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    The Omaha- Daily Bee
For Nebraska Fair and warmer.
For Iowa Partly cloudy; warmer.
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VOL. xxxix-xo. 14;
Every Little Bit Helps
Committee Ready IPROFESSOBS OF
to Report on Rock I FORESTRY MEET
Island Scandal
State Department Officials Recogpiize
Him Only at the Leader of
Teacher from Universities Discuss
Plans to Further Education
Along this Line.
Bis Four Employes and Officials
Agree Upon Basis for Compromise
General Belief that Manipulators
a Faction.
of Stock Will Be Disciplined.
United States is only Country to
Break with Nicaragua.
Mexican Special Envoy Discusses
Status of Zelaya Affair.
a Policy of Hll Government U In.
drrstoud and Approved by Pres
ident Tnft- Co-Operotlna;
for Peace.
WASHINGTON. Dee. 30,-The situation
J rt Nicaragua presents some diplomatic
niceties In relation to the propriety of
recognizing the government of Madrli by
the Central American slates. In the opin
ion of officials of the State department,
rrrM--nt Madrli should receive no reoog
nlt fun on the part of Central American
republics beyond that which would be ac
cord d to a leader of a faction.
Because of the close relations main
tained by Zelaya with Honduras It Is ex
pected that that government may be fore
most In doing anything that will lend to
strengthen the authority of Madrir, but
there would be a great surprise should
such action be taken by Mexico wlihout a
previous understanding with the United
It Is pointed out here that as the United
States is the only government that has
broken off official relations with Nica
ragua, there would be no occasion for spe
cial recognition on the part of the Cen
tral American republics were Madrls
elected president under ordinary condi
tions, as diplomatic relations with the na
tion would be continued as usual. But In
view of the statement that Madrix merely
headed one of two factions and was elected
by what has been declared, to be a "packed
congress." conditions should. In the opin
ion of the officials here, be stable before
support la fc'ven him In the form of any
recognition as president of the republic
by other Central American governmenta.
Humors that Admiral Kimball would be
reprimanded for having called upon Mad
Hi at Managua were denied by Assistant
Secretary of State Wilson. . Assistant Sec
retary of the Navy VVlnthrop character
ized the rumors as being absolutely with
out foundation.
Admiral Kimball, according to the offi
cials, has made no report of his call upon
MuJrls. although he announced to Wash
ington his intention tj inspect conditions
at akenairua.' . .y"...v
Orel Explains Mission.
Governor Enrique Creel of Chihuahua,
speiiul envoy "from Mexico to the United
ftatea In the Nlcaraguan affair, gave to
tiie Associated Press today a staiment re
tarding his mission to this country. Gov
ernor Creel declared that he had accom
plished his iok with gratifying results.
The resignation of Zelaya and succes
sion of President Madriz had ended many
difficulties und prevented anarchy, he de
clared and and putrlotlsm were now
finding their way on both sides In
Nicaragua. The granting of asylum of
ZHaya by Mexico, slid Governor Creel,
nag In no seiie an art of unfriendliness to
the United .States.
Governor Creel's statement In fu"l. fol
low a:
"It Is due to the press and to the public
that I should nuke the following state-
nients: ' I
Flrst-I completed the work of my I the United States The object of Mr.
mission wits giatlfylng and satisfactory Thompson's visit Is to arrange for the con-ri-suH.
tinuatlon of the Pan-American road lntj
"Sr. -or.d-The resignation of President I Guatemala, although the right of construc
ts a r. as the Droner wav for him to end ! tion to the border has already been granted
1 'x administration under the prevailing
.'i umetances. Such action hus avoided
many difficulties.
"Third The asiv:m granted by Mexico
to ex-President Zelaya was In fj'l accord
v. 1th the law of nations and under no con
sideration unfriendly to the United States.
"Fourth The election by the national
congress of Dr. Joss Madriz as provisional
president of Nicaragua was a happy event
Ut-a use it prevented anaichy, a second rev
olution and further complications with the
United States.
"Fifth The e!ments cf peace and the
patriotism of the Nlcaragu; " finding
their v. ay on both sides.
"Sixth So far as Mexico Is concerned,
the i.ollry of my government was friendly
to the United States and has been well
urdirvUod and appreciated by President
T.tft and Secretary Knox. They have both
been kind enough to congratulate me.
"Seventh The United States and Mexico
v lil continue acting and co-operating in
full accord to consolidate peace in Central
America, to give solid consistence to the
Washington conventions of 1907 and to de
velop a feeling of high respect to the In
tel national court of Cartago."
Oovernor Creel will ave for home Im
mediately after January 1.
Belaya tails oi Dins.
MEXICO CITT. Deo. J0.-Former Presi
dent Ze!aa of Nicaragua, who hat found
refuge In this republic, call.d upon Presi
dent Diaz at the national palace today.
Zelaya said the obji-ct of his v;sit was to
express his thanks for the courtesies ha
had received from ufflc.ala of Mexico.
There was little ceremony.
tainted Art forbidding! Rale for
Mr dies I Pnruoare Is Un
constitutional. TOPKKA, Dee. Srt-Samuel A. HarrUon
e.f Kansas City. Mv, who owns a drug
store In Kansas City." Kan., today applied
foi an Injuncdon bef rc Judga Pollock In
th.i federal court l prevent the enforce
ment of the ar:ti-d-JT s'ore liquor law.
The drug store law prohibits the rale of
liquors ror mecilclral purtoes by dntg
gtets. It is clalnvd thrt the law is con
trary to the fourteenth amendment to the
constitution cf the United States and In
corfl'cl with the coi ".'union of the state
of Kansas, which pr . that liquor niav
be sold for medic::. al. scientific and me
chanical purposes.
The scit Is brought to teat ti validity
of the Ksrsas dm;: re law. which war
erected by the last I. g'lature. and the fact
that Ilarrlsrn 1 a r. s de nt ot M mimrl per
mit the suit te be Lrojght in the f-dcral
K. Dec. 30. A brief session of
of the stock exchange was
in to receive the report
of the
7 three appointed to In-
quire Into
' cumstances attending the
purchases a sales of Rock Island com
mon on Monday morning, when the stock
advanced, amid much excitement, from 60S
to SI and as suddenly receded again.
The special committee has taken the
testimony of a number of brokers, has ex
amined the books of various members and
has also listened to complaints from out
siders who were more or leas affected by
Rock Island's gyrations.
The finding of the committee was sub
mitted to the governors and the subject
will be acted upon by the governing com
mittee January 12. l'.'lO. Although the
strictest reserve is being maintained by
the committee and the governors. It Is be
lieved that the closing of the Rock Island
Incident will be accompanied by dis
ciplinary measures.
Live Stock
Exchange a Trust
Court Orders
Kansas City,
KANSAS CITT. Dec. 30 Judge L. C.
True of the district court In Kansas City,
Kan., today declared that the Traders'
Live Stock Exchange association, operating
at the Kansas City stock yards la a trust
whose methods violate the Kansas anti
trust law and ordered the association dis
solved, In rendering a decision in a suit
brought against the association by the at
torney general of Kansas.
The Traders' Live Stock Exchange asso
ciation Is composed of 180 members, who
deal principally in Mockers and feeders
(cattle not fat enough for slaughter).
The state brought a suit against the asso
ciation two years ago, alleging that the
methods of the concern placed such restric
tions on trade and commerce as to violate
the anti-trust law.
The Co-Operative Live Stock Commission
company, also at Kansas City stock yards,
filed the original complaint against the
Traders' Live Stock Exchange association.
In this complaint It was alleged that the
association boycotted the members of the
Co-Operative Live Stock Commission com
pany, of whom there are more than 400.
The defendant association will appeal the
case t9 the supreme court of Kansas City.
An action similar to the one brought
gainst the Traders' Live Slock Rxchange
association Is pending Against tho Kansas
City Live Stock exchange.
Thompson Visits
Gautemala City
Former Ambassador Seeking Right-of-Way
for Extension of His
GUATEMALA CITY. Dec. 30 David E.
Thompson, the retiring American ambas
sador to Mexico, who resigned his position
to devoto his attention exclusively to the
Pan-American railroad, purchased by him.
Is now here. President Cabrera gave a
banouet in his honor last evening, at which
the spee ches were highly complimentary to I
to the Central railroad, a Guatemalan and
American enterprise. Mr. Thompson will
return to Mexico next Wednesday.
Methods of Corporation arc Con
demned by Brief Filed by Gov
ernment Attorneys.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 30. A strong ar
raignment of the method of the American
Tobacco company and declaring that the
"situation imperatively demands a decree
which will utterly destrcy the unlawful
arrangements now existing and prevent
any similar ones In the future" la con
tained in the brief submitted to the su
preme court of the United States in be
half of the government In the case againt-t
the corporation to be heard by that
tribunal Monday. The brief Is signed by
Attorney General Wickersham and J. C.
McReynolds, special counsel.
The case comes to the United States su
preme court on appeal.
Bank Presidents and John
Wakefield Let Snow Lie
Snow shovels opened strong and advanced
through the day. The shorts were stam
peded by unfavorable new from Eleventh
and Dodge streets.
John Wakefield, secretary and treasurer
of the Nebraska Power company. Is hlghl
peeved because he wis haled Into police
court Thursday morning for neglecting to
clear his waika of snow, tt Jfi Farnara
street. He told the court he was a much
abused man and nnde surging retnaras.
Including the press, wntcli aired mention
the matter.
Meanwhile the merry game of p.nchlng
the cfenders goes on. Sergeant Carl Mad
sen la serving bank presidents, real estate
magnates and the generally prominent
will) warrants for violation of the snow
oruinanca. The police show a particular
penchant for bankers. Judge Crawford's
court to look like a director's
meeting Friday morning.
John Wakefield stood before the police
Judge's bench In a very bad humor.
"Guilty or not guilty?" queried City
Prosecutor Dickinson.
"It Is a rank injustice, a shame and a
d . "trace," roared Wakefield. Ignoring the
formal quest'on.
"I object to being singled out and bar el
Schools of Nebraska, Iowa and Minne
sota are Represented.
Action Follows Inquiry Into Collis-
sion of Nebraska and Georgia.
Bidding; for Undelivered Parrels Is
Brisk Uncle Sam's Cash la
Connted and Fonnd to be
All Intact.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 30. -Professors of
forestry, representing practically all the
forestry schools In the United States, met
here today with Glfford Plnchot for
a discussion of plans to further education
along the forestry line. The conference
will continue tomorrow. Secretary Wilson
welcomed the conferees on behalf of the
Department of Agriculture and he was
followed by Mr. Plnchot.
The principal speakers at today's ses
sion were Prof. Henry S. Graves of Tale,
Dr. Flllbert Roth of the University of
Michigan. Dr. Richard T. Fisher of Har
vard and Dr. Bernard E. Fernow of the
Unlvers.ty ot Toronto.
In addition to tho Institutions named
there are represented at the conference
the universities of Columbia, Lehigh, Maine
Minnesota. Nebraska, New Brunswick and
Washington, Iowa and Pennsylvania state
colleges and the Maryland Agricultural
Naval Signals Changed.
Approval was today given by navy offl
clals of the Navy department to the report
of the board of Inquiry Into the collision of
the battleships Georgia and Nebraska off
the Virginia capes, during the recent drill,
which recommended that no disciplinary
measure be taken as a result of the ac
cident. The board held that the signal
given to the battleships was subject rea
sonably to two interpretations, and as this
happened none of the officers were to
blame for an error of Judgment
One of the results of the collision has
been a modification of the regulations so
as to prevent another misinterpretation of
this particular signal.
Unable to fix the responsibility for the
propeller to the collier Vestal cutting a gash
In the side of the battleship Georgia, w bile
recently In Hampton Roads, a board of In
quiry has recommended that no further
action, be taken. This recommendation
has been approved.
It was shown in the testimony that the
Georgia careened Just before being struck,
and that the Injury was received below
the armor line.
Anetlon at Dead Letter Office.
Lottery luck has so stimulated the de
mand for other people's property lost or
strayed In the mails, that the Postoffice
department in Its recent annual sale of
undelivered articles accumulated at the
dead letter office averaged 6 cents more
for each parcel than the year before.
A report today showed the recent sale
j brought aggregate receipts of 110,373,
averaging S1.35 for each of the 7,789
derelict parcels.
The speculative demand for the pack
ages whose contents were only sparingly
made known and their value left an un
known factor, was reflected In the over
crowding and the calling of police to
quell a possible riot and avert personal
Injury to the bidders.
Many of the parcels sold in the government-conducted
game of chance con
tained prizes; others were virtually
To count the coins and securities In the
United States treasury It has taken a
committee of four persons supervising
from thirty to forty counting experts,
almost two months. Upon the retirement
of Charles II. Treat as treasurer it be
came necessary for a counting of the con
tents of the vaults to be made for the
Incoming treasurer, Lee McClung, to give
a receipt.
Next Monday Mr. McClung will give
Mr. Treat a receipt for $1.259. 001, 756. 37j.
the exact contents of the treasury. Not
a cent was found to be missing from
Uncle Sam's pocketbook.
It was the quickest count ever made in
the treasury and was absolutely neces
sary before Mr. Treat could be relieved of
the responsibilities of the office. The
count Included 156,521.317 silver dollar
One Killed, One will Die.
DAVENPORT, la.. Dec. 30. (Special Tel
egram.) P. J. Evans, a switchman, was
killed and Robert Wltte, a fireman, was
pinned under an engine for an hour and
fatally Injured by the overturning of a
Milwaukee switch engine on the new
grade In Davenport, this afternoon.
out by the yellow dogs of the press. Why
last night I got over 100 telephone calls
about this thing."
Then Mr. Wakefield proceeded to lake
a fall out of Officer Glover, clerk of the
court, charging that he had caused the
isue of complaints and had given out the
matter to reporters, think of It to re
porters. Order was restored In the 'Court room
and Judge Crawford entered a plea of not
guilty and declared the prisoner discharg-d
regardless of his refusal to enter a plea.
Mr. Wakefield started to leave the court
room, then turned back to deliver another
phillipplc on the police and press.
"Well, now. Mr. Wakefield," Interrupted
Proeeculor Dickinson with ail upraised
hand, "you will have to excuse us, for we
have other bustnesa to transact here. Now,
if we may be excused, we will proceed with
Complaints were filed In police court
against former Senator Joseph H. Millard,
president of the Omaha National bank,
and L. L. Kountae f ths First National
bank and president of the Kounuj Real
Estate company.
The University of Omaha is to be ar
rested and haled Into court, or at at
soma officer of le institution of learning
From the Washington Herald.
Government's Contention in Famous
Case Filed with Supreme Court.
Trlbanal Asked to Broaden Scope of
Finding; to inclnde Foreisrn Com
panies and Certain In
dividuals. WASHINGTON, Dec 30.-In a printed
brief of 268 pages Attorney General Wick
ersham and his special assistant, J. C.
McReynolds, today presented to the su
preme court of the United dtates the case
of the government In the famous tobacco
trust cases, which will be argued - next
week In that court-
. The cases were tried In tn United States
circuit court for the Southern district of
New York, which af ten dismissing the pe
tition as to foreign tobacco companies and
some of the subordinate American com
panies, adjudged the others to be parties
to an unlawful conspiracy and enjoined
them from continuing their operations and
from engaging in interstate commerce.
Verdict too Narrow.
The attorney general takes the position
that these findings, sweeping as they seem
to have been, were not broad enough and
he asked the supreme court to extend them
to so widen their scope as to take in the
foreign companies and some individuals
who were relieved from the operation of
the verdict. Many other extensiona of the
Judgment are also requested.
After showing that In 190 competition
was free, the various coalitions are traced
in the document and facts are given to
show that the combination has grown
until its combined arietta amount to fmu,
Ouu.uuO. It is asserted that the combina
tion includes all manufactures of cigars
for export and almost three-fourths of the
smoking tobacco ai d cigarettes for domes
tic sale, more than three-fourths of the
plug, twist and finecut tobacco and almost
all of the snuff and little cigars that are
It is declared tnat "the defendants have
persistently exercihed duress, have prac
ticed wicked and unfair methods and have
used their great potter In oppressive
Further it Is asserted that they have been
actuated by a fixed purpose to destroy
competition and obtain monopolies.
Competitors Disappear.
"Competitors have fc-iadqaiy disappeared
and the combination, strong. y entrenched,
unduly restricts the business of those In
the trade and prevents others from enter
ing." "Putting aside for the time the effect of
the Sherman anil-trust law, under whicn
the suit waa brought. It was contended that
the combination under the name of the
Au.erican Tobacco company was Illegal
when It was entered into in 1S90, because it
was contrary to the common law. Con
tending for the right of congress to enact
ami-trust legu-Uulon, it is asserted that
the essential purpose of the Sherman law is
to prevent injury, r.ot merely to reverse
a course of conduct. The attorney general
aiso lays down the general proposition that
the right to freely buy, sell or transfer
property la not a fundamental civil right
to be exercised without limitation aa m-tetesic-d
parties may determine," and he
adds the assertion thai "It la subordinate
lo public policy and the lawfully ex
prefcbed will of congress."
Coming to specific instances relative to
ihe operations to ;ruat, it is declared
It. at substantially ail established Jobbers In
New England were induced to inrow out
iiic'cpcr.detii products as were tnose oi
I'liiauelphia, New York and many other
fcpecllied places. It is tt&t-rled that inde
pendent Jjbblng In New York was destroyed
by the organisation of the Metropolian
'lubacco company, , which waa given an
exclusive agency tor me sale ot the trust
Bsiknkitklsf Methods.
It Is also a. rted tnat "bushw hacking"
methods were resorted to in the use of
union labels and the methed In this pro
ceeding la denounced as "lmqu.tous" and
one such aa Is "inhibited by a civilised
conscience." Indeed, It is delared that,
"the record contains much evidence and a
vast deal of correspondence concerning the
operations of these bushwhacking com
panies which disclose amazing depravity
and show with clearness how theae sinister
agenclea were effectively utilised."
The advertising methods of the trust are
referred to as a means of influencing both
business and public sentiment and It la
said that not less than fiS.OuO.OOO dollars
(Continued on oecond Page.)
Demand Ransom
for Girl .Kidnaped
at Louisville
Parents of Alma Kellner Receive Let
ter from Point in Ohio Asking
for $5,000.
LOUISVILLE, Ky Dec. 30.-Except to
admit that a letter had been received to
day from some town In Ohio promising the
return of little lima Kellner to her parents
on payment of $0,000 ransom, all Information
was refused by the family. The girl dis
appeared Iwcember 8 and the demand for
ransom re ved today, although it may
not be genuine, brought with it the first
real hope for her recovery.
Frank Fehr, millionaire brewer and cousin
to Fred Kellner, father of Alma, la going
to .Chicago tonight and although he said
positively his trip had nothing to do with
possible negotiations with kidnapers of the
Kellner girl, it is believed he is going to
Chicago or elsewhere on such a mission.
The activity of the Pittsburg police today
Is believed to have commenced after the
demand for ransom had been received by
the, Kellner family.
Leaky Gas Stove
Causes Two Deaths
Pioneer Des Moines Architect is One
of the Victims of Water
DES MOINES, la.. Pec. 30. William
Foster, a pioneer Des Moines architect
and theatrical man, and Louis Bemls of
Spencer, la., aged 17, who was a guest at
the Foster home on Grand avenue, were
found dead from asphyxiation In adjoining
bed rooms at the Foster residence early
today. Mr. Foster had been dead several
hours. The younger man had been dead
but a short time. A leaking gas stove In
the bath room. Into which both bed rooms
open, was the cause of the tragedy. Mr.
Foster was the owner of- the Foster and
Grand opera houses, the two largest
theaters In Des Moines. He has been
prominent In theatrical circles for years.
Young Bemls la the son of Will Bemls, a
banker of Spencer, la, and a grandson of
George W. Bemls, -formerly state treasurer
of Iowa.
Charge of Blackmail la Indictment
Brought to Care Old
CINCINNATI. O.. Dec 30. -A new In
dictment against Mrs. Jeannette Steward
Ford, alleging blackmail, waa returned by
the Hamilton county grand Jury today. It
is designed to cure possible defects In the
similar charge returned several weeks ago.
Charles L. Warrlner. former local treas
urer of the Big Four railway, was before
the grand Jury two hours before the bill
was returned.
jMMB sugar! L
Entombed Mine Official is
Rescued in Nick of Time
M'ALESTER. Okl.. Dec. 30,-After hsvlng
been entombed twenty-eight hours In a
smoke-filled cut of the Bolen-Darnall com
pany's coal mine, near bere. Superintend
ent John Brown was rescued alive but un
consclolus this morning. Had his rescuers
.'ailed to reach him. Brown would surely
have died within another hour. As It Is
his conditlcu is s-rlous, but the mine phy
s.ciuns believe he has a fighting chance
fur life.
Brown, who Is a well known mining man
of Hartford. Ark., risked his life In a
heroic auc-mpt to rescue Ang.lo Asnlcar,
a shot flrer, who was entombed following
an explosion on one of the lower levels of
the mine late Tuesday. Brown apparently
had not reached even close to the point
where Asmcar had been overcome when he
himself succumbed to the foul gases and
smoke that choked the various passages.
The shot flrer's fate still remains unknown.
The explosion occurred Just as the day
force was emerging from the main shaft
and before the bight shift bad entered the
Asnlcar had remained below to set off a
"""? r OLD V! r
)I . 7iY
Matin Declares National Honor De
mands End of White Slavery.
Report of Immlarrntlon Commission
Shovra that Majority of Exporta
tion Were from that
PARIS, Dec 30-The Matin today de
clares that the Investigation of the United
States Immigration commission, which
placed France first among the nations as
an exporter of so-called white slave re
cruits constitute a national disgrace, and
apnea's to the government to commence
Immediately pour parlera with Washing
ton for the suppression of the traffic
The paper insists that .ice in reality
is the -most decent country on the globe
and one where home life and virtue are
most beautifully exemplified, yet abroad,
and . especially In America, scandalous
French literature Is circulated and the ex
tent of the white s'ave trade has given It
the reputation of being the center of de
pravity. Paris, the Matin says. Is pic
tured as the modern Babylon and adds:
"The government must Intervene. It Is
a question of humanity and national
WASHINGTON, Dec. SO.-The report of
the immigration commission showing the
nationality of the girls deals especially,
so far as nationality Is concerned, with
importations and trials In the courts.
It shows that of eighty-two women de
ported from the port of New York on ac
count of prostitution between January L
1!W, and December 1, fHW, forty-six were
French, thirteen Hebrews, thirteen Ger
mans and ten Italians.
Of the 2.003 women convicted in the
night court of New York from November
15. 1908, to March li, 1909, on account of
soliciting on the streets and practicing
prostitution. 1.513 were native born and 5S1
were foreigners. Of the foreigners 154 were
French and 225 Hebrew, the next largest
number being sixty-nine Germans.
On this point the commission said:
"The opinion of our agents, secured by
talking with persons familiar with the situ
ation, is that the percentage of French
women who practiced prostitution before '. fineis if the United States supreme court
arrival In this country, as compared with i upholds the decisions of the circuit court
their total number, is decidedly larger 1 f0r the Minnesota district ordering the cor
than the percentage of Hebrews who have J poration dissolved. Thomas L. Hisgen, the
engaged in that business before coming." recent presidential candidate ot the lnde
M. JusscTaud, the French ambassador, ! per.dence party, who if now the president
read with Interest a copy of the Paris j uf the Petroleum Marketers' association, to
dlspatch regarding the attitude of the : day announced the program undertaken by
Matin on the white slave traffic In the j his organization.
United States, but he positively declined i The independents will base the proceed
to express himself on the subject. ing, on a section of the Sherman anti-trust
Well Known Woman Wild West
Rider Falls Before Moving;
Pletore Machine.
PONCA CITY. Okl., Dec. 30. -Mrs. E. J.
MUhan, known throughout the country In
Wild West shows as the "Cow Girl," died
here today from Injuries received late yes
terday. She was riding for a moving pic
ture concern when her horse fell upon her.
Mrs. Milhan lived In New York and was
23 years old.
number of shots and this work evidently
had caused the explosion.
Bo much smoke belched from the shafts
that it waa Impossible for rescuers to en
ter and immediately men were set to wora
tunnelling In an effort to reach Asnlcar.
It finally became apparent that this would
be useless and Superintendent Brown vol
unteered lo enter the mine with pit boas
Weatherford. The smoke had become lest
dense and the chances of success seemed
favorable. After these two men had been
down several hours those on the surface
became alarmed and additional rescuers
started In after the two men. Weather
ford was found unconscious after a brief
search, was brought lo the top and soon ri
covered. No trace of Brown could be
Party after party volunteered to go after
Brown, however, and the attempt at hH
rescue was kept up constantly day and
night till this morning. They were success
ful Just at daylight today, when one of
the men stumbled upon the supeiintendend
ent's prostrate bex J a few yards below the
More Pay at all Points Where Work
Has Been Increased.
Representative of Switchmen Will See
Mediation Board Today.
Normal Conditions Again PrrTnll la
Northern Parlfle Vards There
Cross Appeal In Hoy
cot t time.
CINCINNATI. O., Dec. I0.-A compromise
nas been reached between the telegraphers
of the Big Four railroad and the manage
ment of the system and all Immediate dan
ger of a strike has been removed. This
is the outcome of a conference held to lay
between the telegraphers' committee and
General Manager Van Winkle.
The basis of the compromise rests on an
agreement for the investigation of all sta
tions on the system and an Increase of pay
at such points wher Increarel work H
shown. The orig.nal demand of the
operatora was for a uniform 20 per cent
The telegraphers' committee will remain
in conference with Mr. Van Winkle for
some time lunger, in order that a new
schedule may be perfected and points In
the controversy settled, but it Is believed
now there will be no further serious situa
tion. Tronble on Illinois Central.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 30. The Illinois
Central is the only railroad whoe dispute
with its telegrapher operators has been
officially called to the attention of the
government mediation board.
H. B. Perham, representing the labor In
terests Involved In the sul.chmen's strike,
centering atSl. Paul, arrived here late to
day for his conference tomorrow with the
mediation board. Mr. called at
the Interstate Commerce commission office,
but did not ree either Mr. Knapp or Mr.
The cross appeal ot the American Fed
eration of Labor in the Bucks Stove and
Range case, in which that company sought
to enjoin the federation from boycottlnf
the goods of the company, was docketed i
today' In the supreme court ot the United '
States. ;
This is the case in connection with which
the proceeding agatist President'
Gomrrrs.' i 'ector MltcfaeJA and. .Secretary
Moirison ; . -t la the courts of Washing- j
ton and 1 resulted In sentences of lm- ,
prisonmen: !ir all of them. The contempt
hlphect c
having been brought to the
t by the process of ft writ of
th branches of the case prob
ably will .e heard by the court about tho
same tine.
Cross Appeal In Boycott Case.
BUTTE, Mont, Dec. 10. The strikers,
who as members of the Brotherhood of
Railway Trainmen went out in sympathy
with the local members of the switch
men's union, returned to work at the
Northern Pacific yards here today and
the situation here Is now normal.
Damage Suits
Against Standard
Independents Crushed by Trust Will
Sue if Dissolution Decision
is Upheld.
SPRINGFIELD, Mass.. Dec. 30. Several
thousand damage suits against the Stan
dard Oil coinpuny of New Jersey are to
bo instituted by the independent oil re-
the Standard Oil company from the de-
clslon of the circuit court of the district
of Missouri In dissolving the corporation
urder the anti-trust law will be docketed
In the United Slates supreme court Mon
day. In view of the great Importance of the
Issues Involved, a motion will be made on
behalf of the government at that time or
on the Monday following, to advance the
case for hearing.
Year-End Boost In Hat Not as High
aa it Formerly Has
NEW YORK, Dee. 30 The usual yar-end
flurry in call money took place today,
loans going to 7 per cent on the stock ex
change during the noon hour, after open
ing at 6 per cent. The rise was attri
buted In part to belated borrowings and
to the belief that early In the coming
month much new financing would be en
gaged In.
Only twice in the last ten years, last
year and 19M, has call money failed to
work higher than today's figures In the
final quarter. Stocks were but slightly
affected by today's advance In money.
Trartlon Masrnale Arrested la Cin
cinnati for Uallure to Keep
teem Up.
CINCINNATI. Dec. 30 An Indictment
was returned today by the Hamilton
county grand Jury against W. K-isley
Schoepf, head ot the Cincinnati Traction
company, charging failure to keep the tem
perature In certain street far up to the
standard of M degrees Fahrenheit, pro
vided by statute. A fin of from flOO to
M0 la provided for violation of the Law.