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fcoot mat -
t prutlsf to ta VUn..
Bltrla Ta Borg-OraBd Oo.
Them. W. Sla.kfeur for congr..
DTy Claaalnf of carincnts. Twin
' City ! Work. 401 South klftcath.
Ti. ir.bfaak kUTlaf. and Loaa A 'a.
' " loan J on homes only in DougUa county.
Srvlc prompt, trrma reasonable, uoard
" of Trad Bid., 1G0J Karri am ht., Omaha.
ttmktr Ootupany XncoryotaU Amend
ed rtlclri of Incorporation liava been filed
' ty tht Walroih .t tflirrwood Lftimber com
' panjr." increavlng' th. capital stock to $tZ
rirat Tenant la Waw Baak Ball .nf
The Occidental Building- and Loan associa
tion ta tu firm tenant to Ret located In
tho City National Ilank building. A large
.number qt piUeit will move In Saturday
X th piToroa Court Minnie A. Dod
. uu Jiua atnrted suit fpr dlvorca from
Oeorre B.1 Itodson on grotinda of extreme
. cruelty. Alice M. Daugherty aika a
divorce from .Thomas - B. Daughtrty on a
atmllaf ohargev
, ,'0djr Fropertr AppraUed -An appraise
ment of Uie will-of the late Henry P. Cady
shows the estate to amount to $100,37. Of
tthl dmoVnt was In the form of
shares In the Cady ' Land company, with
Ijtherpropertlea t amounting to $r,J40.
ataha SCrktn Qualify Three members-
of Company L of the First Nebraska
National Ouard qualified a marksmen at
the, recent jiboot at Ashland. These w ere
ClyaVHUl,' Harry Carlson and Mao Park
rnson, alt of whom scored W out of a poa
ibT lipt !0tt 0u and 500-yard ranges.
Large ul for AUeged ajianderA suit
fpr $2J,000 has grown out of a controversy
.oyer jtha aniji '. ,of . 56. ' Maranda J. Steen,
formerly Maranda J. Wlnoh. has brought
"aolt' for"' this 'amount against Clevlua C.
, KcnaaJl on i '.Charge of defamation of char
acter. 'She. claims that Kendall threatened
tier Hrfest.
Ourtlsa Talks to the Boys The Boys'
Aero dab of the Young Men's Christian as
sociation will hear an address by Glenn It.
Curtiaa. .at -the association building Tit-
dny evening at S.80. The meeting will be
hefd on' the sectnd floor. An Invitation present has been , extended to mem
hers ot the Aero 'dub of Nebraska,
rrotrt on Wooden Blooks The coun
oil met In con.mlttee of the whole Monday
afternoon to prepare for action at the regu
lar meeting' Tuesday night on several mat
ten that have been . hanging fire. The
Sixteenth street' creosote paving came up
for dlKsussion, as the council la waiting
for the protests that are said to bo due,
-Bids - on Bridges Bids on tho yearly
bridge apd culvert construction and re
pair work In Douglas county were opened
- Monday morning by the Board of County
Commissioners. When let the contract will
' eatt-'Ior between rf,TO0 and $10,000-In new
work and repairs. The Standard Bridge
;oii)pany was,: low bidder, but its figure
has1 not been given out.
Big Events of Last Week Are All
Magnificent Successes.
At Mea'a (osvrstloi, Sarnserfeet
and Aviation Meet Testify
Ike fttartlinar Worth of
Omaha's recent activities are financial
successes. The Ad men, the Saengerfest
and tho aviation meet are all wholesome
financially. The last Is, of course, not yet
over, but attendance has bern sufficient to
make It certain the aviators will get their
guarantee and tnat expenses will be met
It cost a little less than IS.W0 to stage
the Ad club convention. Of this umount
$l,bO0 was spent to secure the convention
and advertise It, and a like aum was ex
pended in entertainment of tho visitors.
This did not, of course, cover tho whole
entertainment, the KnlghU of Ak-Sar-Ben
and the newspapers contributing materially
In this resoect. Of this 13.000 part was
raised by tho Omaha Ad club and part was
expended by tho Bureau of Publicity of
the Omaha Commercial club.
Tho saengerfest dealt In larger figures,
This was nothing less than a $20,000 propo
sition. It coat this sum to pay tho big ex
penses. Tho Auditorium rental wae about
$400, an amount less by $200 than Ml
Msry Munchnff, Marcus Kellerman and
Christian Hansen each secured for warb
ling hers. The expense of tho stage was
ooi slderable, advertising oost a big sura,
and conductors' salaries ran Into tidy
money. The musicians Imported from Chi
cago to fill out the orchestra wera well
paid, and they got their traveling ex
penses alsot The local Instrumentalists
also had their recompense.
The financing of the affair was conducted
by tho Omaha Saengerbund association,
wl.lch hue not yet balanced Its books, but
will soon.
The outlook Is that $W0 to $1,000 will be
The Curtlss company will carry off hslf
tho gross receipts of the present meet, with
a guarantee that' this will com to $6,000.
It Is likely that this will be met by the
Curtlss' assistants get pretty good money
for risking their necks. They will probably
receive sometlilnir like S1.&00 apiece for
their five days' work r.ere.
Woman Sentenced
for Taking a Grip
Minnie Wjtm Confesses She Stole Suit
case and Burned Valuable
' ' UalteoV Brethrela Charcot Scene of ta
Isnresive, ' Old-Faaktoaed
r..l. -,. CsMBISari .
Rev. M. O. McLaughlin, pastor of the
' United Brethren ohtirch at Nineteenth and
Lothrop streets, invited 'all tho members of
p tho Old Folks'. -Home of Omaha to attend
hU services Sunday. Automobiles were se
cured to bring tbem to the church and
' backhand after the service a short ride was
on joyed by alt tho old people.
. Tbe service was especially carried out ac-
:'jd ACW$ln.A i H fltttt ? u-f ojna,1ld-:tashlonifid
nymns being sung ana communion serveu
' : to' them afterwards. ' Many of the visitors
had' hot been Inside a real church and gone
through th service In that way for years.
and, their faces lighted up with tho un
wonted honor" don thern.
... Tho hoary head la a crown of glory If it
hall bo found In the way of righteous
ness," was the text of tho sermon or short
talk preached by Mr. McLaughlin. He ap
plied It well to tho lives of the elders, show-
Ing that as they had lived a righteous and
Christian life so would their heads be
crowned with glory.
"Lovo. service, beauty, wisdom and lm
' mortality are the flvo golden points of the
starry wown'of glory," said tho minister,
Th .Infinite Jove of God. th services wo
render to others, beauty of a noble char
acter ahown In the face ,ts,e wisdom of
what Is rlgh$ nd ood nd' la,t'y- th
crown of Immortality which can bo gained
only through tho belief in Christ, are th
essentials ot a perfect nfe.
, "Jesus cam . Into tho world to say us,
and premised we should ono day be Ilk
unto , Him. Th farther wo go on Uf'
rocky way and. tho older wo become In
year th deeper and stronger Is our be-
! lief In Immortality."
Acts Against
Resolution Passed in Business Meet
in; Urpes Strong Fight by
Liberal Element.
Following Is a copy of tho ' resolution
touching the prohibition question at th
business meeting of the Saengerbund of th
Northwest, held at th German horn last
The Northwestern Saengerbund, In con
vention assembled at Oniana, Neb., July U,
mo, hails with satisfaction the formation
of a Nebraska branch of mo Uerman
Amerioan National alliance, with the aim
of organising the Ur man-American popu
lation ot the elate, and also to unite an
liberal minded ultisena of whatever na
tlonailty for
the masses as
ecunonilcal results of orohlbUlon,
we sympauiise Willi tne nuerai element
of Nebraska In their elcorts to maintain
the cause of personal liberty and hope they
may succeed In defeating all further re
strictive legislation, and may eventually
accomplish the repeal of now existing un
reasonable limitations of your unalienable
rignts ana uoerties.
m uiiiBcua ui tt ,im wTi .la
the purpose of enlightening
s to the Injurious moral and
Circus Parade
Startles Crowd
Sells-Floto Aggregation Becomes Di
vided and Two Processions
Are Seen.
Hach ' ia t'ho Obaorratlon of I,. W.
Wakelrr on Trip Throoga
tho Northwest.
Dry farmer who have depended on tho
rain to help, them . out for moisture ln-
etad of jweeHMnf summer tillage methods
and saving th last year' rainfall win
havo very light crop," aays L. W. Wakeley,
general passenger agent of th Burlington,
who ha lust returned from a tour of th
Burlington lines In th west.
Mr, - Wakeley' trip was ot eight day
and took in tho territory In tho Yellow
ton Valley... Montana. Big Horn Basin,
North Matte, valley and Cheyenne and th
general condition of th country In tho
section : dryer than It ha bean for th
last flv years.
"To soma extent the cause of th farm'
rs losing moTiey cn their farm 1 because
. tcalous real estate men havo sold them 180
' acre of land to farm when they could not
possibly tak care of more than forty or
. lxty acres. All th t-lgatlon projects be-
, , Ing Introduced by ','. government or
bringing big returns to th men In those
section and It alxjws that all must com
to this point In th end."
The Oarforta Uearla o Arrlre y th
.... Carload for Tale Market.
' Charles Bassett, special representative of
'th StudebakeMJarford 0a, received today
a solid carload of machines and expects
several more during th week. Thia is
' oti of tho popular new cara In this part
of the country. A special exchange prop
. . oaltlon la made by th special represent
. tive, allowing every purchaser of a Oarford
cr to trade In his old on, no mattes
'' what manufacture It may be.
Mlnnl Wyss was given twenty days In
th county Jail Monday morning by Judge
Crawford, for stealing a suit case belong
Ing to Roscoe Griffith. It was alleged
Griffith, who is a stranger in th city, set
th case down on th sidewalk Saturday
morning for a moment, while he stepped
Into a store. Upon returning he found It
had disappeared. He happened to find a
street car conductor, who had taken the
woman' far and In that way traced the
case for a distance. It was later recovered
by the police, who unraveled th affair,
and brought the woman into me station.
Borne .valuabl paper, whloh Grlffth said
on Saturday he was th most anxious to
recovery-er missing, and- updn a ques
tioning the woman confessed that she had
burned them. They were of no valua to
her, so she put them out of the way. The
remainder of th good wa recovered.
Workman Struck
by Emery Wheel
Clemens Fitch in Serious Condition
from Accident in Machine
Struck about the face and head by flying
fragment of an mry wheel, Clemens
Fitch, a helper at th Bharp Machinery
company, 611 South Fourteenth street, was
seriously Injured hortly after I o clock
Monday afternoon. Fitch wa at work on
th wheel grinding a tool when a defect
caused the wheel to fly apart and pass
with sreat force In every dlreotlon. The
Injured man wa taken to tne ponce sta
tlon and attended by Surgeon Loveland.
It wa found h had suffered a possible
fracture of th lfead and numerous lacera
Hons. He wa then taken to th Omaha
General hospital. Pater Stllllns, another
employ of th machlno hop, wa nar
rowly missed by a larg portion ot th
disintegrated wheel.
Porter at Prasroo Hotel Found After
SvraJIOTTlng Poleon with !
cldal latest.
John Soukup died yesterday evening at
th Prague hotel. Thirteenth and William
street, from carbollo acid poisoning, and
Coroner Crosby, who has taken charg of
th body, think It la a cas of suicide.
Soukup wa a Bohemian, with no relatives
In thla country, and had been employed at
the Fragu a porter alnce Easter. He had
not been In 111 health and liothlng has so
far been discovered to Indicate any reason
for his taking his fe. He was found in
on of th room by two other employes
of th hotel, F. J. Hasal and Frank
Sttashy. who had been attracted ther by
what they described as a peculiar odor.
Dr. Charles J. Nemeo wa summoned, but
the man died a rolnut or so before he got
to the place. He prorounced death due to
carbolic acid poisoning. Th bottle ha not
been found.
Two parades mled ot on wer what
crowds along Douglas and Eleventh streets
saw wheh th Sells-Floto aggregation be
came divided at that point Monday morn
ing. Th proceeekra of elephant, animal
wagons, bands, calliope and other things
formed an Impressive spectacle on It reg
ular merit, but the unexpected maneuvers
lent considerable interest.
About half tho procession, which com
prised the load went astray by merely
keeping headed forward east on Douglas
and caused temporary bewilderment by not
turning south on Eleventh, street a In
tended. Th latter half section turned It
proper corner according to orders, and two
parade resulted. Several messenger wera
dispatched ahead when the lapse was noted,
and the forward section was caused lo
double in It track and proceed back to
Eleventh and get in line again. Th result
was that what had been the vanguard in
th beginning became th rear guard tor
the rest of th way.
Flaying "Put On Tour Old Grey Bon
net," and several other up-to-the-minute
popular airs, the callope musician of sells
Floto's circus established for himself the
reputation of being th cleverest callope
man that ver came to Omaha. The artist
handled th key of his ponderous musl
cal Instrument as adeptly as If he were
sitting at a. piano. Th tone vibrated
throughout the business section of the
Six monstrously big and splendid animals
oomposed th famou Armour team of
gray, which wer th most notable feature
of the parade. Owned by J. Ogden Armour,
and the possessors of countless horso show
first prizes, th horse are lent to the cir
cus for exhibition purposes. It was an
nounced that the handsome cups and other
trophle won by them will be on exhibition
at the circus this evening.
Th Sells-Floto parade was distinctive
particularly in th appearance of It animal
wagons. These conveyance are coated with
gold leaf- instead of the usual barn .paint
used on most circus wagon. It Is said
one ot th band wagons, resplendent In
gilt bears an outlay of $1,100 Worth of gold
Governor Orders Suit to Oust Chiet
and Three Members of Board.
It Charge that I.lqaer Is Illegally
Id at My Places that
Officers Rfoe to Tak
Any Actios.
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, Neb., July . (Special Tele
gram.) Governor Shallenberge this morn
ing directed th al.'orney general to bring
quo warranto proceedings to oust from of
fice Chief ot Police Donahue of Omaha,
Fred Hoye, William J. Hunter and William
F. Wapplch, member of th Omaha Fir
and Police board, for falling to enforce
th liquor law in Omaha. The governor
acted upon a complaint filed with him by
Charles J. Karbach, member of tho Fir
and Pollc board. In the complaint It ta
charged that houses of prostitution to th
number of S6S have taken out government
license, to sell Intoxicating liquor and
hav no city license, and that they ell
beer at all hour or th day and night and
on Sunday. Karbach allege that he per
sonally visited th red light district and
wa oIiolted to enter th house by girls,
and that he Informed Chief Donahu of
what he saw. Th reply th chief made
to th complaint, he says, was thla:
"Your a liar and don't know anvthln
about It Th women wer probably tuck
on your whiskers." Karbach allere that
liquor ha been old Illegally at th Dahl
man club, th City hoteli Dolly Green',
Master Coffee house, Mr. Pat Moran'a,
Th Colonial, Wroth' Chill parlor, 118
ouuin lentn street. Th XfMo,.., hit
Douglas street Owl oluh'e cluh Jnnm..
Sixteenth and Leavenworth; Mehanim'
club, 1U Farnam street, upstairs: 10
Jackson, Seventh and flrc, Italian
grocer; Bourk. Tnth and Davnport; 714
"".in oixieentn, upstairs; 15a Dougla.
aloon; Big Four saloon, 216 South Four
teenth and Ninth, and Douglas.
ue compiamt alleges that Mayor Dahl
man know all about th Illegal sale of
lquor, but refuse to do anything. In his
ittr to the attorney general the governor
f-V'u, t r,ven ,h Pllc mP' "
., J1 f 1 Clean up' ut th onl has
failed to do so.
John H. Gibbons -is
Laid at Rest
Body of Well Known Former Member
of Police Force Laid Away in
Holy Sepulcher.
Numerous and representative wa the
gathering of mourner at th funeral yes
terday afternoon of the late ox-Sergeant
John H. Gibbons, who wa on of th most
popular and respected members of th city
pollc force. Th cortege, which wa
headed by a platoon of his late comrades
in th department commanded by Lieu
tenant Hayea, and followed by a long line
of carriages, left the residence, S62S North
Twenty-eighth avenue, at 2:90 for the
Church of the 8acrd Heart Th burial
service there was read by Father Judge,
following which the body wa taken to
Holy Sepulcher cemetery and placed In a
reoeptlon vault, pending, th arrival of th
brother, Michael, from West Chester, Pa.,
when th Interment will be mad. Th pall
bearers were: R. J. O'Brien, Captain Dunn,
Detective Dan Davis, Officer Pet Dillon,
and Cornelius Farrell and Frank MoCul-
lough, representing th Ancient Order of
United Wuikmon, of which organisation
Sergeant Gibbons was a member.
Oltsans Mas Hart.
CRESTON. Ia., July 25. (Special.) While
running at a high rate of speed an auto
mobile driven by E. W. Phillips, near Ot
tumwa, missed a culvert and went lnU a
' ditch, ' taming turtle aeveral time over.
As a result K. W. Phillip, Edward Low
nber and O. A. Edwarde are badly bruised,
and E. H. Canton, a well known business
man of Ottumwa, Is seriously hurt and In
a bospital In that city. Th auto was
badly wrecked.
A Total lCrllpae '
Of th function of stomach, liver, kidneys
and bowels. '1 quickly disposed ot with
Electrlu Bitter. 60c For sal by Beaton
Drug Co.
Swedish People
Have Big Picnic
Annual Event , at Kelson's Park is
Voted a Fine Sucoess by
Those Who Attend.
Say HI. Book. Are Opea mn Kar
hmch Know What Haa Been Don.
I can t ay anything about such mora,
boaus I don't understand It," said Chief
Donahue. -My records, describing th
work we hav been doing, the means w
hav u.d, and our success in .nforclng
"', nv been before the board-
-.. ua tney were sent to th gov
ernor when he desired Information. I
haven t seen any of th board .Inc. this
IV? .T 1 ioa't know wh thy think
about it. Certainly Mr. Karbach know,
and 1 ti '"cord s what I hav. been doing,
and It has been all that could be done."
ing enforced," say, Mr. Wapplch, on of th.
member. Included In th accusations. A
th.y and if anybody expect, m. to
to18."! tU"J lJloy m '"to doors
to see whether or not som on 1. drinking
W. can t put an officer before every cafe
and dun in town; the police fore has
otb.r u.lng, to do and it 1. too small for
t. ordinary dutle without rclslng any.
thing mora than a reasonable .up.rvl.lon
over th sal. of liquor," '
.2 T.b! rythln rlghi."
a a . ' Wjamiy wa. much .ur
prlsed and until I am, ,erved wltn fc bona
fid notic and see Just what th. oh..
ar I can't eay much, about It A far as
.... ior .uca on action are con
' nv a"y dea of what
they might be. I hav been inM
nhW0 e,8Ctl0n iod" on 8 Prt of
know." C0Ur" W don,t
"Thl Is not being don In th Interest
Zri ""Ior0Bment" J Mr. Karbach,
11H uaen aosoiuteiy no rnv..n..
on th matter between me and any liquor
.-k..,.iuvbs. i oo Know, however, that
the non-enforcement of th law works a
real hardship to the brewer and their In
terests. It I manifestly unfair for a saloon
keeper to pay his 11,000 and obeerv the
closing laws and have an assignation house
upstairs above him sell as much liquor at
all hours and pay no license fee at all
"I have never given up this campaign
against th. non-enforcement of the liquor
- " ii. in. cni.f .ay.
that I agreed to an endorsement of the
reply he mad to th governor, letter. I
did not endorse It and I would not. I have
been fighting Chief Donahue ever sine I
have been on th board and .hall continue
iu uw so. in iroubl is that all th. t..
cusslon goea on In executlv session and
never get Into th records.
I have not charged the chief with a
or anything Ilk It. I simply a,Mrt tnat
th law. hav not been enforced and that
much 1 tru. I havn't bought liquor after
vse nor nave X seen It sold, but menus or mine, many of
them, hav aeen It and ther will be
plenty of evidence. Th, governor has
Dlentv nt nranf v...-..... i. . .
nas naa men
up her getting It for him. The governor
told me that he knew of places that sold
lquor after hour with policemen standing
Th thirty-first annual plcnlo of th
Swedish Library association held at Nel
son's park. Forty-ninth and Leavenworth,
Sunday afternoon, was attended by 600
Swedish citizens and their families. The
day was spent In general picnic amuse
ment and a musical program wa given
Practice the Great, Xa tonal Gam a
the gobnrbaa Town Before
a Large Crowd.
Out at the Eagle park at Benson Sunday
afternoon ther wer some feminine fan
practicing baae ball and were thinking
seriously of organising a feminine base ball
team In Omaha in the near future.
Some of the Kir Is were pretty handy with
their mitt and were very v enthusiastic
about playing base ball, as It attracts the
Next tsunaay artcrnoon the girls are
Body ot Mm Killed at Grass Ielaad
Breagkt to Ouaka.
James Tracy of 1 Boulevard avenue.
aged 46 years, died In a hoepltal at Orand
Island Sunday evening, following a railroad
accident which occurred a few days
previous. Mr. Tracy at th time ot the
accident was seated on a platform next
to the track, when a train approached un
expectedly and he wa struck.
Mr. Tracy haa been a resident of Omaha
twenty years and Is survived by his
widow. Th funeral services wer held
from St. Patrick's church Monday after
noon at I o'clock, and Interment made In
Holy Sepulcher cemetery.
by the Norden Singing society late In the
day. The master of ceremonies was Fred I going to practice again and a large orond V
Flodman. expected to see the girls play.
Women s Secrets
Marriage Lloeasee.
Permit, to wed hav been Issued to the
following cnuples:
Name and lU-sldenc. . Age.
William E. liriscoll. Omaha U
Vera C. Kindred. Florence, U
Hugo Schaad. Columbus K
Verena Kcltt Colunibu...'. SI I
Jotph Hadak. South Omaha X 1
Mary Kllpa, South Omaha 20 J
There is on man in the United States who ha perhaps heard
more women secret then any other man or woman in th T - '
country. Tbcs seorets are not secrets of fuilt or shame, but p
R. V. Pie roe in tbe hop and expectation of advice and help.
That few ot thete women hav been disappointed ia their ex
pectation is proved by th fact that 98 per cent, ot all women
treated by Dr. Pierce or hi able staff, hav been absolutely
and altogether eured. Such reoord would bo remarkable if
th cases treated wer numbered by hundreds only. But when
that record applies to the treatment ol mor than balf-a-mil-lion
women, in practice of over 40 year, it is ohenomsnal.
nd entitle Dr. Picro to th gratitude accorded him by women, s th first of
specialist In th treatment of women' diss.
Every sick woman may consult us by letter, absolutely without charge.
All replies ar mailed, sealed in perfectly plain envelopes, without any print
ing or advartieinf whatever, upon them. Write without (ear as without
fee, to World' Dispensary Medical Association, Dr. R. V. Piero, President,
663 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y. ,
Mabioa WeaU. W omexi Btronc,
ESlolc vv omexi Well.
Now for a crush of "Hale" Shoppers!
Mid-Year Sale of Mee9s
Onimod Shoes and Oxfords
has its commence
ment tomorrow,
Tuesday, and
You can't do better
tit W37
rost V.n f
Sale includes all of tht 'frfcy
and a)) of tht 'tamM stylet.
Ttrth iTmilfftr wishfls it known that he HASN'T reserved a sincle rmir of low
shoes; that tho styles are "up to snuff" (Bob picks 'em himself) and that a LARGE
number of pairs of HIGH shoes are in the selling. 4 4 Bob" doesn't abuse the sale
idea he introduces sales seldom then they 44stick out." Frankly, this is to be the
strongest MAN'S shoe event of 1910, and early buyers are best off.
IP for odds and end. and broken sixes
"Ppf Wen's and Boys' Oxlordi and
high shoes that hare sold at from
, $2.50 upward to $4 a pair.
if C for choice of hundreds opoi hoa
drfds pairs of .Ws $3.50, $4
aideTen $5 Oxfords. The Terj
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Cyi Qaor cn0ice ma0J 1Qea 01 Aeas
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1st aualitied hith shoes.
? li Z for choice ALL Wen's $5 and $6
00-1 el Oxfords including also the famou j
'Dr. Reed's" Coshion Sole Oxfords,
indeed wonder raises.
205 South Fifteenth Street
One-fourth off on all our light weight clothing for men, boys and children
(full dress and tuxedo suits excepted). This is a big reduction on such high grade
clothing, especially when our prices are right at the start. v
This is an opportunity to get a good suit to finish out the season and make
you a good second best suit for next year. ;
All our high grade Shirts (white and soft negligee shirts not included.) have
been divided into two lots to clean up. '
$1.50 and $2.00 Shirts are now. $1.25
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You will find other interesting reductions in hosiery, underwear, etc.
We are closing out our straw hats at 33 1-3 per cent discount- ,
During July and August we close at 5 p. m., except Saturdays.
'BrQwninaitfng & cq
& S. WILCOX, Manager.
The Store Of The Town.
Long hot days and lots of
them are here.
There is no time like, the
"' . .
- 1 vpBMayai;r
present lo prepare for
them by selecting your
GAS RANGE The Cabinet Gas Range is Ideal
Its ovens are at exactly the right height and heated by one set of burners, thus
saving gas. .
Its burner top is ample and there is a shelf below that is a great convenience.
Built like a graceful piece of furniture, clear of the floor so that you can sweep
mder it and around it, it is Sanitary as well ,os good looking and, best of all, it is
We have all sizes and styles from $9.00 up, but the Cabinet is the range you will
insist on having, when you've seen it.
If you are prevented from visiting our office, send for our representative to show
you )ur 1910 catalogue and explain the different ranges.
Omaha Gas Company
Consult The Bee Land Columns When in Doubt