Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 23, 1910, NEWS SECTION, Page 7, Image 7

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We Extend a nearly Wei
come to All Saengerfest Vis
itors Saturday
We've Prepared for You a Veritable Feast of Bargains U
We Want All Visitors to
Make Themselves Perfectly
at Home Here.
In dependable Bummer Merchandise of all descriptions offering you opportunities for price
saving and quality satisfaction Saturday we do not believe you'll find duplicated in any other
store. It's just such value giving that makes this always the busy store.
Saturday Specials
50c Patent Leather Belts,
av V
$2.00 All Leather Hand Bags
tor 08c
3oc Pad Hose , Suspenders,
for 19c
16c Children's Bide Sup'rters, 9
60c Hair Brushes, at..... . .25
60c Cloth Brushes, at 25
11.00 Pure Bristle Hair Brushes.
Saturday, at 49
Silk Hair Nets, each 5
75c Ribbons 25c
All Silk Taffetas, Moire, fancy
1 flowered' nd satin stripe Rib
bons up to Inches vide, In all
leading shades, worth to 76c
yard at Saturday at yard, 25
25c Ribbons 12ic
Silk Taffeta Ribbons, in 4 and 6
Inch widths, warranted colors
t, yard 12K
On Sale at
About Price
1.00 Silk Xoh, 490 Gaute weight,
also tan lilies in newest colors, 11.00
values, at 4g.
1.60 011k BJtoeklars, 89o All silk,
pause welrht. In black and tan, the
the best ever, at
83.80 SUk itookUja-s, 88o Eles-ant
qually, In all colors, the barsains of
the season at S8o
Imported lace and Cause Lisle Xose
In all colors; regular 60c and 75o
values, choice aeo and 35o
Children's BBo Quality Hose Black
only, on sale Saturday, pair ISfto
CbUdren's Meroerlsed Uele Hose
- black, white and colors, regular 60a
values, at ,88.
Wash Cloths, fringed or hemmed,
good size, worth Be each, Sat
urday, at for 5
Napkins, warranted all pure Ger
man manufacture, worth $3.60
doi., Saturday, 6 for $1
Bath Towels, snow white, heavy
and asorbent, hemmed; worth at
least 19c, Saturday, each 12ttt
Bath Towels, the beet and largest
ever offered for the money,
worth 30c, Saturday, each.l9
Fringed Bed 8preads, full sixe,
with cut corners, assorted de
signs, worth $2.98; Saturday,
each $1.50
f ShMti fnr ROr. alza R1t00 In-
vislle French scam, strong and
durable, worth 76c, Saturday,
eaoh 50
'Mail Orders Will Be Tilled
From Daily Ads While the
Stock Lasts.
Men's Summer
Underwear O
Furnishings at
Less Than Halt
Their Actual
Retail Worth.
Shirt at c -The
very finest qualities in all silk, mercer
ized Chambraya, Mohairs, fine imported
Madras, French Percale, etc., all perfect,
all newest styles and colorings, choice,
at 98
75o Shirts, Saturday, a So J50 rtoxrn
of them, colored negligee, with or
without collar, newest colors and
patterns; all fresh, clean stock In
sll sizes, choice 86.
$1.60 Shirts. Saturday, 4Bo Very
tie went style and colors, with or
without collars, best known and
most dependable brands, made to
sell to Si 60. choice 49c
15c FOUR PLY COLLARS, SATURDAY, 5c A purchase of 600
dozen four ply collars, In all newest shapes, all sizes, 12 to 18,
all new stock and warranted perfect, the regular 15c kind; on
sale Saturday while they last at 5
No Limit In This Sale; Buy All You Want.
78o Quality Books, 8Se Importer's
samples and surplus of men's lace,
lisle and meroerlsed gauie socks,
plain colors, fancies and embroid
ered, regular values to 76c, on
sale at 10o, 15o and BSo
Men's Suspenders that sell regularly
up to $1.00, on sale at BSo, SSo, 4o
1.00 Men's Klght Oowns All slsea,
end styles, at 4o
88.50 Pyjamas In white and colors.
Saturday, at 88e
Men's ISo SUk and Wash
8.00 Union Salts, 81.83 811k, lisle
and mercerized, In Sterling, Lewis
or the American Knitting Mills
and other famous brands, regular
values to fi.00; In two big lots
.at 88o and 91.88
1.60 Union Suits, 49o The well
known athletic brand, come early,
they can't last long at this price.
Balbrlggan and l.lnle Shirts or
Drawers, values to J1.2IS; alt col
or and slses. at 8 So, 39o and 4o
rour-ln-Hand Ties, at 7He
An Unusually Interesting
Sale of
100-Plece Decorated Kngllsh Porce
lain Dinner bets, regular 112.00
values, now at 86.8 S
100-Plece Set Porcelain Tinner Hets,
fancy border, gold traced, regular
:o value, at til. 95
100-Plece Bavarian China Set, beauti
fully decorated and gold traced, SS5
value, at
100-Plere Martin, French China Din
ner Sets, decorated In blue, gold fin
ish, a 170 00 value 881.88
lOO-Plece Havlland China Beta, new
decoration, finished In gold; 136.00
value, Saturday, st $38.88
Cut Star Water Sets, 7 pieces, Satur
day, at 81.88
Japanese Wind Bells Be
This Store Open Till 10 P. M.
Saturdays. Other Days We
Close at 5 P. M.
25c Hand
kerchiefs 12c
Ladles' fine Swiss, lace edge and
embroidered Handkerchiefs,
worth to 26c, choice. ... 12 M
16c Linen Handkerchiefs. .7c
10a Linen Handkerchiefs . ...5
6c Children's Handkerchiefs
t -.aHi
$1.00 Lace Collars 4t)t
26c Collars and Jabols. . .12H
In the Big, Busy
Domestic Room
Silk Dresses and Wool Tailored
Suits, that were made to sell to
$16.00; choice Baturday
Ladles' Imng Wah Coats, that
would sell regularly at $7.50
$5.00 811k Vnderaklrt. good colors
on sale $2.05
$1.50 Moire 1'nderttklrta . . . .05
Children's Rompers and Dresses,
60c values, at IDs
Straw Hat
Sweeping price reductions all
alone the line to effect a complete
clearing quickly.
All $1.50 Hats on Sale, choice
t 054
$2.60 and $3.00 Hats, at $1.50
Hats worth $3.00 and up $1.05
All Hats ttiat Sold up to $1.00
have been, divided Into 8 lota,
t .45. 25 d 10
Kow.'ii' Your Opportunity to
Buy Straw Hata at ABOUT HALF
We do the Business Hardware at One-Halt Price
Genuine Llsk brand extra heavy copper bottom Wash Boll-
.ers, No. 9 size, only $1.50
No. 8 size $1.35 No. 7 aUe $1.25
$1.60 good, strong Willow Clothes Baskets, large else, 1)8?
$1.60 size 16-gallon Garbage Cans, covered 08?
$1.25 size, 12-gallon Garbage Cans, covered
$5.00 Lawn Mower, 14-lnch, New England $2.40
$8.00 Lawn Mower, 14-lnch, New England, ball bearing,
at $2.08
12-quart Granite Chamber Palls, worth $1.00, only . ,(i5
45c sine or brass Wash Boards, only 25
$1.50 Family Scales, on sale for OS
$1.50 Climax Food Choppers t)8
75 Parlor Brooms, at 40
$1.25 set Mrs. Potts' Sad Irons, only SO
7 rolls 5c Toilet Paper 25
IS. hiv hralrind Clothna Lines.... 1 "
Bicycle ball bearing Wringer, 3-year guarantee, worth $5,
. cm a- A af.
only . . . ..
The old reliable Western Washer, only
The. .famous O. K. Washer, only
The Pan-American Washer, only .
Guaranteed Garden Hose, per root
12-quart Granite Water Palls
li-nnart Granite Water Falls
1(0 Bread Board
No, 7 Llsk Solid Copper Boiler.
. i .
...... ,..10o
3 So
Just the model to suit your fig
ure, just the price you want to
pay. We lead in showings of
the wanted corset makes, C. B.
A la Sprite Corsets shown in all
modes; prices $1.00 to $3.50
W. B. Reduso Corsets for stout women,
comfort, style and durability combined
price . .... $300
Other W. B. Models, up from. . .$1.00
Warner's Royal Worcester Corsets, R.
O. Thomson's Glove Fitting and all
other most popular makes shown1, at
up from ,. . ... $1.00
76c Summer Netting Corsets, all Btxea,
at ., 404
Grand Clearance ot Summer Underwear
An opportunity to select from
vast assortments at prlcea far be
low actual worth of the garments.
Only a few of the many can be
here mentioned.
Beautiful Muslin Underskirt that
Bell regularly to $5.00, embroid
ery and lace trimmed, cut full,
finely finished, Saturday at 3
lota, at $1.50. $1.08. $2.50
Pretty Combination Suits of plain
and checked nainsooks, daintily
trimmed, worth to $3.00, choice
Mnslin Drawers and Corset Gov.
era Regular values to $1.00
all sizes, big assortment, at 304
Jersey Knit Union Suits Gar
ments worth 60c, at 254
mas, Brlllantlnea, Mohairs; black or
blue, neatly trimmed',
riae Uale and Cottoa TTaaerrests
Fancy yokes, lace trimmed, etc.; on
ale at 3 So, lo and 13He
Ladies' Pants or Tests Karsey knit,
60o quality, on sale at BOo
Wl flillKM I ... 1 .
. .u mym, ill nil colors ina
white, beautifully trimmed, on sale
at 88e
Cambrio (towns, Worth $8.00 All
styles, made long and full, snap,
at 88o
5.00 BATKUTO B17ITBJ, a.8 Pana-
Travelers' Supplies
Right now when tlxe vacation time
la at hand, just when you want them
most, we're offering- you bis; price re
ductions on Trunks. Grips and Butt
Cow Hide Bags, leather lined, IR-tnch
and If -inch alee, resular !. val
ues, at 84.7S
Delle-ntfal fcnlt Case V sines
880, fl.60, tT-Se, 83J0 B0J6.
Several Blf Trunk Vseolais
83.S8, B3.ta.iB.i8, 8.7S to 8H-4B
10 T9W Cent SteooTin Batnrday oa
Any Trunk In Stack,
18 lbs. best Granulated Sugar, $1.00
9 bars Beat-'Em-AU or Diamond C
Soap ...... ...25o
6 lbs. whole Japanese Rice, ... .860
The best Domestic, Macaroni, at a
package .-r.-.-. .. v Bc
3 cans Lavaline, the great modern
cleaner ...10c
Burnham's Jellycon, pkg 7c
Tea Slf tings, lb 16c
Blended Tea. for Iced tea only ..86c
fresh, crlBp GlngerSnapB.Jb.. TftoJ
Hayden Bros
' S-lb. can . .
H Coffee,
' 'i
. t. n ! IK T 1 1 . . . . .. .. ma
nee, i ine pest owus wn, m nc owuu i raronte vegetADie maraei
.48c Goldea SantoB QotteQ. lb.' 16c 5 buncbea Green Onions 5c
5 bunches fresh Leaf Lettuce. .. ,6c
3 bunches Beets 6c
Large heads Cauliflower,, 6c, 7 ft a
8 bunches Radishes 6c
Fancy Wax or String Beans, lb., 7 He
1 doz. Home Grown Greea Corn, 16c
3 beads New Cabbage 10c
Large Cucumbers, each 6c
New Peas, home grown, qut...7e
2 bunches Parsley 5c
3 large Green Peppers 10c
Large; Juicy Bananas, dot 16c
"Will CouTn in Omaha Monday for
Annual Session.
Imm Rates Have Net Boost Be-
4oce4 mm Entire Itedoetlon
. Comas (rent. Comnttastosui
f the Agents.
TMw inaiirenc men from all over Ne
braska will meet In Omaha Monday for the
......... 1 Mlln. .f th. N.hMflkL Aaaooia-
inn Af lvel BMra inauranco Agents.
Aside frpm routine business the most Im
portant matter to be considered la a move
ment started among fire Insurance agents
against the proposed action of the large In-
V suranoe oompanlea to reauoa ineir espenscs
4 by reducing commissions of agents.
& it has tM,an Intimated. Omaha agents say,
that the larce'r companies are seriously eon-
alderinc such a sten. They will, If they
follow out their present plans, considerably
decrease the commissions of their agents
without ohanaing premium rates, throwing
the entire loss vpon the agents. All or
ganlsatlons or agents which wu'l 1 it
footed In the event of suob action are
peoted to make ft strong fight against It.
Beaalea Lasts Dar.
ti-k. uuim wtn iait only one day. Ao
kava haan coming In rapidly dur
ing the last few days and an attendance of
about 100 la anticipated. Memo-re win
u uondav morning at B:ll at Martin
Eros., Fifteenth and Fernam streets, and
. hra te the Field club. The
v.. -i ...dnn at which the regular bust
uiwiiiin. w.-.-", - ------ -
ness and annual election of officers will be
..i... .,n will pommanca at IV o Cioc aim
V M 1. w.. -' -
.ni k. nii.wl bv a noon luncheon.
la the afternoon the visitors will be the
guests of the Omaha insurance men at the
Mld-Weet Aviation meet. Special ears will
.ia-a .tartina- from Fifteenth and
U V yiw.iu.-i "
..rata. in the evening the visitors
will be taken out to the dta ae guest" of
Ak-8ar Ben.
Watches Clock
for Two Hours
Kiitouritn Eefuiei to Take Eii Eye.
from the Clock Until it it
Train Time.
Horse's Back is
Broken by Fall
Tripped by Beins, Animal Falls in
Agony and it Shot to
Death. ,
Attempting to run. with a rein caught
under Its hind feet, a horse was tripped
and Its back broken at Twenty-fourth and
Hamilton streets about 8 o'clock Thurs
day evening. The horse and buggy It
was drawing had been rented from the
Nebraska Livery company by J. 3. Huntley,
a grocer.
The outfit was being driven by a de
livery boy from Huntley's store when the
accident happened. Frightened when he
saw his reins beoomlng tangled around
the horse's legs, the boy jumped, causing
the animal to run. The horse was shot
to death when the police found the na
ture of Its Injury.
If all travelers were so careful not to
miss their trains as a "show me" Mlssourlan
who went out to Kansas City Friday morn
ing, the troubles of the stetionmastor of
the Burlington station would be as nil. J
"Say Mr. Station Master, what time does
the train for Kansas City leaver he In.
quired at T a. m. "I'm from Folk county,
Missouri, and I'm going home," was volun
teered also.
On being Informed that be bad two hour
te get ready In. aa the train left at B:lf a,
m., ha said, "Well, you can't fool me. I
am a good Missouri democrat and my place
from now till o'clock Is right here where
I can watch that clock and see the min
utes go."
From that time on his gase never wan
dered from the face of the clock; nothing
could disturb him, and when o'clock had
reached the second be tnarthed out arid was
toon ea le way te borne and mother.
Oae of tne Llaeola Womb Writes
Most Bataaslastlcallr of Treat
neat la Omaha.
The visiting women at the Ad club con
vention were Ueaied lOillj" and that they
were appreciative of that fact Is shown by
the following letter from a Lincoln woman
who was here:
LINCOLN, Neb., July II. Editor Omaha
Bee: There la much to be said ot the titn
eoln Ad olub on ite trip to Omaha Tuesday,
which was one of the moat enjoyable events
one could wish tor. I am sure It the wives,
mothers and sweethearts could have seen
their boys marching from the Omaha depot,
with til a band In the lead, whiuh was a
credit to the club, with their little Dutch
caps and smiling faces, such smiles as only
Lincoln boya do have, tfieir hearts would
swell with pride.
Tou would not soon forget the showing
the ad boya made, with their red, white
and blue umbrellas hoisted up and down,
keeping time with the music of the band.
There was not a cleaner, brighter or hand
somer set ot boys In Omaha than was our
Lincoln boys. Wives, you ought to be
proud of your boys.
Don't stay at home any more. All the
boys lacked was your presence beside them.
Another thing you mlased greatly was the
royal entertainment the Omaha ladles gave
the Visiting lames. i o iauia ouuio nave
entertained more royally. They spared
nothing In their kind, clever and gracious
manner. Every lady on the entertainment
committee faltered not In the happiness
and welfare of eaeh guest. Much Is to be
said In regard to the manner in which they
entertained. Aa many ladlea aa were oalled
for responded most wllllngl' with their
large touring cars, and it Is to be said that
the Omaha ladies are skillful In handling
their autoa. One of the most remarkable
chauffeura among the many was Miss
Loulae Lord, cine Is a famous autolst and
much credit Is due her In the cheerful and
pleasing manner In which she took her
part In the entertainment. The ladies were
most gracious In this feature of the enter
tainment. They drove miles and miles over
some ot the best boulevards In the west,
notwithstanding the aauents and descents
were quite steep along the route. Much Is
to be said on the part of Mr. and Mrs.
Joslyu In the entertainment. They opened
their beautiful home with all the kindness
and Cheerfulness becoming to their kind
and generous hearts to Hie ladies of the
Ad club. Kvery lady appreciated the de
llahtful muslo and entertainment they re
ceived from them. And then the dinner
and lunches at the club houses were of
the finest and best.
We were sorry that all of the ladlea con
nected with the Lincoln Ad club could not
have shared theae many good things.
Don't miss theiu again, ladies. We wish
to thank Omaha for Its kind and pleasing
entertainment en behalf of the Llneoln Ad
Aa Aaterlraa !
la the great king of curee, Dr. King's New
lUncovery. the quick, safe, euro cough and
cold remedy. Wc and Sl.OO. For sale by
yieaton Drug Co
Property Owneri Seek to Withdraw
' ' . Their Signatures.
Lestal Department Refuses to Be
Drawn Into the Controversy
Letter, from Indianapolis Of
ficials oa Pavements. ,
The question of paving South Sixteenth
street with creosote wood block for its new
paving, which everybody thought was set
tled some time ago, has again arisen like
a ghost from the dead, having been stirred
up by the contractors - for old line solid
The petition for creosote was banded In
to the olty clerk July 18 and was presented
to the olty council and approved the next
night The paving contractors, however,
refused to give up, and during the last
week C B. Farming's office sent out to all
the property owners who signed the creo
kote petition a circular letter , which waa
received from the Indianapolis city authori
ties In response to Inquiries.
The evidence ottered tn the letter Is
rather bad for the wooden blocks and a
number of the signers have expressed a
tentative deirire to withdraw. An attempt
has been made to find from the city at
torney's office if a withdrawal la possible,
but the city legal authorities, anxious to
avoid being . drawn Into the controversy,
have refused to make any suggestions. In
the meantime the ordinary process of the
law will provide for advertising for bids on
creosote and the objectors will have to
make an Immediate protest If anything can
be dona,
Lost Watch Turns ;
Up Where Hidden
Judge Had Simply Hid it Too Care
folly and Then Forgot
About It.
Awaking at 6:80 Thursday evening In bis
room at the Hotel Rome, where he had se
cluded himself from the world and partaken
In an innocent slumber. Judge N. B. Mavey
of Muskogee, Okl., found his nap bad addpd
to hla troubles, as a valuable watch be
longing to him was missing. . Now to be
La a strange city and be deserted by the
little god of time Is at least discomforting,
so immediately the judge Instigated a
search for the missing watch, and after
several hours ot additional lost time he
appeared at the pollc station and reported
that during his sleep he had been robbed. -.
He stated that the watch had been taken
from bis pocket by some one who entered
the room as be waa visiting the land ot
nod. A description of the suspect waa
written and the whole tragedy spread upon
the police records. Deteotlves Fattullo and
Davis were detailed to find the thief and
return the watch to Its owner, which they
iuiiuMtait ant abvttt to da.
Arriving at the hotel the two detectors'
of clme began overturning chairs, tables,
drawing back the rugs and looking under
the bed, and finally the missing little watoh
waa found where It had been hidden by
the judge before he went to sleep. Its hands
shielding Its face and Its inside shaking
aa If It would break wth laughter.
A shadow of chagrin passed over the
judge's face aa It was returned to him and
be found he had not been robbed during
his stay In the city after all.
E3E3 HI LIT .111
awBhvtf Eatau ' allien 3 ninil
asaBw JtsByjaw-iy 'Ma'WewaBywraeeeaB lamin msb
j as.saaeaa, efc-W i,mJ n s. isin mn J tin s.n aiil
wm isatsw rt' f" peaivsissjllespFi.avalMe bjssm m ,
i I I J A f
f i i f r n n r ttt nrrnt a i 1 i r-i. ri
KM 1 A
O.V 7 I 1 111 I VV Yl I V W,DT.
m'4 mw1' mtn'
Marriaa-e Licensee.
Licenses to wed have been granted the
following couples:
Name and residence. Age.
Foster Kost Omaha. 3S
Badle Jarmaa, Bellevue 23
Henry K. Harris, Omaha S3
Gertrude Hlchardaon, Omaha. 24
Rates to tae Beat Via Nlokcl
" Plata Iteae.
From Chicago to New Tor and return.
$25.60. Boston and return, Reduced
rates to other eastern polnta. Liberal
stopovers. Tickets on sale dally. Thirty,
day limit. Inquire of local agent or address
John T. Calahan, General Agent. 107 Adams
street. Chicago.
Best: Bi-eaEtvastFood
A food compounded by scientific knowledge, from
WHEAT, OATS, RICE and BARLEY, so as to retain
those elements which are absolutely necessary for the efficient
sustenance of the human body, making it the most
palatable, nourishing and healthful food ever introduced.
Promotes vitality, health and endurance. Ask your Grocer,
Those who purchase a "HUNTINGTON" Piano via the Bennett Co's "CLUB" Plan have actually the
privilege of DECREASING the cost of their pianos in proportion to the number of advance payments
they make. The instruments In the first place, are absolutely standard built $325 planoa, but "Club" mem
bers purchase them at $244.50 In payments of $1.36 per week and have 17S weeks In which, to pay amount.
But "Part Of Tour Money Cornea Back" If you make advance payments. Pay one week In advance
and you receive a CASH rebate of 16c; pay two weeks and receive 82o In cash; pay three weeks and re
ceive 48o and so on. Should you pay the ENTIRE 175 weeks In advance you get a CASH rebate of $$8,
something previously unheard of. Mind you, this brings the price of your $326 "HUNTINGTON" Piano
down to $2 16. SO. You cannot beat this proposition elsewhere anywhere In all America. You cannot
beat the price, the terms or the grade and make of the piano at the price.
Own a $325
Piano for
aa little aa
Give the "Huntington" a try out
of a week. Make a first payment
of $6.50 if it suits. If It Isn't all
we claim at the end of the "Club"
period. 175 weeks, well then, ex
change It at full purcbaee price
on any of our other thirty famous
Enroll Now!
A Score of
awaits members of
The "Club"
You get the piano at once upon
Joining. Every Instrument guar
anteed five years. It's a modern
style a high class make you
run no rink. You partlclpao with
149 others to bring the 'prices
"down. Bee these ruperb "Hunt
IngtonB" today.
The Bennett Go. ir
The Thing
To Do
E.-TQ-r-r-a-T-.T-is- "i TS
If you lose your pocketbook, smbrella.
watch, or some other article of value, the thing
to do Is to follow the example of many other
People and advertise without delay In the Lost
and Found column of The Bee.
That Is what most people do when they lose
articles of value. Telephone us and tell your
loss to all Omaha In a single afternoon.
1 ji iiaasaam-B.
Put It In
The Bee