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' Nebraska
Railroad Makes Hard right to
Increase Stock.
Representative Heffernan Relaa
Take. Office f Conntr Jadae
. Lore luiri Letter to
' (From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Pee. tl (fpeelal.) The trac
tion company hearing which was started
yesterday, at which time statements from
the attorney were heard, will be resumed
Tburada. at which time testimony will be
taken. This morning; County Attorney
Tyrrell asked for the continuance so that '
his witness, Mr. E. P. Bcmls of Cleveland,
would have more time In which to look
into the reports and valuation of the com
pany. Mr. Tyrrell contends that the people are
Interested In the Amount of stork and
bonds th company issut, notwithstanding
Mr. Allen argued that the people were in
terested merely . In adequate service at a
reasonable rate.
Srocks and bonds lssud In excess of the
value of the property. Air. t Tyrrell Insisted
meant Orat -some time and some how the
people would have to pay. If the abnor
mal lsstle Is permitted TioW posterity will
have to pay the bill, and he quoted at
some length ;the statement 'of Commissioner
i Clarke along these lines In his findings In
the rase of the.Clttaena' company, which
ia now a part .of the traction company.
Mr. Clarke argued then as does Mr. Tyrrell
row. ,
J In dlscusslngvthe question as to whethet
W (ha merger had profited anyone save those
' who sold stock Mr. Tyrrell Insisted that
the two lines covered practically the same
territory and. the citlrens' line was now a
burden to the traction company, Inasmuch
as tha franchise forced the company to run
cars on It which doublet) the expense, and
not havlna sufficient power had resulted In
poor service.. It was his opinion that pos
sibly tha traction company was worth less
now than before the merger.
Mr. Bemls will be placed on the stand,
Thursday morning. . '
;Dsn C. Htffernan of "Dakota counts,
representative of the Sixteenth district, has
resigned and his resignation has been ac
cented by Governor Shallenberger. Mr.
Heffernan has been elected judge of Lkota
county. , ,
Be-df Taken to, aurora.
Funeral services we're held over the re
mains of Mrs. 8. H- Baftorj, deceased wife
of Auditor Barton, at the family residence,
1010 E street, this morning.' Rev. Mr. Har
mon, pastor of the. Fh-st'CbrtsUan church,
officiating. At U o'clock the remains were
taken to Aurora, vhere tomorrow after
noon funeral. Service wilt "te held there.
. 11 of the state offices were closed dur
ing the hour-of the -uneraj this morning
id pracficalry; ell ol the state officers
and many of '.the' attended the
uivlces. The. office of Uje .auditor will
be c'osed durihs the hirur of the funeral
tomorrow.' -
-Msiori Are invited.
Mayor Love has sent out Invitations to
mayors of all Nebraska towns of over-1000
population ' to appolel delegates to attend
meeting here In Lincoln' Jan 26 and 27,'.
cThele8d'Hloi' 'i 1 rJ
-It has ben eciihii fo relies the eltles
arid towns of the state of Nebraska to
appoint two or' more dek-gajes each to
assemble In the city ol Lincoln on Janu
1 ary 26 and 17,' 110, for the purpose of or
ganising a league jMrfrforasKa municipal
ities.. . .
The general objects of this organisation
will be the affiliation of municipal officials
and the general Improvement of every
branch of municipal administration by the
following means;
First, the perpetuation of the organiza
tion as an agency for the co-operation of
Nebraska cities in the practical study of
all questions pertaining to municipal gov
ernment. Becond, the meeting of an annual and
...r t iriv.-nlioi s fof di.cus Ion Of mutilci
,t . e'fairs.
T'rirr! the establishment and maintenance
f . cntrl bureau of Information for use
n the roil.'ction. compilation and distri
bution of statistics, reports and ail kinds
if Information relative to municipal gov
ernment. At this preliminary meeting we hajre ar
ranged a .program which will consist of
jsners and addresses upn subjects of en
eral municipal Interest by men of ability
and reputation and a general discussion by
the delegates. A copy of this program will
be published ard mailed to you as soon
as It Is fully prepared.
We believe It will be of sufficient Inter
et to reray the time and effort of atten
dance. We earnestly request you to ap
point delegates to represent your city.
Normal I'atroas Object.
Persons living at Normal on the College
View line of the traction company object
to the recommendation of Mr. Powell and
Mr. Hurd that service be shut off beyond
Normal In order that the traction company
will be kble to serve a majority of the peo
ple well rather than all of the people very
poorly. The railway commission received
a petition from these parties signed by 100
persons protesting apalnst the adoption of
this part of the report.
rhyslrlan Charged with Marder.
An anonymous letter received by a citi
zen was sent to the county attorney this
morning which may result in an Investiga
tion of the cane of the death of a Lincoln
young woman some weeks ago. The letter
sild the young woman had been murdered
by malpractice on the part of her attend
ing physician.
Some days ago the county attorney re
ceived an anonymous letter telling of the
death of a young woman at the hands of
physicians. The result was the arrest of
the physician, who has since been bound
over to the district court.
TkompMi Not Candidate.
Attorney General Thompson today said
he was not a candidate for district attor
ney of the federal court at Omaha, had
not been and would not be, and had so In
formed Attorney General Brown. Mr.
Thompson would not resign his present
position and permit the governor to ap
point a democrat to head the legal depart
ment of the state aimply to get the other
Job, so he Intimated. Besides he has con
siderable litigation which he desires to see
finished before stepping out of bis present
Preparation Made for Trip to Inspect
School Sites.
Asks Con net I" Towns to Have Defin
ite Propositions Beady nnd "Warns
Beds for the
Derision Reached ot to Pnt In Bids
lor Printing;.
BLOOM FI ELD, Neb., Dec. 21 Special)
The annual meeting of the Knox County
Publishers' association was held here Sat
urday, but owing to the extreme cold
weather only a few of the editors appeared.
Those present were W. L. Kirk of the
Crelghton News, V. H. Need ham of .the
Bloomfield Monitor; M. Robert of the Jour
nal and M. L. Llewer, Frank Wledermann
and J. H. Lohmann of Die Germanla.
In the absence of both the president and
vice president the meeting was called to
order by Secretary J. 11. Lohmann. The
following officers were e:ected for the en
suing year: President, W. L. Kirk, Crelgh
ton; vice president, J. B. McCoy, Crofton;
secretary W. H. Needham. Bloomfield;
treasurer, Carl Anderson, Wauaa.
The officers of the association will act
also , as the executive committee. It was
decided that the publishers should not pre
sent any bid to the county board of su
pervisors for legal and official printing
for the coming year, but to let the board
designate such paper or papers In which
this official printing shall appear at full
legal rates.
Date of Snnilnr School Convention.
BEATRICE.. "Neb,", pec. 21. (Special.)
A meeting of the district, officers of the
Gaga County .Sunday School association
was held here yesterday and it was derided
to make the dates of the state convention
June. 14 to 15. A committee was appointed
to secure the option of three of the largest
churches in the city for the convention,
which will bring more than 1,000 delegates
to the city.
Clocks FRENZEK iota ana Dodge.
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r v . Schiuoller Jt Mueller Bldg. . ..
lSll-lS rarnam SU. i. L. Itl'lUt, Mgr. t
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Dec 21. (Special.) Luther P.
Ludden has Issued the following statement
to the towns which want the new normal
school In the northwest, asking them to
have definite propositions ready:
"To the local committees Interested In
the locating of the new normal school In
the northwest. Gentlemen The Board of
Education has completed all arrangements
for visiting the several localities that have
properly filed for the location of the 'addi
tional normal school,' as provided for In
house roll No. 232.
Leave Lincoln Monday, January S. 1210, at
1:35 a. m.. via Burlington.
Reach Alliance Monday, January t,
1 6 p. nr..
Leave Alliance Tuesday, January 4,
4:10 a. m.
Reach Crawford Tuesday, January 4.
5:52 a. m.
Leave Crawford Tuesday, January 4.
6:10 p. m.. via Northwestern.
Reach Chadron Tuesday, January 4,
6 p. m.
Ieave Chadron Wednesday, January
6:20 p. m.
Reach Rushvllle Wednesday, January 5,
at 7:30 p. m.
Leave Rushvllle Thursday, January 6, at
7:30 p. m.
Reach Gordon Thursday, January I, at
8 03 p. m.
Leave Gordon Friday, January 7, at 8:03
p. m.
Reach Alnsworth Saturday, January I,
12:3ft a. m.
'"Phe Inspection closes with Alnsworth
and those desiring to go west can leave at
5:49 p. m.; those going east can leave at
midnight or :44 a. m.
On Business Tsar.
"Get your local committee together and
complete the details of what you want us
to do while we are in your city. The time
you expect to show us the location and the
time you desire to present the different
facts and Items that you desire to give us.
If possible send me, the secretary, a copy
of your program so that we can work out
our program and have It fit yours at each
"Remember this is a business trip made
by busy men for one purpose complying
with the law securing a location for the
'additional normal school.' We are not
going out for our health, or for pleasure or
for any kind of midnight suppers.
"The members of the board all have
comfortable homes and if your local hotel
cannot furnish warm rooms for us cannot
you, the local committee, secure for us ac
commodations in private homes where we
can have a warm room? The members of
the board would rather pay a private fam
ily for a warm room than a hotel for a
cold room."
Governor Holds Back.
"I have not yet decided what to do about
calling the legislature together In special
session," said Governor Shallenberger to
day. "I am still considering the matter."
It Is the belief of many who have talked
to the governor that the -proposed Income
tax amendment will be bitterly fought
whenever it is brought before the legisla
tures and for that reason they are urging
hint to get busy now and carry out the
orders of the late democratic slate conven
tion. While he is saying little, the governor
gives out the impression that, he personally
sees no reason for the extra Session at this
Early Bandar Schools.
At the regular meeting of the Lincoln
Ministerial association Monday morning It
as decided that the best time In the day
to hold the Sunday school was before the
morning church service, about 9:45 or 10
clock being selected as the most desirable
hour. The ministers took no official action
on the matter, their decision being In the
form of a recommendation to their Sunday
R. E. Moore Settles Snlt.
Upon recommendation of the county at
torney. Frank Tyrrell, the County Board
of Commissioners at a meeting Monday ac
cepted the offer of R, E. Moore for the
settlement of the case of Dennis Berry
against R. E. Moore, a suit for delinquent
taxes, by a payment of $2,331 into the county
Tkanlu to the Gnard.
Adjutant General Hartigan has Issued a
statement thanking the members of the
National Guard on behalf of the governor
and himself for efforts put forth to improve
the service.
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Elevator Firm
Sued by Farmers
Suit Bejrun in Pierce County Against
Nye-Schneider-Fowler Co. Under
Discrimination Law.
PIERCE, Nb.. Deo. 21 (Special.) A case
of state-wide Interest was filed In the
county court of Pierce county last Monday
by Charles H. Stewart, county attorney of
this county. The suit Is brought against
the Nye-Schneider-Fowler company of Fre
mont, that corporation being charged in
the Information with violating the anti
trust law of this state. It la alleged that
this corporation, which has a branch grain
and lumber office and yards at Hadar, In
this county, has discriminated In prices of
grain at that town when compared with
the prices paid at other places where they
have yards located, when 'the.' quality of
grain Is the same -a jnrrrtiased on the
market at ther plaqrS' afi Cu allowance
has been made for the difference In actual
cost of transportation.
WALTHILL. Neb.. Dec. tL (Special.)
At a special council of Omaha Indians held
Monday the tribe voted unanimously
against the proposed consolidation of the
Omaha and Winnebago agencies and for
the retention of their present agent. A. G.
Pollock. There were more than 100 repre
sentative Indians present. The feeling ex
hibited was noticeable for its Intensity and
bitterness, mingled with sadness at times
on the part of the older Omaha. Har
mony marked the meeting throughout.
The agent. A. Q. Pollock, probably re
ceived the highest honor ever paid an agent
by the Indians when he received a solid
vote of confidence from the tribe, the hope
being expressed that he would remain with
them. Mr. Pollock departed for Washing
ton today.
The tribe elected four delegates to repre
sent them in Washington, the delegates
being Dr. Susan La Flesche Plootte. Hiram
Chase. Daniel Webster and Simeon Hallo-
well. Dr. Picotte was the first and unani
mous choice of the meeting, but would only
accept the honor with the understanding
that she would pay her own expenses. Tbe
other delegates go at tribal expense.
About a year ago, the. Farmers Elevator
company was organized at Hadar and that
Institution ereoled a fine elevator building
during tha summer and started to do busi
ness this fall upon tha opening of the graii.
season. A nearly every farmer surround
ing that town took stock In the new con
cern, they naturally delivered their grai.
to the new elevator, and the Institution diu
a thriving business from, the start. It was
then. It Is alleged, that the Nye-Schneider-Fowler
people began to discriminate, and
put up the prices of grain from S to 8
cents per busbel over the regular market
price paid by the dealers In surrounding
towns. The Independent elevator was
forced to meet prices and tip to the present
time a merry war has been going on.
Lately the stockholders became tired of
doing business at a loss and last week de
cided to close down the elevator, or at least
accept grain only when It could be bought
at a fair shipping margin. The Ny-Schneider-Fowler
company, however, still
keep up the high prices, and as a conse
quence the Independents are doing no busi
ness to speak of. ' ' 1 v
In their effort to put the Independents
out of business, it Is said, that th Nye-Schneider-Fowler
folks have boosted the
price of grain so that they have been forced
to pay In many . Instances a higher price
than that paid on the Omaha market. The
state law says that a corporation owning a
line of elevators In this state must pay the
same prices at each elevator on each day,
after making a reasonable allowance for
actual cost of transportation. Upon . con
viction of violating this law the corporation
will lose its charter and cannot transact
business In the state thereafter. This Is
the first case to be tried under this statute
tin the state.
raised and by . the close of the evening
service S9.SG8 had been secured, of which
sum $1,305 Is for a pipe organ fund. Great
credit Is given the pastor. Rev. B. W.
Marsh and the board of trustees and build
ing committee. Special music under the
leadership of Miss Emma Preston was ren
dered at each service.
Rev. W. D. Parr of Kokomo, Ind., had
charge of the services and was assisted
by District Superintendent Rev. W. B.
Alexander, Rev. J. 11. Woodcock and Rev.
C. L. Smith, both former pastors.
Two Sodden Deaths and Three Acci
dents In Twentr-Fonr Honrs.
BEAVER C1TT, Neb., Dec. 21. Special.)
Saturday was one. of sudden deaths and
accidents In Beaver City. Mrs. J. H. Haw-
ikins, mother of Mrs. George E. Bowsman,
and one of the oldest pioneers of the county
died suddenly. She had eaten the evening
meal and was busy with some sewing when
she was taken ill and died within two
hours. The babe of Mr. and Mrs. Howard
Palmer,. bo , reside,-. north. . of . town. waa
taken, ill early in the -morning, and died
within a short time, the trouble being an
acute attack of' croup. "Grandma" Ball,
one of the oldest Inhabitants of the county,
slipped on the Ice at the homo of Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Garnett and sustained a frac
tured hip, which will result most seriously
on account of her age and feeble condi
tion. The son of Fred Leonig was thrown
from a horse and broke an arm. Mrs.
Sarah Laub slipped on the Ice and sprained
an ankle which will probably make her a
cripple for life.
hearing next Tuesday. Rertuca was a
member of a gang of Italians employed
bv the Burlinetnn when the deed was com
mitted. Ho has been In Jail here ever since.
BLOOM Fl EL.I Freiheit lodt;e No. 8,
O. of H. S., at its regular meeting last
nipht elected the following officers for the
ensulnp year: President, John Grohmann;
vice president. Rudolph Lafrantz; secre
tary. J. H. Lohmann; treasurer, W. H.
Harm; trustee. M. Yadersen; escort. H.
M. Kolls; outside watchman, Henry
Uerdan; inside watchman, John Logos.
SUTTON John tturfer. formerly agent of
the Burlington at (irarton, died at his home
in Grafton Saturday morning and wa
burled today. Mr. Snider had traveled
through the west and spent last winter in
Mexico, hoping the warmer climate would
benefit his failing health, which the physi
cians sa!d was due to tuberculosis of the
bronchial tubes. He returned laBt August
and had been gradually failing.
YORK The York Cement Post company,
one of the latest business enterprises, has
secured Ihe large Downie-Wright brick
manufat tunng building in North York and
is installing the latest machinery. It will
mtke cement poet muulds which, by reason
of a stretched wire at high tension, pro
duces greater strength and rigidity. The
moulds are made so that four posts can be
made at a time. The orficers of the com
pany are: II. Haas. president: R. Rogers,
manager; F. E. Lloyd, secretary and. super
intendent.,.. . ,; I .
BENiiDICT'-Frlends of Mrs. L. H. Don
aldsqu.. formerly a. resident, here, learned
of her sudden death ly burning at Los
Argeles. Cal. Mrs. Donaldson, on entering
their home, 'stepped to the open- fireplace
and her clothing caught tire. She tried to
extinguish the flames, and failing, ran to
her daughter's home and fell, expiring
shortly after In the presence of husband
and daughter. She was one of the first
settlers in north York county and before
moving to the coast lived at York.
that had not yet bought machliiery-i but had
raised nearly $10,000 In money. A notice
of an appeal for a new trial has been
served by attorneys of Nelson, which was
overruled and Nelson received a five years'
Fall to Rob Bank Vanlt.
HUTCHINSON. Kan.. Dec. 21.-After cut
ting all the wires in the central telephone
office at Abbyvllle. Kan., nrar here, early
today, robbers made an unsuccessful at
tempt to dynamite the vault of the State
bank of that town. The robbers were de
tected while at work In the bank and be
coming frightened fled and escaped on a
: ',.
The Weather
FOR IOWA Generally fair; not much
chanire In temperature.
Temperature at Oruuha yesterday;
njui ligjU ia . . Hour. Deg.
J" X3J 7 a. m , X
r 8 a. m 3
tS a. m r 4
10 a. m....
11 a. m.i...v........ s
-. li m..j..-.w........ 12
.. 1 p. m.,. n
3 p. m i3
4 p. m. K
. . ft p. m.
. , C . P- m.. 17
' 7 p. m 17
p. m 16
1 p. m 16
Watt' Home In Nelson.
NELSON, Neb.. Dec. a. (Special. Tele
gramsHarry Wyatt, who was killed at
Lincoln, yesterday -by" a Burlington train
at the depot, where he was employed as
baggageman, lived in this vicinity with his
parents for fifteen years and left two
months ago to take ths position. He was
22 years old and unmarried.
Mtnden Finances.
MINDEN.' Neb.. Dec. XI. (Speclal.)-The
city council ordered a notice published for
refunding the Mlnden City water bonds,
which become due on February 15, 1910, at
the last meeting. It seems that the city
is In good condition, financially better than
It ever has been. There are several funds,
all of which are on a cash basis,- and no
unpaid warrants outstanding. The amount
of bonds voted and issued twenty years
ago was C.O00, but only S2LO0U will be le
funded. The bonds will draw S per cent and
be optional at any time. The city has just
Installed a new boiled and paid for It In
Lawyer Stricken la Conrt.
KEARNEY, Neb... Dec, rWSpeclal.)
While pleading a case in the district court
of Buffalo county Monday afternoon. Judge
H. M. Sinclair suffered a relapse of an
Illness from which he bad Just recovered
and waa removed to bis home. The case waa
that of J. O. Lowe against F. O. Keen.
Mr. Lowe as treasurer of the Episcopal
church, is suing Mr. Keen for a subscrip
tion made several year ago. Mr. Keen la
one of the wealthiest men In this section
and his reason for not paying the sub
scription la that the plana were changed
and altered on the new edifice recently
erected In this city. The case waa post
poned until Mr. Sinclair la able to plead.
Jewelry FRENZERlith and Dodge.
A Brora Dedicates New Chnrch.
AURORA. Neb.. Dec. 2L Speclal.) The
Methodist Episcopal church of this ciiy
dedicated a new church touikling Sunday.
It is of cream colored brick with while
stone trimmings and will seat about !
people when all the rooms are open. The
basement Is complete with plastered walls,
cemented floor, kitchen and toilet rooms.
The total cost of the building Is about
000., When the service was opened at t5
Sunday morning there was 17,000 to be
if you have anything to sell or trade.
advertise la the Want Ad columns of The
Stiff Nack and Sciatica
Are all forms of rheumatism, which de
pends on an acid condition of tbe bleod re
sulting from defective action, of the liver,
kdneys and ekln and affecting the muscles
and joints, causing Inflammation, stiffness
and pain. For any form take
Hood's Garsaparilta
which corrects the acid condition of tha
bluod and effects sjermaaent cures.
In usual liquid form or 'chelate tablets
called Sara tabs. isjO Doaea tL
Nebraska News Notes.
BEATRICE Fred Hall and Miss Jeanette
Shepardson. both of this city, were marrioJ
yesterday at Grand Island.
BEATRICE Arthur Randall and Ms?
Pearl Buck, both of this city, were married
yesterday. Rev. J. E. Davis officiating.
YORK In the death of Mrs. John Lloyd,
sr., York loses one of Its oldest residents
and mother of two of York's successful
business men.
SUTTON The meat market formerly
owned by Mr. Klunti has been sold to Dan
Griffith of Madison, who will continue in
the tame business.
SUTTON Harry Reper, for -many years
a fireman on the branch between Stroms-
burg and Alma, was appointed foreman at
the roundhouse here yesterady.
YORK A Fper-ia! met ting has been called
of the County Hoard of Supervisors for the
purpose of approving .. the bonds of the
county officials. The meeting is called for
January 4.
KEARNEY Joseph A. Goodell and Miss
Kentner were mariifd at the house of
Rev. Charles Stephfns Saturday ev nine.
Poih are children of retire.) fnrmers in thi'
city and were raised in this county.
the 6-vear-old son of John Smith, d'ed a
St. Elisabeth's hospital- In Lincoln shortly
after an operation for sppf-n1 citls. l)r
Yalllcott took him there last Friday.
BEATRICE The local Ice dea'er ir
removing the first crop of l( fnm ill.
river which formed while the stream wa
high and muddy. They wii freezo new ic
with the hope of getting a good, clear crop'
I.EATR1CE The new brick block of Kil
Patrick lsros.. the rairoad contractors, i
r early completed. The firm yesterd r
bfgan moving iruo the buildirg. The seco -.
floor rooms will be occupied by the L:K
..nd the Commercial club.
ponee and Miss Eila Brandt of this c t
were married In Lincoln. The brde wa
born and raised here and all were sur
prised to hear of her marriage. They will
reside In Lincoln.
R EA TRICK H. H. Luebbn and MIfs
Mildred C. Hilton, both of tWOc'ty, w. re
married hern- today. The groom Is i:i
charge of the Lm-bben hay baler plart
here and Is amnni: the prominent young
business men of the city.
YORK The first election held under the
new drainage laws was held at the court
house. In which only property owners hav
ing interest in properly in the Waco drain
ace district, situated north and west of
Waco, this county, took part.
KEARNEY The Eleclrie Light company
is Installing new arc lights on Central
avenue. The new light Is known as the
Adam Bagnell flaming arc light and when
a Uring of tnem are p!rrd alone Central
a'diue It will make a great improvement.
YORK Twelve thousand dollars Is the
sum thought necessary by the committee
to build an addition to the Metnodisl church
of thiet city. The large Increase in mem
bership makes necessary more room to be
provided, and the ponularity of its minister,
Rev. A. Be4inl(. fil trie lare building at
times beyond Its capacity.
BEATRICE The water committee of th-
city council met .yesterday and engaged
W. K. Palmer, an expert eng'neer fr!n
Kansas CUy. to maki a report on the
nkter sltB.itlon and prepure an estimate
of tha probal le coat of revising the water
plant to enable the city to use water from
ihe wells north of the city.
BEATRICE In ,the district court yester
day the ae against- Fioritio Rertuca,
charged wMh murdering John Pruehs. a
boy, at Wymore, last April, was set fur
J. Nelson Convicted of Embesslina
, Funds of Company In Process
of Formation.
YORK, Neb.. Dec. 21. (Speclal.)-J. Nel
son, formerly a resident of Grand Is'.and.
an alfalfa meal mill promoter, who, when
arrested, charged with embezzlement of
several thousand dollars by the York Al
falfa Meal company, had about completed
arrangement for the promotion of two
other1 alfalfa mills ln this state, was found
guilty of embezzlement of funds of the
York Alfalfa Meal Mill company and of
appropriating $1.W0.
Something'Uke 7,000.or 38,000, put up by
Y'ork citizens and farmers found Its way
to the treasurer of the organization, a
stranger In Kansas City, Mo., who was
entrusted with the' funds. In such a way
thet he qould not" draw checks against the
bank account of the company. Nelson, be
ing one of the promoters, succeeded on
various' pretexts in . getting checks and
money, and had it not been or a halt,
called after It was nearly tort, late, by
York stockholders, there would not have
been a cent In the treasury of the concern
OMAHA. Dec. 21 Off Icial, record ol tem
perature and precipitation, compared with
the corresponding period of the last three
years: 19CH. jyOV 1W7. 1SO0.
Maximum temperature .. 17 40 32 29
Minimum temperature t 23 14 23
Mfan temperature ...... 10 32 43 &
Precipitation T .00 .W T
Temperature and precipitation departures
from the normal at Omana since March 1.
and compared with the last two years:
Normal temperature .-...'....... 26
Deficiency for the day 14
Deficiency since March 1...., , ...20
Normal precipitation 03-fnch
Deficiency for the day 07 Inch
Total rainfall since March 1 83. 4 Inches
Excess since March 1 4.4 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period. 10.. 4.90 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 1W7.. 7.2S iiirhes
Reports from Stations at T P., M.
Station and State Tern. Max. Rain-
of Weather. - 7 p. m. Tern.- - fall.
Bismarck, cloudy 14 14 . T
Cheyenne, clear . 3 ,4-"lt T
Chicago, clear 14 in .00
Davenport, cloudy 18 16 T
Denver, part cloudy 12 t'14 T
Havre, cloudy 2 4 "T
Htlena clear .00
Huron, cloudy 14 16 .1
Kansas City, clear' 24 2 .00
North Platte, clear 1 V f M
Omaha, cloudy 16 18 T
Rapid City, clear 4 14 .0C
St. Louis, clear ..i,,'i6 f 3 - .00
St. Paul, cloudy 18 18 .01
Salt Lake City, cloudy.. 24 28 .00
Valentine, cloudy 4 12 .00
Williston: cloudy 12 . 16 .00
T Indicates trace of precipitation.
L. A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
Orchard & Wilhelm South .6th Street
Special Toy Bargains '
Reduced Prices on a Large Lot of the Most
Desirable Large Toys and Dolls.
F rices Reduced for Quick Selling.
Xo. 640 Hobby Horses, regular price $2.25, reduced to SI. 85
No. C42 Hobby Horses, regular price $2. CO, reduced to 2.10
Xo. 643 Hobby Horses, regular rlce $3.60, reduced to 2.05
"t he Natural Grocery Store All Complete, Including Cash Kegfrter
541 regular price $1.60, reduced to 1,35
542 regular price $2.25, reduced to
543-regular price $5.75, reduced to
No. 4 22 Tcotsle Dolls, rag body, unbreakable bead, all dressed
with buttons and button holes In clothing, regular price $1.00,
. reduced to , .
No. 751 Kestner, regular price $1.30, reduced to 1.10
No. 79 Gibbon Doll, 21 Inches in length, kid body, sleeping
eyes, shoes and stockings, regular price $3, reduced to ....
No. 774 Gibson Doll, kid body, regular price $2.75, reduced to
No. '771. Kestner Doll, regular price 70c, reduced to
No. 755 Kfbtner Doll, natural eye lashes, natural hair, sleep
ing eyes, regular price $3.75, reduced to
No. 754 Kestner Doll, regular price $3.75, reduced to ......
No.-761 Kestner Doll, IS inches in length, natural eye lashes,
regular price $1.85, reduced to
No. -,75'J Kestner Doll, 19 Inches la length, eye lathes long,
to ;
No. 760 Doll,' 16 inches In length, regular rrlcec $1.80, reduced
to . :
No. 76 Kcwtner Doll, regular price $1.45, -reduced to
Vntamtttitffi 'JR rrnViirmfrrm:v i mm nnnnrirti: