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    THK 1U:K: OMAHA. MOXIUY. MAY C. 1010. v
Things You Want to Know
The Odorous
M--innmiinnnmmBTaaciamBBBHnnnMnHMBBnaiiMHi i x
. I : 7 1
Xvmtw tw departure frcm publ'C l.f . f
IM- Koxer,e Hale w.ll be reg-rited by
TiTiT tit hW -lXIH ttlCte Me few
ser'p-a fc"fl many r.te employes who
will eonvlf th-rafOn with the thought
th-r.t after March J11. they can enjoy a
r"g sr. rr rltrsrttte Ithout fear of the ser.
ler ffnicr from Maine romlng along
f-tnr Hate d-tt teheed Teke of '.
iri'n .When ! was a young iiiemter cf
n. senate he had f submit to Kivlng h i
sr.- ofTerwJ'fl r p:pc. c;Sirf:n ail
cigars In the Corridors, committee rocms
ae1 ".Jivator. When he Mmf oi of
the leaders. hnwvr" he ihir.s1 matte
Tl.ere . are. "No Srnoklr.g" :$:. on
hwme -and s-nale Mitn rf tV rap. I !. hut
r ii pretends to obtfnr fich a !u.f on
Ue house Sid. esseoik... fine Speaker
.rrcn rr r-grrt in arrnd"i.g t- r
,hair in the h-"use each d.iy . that he
.!. to, Ms eifa-- 0r fo ihe
Fr.t ot'li" r-U uppoM"!
trl (.iff rf !i -teco fitifkf outf i1
;f Of CMk room trouble i c"-t:n to
fcllov. ' .
"'Hmty SM1 c iir hv 1 droppf-i down
fi brt." frKl ttrf of liie teni eirTa'or
r. ' when I -.-.or Utir in the of-fi-.C
1 Mi cipar pruty but I l.k
rr h.bttfr. ttd lin he 1 roiin3 a must tn hii choir between the
1o. '
Vhn Kensior Hwie la presiding over a
rfiTimifl" 'neet!i!f he de not permit hl
fc:ov reewiber to unoke. even in eierutive
ejr.n MTr.bT imtitr in th executive
fftfiort fiT the mate. and Penatar llale.
pierful t" !f. T.i revor been ab to
i r'oroe h: nn-r.okins rule on h. c
peratir Ha pernii h.mwc.f to enjoy
another reru"arltT. much to the d.noom
r?rv ' U.oe close to htm. He abhorn a tel
ephone He not In any r rruroMinces
te inJjre.-l. 4 -U-IW over th lre and fur
thermere. kka Trever allowed an tnirrumer.t
t-. ber:aiiod in hia pr rate office. 1ence
whenever his private FeoreTarr f.nda rec
eaarr o niate Inqu'.rie he either ha to
By Oorge Slater Deck.
TV the1 Precher. the Old Doctor, the
. Editor. Un Clrcu Man. the Race Track
Of Ode,! ard fvelf were lounging tn the
gruunds cf the Pel Monte hotel comparing
(rur. Imjreesions of the gambling l.eli of
,!oT!tetejjhtc.b e.Jial vurited ttai ven-
Hr M-fh Vreater had jt concluded
,h;a "'." which wm of course h'ghly acd
uUy ooruienBsatory of all gamblers a.nd
ramMIng methods, whem'the Old Doctor
"Iia aay one of you gentlemen ever
known or heard of Pave Mortimer. h ! man. because, as they both vehemently de
thfwcard monte and thlmMe-r,g gambler cUd won , from "
wlr, traveled with the amailer olrcuee of wi0 WM not tr.,Bf o ,.,n from hlm Hf
this' runtry for years. made mu(,h mJ
"Here ts one w ho knew him like a h,h - , . . . , .
. u , , n but in hi later years his fortune
book. :. replied the Clrcu -Man. He ful- rA ar,A A . .u
. , v-ariea. and when he died ujt the resu t of
kd Mt show for several eeaona t:ii I . ... , . . '
what 'he dtn t know about piscatorial
riemfc as applied to catehig human suck- i
. . Vr,,,
rs-waaat worth knowing ,
Da;e MortimerT' queried the Rc ,
Track OfflciaJ it. a muMng tone. TVhr.
thSX feuow used to butt in at Our fair
and light Tiarness' rare meet, which of I
. , . . 1
oourse st-e had 'fixed for our own lnef:t, .
' .... . .
.SAnd w. sondered why it was that he
twr ur.tft an uiveatigation proved that the
driver cf our "jre thing that burned tip
o - mcney was on leave's payroll. Then
we tied the tin ran to him good and hard.
and oe ay w hen he was trying; to filter
on -to live track tf.rough the fence a swipe
gave h-n the cold ste-l in h feed box
Uiat kil.ed him.'"
, "Kfl," aaid the Old Doctor. I was pres
ut at man e i!rth and death. His
fn;.'v history is aa e'ear a proof of the
transmission of mental qualities from par-
rrt to effspring as I have ever met In a
spedlol practice of aJmost half a century,
and It Is tSnly one of many case coming
r-4i4er" fay observation that compel me to
r wrll as condemn such men a we
Jt? .V11 raitle this venli.g. Yes. 1
Mvai") Mortimer ail through his life.
aod If -yea at t know why I believe
rreiy-wne .uv rer njiiurwi iimuim w - - wu it on oe iratn an you
must by force of birth be Just ahat they . know, don't you. that I'm rot hot-airln'
ra I w!T)"g5ve you a bTlr-f Vstory of his when I ssy I've done de best I csn
family' up to four weeks ago." I ' i'ay. girlie, tskd one o' your blazer to
We lit or clgara and listened to the de hock shop, and w id de morty p Jy I'
Qld Doctor's' stery: Mil an" Je rent. Plant cheap out in
I-ave 1Iorurar I the son of an ' Greenwood. A man who loTVl a swipe .
English crook el wide reputa's.n. was a , '"iafs'nate him atnt'pot no bbsin-ss cx
K tnl fimMrr lis InnlH our on P-ct'.n' lid silver ha-vlies en Irs coff n
ern country during the t rr. s whtn it was
je.twT to kaow all about the game in
order to break eA'en. He had been taught
to t'elle, aad a firm In the belief, that
the sM td htsn a good li!ng He
. . m i u. .4 i.
was arvmxe-y nrn. p.inv,
fee.ll ia th excitement attending
and up to the time w baa he was ar t to"h In' Texas. In !(!. by a greaser w ho
rCawiKm rim in me. act oi ri.eanvg
b "uld ratht-r win W ctr.ts vn a sure
tr- any time than ait d.vwn to a meal.
..' - . . i . ....
i.i wire, live s mw.rr, wmi i ; - - - i-m entire Jite. wa
r .t Jimiale Clark. Inliis diy recognlied , l'n ,!s to other ra ms. sr4 ni ne -A us the most successful crooks who1111 v'' know what he wanted to lay hih
mfr Tt-tfA hi. m t inn t v. tiiLener
b-ais rf the Ohio and V.lasslppi In ihe. "That man mi a gambl-r bcnue h--srly
a)a. Aayune who hsd any dubt ic"uMn ' b arythmg .else, ai.d I will wtite
about Ler al i'lty at cards would Mx.n l ave
11 l At'iti elikselird If Itr rat in a game
with her She was a very atU assistant
I i l'r L istatid and her gamenej. n per-
laps fee tt u unrated hy the fact that
w i en 1 aiteT.dd her at the time t-f Iav'a
I tiY She wafitrd tn t
lry. uuld 1 a b
itrd tn tt me 1 that Ihs
; B lh Iv'a pa-er. were proud of the
frufeeskiD tliey bad be-n b..rr. Into. A!:
thiir time and talent was d-vote-d to the
game arul their ewjy prayer waa that their
chbd might Ur able to make his money tn
the aamS manner ar.a ..iiv .
- '
enevOe IBelra
v ionr visin -" otwto I(JT. JUM
descenosni or tntf-rc tt lef take tc
i ilioitin sm I'ave UTUiir toe k 'o gam
bling and hia pa'ema w.- prn.d if aim
Uy the'tfrne he wc II yea.- ti , tA
r.yr fk(r luirl.1 tw.aali-. A . . IK-
...... ...... ......
Ihe dice,- the Itrtmble, the the strap
:i the tr4jat the age of 1 he was out,
L-f hlmseJt iri Uunrhed la Ue su
rtii rund tre rtf'tol or go to
phene In sorr ot.ier offioe-
A-nong rre trt n her rf f"He houe of rp-rese-t
;! who a-e a-!steemt
1 l;p-" - r.:r I Anlrf .1 P-te-s of V-
j -rliie!le M- P-ter rreeenta at lat
, a portion or the ertoc-atle sec-inn rf j
(Rack p.y 1i F-osion. end w he-n 'n Whi)- ,
lion r.irt himfff p'f"'T fc'wn i
i Metroptvt':n club i-r t tb -s
i 0-rt.rrt1v iM w.iuii inii! j
: r, ,1hp;m mojit of ni 1 Mjr fconr o-
I Af m:tr of frt ther i m r;r
i jivo'n of r(ii:)th-i1-tuTiN fu:fl!r Hff
i-"i Wr IV(-ik. Whm th- ' con'Mlfr
ti po'itlri unret 5hRn i now
bri4 ti lh country. l wtien fir.rtf
Ht to rrt r from h' dtriot
n corffM If Tie In notion, Mr. Pter
k. ro rr.r Ii (t-l!ni Ih wivt of
Milne or CaradJ. He doen t burden him
self :;h a lot of unnecenaary trapping!
and tiUFM( Wher. he geia off the t-ajn
he p.rka up fukle and tm ruitcaae con
taining a chir.fe of cloihrs and jroes
the interior.
The -jld hu arranged fur provision,
and the too live a primitive life until the
vJa.-ac)iue-.1 sialesman J ready to re
turn to cultured inaton. 1b the Interval
between h:t departure from that city and
hia return thereto he h la.bored like an
export woodsman, felling trees, hunting and
f.fhlnp and en.toyir.g hlmlf as only a real
woodsman can
Mr. Teters Is one of the deep student of
legislation In the house. He piaya hard and
j he works hard. He is the type of member
I who regard commutes work as far more
j Important that attendance on the floor of
I the house, and It Is declared that he scar
, every bill which come before the house
commitiee on interstate, and foreign com
! frreree.. He recently msde a two-hour speech
j in opposition .to the administration bill
which w as generally rVira.-ded as so log
ically sound that the chairmaa. Mr. Mann,
in charge of the bliL.'tad oo hesitation in
croesirig the aisle and congratulating the
young member from the Bk Eay.
of hia ancestor, which he lored to the
hour cf his death and In which he could
ee no wrong. He married t he'daughter of
a gamb'er who had worked a a:-capper"
for hia father for many j-eara. and she, ton,
was and Is. thoroughly ooitveTsant "with trie
sure thinga that always were her husband"
stock In tride. Notwithstanding that
Dave s dice were aJwaya londed. his thlm
b fixed. Tils cards marked and hia strap
and lcM.p certainties, he and his wife al-
wajs maintained that he was' an honet
i II r wm nu in rr T Prrfl I f fix. . o Wwi j ki
v,. m.. , .
"fca to hi wire was,. a few dollars vine
. . . - , ' )" s
around the houee. th d amoeds on hff
nfHk ap(J nng m(mfhB. f
i.ndlonJ .j ot Mt9 BmounUB ,0 aw
pr , Mmbler., outflt 4nd
icjonD 0livla-l old
. . , " ,
1 WBS ra'lfw rrofesstoraTy whrn he waa
,rnili.. hr . . ,
brought horn wounded from ihe race trark
. , eT . .....""
pa;n. nut he refused It, saying: "i n bet a
tenner that the stuff would kill me. 1
never took nothin" to make me game when
I waa all wool, an" I'd s a sucker to take
dope to d.e on." When I told him he had
but a few moment to live, and that if he
dlrd to say anything to his wife It must
be said at once, be took her hand and.
clasping It to his heart, said:
If Ioc hasn't deped this sews out wrong
and try feeltn- ain't playln' me false, that
wipe's gimlet has done me up good and
proper, an', you ain't gom to have no
futther use for your marriage receipt
pretty soon. Xow. don't cry. girlie." IV a
I ach be as cool as an oyster and show
up brave. It hurts roe 'cause I can't leave
you a bag o" coin, 'cause we kno-w that
widders' characters a. n't safe w.dnut de
coin; but say. rlrl'e. vnu u i a i.
or a bard at his finale. Iet the otier debt
r" Th- feed and clothing guy t Kk dere
chanfe on me. an' if y kick, blame It
de swipe. Say. gir..e. don't let Johnt
j chuc k de d'e- or t row de loop on de tr. t
or at Ac f. i.. '..ii - m .
, - mi incr yoj re co?Kore
HJ;',i fot r'ght. 'cause if he goes out
i""""-'" " n fall by d wavs de an'
j ''iaee de family. And ea? glrlre, doM
- i i g' or..
r'""n New York for I'll b.t "
I Kul ,h gambling spirit, which, brn Ii
hin. YimA A n m i . . r.. .... . ...
oet o
an ra.Tonil on the s b)eH
whn I get back to
the tditor. . ..
ffice," dor la red
Ard my f.r, .-tnon after my return to
rT1' lr") h- "n the subject of hon
I ' r. ulna .. T . .. V . .
" in-r are i i im tnon tot
children. een tinu. the third and fitirh
f-nerail.jn of those who hit- the Iord "
said the Preacher.
"I hope that my 1 an Patch ri will f,i'
low Ms she a closely ,, Mortimer
followed h'a dad." ejacu ate.1 the R1r
Tmck lifficUI. -
'-Tt.Jif l.iKtrv imtm ... .u.. ..
. " w-... iimmi mat ev. r
happened In any generation of the
gr at
Gilmcre family of acr. b'.'
chlrn-d In the
(',rcul j4n
"Bui. ductor. did the amt mar.. a f,,r
gau.b'irc deveh-p in U. twin .f
this pree-lii pair'."' I inquired
.i-ai neavens he replied. "ff his
... -
iiiiiti was a cier taae nj heredity -.he
your g s. n' Is eq plain that you ran al-
roust pbui'raph It. The undertaker who
piepaitd liti bjdy lor burial to'd me
ri siquj ii unci vyCLyLLrf
i sv-zwr wi
HNO our
TffoN Ht'S A HQtTWif A
LWifXff wrct .AasdTi m
.... e j.fflSi&y
ir or I- I.'vcx-J vl 'V'7
The Tired Business Man
By Walter A. Sinclair.
"I see that a lot of the older senators
are leaving." observed rriend Wife.
"Some are leaving and some are left."
said the Tired Business Man. "While
the tre leave in the fail, these sturdy
oaks of the upper chamber chose the
gentle springtime for their specialty. Tht
tllder Statesmen ere giving merited rebuke
to the old reyln.? that few die and none
resign. They r.ot only are resigning, but
are resigned. The senate chamber is get
tina too riotous for peaceful s'umber.
"Those political seers who see some sjf
nificance in even' act of a prominent
front In the hall of letfslation will tell
you that the persons with the retiring
disposition have seen the footprints on
the wall or the handwriting on the tands
of time. Maybe so. Maybe they are
worried by splinters from the party plan
over which -they slid so carefree. It isn't
a matter of health, either, for they are
hale' and hearty, or. rather. Hale and
Alcrich. But I think it Is the lack of old
time sleeping facilities In the upper cham
ber "If you want to. you can believe that It
wa weariness af the constant outcry
Possibly. I can conceive that it would
be very trying to eat breakfast each
morning while reading from the r.fws
paper propped up against the Ireakiast
fiKl box that somebody else had slam
med me. It must be depressing to be pic
tured as dropping in at the headquarters
of the Interstate dally for orders bffore
going to work at law making or block
ing. It can't be xaet!y chirking to be
that he had been In the room but a few
mtr.uUe when little Johnny entered, and
placing two five dollar bills on th- table
said. 'Pay, mister! I won a fiver from s'sier
on de "prop' th3t dad couldn't live over
night wid dat cut In his. bread basket, an'
I'll Jest bet you ten plunk dat you can't
make him breathe no more." "
I was sppointed sniardian for the children
snd soon found thst I muet 3-t the boy
awsy from h mother. bersuie she. true
to her breeding, and stubbornly refusing to
believe that there Is aiy wror.s In gamb
ling, was teathir-g him the tricks used by
hia fathr and encouraging him in the
belief that he would be rich son - day if
he learned to manipulate them perfectly. I
tent him to a good h' school up th'
Hudson, but it waa only a short time un'.il
he was ttie owner of nearly all the watches,
ar.lves. jewelry ard hepsk' tht the
ither boys had brought to the school with
them, and the principal wrote me thit if
I did Hot come and take him away h
would have him. piared in a reformat, r.
t have oft i wished that I had allowed
him to be placed in durpnee. hut his rn .th-r
pleaded so hard for that I rr.t him
io another school te'l'n'.; the principal f jlly
and frankly who a" d what I - was a-d
g vlng Mm a free l;.rc- to us- am- m'hds
he mlsht prefer In the task of breaking up
Johnny's Gambling proptriitic
The boy bel aved as weil as could lie
expeci-d from any one of h' ate the f rat
oa and night at mi school, but on li e
eAering if tie second di . when all tie
hc wre in tie chapel for everiirtr pray
ers, he sudderly rose fro-n his nat. flashed
a 1. ire bill, and v.iih g.-et gravity offered
to bet that the ir ;t! had two IJOo)
gold pieces In his i ket The pr ncjal.
knowii.g he U r.vl hae uie coin,
end btlleving that it wn-:'d almost bieak
the heart of the young ramMer end nl
the same time t-arh I'm a g-xid lesson
t.i win the mone ff.rr. rim. touk. (lie bet.
'Then, turning hia x-kf.i wrorg side
jout to show that he did not haxe t ic coins.
be proceeded to deliver a snort ie-ture on
! tne evil of jrarr. bling. held Johnny' u;
to ridicule as a would-be gambler from
Ihe alums of tne cr. v who did not kno
how to use the mocey that his guaid.aa
he's cCre
&c -WKTS
(& V.
' .
l'iTiT7raiaT''liifTa1iaMIIIIIIll Ii Ii I i
deln.t-'ed &s running errands for preda
tory powers a.l day and then swaggering
up the street arm In arm with the trusts
at eventide, ihoulderir.g the common peo
ple off the walk in front of the hiph cost
of living traffic.
"Personally, I would' grow very weary
of being prominent that each day
some convention or delegation or editorial
or sermon would warn the particular war
ree cf that day to avoid me as he would
a creditor. This would be even more irk
ing if I had spent a lifetime arquirinc a
venerable and benevolent appearance and
the ability to' w ear a,, fctraJirht up collar,
a white pique waistcoat, with a piqued
constituency In the pocket, and a frock
had so kindly provided for his pleasure,
told the boys that a fool and his money
are always soon and easily parted, and
concluded by orderin? my ward to go
to hia room at once and r'main there
ur.tll called f . In answer to a'l this.
Johnny." calmly demard-1 that the hoy
sitting next to hint slmuld give him SlOOi
I before he would leave the chapel and It
then and thee developed that he
j bet IjW with ere of the boa that l e
would make the principal empty his pe,ck
j ets in the presence of the whole school.
On the day affr this evidence ' of
Johnny's utter dejravity I received a let
ter from an a ngry principal informing me
tiat It had royuted only two days for
my ward to demoralize a whole school and
biing great hjmllijtion on the principal
himself; that said ward of mine was at
that w riling locked in the cellar, and that
under r. coinid.ratK'n would he be hid
even there f r the rata to feed on any
j longer than until rorn 'of 'the net day.
I 1 have had an awful of it with
'that boy in ihe la.t six years. He has
io use. as he tein.a n. for any oiner
' ri m's game, but. like hi ancestors. Is
alnsy on the lookout for "su( l.-r '" who
lane the bait of hi own sure things, and
'l have neer known him to la.y money
Ion ar.ythlr.g els: than It's own certaln-
t'e.a, but once.
' I f ori I-.. return from the mountain of
; Pennsylvania, where I had sent him to re
icuperate after an attack of .yphoid last i he t ild n e that a g pay fortune
lt-!l'r, whom 1- met tuere had resd the'
I of his l ands ar.d told him tnat a
large fortune awaited him n the bowel cf '
'the earth; alto that his father had visited I
him In a dream and told him he;
! thought It was worth while to gamble a
I little i n what the fortune telle r t ad I .Id
him Then he sh iwed rue -0m. wli'rh'
he sa J he had won worklrs three card
mori'e arid thltT.ble-rggtT'g up In ti-.e n. jn- -try
and had Hie nerve tj S-k rre Jjt the hn
ef $ 'At t aild to .t f'jr use 1u buylnie nun-
' mif shares at 10 cen: ir ahaie. Of
, cuure. J refused, tut a ilny ir iiu after- '
ward I leaincd hia had '
pawn'd last dltuiorid ring for ..' . I
ft5 AM AlSsn? TO
DlQtfimON ?!
nt now so cven fHiLts,
W. USE ? ir om.v RiLts
. 'I
Tells Friend Wife Some Senators
Leave and Others Are Left.
coat, without losing: a note. A great deal
"HT allowance ought to be made 'for prornl-r.-r.t
men. who have to live In frock
oo.t at all hours.
"Time was when any male person with
these accomplishments and a et of patriar
chal wind caressers or. better still, a
growth of Abraham Lincoln whisker,
could go-right Into the senate, providing he
was kindly regarded by the princtpal rail
road cr corpors.tlon of the state he hailed
or aldrichcd from. All he had to do was
to snuggle dow-n In hi chair each day and
go to sleep, waking long enough to say
'Aye' if nudged once and 'Xo' If he got
two bells. It was an Ideal existence for a
man who had been ordered by his physi
cian to take a complete ret from all activi
ties. "But that has all been changed, for sev
eral year past the United State aenate
ha resembled a stage on which a very
sad lot of barnstormers are being presented
with all the vegetable and cats of the old
school. Only those who were lively on
thc.r feet and enjoyed such diversions have
been able to endure It with any amount
of enjoyment or safety. It's like riding
In an aeroplajie the higher they are the
harder they fall. And so when the state
machines begin to wobble as though suf
fering a lost tire they stup and retire. A
toga In mothballs gathei no moth."
"Io you think little Rhode Island will
let Penaor Aldrlch retire?" asked Friend
"It would be a dispensation of Provi
dence R. I.." said the Tired Business Man.
(Copyright. 1310. N. Y. Herald Co.)
which she gave him and 'which he in
vested in that confounded mock. Later he
rot hold of lO.onO shares of the same
stock from a lot of boy shareholder, who
had tired of waiting for dividend, for
which he paid 1 cent per share, and In
the Course of time, by begging, borrowing,
pawning his, winter clothing and gambling
over ;lme. he had accumulated Jf.OXJ shares
of stock, which I had repeatedly
"old was worthless.
About six weeks ago his mother, who
wa 111 at the time, gent for me. and. much
to my surprise ahowed me a dividend check
for komething over V whk-h they had ris
ctived by mail that day. The check was
accompanied by a letter Informing; the
rce ij iwit that l e enclosed check was the
first of a serka of monthly dlvid'nd which
the ei.rrpnr.y hoped to continue for at least
twenty-four consecutive month, and that
because of his having been kind enough to
invest with them when they needed the
money for dee opment work, the company
would now reciprocate by giving him a
ten-day chance to obtain 30.000 more shares
at the old ground floor price of only 14
ent per share. After ten days th price
was to be advanced to fl per share.
I did not like this letter. The outlook
was too gorgeous. After persuading th
boy to a company his mother and sister
to Armagh township and remain there with
lim until ina mother would recover her
health. I came on west to Investigate the
mining enterprise in which Johnny I o
deeply interested. Just a I expected. I
found that it la nol a commercial It
is not even a prospect. There is not an
much as a hole In the ground The divi
de rd was but a portion of the money paid
In to the promoters of the fraud, every cent
of w!:in and much more will return to
iluni in payment for additional stock.
There will never be another dividend paid
Th.- s'.ork I worthless, and for the first
time in Ms short life Johnny Mortimer has
b'u played f ir a su' ker. But this experi
ence will rot drive 1 i rn eraiy or in the
casl degree interfere with the nn tenor
e.f t i way, for he I a born (eiuthr, car
ing in li leas for th nv :iev tl an l.e rare
I. r tl.e game, and he wlil lose do time in
The dep'ed. b.. d.-llrious onion ma
not be an srlstrocrst among xegetahle but
Is entltsM to rank amorg the great wealth
producers of the agricultural world The
onion crop Is among the mml prof tai le cf
all the product of American farms e(-ri'
eoce haxir.g demmstrated that onions un-
der proper conditions will yield s ret profit , were hot tranpls:rted In the eapeilmn.t
of tttt per acre. - Thus a farm whlcMwouid of the North l'.l,. ta Maiion the tiatis-prrdu.-e
a net profit of an acre In wheat planted onions ) iriilcj .four times as niuctt
won'd yieM fifteen t'mes a much if planted t3 the acre as the ilne,l spurts
In onlor. A biindre,l-acre field of the irti v would ep-ct the oni 'tt to be sin
hest land uhder the verv beet conditions gulTl fie,, fiom the ii,'nr- cf Inset
ouid leld a profit of .;' from cerea's nr.. jiut ,vl,-h :s not f. m.- The imv
In onion it would ield Jt..-W Hut for- union thrlp 's very f r, I of ti e puiiger.t
tunatelv for the onion market, the land jU,-e of the gro-Airn top. n which Its bite
particularly a.lapted to onion culture is f(lta) ,,, kin.N . f c utworms also
liailted 1n fXtcnt. ,lestruct;e b tlie t-nlon. Tli-re are
The ceess now being taken for the a rumbei f fmi;ui ilin'S which attack
I'nited SIMn prohah'iv will show a yield the onion and soire of them woik great
of H W bushels of onions In the census , l aim In oni, n f M.
of !! New York prxulured more than any In pihiv tv ..: . ts t lirown niotn
other state in the union. So concentrated I for the m e,l tr. l.r on on Itself. la
was the onion growing lr.d i.ti that one- I (,!, (rni mo our- cvtnlve fields
half of the entire onion leld wa produced .i. votej to tl.e a;' )'ifc of tlie se',1. 'hn
by twenty-five out of the more than !.' this s.-d is sufficiently i.. I'hirese la
r ount lew tn the 1'nlted Siaies. Tixaji is,-ei go tl roiicli tl.e f lei Is rn l.gith-r
now becoming one of the moot prominent (!r f.-ads lino 1htk bass The seed Is
producers of onion a'iior. the states In , r4,rn to some .( in .il point, where It is
fact, ti e orlon has prove.! to be something; flrea.l out b ciiy. It is afterward
of an empire ball-!, r there In the Brow n- I r, rhy thPMigli an onion thivrhlng nv.i
Mlie region, where only a de.ade auo the ! r,,ne and tl.e s d Is washrd and drlrj
rural dlsrtrlcts were almost uiipeopl.-d. tiv ' It f f . ,,wr) ,h.xt the land on
day there Is a population of fully b-iXk', m hll.h ono s.-e,l is grown shall be rx
and they are making tho land flow th ; , e-exllngrly fertile ano free fr-ni ail nox
the milk and honey of wealth .leriv ed 1 ,,, , WPt js Tnr l(K.n grower using thi
mainly from the growing of the mild flav-. new m. thod has feit riously the need
ored Hermudw onion. of wr ,uon transpVinter Many fforta
T. C. Ne if Laredo Is known as thej mV( w, ,,,,, ,., j,,,,, probU"m of
onion king of the Rio llrande. His farm tr,n,(lunttng. but without suc.-es. llow
ylelds at least .Ki pounds of onions lo!f,pr , h( nmU,r harvesting a uo
the a. re. The entire yield of that small i silfu) hf lirT nj. Wn flln,,.
d.Mrlot. comprising 1 ?X acres ts said to Tn nBM, cclle, tno tor are a,l
approximate l.0rtn pourds. The crop , th grouid. Dry weather is
sold st such prices aa to yield a net profit j vp(.v j,.,,. ,onc , ,ne r.,,,M on.
of MAw. or to the acre Mr. Nve for i )f on ,h ( cJr(1 whfu
four yean, has art alde five acres for the u haV( bon a!k,w. , , tha
growing of Bermuda onions, and has kept fr w.k gnth,.,v lrit a
a careful rerora or an ma financial tran- i
factions growing out of his onions on these
five acres. This account show that with i
g,-H. ma an,. .u.. .errm .
ha. netted him a profit of 1 3 in four
. . . . i i i . . I... i .... .i
The "Jilted of Bermuda Is now the j
world s most' concentrated onion-growing
.-egion. lta prosperity and Its financial i
depression, are determined by the statu
or It onion crop, nermuoa s iu i nny
i Ihe Easier Illy, out of which it makes a
profit of hundreds of thousands of dul
lara erery year. Strange aa it may im,
these two Industries are very closely al
lied, the Easter Illy being a cousin-German
to the onion. They both belong to
the allium family, of which there are some
iV! different branches.
It is said that the onion Is probably the Rf( nianv othfr ,atv s onion Rrowet
first vegetable ever cultivated by man. A , h. v( upM ftVera; crop twu-e as
far back as civilisation goes Its literature as h(VB tnoB (j. iau.
reveals the cultivated status of the on, on. much more fert- Th;, lesson ot
Holy Writ Itself tell us that the children ; carefu, lrtensive cultivation Is alsj born
of Israel in their sorrowful aKfr'n'1 i out In other crops and shows the pcsslbtl
through the desert remembered the "fish Uy j)f th( fulure when farming becomes a
we did eat freely, the cucumber and the j prof,,ion
melons and the leeks and the onions and Thpre arf manv alffr,nt varlP,is 0f
the garlic" and longed fur tl.em sgaln. onlonR ,om of tDm belng produced by
To this day the onion of Egypt is still I djvslm ot tne bulo Bt,me frin, t, p ,eta
known by the name by which Israel called , nd Jlome from black Tll, bt,st
it-"batxel " The oldest of Chinee rec- j known of courae, ot u the varieties are
orda ahow that the onion was a cultivated th(J BermudlJ and tJpanish onions. They
plant, and botanists have traced It back Br(j yery mucn miIl1er than the other va
to tfce table lands of the Hindu-Kuh j rjetlM and are nol usually grown for
mountains, tha very cradle of the human , pprlng onions. Another kind of t-nlon Is
race. I ,ne pjarlttta. This la a small onion used
In the cultivation of the onion for gener- for pjcklln(t purposes. It sells for about
atlons It has been the custom to grow , fc a huHhvX in the hoUsale market.
them directly from the seed; but in re- i Hou!ieWv.., t,ften complain of the trouble
cent year a new order of onion culture lhfy ,)ave ,n clpanlns these little onions,
ha prung up. By this method the seeds but" h ,s tha, lt the roots. tops and
are started In hot houses or cold frame fs ar pIaced ( bnc for a dny
and when they have reached a sufficiently ,wo a of the rcf.13e win wa!,h away
growth they are transplanted Into the an(J wU1 ne) hard woik. nor
onion beds. To transplant a few hundred j ahedJln! 0f tMra n the preparation uf
bulba is not a formidable task, but when
one goes to set .W bulbs on an acre
he ha a job on hand. It exceed all the
rematnder of the labor of onion growing
and selling put togeiner. a gooa ou nn
set out S.000 plants a day. while a nimble
fingered person accustomed to garden
work will easily set out 5.00. It require
about twenty-five day' work to set out
an acre In onions by the tranoUnting
The experiment stations of the various
states have demonstrated the advantage of
returning to the practice cf the "good
things" his forefathers for four genera
tions before him doted on.
"Did Johnny's twin sister Inherit the
same evil tendencler" Inquired the
" Please do not require me to answer that
question." replied the old doctor, and as he
roso from Tils seat I noticed that he brushed
away a tear.
When we returned to the hotel we found
a number of our fellow tourist playing
bridge. Among them a mjt vivacious and
lovely woman, who for several day had
been the life of our party. She waa so in
tenely Interest-d in the game that siie
paid no attention to the pleadings of lie-r
little flaxen haired boy. who wanted to be
taken to his room. I shali never forget the
pitying look of the old doctor aa he laid
his wrinkled band on the woman's shoul
der, looked Into her eyes as though he was
reading her very suuU and said:
"Dear madam, take sn old doctor's ad
vice and do not become Infatuated with
And I know the reason why.
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He ought to make good match.
He rolling in money."
"Ye, but that's all he does with
U roll In it'
tr.irplanlrd oiilot-.s. In . rr cse the trstis
plantrd htilh leMd M b'.iVin to the
a. rr sb !r those nAI t : s rspl.tril. d j irl.led
o'iU ;i liifhrls to t'if ,cre At the
eprtnieiit station transplanted
'r.iots lelf1ed bushels to the acre. a
compared with bushels wheie the"
Urge stomee ho !e much like the familiar
corncrib They possess a gr ut advantage
oer apples and many other fruit which
. nulst nrketed shortly ater maturity,
, R. mrUvUl the Urm(r ma. kM?
his onlnr.s until ho considers t'.ie market
h'gh enough ti warrant their sale.
A well known writer on onion subjects
ways that he has f re.juet.;.y grown mora
thmiMnJ , crfc- Jo
do this has cost him C per acre. A
thousand bushels at Tf cents a bush-l
iM-lngs film In 7rA thus leaving a net
profit of H" think that In well
irrigated land a l..V bushel crop Is possi
ble. Massachusetts long has lieM the record,
for acre production of onions. While not
. wr. tl favored with natural soil fertility
the picklea.
It is not to be expect"! 'hat onion grow
ing may be converted Into a source of
j prom ,iy ,nt. th,,UMnda of anners who
are growing wheat and corn and other
less profitable crops today. If there
should be a stampede to onion growing
because of the bun a Asa profits In It tho
onion market would be glutted and wheat
and corn would, become more protiublK
than others.
sr razssBio j. xabkcw.
Tomorrow slaking Paper.
Earth tremor felt In Atlantic City. Uti
serpent butting in hetlme. probably.
Notiie report from Alaska that men
won't work, preferring to go to Idltaroo
and hunt for gold. Won't work, eh?
Whisper, dids t ever hur.t for gold?
f'olor.ei R-iosevelt has tiffined tha desir
able citizen. There appears to be only two
uf him, one h- iiio' Jdiou KiN.
J The ' Onlooker J
Constituents are complaining that the)
government free seeds are very poor this
year. Probably connects In some way
with the high cost of thing.
Scientist has discovered rubleer In tha
cactus. Accounts f..r the resilience a few
horns of paique will put Into a human.
Mr. Johnson ta s he Irtenrts to ask Mr.
Jeffries some very pointed ifutstions when
they meet In the ring. Mixht as well cut
that out. Conversation don't show In tha pictures.
Emln-nt Iaughtcrs of the American
Revolution save the equal suffragists are
only a lot of frump That settle It. No
body of the sterner ax had the nerve to
use that word. HUH. It has been said,
and' no organization bf women can survive
being call-d a lot of fruinps. To your
tents or your cell, oh. suff rag-tte-st
Cleveland divorce suit reveals that while
a man and wife dwelt In the same housa
they Ignored each other. Huh. Begin
chronicling those little things and the size
of Uie paier will have to be Increased.
High hook among the census enumera
tor, with record of eM persons In one
day. Is a young and pretty g1ri. alure
thing. Whoever resisted tha wlrvseirae smiles
and plaintive request, "Oh. won't you
please write something In my aulograpl)
Temporary l.w. '
The race traek man I furl of guile.
of coin h- baa a stack;
He lets you hold sunt for awhile.
Hut be alwajs takes It ba k.
-r. E. M.