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    TTTE BEE: 01fAHA. TTESDAT. APRIL 1?. 1310.
Ix-Freideat Iafanni GoTtrnor
lenberjer tiat Ee'i Baiy.
Sarlfwertwei Applies fee PmilnUa te
CTs.ege Rate e Xlaed Car
Hears 4
Fnm a Staff Correspondent.!
LIXCOLX. April 18. i?pwlal.) Gomor
St alien berger baa received a letter from
former President Roosevelt. Whfn tn Texas 1
during last month the g'rvemor wu Lm-1
portiined by the Commerce! ciib of San.
Antnnio to Invite and uni tha farmer j
president to attend the Congress of Com
mercial Clubs to be bid there nest fall. j
Governor Shanenberser wrote the letter ,
mad today ha received the following reply:
Mr rear (iirrror Shairnberr : Indeed '
if I can I will gt to that com tnerrlal on
grees ae s-eoi Ant'ntn. a.:il
liy li r-i.a;e rata, o onaawn
of .l transportation, and that ta jiiet wH
It wll tf tha act la held ra id
by tha court.
Mr. M:n ortH tha Railway tomra:ili7n
to take tha matter up with tha congress
men of thia state and bring to their at
tention Just what he bill will do If passed
and held valid. Ha holds hat It will In
validate every order issued by a ra-lway
Tnetlea Sreek Watered.
Tha Lincoln Traction company has "'wat
ered" Ita stork to tha eamoont of B. TIL
TS a. according to a report completed to
day by V. G. Powell and L, EL Wettllp.g.
rate clerks In tha employ of tha 8taie
Railway cnmmieelnn. tn connection with an
Inevtsigatlon held In relation to a petition
from tha citizen a of Havelock. a suburb
to tha capital, for tha reduction of fares.
The value of the company property, say
the report, filed toova, la C38I.SM.uT.
Tha conteftno of tha traction company In
resisting the effort for a reduction of
f r- baa been that It would cut tha earn
ings on capital to an unreasonable and
unprofitable rwure.
teek Tarda Talaatlaa.
The South Omaiia t'nlon Stock Yards
nwnnmn& mail . iila'.m ... -M AM
T , ... ,hnli ' - .low "
a.1- ?-mia 1 ' '' , nrrn?tv tliift if In - ...
..'m rn in. to e... ' it ib n.u the Utare Railway commieeton for the ner-I ' ' prominent railroad attorney
STebruka 'Siilrrad Commiiiioo Seadj
Bfsalatiaii ta Executive.
OeJeeteai Slaa ta Apwertatsseat of
ear Lawrrr Eat played ay It a II
reawa ta wn4 Jaa
tlee Bra war.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. April IS. Special Tsitfrim.)
Tha 8ta:e Railway eommiselon thin morn
Ina; adopted reaolutlona proteetma; to Pres
ident Tift aint appointloc any person
to tha auprama benrh wheaa Ufa worlt baa
been daeoted tn lewal defenaa of corpora
Unna and a rain him to select the succesaor
to Juatlea Brewer from tha membership of
soma stats supreme court.
Tha resolutions will bo sent around to
tha various state eommlmlons and they
will be requested to adopt similar onea. As
a reason for takins; tha action tha eommls-
Bupwlhiw for me to answer -fli!tv at
tme moment. I m:tet flret ft bin-It to
Arui-rlra. Pv the way. you hare no concep
tion of the way I am preened with work
Lero. Slm-erei rn"ri.
Waata ta fcaaare Kale.
The Burllnffr.'ti railroad has applied for
permleston to carnr the rule on the ship
ment of aiis-d cars of boa and he-p. The
mission to Increase rates for yardage. If i throuatiout tha country are urflna the
the estimate embodied tn a r-port tt be I president to appoint a corporation attorney
filed with the commission or E. C. Hard. ! to "i vacancy. Tha resolution la as fol-
et gineer. is correct. Mr. Hunt's report ' lows:
will be Tied in a few days. '"Whereas, A vacancy has occurred tn tha
supreme court of tha L nlted States,
throuab the death of tha Hon. David J.
Whereas, tha legislature and commi
Robbers Take
Car Fare from
Victim's Glove
Eig-b.'WT.Taiea Get Jewelry ui Hosey
AmoTiatio; to $243 from Ped
dler, bat Leare Coat
. "Ivery Ilttia bit helps." remarked a
stick-up man to bis companion, pull'.nc a
f rlom dime from a glove worn by Harry
Goldberw. a v cum. from whom they bad
Just taX en Jewelry and currency to tha
amount of C9.
"Tap. that'll make ear fare," wa tha cool
Goldberg was released by tha highway
Den after they bad debated over tha ad
visability of taking his coat.
Tha robbery occurred at Thirteenth and
Martha atreeta, Goldberg, a peddler of per
fumed soap and Jewelry, was on his way
ta his home. ST SoutB Eleventh street.
Tha plunder taken from him Included t'1.79
la money, a diamond rlnsr worth a
gold watch and a number of fountain pens.
Tha watch la said to have been tha prop
erty of another for whom Goldberg was to
sell It
The detective department Is of tha opinion
that tha robbery was carefiily planned
and premeditated. Goldberg, owing to par
tial paxaiysis, was unable to put up a Cgi',
bad be been so Inclined.
Quarter of XiHion-BoUar Stmctir
fzr Ftckia; F.aat
last wcjld n ccxmrcnc!!
alldlaw ta Cewtmla
taeraral wine 1
Ike Prewea 9tt
lac Btaa.
ta trrkl-
.teal S ear
RelUir Friday.
The supreme court will hear no cases on
Friday, in observance of Arbor day. Those
commission has set May 1 as tha date of ! 'J' "" to f I on. of tha states and the nation ar. at
IT lT t XtT"lL m" i Z Zve7ar: Oni -d
an taciease I nthe rat- on hoas the com-1 " 'honest effort to property solve the mo-
Clcrk is Found
Dead at Desk
be"n" harTon" thaV" date. At 'p'resTntThI H U D R ED THOUSAND PAID
a single deck car contains both sheep aad i
hoK'-i the shipment takes the sheep rai'
and weight. When the car is double-dack
tha hog rata In taken. Recently the Bur
l'rgton shipped a enr which had the upper
deck loaded wtih sheep and the lower deck
wfh sheep and hmrs. Ah attempt - wis
made to collect at tha hns rate, and the
shipper objected. T'le attention was called
mentous questions involved In tha proper
and reasonable regulation of the rates and
to tha
FCR ONE BUFFALO RANCH irvtces or common carriers and particu-
I laxly tha railroads: and.
Larwaac Deal la Wntera C.aatry j "Whereas. Tha final determination of the
BcrTky KBB(lrw Tru4 fiaaa ta I questions rests with tha supremo court of
Sew Ow.era. ln fnitad States; and.
"Whereas. Wa believe that a man whose
lfs's work and legal training have been
devoted to the defense or advocacy of
railway Interests, though he be gifted with
Charles OUara Meets End Sitting
Orer Eis Work ia. Early Mora
in Heart Disease.
Tha Cudahy Packing company will erect
a sa. ofTVa building at tha South
Omaha yards. This announcement was
made Monday and bids for tha construc
tion of tha building are being asked for.
Tha site chosen for tha structure is Just
south of tha present office build ng.
Tha plans call for a building X feet long
by TO feet deep that will be four stories
high with a basement. The structure will
be fireproof throughout, constructed of
steel or reinforced concrete. Ia the rear
an addition wtil be erected.
Tha main offices win be located on tha
first, second and third floors, while the
fourth story will be devoted to man and
women s rest rooms, an assembly room,
dining room, lunch room and kitchen.
Ail modern appliances which can be used
in modem afflcs building construction will
be Installed. There will s two passenger
elevators, a freight elevator and electric i
lifts. Tha building will be beated In win- j
ter by a fan system and cooled In the j
summer. A very complicated system or
auxiliaries will be Introduced In tha con
struction of the edifice. Intercommunica
tion will be had by means of telephones,
dictographs and a pneumattn system. Tha
vacuum system will be utilized for clean
ing. Bids have been asked for and it Is esti
mated that the cost will be in the neighbor
hood o? CDO.IWO.
KEARNET. Neb.. Aarll 13. Special Tele- I
gram. The largest land deal ever trane-
atu-ntlon of the commission and 1 ln Buffalo county, was made this
talents of tha highest order, or Imbued
me Burungtaa J-Ued to be permitted - ' " ' ' "" , " w I with the loftiest sentiments of patroitlsm.
cham rhe hoe- rare for the mf-iixt sinff'e the firm of Graham a: Nasi to Krewson : , . .. -
I .anMr KaamviA th ,4 1 1 FS U B1l f inftlllfld nf
Wright & Co.. the famous empire ranch, -
. . . , . 'a Justice of the supreme court of tha
which ilea seven, miles west of Kearney i . .
f the express companies doing business ' which is In alfalfa- Part of the !faJfa j mmon to those who regard a large part.
deck curs. j
Merely Xaa I J,M0.
While the fia-jres showin the earnings Thl
tn Nebraska, as given in the annual report
fthe ataie Railway commission, indicate
that the earnings have amounted to some-
tn.ns; over IS.. with an expense account j Nebraska,
of something ovr STflOKe). The eaminis j CW.One.
should be divided by two to g?t at the
correct figures. The Railway commission
figures Include freight f irwards ami re
ceived, so If the shipment of a package
amounted t 45 cents, paid at one end of
was planted eighteen years ago by the
government experimental agents and this
tract has been the blue ribobn tract of
The sum paid was an even I
If not air the recent efforts of the consti
tuted authorities to regulate tha rates and
services of common carriers as Ill-advised,
hasty and retaliatory assaults upon what
they assume to be vested rights: and
"Whereas. We believe that there are men
of unquestioned legal ability and integrity
K rl a Killed la kiisway.
HOLDREGE. Neb.. April IA Special.
Frlneds of this city of Enck Cripp, tha 1 adorning the supreme courts of the varl-well-known
German farmer, who was I " states of the nation, and In the legal
w:i.h lar wu at hie hrvme north, of; profession, who can assume the functions
the line tha saaw amount is charged us , Bertnuld h4v. particulars! "itiea of a Justic. of xhm supreme
at the dest nation, making a Una! of M !f unfortunaia man ! court of the Tnited State, with minds free
was Just starting to the field to sow oats, j frcn those prejudices and beliefs which
having four horses hitched to a seeder, and naturally acquired by one whose life's
a heavy ' wagon contalng thirty or forty i work Is devoted to defending and safe
bushels of oats hitched behind him. He ' mrding railroad intereeta: be It therefore
bad barely mounted tha seat of the seeder j "Resolved By tha members of the Ne
to start for Lha field, when the teams be- I braska State Railway commission, that
came unmanageable, and whirled around 1 considering- the momentous questions In
throwing him off the seat and directly i reiving: the regulation and control of eom
umler tha wheels of the waaon. The ac- "" carriers which must be finally de-
V. Qulnn to turn over to him the office j rldent was wltneeeed by bis wife, who stood i eided by the supreme court of the United
of county stiperln lendent of Dakota county, in the doorway of the kitchen at the time. I state.
Mary V. Qulna was elected to the office -oon as she could get to her husband. I "w" earnestly peritlan the president of
for the term preceding the present term md; now badly injured he waa, aha
boaiaoing- ln.t January. Vass rece!-ed a j cajad the doctor And neighbors at once,
majority of the' votes at "the last elertlon He lived only till 11 o'clock the same even-
and was gl'en a certificate of election. ng however, tha Internal iniury close to
The respondent refused to turn the office
Charles O'Mara. night clerk at the Vic
toria. Thirteenrh and Dodge, was found
dead at his desk early Monday morning.
He died over his work. The body was
taken in charge by Willis C. Crosby,
eomner, who expressed the opinion that
death was caused by fatty degeneration
of tha heart.
Mr. O'Mara waa 58 years old. He bad
been suffering with heart trouble for some
time. He is survived by a daughter. Mrs.
Edward Stone, and a sister. Mrs. John C.
Rlttermeyer. both, of Omaha, and a sister.
Mrs. Charles Sullivan, of Coldwater. Mich.
Arrangements for the funeral will be made
upon wont from Mrs. Sullivan.
Dahlman Crowd
Strips for Fray
Coats Off asd SleeTes Up, Mayor's j
Supporters at Work Flyna j
3akes a Few Remark.
cents. So the actual earnings of the ship
ment would bo only S cents. Thus tha ex
press companies doing business In Nebraska
have taken ln only something over 11.500.
ft instead of the 5.0.iino.
Ftcattac Ov Offlew.
Arguments will be made tomorrow In the
supreme court In the case wherein Wilfred
E. Voea seeks by mandamus to force Mary
the Cnited States that In the appointment
of men to the federal supreme eeart, those
only- should be- appointed whose training
and aasodaion render It certain that they
his heart waa of such a nature that he i WI" " "
over to htm because she alleged he did not caala not possibly recover from Its affects. ! "" y tilonm environments which, con
have a first grade certificate on the date j The attertmed was 4 years old. and left one 1 ri"r w unconsciously. Influence t3ie
of tha election which hy law Is one of the j cnHrt besides his widow. His funeral was j Judffmrnt and become potential factors in
tuailflcatiuns of a county superintendent j Bel(l Saturday and Interment made In the controlllns; the actions of all men."
Withdraws Sevlal Rata. ' German cemetery north of Bert rand. i -. '
The Burlington has avked' permission to; w i, i PrOnfl VCrClfCL
withdraw lis requst for a rats of 3H cents
ma brick an dbuildlng material between Lin- j
coin and Fairbury. The permission to put
tn the rata which was a reduction from 4 !
Goldew Weedlaw at Table Keek.
TABLE ROCK. Neb.. April 18. Asa E. j
Hywond and wife of this place, who were !
married here fifty years ago. celebrated
; their golden wedding here Saturday. Mr. i
Stings Railroad
Mnra war w. e wnta.l With tress, nriv'. thlt '
no higher rat. cmld be charifm! between ) Hywood settled her. in in. and rs. j JUasonjri Pacific Loses $2,800 by Be-
intermedlste paints. As some of the rates
between these stations amounted to 4 cents
and 5 cents, the order did not suit the com'
Heywood In 1SET. the latter being a daugh-
ter of M. J. Mumford. a pioneer settler of;
! Table Rock who. for more than a quarter I
cree of Jurr in Federal Court
Damage Suit.
pany. The rate was originally asked for 9 ""fury officiated as Justice of the
ta compete with the Rnck Island.
M (IwaalLe Still Oefevta.
Tha Milwaukee ratiroad. following its i Thoma r Harrison of Juiesbure.
usual custom when it filed its statement . . . . -
with 'he State Board of assessment this
morning, also filed a statement that it be
ttered the buard has no authority to assess
All of the living children were , Osro Castle has secured a verdict fn the
pr-eent. as follows: A. L. Heywood of i Cnlted States circuit court against the
Grand Liland. F M. H?ywood of Lincoln, ; Misourl Pacific Railway company for
SlO.OOe damages for the loss of a foot, while
tn the employ of that road at Auburn.
Castle sued originally for 139. 00ft, and In
the first trial of the case a year ago ha
waa awarded ST.XW damages. The railroad
company appealed tha case and a new trial
was ordered, with the result of an Increase
of S2.SOI in his damag-e allowance
j schools anil, resigning his position, bought
th light plant some twelve years ago and
i has operated tt. since that time, making
many Important improvements ana tncreae-
Seaemalu Xewa Utttfc
BLAIR. E. V. Cappa sold the Blair E'ec-
tta property ln Nebraska. This position Is ; trie Laitnt snd Power plant last wek to
taken becauas the rood comes into Ne- 1 the Puiloca Public iervice company for a
break, over a leased line and ha. no track- ! r,;" BiLr cTy
State Board .1hL
Ira B. Mills, chairman of the committee
en lag-.aiat.on appointed by the president
of the National Association of Railway
commissionsra. has written to Henry T.
Clarke. Jr.. of the Nebraska commiasiun.
member of tn. sub-committee on legislation t
regarding the bill rerentiy reported to eon-fr-a
from the ccmmit ee on inters a e com
merce. Mr. Mi' is says the bill strik.ts from
the or 'smai law the following:
"Provided, however, that the provisions !. ..
Of this act shail not apply to the trans- . Buone
portatlon of passergers or property or to I"i Butte
the receiving, delivering, storage, or hand-i E"yi'"
t Brown........
Ung of property wholly withn one state ,
and not ohippel to or from o foreign coun-
try from or to any state or territory a
The letter says:
"This Is an attempt upon the part of con
gress to assume jurisdiction of ail com-
Dress Aflame.
Woman Falls
Mrs. EL D. Cornean Plunjes Down
Stairway "While Fighting' Fire
From Gasoline Store.
While cooking Monday afternoon at her
home, X3I Hamilton street. MVs H. D.
Comeau .vertumed an old stove and her
clothing- eaught afire. Rushing from the
house she fell down a flight of stairs and
waa severely bruised.
Before tha blaaa waa. extinguished tha
household goods were damaged to the ex
tent af about 1300. while the lose ta the
building wilt amoajit tar S40& Mr. Comeau
la a policeman:- iss Edward Fleming-, an
other officer, re arced at his place. The
first floor of the building waa used for a
grocery stare. Mrs. Cornemv suffered only
alight bums.
Freight Service
to Be Discussed
Whan you want what you want when
lnic the value of the plant to its present Ta want it say so inrougn ine Bee want
valuation. Ad columns.
Fair Dates in Nebraska for 1910.
Deliveries to Omaha Firms Will Be
Subject of Iarestigatioa by.
Commercial Club.
Railroad officials representing the vari
ous lines which enter and leave Omaha
have been requested to meet a special com
mittee of the Commercial club Wednesday
afternoon tn Arthur C. Smith's office to
discus, freight service In and out of the
city and toe facilities for prompt delivery
once the goods have reached Omaha.
It is expected that there, will be a dele
gation of business men ready to furnish
tha committee with facts. The railroads
will send their representatives to hear
what tha committee has to say and explain
present condition, aa they are, with rea
sons for their existence.
President. Secretary. Address.
John O Neill H. L. Brooks Albion.
....... G. r. Darting ... E. D. Mailery Alliance.
-Robert Ford J. N. Fuller .Butte.
cpt- 3-3) :W. H. Peck ...C. W. Potter.... .Ainsworth.
. Sept. SV-S...
. Sept. Zl-X...
, Cuming. .
, C"u.ier
merer, both state and interstate, and take : fouirias
tnn fh erais commlsaioiw ail their author- ! rnel
....Sept. l-ls. E. W. Chllds Z. M. Baird Hartington.
James Burke .C. W. Meeker Imperial.
Oct. 4-7 W. F. Hoicnmb H. H. Haxvey Clav Center
.ept rM5 ....J R. Mansfield L. A. Leisy Wiener.
Svpt- 1J-1S ". W. A. George C. T. Orr Broken Bow.
...Sept- I4-I7 iCharlea Mann B. F. Pltmann Chadron.
Sfpt. 14-16 E. E. Youngs .E. C. Van Horn. Lexington.
Geo. Perk G. W. Hervey, Omaha.
....Sep:. 39-22. .C A. Elker JBtir Snrinrs.
Ducj- .-Vpt. 1-i. J- Morse C. C. Burr Bvnkeimao.
i I a wwi a..
Veal Cutlets
Eetter Taken Crip, Coldsa-
sr usm! in p!a of bread.
Tel's how in the little took,
'TH-E;u cia-je with Tc-iS-tiea"
found ia pkgrs.
Also two do-en cr niore
ether ways of uin this de!i
cioos food. .
TKe Hemarj Lifiers
Postnm Cereal Company, Lti.
Be rile Creek. Mica.
I Fillmore
i Fnsiin
pr. i;-TS
....Sent. liJ-tn .iJohn Harmes...
.'etlt. ...J T. Biuley
Augatl-aept. X-. Fred Xolim
Scot FL T. Crocker...
tiepc 19-12. .it- F. O M:ley.
...H- P. Wilson. ...... Teneva.
...S. H. M lrrv FrankHn.
1 H. "heney 3lockvli le.
... W. C. Lumiey... Beaver City.
H. V Rieeseo ...Bestrtce.
...T. F. Bvrte Gi-eeiey.
...Aug: 3B-Spt. JL L. Mabon 9. B. Otto . Aurora.
... jVp. 13-W P. M. Everson Anna.
... tMHit- SMJct. 1 M. L. Tennant I. B Mav Haves Center.
...ieot. Ui-'.7 C Crowe W. Z. Tayior Cuibertson.
...jiept. H-21 J. D. Grimes. Fern D. im;rti Chambers.
Postal Pays Up
Occupation Tax
Wire Concern Files Statement of
$806.70 ia. Intrastate Business
for Four Months' Period.
Paying under protest, as ln the first in
stance, the Postal Telegraph company has
sent In Its check for J1S.2Q, as occupation
tax on the lntei-staie business done ln the
four months ending March JL The total
amount of business reported In StiOtLTO.
From the New State Telephone company
comes a report, the firs made, of business
done In Mebraska ln four months amount
ing to SXXX.M. This is the long distance
branch ef tha Independent Telephone com
pany and no check accompanied the statement.
Now that Mayor Dahlman has formally
opened his campaign locally for the demo
cratic gubernatorial nomination, by the
Washington hall meeting beld Saturday,
tha Pahlmanttes bave thrown eft their
coats for the fight.
"I note by dispatches from Lincoln," said
President Flynn of the Dahlman club, "that
the governor's managers are credited with
feeling quits chesty over the alleged fact
Ciat Mayor Dahlman did not secure an In
dorsement from some meeting held ln
South Omaha. Wa do not know Just what
meeting can be meant, but we do know
that no Indorsement was sought for the
mayor from any elub or other regular or
ganisation. "Without our seeking several German
American and Bohemian-American clubs
have already Indorsed the mayor, and we
are very weil satisfied with the outlook. I
am willlnx to predict right now that tha
governor and hi. backers will not get 2
per cent of the democratic vote ln Douglas
county. In tha primary. Be won't even do
that well If the county optionists force him
into the open on that question, with a dec
laration that 1. clear cut and that cannot
be given two meanings. .... , r-
Plans Drawn for
Big Apartments
R S. Rood and T. 2. Crane Will Erect
Another Flat Building at Cost taf
Eighty Thousand Hollars.
An apartment house to cost SatLOOS ta an
nounced at the corner of Thirty-eighth
and Farnam streets. It will be known as
the New Coionial Apartments and will be
erected by Edwin S. Flood and Thomas D.
Plana for the building' have been com
pleted by the architect. L. D. Wliiia. Tha
apartment, win be larger than usual and
will contain eight room. each. The build
ing will be four stories high, with two
basement., and will be eighty-five feet on
Farnam street by seventy-five feet on
Thirty -eighth street.
Would Redistrict
Twelfth Ward
Petition Eeinj Prepared to Create
Six Toting" Precincts Out of
Present Four.
Special Offer
to owners of
Edison Phonograph
Unless yonr Phonograph ta of the latest trpe It will not play
Ambrrrj (four-minute) Rerords without the Amherol attach
ment. Without this attachment it ta furnitihinjr. onljr half
th entertainment it shouKL
Ta introduce Amberol Rerorrlg Into your home and demon
strate the added advantage of having an Edison Phonograph
that will play both the Edison Standard and Edison Amberol
Records, any Edison dealer is uthorieil to equip your
Phonograph with an Amberol attachment at a enU chary-
f 4.00 to 17.50 according- to the style of inntrument you
have, and giee you, for fl.00 additional, ten specially made
four-minute Amberol Records. That is
Ten Amberol Records for $1.00
If You buy the Attachment
These special Amberol Records are not far mi and wiQ
not be listed. They have been made ft thia special purpose.
Go te any Edisna dealer and hear them. Then jmi will
realise what an Amberol attachment means to yoa. If titer
la do dealer a ear by. write us.
. . Sit js to J?n m
F tlaaa Fhonoemnhs
Eiinn Amberol Rer-orrie play rwwe ss Inns' we
Kdiana Grand Opera aeronts Tie to St.M
Nebraska Cycle Co. represents the National Phono
jrraph Co. in Nebraska, and carries bnize stocks of Edison
Phonographs, inclndinir the models mentioned in the
National Phonograph Co 'a announcement on thia page
today, as well as a stock of over 100,000 record.
Nebraska Cycle Co.
15th and Haxney Sts., Geo. E. Mickel, 334 Broadway,
Omaha, Neb. Manager. Council Bluffs, Ia.
Buy land.
Every man should own a lot of land.
The opportunity is greater now than
it has been in fifty years to realize on
good property.
In The Bee today many tempting
offers appear.
People who acquired large estates
are willing now that others may share
with them.
Wide awake dealers are advertising
these liberal propositions today.
Take advantage of it!
Do it now!
There is no possible way for you to
ever regret it.
For further information regarding this prop
erty call Douglas 238, or address The Bee Land
Petitions are belr.r circulated asking- that f
! the Twelfth ward be redlstricted as to 1
t t
votlnf precincts. There are noes tour pre- i
rlnot. ln the ware and It is desired that 1
the r.rst and fourth precinct, be cut tn twe
makina- six ln all.
Frank Dewey of the office of County
Clerk Haver! y, ia one of the leadera In the
movement. He and others arrue that a
considerable portion of the voters of the
ward are now not casting' ballot regu
larly becaiuw of congestion at the poll, at
3 p. m. and after, moat of the voter, belnc
working men. It la asserted that 15M more
vote. wJl be cast tf the council acts a.
i Sept. 2s-JO Theo. Smith ..A. W. BufTum .Tecumseh.
Kv a t aya.
Oct. 4-7 I. W. Haws . Val Jenaea Minden.
pt. 13-1 F1. P. F'.sner B. A. R jesa Nuriif.
aruL Z!-2 C. A. t'lkea ...X T Cheer ttrotv
Aug. 3U-it-1 . W. C. Itaiey ...-T. J. Buck master.. Creighton.
E. El. NeuMia ...K-lmoaii.
J. D. Wood. 8. R- Hall Havelock.
J. Q. WaAHv ...J. I Rynearsoa.5Cadison.
L. C. LaviuD... C. F. J-uucher Uuiraa.
Lancaster .......Sept. S-9
n4iwn .pt- U-t
ilerrici.. spu
Nmah , Oct. 4-4 H. B. Howe D. JC. C. Lenff...... Auburn.
NucSoiu ffept. a-C Geu. Jacksuu.. Nelson.
Pawnee Snt. Zi-TS J. P. Albcght J. S. Lowe Pawnee City.
pVrre Aug. Jv.... 1L H. k mr Jt. K. bauanaua.... P'erce.
Poia Sept. C-Ot 11. J. Brawn ci- T. JPut" Osceuia.
Pd Willow oept
.J. W. Dirt cher Jamaa E. Ryan InU:ano!a.
rufw!rr Snt. IvM Fenrv Oustafsen. . .O. M Thorp Wahoo.
reutt's E-Lur "PC Shis... J"rar.a Hevrs A B. W ,xi4 ...I'enr.g.
ard vt. J. SL Lmienoetk . m. U. eaiuh i5rwra.
Xierutea apt- J-a H. li. Lv-m "..rc..u.
.-hrriut - ". H. FV Wssmur L. My. ........ Ruenvvlla.
moui G. M. Lacy ..R. B. .x hnurr. ....Hurrnun.
SiMiia... ...... SF- 3-23-. Tke- McLeed ..John suuxulfer 5'.uujn.
.O. P. Hendersnnt...W. R. Mellor Lincoln.
Jd Hacelierg.. Henry KJrvy .Tncdfora.
J. C Km a P. Cnasi
aTATfi FAIR Sept. 5-t
! Thumu Kept. US-C.
T:ier. 8ept -..
Xlse Jests is Highly flcaeed wtta
rrwlt ef Wark la BekaJf (
Park Wilde Beaaa.
Vise Jontz. general secretary of the As
sociated Charities, exnressed herself as being-very
well pleased with tha result, of
the bazar held In Tha Bee building, Fri
day and Saturday.
"It was our first attempt to make the
pubtie acquainted with the Industrial work
wa are doing at Park Wilde home." said
Miss Jontx "Considering this tact, and the
disagreeable weattier, we are very well
satisfied. The Bee company. . the news
papers, the volunteer workers. In tact.
t evervbodv- waa verv kind and helnftil ajirf
we desire te have them know that we
sincerely thank them.
"The shut-ins, the seml-invallds and tha
unfortunate poor, who have pride tn being
able ta support themselves, wul be greatly
encouraged by the Interest shown and the
I patronage bestowed.
Over CHS was realised from sale, in tha
two days, and some of rhe worker, were
able ta take erders for arrixtee to be de
livered later.
A User lm Ik. etaesaefc
!. dyspepsia eumpiicad with liver and
kidney rreuouia. Electric Bl terra hc-tp all
sucn -emere er aa pe. ssc. fur sale by
Ba fun Lrug Ce
Waiter Koff Keely of Ean Francisro,
representing the Morns Theater compan
ies, is at the Loyal.
R. Ruble, city passenger agent of the
Union Pacific at Denver, ia ln Omaha visit
ing tha general offices.
W. A. Plnkerton, chief of tha Plnkerton
Detective agency of Chicago. Is an Omaatt
visitor, registered at tha Loyal.
Asher Raselter ef St- Louis, superintend
ent of tha Plnkerton Detective agency for
tna western district, is at tne Loyal, called
here ln conference with nia chief. W. A.
Plnkerton of Chicago.
Cur Price
Eegnlax price for both one year. .$7,50 J & .5 0
Daily and Snnda) Bee ...$S.001
Woman 'i Home Ckjapamcti 3L50
Daily Bee (without Sunday) $4.00 1 f Pff f a
ilcOur-'i UazzzLzs IZQ . 0NLY
Hegnlu price for both, one year. .$5.50 j
Daily and Sunday Eee $3.C0l
MeClura ' Magazine 1.50
Our Price
Regular price for both one year . . $7,50 J . 5 0
instead of
spendinn il
As sure as you can pay rent, fo can you buy
your own home. Paying1 for a home on the eay
term plan is just the same as payinar rent, except
you own the home, and all the money you put
into it is to your profit,
Hun-ired of people are buying their own
homes on thL plan. Why not you!
In Thursday 'a Ece there will be a great
many choice home bargains advertised for sale
on the easy payment plan a few hundred dol
lars down the balance monthly like rent, -