Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 09, 1910, EDITORIAL, Page 11, Image 11

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    TirE BEE: OMAHA, SATURDAY. JULY 9. 1910.
fcoot Tnnx XV
Taks fimi prtutlBf tk Tlsa
fcisctris ru Biiftn-Omte C.
sst ry Cteftniikf of gar-nania. Twla ;
Cltjr ! Work, tw Sou La nttsantA.
Tbs Earlng-a Kablt iiwi loru.ed toads to
ln5-pnunc. one flullsr (tart aa ao- :
count with KtbraUl feavlriss and Loa& i
Ass n., 10 liuard of Trails Hid, Umibt .
X tha Slroro C6urt Ji ace Ann busel j
baa btwn kivcd a decree of tiivurcs from j
Rudolph L"usL h charted him with
ntfleit arid failure to support her and'
their children. ;
X.rtlls to Talk Judfe Ls 6. EFteils
of tr.e dif-trict court, lert yesterday tor'..
Watertwn, is. L., where he sill deliver!
a Chautauqua address Sunday. Judge j
Hetlitk W ill take Juuse Jt,ie lie's docket ,
Saturday, j
Cnisltj to A-nlmais Kude Bsnnleh was
fired l and costs in poll'. court Friday j
morning on the raarge ft cruelty to am-
mala, ufflcer Hudson arreslod Eantiish
Inur day evening, and stated that the j
man was whipping and Jerkies tls horse I
in a Inhuman manner. j
Iiw Air Into KaiUig Tha Interstate
Commeros commission has passed a sew
law in regard to tha brakes to be used
on railroad trains, which slates that no
train shall overate on which teas than 6
lsr cent of tha brakes available for use
on tha train are ueirif used. Tha sew
law foes Into effect September L. I
"Mania at Xfcular rrk Miller park j
will be the scene ef th annual church ;
picnic of the Bimanual Baptist church on
baturday afternoon. Te special care i
will he taken by the plcknlckers and the I
whole afternoon spemt In games and
amusements, followed by a supper at the
park In the evening. !
Bit for rrsifkt 2epot Deeds are re
corded transferring property from Oliver
Ames to the JkcCarue Investment com
pany, and from that company to the
Union I'aclflc, for a consideration of 3I,
000. The property Is the block between
Eighth and Ninth streets, and fronting
on Jackson, which It was announced six
weeks ago. had been bought by tha rail
road for terminal purposes.
Specials to TaUo-wwtona Summer out
ing specials have started on their way
and baturdar morning, tha first of the
many annual special trains to Tallow-
d stone National park, will pass through
Omaha filled wlu. pleasure parties. The
Union Pacific railroad Is furnishing the
train, tha expedition ung In charge of
Gilllsple and Kimport. who manage a
number of them each year.
W vosmaroial Club Telspaoswa A private
I branch telephone exchange has been la
l stalled by the Commercial dub. and Ita
, general number will be Tyler Mi, which,
j because of the sequence, will bo an easy
( one to remember. There are aeven sub
. stations. Including besides J. 1L Guild.
' commissioner, the bureau ef publicity
, under cuarge of Will A. Campbell, the
freght rata bureau, under command of
E. J. McVann. the billiard room and the
chefs office.
Body Xeld foe Xdoatifioattoa The body
of Albert Damske, who died at a local
hospital several days ago, la being bald
at the . Cole-cKay morgue, awaiting
identification. Whila Mr. Damiks baa
resided In Omaha xor several years, little
of bia relatives Is known, and as yet It
i has been imposali - to find any trace of
bis family. For some time be lived In
. , the violi.Ity of the Union Paclfio shops,
I ' near Tenth street. Jac Colo la endeav
oring to find aomo rrlen who will be
able to tell something of bia family
Grain Man Says
Crops Are Fine
T. B. Hord Arrmgixf Trip to Europe
and Makes Statement is.
Om&hA oa Outlook.
T. B. Hard of C antral City was at the
X'axton hotel Friday. Ho waa la Omaha
to maite final arrangements for a trip to
Gersmny. where bo will take the waters.
"With Mrs. Hard and Charles J. Greene
ajid wife of Omaha be will sail from Now
York on the 23d. Mr. Hord s health Is
somowhat Improved, but not to the extent
that bo desires.
With thirteen catUe feeding stations on
bis bands tn Nebraska and a Use of fifty
elevators, T. H. Hord Is probably the larg
est cattle feeder In the country. If not In
the world. Ills elevator Interests make
lilm also deeply interested in the crop situa
tion. "in my judgment the growing Nebraska
crop la la pretty good condition, said Mr.
Hord. "H i have had several good rains
that came In time to help the crops ma
loriaiiy. Wheat and corn fields that have
Ovnie under my observation look ail right,
ajid reports we get Indicate the same thing
as a rule. Of course, the dry spring made
a shortage of good grass, but the alfalfa
U all right, and the area, planted is steadily
During the last winder the Hord company
Lad pearly I2.UU0 cattle in the feeding
arda, nearly all of which have now been
uld off. Talking tit feeding, Mr. Hord j
evinces lonsideraule enthusiasm over the I
product of the slfalla niiil si Central City. I
In tins oiili California nulii is used j
tn mix wlib the cry alfalfa hay as it Is
ground, and Mr. Hord believes this Is the
very lt foi.d can be fed to cat Us in
combination w ith the roughage.
"We have a splendid little miH, be said,
"and lis product is in good demand wher
ever fanner and cattla feeders are ac
quainted v .ib its value."
Onif (Greaiesi Cleaining Sale Now ii Fusil Sway
Every Man's and Young Main's Suit in Our Cloth
ing Dept. (Including Blue Serges) Now on SaJe
When this sale was conceived
S10 and S12
Suits, Now
S13.50 5 S15
Suits, Now
The most wonderful Footwear
bargains of the year are now
awaiting you in our
July Clearance Sale of
' Oxfords
For Men and Women
we determined that it should be the greatest clearing sale of
Men's Clothing ever held by an Omaha concern.
We have outdone all previous records even those
great records established by our own sales of past years.
This wonderful sale gives you an unrestricted choice of
every man's and young man's suit in our clothing dept
including Blue Serges. Regardless of whether the lots '
were broken, or were complete, we have not reserved a
single suit.
New 1910, Hand Tailored models
at every price we name, and sizes
for men of every build from 33 to
48 chest measure.
Attend this sale as early as you
possibly can. You will find it the
greatest genuine bargain event of
Lot 1
Lot 3
Any man's or woman' pat
ent colt oxfords or pumps
In the store. Including the
celebrated "Regala," In reg
ular $3.50 and 4,
Biar is. bo ana MfeA
grade. Clearing J
bale Price Vltf
Men's tan calf, gun metal and
patent colt Oxfords that were
old all summer
np to 3.60. Clear
ing Sale Price.
Ladles' patent colt, tan calf,
tan rlcl and gran metal Ox
fords and Pumps actually
worth $4.00,
now reduced for
this Clearing Sale '
$18 ana $20
Suits, Now
All our ladies' Oxfords that
were sold up to 2.60, In
broken sizes and mm
widths only. Clear- Sf
S22.50 and $24
Suits, Now
$25 to S35
Suits, Now
52.15 ZStfhSrr. .. C MUJLL LoKJJ A i -JJ- WoVW I sJ Wl
Store Open Till 10:00 U Sz...TwA
1 a . ill. adLUXLUiV
Store Open Till 10:00
P. M. Saturday
Our Annual July Sales of Men's Furnishings and
Straw Hats Commence Saturday
We have determined that our men's summer furnishing goods and straw hats must go, and go at once. So every article has been reduced in price from one-third to
one-half or more. Now is the time for you to stock up for the balance of this season and a good share of next.
Poulson Pavs
Visit to Omaha!
Stale Superintendent cf Anti-Saloon
League Explain! the '
M . PouiKim, iste sujeruitndent of the,
Aiiu-uKum league. In Omaha Thurs
day and l-'rulay Frititig a line on his con-
suiut-my. ltesardUit h rcnt rtn.f- i
Citlon if Hi ,nnmlif rs i'f the board vt ;
truKCmK. he iv )t i mt-rcly another chatt
ier of the fight un the league, which has
lrtn Culns on for several years.
'It It i gutstion." he ad. "of six mem- j
Ikts a -U.drs li.c. loaaue the other forty-;
four would not ir-e with them "
The six n e".ib ho res-jtned were 8. -liattea.
II. K. Fellaiin. T. M WKnberley.
J. L- McBneii. W. R Iwtrira slid U I.
Alhott. As these men In their Joint letter j
lf tfcli;nua soJn-lid supj.oit fur ths Ne-
tiaka County Oxtiou Iris u a. Uie uperln
udti.t ltr.hute ll.rir anion mors than elw is the flcht on the Aod-SI-miu
lraue made by the County Option
10c Ja p a n e t te
plain and fan
cy colors, re
25c and 35c pure
Irish lin en
25c "Boston"
and "Paris"
Silk Garters,
Men's "Hand Made"
Straw Hats Greatly Reduced
Our entire' stock of fine "Hand Mde" Straw
Hats, as well as the cheaper grades, has been greatly
reduced from their former prices.
Judging from the great popularity of our straps
at their regular prices, this sale should fill our hat
department to overflowing, and enable us to sell
every straw hat in the one day.
Choose from sailors, sennets, split straws and
Milans. Also all the soft shapes. Including Macki
naw, Milan and split braids.
$3.50 AND $4.00 GRADES, C QC
Men's Summer Shirt
Prices Now Reduced Nearly One Half
. Our entire stock, of high class tailored Shirts
has been divided In two Immense lots, at prices hard
ly more than half their value.
Hundred to select from, in every color, every
pattern and every size.
$2.00 and 2. 50 grades
of custom tailored shirts
imported fabrics and
exclusive patterns. The
finest In both fit and
custom tailoring ever
displayed in Omaha. All
sites and styleB Re
duced to
Men's Wash Ties
Choice of all our 25c Wash Ties during this
Clearing Sale j
at IW 2C
11.60 grades of PenangN
Percales, Madras and
Dimities, with plain or
pleated fronts, coat
style, curls attached or
Perfect in fit and highly
tailored 1810 patterns,
reduced to
Men's Underwear
Prices Now Greatly Reduced
Every desirable style and make, in both
combination and two-piece suits will go on
sale Saturday at practically one-half of
former prices.
Make your choice early Saturday morning
before the rush begins.
French lisles, silk lisles, soiettes and mercerized
fabric. Athletic cut, long or short sleeves, knee or
ankle lengths. Also genuine f W a
"Scriven's" Elastic Seam nainsook I B S
Athletic Suits. All reduced to J J
S1.50 tXJMUlXATlOX hi ITH Nainsook, sea island
cotton and silk lisle, long or short
sleeves, knee or ankle length, or
athletic cut. Reduced to
Knit and Holeknit Balb'rlggan.
Reduced to
50c AND 75c lOKXS-KNIT Nainsook, mesh weave
and lisle finished balbriggan
shirts and drawers. Reduced
and drawers, in blue-grsy
color. Reduced to
eh weave
in broken lots,
reduced to
50c "President"
Suspenders, re"
duced to
50c "Crown"
Suspenders, ' re
duced, to
Men's Hose
10c grades seamless cotton C
hose Je
50c grades silk lisle
25c grades fine lisle P
"The House of
High Merit."
Suit Cases
$2.00 Matting Suit Cases,
, reduced to
ID and $5. tO Solid Leather
Suit Cases, reduced to ....
$ and $7.60 Genuine Cowhide Suit
Cases, extra heavy, brass locks and
snaps. Pa'eiit handle and i n
heavy lining $4.7'
Krarlsl Massktrr
af Jril'y nucri.U-s oi-rurs lien throat and
lune diraf are trcalsd who lr. Klr.'s
New I'iscuv ry. Wc ard .1.00. Fur aais fcjr
Beaiua lru4 Co