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Council Bluffs
County Attorney Forced to Dismiss
Picotte Case.
Woman Arrnaed of Mnrder of Hi
liand Will Boon lie Bronchi to
" Trial Criminal t'oart
Tho case aijatnnt Leon Plcotte, the former
Northwestern railroad freight conductor
Indicted at the March term of district court
last year on the charge of robbing- freight
cars. In hie train bet-en Missouri Valley
and Council Bluffs on April 15. 1909. the
trial of which hud been assigned for yes
terday, was dismissed on motion of the
county attorney. The case had already
gone over two. terms, and a the state waa
unable to produce some of Ha Important
wftnesses there wan nothing left for County
Attorney Hess, under the rulea of the court,
but-to con Bent to Its dismissal. The same
action, It Is expected, will be taken In the
case of Henry Hott, a brakeman on Plcot
t a s . train, who was jointly Indicted with
him. Two indictments were returned
against Plcotte, and Hott Jointly.
Jack White, against whom an Indictment
on the charge of keeping a gambling house
woe' returned by the grand Jury Tuesday,
was taken Into custody yesterday, and fur
nished a bond In the sum of $400. Ed Burke,
a negro, Indicted on a similar charge, also
furnished a bond In the sum of $400.
Henry Sherman and W. C. Ross, who
were Indicted ' at the November termiorv
charges pf gambling, appeared In court
yesterday and. on entering pleas of guilty,
were fined $100 each and costs, which they
Fred Fowler, the former Janitor in the
Hhugart block. Indicted on the charge of
criminal assault on Iowa Smith, a 12-year-old
irlrl. furnished a bond yesterday morn
ing In the sum of$S00, with J. J. Stewart,
A. T..Fltcklnger. L T. Hhugart, Ohio Knox,
Emmet Tlnley, T. J. Walker and Fllcklnger
Eros, as sureties.
. ' Collins Crs- Set,
Mrs. Grace R, CclHrus and Quito Cala
mese, Indicted on the charge of murdering
Kugene Collins, a negro dining car waiter
and husband, of the former, will be placed
on trial In the district court next Wednes
day under the reassignment of Jury cases
made yesterday by Judge Green, who will
assist Judge Thcrnell in disposing of the
business of this term of court.
Mra. Collins and Calamese were ar
raigned yestarday before Judge Thornell
and both pleaded not guilty to the charge.
Their bonds wcro f lxod at $3,000 each, but
it was stated that In view of the fact that
their trial is to tnko place soon they will
not make any effort to furnish ball. City
Solicitor Kimbull,'. who is attorney for
Calamese, contemplated habeas corpus
corpus proceeding on behalf of the young
negro, but yuterday stated that he would
not now do so seeing that the case was
to be- tried so soon and that he felt as
sured that his client would be acquitted.
The rearrangement of the assignment of
jury coses Caused by fixing the Collins
murder case for next Wednesday made it
necessary to postpone the trial of Frank
Scott, the alleged "steerer" for the Mabray
gang of "big store" swindlers, which had
been set for next Monday. Scott's ,trlal Is
now set for 'January 31. The postpone
ment was agrusable to Scott's attorneys,
as they had other engagements at the
time "of lgrnalfy fixed for nls trial.
- Assignment of Jnry Cases.
Following' Is the reassignment of Jury
cases as made yesterday by Judge Green:
Monday, January 24 Toledo Computing
Scales Company against A. W. Huber; W.
M. Harrison against L. E. Moore; U. Jack
son against C B. McColm.
Tuesday. January toC. M. Witt et al.
against I. J. Kills; Johanah O'Brien
against T. K. McCaffery, sheriff, et al.;
aiichael O'Brien against T. . F. McCaffery,
sheriff, et al.; J. A. Kirk against Frank
Ktailrig et al. " "
Wednesday, , January 24 Marcus Sleek
against U. W. Crossley; State against Col and (.'alanine.
Thursday, January 27 Mary M. Gallup
against Cltlxens Uas & Electric Company:
tars. Urai a l Schenkln1 against , Cunard
Liieamshtp Company.
rTlciay, January 2S Chaxlcs a. Scott
against Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific
Rullway Company.
Monday, January 31 State against Frank
bcoll; Meyer Kramer against Metzger &
Tuesday,-, February 1 C. G. Clark et al.
against Wabash Railroad Company;. It. P.
Teilander, administrator, against Omaha &
Council Bluffs B. K. and B. Co. et al..
Wednesday, February 2 Bltssard Bros,
against Growers' Canning Company,
'lhursday, February 'A Thomas- H. Flood
against L. F. bollincler, A. K. Anderson,
tuardian; Treynor Savings Bank against
K. Hollnioter et al.
Friday, - February 4 C. B. Gano against
Churl M. rlantord; In re will of Kinney.
Saturday, FeDruary 6 Kefer & Marks
tsalutit c: i lie Ago, Burlington & Qulncy Kail
road Company; William A. Lewis against
ununa at council uiurtt Hireet llawway
Company; Heeler A Marks against Chi
cago, iiurlingtun & Quincy, Railroad Com
pany; same against same. .
Monday, February 7 Joseph W. Letsen
against Benjamin Marks et al. ; Ueorge r .
Castle against - Benjamin Marks et al. ;
Aii ptlo Furniture company against Don
ald luacrae.
'luesnay, February 8 John Ernst against
Julius' klrchorf; Frank 8. Hall against
Joan Moloney. -
Wednesday, February 9 Alleshouse
llarding (Jompany agalnut Edward DeYVlit
Patton; Clirls Johnson against Wabash
lUiuoad Company; Numwi B. Hawkins
against Leopold Kaslner. Jr.
lhursday, February Id Ralph Joseph
McKwan ugatnst Jacob Simon ei al.; Leo
pold. Knottier against J. B. sweet
!' Marriage Licenses.
. Licenses to wed were issued yesterday to
. .he following:
Name and Residence. Age,
Jtsse Davis. Council Bluffs 80
Josephine Swan, Council Bluffs 25
4. C. Olson, Council Bluffs IS
seluiu Swan, Council Bluffs 28
Charles C'lauren, Treynor, la 18
Eva Lammert, McClelland, la 17
Kven Pure
In Sanitary
to Eat
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There Is enough Kondon's Catarrhal
Jelly in this free sample ent Inr a
peony postal lor tevcrui (lay treat-lnenl-eituiih
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Ci'U la the head or natal catarrh, etc.
Till wAnlerful, pure reniody (la sani
tary titbea) la applied direct to the raw
surface. It it so soothing and healing
tiial It glvea Instant relief, and Its con
tinued use will cure permanently all forma
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Kaaktfoa Manutacturlao) Cei.
MlaleayuHay Minn.
1 1 UmW (Ml M1H J tl I
. MaMM aa
Council Bluffs
Minor Mention
rba Oouoll Staffs Offlee ot "
Omaha See la M l (MM Street,
Beta Thanes .
Davis, drugs.
t'ORKIGANS, undertskers. 'Phone 14S.
For rent, modern house, T2 6th avenue.
Woodrlng Undertaking company. Tel. 33.
Lewis Cutler, funeral director. 'Phone $7.
Ilslrd A Bolsnd, undertakers. 'Phone 122.
When you want reliable want ad adver
tising, use The Bee.
Diamonds Special prl'-e this month at
Leffert's now store, 603 Broadway.
Pee the "Copley Prints" of noted palnt-
Iiiks by Taylor and of Abbey's Holy Oral!
series at Alexander's, S33 Broadway.
William D. Carothers. the veteran Jeweler
at 4H Went Hrounway, Is lying critically
n St. Joseph s hoxpital, Omaha.
Wid has been received here of the death
In Chicago of A. D. Kuhn, aged W years.
former resident of Council Bluffs.
Charles Clauxen of Traynor. Ia.. and Eva
Lammert of McClelland, la., were married
In this city yesterday by Justice Gardiner.
The Woman's Relief corpa will meet In
regular seslon Friday afirenoon at tho
Young Men's Christian association bulld-
The Ladles' Aid society of the First
Baptist church will meet this afternoon at
the home of Mrs. H. W. Binder, 830 Fourth
At a meetlna of Council Bluffs lodge of
Elks tomorrow night will be a class of
candidates for initiation. The initiation will
be followed by a social session and re
freshments will be served by the entertain
ment committee.
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Rlker, who after their
mairiage last summer removed to Denver,
have returned to Council Bluffs to live and
are now located at lis South Seventn
street. Mr. Rlker will re-engage in the
real estate and land business In this city.
James Owen was committed to the county
all yesterday afternoon In order that he
might sober up. 'ine complaint was filed
by Owen's daughter, who stated that her
father had gone out on a drunken car
ousal a few hours after the birth of a
baby at their home.
Mrs. bora Reinohl. wife of Christ Relnohl.
1X10 South Tenth street, died at a late hour
Tuttday night, aged 4 years. Deceased,
who had been a resident of Council Bluffs
sinoe 1863, Is survived by her husband, two
daughters and one son. Funeral arrange
ments wlii be aiiiiuuiiced later.
Owners of land along the proposed route
of the Pigeon creek dralnago ditch have
riled claims for damages aggregating up
w aids of $60,000 with the county auditor.
Yesterday was the last day for-JUlng such
claims. . The Board of Supervisors will
meet next Monday to consider these claims.
Harmony chanter. Order of the Eastern
Star, will meet tonight in regular session.
Tho members are requested to met at the
hall this afternoon at 1 o'clock to attend
In a body the funeral of the late Mrs.
Rosanna Parkes. which will be held at
2:30 o'clock from the Fifth Avenue Metho
dist ' church. Rev. S. Grant Lewis, the
rastor, will conduct the services and burial
will be in Falrvlew cemetery.
Special meetings are oeina- .held each
afternoon and evening of this week at the
reopie s congregational church, Thirty
fifth and Ave'nue B. conducted bv the
pastor, Rev. C. S. Hanley, assisted by Rev.
w. Li. Butnerianu, assistant home mission
ary secretary. Urlnnell. Ia. Mra. Hanlev.
Shenandoah, Ia., will assist the last of tna-f
weeK and over the coming Sabbath. Cot
tage prayer meetings are neld each after
noon, (services begin 3 and 7:30 P. m.
Coancllnien Wonders Whether to
Enter the Race.
To be or not to be the republican candi
date foij mayor at the approaching spring
.!..' Hon ' lu B nnullnn -.1.1.1. . .. . 1
troubling Councilman John Olson.. He has
been assured that he nomination will be
his U he will accept it. but Mr. Olson is
undecided. He ia of the opinion that the
duties Involved on the position would take
up too much of hie time and this he sayr
he could not afford, as he has his grocery
business to attend to. Mr. Olson is at
present . councllman-at-large and recently
declared that he would not be candidate for
renomination. He has, however, changed
his mind in the last few days, it is said,
owing to the importunities of his friends,
and would be willing to again be a candi
date tor councllman-at-large, but would
not be willing to run for mayor.
Spencer Smith ia being talked of as the
republican candidate for mayor, but so. far
he has not expressed any willingness to
enter the race. Lee L. Evans, president of
the local aerie of Eagles, who announced
himself as a candidate for the democratic
nomination for councilman in . the First
ward, has now decided to fly a little
higher. He announced yesterday that he
would be a candidate as councllman-at-large
on the democratic ticket It is said
that he will experience no difficulty In ob
taining the nomination, whatever he may
run up against when it comes to the elec
tion. '
Elmer E. Mlnrrlck, who was announced
some tln.e ago as a candidate for - the
republican nomination for councilman In
the Second ward, filed his papers yesterday
with City Auditor McAneney and is now
a tull-fledged candidate.
Proceeding Brouaht In Wrong; Juris
diction, Judge Holds.
Holding that the district court of Potta
wattamie county, Iowa, did not have Juris
diction in the case. Judge Thornell yester
day dismissed the suit of Samuel Kutnp nf
Cass Lake, Minn., against J. E. Cavanaugh,
formerly of McAllister, Okl., now a resi
dent, of Pine Bluffs, Ark. ' Sutor and Cav
anaugh both went up against the Mabrav
gang, the former to the tune of $5,000 and
the latter for $37,000, ho being, as far as
has been made public, the largest con
tributor to the treasury of the "big store"
syndicate. At the time that Mabray and
his astociates were arrested in Little Rock
both Sutor and Cavanaugh hastened to the
Arkansas city with the purpose of attach
ing what property they could of the men
they said had fleeced them.
Sutor said he and Cavanaugh entered
Into an agreement for the division of th
spoils, but that In the final cleanup he waa
Miked by Cavanuagh. and brouaht suit
against Cavanaugh for $700, Notice of the
suit was served upon Cavanaugh while he
was attending federal court in Council
Bluffs as a witness for the government
laHt October.
Cavanaugh filed obiectlona to the 1uri.
diction of the Pottawattamie district court,
claiming that he Is exempt from service
from other courts while attending federal
court here as a government witness.
Being a resident of Arkansas and the
Plaintiff a resident of Minnesota, Cav
anaugh also claimed that the suit could
not be properly brought In the dlstrlot
court of Pottawattamie county, state of
Dobbins' Appeal Paid For.
John R. Dobbins, alleged "steerer" for
the Mabray gang of -."big store" swindlers,
convicted last December of complicity
In the fleecing of T. W. Bellew, a banker
of Princeton, Mo., out of $30,000 by a fake
horse race In Council Bluffs, will not be
at any expense In taking hi case up on ap
peal to the supreme court of Iowa.. On
showing made yesterday by his attorneys
that Doblrax, was financially unable to pay
for the transcript of the evidence In the dis
trict court Judge Green made an order
that the preparation of the transcript be
made at the expense of the county, lo
suto caaes the law requires the county to
pay the freight Instead of the state.
Season ii More Than Half Gone and
Still the Eace ii Warm.
Three Teams Are- Sepnrnted tr hnt
Five Games In the Omaha Lrnarn
nnd Others Are Nearly na
Hotly Contested.
With more than half of the season of the
bowling leagues, gone the races In the five
big leagues are very close. In fact. It Is
impossible at this time to attempt to pick
the winner of any of the five. This is
probably due to the fact that many new
bowlers have joined the teams of the
leagues and developed Into very good men
from the start, making It possible for the
weaker teams to greatly strengthen and
be In the race.
In the Omaha league, the oldest organi
sation in the city, but Ive games separate
Mets Bros., Storx Triumphs and the Luxus
teams, the first three.
The Commercial league has the prettiest,
race In the town, only three games sep
arating Klauck'a Glendales, Omaha Bicycle
company. Loch's Willow Springs and the
O'Brien Monte Christos. the four leading
teams. This Is exceptional for a league
race at this time of the season.
In the Cellar league but six games sep
arate the Beselln Mixers, now leading and
the Maney Sunklsts, Derby Woolen Mills
and the Excelsiors.
The new Boosters league are also having
an exciting chase. The Yousem Colts have
gone into first place, with the Union Pa
cifies, Signal Corps and the Cudahys close
on their trail.
Hardly a week goes by that some of the
league teams do not pick up some new
bowler for the game was never as popular
as it Is at present.
The Bis Pill Rollers.
Ratekln, the Benson Eagle base ball
player, has the making of a pretty good
bowler. Another year In the brush should
enable him to get control and he will likely
be drafted.
Hlnricks and Drlnkwater, the two south
paws of the Commercial league, will bowl
any pair of bowlera In the p.lty that shoot
from the off corner. Dad Huntington
should get a partner and take on this pair
of sharks.
Koines, the only screw ball bowler in the
city, is at Boston attending the conven
tion of bricklayers. The Chabots miss
Stick Cain has been made captain of the
Chabot team. Cain is a good hustler and
will have a winner before the springtime
comes. He has signed Oley Johnson, who
Is one of the most promising younger
bowlers In the ty and Is now after Lally
Lahecka, the Derby Mill find.
Since reorganizing the MoCord-Brady
company's Advos have won seven out of
their last nine games and have been pitted
against the Luxus and Mets teams at
that .
Marty Martin Is looking; for some more
matches. Since Jack Mann left town it
has been very lonely for the shooting kid.
Frltcher is fighting hard for the leader
ship in the new South Omaha league.
Tucker thinks he can do It, too.
. Tommy Reynolds wants to know who
took his shoes, the loss of which was the
cause of him laying out Tuesday night.
Kerr Is not using the J. H. H. dope ball
any more, since getting over 600 in his
last league game with the OO.
King' Denman has .been- styled the posing
bowler. Nobody in the city has ' a better
delivery and to say It is graceful sounds
like flattery, but it la just the same.
Our own Russ McKelvey is coming back
into his stride and is making some very
good scores.
Jimmy Lyons, the tantalizing Molony,
has lost his ball and Is using one of the
croquet manufactures.
The Cudahy team drew a lot of hard
luck splits the other night and lost two
of their throe games, putting a crimp Into
their maie'i to the front. The last game
was lost by but eight pins. ' .
Jimmy Delaney will give a bowling party
on the private alleys at Francisco's Friday
night. Twelve people will comprise the
The Mitchell brothers will take on the
Norgard twins Saturday night for a stake,
brothers against brothers.
The People's Store won two camea out of
three from the Cudahys last night. Score:
1st. Jd. 3d. Total.
Abbott 142 166 136 442
Aldrlch MS 17 1S7 517
East 158 175 167 m
Thomas 156 159 158 473
Bengele 143 20i 173 521
761 872 810 2,443
1st. 2d. Sd. Total.
159 H.6 149 47$
151 ' 130 179 400
......... 12 128 150 404
187 157 139 4tX
201 169 175 545
Powell .
Col fey .,
Totals S2i 749 792 2.3ro
The Storx Triumphs won all three games
frcin tho Omnha Bedding company, with
Zimmerman getting high game of 242 and
hlyh total of 56. Score.
1st. 2d.
3d. Total.
1S2 458
1X1 (,
203 595
1M9 M4
204 510
Murphy-Frltscher .... 140 136
Walens 210 TSi
Zimmerman 150 242
GJerde 195 160
C. J. Francisco 159 147
Totals 854 878 959
1st. 2d. Sd. Total
Chandler 189 157 205 ' 651
Tracy 172 la3 181 54).
West 150 147 . 11 , 47S
Johrson 155 178 162 4,S6
Schumacher L 140 1 lsi 459
Totals m 811 902 2,5ir
The News team took two games from
Ihe Beselln Mixers last night after drop
ping three straight to the vest Sides. Mc
Lean rolled high for the News with 61J8
and Beselln for his team with 540. ganders
rolled high for the West Sides, 526, and
McLean, 477, for the News.
Tompkins' D.rby Woolen Mills and H.Us
tonight. Scores:
1st. 2d. 3d. Total.
Merrltt , 1 176 160 4ii0
McLean 143 171 194 508
Paxton U 169 ltO 4b8
Totals 437 615
1st. 21.
Beselln 224 168
Cole I' I08
D. Schneider 169 11
IU4 1.408
3d. Total.
148 540
144 409
151 500
413 1.509
31. Total.
1x7 626
l&s . 4.1
128 44J
47$ L440
670 an
1st. 2d.
147 lt3
li 120
158 10
ganders ..
Muster ..
4i 468
1st. sd. 3d. Total.
Merrltt 144 118 1.4 4o0
McLean 145 176 157 477
1'axion 170 lli li$ 1U
Totals ti 408 427 1.300
Last evening on the Metropolitan alleys
the Dreibua Candy . Co. ' defeated the
Monte Christos ihcee straight games. An
geiabarg a.M strong for the Drelous, gal
ling a ulgh total ot 819 and hlgn game of
r-i. niatiotd nad hlgn game with 2& and
(.led with 1'ilmeau lor a total alu. Kid
Tallet of tne Drelbus is improving In his
dow ling, baehr had hth ame of 210 and
mgU lute! of 51 for ttiu Moute Chrnloo.
Tonlcht Omaha Bikes vs. Brodegaard
Crowns. Score:
Bsehr ' 177
Ixnish l'
Spetman lw
Latey '
Anderson 204
Totals K8
Traynor 177
Stafford lsl
Tallet U.7
Angelsberg lit)
Prlmeau 201
Totals $16
M. d. Total.
H J10 Ml
1H7 12 49
17$ If.lS (.2
143 134 4t
1,0 1M M
8KZ 85$ Ml$
Jd. M. Total.
1K 144 ' 610
208 226 010
143 l: 44
206 $23 61
211 18 610
962 827 1 75
There will be a big bowling contest Fri
day nignt on the Metropolitan alleys be
tween Herb Johnson and Dutch Walton
Philadelphia Jack All hnt Knoeked
Ont by Al Kaafntnnn In
Sixth Ronnd.
PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 20.Jack O'Brien's
ring, generalship tonight saved him from a
terrible beating and a possible knockout
at the hands, of Al Kaufmann of San Fran
cisco In a six-round bout before the Na
tional Athletio' club tonight.
At the close of the fight both men were
bleeding from the nose and mouth and
O'Brien had a badly-swollen eye; Kauf
mann, however, was In far better condition
than the Phlladelphlan. There was a ted
ious delay in getting started because
Kaufmann Insisted on the gloves being
weighed. After this hitch the men were
soon In action.
O'Brien had once defeated Kaufmann In
San Francisco and the Callfornlan was
a trifle too anxious or he might have
duplicated O'Brien's feat.
When the bell rang for the opening
the men rushed to a clinch and in the
breakaway O'Brien sent two straight lefts
to the nose. Kauffmann rushed his oppon
ent around the ring but O'Brien would
stop suddenly and jolt a hard right or
left to the faco.
There was little damage done In the first
round, but In the second Kauffmann drove
his right under O'Brien's heart and crossed
a lef t to the Jaw, causing O'Brien to
clinoh. The minute rest refreshed O'Brien
wonderfully and he had all the advantage
of the third round. His exertions seemed
to weaken htm, however, and had it not
been for his clinching In the fourth round
O'Brien would have probably been knocked
About the middle of this round Kauff
mann drove a wicked right to the wind
and hooked - a vicious left to the chin.
O'Brien dropped to his knees and when
he arose he rushed to a clinch. His clever
footwork saved him.
In the fifth and sixth rounds O'Brien
would not allow the Callfornlan to get set.
The Phlladelphlan would jab the nose with
left and - then rush to a clinch before
Kauffmann could land with effect. In the
middle of the sixth round Kauffmann
caught O'Brien coming in and almost
lifted him off his feet with a right upper
cut. O'Brien clinched and saved himself.
It Is doubtful whether O'Brien could have
lasted another round, even with all of his
brilliant ' footwork. Kauffmann gave his
weight at 195 pounds, while O'Brien said be
weighed 195 pounds. -
Tennis from Nebraska, lown nnd Kis-
sna Are In Tonrnnment.
ST. LOUJS. Jan. 20. The Middle West
Bowling association tournament will nrxm
here tonight. The entries Include seventy
five five-men teams, lit doubles and 220
Visiting teams from Nebraska, Iowa and
Kansas will howl Saturday night and Sun
day. Fourteen 8t. Louis and two Belle
ville (111.) '.teams will occupy the alleys to
night. ., ;
Bneket Bail Teams . Are Keen tn
Rlvalrf' tor Next Contest.
Genoa High school will send its basket
ball team to Omaha to play Omaha High
school Thursday, January 17. Genoa de
feated Omaha last Saturday at Genoa and
it is confident (hat it can do It a second
time at Omaha. The visitors' team Is the
strongest for a number of years and Is
hoping to get the state championship. On
the other hand the Omaha boys are deter
mined to wipe out their defeat and run
up a large, score on Genoa. The game will
be held at the Young Men's Christian as
sociation gymnasium.
Comlakey's Team Will Play la Omnha
April a and 8.
Comlskey and his White Sox will open
the base ball season In Omaha, as far as
outside teams are concerned. The dates
are April 2 and 3. Two games prior to that
will be played as usual by the Rourkea
with the Lee-Glass-Andreesen team.
Comlskey is to make his regular training
trip to the Pacific coast and will pass
through Omaha for the west on the morn
ing of February 26. Minneapolis will be In
Omaha April 6 and 7, and other games are
being arranged, but nothing definite is set
tled upon, j , .
, .(. n -
Drake May Drop T I iters.
DES MOINES, Jan. 20. (Special.) Al
though John L. Griffith has not made a
definite announcement, there seems little
doubt that Drake will drop the Missouri
Tigers from its schedule next fall. The
Missouri management has dllly dallied so
much, according to the local version, that
tho blue and white has practically decided
to take on the Kansas Jayhawkers In pref
erence to Missouri.
Kansas will be a better drawing card
than Missouri hero and there is little doubt
that the Drake-Kansas game at Lawrence
will be a greater money maker than the
game at Columbia. Last fall Drake drew
a big crowd at Columbia and the receipts
were only $1,800. The probable date of the
Drake-Kansas game Is October 22.
Cornell has written asking for a game
with Drake, but it is likely that Manager
Griffith will keep the same teams on the
schedule for the preliminary games next
fall, so Coach Finger's fast aggregation
will not be seen on the local gridiron.
Iowa-Ames Freahman Meet.
IOWA CITY. Ia., Jan. 20.-KSpeclal.)
Iowa and Ames freshmen track teama will
meet on May 20 In a dual track meet and
Iowa will spring a new precedent by hav
ing the .home meet In May, were the an
nouncements made yesterday by Coach
Jerry Delaney.
May 13 will probably be the date of the
home meet, which Is to follow the Minne
sota dual meet on April 29. and the north
western anal meet, wnicn is scheduled
for May 6. It Is expected that the local
athletes will make a much better showing
In the home event because of the change
of the date to a different place on the
ew Lengrne Includes Nebraska City.
MARYVILLE, Mo., Jan. 20. (Special.)
It is prohable that Maryvllle will be one
of alx or eight teams In northwestern
Missouri and southeastern Nebraska and
southwestern Iowa' to form a base ball
leairue for the coming season.
The towns proposed to be Incorporated
In the projucted league are: Maryvllle and
Mound City, M. ; Bedford, Shenandoah,
Clarinda and Crestnn, Ia., and Nebraska
Cltv. Neh.
It Is planned thaf esoh town shall raise
a guarantee fund of $2 500 for the season's
playing and that each town shall have
three or more games earn week.
Drake to Play Kansas.
DES MOINES. Ia., Jan. . (Special.)
Drake university has decided to accept
the offer of Kansas university to play in
Des Moines on October 22. Drake will also
play Illinois In October. The game will be
played In Champaign on October 23. The
games on the Drake schedule as thus far
arranged are as follows:
October 8 Illinois, at Champaign.
October 23 Kansas, at lies Moines.
November 12 Iowa, at Iowa City.
Thanksgiving Ames, at Des Moines.
I'oar Pltrhrrs Traded.'
CINCINNATI. O., Jan. 20 A big base
ball trade was rinsed today by the Clncin
natl and Philadelphia National league
clubs. Philadelphia gets Robert Ewlng and
James Brennan in return fur Frank Cor
idon and Harry Covaieskl. All are pitch,
era. w Brennan was bought from Hutchin
son,, Uuit fall.
- aaV I 1 4 a
The general elections in England begin on January 17 and
continue until February 1. The dispatches each day will report
the progress of the polling, but in addition to the cable news there
will appear in this paper a special series of articles, direct from
It is needless to remind the reader of the importance of
this campaign. Whether the Liberals or the Conservatives win,
the British Constitution will be changed. If the Liberals are
victorious, it means that the Lloyd-George budget will stand, and
that the House of Lords will either be abolished or ao reformed
as to make it entirely ineffective in legislation. If the Conserv
atives win, it means that the House of Lords will be given the
power to veto financial legislation in Parliament, a power not
exercised since the' day of Cromwell and Charles I. Further
more, a Liberal victory will mean the adherence of the British
nation to a program of social reform which includes the prin
ciple of the single-tax and other features which arc termed
"socialistic in America. A Conservative victorv. on the other
hand, will mean
which England,
These articles will describe the methods of campaigning
in Engl&nd as contrasted with these ia the United States.
They will explain exactly what the budget is. and why it has
stirred up such a great commotion. They will include amus
ing features of the campaign, such as the heckling of speak
ers, the warfare waged by the militant suffragettes, the
campaigning by noble ladies r and backwoods barons who
have emerged from oblivion for the occasion, and all the
issues and incidents of the great campaign in which the
English people will
ever leit to the verdict of an electorate.
Beginning January Twenty
Louis Paulhan Takes His Wife on
Twenty-Two-Mile Tour in Air.
Mrs. Bishop and Two Newspaper Men
Are Also Taken on Shorter
Aerial Jannts Conditions
Are Perfect.
LOS ANGELES. Cal., Jan. 20. By carry
ing one passenger In his biplane on a
twenty-two mile cross-countrv trip from
Aviation field to a point half a mile out
over the ocean, by taking another passen
ger on a twelve-mile flight over the fields,
and by taking. three other passengers, one
at a time, on short flights, Louis Paulhan
yesterday established a new world's record
for heavler-than-alr machines.
No other aviator has taken up so many
passengers In one day and no other aviator
has taken a woman for a high flight over
fields and woods and villages and surf
for more than twenty miles.
Paulhan sailed at an altitude of from
600 to 1,000 feet over Redondo Beach, Ve-nlce-by-the-Sea
and other resorts toward
Point Firmln. There were no life buoys
tied to the machine to save them from
death in the waves should they fall. He
made this trip and other perilous flights
this afternoon with the ease of a run in
a taxlcab.
The passenger carrying record Is held by'
Orvllle Wright, who flew with Captain
Engelhardt for one hour and thirty-five
minutes at Berlin last fall, but Wright
did not leave the course where he could
land at will.
Mrs. Panlhan ana Mra. Bishop.
Paulhan was gone thirty-three minutes
on his twenty-two-mlle trip. He had as
a passenger his wife. His twelve-mile trip
was made with Clifford B. Harmon of New
Tork. Besides these, he took up Mrs. Cort
landt W. Bishop, wife of President Bishop
of the Aero club of American, Lieutenant
Paul Beck of the United States Army Sig
nal corps, William Randolph Hearst, a
newspaper publisher, and another . news
paper man.
The flights were made under perfect at
mospheric conditions. Earlier In the after
noon, the wind had been "puffy" and the
other aviators had gone back to their tents
after trying the course for a few laps.
While the crowd waited patiently In the
burning sunshine, Paulhan went over the
parts of his machine. At 2:27 o'clock he put
on his yellow cloak and helped his wife
up to her high perch. Then he flew out
over the grand stand to give the big crowd
greeting. With their cheers sounding faintly
he left the course on his next lap and
headed for the ocean. In ten minutes he
had become a blur against the sunlit
clouds that curtained the Pacific. At 2:50
o'clock, Paulhan again came in sight, and
at 8 o'clock he landed directly In front of
the grand stand. He received congratula
tions and was taken down the narrow aisle
of frantlo people, so that all could get a
good look at blm.
Dummy Dynamite Bombs.
As he was in sn amiable mood he was
besieged with pleas to take friends up. He
returned to his machine and began to make
this, part of the program.
Lleuteant Beck, on his trip, took dummy
dynamite bombs to, attempt to throw them
from a height to a measured place on the
ground. This was a test made for the bene
fit of the army. While Lieutenant BccTc
was not successful In placing the bombs
within ths square they did not land far
away and It was demonstrated that the
aeroplane could be used for such a pur
pose and that It was only a matter of prac
tice to place the bombs where wanted.
Paulhan's last flight with Mr. Harmon
was not made until 6 o'clock. Again he
disappeared In the direction of the ocean,
but he did not go to the shore. He re
turned after circling the fields in the west,
an approximate distance of twelve miles.
an abandonment of the Free Trade policy, to
alone of all the nations, now clings. ipTTS
decide the most momentous questions
made In a little more than twenty minutes.
The other aviators did not accomplish
much. Charles K. Hamilton made three
starts in an attempt to lower Paulhan's
altitude record of 4,165 feet On his first
flight Hamilton rose 456 feet, on his second
300 feet and on his third about 600 feet.
Paulhan, on the seashore track, exceeded
this without any effort at record-breaking, j
Hamilton's machine was not working well
enough to encourage him to go higher on
the spiral pathway. i
Glll-Dosch Machine Injnred.
The Glll-Dosch machine met with an ac
cident that eliminates it from any work
tomorrow. This is an American machine
owned by H. W. Gill of Baltimore. It has
been tested out several times, but each
time It 'has met with trouble. This time
the trouble was serious. At a height of
from thirty to 100 feet it circled the field
once, and then came down with a crash
that wrecked the left plane. Hillary
Beachey, the driver, was not Injured,
Glenn H. Curtlss made two appearances.
The first time he went around the course
three times, and the second he tried for a
speed record. His lap was 2:lfi, seven sec
onds from the record.
Tomorrow Is the last day of the meet
Curtlss, Immediately after the meet, will
go to Hammondsport, N. T., to start, work
on a model biplane, a heavier one than he
has used here. He claims that he will dem
onstrate with this new machine that he can
get along without the Wright patent.
Speed Association to Meet.
The annual moeting of the Nebraska
Speed association for the purpose of ar
ranging th 1!U0 circuit will be held In
Omaha in February, the exact date to be
anrounced later. Associations not members
during the Beason of 1W9 wishing to Join
are asked to notify H. V. Rlesen of Bea
trict, who will inform them of the condi
tions for applicants as adopted at the last
annual meeting.
Diets Clnb to Eleet Officers.
The Diets club will hold Its annual stag
election party this evening at 1608 Capitol
avenue. Plans are now being made for
the new base ball diamond, which, It is
said, will be one of the best in the city.
J. McMahon is the present president and A.
Anderson the secretary of the club.
Lyons Defeats Homer.
LYONS, Neb., Jan. 20. 8peclal.) The
Lyons basket ball team beat the Homer
team here yesterday evening In a well
matched and Interesting game by the score
of 17 to 16.
Nursing Mothers and
Over-burdened Women
In all stations of life, whose vigor and vitality may
have been undermined and broken-down by over
work, exacting social duties, the too frequent bear
ing of children, or other causes, will find in Dr.
PiercVi Favorite Prescription the most potent, in
vigorating restorative strength-giver aver devised
for their special benefit. Nursing mothers will find
it especially valuable in sustaining their stretch end
promoting an abundant nourishment for (he child.
Pn..t.n mnthara too will find it a Driottless boon
to prepare the system for baby's coming and rnoderkf me ordeal compare- , ,
lively painless. It can do no harm in awy ts, vt condition of the female
system. ( ,
Dtllemt; ntrroum, area vct, wk matter from frquent
hemdaeh: bmekmek; sfMg gfag-rfaayf sfsfresa or from
tul trreiulmrltlir; gmmwtai or dlmtfued mmOm In mtommch,
efJxxy or tmlnt ptll, Immilamry tpocko ot moot ttomtlai
btloro eyes, mmvo efsatfrosahe, oatmrroml 4fmim. prolapiuo,
mofvormlom or rotrovrolom or other aiplmemmt ot worn
only organs from womkmomm ot pmrtm will, wktthir tky
peHeno0 mmay or omly m tow ot tho aboro oymptom: tla4
rollot and a porotanoat oaro by amlai taUktally and tmlrfr '
porolBtoatfy Dr. Ploreo'm JParortto Proscription.
This world-fsmed specifio for woman's weaknesses and peculiar ailments is
purs glyceric extrsot of the ehoioest native medioinal roots without a drop
of slcoliol in its mske-np. All its ingredients printed in plsin English on its
bottle-wrapper and attested under oath. Dr. Pieroe thus invites the fullest
investigation ot bis formula knowing that it will be found lo contain only the
best agents known to the most advanced
schools of practios for the cure of women's peculiar weskuesses and ailments.
If you wsnt to know more about ths composition and professional en
dorsement of the ."Favorite Prescription," send poslsl csrd request to Dr.
H. V. Picroe, Buffalo, N. Y., for his frit booklet treating of same or, better
still, send 31 one-cent stsmps for cloth-bound copy of Dr. Pierce' Common .
Sense Medical Adviser, new, revised up-to-date Edition, 1008 pages. , ' ' ( f ',
You can't afford to aooept as a substitute for this remedy kutmm torn. "
pnMtn a rrrt nostrum aasaeasw mmpiiti. Don't do it. Il U not only
foolish but often dauftnut to do to. '
1 U
Umcial scores
of Trap Shooters
J. 8. Young of Chicago Leads in
. ..Amateur plan, with Percentage ,
of 95.09. '
PITTSBURG, Jan. 20.-The official Inter
station association list of trap shooting.
averages for 1906 was made public here to
day. The averages for single targets are
a mA nn minimum rt 9 flflrt 9nn m .v. t, i r
and a minimum of 6.000 for professionals.
The ten leading trap shooters In the ama
teur and professional classes, respectively.'
are as follows:
Name and Address. Shot at. Broke. Pet
J. 8. Young, Chicago 4.7J0 4,4S .9609
W. H. Clay, St. Louis 2.240 2.12S .9609
P. Baggerman, St Louis.. 2.010 1,906 .9492
W. Henderson, Lexington.. .45 .0utj .K47
I). Clark. Upper Alton. 111. ,S0 .(W1 .94H6.'
J. R. Graham, Ingleslde' 111. 4.M6 4.631 .9421
W. Wettleaf. Nichols, Ia... 4.H60 4,881 .9421
F. Fuller, Mukwonago, Wis. 2.OH0 1.969 .9418
H. Dixon, Oronogo, Mo 6,966 .60S .9417
Fred Ellett, Kelthsburg, 111. 4.936 4, Ml .9424
Name and Address. Shot at: Broke. Pet.
C. O. Spencer, St. Louis.... (.225 8.062 .9720
W. M. Heer. Guthrie, Okl... ,01S S.846 .9717
J. M. Hawkins, Baltimore.. (.800 6,812 .9A87
L. German, Aberdeen, Md. 9.010 8.6H2 .9637
W. R. Crosby. O Fallon, III. 8,436 8,00 .9679
F. Gilbert. Spirit Lake.... 11830 12,079 .96(13
E. O'Brien, Florence, Kan. 6.850 6,66 .9623
J. R. Taylor, Atlanta, Ga... 8.736 63,79 .9471
H. D. Freeman, Atlanta.... 9.316 8.6B1 .9431
W. Huff, Macon, Ga. 7.TU6 7,S1 ,sai
Minneapolis ts Coma Hera.
The Minneapolis American association
team will train In Des Moines wl(h the
champions of the Western league, the same
as last year. After a short training season
exhibition games will be played by Min
neapolis at Omaha, Sioux City and Liu-
Lons; Island Man Drops Dead loss
After . KatinsT Piece ' for
, FREEPORT, L. I., Jan. .-Henry Meed,'
a baker, dropped dead here today after
eating a piece of pie for breakfast. The
doctor ascribed death to heart failure, su
perinduced by acuta Indigestion. Mead waa
71 years old.
medical science of all the different