26.
Representative sales:
N Ae. FT. Na. a, rr.
1 104 I II 14 m IN
1 1180 I 4t 1 170 4 00
1 1 I M
1 400 I 71 t Ml t 40
1 14N I 44
HOGS Strong prices bought most of ths
hogs on sale this morning. The market
ranged from steady to a nickel higher
as compared with yesterday's trade. De
mand was active In both divisions, and
while shippers were small, a very good
clearance was mads during early hours.
Heavy hogs moved around i8.6&a.60,
claiming their full share of the advana
Good mixed of medium weight sold at 61.71
and better, and light hogs brought the high
figures. Selected baoon weights sold as
high as 19.16, a nickel higher than yester
day's top and also ths highest price paid
at this point in several weeks. Long
strings were Included In a spread of tlMjt
8.80, as compared with yesterday's bulk of
For the week receipts have been normal
and ths trend of prices higher. Net ad
vances ars Just about 30$4Eo, and Jnolude
both heavy and light hogs. Demand has
been active on most days from all classes
of buyers and early clearances wars mads
as a rule.
Representative sales:
He. Av. Sh. rr. No. At. go. rr.
41 4S 40 I 40 M WO ... 170 '
61 Mt M ) 44 till W I 70
40 .40 SU0 I 40 M Ml ... I7
11 Is4 ... 146 M 174 ... 170
64 trt IM I 60 61 177 110 I 70
It SH ... I 60 II 176 ... I 7ft
41 HI . 16 II t l ... I 71
M M7 1st I 60 61 fal t4 I 70
16 It0 ... I 66 64 lot ... I 7Q
U 104 SO I 66 II I7t 100 I 10
44 ra ... I 66 M Sal 110 I 70
14 t 140 1 66 II Ml 160 170
15 -.171 ... 6 61 17 ,..Mt K I 71
44 171 40 I 66 M lit 110 IN
11. Stt M I 66 41. 170 III
44 IVt 40 I W 66 174 M I 71
J IM IS) I W 61 340 40 I 76
US 1T7 ... I 66 40 J66 160 I 75
II 206 60 I 65 49 10 I 76
I Ml ... 61 44 ..Ml 10 I 71
II Ml N I 40 4a 17! 140 I 71
41 S44 120 I t S tit 10 t 71
II IO 40 40 ft 144 .., I 76
It 11 I 40 t M t I 15
It 14 10 I 10 70 141 I 75
4 247 140 I 40 tt Ml ... I 76
14 m ... I 0 47 lb N I 71
II 170 I II 4 ... I 71
10 100 ... ISO 14 167 134 I 76
It 11 M M SO 171
M tat ... Il 4T...r....t'- ... I 71
14 241 110 71 2M 120 171
M 101 144 1 40 tt Ml ... 1 M
II !M ... I 40 41 141 124 I M
4 171 60 I i: 14 231 40 I 10
40 IM liO I 43 17 V.; 120 I 10
44 MS S4 I 46 44 14t 10 I 111
It 11 14 I 41 74 142 40 I 16
M HI 40 I 66 71 251 10 I 16
M IM M I 46 74 t6 S) 1 6
M 171 24 140 K IK
M t4 ... I 45 74 Ill ... I H
M XU 124 161 46 139 ... lit
41 174 ... I SS Hi Ill 144 I M
M (VI M I 46 71 211 40 I 10
M SSI 140 t el T 2nd ... IN
14 2a4 ... 167 It !l ... ts
II 160 10 1 47 70 170 M t 00
48 IM 141 I 17 77 M4 ... t 00
ti 271 ... 170 II 117 ... t06
10 17T tt I 7 St Ml ... til
SHEEP Four doubles of sheep and
lambs arrived today, but they were con
signed direct to a packer, so that the open
market remained unchanged.
Trade during the week has been heavily
supplied with range offerings, over 120 000
head showing up. This is the largest
week's run of the year. Feeder shipments
made up ths bulk, supplies running largely
to lambs.
In point of demand, trade could hardly
be In better condition, with the result
that prices have been well sustained
througnout the week. All classes of buy
ers bought freely, but feeder outlet proved
to be especially broad, the week closing
with a perfect clearance. Feeder lambs
brought 6 264;.60 and even as -much aa
MSO. t must be remembered that these
figures call for good killing ends, larTThs
that are thin and light selling below pi 26.
Feeder sheep and yearlings have been
selling equally well, as Is Indicated by
current quotations.
Fat stock trade has been In very healthy
condition at all times. Best lambs have
been selling up to 64 71 with good ones
at 16.60 and better. Good sheep have been
moving at 4.00"t.. wethers bringing the
high figures and ewes the low ones. In a
general way both sheep and lambs are
closing steady, yesterday's sales appearing
little different from those ot last week's
Quotations on grass stock: QncA to
eholoe lambs, M 1006 76: fair to good lambs
lo.16-u0.40; feeder lamb. 14 004J.Sr; handy
welgnt yearlings. 66 (Ofll 26; heavy year
lings, M J4 00; feedet yearling, K.Oft&e ;
good to choice wethers. H 1U4 40; fair to
good wethers. $1.764. W; feeding wethers.
Li.Ha4.X, breeding ewes, 44 Ko4. feeding
twea, U.l w, tat tees, ie. ivj4.1i.
tti'tll eeen ,a tl e aewee.
No. Av. IT.
In Idaho lambs, feeders t- 6 .'A
'. Idaho yeaning, cull feeders 7it i to
41 luanu vietners. (eeoers leu A .
ill Idano eaiiiiis. levlett 4 4 v
tlllttl.U l.liT iilUtK MArlKKt
I'rlrr. for tattle. lloH. and beep AreN0 CANGEH OF A MONEY SQUEEZE
teal. j
CHICAGO, Auk. ...- A rTl.t-ttnelpSa,
esmnaieu at euv neaU; mai aet nuj ,
uwvea. e4.a'4lli.u; 'iexae etetia, ta.ioi.i',
western aievra, $4.a.Nj.t, a.uuh.i ai.u
nini.lo, H int.A'i Covte anil la, eS-0i !
no. oaivec. ati.ouwa.Mi.
moo H.ceii'ia ea.lniateij at H.uuu lioaj,
inaravi sleatty tu snaue iiianei; li".
ll.i; llUXau, .e.le; lia, A).ot,
.ough,; govu to cuolue Heavy.'; uuia of sales, i 6ti.v.
lie:ii;r' A.u LAAtus rtunripia estimated
at .iai hau; market itta.ij , na..e, 4.,i
44.w; weaiein, t..,.w, jraiiu.a". i4"w
o .o; lambs, native, H iiu-. vvi'ii,
Kansas Citr Lite Blurts Market.
KANSAd CITY, Aug. si.-CATTUhl-Ke-Lein,
mii nuau; market slaaay; naiivti
steurs, $4.it4a.Ju; touilielll steeis, 4 Uv eo;
southern vows, 4., uause cows anu
helters,; stutaeis ana teeaers, fl.Js
m.iu; hails, mutlo; miv,. 44.011
wealvrn steers, 4.(X44.o: western cows,
liuUS Heoelpts, t,000 head; msrket
steady to m' lower; buik of s.uen, Hum ii.mi;
hwivy, efloi-!; packets and butcm rs, .(Ki
JjVi); II k lit, t!MS4ts.36.
SllEltl' ANO I.A M BS Kecelpt s, 1,;X)
liend; market steady; muttons, 4.0;
litmus, Jb UHiJ "0; wetliers and yearlings,
flHg6.T6; fed western ewes, IJ.iOU.W-
St. l.onU Live Stock Market.
HT. LOCI!, Mil,, Aug. 17. C AT TLE Re
ceipts, ,0i.u nead, including son Texans; mar
ket steady; native beef steers, 6,7btt6.2";
eowa and heifers, 3.607.00: stocker and
feeders, 43.2i.tiO.iO; Texas ana Indian steers,
.Mti6.bu; oows and helters, 13 fMHii.dl;
caivos In carload lots. S.WHj1.7.
HOUH Receipts, H.uUO head; msrket
steady: pin and llahls. tg.50frV.e0; caokexs,
is.i'O'tis., butchets and best heavy, fu.ti
iHKEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 800
head; market steady; native muttons, 14.00
I&4.36; lambs, eo.tXXu-To.
St. Josepk Live Stock Market.
8T. JOSEPH, Aug. 27. CATTLE Re
celi'ts, 200 head; market steady; steers, 64.75
Q7.7o: cows and heifers, 3.0iKO26; calves,
HOGS Receipts, 2,000 hend; market
steady to strong; top, 69.40; bulk of sales,
KHKEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 200 head;
market steady; lambn, 6.2."U7.00.
Stock tn fight.
Receipts of live stock at the five principal
western markets yesterday was as follows:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
South Omaha l'O 6-00 iwO
Bt. Joseph 2"0 2.0i0 2ii0
Kansas City S00 2,000 1,600
Bt. Louis 8.OJ0 3.000 3"0
Chicago ' 300 9.0u0 2.000
8,900 21,800 4,900
Staple aad Fancy I'rodac Prices Far.
alahed r Bayer aad Wholesalers.
bUTTKH Creameiy, No. L delivered tu
the retail tiade in l ib. cartons, 62c; No. J.
In 30-lb. tubs. Ua; No. 1, In Mb. cartons.
30c; No. 2, In 60-lb. tubs, 2SVe; packing
stock, solid pack, 21 c; dairy. In 60-lb. tubs,
u(BZ4c. Maiati changes every Tuesday.
CHEESE- Twins, 18c; young America,
Wo ; daisy, 18c; triplets, 18c; Umberger,
18c; No. 1 brick, 16c; Imported Swiss, SOu;
domesllo Swiss, Mc; block Uwlss, 22c.
POULTKV Ureased broilers under t lbs.,
17c; over t lbs., 20c; hens, I60; cocks, 10c;
ducks. Uo; geae. 15c; turkeys, Mc: pigeons,
per dog., $126; botner squabs, per dos., M.tO;
fancy squabs, per dos., 68.60; No. 1, per dog.,
68.00. Alive: Broilers. 14c; ever t lbs., lie;
hens, lie: old roosters, 6c; old ducks, full
feathered, 9c; geese, full feathered, lOo;
turkeys, 19c; guinea fowls, Mo each; pigeons,
per dos.. 60c; homers, per dos., MOO; squabs.
No. 1, par dos., 61.60; No. t, per dos., 60c
FISH (all frosen) Pickerel, 12c; white
fish, ITc; pike, 16c; trout, 15c; large crap.
ples, 20c; Spanish mackerel, Uo; eel, 18c;
haddock. We; flounders, llo; green catfish.
18c; buffalo, tc; halibut, 9c; vbite perch,
tcj bullheads. 16c; roe sbsd. 81.00 each: shad
roes, per pair. (00; frog legs, par dos.. Mo;
''&BEF CUTIV-Rlbs: No. L ' iSe: Ne. 1
J8A4o; NO, . Uo. Levins; Na. t 16o; Na. t
14c; W t 11H0. Chuck: No. t 7c; N7
go; No. t to. Round: No. L So; No. L
i?; INO. S, 74. stti No. I, to; No. t. 4ii
No. I. c
FRUVrS-Orangssj Calirornla valenelas.
all sues, per box, S.00i3.2t; Medlteraaneatl
Sweets. 285 also, t..00( 824 else, U.60. Lemon."
Llmonlera, extra fancy, loo else, per box
fj.M; M0 else, per box, 18.00; choice, i
sice, per box. 17.00; 809 size, per box. I7.60
840 size, per box. VM. toananaa; Fanoy
select, per bunch. $2.toOt tv; jumbo, bunch.
82.76ifiS.7f. Cantaloupes: Colorado Rocky
Fords, 4 size. 18.2b; 4t standards. 83 64.
Plums: California, red, per tour-basket
crate, 61.. Italian Blue Prunes: Per orate.
$1.40afl.o0. Peaohea: California, per 20-lb
box. $1.10; Colorado Klbertas, per 20-lb'.
box. $1.151.Jb. Pears: California Bartlett,
per box, tl.OO; In lots, per box, 12.86; Oregon
and Utah Flemish Beauties, per box, SZ60
In lots, per box, $2.-40. Apples: Horns'
grown, In bbls., 4.0ftf4.6O: new Oregon, In
boxes, $1.76. Grapes: California Malagas
per tour-basket crate, $1.60. Watermelons1
Texas, lHo per lb. Dates. Anchor brano.
paw. 30-lb. page- In box, per box, $2.00.
VBQE7TABLE8 New Potatoes, In sacks
per bu.. $1,000X10. Sweet Potatoes; Vir
ginia per bbl., $4(0. Onions: Yellow, In
sacks, per lb., 4o; Iowa, small, per lb.,
Vro; Bpanlah, per crate, $1.60. Garllo, Extra
fancy, white, per Jb.. 16o; red, per lb.-lRo.
Egg Plant: Fancy Florida, per dos., $i.60ia
too. Celery: Michigan, per dozen bunohss,
bage: New, per lb., 2c. Tomatoes: Per
basket, outfOOc. String and Wax Beans:
Per market basket, 7uc. Cucumbers: Per
market basket, 60376c. Radishes: Extra
fancy bome-growi. per dozen bunches, 20a.
Lettuce: Extra fa icy leaf, per dozen, 46a.
Parsley: Kancy home-grown, per dozen
bunches, SOe. Turnips: Per market basket,
40c. Carrots: Per market basket, 60c. Beets:
Per market basket. 40c.
MISCELLANEOUS Walnuts: Black, per
Ib 2c; California No. 1, per lb., 17c; Cali
fornia No. 2, per lb.. 14e. HickorynuU:
Large, per lb., 4c; small, per lb., tc. Cocoa
nuts: Per sack. $5.00; per dozen, 66c. Honey:
New, 24 frames, $4.00.
Clearlna; House Bank Statement.
NEW YORK, Aug. 27.-The statement of
clearing house banks for the week shows
that the banks hold $60,0f9,000 more than the
requirements of the so per cent reserve rule.
This Is a decrease of $2,774,000 In the pro
portionate cash reserve as compared with
last week.
The following Is the New York cleat-Ins:
house summary of ths weekly statement of
clearing house banks, dally averages, for
the ueek ending August 27: Decrease.
Loans $1.24S, 254.000 $10,4iio,0u0
Deposits I,2,l,b03,0u0 8,722,000
Circulation n,.oui
!Pcie 29,ia.0'i0 1,U43,(K)
Legal Tender 71.612,000 1,060,000
I Reserve $70,915, 0t 603.0H0
Reserve required 320.873.OiO $,181,000
Iburplus 6O,0f,OU0 2.774.00
E.X. 11. o. aeposlis 60,476.000 2,770,000
Clearing house banks' actual condition to
day, liec'reaae.'
Loans $1,244,661,000 523,000
Deposits 1.27i,Ml,O0O 3.2011,000
Circulation 46.l6,OijO 811.OU0
Hpecle 2ii6.631.0u0 $,678,(UO
Legal tenders '. 71.762,OuO l,3t2,OUO
Reserve 2K8.0UI 2.416.0fl
Reserve required 319,78o,OuO 816,000
outiiu, aa.vaa.viu j.msi.tSAI
Kx-U. S. deposits 49.4to.0q0 1, 691,000
State banks and trust coitiiiuiIm of
OreuUr New York . not , reporting to the
clearing houi
l-egal tenders
Total deposits
,$1.0M,627,O00 $3,691,000
, 121,998,000 17,0i0
19.6fl.li0O 2H6.0K)
, i,:i4,otjo,ooo i,oio,csjo
Cotton Market.
NEW YORK. Aug. 27.-COTTON-Futurs
closed quiet and steady; August, le-eic;
September, 14.27a; October, 1164c; Novem
ber, 13.40c; December, 13.46c; January, 1244c;
February, 18.44c; March, 1360c; May, 1266c;
June. 1168c; July, 13.62c. is pot closed oult
to 60 points-higher; middling upland. 16.90c:
middling gulf, 17.16c. No sales.
quiet; prices 8 points higher; American
middling fair, $.7c; food middling, $J7c
middling, 8 13c; low middling, H3e; good
ordinary, 7. lie; ordinary, 7.42a The sales
ot the day were $,0u0 bale, of which 81a)
were tor speculation, and export Included
1,608 American. Receipts $,000 bales, in
cluding mo American. Futures opened quiet
and eiod steady.
Saga Market.
firm; Muscovado. 89 test, 8.96c; centrifugal'
96 test, 4 4&o; molasses sugar, 89 test, 3.70r:
refined, steady; crushed, 7.96c; granulated
(.2tc; powdered, $.800 '
Fixed to Meet All Crop Moring De
mand. Promptly.
rinanclnl St rlnaenej la tirailnalltr
l.ooirnlag anil Hankers x Are
. I'oki tented vrltb the I res
ent Outlook.
NEW YORK. Aug. 2;. (Special to Ths
Ree.)-The New vik hanks are now ready
tor whatever demands may te mad on
tliein lor moing the crop, and that they
do not now aniuip.ite any serious money
squeeze Is eieaily Imll.-aied l the fact
that they are loonenlng up In time loans.
there Is no more inula man man your1
New York llnaiu-lvr. will shy at the
slightest thing an. I at once bent 11 to hoard
his doliara. The fait that the automoblla
sales to the fanueis had gone to unusual
pi oportlons friKhtened him half to death,
and In five weeks (lie bank turpitia account
Jumped from ln.nOO.onO to $ud,0ii.00ii.
A Jimmy was aimcst as effectual In get
ting money irom tlie banka aa a request tor
time loans on itrHt-class collateral. The re
fusal to heed appeals for accommodation,
however, was beginning tir Jiente fears
liuotigliotit tne country that grave trouble)
was mewing, a deduction not wholly ua
Junilllable, inaaiiiueh as UiiKliieiin ftrius
Were being charged lamost panicky rates
tor legitimate facilities. It has become
virtually Impossible to !iKollate commercial
laper. Althouan the output was kept down
to a minimum, in absorption wax so poor
mat suppues were accumulating In Incon
venient quantity, while lo.tns on high
grade Stock excuange collateral were not
UKtiai.y procurable under 6 per cent. Ail
this has ueen cnanged.
Oauut to Help gome.
The effect of this voile face on the part
of the leading eastern banker cannot fall
to tie w luetipi ttad and to anay tne uneasi
ness that the extreme pi ei uutlonary meas
ures had arouaed. Commence Is now felt
that our crops can tie marketed without
unduly straining our nummary resuatTces.
Vv hat has heretofore been an Inflow of
currency from Ine interior will naturally
become an outflow, yet me country banki,
have been so tolntediy and repeatedly told
that they liiunt set their house In order
tnat their demands are unlikely to be ab
normal. Then Lurope'a resources are sill
open to us. All rail) w e have taken som.
$1.UUO,VOO ttold. Money Is so plentiful and
cheap In i'arls mat influential borrowers
here have been obtaining credits there by
means ot lasuitig finance mil. We wiU
have to send more or lens gold to Canada
within the next montn, but conditions there
are such that tim ueuiands will probably
fall below tne averaxe. AitoKellior, mere
lore, our monetary position has undergone
a gratifying cliaiiK tor the better.
.Prosperity of Cotton Mills.
In face of the walls from the New Eng
land cotton mills tnat tne liini prices of
cotton aie ruining liieni. vomo figures
which have Just oeeu made public would
seem to itiulcate that they are not so badly
on after all.
r'or umtance, cotton manufacturing com
panies Having their head ofltcea In New
itedford una capitalized In the aggregate
at .l4,oi).ri, lw have during the first tlx
months or liitu paid out $l,4iW,7!0 t it dlvi
uenila, or nearly per cent a year. For the
firal six months of 1109 the same companies
dlabursed 6l,4o3.047 In dividends. For ths
four years ending June 30, 1910, the Amer
ican Ttiread company paid dividends ag
gregating ii,57&,lUi'. For the first six
months of 1M0 a group of eleven New Eng
land companies paid dividends as follows:
Per cent.
Amoskeag Manufacturing company 1$
American Thread company IS
Pepperell Mills company 1$
Massachusetts Cotton Mills company.... t
Boston Duck company 10
New England Cotton Yarn company 8
Wampanoag mills $
American Linen company 6
Ctprdls mills 10
Warwick mills
Marlboro Cotton mills t
Not one of them less than 6 per cent
and three of them more than double that
amountl What other American industry;
can show like earnings?
Apple Crop Conditions.
E. H.. Shepard, vice president ot the Hood
River Apple Growers' association, and one
ot the best posted authorities on apple
conditions in the Pacltlo northwest, is
making his first visit east primarily with
the view of studying conditions In the
several market centers and particularly in
New Yoik. Mr. rihepurd is a grower'' of
apples of many years' experience and be
lieves that the market is susceptible of
considerable development.
In speaking of tnls trip he said: "Ths
object of my viait in the east Is to see
what kind of apples are most wanted, and.
among others, to find out what we,, as
growers, should do to bring our fruit Into
great prominence, and' more general con
sumption. 1 visited the International Apple
Bhlppcr's convention In Niagara Falls, and
at the solicitation of Mr. Wagner ot Chicago,
the association's president, delivered an
address on grading and packing apples.
After the convention I visited the more
important growing and shipping sections
in New York state. From my observations
I should say that the crop will be good
and be of fine quality. The fruit la well
set on the trees.
"Out In the far west the conditions are
alto good. It looks now as though Oregon
and Washington will produce this season
at least 8,000 car loads of apples. The total
number of cars In California, Colorado and
Oregon and also Washington la estimated
about 20.000 car loads. The principal varie
ties grown, in the northwest are the New
tons and Spitbenbergs. In the Hood river
section we will have fully 600 car loads
this season, all varltles.
Steel Trnst Affairs.
The Steel Trust is eating up the orders
on Its books . at ths rate of more than
1,600 tons per diem. Wall Street regarded
this showing as quite satisfactory, which
throws significant light upon existing Ideas
ss to the state of the steel trade. The first
monthly report ever Issued by ths corpora
tion shows unfilled orders on hand at the
end of July of 8,970,931 tons, against 4,257,794
on June 80, - the decrease for the month
havtrg been, therefore, 286,K16 tons. The
shrinkage during the previous three months
wax 1,144,720 tons, or at the rata of SSL66O
tons per month, against 266,863 tons In July.
The monthly report affords no clue s tr
the percentage of capacity operated, a
point that might with advantage be dealt
with In these statements, since It Is the
avowed policy of the company to glva
the public the fullest Information possible.
Dolnth Grain Market.' '
J DULITTH, Aug. 27.-WHEAT-Sptembr,
$1.14; December, $1.15; Msy, $1.18; No. 1
nortnern. ii.uuvfc.
OATS 84V4c.
24 U. A. tffee....Mkt. O. A. CoIe.
8j4 Metals P. Co.. .111. M Waastah-UUh.
M Van l. Motor.. 14.00 Winona O. At C.
' 11 Tar. T. Tun. I 60 El Tajo.
I C nit Wlr. pfd. 13.00 Rl raeor.
K 1-4 Sanltol c!hem. l lo I.urkr "alumt.
14 Athaugh-Daver.. 18 00 Onloraao Mln,
SW Snake River ... .04U Illg Tun
S'S) Doyle ron M r. A N. T. A. V.
14 Asep. P., com... Hlif King Snl. T. A O.
Tai nnia , .04'4j otlpln BouMer.
jnoo Cobalt Own ... .16 ut. Weat OU.
f Itambler C. A P.. Bid (ea Diablo.
40H0 Neat Ugg O K .4044 Camp Bird Ut
139 za8alls St., Chioago, Illinois.
An old eitsbllihed house, handling over fiOr,
different Industrial stocks end bonds, being tht
largest dealer In our line on ths Paelflo Coaat
Is surely capable ol giving reliable Information
jland advlre li requested) on the best oil invest
menu In our State. We ofter lor sale BARGAIN
LOTS ONLY. Ai a leader wears offering, wbils
It lasts, any part of 6uu) tharet ol one ol th mrm
substantial companies in the Ventura fleld.yUld,
Ing the highest grade nil in California, Nina
producing wellt now, more drilling. 16c. a share
regular price 20e. Particular ana regular Mar.
kt Letter on reaneit. Correspondence Invited,
regarding any Western security.
Chester B. Etlli I Co., Stock ft Bend Broken
lit lM em lallllsf. Its 'is!, eAUteralS
Herbert B. CooGh Go
Brokers and Dealers
Ossaaa Offler, 111 Sserl ef Tn4U uiAm
e-AU aTaaaa. Ooma;, gall 1mA. sva'vZ,
u sta mxAn,