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Twenty Dollar a Month Till Supreme
Court Hfckeii Bulinjj.
f ' V ' .
Ikli Is f-antlnlreat on the Aetloa of
the m'fh4tnmi, to Wklrfc Mm.
Pinl'i' LiWCM Will A p
peal Cm)
Formal entry and signature of the decree
of divorce between John 8. Paul and Mr.
Nellie Paul took place In district court
today, and Mr. JHaul waa granted tem
porary alimony of $30 a month. Mrs. Paul
will alao have use of the house belowtlng
to John Paul, in which ahe haa been living
all through the period of the divorce pro
ceedings. An appeal to the supreme court
In behalf of Mrs.. Paul will be the next
chapter, i ...
Later In the day the court made ap
order of permanent alimony In the sum of
Mrs. Paul's counsel proteated against the
alimony allowance, declaring It unreaaon-
ably small. Counsel for plaintiff objects to
any alimony grant at all.
Judge Troup's formal decree covers the
same ground as his oral finding at the
conclusion. of the trial sometime ago. The
former Florence banker Is given the decree
on the ground of cruelty, and the para
graph on, the Infidelity charge states that
whatever, possible doubt there Is should be
resolved in favor of the defendant.
Judge Troup again refuses to state that
he speclhseily finds Mrs. Paul Innocent of
this charge.- In submitting a decree for
approval of the court, Mrs. Paul's counsel
Included a i statement to the effect that
Mrs. Paul was cleared of this charge, and
the court' rejected this.
When slgnlr.g the decree Judge Troup
remarked in answer to counsel's protest:
"Many and many a woman haa been de
clared unfaithful by courts on far leas evi
dence than there .Is against this woman."
Counsel for Mrs, , Paul In arguing tha
amount of alimony declared:
"Tha sum of 120 a month la only "law for
a whole year. This sum will allow Mrs.
Paul 36 oents a week for clothing, for fuel,
light nrt water, 20 centa a week, and for
car fare 10 cents a week. Assuming that
she must pay IN) a year to a physlolan and
9 for repairs . to the house, this would
leave her fo food, only W.W or about
4Vi centa, meal." , .
Jurors Are Paid
at-End. of Service
Get , Cash for Work Soon at Done
First Time in History of
' ' the County.
. it'..
For the first time In (he history of Doug
las county ..Jurors were paid Monday In
cash as soon as service to the county had
been completed. . Those whose "service"
was ended were fourteen men who got
Judge Sutton to. excuse them. The law
requires that they be paid for one day for
simply reporting and ,the fourteen made a
prompt appearance in the office of the dis
trict clerk. . ... i f -
D. C. Patterson was , the first In. Mr.
Patterson was so prompt, that the, clerk's
office -was not yet ready, to pay out and
Mr. Patterson had f.o wait.
The suit to enjoin the clerk which war
rant scalpers talked ot haa, not yet bean
brought. There la a disagreement between
tha men in the business as to by whom the
suit shall be started, each being willing
that any other than himself shall appear
aa plaintiff and stand tha costs if defeated,
to say nothing, of the attorneys', fees. .
He Is Take far L. Scott and
Promptly Keleaaed Wkea Er-
ror Is Discovered.
Frank Chiles," colored, haa suffered much
embarrassment as a. result of being mis
taken for I..", Scott, another colored man,
who was' Identified as tha man who held
up the proprietor , of two fruit and con
fectionery stores.
Chiles van arrested, and It waa thought
he was the 'fellow (wanted, but he proved
an alibi, .The two men were taken to police
station together and then Louis Debarbeiie
of 620 South, Thirteenth street, whose place
waa held , up, appeared and promptly
picked out. Scott as the man who did the
work. Scon was also Identified by the
owner of. a fruit store at Sixteenth and
Leavenworth streets.
. The mistake waa made because of the
strong resemblance of the men! When
Scott was ident If Ud Chiles was promptly
released., , , . . . .'
Chiles provvd thai Friday at 8 p. m. he
left his place of employment and attended
an evening service at St. John's African
Methodist, Episcopal church. He left the
church about 9:26 p. m., went to his home
near ' Cedar street, , ate his supper about
10 p.1 mv. and afterward went to the home
of a friend In. the vicinity and sat up all
night wltt sick frjend. . He was arrested
the tth at noon and released on bond at
:30 p. m. of the same day.
'Pawafrr Of deals Meet la Chi Cairo
for blaeamloa at Baslneaa
' '' ' ' '
Uurllngtori "psnsWiger officials rrom all
over Jhe country are In session M the La
Salle hole),', Chicago. The affair waa an
nounced as a reunion of the passenger de
partment family', but a business session
lll be held, and 'addresses made concern
ing the... operation of the passenger service.
L. W. Wukeley, general passenger agent,
will be ions of. the speakers. He went to
Chicago,., Saturday accompanied by E. A.
Mudgett, general agent at Denver. J. E.
Buckingham, -assistant general passenger
agent; I. B. . Reynolds, city1 passenger
agent. and L. M. Whitehead, chief clerk,
left Sunday night to attend the conference.
A Crael Mistake
la to aegleot a cold, or cough. Dr. King's
Now "Discovery cures them and prevents
consumption.. 60a and $1.00. For sale by
Beaton Drug Co, '.
swjsaasaajajs vejasjaja i
So Pure It's Good
For tjMtmiTk, kf tmvr, otOm.
4v4 mx. Wf it us) or (
M Sample Ie
sA rr S,R drmjrf1tv Alwivyi
at? ftaVDUf BKKJ Of MDllsW
DIM im U tOVM QC ?VaVOt.
Koatoa Mia. Co.
run tzi
From Our Grand
Qeairiiffi Sale
Today's bargains will be the most extra-
ordinary of the entire sale prices reduced
lower than ever before in Omaha's history.
27-in. Dress Silks at 50c Yard
3,500 yards of 27-inch fine dress silks from the Patterson,
N. J., silk manufacturer's surplus stock. Satin finished
Rajahs and .Tuscan 'Silks, Majestic Messalines, Peau de
Crepe, Louisiene, Jacquard and Faconne, black and colored
Taffetas and Peau de Cachemere, Dress Silks and Messa
line a chance to buy your spring silks at mm
about. the regular price; your choice of If
$1.00 silks Tuesday, on bargain square, yard . . .
Ruchings f 5c Yard
Lace Novelty, Chiffon, Liberty Silk and Crepe Lisse Ruch
ing, in band and fold effects also corded edge, mm
beaded edge and lace' edge niching, in white, STf
black and colors, worth up to 25c; at, a yard. vf
WW 'Novelty Buttons
More than 100 styles of novelty buttons, dress buttons, cloak
buttons in all sizes fancy gilt, cut steel, fancy mm
metal, silk covered buttons, jet buttons, etc.
3'to 6 on a card, worth io $2.00 a dozen, at, card. . .
Fine Embroidered Flouncings 15c-25c Yd.
18 to 27-inch f louncings, skirtings and corset cover widths"
Swiss Anglaise, floral, shadow; and blind
effects many worth up to 65c, at, yard.
Sheetings, Muslins and Cambrics
5 cases damagad In trans it by the railroad
company on. account of ,a leaking car
Two yards wide, two and one-quarter yards wide, one and
one-half yards wide Pequot, Utica, Lockwood and De
fender bleached Sheeting have been slightly , f mm
wet and soiled on edge 25c, 28c, 30c and 35c T
values from the bolt, at, yard '. . " y
All the 42, 45 and 50-inch pillow Lonsdale and Wamsutta Cambric,
tubing and casing, slightly soiled slightly water stained on edge
on one edge, '.otherwise sound and from the bolt, will, go at, per
perfect, from the 'bolt,' yd. 10 yard " . ! : . 7
January Sale of
Muslin Underwear
SPECIAL GROUP-Slip over night
gowns, walking length skirts, um
brella drawers, lace and (CK
embroidery trimmed 1)Q1-P
corset covers, at, each . .
and chemises, full shaped sleeves,
etc white petticoats with wide
lace insertion flounces, para
corset cover and draw- A Ta
ers, at, each .......... .
SPECIAL GROUP Empire and ki
mono night gowns, skirt length and
long chemises, white pet- ATh
ticoats, two-piece combi- ryfSIf
nation garments, etc., at.
SPECIAL GROUP Night gowns,
chemises, combination suits, corset
covers and drawers, in one piece,"
corset covers, drawers, Q( OA
and petticoats," at, . vl vu
onrli aaii
Towels and Bath Rugs
10c extra large, buck towels, at,
each ...... 51
25c all pure linen huck towels,
R0c all pure linen huck towels,
scalloped or hemstitched ends,
e 25 a
1 5c Extra large bath towels, at.
Turkish bath
26c best quality
towels, each . . .
75c bath rugs, warranted fast co
ors. each , 49
$1.60 extra large size bath rugs
all colors, each 98
$3.60 finest Imported Turkish bath
rugs, with Grecian borders, very
special, each 81.75
Packer is Elected Director to Succeed
Albert Stratus.
r ',;.H:i;waBi:i r mwm;mxmM2MKwiwmmvm2m.wKMSzMzm & aX'aTt
""""ff 7S St" pi ami mm
ll I I I V I ! I
Coming Events
AU Scheduled for Saturday, January 15th.
Sale of Books DeLuxe editions, standard authors.
January sale of Shoes. Great clearing of Men's Shirts.
White Carnival Week
Featuring he Great
, January Sale of
Our early purchases lets you In on the
ground floor as to price. Comparslona
point the way to richest economies at
Oo'ret Covers Ten styles; lace, embroid
ery or hemstitched trimmings; allv39o
goods 25ck
Corset Covers Six styles, in cambric or
nainsook, lace or embroidery trimmed; all
69c garments 39
Drawers Six styles, hemstitched tucks or
lace and embroidery trimmed, 39c gar-
'ments . . .i. , ... . .25
Drawers Fine 50c and 69c garments, also
'a few mussed 76c values; lace and em
broidery trimmed, at 39
Gowns Cambric and nainsook, five styles,
regular and slipover effects, $1.00 gar
ments ....'. j 69tf
Gowns Skirts and two-piece combinations,
beautiful $1.25 garments, at 89
5 Are you in line for Embroideries?
All Winter
at Sacrifice
B' Winter
, ffc Furnishings
IS at About Half
Grand Lace Clearance Tuesday
Tuesday wo will place on sale, to close, thousands of yards
of beautiful laces Cotton Cluny, Valenciennes, Point de
Paris, Nottingham, Torchons, Zion City Laces. Goods that
sold regularly up to 15c n yard all will be closed in order
to make room for the new spring stock at one
price; your choice of all at, PER YAKD. , . M 2C
J The biggest lace bargains ever offered in Omaha. Don't
miss this. splendid opportunity Tuesday.
ra cii i- t..j.. ih . extra srEciAiifl von tves-
CAiia cpcuaii iui lu&auaj in
Our Famous Domestic Room
The January sale opens with all records broken, for bargains have
never been quite so alluring as now. . .
2 4 -inch Swiss ' Flounclngs,. Corset
Cover Embroideries and Matched
Edges, 30c. 35c and 39c values,
at ...190
45-inch Skirtings, All
overs and Waist
Fronting, 88c goods,
at .... .'. -590
Corset Cover Edges
and Wide Swiss Nain
sook Flounclngs, val
ues to 36c, at... 150
6,000 yards 24-lnch Flouncing?
and Allovers. in new and elab
orate designs, 60c and 65c goods,
t 290
Hamburg and Swiss
Ed k e s, up to 15
inches, worth 15c a
yard, at 100
No Let Up to the Garment Clearing g
.... 50c and 60c ON THE DOLLAR now buys our finest
Suits, Coats and Dresses for women, misses and children. y
md .129.50 Tailored Suits,
. . : I ...... ..$19.50
$25.00 and
$20.00 and $22.60 Tailored Suits,
at .,......$15.00
Tailored Suits to' $56.00, any for
only . . . . p.', i . . .-. . . .$25.00
Women's Coats to $45.00, any for
only . . ..;. $25.00
CJoth Dresses to $50.00, any for
only . $25.00
Misses' Coats and Dresses to
$15.00, at $5.00
Girls' $8.QVjong Coats, 6 to 14
years, at. J.! . . ... .$2.95
Girls' $10.00 Long Coats, C to (14
years, at , .$5.00
Girls' Peter Thompson Dresses and
Cloth Coats, worth to $15.00
at $5.00
Girls' Junior and two-piece Suits,
$15.00 values, sale price. $5.00
Women's' Cloth Dresses to $20.00,
at ... $io.oo
Women's Cloth Dresses to $32.50,
at,... $19.50
Messaline ' and ' Taffeta Waists,
plain and stripes, $8.00 kind,
. Our Big Clothing Sale
Men's Suits at Hailf
Choose from the very select of season's smartest
modes." Styles and patterns to your liking.
Specials advertised in Sunday Papers
on sale again Tuesday. '
We offer for rent the building located at 914 Farnam
street, which is a one story and basement building.
Dimensions are 20x86, approximately 3,300 sq. ft. An
addition to alley could be built to suit tenant. This is in
the wholesale district, being convenient to car line. For
further particulars call
The Bee Building Co.
SaKiisiS' 17th Farnam sta
Our Price
Daily and Sunday Bee.. $6.00
McClure's Magazine 1.50
Woman's Home Companion ......... 1.50
Review of Reviews , '. 3.00
Regular price for all one year. . .$12.00 J
From 8:80 to 9:00 A. M.
One case of yard wide Bleached
Muslin, regular 7 He goods, 10
yards limit, at, yard .... 3?i
, From 10:80 to 11 A. M.
One case .3 6-inch PercaleB, the
regular 12 He grade, 10 yards
limit, at, yard 5i
From 2 to 2.80 P. M.
One case Red Blankets, 11-4, regu
lar price $1.15, sale price, two
pair limit, at, pair G8
From 8 to 3:80 P. M.
One case 19c fine, heavy Bath
Towels, four pairs limit, at
each . . . , H
Linen Department
Hundred dozen towels, hemmed
Hucks, worth at least 15c, Tues
day, each f . . 10
Hundred doien towels, ' hemmed
hucks, large and absorbent,
worth 25c, Tuesday, each 15
Hundred dozen towels, hemmed
hucks, best value ever offered,
worth 39c, Tuesday, each 19
Hundred dozen towels, hemmed
hucks and hemstitched Damask,
worth 60c, Tuesday, each. . 25
Hundred dozen heavy Turkish
Towels, worth 60o, Tuesday, at,
each . . . .' 25
Ladies' Suits, Coats and Furs in Our January Clear
ance at Half and Less
75c to $1.00 Silks, Tuesday 40c
85c Foulards, $1.00 Novelty Silks, 75c and $1.00 Plain Mes
salines,. Peau, de Gygnes, in all the latest il f'
shades on sale Tuesday, to close, ' "rSJO
tu, ;uiu, , ,
Any man's Suit or Overcoat in our en
tire stock, regular value up to $40.00,
A Special Grocery Sale for Tuesday
Quality always wins and a sav
ing to you of 26 to 50 on your
housekeeping expenses.
20 lbs. best. pure cane granulated
Sugar $1.00
8 bars Diamond C or Beat 'Em All
Soaps 25c
6 lbs. choice Japan Rice .... 35c
4 lbs. fancy Japan. Head Rice 25c
C lbs. best hand picked Navy Beans
for 25c
8 lbs.. Rolled Breakfast Oatmeal
' for 25c
J lbs. Pearl Tapioca, Sago, Barley,
Farina or Hominy 26c
The best domestic .Macaroni, per
Pkg. : 8W
Bromangelon, Jellycon or Jell-O,
Pkg '.. 7Mt
1 lb. cans Campbell's Soups 7H
Corn Flakes, all kinds, pkg. 74
1 lb. can choice Alaska Salmon 10c
Oil or. mustard Sardines, can 4
cnoice California prunes, id.. . 4,
Fancy Golden Santos Coffee, lb.
Fancy basket fired Japan, tun
dried Japan, English Breakfast or
Gunpowder Tea, lb. ...... 35
The best Tea 81f tings, lb.... 16c
For Fresh Vegetables at Less Thau
Wholesale, It's Hayden'a
Fresh Spinach, per peck JOo
Fresh Cauliflower, lb. . . , . . . 1 Oq
Fresh Beets, Carrots and Turnips,
per bunch 4o
Fresh Shallots, per bunch... 4o
Fresh Brussels Sprouts, per lb. J6o
Fancy Wax Beans, lb. . .". 12 Ho
Fancy Ript Tomatoes, lb.'. 20
Fancy Celery, 2 for 6o
Fancy Cape Cod Cranberries', per
quart ................. 7 a
Large Grape Fruit, each ...... 6o
Fresh Cabbage, lb. 2o
Fancy Jersey 8weot Potatoes, lb.,
at ,,..lHo
Fresh Parsley, bunch ........ 4o
2 heads fresh Leaf Lettuce. . . . (o
Large Head Lettuce, 7V4c and lOo
Best Mixed Nuts, 2 lbs. for .. 25c
quite a bunch of stock In
Naaa Baccerda . l,Hlrr ' aa Sreretarr
Tmnrtr, Latter Brenli( At.
aUtaat - Ocarral Maaaa-er
Maaarrav Saprrlatcadeat.
Several Important chii- wera made In
tha director! and officer of the Omaha and
Council Bluffs Street Railway company at
the annual meeting Monday afternoon.
E. A. Cudahy, head of the Cudahy Pack
ing company at South Omaha, become a
director In place of Albert Etrauea, of New
York, tha change leaving but oo qutalde
man on the Ulreetorate,', Randall Morgan
of New York. Tha directors now are K. C.
Barton, 1 F. Crofoot, & A. Cudahy. F.
T. ' Hamilton, ' Randall Morgan, W. V.
Mors. W. A. Smith. C R., Tyler ud O. W.
Watties. Mr. Cudahy has been securing
stock la tha company for soma Urns, bav
ins; acquired
Louis C. Nash, formerly superintendent
of transportation, becomes secretary and
treasurer. W. A. Smith was formerly
treasurer and R. A. Leussler secretary.
The officers as elected are O. W. Wattles
president; F. T. Hamilton, first vice presll
dent; W. A. Smith, second vice president
and general manager; R. A. Leuseler. a
sletant general manager, and L. C. Nash
secretary and treasurer.
While no action was taken In. th matr
of appointing a successor to Mr. Nash as
superintendent 'of transportation. It is un-
u.otUvu inai "imam Muagrave will be
given tne position. Mr. Musgrave ha t. n
with th company a good many years and
has recency been assistant superintendent
of transportation.
t'orteae of t'allforala-Jlew Yerk
lleaalre Paaaes Tkroagk
Oaaafesa Oolns; Baat.
Just at daybreak Monday morning a spe
cial train arrived at union station over
the Union Pacific and left Immediately for
Chicago over tha Northwestern line. It w
th cortege bearing tha body of the late
D Ogden Mills and tne xunerai party irom
an Francisco to new xorsr my.
It was a sombre appearing train. The
cars were black and the shades wer drawn
at all windows. The special was made up
of the baggage car, bearing the remains
of the dad millionaire banker and mining
man, a dining car and lw( private Pull
man compartment car.
The train ha right-of-way privilege and
Is making a record run across the continent.
In order to reach New York in time for the
funeral, announced for Tuesday afternoon.
Water " la " Thoee Plaeea Practically
: Ideatleal, ajr b City
Health Commissioner Connell ha re
ceived a report from the 'city bacteriologist
indicating that the water In th river and
the, 'water in the city reservoir Is practi
cally Identical, by test. ,
"While tha river Is covered with lee and
at low stage," says th commissioner, "th
pa ads are not moving to help in cleansing
the liver iwatar, and tha air ha no ehanc
to help In th clarifying process. Until this
condition change it will be the part
wisdom for all users of city water
boll It.
Appeal from Riclae Board's Action
Is Betas; Heard la the Dla
trlct Court.
Attorneys are Arguing In district court
the appeal from the grant by the Board
of Fire and Police Commissioners of a sa
loon license to W. B. Miller for the Rome
hotel. The appeal was filed by Rev. J. M.
Leldy, superintendent of the Anti-Saloon
The hearing of the. case has brought out
no facts or statements not In evidence at
the hearing before the excise board.
1 L. D. Holmes is conducting the case for
the Anti-Saloon league and John C. Whar
ton arcued In behalf of the permit. W. R.
Patrick may sneak against th grant Tues
day. '
Rome Miller and William B. Miller, his
son, were at tha hearing, which Is before
Judge Redlck.
I 1
Remarkable cure hav been mad by
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. -
111 THE
From the day you buy your
first pair until you buy your
next nalr you have foot com
fort that goes with shoes as
only Hanan can make. We
have them in all styles,
shapes and slzeb.
If you are shoe-wise, or
want to get shoe-wise, try a
pair of Hanan's famous shoes.
Many people will wear nc
others. Our advice to you is,
try a pair.
For "Women
v $5.00 to 80.00
For Men
7 85.50 to 87.00
lovclty Skirt Co.
214216 North 16th Strut
Dressmakers and Ladles'
Tailors, Attention!
Complete lines ,of dress
makers' and ladies' tailors'
supplies, trimmings, find
ings, dress goods, imported
and domestic suitings at
wholesale. " - - '
Extra Special -This week
we will make ' .
Suits, Dresses and Skirts
One-Half -Price
We cordially invite the
ladies of Omaha to visit our
modern factory, where every
garment we sell is made right
in our factory.
The Novelty Skirt Co.
Manufacturers and Sellers
at Wholesale and Retail. .
Drcxel Shoc Co.
; .419 Farnam Street.
Tail's Dental Rooms
VaeseeUe Tow Its Seaaly
Moeera ABpoiatateata.
Pains in the f?
which streak up between the
shoulders or through the loin
and down the limbs. Very com
monly these paini are associated
with a "drawing" sensation at
the back of the neck.
your mvrrcRimas
Thwe pilna Milr Ilwirttlie iwokof
t dUoRtand n.rMMM lyium, sod v mrelr
lb rawit A kHnvr
C O C I X build, sp t n.mM lyw.m.
MlmuUlM ooirn.1. Sraithr How A bipod
ind tuinirtn the orn, WHS Uie eurgr
secmuiT K liwi' Xwlr sctloa.
Ail mctoim dliotd.r rlU Mdllr tbb and Ih wkol trtt.n U quickly
built up to t conditio, of Vigor, Vitality ud
iti.agUi. f.rlecl ftMlib U siulaed.
Your Money Refunded If It rails.
fRici n.oo rca box. roa iau by
16tb and rarcau sta., Omaha.
Th Best Vara I"apeiv