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    Fhe Omaha Daily Bee
New 'Phone Number
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Fountain Pen Sale
Who wants a fountain pen!
This is one of our extra
special offerings ; $2.00,
$:).50, $4.00 and flftf,
$3.00 pens; Saturday. vJL
2,000 Genuine Carbon Photographs
Fine reproductions of old and modern artists, such as
Corot, Musonalr, Millet, Gainsborough, Mevlllo, Rubens,
Bevine, Jones, Scbryer, Van Ruysdel, Van Dyke, Rosa Bon
beur, Alma Tadema, Raphael Relnbrandt and hundreds of
others. This Is the first sale of this character ever held In
Omaha and by rare good luck we were able to purchase the
entire lot. Sizes from 6x8 inches to 20x48 inches; prices
10c to $3.00., To do thU sale Justice you. must see the
carbons (on display in the 16th street window).
During this sale we will allow 20 discount on framing.
rts. i i .1 i ii
7 I
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TTBki" 'iilr i ii!?
Btore Closes at Colook and Saturday Hlghts
at lO.O'olook During- JtUy aad August.
Best Style Corsets
Special for Saturday, one day only, one model in
batiste, embroidery trimmed, medium high bust
and good skirt effect, with two pairs extra qual
ity hose supporters; ouv regular $2.00 kind
for $1.29
Another, extra high bust with shir string, with director
skirt effect, In coutille only. Extra heavy webbing hose
supporters; our regular $2.00 kind, at 31.29
Candy Special
As usual Bennett's new Fluf
feata Chocolate, the kind
with the soft center; n reg
ular 50c value; 9Q
Saturday only vU'
Our assorted Cream Wafers, regu
lar 40c per lb., i4t. only..29
Saturday, Last and Best Bargain Day of Our Great July Clearance SeJe
New tubular reversible ties,
(rn all the new shades; spec
ial at . . . . .45c
Men's half hose, seamless,
black Maco hose, regular
15c grade; special 9c
Underwear You' can buy
any of our $2.00 union suits,
standard makes; lot for,
suit .....$1.50
All our $1.50 union suits,
at ......$1.00
We will sell regular 50c por
osknit underwear Saturday
at, a garment. ...... .25c
HaJLf Price
if? t
M 14
Hen's and Boys'
Brief and to the point. The whole story is told
when we say half price. Select your suit from
among 500, pay the man half the price it is marked
and the suit is yours. You have saved 100 per cent
on the deal. That's fair enough and bear in mind,
we haven't an ancient suit in the house. Every suit
is fairly bristling with good style and is a marvel
of tailoring exactness.
Men's $30 Suits,
Men's $25 Suits,
Men's $20 Suits,
Men's $15 Suits,
Boys' $5 Suits,
Boys '$3.50 Suits
Strong Shoe Inducements for Saturday
We have purchased for our Saturday's sale a very fine lot of .women's
' two and three eyelet "White Canvas Oxfords, in all sizes and widths,
regular $2 60 value, at........ . $1.48
We also have added to' our stock a very neat line of Women's Short
Vamp one and two strap White Canvas Pumps, In all sizes and widths;
price .................v...... $2.50
Shoe White, ' for -the white' canvas pumps and oxfords, regular 25c
value; Saturday at r . 17
. Look for' the Barefoot Sandal Bargain Table, regular f 1.00' and $1.25 values
t B9o
We sIho call your attention to the Men's Department,! where we have left
from laet Saturday's sale about one hundred pairs of patent colt, tan and
gunmetal oxforda, lu all alkea, regular 13.60 value; aale price 93.85
. One lot of Boya' Hljch Grade Shoes and Oxforda, In patent colt, aunmetal and
vicl kid. In all atzea,, value 12.50; at. ..v........... .tl.?5
. One lot or Men a Bath 6Uppers. .v. . . .43o
Grand Waist Special for Saturday
$4.50 White Waists $2.50
60 dozen White Lawn Waists on sale Saturday;
- tome have yokes of lace Insertion, others have
allover embroidery fronts, low or high neck, long
or short sleeves, $4.60 value. ......... .$2.50
$1.75 House Dresses One large table heaped full
of these hot weather garments, light or dark col
ors, high or low neck, long or short sleeves, $1.76
values $1.25
$4.00 Misses' Gingham Dresses, $1.05 One lot of
Misses' Dresses on sale Saturday. They are made
sailor style with black tie; they come in blue and
black shepherd checks, $4.00 values. . . . .$1.95
(35.00 Tailored Suits, $10.00 About 60 left; they
are made of fine worsteds and serges, $35.00
values $10.00
$2S.OO Silk Dresses, $10.00 About 60 dresses in
this lot, made of hairline stripe and check taf
feta, lace yoke, , short sleeves, plaited skirts with
1 plain fold at knee, $25.00 values $10.00
$lS.OO Pongee Coats, $7.05 This garment is
60 inches long with navy, black or red satin
collar, $16.00 value v $7.05
One-Half Price Sale Straw Bonnets.
Saturday, take your pick of any Infants'
Straw Bonnet in the store at one-half the
marked price the regular prices were
$1.00, $1.50, $2.00, $2.76 and $3.60 Sat
urday -.-..'.ONE-HALF PRICE
$1.00 Infants' Muslin Bonnets, 25c Satur
day we place on sale 200 Infanta' Muslin
Bonnets, embroidery and lace trimmed
$1.00 values ; 25
$1.25 Children's Dresses, 59c We, have taken
all the odd lots of Children's Wash Dresses,
2 to 5 years, that sold up to $1.25 and made
one great lot of them for quick selling; Sat
urday choice, at 59
Film Premo No. 1, post card size,
can be carried in pocket. $11. 25
New No. 3 llull's-eye Kodak, for
pictures 3x4Vii price. . ,$H.OO
Eastman ever popular No. 2
llrownie; price $2.00
Eastman Blue Print Post Cards,
per dozen 15c
Sliding Wood Tripod 50c.
Oil burning Ruby Lamp,, regular.
$1 value SOc
Photo Blotter Book, for drying
prints 25c
4x5 White Enamel Developing.
Tray 25c.
Tanglefoot Fly Paper, box of twenty. .
five double aheeta. per box. .... .S5o
Oood Bed Bug Destroyer, plnt....3oe
Hires' Root Beer Kx tract, bottle.. 16e
Peroxide, regular 25c alia 8o
Lrge Sponge, for house cleaning. ISO
9-row Black Drtstle Hair Bruah...lo
All Bristle Hand Scrub Brush 10o
Toilet Articles
Amoten Deodorant Powder, rerular
25c, for l&a
Armoax Bath Powder, delightfully
perfuming the bath, regular I5o
value .... U
Ever Sweet Deodarant Powder, 25o
value, now at 18o
Hood's Saponacious. 2Bo value.... lao
Uetrefle Talcum, In glass aprlnkler .
top bottles, regular 10c value.... 5
Lulkln'n Handkerchief Extract, reg
ular 76c value, per os 36a
Hosiery Special
600 dozen ladies' sample hos
iery, the celebrated B. & II.
comprising black gauze lisle,
black and colored lace and fan
cies; values up to 65c; Saturday,
29c Pair
Pillow Tops
24-inch beautifully hand em
broidered pillow tops, in Flos
ella silk; rose, poppy and con
ventional designs; values up to
$3.50; Saturday
1.19 each
Silk Scarfs i Shawls
Importers' sample line of fine
silk scarfs and shawls, $1.50 to
$4.00 values; mostly cream, a
few blacks and whites;' Satur
Phenomenal Bargains in Hardware Department
600 Pocketknrves. different styles, values up to 75c; to clean out.25t
Ready-Mixed House and Floor Paint, all colors; gallon $1.00
gallon 55 Quart 30
Sapalin Floor Stain, any color; -pint and quart cans, worth 60c and
75c; to close out 25
35c Whitewash Brushes 10
85c Roofing Brushes 4Gg
$2.25 Kalsomine Brushes $1.35
Christy Bread Knives, 50c value 35
Templeton Strainers .-lO
Good Meat Saws 17
Scythe Stones 7c
4-gallon Water Coolers, value $3.00 $1.08
SPECIAL All Base Ball Goods Ball Bats, Gloves, Mitts, etc. to
close out 25 PEK CENT OFF
About 200 Razors,- assorted, $1.00 to $2.00 values, slightly soiled
choice . '39
Fresh Dressed Spring'Chick- H3
ens to Fry, per lb. . ; . . 14
Fall Lamb Legs, per pound'.'... .'. ..
Prime Rolled Rib Roast, per pound
Choice Pot RoaBCper pound.
Sirloin Steak, per pound .. i ..... .
Round Steak, per pound.';.......
Loin lam Chops, per pound......
Veal Chops.-per pound.'..'........
Veal Shoulder Roast, per pound...
Lamb Shoulder Roast, per pound...
Lamb Stew, per pound
Veal Stew, per pound
2,000 pounds Cudahy'se-Rex Hams, per pound. . . .
2,000 pounds Calumet Bacon, 6 to 7-pound average,
12K and 10
0 and 7e
per pound. 20 W
Peaches for Canning
Extra Fancy Ellberta Freestone, 4-basket crate
Leniona, extra fancy, usual 40c and 46c a dozen; per dozen
California Plums, extra fancy, a basket.........
Fancy Peaches, fruit basket; per basket
Extra fancy, large borne grown
Cucumbers, each 50
Roasting. Ears, young and tender,
per doscn 1 ft H
New Potatoes, per peck. . . ; -250
Home grown Green Onions, four
bunches 5
Young Beets, three bunches.. 5
Leaf Lettuce, four beads 5
Wax or String Beans, quart 7H0
Fresh roasted Peanuts, quart 5
Our Great Jewelry Department Offers These
Wash Beltings at i Price
Regular lc per Inch Belting; special Saturday. c per inch
Sale of Belt Pins, 25c Fine Gold Filled Pins, in Roman,
green, gold and rose finish; Silver Plated Pins in gray and
bright polish all good, heavy stock and heavy, substan
tial pins some set with stones and some plain, worth
60c, 75c and $1.00; Saturday only 250
Men's Lapel Chains, with gold button and gold buckle
special . . . .' 490
Grand Clearance
250 ladies' trimmed hats will be placed on sale in
the Millinery department Saturday. This is ono
of the strongest reductions we have ever made
on ladies hats. See display in corner of Harney
St. window, they speak for themselves. Not one
of them worth less than $7.50.
Your choice Saturday as long
as they last at
New $1.50 Books 49c
Just the Thing for Summer Reading
The Firing Line, by Robert Chambers.
Aladdin & Co.,' by Herbert Quick.-. :
The Forsaken Inn, by Anna Katberlne Green.
Jewel Weed, by Alice Ames Winter
Together, by Robert Herrlck ,
Throckmorton, by Elliot Sewell
Cowardice Court, by George Barr McCutcheon.
Furniture and Drapery
Saturday Specials
Brass Beds, $11.50 Two-inch posts, full size guaranteed
bad. in bright or satin finish.
Box Seat Dining Chairs, $2.25 Solid quarter-sawed oak
polished, full lV-inch seat, excellent value.
Slaughter Sale Iron Beds, $1.60 to $9 Each 25 per cent
discount choice at one-fourth off.
15c Silkoline, 8c Hundreds of yards; quality fine, variety
One and one and one-half and two pair lots of Lace Cur
tains, Nottingham, worth 98c to $3.75 pair; Irish point,
worth $1.50 to $6.75 pair; cluny curtans, up to $7.00 pair
all on bargain table at .ONE-HALF PRICE
Window Shades, odd sizes and colors all on good spring
rollers; each '. 190
Drapery Section Third Floor.
Bennett's Big Grocery
Bennett's Excel jlor
Flour, sack t)l.1B
80 Stamps
C. C. Flakes. S pkga.. 8o
B. C. Baking Powder
6-lb. can
100 Stamps
E C Flakes. 8 pkgs...B5o
10 Stamps
Bennett's Capitol Ex
tract, per bottle... Wo
80 Stamps
Iten'a Tourlat and Gra
ham Crackers, pkg., 100
10 Stamps
Peanut Butter, large jar,
at BSC
20 Stamps
Pickling Spice, lb...5o
20 b tamps
Freeh Country Butter, di
rect from tne tarin, lb.,
at o
H. J. ' Helnx Vinegar,
: quart bottle 95e
10 Stamps
Snlder's Pork and Beans,
2-lb. can lfio
14 Stamps
Double Stamps Granu
lated Sugar.
Snlder'a Chill Sauce, per
, bottle 86o
20 Stamps
Blue Borax btarch, pack
age, at , . . , 10o
10 Stamps '
Corn Meal, yellow or
white, 10-lb. sack... 180
Armour's Very Best
Sliced Dried Beef. Jar.
at 15o
10 Stamps
Newport Cataup, boL, lOe
10 Stamps
Wiggle Stick Blueing, 6
sticks a 5o
' 10 Stamps
Hen Food, per )b..8lio
Bone Meal, per lb..Stao
Bird Seed. Golden Har
vest, pkg 100
6 Btampa
Sour Pickled, doz Bo
Diamond Crystal Salt, 14
lb. pkg BOo
T. W. C. Table Syrup,
can iaVo
10 Stamps
Imperial Grape Juice.
pint bottle Sbo
20 Stamps
( bars of Bennett's Bar
gain Soap BBo
6 bars Ivory Soap. . . .S5o
Eddy's Horse Radish
Muatard, Jar lOo
6 Stamps
Gatllard's Imported Olive
Oil, small bottle. .. .84o
20 Stamps
Medium Bottle 45c
40 b iainps
Large Bottle TBo
SO Stamps
- corns spegiaxs
Bennett's Best Coffee.
85a value, special price,
per lb. 80s
Bennett's Golden Coffee. '
26c value, apeolal price,
per lb. aao
Bennett's Kellable Cof
fee. 18o value, special
price, per lb l&e
Teas, large assortment,
68c value, special price,
per lb Me
Teas, large assortment,
ido value, special price,
per lb 480
Tea Sittings, 16c value,
special price, lb. pkg.,
ut 18o
CKeese, full cream, per
lb aao
10 Stamps
Cheese, Virginia Swiss,
per lb BBS
10 Stamps
French made delicious
creams, honey, lb., lao
Sugar Wafers, very fine.
package, at IBs
10 Stamps
Uneeda Biscuit. 8 pkgs.,
for IBo
10 Stamps
Omaha Automobile Club to Make Re
newed Efforts.
t -
Officials Also Sur Somet-laar Mast
Be Don la the Way of Preveai
4 tlwa Well as Pa-
- ' iahmcat.
The killing of Harry Drefi has brought
forth renewed protests against speeding of
automobiles In Omaha. Even more feeling
lias bet-n aroused than by the two previous
accidents within the last nronth.
E. II. prague, president of the Omaha
Automobile club announced that his or
ganization will make renewed efforts to
rtop tpecdlng.
"We shall set our own watch and at once
expel all offenders from the club ranks,"
said Mr. Sprague. "It la necessary for
drivers to use extra caution with respect
to children. Older people can be educated
to use ordinary care In crossing streets and
this Is all that fair drivers expect of
pedestrians. Children will run all sorts of
risks, running across the middle of the
rtrett without looking to right or left and
even tt a car Is Just creeping along the Ufa
of children la often endangered.
"For iNs reason, with respect to children,
drivers most keep a constant match. It Is
the only thing that ran be done aa long aa
children are allowed to play In the streets.
Kverycne knows that they cannot be kept
rff and since the automobile Is here to stay,
extra precaution la the only available
means of preventing more distressing ac
cidents.' WasU ' More Meiorejeles.
Mayor rahlman says tie deplores the fact
that lack of funda prevents putUng out
luoie policemen on motor bicycles to watch
for sptedlng autca. "We have only two."
said the mayor, "aud we ought to have six
or eight. The police department Is to be
tven renewed orders to arrest every motor
car speeder and to exercise every ounce of
diligence to pevent speeding.
"The death of the little Drefs boy is most
distressing. It la the third fatality within
a month aud It brings a shook to everyone
that a 6-year-old boy should be thus sud
denly killed. A serious sense of responsi
bility must be Inculcated in the driver of
every car and offenders must be punished
as severely as possible. The slaughter of
children in the streets must stop."
County Attorney English Bald that "at
the present rate prosecution of men for kill
ing people through automobiles bids fair
to become much the greatest part of our
work. It Is Just a month since William
Krug's Ufa was snuffed out.
"Prosecutions will go on vigorously, but
this Is certainly a matter where prevention
of accidents is more desirable than regrets
, Licenses Are) Needed.'
Judge Estelle of the district court says
he thinks the ordinary fine imposed on
reckless drivers Is not a sufficiently heavy
pen-lty. He favors a Jail sentence which
caimot be escaped by the payment of a
Sheriff Brailey believes In requiring all
drivers to first secure a city license and
bacll It up with a bond sufficiently large to
make the penalty in case of a violation of
the law one which the violator would really
Judge Kennedy of the district court fa
vors the adoption of a license system, the
license to be withdrawn from any person
violating the speed laws. A heavy penalty
should also be Inflicted upon' persons who
drive cars without a proper license. Issued
only after an exacting examination as to
the qualifications of the applicant.
Robert Smith,' clerk of the district court,
gives his 'opinion that the present speed
Imlt of twelve miles is too low. He advo
cates the lcense system to be granted only
to persons ha are fully qualified and wbo
are. over ;i years of age.
A I. lie I'rablem Solved '
bv that areat health tonic. Rlvclrln Rlrtara
is th Anrlphininl nf nnr thin ,lf4 . n .4
4 strengthening tne weak. too. Far tv
1 Beaton Urug Co.
Ingratitude is
Shown by Two
Omaha Doctors
Former Recipient of Favon from
World-Herald Boost Willii .
E. Reed.
Another case of base ingratitude has
come to light in the distribution of a cir
cular signed with the names of five doc
tors, In the Interest of Willis E. Heed for
United States senator. The excuse for the
circular, which Is going by mall to medical
men generally, la that Reed promises to
put a doctor In the cabinet as secretary of
health, and the queer part of it is that It
signed by at leaBt two republicans, although
Reed Is running for the democratlo nomina
tion. The two republican doctors whose
signatures are affixed are A. B. Somers and
S. R. Towne, who have been recipients and
beneficiaries of persistent booming by Mr.
Hitchcock's World-Herld, but for which
they are now returning him his empty
Falls la Greart quantity Over the
Easter Portloa of the
Rain fell In considerable quantity all over
Nebraska Thursday night, but the showers
were scattering and some of the portions
seeding It worjt were not touched. On all
the ra'lroad lines showers were reported In
the eastern section, with fairly Ijeavy rain
from Omaha to Uncolu. In aouineasurn
Nebraska the rain was geneial, but not
heavy and all along the South Platte valley
showers were felt. Crete, Mlnden, Mc
Cook, Lincoln and Long Pine w-'e centers
of rain, but west of those points very
little rain fe'l except on the Burlington line
between Alliance and Edgemont.
Crops are reported to be progressing and
In most sections, especially along the Rock
Island en average crop is expected. Corn
will be larger than the usual amount It the
weather does not ret too hot from now on,
but the wheat will not be quite up to the
average yield. Wheat Is weighing sixty-one
pounds to the bushel and averaging sixteen
to eighteen bushels to the acre.
Two Oil Cars
Knocked Over
Engine Strikes Train and Damages
Tank Cars, but No Oil
is Lost.
Two cars were turned over and a small
amount of damage caused by a collision of
an engine and a string of oil cars at Seven
teenth and Pierce streets Thursday
evening. Union Pacific engine No. 1202
bumped with considerable force Into ' the
side of the cars at a switching point.
Though two of the oil cars were toppled
upon their sides, not a drop of oil waa lost.
A wrecking crew righted the cars in a few
Public Will Be Invited to Inspect the
Union Pacific Plant,
Corooer's Jury Flnee Ha Took Bilco
tlae Fames While Vadcr Meatal
Strata aad Despaadeat.
Suicide waa found to have been the cause
of Robert C. Echaller's death Tuesday by
a coroner's Jury Friday morning. The Jury
returned the following verdict:
"We find that Robert C. Schaller came
to his death by taking nicotine fumes while
laboring under a mental strain and de
spondency." Mr. Rchaller's body was found in a cellar
at the home of a relative. 3002 Davenport
street, Tuesday evening. He had appar
ently taken the fatal poison between 6 and
( o'clock. t
Persistent Advertising Is the Road to Big
Visitors Will Be Galded Throagh H.
chlaery Departments Jaly SO aad
laterestlBK Things Will
lie Explained.
Omaha people are to be given a rare
treat by the Union Paclfio Railroad and the
McKeen Motor Power compunV on July 30.
On that day both shops will be thrown open
to the Inspection of the people from 9 In
the morning until 4 p. in. Capable men
will be In each part of the buildings ready
to explain to the onlookers the purpose
arfd manner of working of each piece of
the great machine shops.
' When the plan of letting the shops be
open for an afternoon was first thought
of, It was thought that perhapa only the
employes and their families would be per
mitted to pass through, but A. L. Mohler,
vice-president and general manager, haa
decided that this should be made an op
portunity for everyone wishing to view
the famous shops to do so.
SIcKrra Shops Also.
President McKeen offered to open the Mc
Keen works on the same day to the public
as they are in the same lnclosure with the
Union Pacific works, and were formerly
connected with them. Several motors
are now In course of construction and as
many people, of this city have nevor seen
the new cars, the chance to see them
will be accepted with pleasure, It Is ex
pected. "Omaha scarcely realises the vastness
of the works nor the great number of men
that are employed at these shops," re
marked T. M. Urr, assistant general mana
ger. In speaking of the coming day. "Of
course we reculve many requests from In
dividuals and different societies and clubs
to allow them to pass through our shops
while In operation, but this Is somewhat
dangerous and one of our chief reasons In
setting this day is to allow everyone to
see them who wishes to."
Offer bi New
Fire Auto Taken
Five Thousand-Dollar Machine Will
Be Purchased Ed Morris
. New Warden.
A new fire automobile tor the Omaha de
partment wll' Le purchased by the Board
of Fire and Police Commissioners from the
Seagraves company of Columbus. The con
tract was awarded Thursday evening from
the bids on combination hose and chemical
motor cars that were handed In to the
board Tuesday. The price is to be V.iM. A
contract for a horse-drawn hock and lad
der truck, to cost 12.660, was awarded to
the American l.a France Engine company
of Elmlra. N. Y.
As a settlement of the long dispute over
the appointment of a fire warden, Ed Mor
ris, the mayor's last appointee, was glvtn
the Job. The board hus been holding back
front giving anyone a chance at the J1.DO0
salary until it could be determined whether
or not the holder could be held responsible
to a higher office. The city attorney gave
as his opinion that the warden would be
responsible to the board that appointed
him, and the appointment was made on
that basis.
Abernathy Lads Engage Itoonis at
llrnshan, lint Un Not Occupy
Them, as Expected.
Louis and Temple
famous by their trip
Oklahoma to New Yor
did not appear in Oman
Ing to schedule. They
at the Henshaw hotel,
that they were merely
unknown reason.
Abernathy, made
on horsebnek from
k to see Roosevelt,
a last night accord
had engaged rooms
and It Is supposed
detained for some
Explosion Jars
NewStreet Car'
Power House
Basement of Building at Fifth and
Jackson Damaged Five Hundred
to Thousand Dollars.
Following the explosion of dynamite un
der a derrick at the new power house ol
the Omaha & Council Bluffs Street Railway
company, Fifth and Pacific streets shortly
after midnight, Friday morning, Assistant
Manager LeuBler give out an interview
declaring his belief an Incendiary had per
petrated the damage.
"From the manner in which the explosive
was evidently placed, from the threats
that have come Indirectly to our ears and
from previous violence which has teen en
acted upon the contractors, 1 believe the
explosion was a malicious piece of work,"
he said.
Mr. Eeusjler estimated the damage at
$1,UU) and detectives Maloney and Vau
Uusen give it as their belief as amounting
to not more than M.
"The Wisconsin bridge and Iron com
pany, which la doing the construction
work," said Mr. L.eussler, has suffered from
a number of dynamite crimes In the last
sevcrul years. The company had trouble
with structural Iron woikmen's unions and
lias been employing only nonunion rnau
since. It is believed dissatisfied workmen
for this reas n have been doing the dyna
miting." I.rUBsler then explained that the dyna
mite charge at the powr house had been
placed under the shou of the derrick boom.
Intended probably to throw the huge boom
agulnst a wall and destroy both. That this
did not occur as completely as expected,
he said, probably was an accident
Mr. Leussler announced the street rail,
way company had offered a reward of MM
for the conviction of the perpetrators of
the deed and the construction company
offered a like rewaid.