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declared that ha would not pass upon the
ecu tors' petition tot Instructions, tha
petition suggesting the famous extmpro
mis, until after the district court had set
tled the ending litigation there. This
ease Is duo to enmo up Deeember IK.
' "Then," sals Mr. Kellar with energy,
"this petition for Instrsetlems will be with
drawn December 14. We den't propose to
go Into district court for A contest there
and have a proposition of compromise
"If the ootwt does not have confidence
enough In the Integrity of tha executors to
believe that they wltt be fair, he ought to
discharge them and appoint someone else."
Judgs Leailo said he had felt all almg
that If the bequest for ths working glrl
home la valid at all, It covers the who:
C. J. Smyth said that he understood the
secuters had asked their lawyers If the
bequest was. In their opinion, valid and
the attorneys had replied In the affirma
Inrestig-ation to Follow Bursting of
Bomb and Dropping of Heads.
Last f kaaeo of Comarosnlse KaoekeA
Oat r C. . Keller la
roaaty Coart.
The fight ever the $101,000 residue of
Ouhjp IPIhiom2
Count Crelghten's estate will go to a finish.
What chenoe there was. If any, of a com
promise was dissipated Saturday morning
Sterling Ware tt fdg
by an announcement by C. B. Keller, ons
of the attorneys for the heirs.
Jetter's Oold Top Beer delivered td any
part of the city. Telephoris No. I.
o o o o
Judge Leslie, following argument, had
u -
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;aV ;
mm,- :m- m
yesterday morning, and we were asked if we had something
that was pretty good at the price we mentioned in the daily
papers. Our reply brought this response: '.'We'll be right
up." "Say, Mister," he exclaimed a little later, after he
had slipped into one of our big, long, graceful great coats,
with military collar, "There's some class to a coat like this.
That is certainly a swell shoulder and the fit of that' collar is
about the best I ever saw. I've had coats before, ready and
custom made, but never any thing equal to this one. Does
all your clothes fit that wayt If it does, it's a wonder to
me you don't sell all the clothing in Omaha for every other
place I have bought a suit or overcoat they have practically
made it all over, and then it was wrong. As long as you
have the garments that fit and look like these, it's me and
my friends for you."
In any garments we have $10.00 or up to $35.00 we
guarantee entire satisfaction.
Holiday fancies for the men and boys have prominence
just now. Don!t overlook our number.
i i ' " i -
Ladies Hani Haq Sale mi Other Leather Goods
CO $
'llll i - I. HI. Jill I ill '
Commencing Monday morning, Dec.
6th, we will start our annual Leather
Goods Sal. Wo have a much larger
stock this year than ever before, con
sisting of Ladles' Hand Bsgs, Travel
ing Kolla, Pocket Books, Card Cases,
Medicine Cases, Etc., Etc.
The sreeter portion of the line con
sists of camples at greatly reduced
prices. We are especlaUy strong on
Ladles' Hand Bags, ranging In prices
from II. B0. each to $25.00. The line
consists of only one of each kind.
Come early to get the best selection
Mysrs-Dillon Drug Co.
16th and Farnam Streets
-s y .V - ' -
to Well Up in Accounting as Any City
Ho Visited.
Brlmsa Inforiuatloa He Believes Will
B Useful to Comptroller la Sub
. salttlagr Plan to the City
Deputy City Comptroller Cosgrove has re
turned from his trip of Investigation Into
municipal accounting of American cities.
Mr. Cosgrove has been In a doien states and
has met and conferred with the principal
accounting officers of about forty different
cities. II has gathered a mass of Informa
tion and a stack of blanks that he says
will prove of great value to the city offi
cials of Omaha In framing up the new
forms for the occupation tax collections
and bookkeeping.
"Omaha la really as far ahead as any city
In Its essential accounting," said Mr. Cos
grove. "By that I mean our checks on the
cash box are as effective and accurate as
any I have seen. There are some methods
Of distribution, however, that are admlra
tie. For Instance, here we have four funds
-general, sinking, school and water board.
In many cities they have a much more ex
tended system of municipal division of
funds, by number or letter Index, and some
divide their moneys differently from our
plan. Thus, under the head ot public
safety, will be all the moneys for the fire
and police departments, and other divisions
1 are made along lines that suggest them
stives as sensible and feasible.
I believe, with the Information at hand
now, that Comptroller Lobeck ana myseu
will soon be- able to submit a plan or sug
gestion that will commend Itself to the
mayor and council. Perhaps we can do
this within ten days or two weeks.
That my trip waa worth while will be
Indicated by the fact that, on meeting the
tax commissioners of New York state at
Albany, I wao able to give them some In
formation they considered valuable, be
cause I was fresh from an Investigation In
several cities that are now dealing directly
with problems tlxat were puzzling the
New York officials.
'In Che matter of cost to Omaha, for
the Information gained, this city will fall
very much short of what similar work has
cost other cities. We get for a few hundred
dollars, through the uniform courtesy and
helpfulness of a large number of well
posted city . officials whom were Inter
viewed, what It coat Baltimore, for In
stance, 150.000 or more. Mayor Mahood
told me they paid experts $40,000 for a gen
eral outline of a system that would prevent
mishandling of city funds. To bring that
system down to details and make it work
able, another $10,000; and he expects It will
cost S10.000 to 115.000 more before they have
the plans all put In operation."
Have Boot Mat I.
V T. Swososa Certifies. Aeoonntaat.
aUashart, photographer, llth Farnam.
Lighting rixtaraa, Burgess Oranden Co.
Xya, photo, removed to llth Howard.
Equitable Xdfe Policies sight drafts at
maturity. H. D. Neely, -nanager, Omaha,
risher leads Bagles -K. S. Fisher was
electe worthy president of the Eagles last
night and w. m. BpocKnam waa namea
vice president.
Bis per eent paid on savings accounts.
$1.00 to $5,000, by Nebraska Savings and
Loan association, 106 Board of Trade build
ing, 1603 Farnam.
pence Williams Pleads ITot Guilty
Spencer Williams, a supposed partner of
Albert Prince in robberies, pleaded not
guilty to a charge of highway robbery
when arraigned in district court
Sr. Iioveland Talks on Tennyson Rev.
Frank U Loveland of the First Methodist
ohurch will addrkss the Omaha Philo
sophical society Sunday af S p m., In
Barlght hall. Nineteenth and Farnam. on
"Tennyson, the Leader of Modern Thought."
Dlvoroe Petitions Dismissed Both peti
tions for divorce reciprocally asked by
Hannah Falk and Qus A. Falk were dis
missed by Judge Estelle in district court
The court said nothing In announcing that
the divorce fight is a stand-off, except that
he would allow attorney fees for Mrs.
Falk's lawyer. Wells 4' Rosewater.
Sstabrook Comes on Joslyn Case The
Joslyn castle dispossession suit will come
up on -Its merits before Judge Troup next
Friday. The attorney for Joslyn had word
Saturday from Henry D. Estabrook, coun
sel for Joslyn In the former, that he
will be here next Wedensday and will tea
Breaks Arm on Slippery Walk While
going to work at 8 o'clock Saturday morn
lng John Hurd, 3303 Ohio street, a Shipping
clerk In the employ of the People's store,
slipped on the Icy pavement at Sixteenth
and Dodge streets while alighting from
car and sustained a broken left arm. .
Judge Mutton Pleads Wet Quilty Carl
Rolf, 17 years, and William Hearn, aged
1$, faced Judge Sutton In district court on
a charge of breaking and entering a cigar
store owned by Andrew Swanson and
George Seletos. The county attorney
recommended that the -younger boy be
turned '.over to the Juvenile court. Judge
Button entered pleas of not gully for both
and decided to confer with their parenla
before acting.
XUnesa of Child Softens Parents Illness
of Dernlce Blackett, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Walter Blackett, may prove a further
mollifying factor in relations between the
little girl's parents. Not that they will be
brought together again, but Mrs. Blackett
whose wrath at her husband has been
less of late Is now feeling still more dls
posed toward giving up her design of prose
cutlng the child's father for bigamy.
Jewells Will right the Case James J.
Jewell and his wife filed a formal tender
In district' court of property to satisfy the
mortgage on the Prairie Park property
which was mortgaged to them by Mr. and
Mrs. Richard Moore. The Jewells offered
$20 In cash and an insurance policy for
$2,(00. The mortgage on the property come
to $2,050. The Jewells have retained at
torneys and are prepared to fight the case,
which is the one where conspiracy is
charged by the plaintiffs In the transfer
of the houses to a colored pair.
ISaupla at Boolal Soitnce Club Officers
of all the local unions of Omaha and South
Omaha have been extended an Invitation
urging them to be present Monday after
noon next, when State Labor Commissioner
Maupin will addre.ts the social science
brunch of the Omasa W omen s club t
I Ms Fiist Ccingresalional church. Mr,
addre!-a himself to existing
the child labor and femal
M(l IK yuu iinvr riii in inv tiar or otner SWnntTtllS. nrlpmn nvm,lt latva f (h. H-lik
if any of your ancemry ha been troubled with M.ltiev disease, you shmild loo no I ., h. . .,,,.. , ,',.,, ,.
time In rutin a bottle of Warner's fun an,1 hei.n ikm i r,r..hrt women, he will enCeaor to Interest the
Warner's Ssfe Cure Is made frnn the fre'h Juloe of 1ann sn4 me.ilolnal roots, I officials of the various unions In a cam
trie various quarters or the globe. Men skilled in palgn to head off law violations snd abolish
it is prfnni to me tseie ana tagreesr.te to t'ie,,nrilt, t)iat rAlly now- exist.
Oa Matter to Com Before Comfnls.
slosi is Protest Recently Filed
Asialsist Retora of the
Head Jilt".
The resignation of E. R. 8eannooi.
druggist at the County hospital, has been
mailed to the Board of County Commis
sioners. Mr. Season good's action, which Is not
voluntary. Is the newest development In
the situation at the hospital. This ends
for the time being at least the severance
of employes of the hospital fom their
positions. It Is regarded possible that the
Investigation, which begins Monday after
noon, may develop facts which will lead
to the chopping off of other official hoadi
The whole conduct of the Institution
since O. Fred Elsasser became superinten
dent Is likely to come up for review be-fore-'the
Investigation Is ended and Mr.
Elsasser msy be afforded a chance to
demonstrate how well or how 111 he has
served In the position.
One matter which will certainly come up
before the commissioners Is that of a pro
test against Miss Lena Hlgglns' return to
the hospital recently. Miss Hlgglns, fol
lowing her discovery at the hospital, 'fell
111 and was absent from the hospital for
several weeks.
Protest Against Her Return.
When she was about to return the other
day the unpleasant news was communica
ted to 'Her that a protest had been slgnod
by a number of nurses of the hospital
against her return to the place as head
Miss Hlgglns believes that this petition
was not spontaneous In Its origin, that the
nurses would never have signed it unless
urged by some one, and she has a good
working idea of Just who this some one
is. Mrs. Elsasser, wife of the superlnten
dent. Is blamed by Miss Hlgglns' friends
for the circulation of the petition.
If they have the proof of this, It has not
been produced. The matter will at nil
vents be thoroughly sifted at the coming
The protest against . Mips Hlgglns return
Is now in the hands of the chairman of
the committee on the county hospital, Jeff
W. Bedford.
The Board of County Commissioners met
as usual Saturday morning, but the hospl
tal matter did not corns before It In any
shape. All business was of a routine na
Clocks FRKNZER 15t and Dodge.
Births Martn Murphy, 2046 North Twenty-first,
girl; Nick Posa, 1724 WebKter,
girl; V. B. Kinney, 21!17 Burt, boy; George
Macklln, 2913 Cuming, girl; Frank dress,
Omaha General hospital, boy; Herb rt H.
Stubbendorf. 818 North Sixteenth, girl.
Peath Walter P. Vandorvoort. Kansas
City. 33; James Smith. 12S Harrison, 48;
O. H. Oroff. Swedish Mission, 2; Silas W.
Herring, Uintah apartments, Wt; Dorothy
Barth. Methodist hospital, r.5.
Diamonds i'RENZh.lW tsth and Dodge.
Aggravated Bladder
The Followint Letter Written by Mr. William C. Morion Proves
Without a Doubt What & Wonderful Remedy Is
- For Kidneys, Liver, Bladder and Blood.
"Gentlemen: I have been suffering for several years with an aggravated .case of
bladder trouble and received no benefit until I began the use of Warner's Safe Cure.
I am now on the second bottle of our remedy and am improving daily. 'What It has
already done for me warrants my feeling that a complete cure will be effected by con
tinuing Its UFe a while longer. I cannot speak too highly of your remcly. which has
worked such wonders fVr me and I will always keep it on hand." WM (. MOK'tON
Ji:i Warren Ave., Chicago. 111. , '
Alter lu tinnv fir viir, Mr Mnrtnn nnfen mark,! I, nn i.n- tuinn,
the second bolt!--. ; Mauplo will
There Is no rase of kidney or bladder trouble that Warner's Safe Cure will not ! Violations of
relieve almost immediately
satnerta si me limner , in m
botany and chemistry compound It.
most st-nsitlve stomach.
Constip3tion, Biliousness and Indigestion
v nen tne Dowels tio not move freely, a shows thst the
liver Is Inactive, and the bile. Instead of being eliminated ry
the Intestines, U taken up by the blcod. In consequence the
internal or;:in, are deranged ami you hve a tlllous attack.
After frequent attacks the ekln becomes rulloA and rough.
Vou are troubled with headache, const I rail n. coated tongue,
bad brtath, sour stomach, lo s of appetite, pains In the sue and
you feel out of sorts, and should take Warner's Safe Pills,
purely vegetable, augar-coated absolutely free from Injurious
substances, a perfect laxative. They cure Indigestion Bil
iousness, Torrid liver ar.d Constipation. They do not gripe or
leave anv bail sfter effects.
WARNER'S KAKK ( I KK Is put up In SOe snd $100 slies
and is sold by all druggists. Winner , Safe Pills 2ic a box of 40.
Sampla E0ttl8 and To tonvlnf. tvtrjt Offerer from dli-
B-i flf tt'U Frsa ,a" of ,ne k,fn,V. "ver. blalder
liJX 01 ritia rrSi and blond that1 WARNbtvs SAKti
CURE will absolutely cure, a sample bottle and raninle box cf
Warnrr's Ssfe Pills will be sent FRFB OF CHARUE poet
raid, to any one aho will write WARNER'S 8A CLKEHI
Rochester. N. T and mention having seen his liberal offer
In The Omaha rtee. The genuineness of this offer is fully
guaranteed by the jvubilabar.
8N r
' V i in... n iii -Jj
Divorce Vnl
Inventor's Genius
Goes for Pittance
W. J. Points Car Patent Were Sold
for $700 Now Hit Associates
Hay Eealiae Fortune.
How an Inventor once again sacr.flced
his chance at fortune, sold for a ptttanoe
that which would have made him rich, Is
demonstrated In the caae of W. J. ('Points
an employe in the McKeen motor works
until death. Points sold his half Intern
In a patent to a St Louis man for S70J,
the sale covering the American rights,
Bartholomew Jullen, his associate, also let
go of his American rights, but stands to
win $54,000 a year royalties, It Is said, for
the Buropcan rights. Points sold his Eu
ropean privileges for another pittance.
H. W. Mc Dan lei waa first appointed spe
cial administrator of the Points estate, but
Mr. Jullen, who Is general ear foreman
at the McKeen shops, was named adminis
trator Saturday by Judgs Leslie, following
hearing of the contest. There does not
seem much likelihood that Points estate
will amount to much now.' He left 2,IW
In other property.
The patent Involved Is that for a device
In rear-end car construction.
Talk about a coon trap
catching peni coming, and
oing -thatps. what
thbugliit we. were In wliet!
our contest was Hiel'd-up,
and we found It Imeosslb
to countermand orders
for car
of eastern made pianos,
You can't imagine a worse predicament to
be in. Here we were nearing the last month of
the year. Hopes raised high because of the fav
orable outlook for this which was to be our
greatest contest. Then all those hopes dashed
to pieces by the stop order of the Post Office
Department. -
But ther is no such word as glre-up'in
our vocabulary.' We determined to face the sit
uation. To make the best of it. Even though
our estimated profits for the year 1909 were
sadly reduced.
Our first notice to music lovers was on last
Tuesday. We stated the facts," ,Told intending
piano buyers how our salesroooms were loaded
from basement to roof with pianos. We adopted
extreme mensures. Named prices that proved
irresistible. That met with a quick response.
If we .had only the stock which was in our
salesrooms at that time to reduce, we would now
be on easy street. But seven carloads of pianos
ordered for the contest, which orders we en
deavored to cancel, were hurried forward to
Four More Carloads to Be
Four of these carloads are here. We are
still facing a crisis In our business. We haven't
room for all those pianos notwithstanding the
heavy sales of the past four days. It is either
sacrifice these pianos as we have sacrificed our
other instruments or else pay heavy, storage
charges to the transportation companies. We
are not going to pay the railroad companies one
cent more than we are obliged to. When here is
on opportunity to offer such instruments as:
They AreColn- to Egypt, Where Kikg
rkaroak Worked tha First
Cora Corner.
Colonel Charles E. Fanning and John
McDonald will start In January for a trip
through Egypt and the lands thereahoutj
Fanning win not aamu mai me aeniruc
ticn of his pet paving exhibit on Pouth
Eighteenth street Is driving him abroad,
but men who know him well say that
happening has undoubtedly had Its effect
"Mr. McDonald and myself have been
planning this trip for some time," says
the colonel, who Is not on Governor Shal
lenberger's staff. J The Sues canal, Port
Said 'and several other features and lo
calities of the Egyptian landscape appeal
to me," said Colonel 'Fanning. "I prowl
through Kipling's word paintings a good
deal and have a great desire to see for
myself whether It Is true, as some folks
Insist, that the Ten Commandments are no
longer governing In this section.
"Kipling says there sre no Ten Com
mandments east of Sues, and also that the
best are like the worst In that preotnet.
I want to see If that Is really true, and It
It is I desire to else up the resulting con
dition and compare them with what we
have in Omaha. Kipling klso is authority
for the statement that it is not difficult
to sccumulate a thirst In these camel
countries, which, of course, presupposes
that the thirst can be arsusged at the time
when It Is most oppressive. There are
those who -Insist that thirsts do grow in
this region, too; but we are in the same
breath told they may not be allayed with
out transgressing the law.
"We are anticipating a moat delightful
trip on this winter vacation to he spent In
summer iands. and If the camel plan of
going dry for long spells appeals to my
friend and myself, we may devote some
careful study to Its essential points."
Weber, Steger, Hardman, Emerson, Ilehlin, HcPhail,
A. B. Chase, TtHieelocli, Stuyvcsant, Steck, and the
well Known Hand Hade Sclinioller & Mueller Pianos
JSew Ycrk Appellate Court Holds
Decree Granted Mrs. Grace Gug
genheim is Le.Tal.
NEW YORK. Dec. 4-o far as the New
York state courts hsve determined, the
divorce li!ch Grace B. Gugqe nhe m ob
tained fropi William Guggenheim eight
years' ago Is valid. ThUf is the gift of a
decision rendered by the appellate division
cf the supreme court here today, sustain
ing the dismissal ot Mrs. Guggenheim's
second action for s divorce brought here
to test the legality of the Chicago dlvoree.
both parties te the msrrlage contract
terminated by the Chicago dlvoroe of 11
have remarried.
Maay Pulata Raised AsjaThat Plata
tiff's fesisetesey by Lawyer for
Fire aad Police' Boers.
Verbal srgument In the fire and poltci
board election contest was mails before
Judgs Leslie In county court by W. W.
Giller and Lysis I. Abbott. Judge Leslie
will rule on Ciller's motion to dismiss,
Tuesdsy or Wednesday.
Mr. Gilltr argued at length that the
plaintiff's petition does not state that he
Is a cltlsen of the United States, does not
state he is a resident ot Nebraska and
Douglas county, and does not state, as re
quired by law, that a contestant or candi
date for the office shall not beengaged In
the liquor, tobacco or fire Insuranoe busi
ness. Mr. Pomers Is not a candidate him
self, of course, but If he Is te be considered
such for the purpose ot the suit, his peti
tion Is then faulty In the points Indicated
If not considered a candidate, argued
Oilier further, then the suit ought to go out
en that ground.
With the exception of Steinway, at prices
from $100.00 to $200.00 below regular retail quo
tations. '
And to place these instruments in the homes
of music lovers, for every piano sol dunder
these conditions will be a lasting and effectual
advertisement for the house xf Schmoller &
It will mark the time when we give to music
lovers in Omaha, Nebraska and the West all of
the regular profits we would regularly secure.
Selling such world famous makes at wholesale
prices in order to escape the impending crisi la
our business history. . V
So here goes. Commen,cing Monday room
ing (our men are now getting the instruments
ready for inspection) these pianos of household
fame will go to first comers. To those who rea
lize what we are doing when offering these pi
anos at wholesale prices. And making a genu
ine out and out saving of from $100.00 to 200.00
on each instrument purchased.
Think, pleaBe, what we do for you who have
long desired a High Grade Piano, you who have
always found PRICES and TERMS to be insur
mountable obstacles.
Pianos Selling Regularly at $450, now $350
Pianos Selling Regularly at $425, now $325
-Pianos Selling Regularly at $400,; now $300
Pianos Selling Regularly at $350, now $275
We go further than cutting the very heart out of these prices. We make terms that are at onco
the delight of music lovers and the consternation of competitors who are unable to mutch terms
like these:
No Money Down. 30 Days' Free Tria.1; Free
Stool, Free ScaLrf, Then $1.00 Per Week.
Now here is your opportunity. Never have we in our history of fifty years been obliged to go
to such extreme measures to relieve ourselves of overstocked pianos.
Monday Morning, Sharp, at 8 o'clock, these carload shipments of brand new instruments, frrsh
from eastern factories will be ready to inspect. These pianos that will advertise throughout the
West the manner in which this company met au issue fairly and squarely. Giving piano htivvs
Prices and Terms on High Quality Instruments of such a character asNto mark on epoch in piano
history. , ' v ;
SclinioMor I
Piano o
1311-1515 Fai-pam Street
Phonn -Douglas 1625
Ind. A1625
Schmoller & Mueller PUno Co.,
Omaha, Neb.
Gentlemen: I am Interested In your Golden
Anniversary Piano Sale, and if I can save moner,
secure a high grade Instrument at the terms which
you name, I shall be pleased to hare all Information
that will enable me to decide whether to authorize
you to make a selection for me. Please send cata
logues, your complete list ot bargains and all other
B .