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President of State Medical Society
Sy Experts Are Usels.
tplrlt nf t ommc rclnllsni Whlrh Kt
IrarlK I nnrrfaurr Vera for Trrat- -In
MI1I taar Honodlr
. LINCOLN, Neb., May 10. iSpi rial.)
Taking tli stand that the medical u
pert should b eliminated from the wllms
flam) In criminal und civil law suits, Lr.
r. II. Salter of Norfolk, Nb., president
of th Nebraska State Medical association,
tonight recommended legislation In this
'".state, such as has been enacted In one
or two other stales provided for the ep-
ilrl met
neuVal menvby the county to assmine inc
medical data In a jflven case and then to
report their flndlnns to the Jury. He rte-
dared that the wide differences of opinion
aiven to Juries by so-called medical ex
perts, based on the same data, holds up the
medical uiufesslou to public criticism and
works for h nilHcarriuKc of Justice.
"How can we expect a Jury to twelve
men who know nothltiK of medicine to form
an Idea as to the truth of the case at
hand when one doctor will solemnly testify
i,n his uatli that the victim could have
died only from strychnine poisoning and
when another, called by the opposing side
in the, case nnd of con cspoiiding high re
pute, will testify that the victim positively
did hot die from strychnine polsonlnK'.'"
asks the doctor In his address.
"The Jury is left to guess at the facts,"
lie continued, "nnd the situation Justifies
Hiiy Kuess that, they may huzurd because
lha scientists. Who ate supposed to be au
thorities In these questions that the laymen
bus not studied, have given the Jurymen
the widest possible ranne for a verdict and
has become responsible for any finding
.hat may be madu varying all the way from
guilty of inuiilei In the tlrst degree to the
ther extreme of not. Kuilly Ht all."
"I contend that n cummis.-lon of scientists
.laincd along medical lines would be able
. ,o form a very much more intelligent con
) luslun as to the merits of a given medical
iiiobleni than a Jury of twelve men who
know nothing tf the technical points in
volved save what they are told by the con
tradictory experts."
Department of IIchIIIi.
The prOMidcnt appealed for united sup
port of the pending federal legislation cre
.iilng a department -of health. He em
I' the need of vigorous action by
the medlciil fraternity as well as the pub
lic for a still greater crusade against tuber
culosis which he declared is the cause of
one-third the deaths In this country and
halfe of those who die .between the ages of
15 and IT. year.
Ir. Salter took occasion to deplore the
spirit of commercialism which Is creeping
In'o the practice of medicine. He declared
there is frequently a tendency to exploit
patients solely for the extraction of a
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iiititive tie uoil saul it. 41 iiioior aninrliia
are frequently magnified by otherwise esti
mable members of the profession for the
sake of dishonest dollars. "A doctor, for
example," he said, "is called in a case of
simplo measles and Instead of telling the
worried mother the truth that the child's
Illness Is not serious and that the ease
will speedily clear up this unscrupulous
physician by play-acting and deliberate
falsehood will tell a frightened parent that
the child Is dangerously sick, that It may
develop eye trouble or ear trouble or penu
monia or cerebro-splnal meningitis or what
not, and on the strength of his deliberate
untruths will take advantage of the fam
ily's undue alarm as a basis for making
two or three visits a day, leaving quantities
of medicine which Is absolutely unneces
sary, and in some cases perhaps even
harmful. In th'.s way your unprincipled
and crafty holder of a medical college
diploma will run up a bill for twelve or
flftrcn visits, frequently against families
who can lily afford the expense; whereas
a conscientious physician would have made
but one or two visits and would have left
It for the family to call him again under
certain adverse conditions, and such In
stances of wantonly debasing the medical
profession, consecrated In Itself to aavlng
human life and benefitting human beings
Instead of viciously magnifying the sickness
of the race as a means of sapping Ill
gotten and . dishonest dollars from Che
pockets of those In distress, are all too
commonplace In this country today.
Moral Ohllaatlon on I'rofenalon.
"Instance upon instance of Just such
type of corruption might be called to mind.
In every community this unfair and mall
clous, means of .robbery, clothed In the gar
ments of eminent respectability, may be
seen stalking about town 305 days In the
year. And It seems to me that a certain
moral obligation rests upon the profession
as a whole, for the sake of Itself and Its
good name, to expurge this cancer of cor
rupt greed from its body. The public can
riot combat this form of thieving for thiev
ing it Is, pure and simple because the pub
lic In ' time of sickness has faith in Its
doctor and Is absolutely at his mercy be
cause of that confidence. In time this type
of unfair practice more unfair than the
game of the highwayman who puts a gun
In his victim's face and goes Into the pock
ets of the man whose hands are up, be
cause that robber's victim knows he's be
ing robbed must react upon the good name
of the medical fraternity and for that rea
son, If for none other, the medical men who
do stand upon the principle of fair play
ought to make concerted effort to eradicate
this typ-s of unscrupulous selfseeker within
their ranks."
Another evil which the medical profes
sion must combat, the speaker declared, is
the all too common tendency to recommend
or perform unnecessary surgical operations.
"In determining the necessity for an opera
tion the fee Is frequently the most Import-,
ant factor, and too often the patient's par
amount sympton compelling use of the
knife Is an enlarged bank account that can
be euslly drained," he said.
Commission Are Denounced.
The degrading practice of accepting com
missions was likewise attacked. Said the
speaker: "The blessings that hospitals are
capable of conferring upon humanity should
not be reduced to the sordid basis of com
mercialism, and yet this contemptible prao,
lice is becoming very much in vogue and
physicians act as cappers for them. This
Is a deplorable condition and needs rem
edying." The speaker declared that there are men
in the profession who lend their services,
gnd even falsify medical .facts, to woivk ujj
damage cases against corporations, and he
found a growing tendency toward the care
less nnd indiscriminate prescribing of med
icine for every trivial complaint. He ap
pealed for a broader fellowship among
rival physicians and the elimination of
petty Jealousies.
Mairte Man Write Stinging Letter, to
Nebraska Board.
Former Governor Considering Candi
dacy for thief State Eaernllve
Job, bat Also Hankers
for Seaatoraklp.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. May. 10-(Speclal.)-The state
railway commission has received another
letter from the chairman of the Maine
state railway commission, but It will not
for tlfe present at least give out this letter
for publication. In fact, the commission
has issued orders to the office help that
certain death arid destruction awaits any
one who even mentions that letter, let alone
dare to furnish It to the press.
The first letter received from the Maine
chairman wa in answer to the letter from
the Nebraska commission asking what It
thought of giving President Taft a tip
about who ihould be appointed to the
United States Supreme court. The Maine
letter writer said the suggestion was silly,
an Insult to the president and several other
things which he said he hoped the com
mission could understand. The Nebraska
commission wrote back and asked "why?"
to all these statements and also why the
chairman of the board had used the word
"I" throughout the letter when It had been
meant for the entire commission.
Weil, this second letter, which has been
under discussion by the "advisers" of the
commission for several day not only re
iterates what the Maine commission thinks
of the suggestion of the Nebraska commis
sion, but It explains that "I" was used, be
cause the letter was addressed to the chair
man of tho Maine commission.
The other letters which have been re
ceived from commission! over the country
are also suppressed for the present, aa C
W. Bran and Will Owen Jones have not
got together on whether It would be "eti
quette" to publish them. k
Sheldon Mar Ron.
It Is not among the Impossibilities that
Georg L. Sheldon will be a candidate for
the republican nomination for governor.
When he was here some time ago, Gov
ernor Sheldon said If he were a candidate
he had his preference In regard to the
office, which was taken to mean he would
prefer the senate. But K. G. Maggi, who
held the position of chief clerk in the ex
ecutive office, when Sheldon was governor,
Is authority for the statement that the
Nehawka man Is going to be a candidate.
Another Omaha Candidate.
L. J. Quinby of Omaha today filed his
name with the secretary of state as a can
didate for the democratic nomination for
congress In the Second district.
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Roth farmers and lluslnrs Men of
Superior Oruanlse to Suppress
SLPERIOR. Neb., May 10.-(Speclal.)-The
call Issued for a meeting Saturday for
the purpose of organizing an anti-horse
thief association was responded to by hun
dreds of farmers and business men, and
a rousing old meeting waa the result. After
much discussion It was discovered that the
thieving going on over the country wag not
confinedalone to the taking of horses, but
j that It covered almost every possible thing
.of value, Including cattle, chickens, harness,
j bicycles, corn, hay, etc. Taking Into con-
lderatlon these conditions, It waa thought
best to perfect an organisation which
would be a sort of vigilance committee
or good government committee.
W. A. Hyff was chosen chairman of the
temporary organisation and Mayor E
Bossemeyer, Jr., secretary. Committees
were appointed and work of securing new
members began with the result that nearly
100 names have been enrolled aa charter
members. It Is the intention of those In
terested to make It a county and an Inter
state association, as Jewell county la ad
Joining on the south and the farmers all
work together.
E. D. JJonahoo was elected chairman of
the association; Hugh Allison, secretary,
and W. K. Klrkpatrlck, treasurer. The
meeting adjourned to May 21.
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WeAj Chandler, Jr., Manaitr
Hitchcock Ready
to File for Race
W. B. Price Comes to Omaha to Tell
Congressman Price Alone Has
'' 1 a''Show. -'
iFrom a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, May 10. (Special.) It Is evi
dent Mr. Hitchcock is willing to risk S60
on the chance anyhow. VV. R, Watson,
managing editor of the World-Herald, Mr.
Hitchcock's paper, has telephoned to Secre
tary of State Junkln for filing blanks, in
dicating that while In Nebraska Mr.
Hitchcock will file his name for the senate.
W. B. Price has not yet let loose ot his
S60, but he went to Omaha this morning
with the avowed purpose of asking Mr.
Hitchcock to get out of the race and permit
him to go il alone as the democratic candi
date, and thus save the Omaha candidate
the humiliation of getting defeated.
"1 am satisfied 1 will win the nomina
tion," Mr. I'rlce said to friends, "uo what
Is the use of Mr. Hitchcock getting into
the race and getting his feelings harrowed
up for nothing." I'pon his return Mr. Price
may have something to say.
In the meantime a might close friend of
Mr. Bryan asked the peerless leader to get
behind Richard L. Metcalfe and have the
thing over with. It was urged on Mr.
Bryan that If he said the word Metcalfe
would be nominated hands down, but the
peerless leader was not at that time making
any nominations. He answered, so it was
reported, in the same old way: "They are
all friends of mine and, of course, I can
take no hand."
Which la taken to mean that rather than
choose between god friends Mr. Bryan may
have to get into the running yet, and have
them all support him.
Ielondent, llanaa Hlmarlf.
VORK. Neb.. May 10.-(Speolal.)-F. B
Daggy, one of the oldest residents and
business men of York, has committed sul
ciae. jmh returning nome last evening, a
search was made and at about 1:30 this
morning his son, Roland, found him In his
office diad from strangulation, caused by
hanging. The deceased was one of the
pioneer business men of York and for
years was engaged In various kinds of
business. In the panic of INK) Is is sud-
posed that Mr. Daggy lo.t nearly all his
property and since that time he had been
enxuKed lit wilting insurance. In a letter
found on him he stated that ha had no
n.onty to pay rent nor enough to live and
that he thotight It best to die.
ork Business Man Dira.
YORK, Neb., May 10. (Special.) Tele
grams received announce the death of Jo
s' ph Boyer at Los Angeles, Cal. He was
engaged In business In York for twenty
five yeara and only recently moved to Cal
ifornia, but each year spent from two to
four months living in York. Mr. Boyer
was a large property owner here, owning
BLVtral business blocks. Coming here In
the early '70s, he homesteaded northwest
of York and after living on the farm a few
vears moved to York and engaged In busi
ness. He was known by all and highly re
spocti d.
Commercial Club and Farmer Work
tnm for Good Illsh.
SUPERIOR, Neb., May 10. -(Special.)
The Superior Commercial club has raised
ll.OoO to be spent In road Improvements
leading into superior, il recently held a
big meeting and entertained its farmer
friends at a big banquet at which several
speakers were present and everybody
talked for good roads. The Commercial club
has hung up several cash prizes to the
farmers who will make the best miles ot
road In a given time. The county commla
sloners have agreed to provide waterways
and bridges when necessary If the farmers
will build the roads. With the help ot the
Commercial club and commissioners the
farmers have pledged to make orer twenty
mllea of good roads leading Into Superior,
Harinan In Hare. '
HOLDRKGE. Neb., May 10. (Special. )
C. K. Harman will enter th- congressional
ace in the Fifth district this fall. His
announcement has been made.
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Nebraska tits- Kleets Teuchrrs.
NEBRASKA CITY, Neb., May 10 (Spe
cial.) The Board of Education has elected
the following teachers for the ensuing year
High School Principal, Ray Gates Misses
ttertna Henderson. Marian Llvinaston. Vir
glnla Byeny. Clara Mackln and Ida Heine
and Mr. r . T. Cole.
Sixth Street School Principal, Miss Ve-
leda McLellan; Misses Maude Mets, Louise
r.lsenmann, Minnie Wilhelmy, Hannah
Johnson, Edith Bachler, Mary Alrd and
a Dole i.yon.
fourteenth Street School Principal
Khtherlne Tynon; Mls-s Verne Proper
uucy r.astmaii, r.uen ware. Agnes Brad
ford. Edna Wright and Amanda Rodeu-
second Avence School Principal, Miss
Anna rasicnau; Misses Caroline Sheer
Ueulah Snyder, Mary Caok, Louise Ho
meyer. Carrie Sudick, Katherlne (Jil
more and Mrs. Kannle Reynolds.
Kearney School Misses Emma Fastenau
Anna wills and Henrietta Keea.
Edgewood School Mlsa Urate Jilooming
Ureggsport School Misses Amelia Will
and Clara Kehse.
Substitute Teacher Miss Fay Forbes and
census enumerator, Z. T. Wright.
Indiana Defeat Mink.
SHENANDOAH, la. May 10 (Special I-
Green's Nabraska Indians won the flirt c
a uerle of three game with the Shenan
doah Mink ber Monday, th scor being
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ebrrwkjl New ote.
BEATRICE Spencer Horn and M ss Mary
Schlegel were married yesterday morning
at Mt. Joseph's Cathollo church.
NEBRASKA CITY The body of Mrs.
Mary Osborn, who died at Lincoln, was
brought to Syracuse yesterday afternoon
for Interment.
IMPERIAIv The commissioners of Chase
county have voted to issue bonds to the
amount of $25,OnO to replace the court house
which was burned February if.
NEBRASKA CITY William Geese and
Mr. Wilhelmlna Schroder were united In
marriage Tuesday at th home of the
bride, near Taltnage,..ln 4he presence of a
arge number of friend ana relatives.
BEATRICE A party of Union Pacific
officials, comprising A. D. Schermerhorn,
division engineer; H. K. ftevens, division
superintendent, and F. Kloke. roadmaster,
arrived in tne city yeteraay irom omana
on a tour of Inspection.
BEATRICE Beatrice lodge No. 26, An
cient Free and Accepted Masons, met Mon
day evening and elected R. It. Kyd, Francis
A. M Her and s. r . Nichols as a board or
directors to succeed Samuel Rltiaker, C. E.
Baker and E. S. Miller, whose terms have
BEATRICE The directors of the Com
mercial club are making preliminary plans
for the coming state Sunday school con
vention to be held here June 7, 8 and 9.
Another meeting will he held next Monday
evening to make final arrangements for
entertaining the visitors. Delegates to the
number of 1,000 will be here.
NEBRASKA CITY iarah K. Miller of
Syracuse, Neb., has filed her petition in
the dlRtrlct court praying for a divorce
from her husband, Emll R. Miller of Cass
county.' They were married at Alvo. Neb.,
on December 7, iw, ana sue charges lie
has refused to support her. She wants to
be restored to her maiden name, Sarah K.
KEARNEY N. C. Dunlap, manager of
Watson'a ranch, has Just secured a number
of Japanese pheasants and turned them
loose on the ranch. Hunters have been
notified not to hunt on the ranch and not
to shoot one of the birds any place. In
order that they may know what one looks
like they have placed a mounted one In a
prominent place In town where they may
see the bird.
NEBRASKA CITY Word has been re
ceived In this city of the marriage of Carl
K. Hedfll of this city to Miss Ullve Vir
ginia Reed, at Wheeling, W. Va. Mr. Be
dell was for a number of years assistant
manager of the water and light plant In
this city and a son of Dr. I. Bedell and
left here and went to Wheeling, where he
Is now located. He was a graduate ot the
L'nlverslty of Nebraska.
HOLDREGE W. U Black of Trenton,
who Is well known In this part of the state
aa a printer of considerable education, nas
been adjudged Insane and taken to the
Hastings asylum. The Insanity follows a
number of paralytic strokes, from which
Mr. Black has suffered a great deal lately.
I'ncle Billy, as he was universally
known In southwestern Nebraska, was
nearly SO years of age, and until a few
weeks ago had Deen aoing excellent worn
In the newspaper line.
HOLDREGE Mrs. Charles Phillips died
suddenly yfsterday morning at Kearney.
Her parents, Mr and Mrs. C. P. Linder
crants of this city, only recently had en
Joyed a visit from her and the news of her
death came as a blow to them. She leaves
surviving her, a little daughter, ner
parents and two sisters. Before going to
Kearney, wnere Mr. r-nmips is empmyen
as printing instructor si me iteiorm
school, she and her husband lived at
Bloomfleld. Walthlll and other nortnern
Nebraska places. Funeral services will he
held at Kearney, with Interment in Prairie
Home cemetery, near this city.
Government Gets Flood Into Laterals
on New Project.
People Rejoice Over the Completion
of the lireat Irrigation Works
and Baslntss Shows Bene
' fit Already.
High School Cadets
Going to Harlan
Arrangements Completed for Visit bf
Young Men from Omaha to
Iowa Town.
Although the Board of Education has not
yet made the official announcement it Is
practically decided that Harlan, la., has
been selected for the annual encampment
of the DUO cadets of the Omaha High school.
The boys are expected to go June S, and
be In camp for a week or ten days. During
that time they will have the advantage of
regular military training under the direc
tion of Lieutenant Haskell. Thursday,
June t, will be visitors' day and a special
train has been arranged ( to convey the
friends of the cadet from the city. That
will be review day as well, and In the re
viewing line with Colonel Glassford, com
mandant at Kurt Omaha, will be Mayor
Edmund Lockwood and ex-Mayor W. U
Baughn of Harlan.
Leonard Kowler, vice-president of the
Minidoka Trust company; general sales
manager of the Kenyon Townslte company
and general "all around booster" for Idaho,
arrived from Burley, Ida., last nib'lit and
is quartered at the Henshaw.
"The United States Government Re
clamation service, at last, has turned-the
water Into our laterals at Burley," said
Mr. Fowler, last night, "and the whole
country Is rejoicing. The people of the
L'nlted States have spent more than a
million dollurs building a dam at Minidoka,
across the Snake river, and we will have
hundreds of thousands of acre feet of
water for the land, which until now has
proved entirely worthless. The state of
Idaho, will hold an auction of UOoO acres
on May 27 and Burley will soon take on
the nietroplltanlsm of Twin Falls.
"Not many Omaha people know that Bur
ley Is named after D. E. Burley, who used
to be here with the Union Pacific railway.
There are hundreds of oldtlmers, who
know all about "Dan" Burley, as he Is
known throughout all of the' western
"W. D. Kenyon, . formerly the general
cashier of the Pacific Express company.
before he removed to St. Louis, and a
resident of Omaha for more than eight
een years, Is out there. Kenyon Is the
president of the Kenyon Townslte company.
director In the Burley State bank, one of
the David Ecck-3 Institutions, and presi
dent of the Glenn-Dale syndicate, which
owns 3,wu acres oi the finest land In the
world along the "oanks of the Snake river,
about four miles from the great Mllner
dam, built by Archie Milner, formerly of
Atlantic City, la. That Mllner dam cost
Archie Milner and his associates more
than l,0O0,O0O, and ha watered and brought
Into bearing l.OuO square miles of land,
every foot of which Is under cultivation
"The Idaho Southern railway, which the
Kuhns of Pittsburg built to get to their
Oakley project, because the Union Pacific
didn't move fast enough for them, waa
opened the day I left Oakley and I had
ticket nine, on the first train out of Mllner,
They will extend the road, eventually to
r?ach througn to Spokane.
The Union Pacific has Just finished lay
ing the ties between Burley and Oakley,
and Van Cleave and a bunch of Chicago
millionaires were there last week thinking
of building a road from Burley to Albion
and thence on over the Goose Creek Hills
to the Raft river country.
"Sam Rich, one of the wr-allhest men In
the state of Idaho, and a farmer of na
tional reputation, ha Just begun the de
velopment uf one farm of lO.OJO acres on
the Minidoka project. His son, S. Grover
Rich, tho cashier of the Burley State bank,
of which David Eccles Is the president. Is
looking after the details of what will be
one of the largebt producing orchards In
thu wot id.
"Burley is growing, so Is Pocattllo,
American Falls, Buhl, and Twin Falls. In
fact, the i nt Ire state Is seething and burst
ing with an industrial awakening and the
Nebraskiins and luwans with u wander
lust In their hearts are doing the must to
develop the country.
"There are so many of them out there
that it is like another part of Nebraska."
when he ran to the assistance of his
neighbor. About 10 o'clock Zeiss was sud
denly accosted by two men, one of whom
hnd a gun. He was ordered into an alley
and while one searched his clothing the
other covered him with the revolver, dis
guising himself with his handkerchief. In
his terror Zeiss cried out and attracted the
attention of Howe. The desperadoes did
not wait until he got up, but bolted, shoot
ing at the Intending rescuer as he ap
peared around the corner. . Zeiss said that
he had less than a dollar In his possession,
and that tjicy had rifled him .of that when
they decamped. "
West Pointers
May Be Feature
ot Ak-Sar-Ben
Board of Governors Hears Favorable
Report of Effort to Bring'Meft
West June Initiations.
West Point- cadets may be one of tho
leading feature of the Ak-Sar-Ben parade
this year. Strong effort are being made
to secure the visit of the coins and not
only are the senators and congressmen of
the state, according to the reports sub
mitted to the governors at a meeting In
the Loyal hotel last night, lending their
aid, but the interest of Senator Warren
and Congressman Hull, chairman of the
eenatn and house committees on military
affairs, has been aroused as well.
The Idea' Is that the cadets who will
muster about 500 will have a circuit ar
ranged for them nnponrlrg first at lVi
Molncs, then at Omuliu, proceeding thcncn
to Cheyenne and Kansas City. It wum
hoped that the colored cavalry stationed
at Fort I). A. RurpoII, AVyo., might al.-o
be permitted to figure In the fete, but
from the latest communication received It
is feared the military authorities will not
give their consent. It was mentioned nt
the governors' meeting that Motor General
Frederick Smith, tho new commander of
the Pfpartmrnt of vlie Missouri, Is show
ing every dcRlre to help the governors in
making this year's nffalr one of the mot
successful since the initiation of the move
ment, which has given nmahA such a
distinctive civic festival. The membfpfffiiii
committee reported that without any solici
tation 4.r8 numbers had fa'd their as
sessment for this year.
The first Initiations for i:ri nre expected
to take placo the first Monday in June and
It in stated thut the ceremonies will be
entirely different from last year.
The new button will bo rcadv In a few
days, tho design having been approved by
the governors. It Is a very pretty piece
of work and should have many wearers as
much for Its beauty as an ornament as Hi
civic association. The button Is in thn
form of a star surmounted by Nebraska's
floral emblem, the golden rod. In tho
center Is the name Ak-Sar-Ben and the
year 1910 and underneath leaves of corn
Indicating the leading Industry of the state.
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