Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 29, 1910, NEWS SECTION, Page 7, Image 7

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13 A S
hitr reductions in the cost
UerncTnirincr n vvp nil An that the most vital Question
h w- " ' L
.condition diicctly or indirectly is the trusts of the country; further, that our every interest lies with the people, our customers, ana noiwmi uie c navM
'J consideration and months of preparation, decided upon a vigorous campaign against trust prices. Plenty of ready cash in just the right place at just the right time has placed us
' 5 in a position to put up a fight against trust dictated high prices, which, with the assistance of the public cannot help but be a winning one both for you and for ourselves. It's
i ; up to you to say what it shallhe. We 11 disregard all trust dictated prices-cutting all, sparing none-the result if you watch our ads and take advantage of our sales will be
h :
0 I Our Famous Time
From 2 to 2:30 P. M. One case
of fine 25c Pongee, beautifully
mercerized and silk finished
regular price 25c a yard; only
' one pattern to a customer, at,
a yard '. ..-...9V4c
, From 3:30 to 4 P. M. One case
of Hunter's Choice, the best 10c
yard wide Muslin made ten
: yards limit, at, yard 6V2C
: From 8 to 8:30 P. JVL One case
I of 18c Towels, very large; four
; pairs limit, at, each He
I From 9 to 9:30 P. M. One case
' of genuine Amoskeag check
; Ginghams, six yards limit, at,
yard . . . .-. 5c
Several other sales during the
, day
i All Cotton Blankets
All Wool Blankets-
$1.00 Bed Spreads . ... 68c
$1.25 Bed Spreads . 94c
$1.50 Bed Spreads . . . . . .$1.10
$2.00 Bed Spreads . .$1.36
$2.50 Bed Spreads . . . .'. . $1.38
' $3.00 Bed Spreads . .'. . . .$1.95
Napkins at very low special
prices. .
Ladies $3.50 and $4.00 Shoes Lace or button, patent
colt, vici kid, some cloth tops; all latest (T J Ef
shapes the best ever at sale price 4iJlJ
They're great money savers at these prices for the
style, quality and service
Fighting the
Tumbling on Hardware
l.SOO articles worth from BOc down to 10c each,
on sole In one big lot, roar choice for
large 10-qt. flaring palls, copper bottom coffee boilers, enameled
preserving kettles, sauce pans, wash basins, Mrs. Voorman's 2 5c sink
strainer, dish pans, milk kettles, 4-qt. covered buckets, roasting pans,
any size, frying pans, 25c savory corn popper, folding 25c lunch boxes,
wash boards, dolly, 6-qt. enameled pudding pans, 6-qt. enameled milk
' pans, 3 enameled pie plates, 4 5c coat hangers, spice cabinets, knife
and fork boxes, butcher knives, potato slicers, padded shirt waist or
sleeve boards. 2 -lb. coffee canisters, nickel plated cuspidors, coat and
hat racks, serving trays, enameled blue and white colanders, cotton
mops, mop sticks, etc., etc., that we cannot find space to mention
Come Early and Get First Choice. t
Help Fight the Great American Plague
Trust Grocery Prices
Road thene great anti-trust grocery
prices, it's to your lnterent to trada
at Hayden'a and help fight thl groat
tnmt proportion.
4 lb. Backs best High Patent Flour,
tnmt price 11.75, our price.. 81.40
It lba. best pur can Granulated
Sugar, truat price $1.16. our price $1
8 lba. beat Holled Oatrueai, truat
prlfe 40e, our price SSo
6 lb beat Fvarl Tapioca, truat price
5c, our price 95o
f lba, Sago, truat price 40c, our price
t 85o
( lbs. beat Farina, truat price 40c, our
price gSo
Bromangelon. Jellycon or Jell-O. truBt
price 10c, our price 7Vio
Toil Cans Alaska Salmon, truat price
ltttc, our price so
Oil or Mustard 8ardlns, trust price
TVic our price 40
Corn Flakea, truat price, pkg. 10c,
our price YUo
Assorted Roups, trust price 10c. our
price, can TVo
Wort-ester uce. truat price l'Wc
our price,' bottle at
Pure Tomato rataup, trust rr'c
11 Mc, our price eu,o
BeM Domestic Macaroni, trust price
12 He, our price e
Orfcn Ollvra, trust price 50c. uir
price 3o
Truat pasting- Batter, Cbeese and
Bntterlne XTloea
t lbs. good UutKrlne, truat price Sic,
our price 8B0
1 lb. good Table Itutter, trust prtc
4oc, nur price 33o
2 H. fancy Table Butter, trust price
tuc. uur price 43a
No need to join anti-meat
Sirloin Steak, per pound . . .12V?C Pot Roast, per pound
Round Steak, per pound 10c Boneless Rib Roast, per
of living to you. Sec these Saturday specials:
: " :
Underwear, Furnishings
If you really wnjit to save, here you have opportunities
in Men's Furnishings and Underwear that will prove of in
tense interest.
Men's $1.00 to $2.00 Shirts; Saturday 49c and 39c
200 dozen Men's Laundered Shirts Plented or plain bos
oms, white and and colors, cuffs attached; samples and
surplus stock, in immense assortment of patterns; all go .
in two lots choice 49c and 39c
Men's $S.OO Union Suits $2.50
All the best brands in silk "and
wool, all wool, mercerised; regu
lar prices to $5.00;. Saturday,
at $1.50 $2.00 S2.50
Men's 78c Underwear 25c Heavy
fleeced shirts and drawers of
quality you would usually pay
78 garment, Saturday 25
Men's All Wool Shirts and Draw
ersRegular values up to $2.00
garment, at 75
Miss the
Hat Bargains f$i.Q0
Look over the big line of men's soft
Felt Hats $1.50 to $3.00 values
we 're closing Saturday and Q C p
. Monday, at, .ir C
Clean, desirable merchandise, you'll
hot find duplicated at this special price
Trunks and Suit Cases at sweeping price
reductions in Saturday's Trust Price Fight.
Just Look Them Over.
Several Hundred Pair
Men's $4 and $5 Shoes
All staple brands and up-to-date
. lasts, in patent colt, vici kid, gun
metal, ox blood, tan leathers,
etc.; regular values up $5.00
matchless values at $2.50
Men's $3.00 Patent Colt and Gun
Metal Welt Sole Shoes; all sizes,
at $1.98
The Three Best Shoe Bargains
Shown in Omaha This Season.
is in them.
Trust Prices
Fancy Creamery Butter, lb., trust
price J5c, our price 80c
Fancy Country Butter, lb., trust price
S2, our pr!o 880
Fancy Dairy Butter, lb., trust price
tc, our price 270
Fancy Full Cream Cheene, lb., trust
price I Be, our price SOo
Neufchatel Cheeaa, each, trust price
Co, our price , 30
Trust Busting Vegetable Prices
Fresh Beets. Carrots, Turnips or
rUialots. bunch, trust price TVic,
our price 40
Fresh Kptnach, peck, trut price SOc.
our price 8O0
Fancy Ripe Tomatoes, pound, truit
price 25c, our price 15e
Fresh Mushrooms, pound, trust price
tOc, our price 65o
Fresh Cabbage, pound, trust price
4c, our price 8Ho
t heads fresh Lettuce, truat price
10c. our price " 60
Fancy Head Lettuce, trust price 10c,
our price 5a
The great antl-truit orange, not
controlled by any syndicate or com
bination. It's tlie hardest competitor
the orange trust has to compete with.
Insist on Highland navels and you
IU be one of the trust busters.
Our pi les, per dosen, I60, 170, SOo,
aeo and : 300
Trust prices, per dosen, 20c, 25c, 0c,
Stc and SOc.
HlKhlund navel orangea are kissed
by the aun, moon and tiie atara. t'al
Iforniaa pride. The orage of quality.
. . , . a 1 v 1 1 a. A. . .... Ktm miirh
Men's BOc Socks, at, pair 12 H
500 dozen pairs la the lot; wool,
cotton and fleeced; plain and
fancy; actual values to 50c pair,
choice, at 12 H
Men's Outing Flannel Gowns
$1.50 extra heavy quality 75
Men's 75c Suspenders 39
Men's 50c Suspenders . ....25J
Men's 50c Neckwear, at . . , .25
$2.50 Kid Gloves and Mittens;
lambskin lined, at 98
"Shower Prooh" "Spot Proofs" "Shsd Water"
Thousands of yards of highest class Foulards,
made by America's leading manufacturer, big
line of colors and designs, full x JF
pieces; in Saturday's sale reg- gn "
ular $1.00 quality, at
IVe Save You
40 lo 60 in
the busy Cloak
Ladies' and Misses' Tailor
Suits, vorth up to $20;
there's all sizes 14 to 16
years and from 34 to 42
bust, all wool fabrics, all
colors, satin $Z5Q
lined, at U .
Ladies' Fine Tailor Suits;
fine broadcloths, diagon
als, serges and fancies
matchless bar- Si90
gains, at 1 i
Children's Coats, in Velours,
bearskins and fine wool fab
rics, sizes 1 to 6 years, $ 4 50
$5.00 values; choice I
Children's Coats, all sizes, 6 to
14 years, friezes, kerseys and
fancy mixtures, values $ 4 98
up to $7.50; choice i
Children's Coats, that sold up
to $15.00, $95
$3.00 Flannelette Wrap- $4k9
pers, at i
Long Flannelette and Challie
Kimonos, $2.00 values,
$5.00 Long Silk Kimonos, beau
tiful patterns, $"I95
at ab
$2.00 Short Dressing Sacques,
in eiderdown, all
sizes, at ;
Specials in Our High
High grade hemmed Iluck Towels;
plain or fancy borders, worth 15c.
Saturday, each 10
High grade hemmed and hemstitched
Huck Towels; etra large; good
value at 20c, Saturday, each 124
High grade hemmed Turkish Bath
Towels; extra large and extra heavy
worth 60c, Saturday, each 25
don't v "srrsf
eating clubs on account of high
8c, 7c Mutton Legs, per
pound. 10c Mutton Roast, per
the eeneral public today is the very high
News Itm Heading from
World-Herald of Wednesday
Evening, January 20.
Will Cut Pricas of
Trust Mads Goods
Joseph Hayderi Says Hay
den Bros. Will Fight
Combinations Which
Fix Prices.
Has Been Preparing for
Move for Several
Months and Ready
for Fight
In this fight for lower prices?
If so let us hear from you. Any
suggestions will be appreciated.
Saturday Specials
50c Veilings, at, yard 25c
$2.00 Hand Bags, at 98c
75c Hand Bags, at 49c
35c Ladies' Belts, at 15c
Big bargains in llibbons. See
Saturda's offerings.
Foulards 65:
Grade Linen Dept.
High grade fringed Ped Spreads; full
size, with cut comers; splendid
value at $3.00, Saturday, each,
at S1.75
High grade Bed Sheets: size 81x90;
invisible, French seam; heavy and
strong, worth 75c, Saturday, each,
t 55t
f J! n re ri 9 r
Jill! ' '
89c j.
prices. We're making the prices on meats that save and with your assistance will maintain them. ' .'."
pound 8c Mutton Chops, per pound 10c Pork Loin, per pound I . .1214c Bulk Sausage V. . . '. 5c
pound 7c Mutton Stew, per pound 5c Pork Roast, per pound HVaC Hams, per pound . . . . . .llVgO
Ladies' Muslin and
Here's trust re
sisting prices on
dependable u n-
dergarments that'
should interest
all buyers.
Ladies' downs,
Corset Covers,
Comb 1 n a t i 0 n
Suits and Chem
ises, regular $1 values;
''Combination Suits, Skirts.
Gowns, Chemises; $2.00 val
ues; sale price 98c
Skirts. Gowns and Combination
Suits Worth to $3.00; in two
lota, at . . . .81.50 and 81.9S'
Ladles' $5.00 Union Suits; all fin
est quality garments; silk and
Hale, silk and wool, etc., sale
price, at $2.50
Ladles' Union Suit that sold to
$2.50; all sizes ; in this sale, .at,
suit 98
Two Big Millinery Specials
Beautiful Trimmed Hats
actually worth to $20.00; big
assortment, to close, at
We're showing a choice
hats. See them Saturday.
Will Show
the Best in
Quality; the
Latest in
Styles at
Stylish Long Coats, val
ues to $20.00, in black
and colors; very choice
bargains at our (T C
sale price.
200 Handsome Long
Coo.ts, that sold to $35,
nothing to equal them
shown else
where, at. . .
Manufacturer's Stock of
Waists, Fine Silks and
Nets All colors, new
es styles, made to soil
'up to $7.50, at, $ J95
Mink Scarfs at Half.
36-in. Russian Pony Coats
find- 24-in. Brook Mink
Coats, $50.00 and $00.00 val
ues; Saturdav, " $0 090
at w.
$38.00 Near Seal Coat3 Fine
long garments. ffityj)
36-in. Aleutian Seal Coats-
Values to $200.00,
for Saturday's Selling
High grade Bed Sheets; size 81x90;
seamless, heavy, strong and durable
worth $1.25, Saturday, each 80
High grade Pillow Cases; size 4 2x30;
durable and good for wear, worth
19c, Saturday, each 12s
High grade Pillow Cases; size 45x36;
. best value ever offered, worth 25c.
Saturday, each 14
resm e&
IT J(fvd 0
cost of living and
Knit Underwear
anti - trust sale price ... .49c
Ladles' Two-Piece milts, worth to.
$1.50; silk and wool, all wool;
on sale, at, garment 50
Corset Covers and. Drawers reg-'
ular values to V 6c. sale price,
now at 25
Ladles' and Children's Cotton Hose
20c values, in black or tan,
pair, at 10
Ladies' and Children's 25c Hosej
black and fancies; anti-trust
sale price 15
Ladies' BOc Hose; lisle and fine
cotton ; black or fancies, pr. 25
Felt Shapes, Velvet Shapes
hundreds of them to select
from, values to $2.50, at
line of the new early Spring
Big Rnti Trust
Drug Sale
10c Jap Rose or Palm, Olive
Soap, 4 bars for 20
25c Pond's Extract Soap, 2 bars
fr 25
15c Munyon's Witch Hazel Soaj
4 bars for 20
15c and 25c Brands of Talcum
Powder, per can . . .5
10c Bleached Chamois . . . . 5j
10c Shlnola or Blxola Polish1,
at -.5t
25c Dr. E. L. Graves' Tooth
Powder, at 10
BOc Ponipelan Massage Cream,
at 29
25c Satin Skin or Woodbur's
. Face Powder, per box . .15
$1 Rubber. Gloves 39'
$1.60, , Red Cross;: Fountain
Syringe, at . ... . . . - GO
$2.25 Wellington Syringe and
Bottle, guaranteed for five
years, at -81.69
Fighting Trust Prices in Our
Dig Domestic Room
8-4 Hemstitched, all linen Table
Cloths, trust price $2.00, our
Price 81.38
8-10 Hemstitched, trust price $2.50;
: our price 81.75
8-12 Hemstitched, trust price $2.75,
our prlee 81.90
8-4 Fancy borders, trust price $1.50
our price 81.97
10-4 Fancy borders, trust price $2,
our price 81.23
81-90 Seamless, trust price $1.00,
our price ;. -68
72-90 Seamless, trust price 95c, our
price .58
81-90 Seamed Sheets, trust nrlce
85c, our pr'.ce 5S
81-90 Seamless, trust price 85c, our
price 58
42-30 Pillow Slips, truet price 20c,
our price 14
46-90 Pillow SUps, trust price 22 4c
In Our Busy Family
Liquor Dept.
Tennessee White Corn and
Maryland Rye Whis- T C -key,
per full quart. . C
Rye or Bourbon Whiskey
8 years old, best known
brands, per full tf f
quart 4
Orders taken here for Bot
tled Beer.
i 1 1
i mi
that the, cause of this
Fighting Trust
Items That Speak tor Themselves
The best six-cord 200 yard spool
Cotton All Nos.; trust price 60
our fighting price 3M:C
All Copyright Books; Book trust
price $1.08; our fighting price,
only .....98c
This includes each and every
late $1.50 copyright book. .
Rubber Fine Combs Trust dic
tated price 15c; our fighting
price "1 5c
Rubber Fine CombsTrust dic
tated price 25c; our fighting
price 15c
Rubber Dressing Combs Trust-,
prides 15c, 20c, 25c and 50c; our
prices . .10c, 15c, 19c, 39c
Two Big Specials in Satur
day's Sale
$2.00 W. T. Form Reducing
. Corset, for stout f
figures ; sale price P I
$1.00 Fine Coutil Corsets
Medium and long models
two pairs of hose Q
supporters, at ...... .f C
All the new models in the
leading makes Warners,
Kabo, R. & G., W. B., Royal
Worcester, Nemo, Bon Ton,
etc., etc. at, tf A
up from. . ; . . , ..... .aP
Porcupine Rag The latest rag by Chaa.
- Johnson. .
I've Got Rings On My Fingers,
Red Head. .
Be Jolly Molly,
Wny Down la Cotton Town, (sung bjr
Empire City Quartet.)
1 Didn't Mean to Make Tou Cry,
Liove Sparks Waltzes, -
Not Me, (new, by Plantadoai.)
Grace and Beauty Ras;,
Shaky Eyea, (Armstrong & Clark's Lat
est.) Temptation Rat. '-'.
Cfime'B' My Sunshine Dearln
Swept Preania of Home,
(Engeliriann'a '
a"l .V . .. k
Red Fez March, . . ';. ' .' ,
Wild Cherries Bowr, V. ; . ; ;. y.
Next Jo Your Mother WhoDo You LbveT
By the Light of the- Silvery Moon, '
Where the River Shannon Flows,
I'll Be Vur Jujube If you'll Be My
Lemon Drop.
Little Snow Flake,
. our price , 15
Large Bath Towels, trust price 85c,
our price 22 M
Large Bath Towels, trust price 25c,
o!ur , price . 18
Large Bath Towels, trust price 20c,
our price ... ; .15
Large Bath Towels, trust price 18c,
our price 12H
Large Bath Towels, trust price 15c,
' our price . . . . . .... . ;v. . . . 10
Large Bath Towels, trust plrce
12 Hp. our price ......... .7.H
Large Bath Towels, trust price 10c,
our price 6W
Large Bath Towels, trust price 8 V4o,
our price , 5
Large Bath Towels, trust price J Vo,
our price 34
Fighting Trust Prices
In Our. Big China Department
Welsbach Mantles, Inverted, upright,
2 for 15
$1.00 ; Welsbach Lindsey Lights, up
right, complete, at 09
$1.25 Welsbach Lindsay Lights, in
verted, complete, at . , 79
Opal Air Hole Globes, at ...,... ,.5
8-ln. Gas Chimneys, each . -5
Bread and Butter Places In Austrian
and Bavarian China .f
Slop Jars, covered and handled . -4)
Balad Bowls, Imported Canton China)
all sites, at . . , -15