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8. imo.
Classes Himself witb.'Selee, Haff and
Old Johnny Gonding.
jkarona Roll 'Km to Trif that the
llest of the Ksprrts l-ook I.Ike
' fto Manr "tiff IMns la
I an Alley.
. It wis Frank 9le who flrat saw the prob
ability of Frank Chance becoming a great
firm baseman and captain. Oorge Huff
found Trie Ppoksr and many other atara.
Johnny Uondlng found the hard-hitting
George Stone, Pitcher Ragan and the com
ing Mar Stndelar, but It fell to Bob Manley
to discover Phil Aarsni, the bowling sen
aatlon of tha Sanson. '
The Prandi-I -Store'g bowling team hap
pened to bs a trtsn abort Wednesday night
and Phil wai aitked by Captain Bob to fill
the vacancy. Talk about springing a sur
prise on the boy! Jf -Tom Haley. L,ouls
Fran, Pill Klchler or any other of the
famous pill rollers of the country had He
cretly dri pped In oa tba boya the surprise
could not have been greater.
Aaron,' playing hla p:t bf the game, ab
solutely refuaed to fhoot; but finally agreed
to enter after roioh coaalng. Then, taking
off hla pair of delicate new gray shade of
pomps, hla cream tie, coat and vest and
adjusting a pair of No. it bowling ahoea.
his battle with the pin i began. Strikes
and spares all the way 'through, and, of
course, his aide won' the game with eaae.
Jkarona wishes to Announce that he Is
willing to take on any, bowler In the city
for a match game, .hcermjn, rluntlngton
or Zarp preferred, standing start and no
One of the largest bowling partlaa seen
on the alleys In a long time shot at Fran
cisco's Wednesday night. The party con
sisted of Mrs. O. Illbner, Misses Nettle
Uurnes, Sadie Hallenback. Ella Whltte
more, Jennie Chase, Elizabeth Lints, De
borah Hulthser and MMMla Dunn, Mr. O.
Hlbner. W. M. Ord, W. B. Nelman, L. II.
bints, M. Wlllodsen and J.'B. Bteveson.
Only two records of the A. D. C. were
broken at the Dftrolt tneet and these ly
Tom Haley, a Petrolt bowler, securing 706
In the single event and 1,961 In the nine
game total. The previous records of other
tournaments In the two events are as fol
191-Tom Haley, Detroit .' 70S
1!W L. Sutton, Rochester ;fflS
V. Hruggeman, Hloux Cltv 6ftl
jniw A. Wengler, Chlcaeo ' 6
1SW7-M. T. Levey, Indianapolis
R. T. Matak, St. Paul (21
1900 V. J. Favour, Oshkosh 6-!
m. Anderson, St. Paul 6M
IfXH-M. Kern. St. Louis.. . ; G47
l'KV3 D. A. Jones.- Mllu-iitikee '. X3
1902 Fred Strong. Chicago H9
ISOl-Frank Brill, Chicago 648
imo Tom Haves, ' Detroit 1 !il
1S08 J. Rlouln, Chlo.iw...
R. Crable. East Liverpool l.m
1J-H. C. Kills i.7ffl
lftfW J. T. Peacock. Indianapolis 1.714
1H06 .1. O. Hellly. Chicago l,79t
1W4 Martin Kern, St. Loula 1,804
im Fred Strong. Chicago.,...,, l.fWW
3906 J. Koster, New York 1,841
190V-F. Brill, Chicago 1,738
O, O. Francisco, a member of the ex
ecutive board of the 'American Rowling
congress, who attended the meet and re
mained during the greater part of the
bowling, haa returned and Is full of praise
of the1 cffloers whd onhitucted the affair
and claims the past meet to be the best
vu held under, M cpngrcs,, ., , , . t . ,
O. O. thoroughly nyestlgnted every con
dition neriefsary'for a' successful handling
of a large tournament," so that the Mld
West tou-nament. to be held at Omaha In
November.' can take advantage of all the
acquired Information. '
Willie Hoppe. New
Billiard Champion
Gotham Player Defeats George Sutton
of Chicago in Easy-Manner .
Score fiOO to 228.
CHICAGO, March IT. Willie Hoppe of
New Tork last night won the 18.1 balk line
billiard championship of the. world by de
feating George Sutton of Chicago, the final
core being, Hoppe, 500; Sutton, 228.
According to the terms' of the match,
which were named by Hoppe. as challenger,
the vlotor carried off the diamond emblem,
the stake money, amounting to $500, and the
entire box offioe receipts. Edward H. Sem
ple of Minneapolis refereed the contest.
Hoppe won' the bank and missed the
opening shot. He left a "setup" and Sut
ton collected 24) at .the first trial.
For the next six Innings Sutton played a
strong, consistent game, keeping his aver
age cross to IS, while Hoppe was unable t
bring the balls under control. He was com
polled to make the majority of his billiards
at long range. ' In the seventh, however,
Hoppe brought together 38 In a -succession
of difficult masse and 'ruund-the-table
Button made a couple of "goose eggs" in
the ninth and tenth, while Hoppe ran up
ST In bis ninth attempt.
In his twelfth, Hoppe took the lead, -with
a run of 32, the score at the end of the
twelfth standing: Hoppe, 144; Sutton, 135.
From the twelfth Inning on Hoppe grad
ually Incrpastid his lead and when the tw.en-ty-aeopnd
wax ended ho was 131 points
ahead, tho. total being: Hoppe, 32(1; Sut
ton, 1!.
Sutton apparently lost both his stroke
and judgment of distance, missing several
easy draw shots and one-cushion caroms.
Hoppe's game, on the other hand, improved
and he drove the ball around the table, ex
ecuted hard masse shots and played bank
rbota with precision,
Team Will Not, Therefore, Come to
Indoor Meet la Omaha.
ITomoters of the Indoor athletic meet at
the Auditorium April 1, have received word
that Harvard unlverMty will not send a
team to the meet because of some mlshapa.
The athletic committee had sanctioned
the sending of a tram, but two days ago
two of the men broke their legs In training
and now Harvard telegraphs that It will
have to cancel the engagement, as It does
nut care to be represented by a second
rat team. Harvaid was to have run a
relay rare with the University of Min
nesota team.
It ansae and Missouri have been sub
stitute.! for -Harvard and Minnesota and
this event may prove Just as Interesting
to the western colleges.
Joe Horner, Michigan's crack athlete. Is
expected to be present to take part in so roe
of the eveuis.
Hindoo Held for maagllac.
NEW' YORK. Marih 17.-For failure to
declare diamonds and emeralds, which
he cairled in a wallet. Merwanl K. Irani,
a Hltidoe.- ea route to Chicago, was ar
rested by tbe customs authorities today
after landing from-th steatnahip Oceanic.
He was held in HO.OoO bail for eiamlnatlon.
Irani said that he was bringing the Jewels
over for a )arisan friend.
Catcher Knlllvan Recovering.
IjOS ANGFXE8. March . 17. William O.
Sullivan, the veteran catcher ef the Chi
cago Americans, who Is confined to bis bed
with blood polHonlng as the mult of step
ping on a rusty nail, is Improved, but not
yet out of danger, should his recovery not
! interrupted, his physicians say he will
he able to get back la the game la thrte
mv four weeks.
Fastest Trip on
Record Made by
Daring Barney
Lightning Journey for Mile is Quick
est Erer Taken by Human
DATTONA. F!a., March 17. Barney Old
field, driving agnlnst time from a flying
start. In a 190-horse-power Bens, awtemeMle
of special design, covered the fasreet mile
yesterday traveled by a human being;
His time was 27 and 33-160 seconds. Noth
ing projected Into spsce by man, save a
bullet, ever has travelled at equal speed.
The previous record was set four
years ago by Marriott, who drove a spe
cial Stanley steamer one mile 2 seconds
at an average speed of 127.S miles an hour.
OtdfleH'a average today was 131.78.
Oldfleld again launched his great car
from a standing start for a mile against
time and crossed the finish line with an
othtr record. His time was 40 and 63-190
seconds as against 41 and 23-100 seconds
made with the same ear by Hemmery In
The timing for both races was done by
C. H. Warner, official timer for the Ameri
can Antnrnoblle association, with the same
mechanical device he used at the Atlanta
and Indianapolis speedwaysi and which has
been officially adopted by the association.
Ralph De Palfmv Oldfleld's rival, who
was unable to start against him because
of1 a broken piston, acted aa representative
of . the tflhtest board. A surveyor's cer
tificate was filed for the distance posts,
and Bnly the formal acceptance of the
board Is necessary before the record passes
officially Inta the history of the annihil
ation of distance;
The best previous official record for the
mile from a flying start by a gasoline car
Is two miles In 68 seconds, made at
Ormond Beach, Fla., In a -horse-power
car by Demogeot In 1908 at an average of
132.3 miles an hour.
The bent speed ever made by a locomotive
Is five miles In two minutes thirty seconds
over the Plant system. Olen H. Curtis
the aviator, covered a mile from a flying
start In an elght-eyllnder motorcycle In
4"4 seconds In 1907. '
Fdx Here Saturday;
Schipkc is in Line
Eourke Manager Beady to Break. In
Eecruit Skipper Bill is
Wanning Up.
Manager Billy Fox will be In Omaha
Saturday to take charge of the Rourke re
cruits and begin breaking them In, or
rather, trying them out, for as usual many
of these young; aspirants will fall by the
wayside. Manager fox Is In good condition
hltnsslf and eager for the beginning of the
season, which, he thinks, Is going to be a
winner for the Omaha team.
Word oomes from Skipper Bill Schlpke
that he left for Hot Springs. Ark., Thurs
day to work out and will be In Omaha
April 1. ready for business. This talk of
the aid Trapper being a bald-out Is all
Willow Springs Take Two f Games
, roaa Monte Chrlsto Tease
on tha Alley.
The WllhVw Springs took two games from
the Monte Chrlstos last night on the Metro-
fiolltan alleys. Anderson nad some nard
uck and did not bowl his usual game. Al
Later took high total or frttt for the Candy
bunch and Spetaian had hJgb single game
of 113 for the same team, while Keyt toon
all honors for the Springs team with 231
for single game and 680 for total. Tonight
the Olendales ana ureious canay company,
The score:
1st. 2d. 3d. Total
Keyt 169 189 2.11 M9
Ualzer 210 179 167 666
Jones 1M 1.17 1A2 4:ifl
Martin 17 1S9 1S4 6)
LH Ink water 16j 191 187 47
Totals 809 885 Wl S.6C0
lRt. 2d.
3d. Total.
181 520
178 4?T
ir.a . f&2
181 W4
163 4i
rtrown 158 1X1
McRae 162 137
Spetman 17 213
Latey , 180 20
Anderson lfo lil
Totals ..... 817 BS t 2.G72
Other scores at the Metropolitan alleys I
1st. Ed. 8d, Total.
Moras 137 li8 f4 4K9
Griffith 131 161 169 443
Laird 113 164 146 42!
Totals 384 483 488 tJ36
1st. 2d. Jd. Total.
Merritt 182 1..5 149 4X6
Mclean 143 118 136 8
Paxton llil V3 133 417
Totals 481) 394 418 lTg
' ' 1st. . 2d. 8d. Total.
Moran . 20V . 101 . . . 6
Griffith 198 171 147 618
Ortman 17 1311 188 481
Totals 673 401 623 1.6M
- . -Int. M. . .8d. Total.
Merritt ; 133 137 J21 tH
McLean 128 148 134 412
I'axton 210 164 178 649
Totals ,-..r 471 4H9 43d l.Mtj
Scores at Francisco's alleys, Mercantile
Q. M. DS.
1st. 2d. M. Total.
Heller 174 157 134 446
Merslg 107 149 140 WH
Scott lift 197 150 436
Totals 439 693 424 1,298
Int. 2d. 8d. Total.
Wilcox l-'S 135 111 874
Nelson 134 1 37 136 897
Flntley lt3 164 166 m
433 438 . . 40S 1.183
Soath Omaha Bowlers.
The Carpenter Transfers defeated the
Culkln Cubs last night by a score of two
to one. The best scoring of the year was
made by the winners. Scorei
1st. 2d. 8.1. Total,
Leplnskl 201 J66 1W - f.
Clark , 214 171 13 672
Nolan 157 1 53 176 486
Kennedy 1 17J 13 6Z6
Hemleben It 139 ; 133 Ui
Totals 930 HUH 963
1st." Id. - M. Total.
Sherwood ...
1M ' IM
.lti8 ,
755 Wl . 807 J.4U4
Sehedale tor the Week.
Friday-Omaha Bedding oompany against
Hospe company.
Friday Bungalows against Hqllya,
Friday West Sides against Cudahys.
Friday Omaha Gas Co against Karooa,"
Eaten Hneloar gesma.
Williams, president of the New California
Jockey Ohio, announced tonight thst the
nietng season at J-.'inrvvll!. which was to
end on April 7. will Im extended twenty
days, and probably longer.
Will Go to K. C.
Nebraska Track Men Will Compete
Today in Annual Indoor Meet
in Missouri,
LINCOLN. March IT. Specials-Nebraska
will send a team of five men to
Kansas City tomorrow to compete In the
annual Indoor meet of the Kajisaa City
Athletlo club Saturday. Four of the five
men will compose the Cornhusker relay
team. The fifth athlete will be L)ale Mc
Donald, who will compete In the hurdle
The relay team that will represent Ne
braska at Kansas City has on It two men
who did not compete in the Sioux City meet
last week. Captain Uurke and Reed ran
on the quartet at Sioux City and will be
at Kansas City. McQowan and Powers are
the two new runners. The Nebraska train
ers decided to leave Minor and Davis off
the Kansas City relay team In order to
test the strength of the new runners, with
a view of getting the best relay quartet in
the university to represent the Cornhuekers
at the meet In Omaha on April 1. The
Cornhuskcrs did not show up at Sioux City
as well as they had been "doped" to do,
and It Is thought the new runners who go
to Kannas City may be able to run faster
than the pair that made the race for Ne
braska last week.
Coach Ben 11. Cherrlngton took charge of
the Cornhusker track men today and put
them through the flrat training of the out
door praotlce season. A meeting of all the
candidates was held this afternoon. tr-A
the plans for the spring outlined. Coach
Cherrlngton Is enthusiastic about the out
look for the season and looks for a strong
track team.
The new cinder path on Nebraska field
is being constructed this week, but the
work Is progressing Blowly because the
athletlo management Is experiencing great
trouble in getting cinders and ashes to
place on the circle. Manager Kager Is rush
ing the work aa fast as .possible In an at
tempt to get the track finished before In
clement weather sets In.
The sixth annual gymnastlo contest will
be held at the university armory tomorrow
night. A team will be selected from the
winners of the events in this exhibition to
represent Nebraska at the annual contest
of the Western Intercollegiate Gymnastic
association, which is to be held at Minne
apolis next month.
A feature of the exhibition tomorrow
night will be several wrestling bouts. In
one of these Frank N. DuCray, Instructor
In wrestling at the university, will meet
several of the local professional wrestlers.
P. C. Mitchell, winner of the Individual
contest in the western meet last year, will
be one of the contestants this week. He
will not be eligible for the team, but will
oompete against the other gymnasts to
pur them on to better work. "
Weston Struck by
Auto, Not Injured
Veteran Pedestrian Meets with Slight
Arcident at Nickerson, Kan., '
but Does Not Halt.
NICKERSON, Kan., March IT. Edward
Payson Weston, the 72-year-old pedestrain.
who U walking from Los Angeles to New
York., reached here at 7 o'qlock last night,
having, walked about forty miles since
o'clock this morning.
At the outskirts of the town he was
truck by an automobile, but was not
hurt. Weston will rest here until dawn,
when he will start for Hutchison, ten
miles east. There he expects to arrive at
1 o'clock in the morning', eight days ahead
of big schedule.
English Woman
Tennis Champion
Mrs. F. 0. Schmidz Wins First Honors
in Singles in National
Indoor Meet.
NEW YORK, March 17. Mrs. F. O.
Rnhmlds. an Englishwoman, won the title
In singles in the Women's National Indoor
Lawn Tennis meet yesterday on the courta
of the Seventh regiment armory, defeating
Miss Erna Marcus in the final, 6-7, 8-6, 6-2.
Miss Marie Wagner held the title in 190S
and 1909.
In the doubles championship final Miss
Wagner and Miss Clara Kuttroff won the
title, defeating the former champion. Miss
E. H. Moore, and Miss Marcus, 5-2, 5-7, -S.
allien Expects to Have Bis Bis at
the Aniltorlnm.
Manager Gillan Is still making arrange
ments for a spring Marathon race at the
Auditorium In which all the leading cracks
of the country will run. The date of tbe
Marathon has been fixed for April 8 and
Manager Gillan la already assured of the
presence of 8U Yves, Hayes, Dorando,
Fltspatrick and Marshall. The track which
will be Installed for the indoor track meet
at the Auditorium April 1 will be allowed
to remain a week for the Marathon.
Scores of Iowa Varsity Team.
IOWA CITY, la.. March 17. Spctal.)
With a score of 1813, the crack University
of Iowa rifle team yesterday broke all
previous records on the local range this
seanon in decisively defeating the Harvard
Military school of Los Angeles, Cal., in a
special match. The best previous score was
made against the Washington State college,
1809, in the second shoot of the series Just
completed, which ended in a tie with Iowa,
Columbia and Washington State as the
leaders. This tls will be decided in a shoot
Thursday Instead of today aa previously
The record-breaking score of the Iowans
J. 8. Leeper 94 98 190
O. A. Minnlck 93 96 li
H. K. Weh man 87 9J 186
F. Bruins 90 96 16
L. Khepard 88 M 1X4
L R. Leeper 89 94 183
C. E. Klein 91 91 12
C. E. Williams ( 90 179
X. Corso T7 81 168
C. G. Balrd 79 89 luS
Totals 877 936 1.811
In tha first column Is given the scores
standing, while the second set of figures is
for the prone position.
' Hlaglus-Will Not Sell.
PES MOINES, la., March 17. (Special. )
That the Cantilluns endeavored to buy the
Des Moines bae ball club back from owner
John Hlggins is the latest news which the
fans have circulated the last few days. The
ofter was made this winter, but Hlggins
refused to dispose of the champlona.
Owner Hlgglna haa also turned down the
offer which came from the Pueblo busi
ness men. He wrote them emphatically
that he would not dispose of his holdings
to l hero.
Twelve days more and the Minneapolis
and Dee Moines players will have reported
and the eeaoon will be under way. The
CantUlona, Hlggins, and the new manager,
George Davla, will be on deck, but It is
Erobable that the "boy manager." William
iwyer, will be among the missing as be
la still miffed over the salary situation.
Many Entries for Empire City,
NEW YORK, March 17. Announcement
was made t onlght that the average of nom
inations received by the Empire City Rac
ing anKociatlon for Its stake events Is the
lurgest of any doling In the east to date.
A i.n.i ut mi entries has been received, or
an averaae of slty-Tlv to th sink. This
IS two and one-half times the number of
lant year's entries. ...
Ilnaehall Itranlts.
HOT SPRINGS. March IT .-Boston Amer
icans, 7; t'ln innml Nstionals. 2.
UAKKR8FIKLI, Cal., March Is. Spore:
' R H E.
ChVago Amrrlcans No. 1 10 1
Baker.ofleld 0 4
Batteries; Smith, and Block; Hull. Dow
and H..rr
FORT WORTH. Trx.. March lS.-Detroit
Americans. 8: Fort Worth, t.
NEW ORLEANS. March 16. Scope:
Cleveland Americans 2 8 1
Chicago Nationals t'. 0 t 0
Batteries: Ball. Berlce and Easterley;
Schwenck, Pfcffer and Moran.
Turk Throws Connolly.
COLUMBUS, O.',' Mafch 17. Yusslff Mah
mouth, the Turk, tonight In a catch-as-catch-can
wrestling matrh, twice threw
Pat Connolly, said to be Irlxh champion,
the first fall in 18 minutes and 66 seconds
and the second In 15 minutes and 8 seconds.
Athletic Director Resigns.
COH'MBUH, Md, March IT. Clark W.
Hetherlngton, director 'of athletics at the
University of Missouri for ten vears. re
slsned today to go to the University of
Wisconsin. His resignation Is effective
September 1.
New York- Woman. Receives Over
183,oot as Amount Die Lata
Hnaltand In Will Cnae.
BOSTON, Msrcb IT. After a ten years'
legal struggle, Hs. Eva Ingersoll of
Dobbs Ferry, N. Y., received today a fee
of 1183,323 due her late husband. Colonel
Robert G. Ingersoll, for his efforts In
contesting the will of Andrew J. Davis,
the millionaire mine owner of Butte, Mont.
The check was made out by the clerk
of the United States circuit court. The
result of this suit is only a phase In the
twenty-year contest over the Davis estate.
Robert O. Ingersoll was engaged to break
the will, but Instead secured a large set
tlement for the contesting heirs, and the
court awarded this estate the fee, which
was paid today.'
I .. i
Willis R. Davis, Rated mm Millionaire,
Kills Illmaelf on Steamer En.
route from Europe.
NEW YORK, March lT.-That Willie E.
Davis, the millionaire clubman and artist
of San Francisco, who died on the White
Star liner Oceanic when It was on Its way
to this port, commltteed suicide, was the
Information brought here today with the
arrival of the steamship.
Present Their Side of the Conrt lloase
Labor Controversy In
Conrt, '
"Covert Is not acting In good faith when
he makes petition, for an injunction re
straining Caldwell & Drake from proceed
ing with the structural Iron work on the
court house in a manner which he alleges
I defective," say Hall 4 Stout, attorneys.
In an answer for, (he contractors.
The answer u filed' Wednesday after
noon with the clerk of the district court
and the- defendants' aver that they are not
violating in any way. the provisions of the
"Covert Is not tax-payer of Douglas
county," reads the answer, "but in fact is
acting tn behalf of a small number of men
who are here In Omaha, most of whom are
non-resliients an 'rftin-taxpayers and who
pretend to be mefn hers of a union of struc
tural Iron workers prj'd be affiliated with
some!ftiwfrV.'IThl8' email bqdy
Of men, it Is alleged .isacting together With
Percy Covert ffti" the. purpose of annoying
the contractors In .their business In and
about, the c6urt house, because they do not
ercploy men designated by the plaintiff and
those who act with .him. Also because the
defendants do not observe certain rules laid
down by the plaintiff and those associated
with him for the purpose of compelling all
persons who put 'up structural Iron to em
ploy the plaintiff and those associated with
"Percy Covert and those associated with
him, as nearly a' the defendants can as
certain," further states the answer, "claim
to be members of the Structural Iron Work
ers' union or some similar name and num
ber about twelve, bo the defendants claim
and believe."
The contractors assert that the ' action
is not brought for the benefit of the tax
payers of Douglas county or for any good
purpose, but for the purposes connected
with rules which Coyert and those affiliated
with him have undertaken to lay down for
controlling labor on buildings using struc
tural iron, ,
Ma.ior and Mrs. Omar Bandy Give It
In Honor of Retiring; Officer
and Mrs. Morton,
Major and Mrs. Omar Bunday gave a din
ner in the Hotel Loyal last night for Gen
eral and Mrs. Morton. In addition to the
guests of honor the party included: Colonel
and Mrs. Gardener, Major McCarthy, Cap
tal and Mrs. Wilder, Captain and Mrs.
Jones. Captain and Mrs. Crimmlns and
Lieutenant Miller. General Morton retires
from command of the Department of the
Missouri and leaves tbe servioe tomorrow.
Miller porn Back Willingly.
BTURGIS. 8. D., March IT. (Special
Telegram.) Joe Miller, a resident of Law
rence county, who was held here on a
charge of murder, supposed to have been
committed in Lucas county, Ohio, about
thirty years ago, left for Toledo, O., last
night voluntarily, with the sheriff of Lu
cas county, who came here after him.
Miller claims to be, Innocent of the affair.
He haa lived in the Black Hills during the
last twenty years and bears a good repu
tation. Stora Delicious ftooU Beer.
Now ready In bottles. An excellent and
Invigorating spring tonlo. Private families
promptly supplied. , 'Phone your order.
Charles Stora ''Phones. Webster 1200; IndN
Horse's Kick Fatal.
PIERRE, S. D Murch IT. (Special Tele
gram.) Carroll, the little son of William
Donovan of Canning', died here at noon
today from the effects of a kick by a
horse last evening.
Foley's Kidney Remedy will cure any
case of Kidney or Bladder trouble that Is
not beyond the reach of mcdlclr.e. No medi
cine can do more: Sold by all druggists.
Grand Jsry to lnrcttlg-ute Mob.
CAIRO, III.. March 17. A special grand
Jury was called Unexpectedly late last night
by Judge W. N. Butler, and will meet this
afternoon to Investigate the attack on the
Jail last month by a mob.
. . InJared la Fire -
or bruised by a fall, apply Bucklen'a Arnica
Salve. "Cures burns, wounds, sores, ecsema,
piles. - Guaranteed. 26c. For sale by Bea
ton Drug Co.
Yankee Opera Blnaer Wrds.
IX)NDON, March 17.-Mlae Frances Rone,
the American soprano, who haa been sing
ing in "Elektra, at Covent Garden, was
married in Ixindon today to Theodore Con
rad, an opera singer and merchant of
Cologne. The pouple have gone to Berlin,
where the prima donna will resume her
slnvtne at the uorra hniu. . ....
Anaconda Smelter Subjected to In-
junction by Government.
Sulphurous t.nses Destroy Nature's
(iardesi, and Besides, Company's
Methods are Unnecessary,
Recites BUI.
WASHINGTON. March 17.-Satlfled that
the present methods of operating Its smelt
ers by the Anaconda Copper Mining com
pany are not only destructive In widespread
degree to the surrounding natural forests,
but unnecessary. Attorney General Wlcker
sham today caused a bill In equity to be
filed at Helena, Mont., against the com
pany. The bill asks for a permanent In
junction to compel the company to operate
Its plant at Anaconda In such a manner
as to end the destruction.
The company has resisted the demand of
the government that the methods of smelt
ing be changed and among other conten
tions has represented thst It would cost
millions of dollars to do so, besides the
loss accruing from the temporary shutting
down of the plants. The attorney general,
however, announces that the suit will be
pressed vigorously, unless, as he hopes, the
company will co-operate voluntarily with
the government to bring about a termina
tion of the existing conditions.
Frlenly Acton of No Avail.
At the Department of Justice the state
ment was made that the suit was not filed
until every possible friendly method had
been exhausted.
Amendments to secure accession of the
Injuries from the smelter were under way
some time before the close of President
Roosevelt's administrations, and the min
ing companies were then notified that suits
would be brought unless definite action
wn taken by the smelters to stop
the wholesale destruction of the for
ests, resulting from the distribution of
sulphuric fumes over a wide area of the
Country. Instead of attempting to remedy
the situation, the companies, it Is declared,
represented to Mr. Roosevelt that they
could operate their plants In no other
manner than that then in use.
President Roosevelt ordered a full Inves
tigation and took a personal interest In the
hearing. The claims advanced by the
Anaconda company, under which they
sought to avoid being sued, it Is declared,
were not new, but were Identical with
those made In two other suits under which
similar injuries' were stopped, one case be
ing by the government against the Moun
tain Copper company In California and the
other by the state of Georgia against the
Ducktown, Tenn., company.
Company Foreseen Ruin.
In each of these cases It was claimed
that adverse action' would mean the clos
ing of -the mines and smelters and the
discharge of thousands of men. Injunc
tions, however, were granted in both In
stances, but neither mlnea nor smelters
were closed. Instead, the companies spent
the money necessary to convert the harm
ful fumes Into a valuable product and
many additional men were given work.
On behalf of ths Montana smelters the
contention was made-that they could not
convert the fumes Into acid as had been
done in California,, but a full Investiga
tion' of this claim by leading experts has
satisfied the government of the entire fea
sibility of converting the fumes at-Anaconda
Into aeld and that there are large
phosphate deposits near there, which may
bO'-utted ,Jn connection wish auoh acid '!
the manufacture of fertlllaera v , - , .
.' " I
Caruso Nervous
in Police Court
Famou. Tenor Appears Against Al
leged "Black Hand" Men in
Extortion Case.
NEW TORK, March 17. Nervous and
with roving eye. Enrico Caruso, the tenor,
appeared. In a Brooklyn polloe court today
as a witness against Antonio Mislano and
Antonio Clncottl, who are accused of try
ing to extort 115.000 from him by threaten
ing letters signed "Black Hand." Two
bodyguards accompanied Caruso on the
subway and Into court.
Tbe letters were read, and a revolver
found on one prisoner and a sawed-of f shot
gun thrown away by the other when they
were arrested, were offered In evidence.
Detectives testified to watching the spot
where Caruso's secretary had left a bogus
bank roll, as Instructed In the letters, and
told how. they made the arrest. Xhe pris
oners were held In 15,000 ball pending fur
ther examination.
High - Prices Falls to Draw Normal
Amount to the Parking
CINCINNATI, O., March 17. (Special
Telegram.) Prloe Current says: Short sup
plies of hogs for market channels Is a con
dition which continues and prices have no
power to change the situation at this time.
Total western slaughtering for the week
totaled 330,000 hogs, compared with 330,000
the preceding week and 860.000 last year.
From March 1 the total was 766,000, against
1,180,000 a year ago. Prominent points com
pare as follows:
1910. 1909.
Chloaxo " ." lfiO.000 275.000
Kansas City ... KO.000 10.000
South Omaha 70,oo0 126.O0O
St, Louis 76,0(10 100.000
St. Joseph 65.000 88.000
Indianapolis 83.000 4R.000
Milwaukee 22.000 88.000
Cincinnati 17.000 24 .000
Ottumwa 14 000 20 000
Cedsr Rapids 14.000 20,000
Sioux City 22.0110 6fi,000
St. Paul 20.000 80.000
Cleveland 25,000 30,000
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