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Don't let this opportunity
escape you.
Thursday beginning at
and for 5 hours only 9 to
11 A. M.; 2 to 5 P. M WE
style pretty ohecke.
In fut
riaSp.daVfrDm Our Baby Corner
Kgular;50c Soft Sole Shoeis per
'tee ydoho
1518-1520 FAENAM STREET.
dlao bureau .ha been Authorized to use tha
necessary v money In fighting tha fire a.
Mora Troozpa.f ceded.
Two ir.ora cornpanles of troopa could ba
uaed, , leya Mr.- Morgan,' and ha requests
that they 'be sent If available. Northarn
Pacific traina ara tied up and railroad
bridge have been burned and telegraph
wires severed.
General Maus, commanding tha Deaprt
niant of tha Columbia. In a report to Gen
eral Wood, chief tf ataf'l of tha army, aald
that a little rain had fallen on tha burning
foreata and that copdltions were mora hope
ful. To aid In caring for the forest f Ira vlo
tlma a pack train with' full hospital equip
ment and a detachment' of the army med
ical corps has been ordered 'by the War
department to prooeed from Fort Robinson,
Neb., to Belton, Mont There the train will
be divided by General Hower, In command
of the Department of tha Dakotaa Into
section end sent. wher. moat needed.
In conformity-wlth'at request from the
governor of Idaho ton days' rations have
been lsaued by order ot the War depart
ment to that portion of the National Ouard
of the state which -has been oalled out to
fight he fjrea. The state is to repay the
federal government for these supplies.
Taft Aotlaca. Brady.
President. Taft notified Oovernor Brady
Forest Gnplerts .Accounted For.
WALLACE, Idaho, Aug; M. When the
roll ot the Coeur d'Alene national forest
employee waa called In the office of Sup
ervisor; Wf R.,WeJgla;-today, all of the
men were accounted for except Joseph P.
Halm ot Wallace, a deputy ranger, who had
pertomed ejteellent'worsv and waa laat aeen
with hie erew north of -the Big Fork of the
Coeur d'Alene river. In a district that was
burned over Saturday night Grave feara
tor the safety of the crew are felt
A party of rangera are opening a road
from the Bullion mine to Wallace, In order
that the bodies of the eight men who per
ished at the mine may be brought here
for burial.
Deputy Ranger 'Edward C. Pulaski of
, Wallace, whOKe came has been mentioned
frequently In the fire despatches for his
bravery, lies on a cot In the Hope hospital,
blinded In one eye and heavy burns on tha
face and hands. -
When the twenty-four men who were
Imprisoned in the Bullion rolpe tunnel had
abanndoned hope of escape' they prepared
to die manfully. They changed shifts, ao
that some wight hold a blanket over the
mine hole,-1 while the others prayed for
forgiveness for Jhelr sins and wrote fare
well messages on scraps of paper to loved
onea. All prayed, though some had not
dona ao slnoe Infancy, - The letters written
by the eight men will be sent to the per
sona to whom they" ar addressed. The
notes written by .the survivors have been
returned to them.
The party waa la charge of Edward E.
Hale, who wrote a patne.lo guod-uye mes
sage to hls. oioUier, Mrs. C. A. Hale of
Kimball avenue, Chicago, but who waa
saved. "
Aid . ilea from Utah.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 2.-Ftfty forest
.n.a from the staff of District Forester
Sherman a'oad.n. Utah, have ben or-
. u.. .t.i ,. . ",.. ...
at once to Missoula, Mont, to aid In super
Intending, the fighting of the flames In that
district , w- s v v
These men,wh a,re trained In the work
of battling wltlt forest fires) will be put
Into service directing the work of the fire
fighting crews and assisting the troopa and
the militia. As there is no cause tor alarm
from flrea In Utah, the' officials of the
forest aervlce thought these men .could be
pared for duty in Missoula, Mont .
Bin Body of Timber In Trinity County
Is Bnrnlng.
REDDING. Cal., Aug. M.-The forest tire
near Mlnersvllle, Trinity county, has a
front ot five and a half miles and has
burned Its way Into, a belt of magnificent
timber. Eviry able bodied ' man in Lewis
ton has been ' drafted to aid the foreat
angers, in fighting the flames. Most of
the tire -fighters have been on duty forty
eight hours- without rest.
Thla conflaKjajUon la on government land
on a rallroavf batween Trinity river and
tuart'a fork, only one mile from Mlners
vil.e. In soutlie-iatern Trinity eouaty Mount
Bee Gum la aiie on two sides and rangera
from Lasso n oouuty are helping to save the
timber. . , . -
Another big .Ire. la raging on New. river,
la the northsastvpart of Trinity county,
where Forest Supervisor Haffley is In
saaige of the fire brigade.
Taft Presents Cup
to Yachtsman
Spanish Sailors and Number of Other
Visitors Present at Ceremony' .
at Beverly. , :'
BEVERLY. Mass.; Aug. Z4.-Tlie Spanish
sender yscl.tcft)) ho hvj Leon racing the
Americana foe. the- last tea tiwa wUhbut
success as . far. as, pr4s aio'i concerned,
same over, frytii Marbluhedd.luJay as guests
at President 'i'afg to .lin. lu presenta
tion on the-Mayf.oWer lit ill t'lcaiuoiit Taft
up to Charles F. Adama Wi owner and
klpper of th winning yacUt. itAi-pooii.
Th president stktd a number ut iiut golf
friends and neighbors to th cwremouy and
tor an hour oc tuora bef or noon Salem bay
was alive with launches. ;.
Th Spaniards' accompanied th offi
cer and members of the Eastern yacht
tlub from the club station at Marblehead,
toming over In half a doien of the big
ssotor boats, while th- small government
rachl Bylph Weil down th UeVoriy, Man
theatar and Magnolia shores' to pick up
tuesta walling oo - the various Utile
a harve.
Tus gpariah party numbered about a
doeen, hredad by Don Juan Ilia no y Gay
angos, th ripaiiUh minister, , and Inc'-nt.-!
Victorian Lopes Dorlga,' president of tb
Ctiildrcn's Dresses
Regular valuta 75c to ll.H mot of thera wer
th . latter price six ar from 1 to I only
French and Hlg hland bloomar
rhland bloomar mm -f
figures, etc., , t-i fl g
id dark g Inf- fjjjy
colora. light and
hams, percales, tc.--CXOXO. . .
a i
Federation of Spanish Tacht Clube; Secre
tary Eduardo de Ubao- and tola brother,
Enrique Ubao; Captain Louie de 'Arena,
Juan de Zabala and Eduardo -Astlgarrsga
of the Chonta, Captain Javier ef the Pap
poose. Skipper Manual Corral and Juan
Jose de la Qulntana of the latosqulto II and
a couple of frlunds.
Captain Adams of the victorious Harpoon
was accompanied by his crew and the own
era and crews of the other contesting Amer
ican yachta were also present
Garfield Will-;
Join Roosevelt
Former Secretary (;; Interior '..Will
Make Speeches at Denver, Ossa
watomie and St Paul. '
CLEVELAND, O., Aug. I.-Jmes R.
Garfield, secretary of the interior under
Roosevelt, will leave his Mentor, O..
home at 10 o'clock tonight for a speaking
tour of the west during which he will
ally himself Wsth Roosevelt and Plnuhot
in tha discussion ot progressive repub
licanism and conservation of the natural
resources. Mr. Garfield will speak to
morrow at Sycamore, III. Saturday he
will Join the Roosevelt party at Cheyenne,
On the evening of August 29, he will
speak before the Round Table club of
Denver on conservation, his address . be
ing a reply to the declaration of Secre
tary Balllnger that the Roosevelt con
servation policy la obstructive. At Ossawat
omle, Kas., on August SI, from the same
platform on which Colonel Roosevelt and
Plnchot will apeak, he will talk on "The
Influence of Corporations la Politics." He
will continue with Roosevelt until he do
livers an address before the Con serration
congress in St Paul, September 8. Mr.
Garfield ' expects to enter the fall cam
paigns in many states, notably - Indiana
where he will champion the cause of
Senator Beverldge. .
White Resumes
His Testimony
Man Who Says He Was Bribed by
Lee 0'Neil Browne Again
on Stand.
CHICAGO, Aug. 24. States Attorney
wayman called the case of State Represen
tative Robert E. Wilson, charged with
having been the distributer of the alleged
"Jack-pot" at St. Louis, In Judge Honore's
court today.
If 'this was a ruse to get Wilson into
court ao that he could ba brought into the
" Br"vn witness, as
M ""ted by the tailed. Judge
or postponed the Wilson cane until
after disposal of th Browno case, and
refused to dclar Wilson's bond forfeited
to the state. ' ,
Examination of Representative WHite,
wno alleged that Browne bribed him to
rot for William Lorimer for senator, was
resumed before Judge Kersten. Attorney
Forest f-;th defense, clashed with the
court in trying to get a yes or no answer
from' the Vltneaa' to 'the question as 'to
wMether he expected to b Indicted' on this
confession that he had accepted abrlba
"I don't know,"" was Whltes. repeated
answer. . . .. . jj? . yV'
Mr. Forest Insisted onv'dirWffirmsj
tlon or denial of the question In spite of
th faot that th court had ruled against
Man Who Represented Florida In th
' 1'nner Hons Elahteen Years Is
Victim ot Parallsls,
WASHINGTON. Aug. 24.r-Cerebral hem
morrhage waa the Immediate cause ot the
death at th emergency hospital here today
ot former United Statea Senator Wilkinson
Call of Florida, Senator Cart was stricken
at-- his Washington home -last, Saturday
evening. H became unconscious and was
convoyed o th hospital." Where he re
mained In a comatose atate until his death
at t a. m. today.
Senator Call la Survived by his daughter,
Who arrived here Sunday. r
Serving In the upper branch of congress
eighteen years, from I87 to 1&7; Mr. Call
occupied -an important place j on several
committees. He waa a 'native1, of Russell
villa, Ky., and was 74 years eld. In boyhood
Se nf rb Florida. At the outbreak of the
'civil war I Mr. Call enlisted as ' volunteer
In-the confederate army and bafors the close
of hostilities became adjutant, general of
Florida .troopa , Alter Ui ar the Florida
llegUlaturo estcted him. senator, but he was
knot theji seated.
Thereafter Be began th
i pi actio of law in Jackson W!..
I He aa preatdenial nle.ctor-at-1
preatdenlal nle,rtor-st-larg In 1872
and' Ii7t; V member pf;ths democratic na
tional executive committee In Itf.f anu deia.
gate to the democrauo national convention
In Wt. After-leaving public life Senator
Call continued the practice of hia profes
sion in Jacksonville .
A merloan Pilgrim In Rom. "
ROMS.. Aug. It. Th pope received today
In private audience In th ball of con-
el story a. group of 160 Americana Includ
I rig a delegation of fifty members of thi
Knights ot Columbus. The delegation waa
conducted by Rev. M. J. McOlvney ot Mid
dletown. Conn., national chaplain of th
Knights of Columbus, who presented aa
ad-Jrews and .an .offering ti tu pope.
r 1 Ail
MOirmrsTS or ocsaix btsakbab.
rv-t. Arrw4. , ' am. .
HAIiriX CsinpiriM
MKW V.'lllK K. P. Mlh.lBl.,
JKJbTOK ." (mUk4. - - -
i n Hay 10 to kUiuaUon-B Went Aita.
Eighty-Fire Thousand Dollars Be-
quested of Iowa Corporations.
Fifty Tsitssssl Dollars Sam of
Demands tha Makea ef Car Com
war Salts Asjmlnst Rook
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DE3 MOINE8. It, Aug. 4.-(Speclal
Telegram.) Totala of 10,000 were filed
In damage suits against two Dea Moines
public servioe corporations this morning
In the district court here and one of IS.MO
against the Rock Island railroad, making
a total of 185,000 as one day's record. Arada
McCrelght, a former Dea Moinea school
teacher, who was Severely injured In a
car wreck one year ago, asks 160,000 dam
ages, while Thomaa Travis, a rormer em
ploye of the Dea Moines Gas company,
asks 130,000 damages for Injuries received
In unloading a car of coke. The Rock
Island suit la brought by Theodore Sptak-
man, an employe, injured in me aiiey
Junction roundhouse.
New gaoerlntendent Selected.
The Bute Board ot Control today selected
Dr.. George Donohoe of Independence to
be superintendent of the state Institution
for inebriates at Knoxvllle. He is now as
sistant superintendent of the state hospi
tal at Independence where. he has been for
five years. He was not a candidate for
the place, but waa elected by the board on
their own motion.
Carroll to Attend Reunions.
Oovernor Carroll will on Thursday apeak
at an old settlers' reunion and plcnio at
Rlverton and the next "day will be at a
similar meeting at Vllliaca. He Is now In
Ohio where he attended the shoot In which
guardsmen from Iowa participated. It is
his Intention to address a good many gath
erings in the state during the fail. He will
also attend the atate fair during the entire
Three Deaths from Paralysis.
The State Board of Health today received
word from Mllford of the death of a child
thera ot Infantile paralysis, also a similar
caae at Parkersburg. The particulars of
the death of Frank Branagan at Waterloo
were also reoelved. lie was cashier of a
bank and a very prominent cltlaen and was
111 but a few days.
Would Copy Iowa Rates.
The State Railroad commission has re
ceived from Thomaa Cashman ot Minne
sota, a member of the legislature, a request
for. full, information as to certain phases
of the Iowa railroad law. Mr. Cashman- is
of the. opinion that the Iowa rates and
classifications are the fairest ot all the
states and he advocates having Minnesota
exactly copy Iowa 'n thla respect.
Miss Amelia Valaskt, Aged Nineteen,
, Kxplrea at Homo la
Charles City.
CHARLES CITT, la. Aug. 24. (Special
Telegram.) Miss Amelia Valaski, aged
about nineteen died here tonight about six
o'clock from infantile paralysis. This Is
the second case here.
Horse Thief Makea Coafeaaloa.
MASON CITT, la, Aug. M.-($pectal.)
Ed E. Roberta la a horae thief. The
chief of polioe ot Grlnnell, Mr Shahan,
in company, with George H. Morris, ar
rived In the city, yesterday, and going to
the stable Mr. Morris ai once recognised
tha horse as his. uo,ng to the Jail he
recognised Ed E. Roberta, who had been
In bla employ for eight days preceding
th- theft of the horae. To the police
hero Roberta atoutly denied that he had
stolen the horae, but when Morris recog
nised him he broke down and confeased
all. It was supposed by the express re
ceipt that he bad In hia pocket that he
had shipped the aaddla he stole to
Platta, Mo., but he finally admitted that
he had sold the saddle to Marshalltown
people and it was his grip that be sent
to the Missouri town. He waa taken into
custody and Is now In tha Monteiuma
Jail. "
Iowa News Notes.
FORT DODGE Mra Johnson Latta, wife
of the-founder of the bank of Duncombe,
died Sunday at her home after three weeks
Illness with rheumatism of the heart. Mr.
and Mrs. Latta were married in Jackson
NEVADA In a fit of despondency, John
Oamum, formerly of Nevada, drank four
ouncea of carbolic 'acid and died In terrible
agony at El Reno, Okl., last night, accord
ing to a ".elegram received by relatives
living here.
CAN Tit ILL John E. Silver, ' a farmer
living near here made an unsuccessful at
tempt to commit suicide by hanging him
self Monday morning. - Tho hired man dis
covered him and cut him down,- and physi
cian revelved him.
MARsHALLTOWN-On the showing made
by City Solicitor F. E. Northrup and Coun
cllm&n nnrire Herman. Juriaa J Xt Parlr.
"has granted a temporary injunction against
the Marshall Telephone company preventing
it from enforcing its new and increased
IOWA CITT Mrs. Rachel Ross, a pioneer
of Iowa City la dead here in her seventy
sixth year. Surviving are four daughters
and three sons. One ot the sons Is Dr.
Ernest Ross, Kansas City, Mo., and one of
the daughtera, Mrs. J. J. Metxinger, Fre
mont, Neb.
FORT DODGE Mra P. M. Dowd. who
sustained a fracture of the skull and similar
Injury to her collarbone In the street car
accldeit here Saturday, haa been uncon
scious ever since the accident. Physicians
doubt that she will recover, but aay aha
haa one chance In a hundred.
MARSHALLTOWN Two cases of deaths
from Infantile paralysis, were reported
from central Iowa today. George Hayes,
the 1-year-old son ot Mr. and Mrs. John
Hayes of Buckingham, died, as did Ger
trude, the 1-year-old daiiKlner of All. -and
Mra. J. J. Jackson of Newton.
SHELL ROCK While playing wild west
and impersonating some of die owboy
acts he had wltnersed In a wild west show
recently, Robert Blake, aged years, blew
oft his r.oc uitn a snoisun, which he ac
cidentally discharged. 1 ha fjlivs'.clan is
afraid blood poisoning will develop.
FORT DODGE Two famlliea. that of T.
C. Brooks, a teamster, and a family of rel
atives, were dangeroualy poisoned her
Sunday by eating spoiled breed. The
cause Is alleged to be the result of bad
flour which Mrs. Brooks Insists makes the
bread reom all right the first day after
baklna. but causex It to turn xrten and
gummy and to amell badly from then on.
FORT DO DOE Oscar Olson of Industry.
quarreled with hia father Saturday morning
over aoine trivial matter ana since men
has not been seen, ills rrantio parents ap
pealed today to tne fort uouge police to
ocate their missing son, whom they are
convinced haa run away because of the
trouble. The lad Is 18 years old and the
parents said tearfully that he la very sen
sitive to any reproof.
Kaiser's Nam Mentioned Too I.'ate In
Connection wltn No Wei Peaoa
CHRISTIAN! A, Aug. .-According to M.
Loveland, chairman of the Nobel commis
sion, th fact that Emperor William's
nam waa not proposed before February 1,
precludes his being awarded the Nobel prise
thla year.
j lii:siitrst ksriery
In the s!domlnal region is prevented by
th us nt Dr. King's New Life Fills, the
painless purifiers. ZSc. For sale by Beaton
Drug Co. ,
Tbe'svty to th PituaUuu See W ant aa
! ! I - L l- i-JJUUL
Infantry Wins
National Trophy
Marine Corps Second and Navy Third
Iowa Leads National Guard
eighth annual national rifle match and
the national trophy were won today by
the United States lnfantr team, which
scored 1,18, fifty points more than made
by the United States marine corpa, which
flnltbed aecond. , r
By the unofficial, bulletin, aervlce teams
hold third and fourth . places, the navy
with t,m and the cavalry with S.11S.
For the first time . a western state has
led the national guard contests. Iowa tied
the marine corps for- high skirmish score
-1,033 end ended, with total of S.U3.
Massachusetts'-v score, I, IOC; Wisconsin,
8,101; Colorado. 8,086; Michigan, 1,01;. New
York, ,062i Ohio. J.044.
The Montana team left for home today
on orders from Governor Norris. The t6ard
members wilt Join the forest fire fighters.
The national individual match, which Is
shot on tha; team match course and under
the same conditions, opened this afternoon
on the skirmish field.
(Continued' from Page One.)
berger. Total ovte, Dahlman, 434; Shallen
berger, 424. , .
DssIsisa Gslsi Four In Adama.
Recount in ten of the twonty precincts
In Adams county shows a net gain of
four votes for Dahlman, Change are In
ballots marked In" more than one party
column or where nam of candidate in one
party waa ' written by ' voter In another
party. . . -
Reeonnt Ordered In Dodge,
FREMONT. Aug. . fSpecial Tolegram.)
The 1,930 ballots In the Dodge county
primary election will' be recounted, accord
ing to the decision of the county canvass
ing board thia morning. The board liste'ied
for two hours to arguments by attorneys
for the governor and. mayor.
Shallenberger Louses Two.
HASTINGS,. Neb., Aug. 24. (Special Tele
gram.) Recount, of all outside precincts In
Adama county , and one of four Hastings
warda cuts two from ShaUenberger's major
ity of 4U Dahlman gained eight In the
county, but loat six )n the First ward.
Loks of One for-Governor.
FREMONT, Neb... Aug. I4.-(SpeclaI Tele
gram.) With 607 votes from ten preclnots.
In the recount Shallenberger loses one and
Dahlman gains one in Dodge county. The
count will "e finished tomorrow after
noon. Little Chaag In Hall.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Aug. 24. (Spe
cial Telegram The local canvassing
board at ( o'clock this evening had cov
ered half ot the precincts of the county. It
found ShaUenberger's i first count ' to be
exactly correct so-' far. ' In one precinct
Dahlman lost on of the recount and lh
another gained ona' No material change Is
expected lo be found hero.
Election ptficlla.Say .Popollst Votes
Were Sot Coasted fin Democratic.- -
BEAVER CIT.tvfb.. Aug, J4.-(Spedal.)
The intimation, as published by the Dahl
man committee' In an Omaha, paper, that
there nes been frauds In Furnas oounty
by the election boards In counting populist
votes for Shallenberger ao democratic- votes
and tallying the same la th democratic
column caused considerable comment' and
indignation here. No on acquainted with
the facta believes 'that this was dona It
was not done in Beaver City precinct. F.
M. Mervln, editor, of the Times-Tribune
and secretary of the republican county
central committee, says that he was pres
ent at the canvassing of the vote the entire
time, and that no votes war so counted.
D. K. Morgan, county clerk, chairman of
the republican committee, states that he
sent a letter to every republican Judg of
election a few. days before election calling
attention to the law and touched especially
upon this point. T,' F. Newton, cashier of
the Bank ot Beaver City, secretary of th
populist county committee, says that h Is
confident that the populists votes were
counted for Shallenberger. and, , in. fact.
that ShaUenberger's populist vote in the
county was as. large as expected. -
Blander of Clerk and Printer Mar
Disfranchise All Voters In County.
MINDEN, Neb., Aug. S4. (Special.) Tha
defective primary ballot prepared by th
fusion county clerk, J. H. Jensen, and
printed by th fusion paper, th Courier,
leaving . out th constitutional . amend
ment, thereby disfranchising th voter
of Kearney bounty on this subject,
continues to b . a toplo of Intense
interest. . '.
. The statute clearly provides that It shall
be the duty of county clerks to cause to
be printed In the primary election ballots
of all political parties th question ot such
constitutional amendments. .Whether It
will Invalidate the entlr stat and oounty
tickets Is a serious one. It Illegal In Kear.
ney county it is equivalent to giving Dahl
man 191 votea, the majority Shallenberger
received. This mistake on the part of th
fusion county clerk is severely criticised.
: Several attorneys here ar looking Into
the legal phases ot this mistake, among
whom ar Ex-District Judg Ed L. Adams
and recent candidate for attorney general
C. P. Anderbery. The question has a state
wide significance because ot the demand
made yesterday for a recount of the vote
of Kearney county by Dahlman.
Expense Aewonnts In Otoe.
NEBRASKA CITT, ' Neb., Aug. U -(Speclal.)
The candidates In th recent pri
maries hav filed their expense accounts
and It shows they spent all of the money
the law allowed: them to do. The candi
dates for commissioner on the republican
ticket expended their money aa follows: E.
P. Souders, 144 W and F. R. Roos. $27. Th
candidates for county attorney L. F. Jack
son expended fSt.SO and G. H. Helnks S9S.40.
The other candidates had no opposition.
Reeonnt Be-artna In Otoe.
(Special). Th canvassing board begun th
recount of the votes cast for the democratic
candidates for governor, at the primary
lection last week, this morning, In pursu
ance of the demand of Governor Shallen
Mayor Lett of f.lauoln One ot Bneak
of Moalclnalltle.
ST. FAI L. Aug. .-All of the delegates
to the league of American Municipalities
now holding Its' annual convention here,
ere taken to Minneapolis today and attvr
a reception at the city hall and a luncheon
25, 1910.
Big Island, in Lake Mlnnetonka. where a
brief session waa held.
The commission form of government"
waa th topi of ih session.
Mayor Love ot Lincoln, Neb.) Mayor
Davidson, of Wichita. Kana. ; Mayor Con
red of Ban Diego, Cal., and T. J.) Powell
of Fort Worth, Tea., were th speakers.
Eleven Injured
in Auto Collision
Cleveland Polioe Ara Investigating
Wracking of Two Cartin Down
Town Distriot
CLEVELAND, O., Aug. f4.-Th polio
ar Investigating th collision of two auto
mobile In th downtown distriot early
today, la whioh levwn people wer In
jured, on of whom, John 9. McOorrny,
may die.
Occupants of th two machines blam
each other for the accident. The chauffeur
ot McGorra's machine has disappeared,
aa has also on of th women In his party.
NEW TORK. Aug. K-The death today of
Mrs. Bertha Glass, who was injured In the
collision between a work train and an
automobile. In which she was riding at
the Merrick crosing of the Jxmg Island
raflroad, runs the death list up to four.
Of !ght other who wer Injured in the
accident two are expected to die.
Cattle Raisins; Iadostrr Proaoera
Betr In Box Bntta Than
Farther West.
Frank Peterson ot Alliance, Neb., one of
th large stock raiser of th stat and
th father of a Rooseveltlan family of boys
declared yesterday that the sand hills ot
Nebraska were a far better proposition tor
cattle than the sag brush of Wyoming or
th far west He said h had sunk $10,000
in Wyoming trying to establish a ranch
thera while at th same time his Nebraska
ranch in the aand hill country of Nebraska
had madt him a good fortune. H 1 a
cattle raiser with an experience aa bid as
tho state. "This year," be aald, "our pros
pects ar good and th price w ar get
ting tor cattle ar nearly $1 per hundred
better thin laat year for th earn grades.
Our herds hav don well and th hay orop
will nearly make the average in the sand
hill country.
"My Wyoming stuff, although some of
it haa come In to market, haa not been In
the best condition. I told my foreman to
keep back all the poor stock; and I will
have to take care of It on my Nebraska
ranch largely. In this way I bops to come
out even,"
Enters Grocery of Samuel Rl
and Klodos Pnrsnlt by His
Samuel Rlseman. who runs a small gro-
stor at 1220 Capitol avenue, Is shy 170
through tha daring exploit of a sneak last
evening. Whll th family was seated
outside of th shop th thief gained en
trance by th back, got at th till, and
helped himself to all that waa in It before
his presence waa discovered. He was then
making: his exit and, followed by Rlseman,
h mad west on Capitol avenua He got
the better of hia pursuer by running the
plank, jumping into the excavation for th
U. P. building, and crawling through a
concrete 'ohute. The last seen of him, be
was fleeing across Fourteenth street to
Dodge street. Of fleers, Morgan and Stead
erman went out to Inveatigate, but by then
the bird had flown, leaving not a trac but
a vagu description ot bis build and wear
ing apparel.
Ono Person In Thonsand Attacked
and Only Ono la Ten Thou
sand Dies.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 4. Reassuring
resolutions touching acute Infantile paraly
sis were adopted last night at a meeting
attended by about 130 Washington . physi
cians. The resolutions set forth that the
doctors deprecated the undue alarm which
haa been groused.
"Even in sever epidemics," the resolu
tions reclt. "only on person per thouaand
la attacked and on death par ten thousand
of population 1 an unusually high mortal
ity." Varying views as to whether th disease
Is contagious wer expressed, a motion
that President Tft be called on to direct
an offlolal Inquiry into this point was voted
down because of th belief that It would
caus undu alarm. '
Gallagher Isyi He Prays Night and
Day '" Rocoverv of
NEW TORK, Aug. K Mayor Gaynor
was up tor thre hours all told today,
walking about his room or reading. He ate
well thla evening and waa in good' spirits
By S o'clock h was sleeping peacefully.
Jam 3. Gallagher, the mayor's assail
ant, laaued a statement through counsel
today. The statement In Gallagher's own
spellng, follows:
"I, James J. Gallagher, red la Friday's
mong. paper tjiat I aald I was glad I shot
Maor Gaynor and that 'I was sorry I did
not kill him. This asserdon is not only a
fabrication but a deep-dyed LIE aa waa
ver told on any person. I have been
praying night and day ever alnce the oc
currence, if th prayer ot th sinner is
heard, God In his goodness has heard my
prayer and I all merclfull and goodness to
Delicacy, Pal aiabilify and U ourishmcnt
The food to tecuie the best results as it possesses the three most
important qualifications, viz: Delicacy, palatability and nourishment.
By the Wending of WHEAT. OATS, RICE and BARLEY, these
three qualities ate combined in a most admirable manner. Prepared
as directed, you will have a food that you can eat with relish. Might
be called the Vegetable Phosphorus for eldcily people. Asit your Giocer.
th sinner, for he said to the thief on th
cross, this day will though be In Paradlre
alth me."
Aberdeen Rejects
Detective Bureau
Bitter Municipal Campaign Results in
Defeat of Mayor's Pet
ABERDEEN, & D.. Aug. 4.-(Speclal.)
Aftr th most blttr municipal campaign
In years, th voter of Aberdeen, at a spe
cial lotlon yesterday rejected the ordi
nance fathered by Mayor Rock, creating
a city detective bureau, by a vote of 1,0,1
against the ordlnanc to 102 for th ordi
nance. Dr. H. J. Rock, democrat, waa
elected mayor over A. N. Aldrlch, re
publican, at the olty election last May by
a majority of close to 800 cut of a total
vote of 1,400. Th chief ot police under
Mayor Aldrlch was Charles B. Zlrbes.
Zlrbes became quit unpopular and shortly
before election resigned and Ostensibly
left the city. He was an Issue In the
campaign, however, the opponents of Mayor
Aldrlch claiming that if Aldrlch was re
elected be would reappoint Zlrbea
Shortly after Dr. Rock was elected, Zlrbes
returned and was appointed to a placa
on the police force as a "plain clothes"
man. It was found th mayor did not pos
sess th power under th city ordinances
to mak snch a position permanent, and
th friend of the mayor and of Zlrbes
on th council then passed an ordlnanc
creating a city - deteotive bureau. Mayor
Rock thereupon appointed Zlrbes chief of
deteotive with th same salary as that
reoelved by th chief of police. A refer
endum petition was presented, asking the
mayor and council to present the new or
dinance to a referendum election.
Mayor Rock threw th petition out on a
technicality. Th council later took th
matter up, accepted th petition and called
a special election, which was held yester
day, resulting in th defeat of th ordi
nance. During the campaign numerous
affidavits relating to Zlrbes' alleged short
comings as an officer, and counter affi
davits reflecting upon the moral character
of the men signing the anti-Zlrbes ordi
nances were printed In th local paper.
rrsistnt Advertising Is the Road to Big
Keturua. ,
Harrison M. Greargr.
SPEARFI8H, S. D:, Aug. 4.-(Special.)
Harrison M. Gregg, on of th best known
of the early day settlers In this section,
Is dead at his home her ,agd TO. For
many years h had been prominently Iden
tified with the mining Industry In this sec
tion of the state and was a member of th
lower house of the legislature from Law
rence county. Under Sam McMaster In
the eighties h waa assistant superintend
ent of the Homestake Mining company, for
some time being In oharge of the big con
cern. ' He was a natlv of Wauwatosa,
Wis., and leaves a sister, Mrs. A. W. Coe
of Deadwood, a daughter, Mrs. W. B. Par
kins, Jr., of Lead, and a son, Louis, of
Kellogg, Idaho. , ' ' '
Alexander Montvlll.
KANSAS CITT, Aug. 84.-Alxander
Montvlll. . for nearly twenty years olty
ticket agent her for the Wabash railway,
died at his horae at Bonner Sprfngs, Kan.,
near here, last night, following a stroke
of apoplexy, aged ST years. Burial will be at
Leavenworth, Kan., Wednesday.- The aer
vlce will b m charge of th Maaona.-'
Slashed with a Rasor,
wounded with a gun, or pierced by a rusty
nalL - Buck ten's Arnica' Salvo heals th
wound. Guaranteed, ttc For sal by
Beaton Drug Oov ' '
The Weather
For Nebraska Partly cloudy tonight and
Thursday: cooler 'tonight and southeast
portion Thursday.
For Iowa-;Unsettled with probably show
ers, tonight or Thursday; , cooler.
Temperature at Omaha yesterday t
Houra .
S a m...'
It, m. . .
7 a, m...
S a. m...
9 a. m...
10 a. m...
11 a. m...
13 ro......
1 p. m
2 p. m
3 p. m
4 p. m
. 6 p. m
p. m
7 p. m
5 p. m
Record. .
OMAHA, Aug. 14. Official record of tem
perature and precipitation compared with
the corresponding period of the laat three
yearat . ' 1910. 11K. 190. 107.
Maximum temperature '.. W K 71 Rl
Minimum temperature ... 77 US 65 6?
Mean temperature M R2 8 TJ
Precipitation w.. -00 .00 T .00
Temperature and precipitation departures
from the normal at Omaha alnce March 1,
and compared with the last two years:
Normal temperature 7S
Exceas for the day 7
Total excess slnoe Msrch 1, 1910 674
Normal precipitation IS Inch
Deficiency for the day 18 Inches
Total-rainfall sine March 1.... S.U Incnea
Deficiency sine March 1. lf10.. 14 SI Inches
Deficiency for cor. period -1908... I W Inches
Excess for cor. period, lSOs .01 Inch
Reports from Stations nt T P. M.
1 Station and Stat ' Temp. Max. Rain
t Weather.
1p.m. Temp.
Cleyenne. cloudy
Davenport, part cloudy
Denver, cloudy
Dec Moines, clesr
Dodste City, part cloudy
Lander, cloudy
Omaha, part cloudy
Pueblo, part cloudy ....
Rapid City, cloudy Lake, clear
Santa Fe, part cloudy .
Sheridan, part cloudy .
Sioux City, part cloudy
Valentine, cloudy
, 70
T" Indicates trace of precipitation.
L. A. WELSH, Local Forecaster.
.srivLur y p-
Knox Hats
For sale everywhferfcv
i i. i'
Our "Specials" are hoteJ.
for the ample price reduc
tions, but here s -a- list "to
surpriss even those best o-
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or them ,..-.v : ,
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at t. 'ir,
tic Peroxide Hydro-
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teed .-......,),."
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1.00 per ounc.i.(i.i"
35c Jersey Buttermilk Soapy
box of three bar. ,,, , 'yg-
for-' v . sl-.
25c Mennen a Or Colgate s
Talcum Powders
all odora .-. . i
60o Canavera Greaa- i A,
loss Cream.. . ,. ,f . .. J.
tbc i-ernn s r.ngusn .. wit.
Toilet Waters.
1100 RlckBecker'' "Toilet
waters an ooors, -.1117
15tb and.Farnaia .
Take Your
Rant a box la out sat de
posit vault. You undoubted
ly have many gmaTl vftfu-"
able and papers,' that., you .
would like to keep gate f rota
burglars or fire, i- v
Our vault is ' both' tire-
proof and burglar ftroof, '
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per year or $1.00 for three
months. " :; ' "
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American Safd Jpepbslt,
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aion. ietb.Bt. '
will rent ..iat vacant house, fill
tho vacant rooma, or. soara
'boarders on short, at vry
mall cost to you. Try,l,t,. , ,.,
Always th Best la VauaevUle ait
Omaha's Leading Vaudeville Theater.' J ' '
(treat now tills week. Matin' nd
Might Performance Xvry Say. t- . .
Mr. Lionel Uarrymore and Mr. McKwr.
Rankin, assisted by Miss Doris Rankin:
Gus Edward's Night Birds," with- Mlsj--Nellle
Brewster; Smith -and CaroDbeWr.i
Onalp, tha Hindu mystery; the NespolU&ns;.-,-Bplssell
Bros, ar Co.; Miss Jane Boynton
ana Miss fan uourke; tnnora -Valantin -and
Dooley; Klnodrome; OrpUeum circuit:
orchestra of fifteen talented artiste.,
PR1CEH Week days: Jdatinee, only 10c
and 2"c; nights, only 10c, iia -and 5c;' Bus--day
Matinee, 10c, 25o and ,60c, and nights'1 'f
same as week days excepting few, from -rows,
76c. .. ,
4 V
Th Theater open' tor Inspection
Wnady to Sunday. 10 A. M. to 10 P.
la. liverybody cordially invited.
Greatest Vaudeville
Show Ever In Omaha...
Wight IS, 88, BO, 76c Mat, 10, OS
Tonlgb.1 SilS. Matin ' gaturdar
gun. 1 Th Show Oirl With llda
Thomas, Assisted by Loa Mall.
'If i-
HISS EVA LANS md Ctmp.of' -
in - j .1 .
Love W atche
CgnmeBciBi Saturdaf Ni'tbt, August 27 ,i
Omaha . WichilaL r
August 2, 21, 2S, 1S5,
Vinton titreot , o
2 Gaines Auust S 1st ( nllml 2 p in. i.
tiaineH t.'ulltl 3:4$.: . f'.
kyjUl C'r LtsateN IStU auii iruaiu ,