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Boy Who Baa Down Elliot Eobinson
Kuit Stand Trial.
RsLatea laeldenta ( the Aerldeat as
. He ew Reaavaibrs Tbena Kn4
Hl.. .1 ,.l00 , Jag.,
stating that the state's evidence made a,
Itrong presumption that the speed of tha
Hamilton car was mora than Miami miles
sn hour at the time It ran over and killed
i-mot Robinson, and that tha question of
peed violation was tha ona which must
be decided. Judge Crawford bound Robert
Hamilton over to tha district court. setting
lila bond at i,W0, after tha preliminary
hearing-, which lasted until ( clock Fri
day evening.
. Thq attorneys for tha defense triad hard
to Introduce evidence which would prove
that Robert Hamilton was not exceeding
fifteen miles an hour, but nothing strong
enough to overcome tha stale witneases'
testimony and gain acquittal was produced
yesterday afternoon. ..
Hamilton's Stars-.
Hobert Hamilton was the last ta be
placed on tbe stand, and accounted for sev
eral things which had not been brought
out before. He said In answer to ques
tions;, "I cams onto Twentieth street from
Blnney., At the time I looked at my speed--
meter and saw I waa goln ten milt an
hour. After going up the grade there the
rate Increased to twelve miles aa hour at
. Locust street, and continued at that until
the accident I proceeded along tha right
aide of the street near the outalda. When
I first noticed Elliot Robinson ha was five
or six feet to my left and about twenty
five feet Ahead of me. At Locust atreet I
had opened the cut-out on my muffler,
' which was sufficient to warn anyone of my
approach. The next that I saw of Elliot
. ha waa within four or five feet of mr ma
chine and directly In front, going toward
the southwest at an angle.
' Bars , He Wan Dmaed.
"I waa dated. If 1 turned to the left I
would strike him, and I did not have time
to turn either way or stop the machine. I
act my brakes as I struck him. I seemed
' paralysed. In turning ibe steering wheel
my sleeve must have caught on tha lever
which regulatea the oil, for I shot ahead
at an Increased rate of speed. It all hap-
' pened so quick that I didn't really know
what had happened. My foot must have
let tha clutch slip back or something; I
don't know how It happened. I felt the
wheel paea over the boy, and as I got past
I realised - something had occurred, and
turned to sea what I had done. I then
topped my machine, left the engine run
ning and ran back to where tha boy waa.
1 saw that he waa being cared for, so I
ran home and told my father what had
happened.' ,
"I would have hit the telegraph pole, a
house i or , anything, before . I would - have
truck the boy, but I didn't have time, for
t waa upon him before I could turn.?
When asked why ft was ha had told his
father that ha waa going twenty miles an
hour, a was brought out In tha testimony
...,.pf Joseph Hell in the morning, Hamilton
aid: "When I camt back to where the boy
Wat one man aald I waa going sixty" miles
an hour, another said forty and forty-five.
I could not realise all of It. and my mind
waa not settled until tbe neat morning.
What I. said then was soon after the aocl-
Ceat, aad before L could think. .1 told -my
:af. JaUr taw-nest morning, that I had looked
N'early -"art -if the- state's witnesses at
tempted to estimate tha auto's speed at tha
tlma Is ia ovec-Robinson,. hot not', before
Those who were on the stand yesterday
were: Joseph Hell Sam Relglaman, B.
Morgan, Samuel . Robinson. Julia Ranch
man, Harry Rachman, Robert Carlson,
Charles Morearty, R. P. Hamilton and Rob-
. art Hamilton.
Samuel Gompers
Commends Burkett
Hrid of Federation Save Nebraska
Senator Has Cone Much for
. Came of Labor.
fa response to a letter of Inquiry, a r
pons from Samuel Gompers of the Fed
eration- of Labor waa received by the Cen
tral Labor union last night commending
Senator Elmer J. Burkett for re-election.
Uompers wrote that Senator Burkett bad
voted' in tha interests of good - legislation
- for worklngroen at every opportunity- and
that bis record In the senate, waa without
a flaw. .
' Gompers rehearaed tbe various bills re
latlng to child labor, safety appliances,
anti-trust and Injunction evils that Mr,
Burkett had stood tor. Ha concluded by
advising the -local union delegates to bend
every energy toward helping along tbe
.legislation for better conditions. . It was
forcefully an endorsement of Senator Bur
kett for re-election.
Concluding ita general business, tbe Cen
tral Labor union discussed plans for- the
. Labor day picnic at Cortland Beach next
September. It ta expected the, anting will
he an unusually fine affair.
fclosm MeKtrwy Saaewaaba , te Fa res la
.freaa Belag StraeBL sy raJllagr
. atee xera Aajew r
John McElroy. a atone mason, tor many
years a resident of Omaha, died In Lln
'csui July U. aged-. jaara. Bis death was
caused by paresis, which developed from
aa Injury be received abobt rive years ago
'when a stuns falling from a third story of
aa Omaha building where he was working
. struck him on the head.
He as survived by bis widow,- who resides
In Florence. 1m funeral ceremony -will- be
held Saturday afternoon at I o'clock from
U.4 Gentleman chapet. Interment will be
made In the. Holy Sepulchre cemetery.
Sew Oil Barait i. tawtUi
The Suoomuv Oil Burner Co. of Omaha
haa been very aueoeasful In promoting a
sew style oil burner. There have been la
the past few years numerous kinds of ed
burners for stoves and ranges placed on the
market all of which seemed te be open to
' soma criticism. This new burner, however,
' misi to be filling tha bill la every respect.
The principle of the burner Is a little dlf-
. ferent from anything heretofore seen In
that It works entirely on a combustion
' principle, the old dropping on a hot plate
forming the basis of combustion. It Is tha
drh proposition, the oil dropping from the
, end af a pipe rwnnmg down through the
top of the store onto a plate aet n tha
v grata. The oil" 1a regulated on the same
- principle) aa tha now t water Into a hollar
.and tha.. supply Is carried in a tank act
back of the stove, piped ander the stove
. aad up ta the front This class of oil
has sweat prove to be aa good a heat
produces' aa aay thing In the way of fu
' ea t enavuet and mueh cleaner and wore
tl thjui ay vther fuL
Whea you hav aytnu.g to sell or tralv.
advertise It In The Bee Waal Ad eolumns
- - - t wt - -A- ..rt . a .
V ) lift v
Not yet In his teens when he went to the
front as a drummer boy with Company I,
Nineteenth Iowa regiment, and at present
not yet SO years of age. J tan B. Murphy,
of Leavetworth. Kan., well deserves the
title of "child soldier." which has clung
to him since the civil war.
With a wealth of curly locks and a pic
ture face as a child, and with blue eyes
and fair rosy cheeks. Murphy was fre
quently taken for a girl and was dubbed
81s" the unknowing ones often think
lng him the ooloneWs daughter. May were
his experience, amusing, serious and pa
thetic, (as a soldier boy, and his story, as
told here a few days ago. Is of thrilling
I was bora la Marlon county, Ind.,
July 11, I960, and moved to Henry county.
Iowa,' In UCL My brother want to the
Pennant Lodge of A. 0. TJ. W. "Will
Get Charter.
baaimka riaa State Athletls Tr-
naril Andrew Itert tieta
late Trowhle Walla '
A new lodge of the Ancient Order et
United Workmen waa organised last night
at Bhamrock hall, which la to be knows
Pennant lodge. The number haa not
yat been fixed because the charter has not
yet been granted by the grand lodge. This
la tha third lodge of this order to be orga
nised in South Omaha, and this order at
present la one of kg strongest among a
nnmfeer of -strong oVgaaiaationa.Vfouth
Omaha-sTh. ,Uie new
lodge Will reaca. aooui tony memoera.
Tha ceremonies were conducted by Grand
Master Workman Jacob Jaekalek, and the
degree) work, waa put on by L'rffon . Pacific
lodge No. 17 of Omaha. Muny visitors were
present and tha -occasion was one of the
most felicitous In the annals of the local
societies. - Tha following officers were
elected for tha first term: -Master work
man. W. P. Corrlgan; -past master work
man, Fred Fero; overseer, James Marvel;
foreman, J. W. Gulllon; recorder, Frank
Marshall; financier, John Kubat; treasurer,
M. J. Rowley; inside watch, John Ander
sen; outitide watch, William Devereae; phy-tctsmv-XX.
Iavta-. and . -Beck; directors,
A. McPulrt. Fred Llnd, Louia Kratky.
For the present the lodge will meet at
Shamrock hall, but may make arrange
ments later to meet at the temple.
It will probably require a month or more
for tha return of the new charter, with the
names of the charter members.
Athletic Clas Plans Meet.
Ths Shamrock Athletic association has
planned a stats amateur tournament In
ooxlng and wrestling which is to be pulled
off In the early autumn, the date not yet
oetng fixed definitely. A committee of the
club has bee a appointed to make arrange
ments and to open correspondence with
various cUlea. It la understood that only
amateur boxers and wrestlers will be
allowed to compete. , Tbe line will be drawn
against those who have competed la a regu
lar match with a referee where a purse
has been wrestled for or divided. Those
whe have wrestled In preliminary bouts to
1 events, but never have been prin
cipals In any contest of regular character.
wul be considered amateurs.
Only boxing and wrestling will be the
subject of competition, in connection wlth
tha attractions of .the tournament there
will be a sprinkling of profekaionai bouts
by way of exhibition tor the edification 01
tne amateurs.
The Trl-Clly Athletic association haa a
match between Tommy Bmsnahan of 8outn
Omaha and Tommy deary ot Chicago foi
the- eomlng. week. This wul be al.btanek a
hall. These men have twice met and fougni
a draw.
Aadrww Hert'e Feelings Hart.
Andrew Hert and hta bob John ware mucn
hurt. In their feelings Fnday morning w hen
they attempted to spread tneir Railing nets
in the "Wig Muddy.'' They have a neigh
bor named Ueorgiana Strong, and muca
bad blood and atrong language haa existed
boiweea the families- for 'montha In order
to keep' track of the" Ug net they have It
attached ta a large buoy, which floats down
the river until tne meu are ready (o draw
la tha trammel. Mrs. eitrong sat la her
boat at tne water's edge until the buoy
was well out Ut the stream,- when aha rowed
aut and cut the net Mr, Hart' a feel
ings got the better el him and he uaed leud
language whlca only the big stream af
water kept from aettlng the vegetatim en
fire. He pulled la the aet and took hia
awn boat and rowed after his buoy, which
was gsUy bubbing toward the sunny clime
et tit. Joseph. Again he tied the buoy to
tha et and atartod hi humble vocation,
that of suypltn- the Friday trade with
burfak) aad ehaanel oat, - Tha few-foot net
waa mora tha half paid out when Mra
Strang made a second foray and soon tha
buoy was hpbblfcg dowa tha Mlaeuun like
a painted lady ooiug a tip-Uie dance. 4
big cloud af vapor uuugWd with oiiiiwa a
lanoa arose) from tlart a boat, but he cuaad
bis buoy is land aad auugbt the mighty
arm of ths law ta avenge himself. . Mra
btrong waa a shade quicker and while Hert
appealed to the police Judge she hied to the
silver-whiskered Judge c! awuth Omaha. P.
C. Caldwell, a awn of fau-e. Warrants
were Issued la each cut The first waa
against Mra Strong fur malicious deal ruc
tion of prvperty, aad the othr against John
Hert. eon of Andrew, fuc the Ua of total
Jimmy Murphy the "Child
army In the fall of '- I cried to go with
him and take my toy drum, bat no, I was
c-nly 11 years old. Later my brother-in-law,
a soldier, wrote me a form of parents
consent with my promlne to eopy It and
tell no one. Finding it Impossible to get
my father and mother to sign their names)
on a blank aheet, above which I would
have written the consent, I just simply
could not help doing the whole problem
my little self.
"I wss workeng on a farm three miles
from town, cutting corn stalks with a hoe
for S7 a month. Early Monday morning.
May 1V 16S, when but 11 years and 10
months old. I told my mother If nothing
happened I would be home Saturday. Little
did that poor woman think It would be
ma-ny long and anxious Saturdays and
many sleepless nights before her boy
would come home again.
That Monday morrlng I walked ten
miles and knocked at the door of the re
cruiting officer and asked If he wanted a
drummer boy. I handed him the consent
blank I had made out myself and he said.
That la ail right, my boy; sign this en
listment paper.' I was sent to Davenport,
la., and when I had learned to drum was
aralgned to Company I, Nineteenth Iowa,
with which I made my home until mus
tered out August X, IMS. I served two
years, four months and sixteen daya. Dur
ing all that tlma I was not sick, never
failed to eat If I could get food,' or to go
on march If I had to Mid hundreds of
times I had to wading through swamps
and sand, with my feet bleeding, and hun
gry, thirsty and tired mother's poor little
boy. .
"I took tha eye of hundreds that chanced
to see me. The boys called me 'Sis' and
told other soldiers I was tha colonel's
daughter. While In New Orleans I was
standing In front of a saloon and tha pro
prietor asked me to come In. saying be
wanted a pretty, curly headed girl like me.
f went after the soldiers with them I was
safe, and any of them would fight for, ma.
In lt, at Pascagoula, I walked over town
and a mother and two daughters eat-on- a
porch. They called to me to come In and
said, "To a pretty, curly headed girl, you
sweet child,' and kissed me.
"At the battle of Spanish ForU Ala..
April 7, 1MB, I was shot In the calf of the
i left leg, and a scar 14x2H of an Inch Is a
witness unto this day. When the ball
struck me I was assisting a dying soldier
fined tiff- and costs for elaborating on his
emphatic vocabulary. Mrs. Strong will ap
pear In police court this morning to defend
her action sa a neat clipper of fish card.
Alleged Failaro ef Rtateaaenta.
It Is alleged by tha city treasurer, 3. 3.
Glllin, that tha Nebraska and ths Inde
pendent Telephone companlea of 8outh
Omaha have failed to comply with ths pro
visions of the ordinance fixing an occupa
tion tax upon tha ' gross receipts of ths
company, by neglecting to file with : the
city clerk the annual statement of receipts
before July 1 of each yehr. Such a report
has not been filed, which Is taken aa an
Indication that tha company will fight ths
operation of ths ordinance in tha courts.
The city treasurer has fixed ths amount
of ths occupation tax arbitrarily at (2.400
and has notified the companies to thst ef
fect. He did this under the provisions of
the ordinance. It will bs his duty to fores
collection of ths tax by ths regular course
In such cases. It will be ths privilege of
tge companlea to appeal to ths courts and
attack the ordinance or Its provisions In
JTbe ordinance was passed last year, under
the powers granted la tha stats law cover
ing occupation tax levies. ,
Magic City Gwsaln.
Tha condition of W. B. Vaa aant has
not materially Improved.
, W. H. Cresaey has returned from a flab
'lng trip to Hackberry lake.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Parker have re
turned from their wedding trip.
Miss Doris and Margaret Davis are spend
ing their vacation at Ashton, la.
Phil Kearney post ot the Grand Army of
tbe Republic will meet Saturday night.
Mrs. Myles E. Welsh and children have
gone on a visit of several weeks to Oregon.
Dana Morrill has returned from his sum
mer vacation trip to the lakes of Min
nesota. Tha Council Bluffs golfing teams will be
tbe guests of the South Omaha Country
club (Sunday.
The death of the Infant daughter of
Joseph Basar, Thirty-fifth and U streets,
occurred last night. Tbe funeral will be
held at J p. m., today.
Here la a golden opportunity for a flour
miller who wants to make a chse and
Kt Into a raw country where opportunity
mi large and where the rapid settle
ment ef the country WILL MAKJE HIS
Buhl. Idaho, is the market point for
M.004 acrea Carey Act land; the "richest
lsnd that lies out of doers. There is
cheap electric power gained from the
falls of the Snake river. There are oceans
of farm produce of every description.
Everything Is favorable. Please WRITE
You eaa satisfy yourself about
this If you will write te me at enoe. I
can send yeu a booklet showing JUST
FOR IOU. Write for the book. It cost
nothing and may mean a fortune to you.
C, X. SCoQVOWsT, aaesewary BtTaTZ, COK-
lsm moral, c&vra, iiu, taauao.
He Was a Usn't Dos
But he Is all rlnt now for his good
master bought him a bottle of Sherman
UcConnell'g Masge Cure. It did the
fcrepalnated Digestive Tablets lea
aoe Care Lieukal. BM-Mtaooeua tee
quid baampew ap aula tiena. Jbe
Liatvaapev t'wwSer -radueee fevev Aee
Tcuua Tablets tiive aa a toale after auaae
fer dlsteiiiDer u
arecanut Worm Tablata, easy
Bf. Vitua I'anc Tablaia for flta Me
Lasauve Uver TaaJ
Cough Tableia for Uuaa
. iee
We seU Bpratt's Dears Glevee'a
Medicine aak for book.
Srtnza & EcCcnns!! Mi Co.
Cor. lttk and Dodge, Ontaa.
OWL 0HU3 Cflu16tlt:l BaKI
' " ' . " V ' ' '
'. " '"'" ' '.. ' '
! ' V--.-.
.. ,
I .. .
;" - , '
: r . ?
, i. ;
to a cup of water from my canteen and he
said to me, "Comrade, will you tell my
mother I died bravely for the flag.'
"I waa the youngest soldier In our divi
sionSecond division, Thirteenth army
corps Generals Herron, Granger, A. J.
Smith and other commanding. I never f t
to ride on a march, but endured the hard
shipe of a private's life, except to stand
guard. I waa the curly headed drummer
boy and weighed 160 pounds and waa five
feet, eight -Inches UU. At the age or It
years and 1 month I was mustered out at
New Orleans, August X5, 1865. I refuned
GO In gold for' my curly locks and wore
thera hocoa for mother to see. I scon had
them cut off and gave them to my girl
friends. I have kept up drumming since
tha war and still use the identical snare
drum that I carried as a 'child toldler.' "
Union Pacific
Officials Meet
With the Men
H&rriman - Branch of Employes and
IaTestors Association Listens
to the Officers.
Members of the Union Paelflo branch of
ths American Railroad Employes and la
ves tore' association to ths number of about
eighty met last evening at ths old Pacific
Express building and elected Robert
Christy as delegate to ths state convention,
which meets later In the year.
A. X Mohler, vice president and general
manager of tha Union Paelflo, addressed
ths memttors on ths 11 vs Issues of the day
aad urged ths men to get closer together
and to take an Interest In ths affairs of
ths road, telling them that what waa to
ny fiMLiiJ ill
Baby's coming will bs a tlma of rajoidSeT, aad not of apprehen
sion and fear, If Mother's Friend la used by the expectant mother
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Internally, but a liniment to be applied to body, to assist nature
tn the necessary physical changes of the system. Mother's Friend Is composed of
iiils and medicines which prepare the muscles and tendons for the unusual strain,
render the ligaments supple and elastic, aide in the expanding of tha akin and flesh
fibres, and strengthens all the membranes and tiara as. It lessens the peU and
danger at the crisis, and assures future health to tha mother. Mother's Friend is
sold at drug stores. Write for our free book, containing valuable information for
expectant mothers.
The Charms
'Tha Beauty Spots ef ths World for Your Summer Vacation'
Round-trip tickets (limit 10 days) on sals
ponding fares from all other places, via the
Canadian Pacific Railway
TOKO X TO. and Return. . 29.00
.MONTREAL and Return . . 3S.OO
QUEBEC and Return 39.0O
Halifax and Retarn $49.00
PORTLAND Me-, Return $42.83
BOSTON end Retarn . . . $40.60
Corresponding fares to hundreds
Vnwmr,A Thmiiah tha Thousand Ialands and Kapiaa 01 tne Lawrence
at a ellght additional coat. Through tralna leave I'earborn Station. Chicago,
via Wabaah-Canadian Pacific at I TO p. m. and 11 p. in.
Tlcketa for sale by all agents of sll railways. -
Further Information and literature to bs hsd by sddresslng A. C. Bhaw.
General Agent. 213 South Ctark 8t- Chicago.
wsscnxs DtsnacTEi
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ths Interest of ths railroad was to their In
terest. -Charles Wars, general - superintendent,
spoke along the same lines, and W. R.
CahlU, superintendent of the Nebraska di
vision, and A. Blakely also urged co-opera-tlotu.
Q. O, Brophy spoke on the subject
of government ownership of railroads.
Tha meeting wss closed to the press aad
reporters were excluded from ths hall.
'This association was organised two years
ago and haa for its purpose tha cultivation
of a better splint between the members and
such concern on tha part of all of them
as will help the prosperity of ths Amer
ican rallroada,
la the state of Nebraska only the Unka
Padfle, the Burlington aad the Rock
Island lines are In this orgaalsatkm. the
whole association consisting of members
from forty-three rallroada of tha United
Tvto Fesalntne CWndldnteo Seek
Plneea eat Bnel Beaxd
O thera lln Pile.
Ths first women' to file as candidates for
tha school board were two sodallata, Mrs.
Mary Morrow and Miss Ida Ginsberg.
Peter J. K. Boland, Frank J. Rlha, C J.
MoArdla, J. H. Grossman and C B. LJvcr,
an democrats, have filed for stats repre
sentative. C E. Byard of Valley, Neb., re
publican, la after ths same ofTlcs, and
George Stephens, republican, wants to bs
tats senator. Charles R. Deutsmann, so
cialist, haa filed for county attorney.
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