Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 25, 1910, Page 5, Image 6

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"Yes, Madam, It's a Peach," Admits'
Scaler at Auto Show. '
Along: Auto Row
Show Oat Better. Crowd ronrlnf
In and Automobile Man - Ara All
JmU Te4af 'WV1 a a, Bla; Say
Oara, Small One, Cat Onra,
WorLcra, Any Klad Yon Might
imatlnr All at Omaha
"What irnt you out for to ae?" might
have brori Urn fUPllon aaked the hundred
ho patronised the automobile ahow at
the Auaitorlum lent night as It wai ad
dressed ' to rertaln folk In the days of old.
It wan tTullaily a slKhti-ec-lna; crowd wlwn
contract 4 with thu a.iKcmblago to be seen
tn tho alilia Tuesday nlrht. Although not
alto(?KheK there out of Ulle curiosity, the
attitude Was different. Ono displayed the
keen 'apiiroclatlnn of .the cotinolseur; the
other beard the divergent points of the
several machines expatiated upon with the
Interest1 of tho man In the street. But the
agents of'.tho company were satisfied with
the attention they received. It Is not every
Jay or nltfht business can be done and they
reconciled themselves with the thought
that the . grain of mustard B'ed dropped
by the waysldo mlRht some day become a
bltf tree that ttio Interest aroused casually
might develop Into a craving that would
not be satisfied until the person posseaaed
had become the possessor of a model da
I'aliMc Alive to Importance.
The promoters were gratified at the at
tendance 'as It showed that the lntereat
Jn the show was growing and that the
general public - of Omaha was becoming
alive to the Importance of the exhibition
as an adjunct to tha development of the
prosperity of the city. .Many from out of
town were to be found among the groups
that sauntered throuRh the aisles and the
big hull '.glowing In the rfulgence of Hs
myriad electric lights presented a scene
of animation and beauty. ,. .
Tor.igh will be society night when It is
anticipated the fair women and brave men
of the chy and the surrounding districts
will give their patronage to the ahow and
lend it their influence' towards increasing
Its hold on the position. It has attained aa
the leading automobile exhibition of the
mldwwst.; Friday will see the influx of a
numerous contingent of dealers from
various purts of the state, Iowa, South
Dakota and Kunsus and that day la being
looked forward to as ono of the groat
booming days of the show of 1D10. '
Many Iluyc-ra at Hand.'
J. J.'tHright will have a new car at the
ahow Thursday which Is expected to attract
considerable attention. It is a Mercer and
bV some, mistake shipped to Ralph
yM at. Nebrasku City, which makes It
somewhat late in arriving. Mr. Uerlght
has already been compelled to take one of
his cars from his booth to make room for
the Locomobile llnioualno which waa or
dered bjf C. N. Dlelz, and will now have
to move another out to make room for the
Mercer. ' v y
"This has been the greatest selling show
we ever tiad,' said Denize Barkaldw of the
Electric Oarage company. "We have sold
every car in our booth but one and have
Bold nearly all our allotment of some of the
higher grade cars."... (
Manx ' (he dealers are finding the same
condition true with them,' aa no show ever
held In Omaha bas brought In so many
buyers fl'hey came early and are staying
through tjie snow. Whe the blizzard raged,
on the outside, wheto kept ,many,lpcal
visitor from the show Tutsday,. the buttd
Jng was well filled' with visitor from Out
town Who had come to buy.
faonie of the big cars were sold as soon
as thoy vera unloaded -t the garages to
take to the . show. iJNone j the, dealer
have as yet placed "sold"' signs on their
cars and all the salesmen are still busy
talking, with prospective Duyers.
A. V. Klnsler has bought one of the larg
est Oars at the show, a six-cylinder Frank
lin,' which is equipped with- all the com
fort of home.' It has a commodious trunk
behind 'for1 touring and ha also a small
chest of lockers under the front seat, which
opona Into the body of the car. -
' I.Ike Implement Convention.
"This show reminds me of an Implement
dealers' convention," said Roy Coffeen,
manager of the Racine Battley company',
Which is showing the Firestone Columbus
car. ' "It aeom as if all the Implement
dealers of Nebraska have added a line of
automobiles and nearly all are visiting the
how to line up for their supply of cars.
They all are buying heavy in anticipation
of a big business this season. We hav
made several good 'Bale to dealers."
Ralph Duff of Nebraska City I hard at
work at the (how. He ha control of the
out hern parti of the state and western
L Iowa for several cars which are on exhlbl
lion in the Derlght booth and he is taking
this opportunity to meet his friends.
Kb Mockett of Lincoln, dealer in automo
biles, is a visitor at the show. Mockett Is
well known to all tha old bicycle men of
Omaha and Nebraska, as he was formerly
one of the premier racers when bicycle
facing was In vogue.
Dr.. Luklus of Trkamah has bought one
f the nobbiest looking cars at the show,
lt Is a two-passenger Courier, equipped with
a large tank behind, where arrangement
are also made for carrying tires. The car
Is manufactured bv tho same firm which
puts out the Stpddard-Dayton and it has
splendid lines.
Among the numerous and Interesting
souvenirs at the ahotf given by the dealers
Is the coat hanger and the cigar ' lighter
handed out by Edholm ' at Fredrlckson'a.
They may be carried In the vest pocket.
The American, with forty-Inch wheels,
makes a great ahow in Sweet-Edwards'
"Murphy Did It," printed on silk slips to
be pinned on. is Bert Murphy's own stunt.
These little badges were in evidence last
night, and Murphy waa happy.
Gould has an interesting booth, !n which
he allows the Ford. He is allowing some
attractive models and draw the crowd.
Dewitt and Knott held the tort Monday
and Tuesday In the basement at the Au
ditorium, then they moved op stair on
the main floor. Dewitt wear the con
tented smile now of the man who has
turned a trick.
The Roger has made Its appearance In
the market. And a smart car It Is. It Is
made by the Roper Motor Car company
In Omaha. It Is a superior car and Is
sure to become one of the popular car
for business men of the weat where there
are hill and mud.
"No matter how good the car Is or
the follow who sell it, It takes advertis
ing to do the work," said an' eastern auto
man yesterday. "People listen to news
paper. Newspapers can speak to so many
more than a dealer can speak to. ineyve
got him skinned four ways. Beside who
ants to own a car about which noboay
is talking, and of which the newspapers
are saying nothing. The fellow' who thinks
can aell car by 'main strength' la a
Howard Bauer, the racing man of the
Oakland. Is attending the show. Bauer en-
Joys the distinction of haying driven In all
f the Oakland races last year and of being
the only American driver who' haa not been
C. H. Herring, president of the Atlantic
Automobile company, in not ' in the show
with the Reo, "but Just outside.'' Herring
as a way of Impressing people, and no
mattes how much they wish to get Into the
Auditorium, they hang on and climb over
hia Reoa like kittens.
Refreshes the body for the
activity of the next day. -
.'But if the food we eat is
not fully digested it is liable
to ferment in the stomach
and cause "gas and that may
disturb sleep so that we rise
more tirod than when we
went to bed.
Made from wheat and bar
ley is pleasant to the taste
and so easily digested that
sound sleep follows a supper
of this food with cream or
good in ilk'.
It. builds- up the body,
brain and muscle ami gives
a rosy glow of health.
'There's a Reason"
(Jin smoke rlcers up there will he aorrr
sold cars upon the field.
T. O. . Northwall Just moves rlutht along
'.tying little, but selling an awful lo; of
Brushes. Pome follow said that this little
car might be run over by a railway train,
and It would get up and run on.
The Wlnton Six and the Metsger are ex
hibited Just acroas the street from the
Auditorium. Both are popular care and the
Wlnton ftx Is by no means a new machine
on the streets of Omaha. ,
One of the most Interesting departments
of the show It that devoted to commercial
cars. In the basement, Murphy la showing
the Frayer, Miller A Randolph; Velio Auto
company is Bhowlng the Wilcox; Bleotrlo
garage is showing the Packard. There are
several other exhibits to be seen in the
The Great Western and the Schocht are
exhibited by the Western Auto Co. The
Schoct is shown in low wheels and Is one
of the pretty cars of the show. The Great
Western Is becoming a popular car In this
The Stanley Steamer rs exhibited by the
Stanley Steamer Co. Tht car I improved
over last season very materially.
An Omaha made car Is on exhibition thl
week at 309 South Seventeenth street. It is
the Rogers car and is to be built In whoU
by the Rogers Motor Car company , a'.
Ralston. The modern, up-to-date plant Is
nearly completed where car will not be
assembled, but will be built' in their en
tirety. An experienced automobile builder
has been secured as superintendent of the
plant and the firm Is now ready to take
orders. This cars is a business man's car,
built, for a specific purpose and desurned
especially for the rough roads of western
Nebraska. )
A lot of bachelora around here are wait
ing to be picked up, and why they are be
Inr: overlooked, even Treasurer Foray can
not explain. I gave It up long ago."
Bullet in Brain
Failed to Kill
II. Sumner, Shot By Mon-ln-law,
8anan MnrrUwa, Leavee
the Hospital.
J. II. Bummer,' who received a bullet
wound In hla brain, when Randle Morri
son, a mall carrier, attempted dou-ois mur
der and hot himself to death, hia re
covered from his dangerous wound, under
treatment at St. Joseph's hospital. lie
left the hospital Wednesday evening. Mrm.
Hattle Morrison, the suicide's widow, who
waa shot in the neck, recovered sufficient
to leave the hospital last week.
Mr. Summer was thought to be In a dying
condition when he W'as taken to the hos
pital. He bore up with rare fortitude after
the shooting, at the Monadnock hotel.
Fifteenth and Capitol avenue, on February
3. With the bullet lodged in hla brain he
started to the police station at a steady
BaJck Medol 17, Price $1,750
ItaJck No. 10, Toy Tontiaan, $ MBO
Little rhernb la Abont to Pin
Man, Too City Hall la
Fertile Field.
foalum Cereal Company, Ltd.,
Battle CrMk, Mich,
"Mister, please, I'm lost,", sobbed Guy
Smith to the supply man who exhibits
speedometers, horna and compasses at the
end of, the Auditorium. The dealer hauled
out a jcompass forthwith and the needle
new arouna 10 me uuiiuu ul riftuauiu
It will be the beat season dealer have
ever seen," said Harry van Brum yester
day. He keeps In touch with the people
and Js perhaps one of the best posted busi
ness men In this part of the country. "We
have received an order from one of our
agent for 100 Overland, to be snipped
within the next thirty days. This agent
had only order for ninety-five "care" for
the season." . : :
Sales Manager' Peek of the Regal com-
pany Is attending the ahow. He aald tnat,
thla car wlH' be Pushed vUJorouslv'ln Omaha;!
this season.; It . has been improved and tn
1910 model ' is Tar and wy ,.i uu v
its last' year's model. The Omaha agency
as been placed with the Standard Auto
company. . . , v ; .
The Stevens-rSuryea "in Kimball's booth
i one of the good car In' the show. The
one exhibited now la model -AA and waa
purchased yesterday by Mr. McCord, -
Guy 8mlth Is exhibiting a polished en
gine of the Franklin whioh shows the op
eration of the dutch and valves, and the
construction of the new -fly wheel and fan
and cooling system of J910. '
Wallace Automobile company is showing
pretty Stearns machine.
Mclntyre Auto company la showing aome
very pretty Oakland.
The Omaha Anto company is exhibiting
the RiSer-Lewl along, with the Auburn,
and they make a great team.
The Rauch A Lang company of Cleve
land, 'whose vehicles are shown by Electric
garage, is a concern the growth of which
ha been most phenomenal.
Known for fifty-eight years' . a makers
of the finest carriages in the country, the
Rauch & Lang company ten years ago de
cided to enter the ranks of the electrts
car field.'
Three year after the company entered
the same the first machine was placed on
the market '
The founder of the concern was Mr.
Charles Rauch, who, In 1863, built a small
way-side carriage shop on West Twenty
fifth street, which was then known as
Pearl atreet. As business grew, shop space
was added, until now the square feet of ;
room utilised In the manufacture of the
Rauch & Lang electrics is 275,000. .
At the Automobile show at Portland,
Ore., the only air-cooled motor car shown
waa the Franklin, and in order to give its
cooling system an extreme test a seventy-two-hour,
nostop run waa made .'with
one of the Franklin ears. This ended with
out a algn of overheating of the engine or
adjustment or replacement of any of Its
parts during the three day of continuous
The Franklin with' which the test was
made was a five-passenger touring- car
driven by a four-oyjlnder elghteen-horae
power engine. The run was made through
good and bad streets In the city and out
to numerous suburban towns; steep grades
and deep mud were, encountered. The dis
tance covered waa KM miles.
A safe rule by which' the automobile
owner will always. know when hla tlrea
are tightly Inflated, Is the tires must stand
up full and round under, the load. The
pressure gaugea do riot make .allowance for
overloading and practically all tires are
subjected to frequent overoladlng. '
"Suppose for Instance." said Mr. Welgele,
explaining the Diamond' contention, "that
the car weighs 3.000 pound and the ttrea
are pumped to the pressure called for op
posite this weight on the table of preasurea.
Tou have only to take aboard two peraons
averaging 150 pounds to Increase the weight
upon the tires 10 per cent and then the
tires are not sufficiently Inflated. The de
sirability of keeping tlrea pumped up ao
hard that they will not flatten under a
load ilea in the faot that thla will greatly
Increase the service.
Drummond was one of the bunlent men
in Omaha yesterday. It seemed to be a
special dav for admirer of the White and
Wooda Klectrtc. They railed In big
hunches Drummonq' Is a great talkor.
ITe iever grows tired. However, yeter
fay, ha drew upon hi rtsarv. and hr-mgh'.
Peck and rratt lota the battle, and wbn
Harry Prlmeau,- of the city clerk's office,
has been 'caught by one of the flying holds
Cupid so, of ten uses. In the bottom of a
box of lead pencils packed in Hoboken, N.
J.t- Mr. Prlmeau found the address of a
New . Jersey damsel, , who requested the
finder to correspond.
Since making this discovery Prlmeau has
been preoccupied in the task of framing up
a letter, "Just for fun," as he tells the men
in the office. Many an attempt has been
abandoned and the sheet torn up, until now
every man and wort an about the place Is
Intensely Interested In Prlmeau's perfor
mance. ' "He's falling down in his bowling," says
City Clerk Butler, "and Is losing some of
the good color he gained on his Texas
vacation. Looks like he may have to go to
New Jersey to settle his mind. And the
city haH girls who recently put In The Bee
their views on what kind of man makes the
best husband, are getting letters from
bachelors all over the western country. So
the city hall is slightly lovesick, you see.
A aafrarnaro: to Children.
"Our two children of lx and eight years
have been alnce Infancy subject to colds
ind croup. About three years ago I started
to use Foley' Honey and Tar, and it has
never failed to prevent and cure these
troubles. It Is the only medicine I can
get the children to take without a row."
The above from W. C. Ornsteln, Green
Bay, Wis., duplicate the experience of
thousands of other users of Foley Honey
and Tar. Sold by all druggist.
Ir you want to sell anything quickly ad
vertise it In The Bee Want Ad Columna.
Mnnyen'a Cold Remedy Relieves the
head, throat and -tings almost Immediate
ly. Check Fevers, stop Dleubarges of
the nose, take away all aches and pains
caused by cold. It cures Orlp and ob
stinate Cough and prevent Pneumonia.
Price 25e.
Have yon stiff or swollen Joints, no mat
ter how chronic? Ask your druggist for
Munyon's Rheumatism Remedy and e
bow quickly yon will be enred.
If yon have any kidney or bladder trou
ble ret Munyon's Kidney Remedy.
Munyon's VitalUer makes weak toca,
trong and restore lost power.
fcou are cordially invited to
malSelyour headquarters : at R.:
R. KimbaWs Exhibit Nci. 25,
during the Automobile Show,
February 21st to 26th, where a
complete line of high class cars
will be on exhibition.
"Stevens Duryea"
"Cadillac Thirty"
"Babcock Electric"
Do not fail to see the wonderful Cadillac
"Thirty' Chassis in full operation.
2026-28 Farnam Street
nit i t i
ill '.-'. ;
Si ' '
II '
All the World Loves
A Winner
Regardless of prio, horse power or number of cylinders, Buiek
cars have won more important stock car hill olimbing speed and
endurance contests and made more world's stock car reoords in
1909 than all other cars combined.
jIMXas"" l"n'VaJntVl-'"IT"J"TTy
Nebraska Buick FVuto (p.
. Omaha Branch, 1912 to 1916 Taraam Street. . T a
Lincoln Branch, 13th and P Streets,
jjSB fflSjl
Bulrk Model F, 1,000 Bukk Ko. 10 Surer,' $1,090
At the Automobile Show being held in the Auditorium this week -
sim mi (Qi
Wrapped Tread Tire
Equip 27 gasoline cars.
Nearest competing make equipping 22 gasoline cars
Repeating the record made at all of the leading automobile yKows.
The Diamond Rubber Co.,
,,.;- ' 1329.31 Union Ave.. Kansas City. Mo.
-... -.,.-.- t "
The Omaha Car The Rogers
;yV. j- vv"" '5; V:''"J't:n-.?.?:iV''' y;.-vvf'.V',:i:i i -V'-SK'-'' .'".ii-.A"
-,''. if','
7 ,
1'. I .
rTiti');i,l'.,'iit inn in
! ' $G50. ' ':' -.Y;'.
Here is the much talked of Automobile built in Omaha. It is made by .western, manu
facturers specially for western business men. It is high class in every essential -vfiuilt of
the best material, along the most modern and practical lines. No car exhibited in Omaha
today will compare with it in reliability and low cost of keeping up. It will gi through
mud and climb hills, which other cars cannot possibly make. .!
g RUNABOUT, $650. , SURREY,v$7Q0.
Unqualifiedly Decided the Classiest Cars
The Oldest Cars by the Oldest Builders
Vinton Six
The absolute limit of excellence and reliabilty.
The Newest Car by the OldestJBuilders.
47 contracts closed for these cars. You must see this
car to appreciate it.
On display directly opposite the Auditorium all this
Kemper Autoi
1812 Harney Street
lobile Co.
"Duilt Fr The Man Who Knows By Men Who Know."
Motor, 4i2x5i4.
Timken front and rear axles.
Brown-Li pe selective trans
mission. Gemmer irreversible steering
gear. (
115 inch wheel base.
3-1 G inch channel section
Aluminum effect honey-comb
Rushmore head lights.
Finish second to none.
Circassian "Walnut Dash.
PRICE $1,800.
Can you find these parts in
cars costing from $2,500 to
$4,000.. Look them all-over,
' - . . '- i
then call on us.
Waii Ms Will ei liyftsif