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Sub-Treamry Orerburdened with Col
lection of Txe.
r Mrlcner Pats Vn, Pre
. mount of Work
' "n Hint by
"V" - !,.,..
' ' 1 ( tner anxiously
y (ummlwlcmri for
. ' ' ' ' fflre is head of the
' 1 i'tre . n-ry. ft la allowed
:i alary from the flat? law Amounting to
MM r"r month, but iMi In not In the con
struction cf the city treasurer to cover all
the expenM of collecting and keeping
rrcoril of th county taxes collected In
.otith Omalia. The Omaha office haa had
n mimhor of additional deputies who had
ftiH-ce of the Bouth Omaha booka. but
tlunc were not transferred to Bouth
Onal a. The trosurer cays he Is loaded
down with the additional duties and wants
another deputy at $7S. The collection of
rounty taxe haa begun and the office la
irslilig out an high as fi.'ly or sixty re
ceipts daily for county taxes. J. W. Qrlb
blo hn been tken off his former duties
aid haa all he can do as cashier.
The bookkeepers have been working
nightly until 9 o'clock to clear the books
for tht next day's receipts. This kind of
thins can not lost long and for this rea
son the city treasurer Is anxious that the
Boird of County Commissioners take ac
tion. This they have promised to do. Until
tl-a cmmlKHlonera take action the treasurer
can not make an appointment.
Monday Services. "
Itov. Cieorg Van Winkle will preach from
thi- tuple. "More Than We Can Auk Or
Think." In the evening his theme will be,
"Hor a Winner Looks." All the Protestant
churches will unite with the Daptlst church
during the week !n a series of evangelistic
services. The hour Is 7:30 p, m., beginning
Uev. .1. II. White will preach morning
tn.l cvmlni? at '.he United Presbyterian
Vl'.U' cii A communion service will be ob
fcrvtU ot the morning hour.
fir. II. I.. Wheeler will preach from the
i -iibjct, "Faith," Sunday morning. In the
fc'tllllK hi" t
'tilim liH theme s evnnselical.
ViT'M lrlln's Hunclav school will convene
n' It a. in. The morning service is at 11
r. m.. t which th holy comnunlun will
I.. fff-.-vnU 1 nielit P.fv. A. L. Williams.
!!',' f tlie Omiha diocese, wifj lead the
i'i im. re rut1 I'l rrtneh a sermon In
i . . . r ) rri'lrat'on of the new pipe
n s will be observed at the
t i : chinches,
'.tiruan llcnfer Hart.
i .lfey scrlnuily injured himself
evening while hastening to the
t : IriYncc
of Mrs. Margaret Butler. Z!i
N rtji Ti n!y-rrron3 street, lie was hur
rving to lake charge upon the death of
Mrs Ikitlcr. The way to the residence
down a Rtep fll.tht of stairs, as the house
Is beln-.v Rrade. He lost his footing In the
darknere ar.d fell fourteen steps to the
bottom. His bruises were thought to be
very serious for several hours. His face
was badly discolored. His neck was badly
wrenched, and very painful brulsea were
Inflicted on his arrds and legs. lie waa
able to br In his office only -a few hours
Y. M. C. A. Note.
1 The first basket ball game' of the season
at the local gymnasium was played last
night between the sophomores of South
Omaha and the lightweight team of the
Council Uluffs association. It resulted tn
a victory for Council Bluffs by a score of
90 to 13. John Collins was easily the star
for the locals, scoring eighteen of the
twenty-eight points. Manlfee did the best
work for, the visitors. The game was at
tended' by the members of the J. J. C.
After the game the girls entertained the
boys In an exhibition of fancy basket ball,
and also gave a musical concert. The
lineup waa as follows: South Omaha
Harding, center; Van Winkle, left guard;
Lee and Manlfee, right guard; Collins,
right forward; Foley, left forward. Counoll
Hluffs Don Keynett. center; Ooldsmit.i,
right guard; Clark, left guard: Keynett,
left forward; Herbert Manlfee, right for
ward. The first half ended with the score
17 to It in favor of South Omaha. The
officials were Will 6 warts and Harry
Reserved seats for the association's lec
ture course will be placed on sale next
Tuesday. In order to have the seats re-
served for the entire course the season
vjeket which ha been purchased through
Vtir- Heavers or others will have to be pre
sented at the association office after
"a. m. on that date. One seat can be re
served for the course for GO cents. A seat
for each number will cost If cents.
At the directors' meeting last night Elmer
P. Wlera waa appointed chairman of the
flnanoe committee and O. S. Campbell
Jihalrman of the membership committee.
The expense of remodeling the lobby has
on aaevrnea vy we iauihi auxiliary.
which has appropriated more money- for
the decoration. Under the management of
Mr. Wlera the directors beneve the aocla
tlon can t placed on a good financial
basis. A united effort will be made, mem
bershlps will be pushed and the soelal fea
tures emphasised.
Magle City Goaalp.
Five-room cottage, and bam. S10 N. ISth
The 8hamrock olub will give a dance at
Rushtng'a ball neat Wednesday evening.
The women of the United Presbyterian
church will hold their annual chrysanthe
mum fair on November lit' and It at the
church, Twenty-third and L. streets.
' The Rebeeea elub will give a doll party
for all the children at the home of Mrs.
fetter. Twenty-second and H streets. Satur
day afternoon. An admission of 10 cents
will be charged.
The Presbyterian King's Daughtera were
entertained by Mrs. R. L. Wheeler and
Mrs. Spraktus at the parsonage. About
fifty women were preaenL There were
fourteen babies.
Pee want-ada are business boosters.
weskn-M and disease
It t on-eerel, rtn
A)K Yol'B rVklO IUiiA :
If you wjnt buuk t ist icH all
them at hums, eewd 21 one-cent stamne to Dr. Pierre to pay coat of mailing'
nfy. sad he will send you a frtt oopy of his greet thoussnd-page illustrated
CJpnon Sens Medical Adviser revised, up-to dste edition, in peper covers,
lnfceudtome cloth-binding, 31 stamp. Address Dr. R.V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
1909 NO V MBER 1909 .
tvn u mo rot mo tmu i iaV
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21 22 2324252627
28 2930
are Koet Mat TV
Chambers' School of Dancing open.
A. T. gwobo4e Certified Aeeonatant.
ftlaekart, Vaotograpber Uth Far nam.
Lighting Fixtures, Burgesi Qrandon Co.
ya, photo, removed te If h Howard.
Bond salesmaa required for Iowa. Ad
dress T 71 S, care Bee.
White Walter at BeaUta Oafs Quick
service and courteous treatment.
Jf. A. Oentlemaji CeM Undertakers. New
location 1614 Chicago 8L Both phones.
Heritable Ufe rollcies sight drafts at
maturity. H. D. 'Neelr, manager, Omaha.
Tour weekly or monthly Barings paid
on shares of Nebraska Savings and Loan
association will earn per cent per an
num. 10 Board of Trade building.
Mrs. Jessie Entry acta DIToroe Mrs.
Jessie Emry has received a decree of di
vorce from Otis O. Emry for nonsupport
and abandonment.
John rranek Bets are slew Trie Judge
Day has overruled In district court a mo
tion for a new trial made by John Franek.
against whom Mrs. Ellen Doyle received a
verdict of KBe.
Death Sue to Internal Trouble The
coroner's Jury found that John Raur, who
died at the smelter Friday night, was not
the victim of foul play as feared, but of
some Internal disease.
Otto H. Btuben a Bankrupt Otto H.
Stuben, a solicitor of Omaha, has filed his
voluntary petition In bankruptcy In the
United (States district court. His liabilities
are scheduled at $3,577.82 and his aesets at
B. M. Jftyman to Addresa Philosophers
E. M. Kyman will address the Omaha
Philosophical society Sunday at f p. m., in
Hurlnht hall. Nineteenth and Farnam
Mttcets, on "Character Building from a
Philosophical Standpoint." Meetings free.
Wife of Lineman Sues for Bis Death
Mis. atauile A. Elliott, la suing the Oeneral
Construction company tn district court for
,2f,.000 for damages In the death of her
htlfband, Howard Elliott, a lineman killed
while putting up wires on the Ralston
line. '
Anto Men Want Two More Oarages
Two automobile dealers are negotiating
with property owners for the erection of
two new garages at once. Five new gar
ages are ntow In the course of construction
and the demand for room Is still greater
than the supply.
Doubling Carte White Lead Works A
large force of men I, at work doubling the
capacity of the Carter White Lead works
In East Omaha, the total expenditures for
enlarging to reach $100,000. The Omaha
plant of the Carter White Lead company
Ih one of the largest In the country and
under the management of Frank Barker
has far outgrown the capacity ot the plant.
Canvass of Beturna Ooea Slow Canvass
ut the returns of the election In Douglas
county will not be completed before Wed
nesday evening, at the earliest. A number
ot machines which went wrong occasionally
will have to be visited by the canvassing
board which consists of County Clerk D.
M. Haverly and two uninterested as
sistants, J. Frances Hopper and J.- T.
University Oets Title to Bedlok Becerra
A deed to the University of Omaha of
the Oak C. Redlok property has been filed
In the office of the recorder of Douglas
county. The consideration is $30,000. The
university thus acquires title to the Redlck
homestead and other buildings on the
property known as the "Redlck Reserve."
It Is at Twenty-fourth and Pratt streets
and Is trx232 feet.
Annual of the School for Deaf The an
nual and handbook of the Nebraska School
for the Deaf of Omaha has Just been la-
sued. The name of this Institution was
the Nebraska Institute for the Deaf and
Dumb until July 1, when the bill chang
ing the designation, paased by the last
legislature, became effective. This Is the
second annual issued by the Institution
The pamphlet acts forth In minute detail
the plana and methods of the work done
In the school and gives the reader a com
prehensive Idea of what a pupil may be
expected to accomplish.
Two Minor Baits Settle Charles a
Bradford, who sued the Nebraska Cloth
ing company for $5,000, was returned a ver
dict for $1 by the Jury which heard the
case under Judge Sears in district court.
The plaintiff asserted damagea from an
elevator accident, A Jury sitting under
Judge Day found for J. A. Tuthlll, who
sued W. A. Rogers. Tuthlll asked tor $1(7
and got It. The contention was over a dsal
In mining stocks.
Crawford to Be Hard with Qua Totero
Police Judge Crawford baa emphatically
announced his Intention to make It hot for
"gun totera" In Omaha who are brought
before him. Upon his return from Kansas
City Judge Crawford told of strenuous
measures adopted their to prevent the
carrying ot revolvers, and he haa deter
mined to put a atop to the practice In
Omaha If It la within his power. Here
after anyone brought before "his honor,"
charged with carrying a deadly weapon,
will be fined $100 and costs.
Promlaeat CHImea of Ashevllle, N.
C, Killed When Mat-atae la
GREENVILLE. N. C Nov. .-Two men
were killed and another seriously Injured
In an automobile accident near here late
today. The dead are J. L. Fleming and
Harry Skinner, Jr., prominent citizens of
Greenville. E. O. Flannagan, who was
driving the car, lost control of it In try
ing to pass lumber wagon. The ma
chine craahed Into a tree with terriflo force
and then turned a complete somersault.
Despair and Despondency
No oae bat a woaiaa eaa tall the story of the suffering, the
despair, and the despondency endured by women who carry
daily bardea of ill-health and pais because of disorders and
derangemrata of the) delicate and important organs that are
distinctly feoiiniae. The torture so bravely endured com
pletely upset the nerve if lonf continued.
Dr. Pierce's I'svorite Prescription is a positive cure for
of the iemiuin orginum.
. . , f ,. - -'re, hesls ulceration and pain,
I ' ' r i p tlie nerves, It fits for wifehood
' 1 i . Siouot medicine deslers sell it, and
' . i 'o fl.'e uron yen et " jutt as good."
id i ' a record- of forty years of cures.
v y i :! jhlv Inuw ci somo of Its many cures.
about woman's disrasee, and how to cure
Gicen UnirjTie Beception at Metropo
lis of South Carolina.
Two Mea Badljt lajared ay PresiatiM
Dlirkirs Caaaea While Fir
ing President's Saint
CHARLESTON, B. C, Nov. . Arriving
here at dusk this evening. President Taft
had one of the most picturesque receptions
of his trip. At the head of a procession
of automobiles and escorted by an Impos
ing array of militia organisations he
passed through the principal streets of the
city, under arches of electric lights that
gave an Illumination almost equal to day
light The sidewalks held a ltrge throng
and he president's progress from tht
Union station to the home of Mayor Rhett,
where he Is spending the night, was
marked by cheers.
Mr. Taft Is no stranger In Charleston.
He has been here five times In recent
years, and said today In Savannah, that
he was going "home to Charleston." His
reception tonight was a repetition of the
cordial welcome the president had received
elsewhere throughout the south and which
haa made his stay In this section of the
country one of the pleasantest features of
hla trip.
Gaeat of the City.
Tonight the president was the guest of
honor at a banquet tendered to him by
the elty of Charleston at the Charleston
hotel. It was arranged with especial re
gard to the president's comfort, and the
only set speeches were the Introduction of
the president by Mayor Rhett and the re
sponse by Mr. Taft, In which he expressed
his gratification at being In Charleston and
his regret that he oould not make a longer
stay. The president leaves tomorrow!
morning at 8 o'clock for Columbia, S. C,
and will reach Augusta tomorrow night
for a stay of two days.
Governor Ansel and Senators Tillman and
Smith arrived In Charleston this afternoon
to assist In the welcome to the president
and were among the guests of honor at the
banquet tonight. This Is the first presi
dential reception In which Senator Tillman
haa participated in a good many years.
Until Mr. Taft was Inaugurated, Mr. Till
man had not even been a caller at the
White House for a long time.
The president's train reaahed Charleston
at 6:30 p. m. Mr. Taft stopped for a few
minutes at the Charleston orphans' home.
At Mayor Rhett'a residence he held an In
formal reception before the banquet.
Busy Day la lavsaaak,
President Taft had a busy day In Savan
nah before leaving there at 1:30 p. m. for
this city. During a sail down the river to
Fort Hcrlven during the morning he wit
nessed an accident in which It was thought
at first two men had been killed. As mat
ters turned out, one man, a negro, loat his
arm and another his eye. The two men
were firing a salute to the president from
small cannon drawn up at the water
front. A premature explosion occurred as
tbs negro waa ramming home a charge of
powder and in the cloud of smoke which
followed the report of the cannon, the pres
ident saw a man flying through the air.
The man fell Into the river. The ramrod,
which he held, shot across the bow of
the revenue outter Tamaoraw on the deck
where the preeldent waa standing. Mr.
Taft called attention to the accident at
once. The man struggling In the water
waa rescued,' however, and when the presi
dent landed and made inquiries about the
accident be waa relieved to find there had
been no loss of life.
Rev lews School Chlldrea.
The president participated tn a parade
through the streets and parka of Savannah,
during which he must have been greeted
by practically the entire population of the
city. He went then for a fast spin over
the automobile course, over which the
grand prise race ot 400 miles waa run last
The automobile ride waa Interrupted to
permit the president to stop for a few
minutes at the Bethesda Orphan home,
where he made a little speech to the boys,
telling them theie waa no reason why
any one of them should not become presi
dent ot the United States. The preeldent
stopped once, too, to address a body of
students from a negro school, and, return
ing to the city, he passed in review of all
the publlo school children of the city.
It waa with their enthusiastic little cheers
ringing In his eara that he boarded his
train and left for Charleston.
History Class
is Ignorant
Six Upper Classmen at Brown Univer
sity Unable to Give Full Name
of Chief Executive.
PROVIDENCE, R. I., Nov. .-None of
the twenty-four members of Prof. Wilfred
H. Mur history class at Brown unlver
slty, composed of seniors and Juniors, was
able to give correctly the full name of
the president ot the United Rtatee, a Jus
tice of the supreme court of the United
Statea, the governor of Rhode Island, a
Justice of the supreme court of Rhode
Island and the mayor of Providence, when
the questions were proposed aa a test to
Prof. Munro desired to make an experi
ment baaed on the recent attempt to se
cure a constitutional amendment In Mary
iana requiring irom voters ability to an
swer correctly questions similar to these.
Eighteen of the twenty-four members of
the class gave correctly the president's full
name and two knew only his last name.
No one succeeded In giving the full name
of a Justice ot the United States supreme
court. Seventeen had a name partly cor
rect and seven did not even give the last
name of a Justice.
Mrs. Aaaa Wheeler Is Pesad Guilty
f rrand at Deaver 8a I'eed
Clalrvoyaat Methods.
DENVER, Colo.. Nov. (.-Mrs. Anna
Wheeler, "mining woman and promoter,"
said to have swindled hundreds In fake
Nevada mining schemes, was convicted of
fraud on three counts here today. Her sup
posed victims testified she convinced them
ehe possessed clairvoyant power and that
while under guidance of spirits had aean
clouds cf gold floating about their heads
and drifting about thetr feet.
Mrs. Wheeler operation began during
the height of the Ooldfleld excitement and
she found no lack of customers, women of
the poorer clsssee.
Laundresses and scrub women Invested
the savings of year on th promise of
enormous dividends.
The returns did not come, however, and
Mrs. Wheeler was arrested.
Quick Action for Tour Money Tou get
that bv using The Bee advertising columns.
Bloom Wins Fight
With Kid Jensen
Chicago Man Knocks Out Milwaukee,
Fighter in Tenth Bound of
Maurice Bloom ot Chicago won the de
cision at the close of a ten-round boxing
contest with Kid Jensen ,ot Omaha at
Staneck'a hall. South Omaha, Friday.
Jack Kord waa referee and gave the de
cision, which was well received by the
greater part of the crowd, although some
believed Jensen was a little strongei.
Bloom waa in fine condition and had
the better of the bout ohlefly through his
long reaoh and very shifty fighting. He
began leading his left at the tap of the
gong and landed straight arm jabs on
Jensen's cheek throughout the entire fight.
He shifted constantly, dancing about the
ring and dodging the short swings of Jen
sen. Jensen tried to come to close quar
ters all the time, but Bloom kept him at
arm's length most of the time. They did
not exchange much In clinches, at whloh
time Jensen exhibited his wrestling tactics.
Tn one or two of these clinches Bloom
used the tnflghter's uppercut.
Good preliminaries of three rounds were
presented by Feeney and Murphy fighting a
draw. Murphy was a little stronger at the
rinlsh. Faulkner of Omaha and Spencer
of Denver fought three rounds and the de
cision wae to the Denver boy.
A battle royal was won by Langford. one
of a gang of five husky negroes. Wolcptt
was the star performer, having the honor
of knocking a man down on two successive
blows. He floored his man manv times
In the contest, but quit at last because the
last two men against him would not fight
one another, but centered on him.''
Dreaming is High
Treason in Servia
Bishop, Who Had Vision of a Bevolu
tion, to he Prosecuted by
King Peter.
VIENNA, Nov. 6. Dispatches received
here today from Belgrade, Servia, say that
Bishop Nlkador of Nlsh, Servia, Is to be
tried for high treason for an unfortunate
dream In which he saw a revolution in
Belgrade, the deposition of King Peter
and the proclaiming of the former Crown
Prince George as king.
The bishop told of his vision to some
friends and finally it reached the ears of
the government. At a session of the cab
inet, at which King Peter presided, the
dream was considered and construed asJ
a part of a propaganda In favor of Prince
George and it waa decided to prosecute the
Attorney Admit He Urged Forcible
Resistance to Kansas Tarnation
KANSAS CITT, Nov. . W. J. Buchanan,
attorney for Swift and Company, the pack-
era, on the stand today In the hearing be
fore the commissioners of Wyandotte
county, who are trying to force the large
packing houses to produce their books for
taxation purptses, admitted he had urged
I. H. Rich, general manager of Swift and
Company, to "use a shotgun to protect the
company's booka." On the stand yesterday
Mr. Rich refused to answer any questions
regarding the company's reoords.
J. C. FennelU general manager for
Armour eV Co., occupied the stand at the
bearing today.
C. W. Trlckett. attorney for th com
missioners, was unable to secure any in
formation whatever from Mr. Fennell.
After a aerie of Inquiries, Mr. Trlckett
'What does Armour & Co. keep in its
coolers T"
"I don't know," answered Mr. Fennell.
"Then what are you employed as general
manager of such an extensive concern
for?" Mr. Fennell was asked.
"To keep the plant from burning down,"
the general manager answered.
Historical Mansion oa th Bank of
the Hadeon River I
historic Livingston manor, owned by John
Henry Livingston and located near Llveoll,
on the banks of the Hudson river, waa de
stroysd by fire tonight.
Livingston manor was mad famous in
history because It waa In this house, which
was erected in 17SS, that Chancellor Liv
ingston lived when he swore George Wash
ington into office in 1789. -
The estate was known as "Idele" and
had Just been remodeled. Its novel archi
tecture had been copied by architect from
all parts of the country. The fire was
caused by burning leavea and the loss Is
Mr. MeBrlde of New Orleans Admin
latere Chastisement by Aid of
THOMASVILLE. Oa.. Nov. . Mrs. Ho
Bride of New Orleans, complaining today to
Conductor Lewis on a Coast Line train
that a man on the train had Insulted her,
was enabled, by the aid ot the conductor,
to administer a chastisement to the of'
fender. As the man was about to leave
the train at Camilla, Conductor Lewis
collared him, and, pinning the fellow's
arms behind him, held him firmly while
Mrs. Mc Bride, who Is slight of stature
slapped both her annoyer'a cheeks until
they were crimson.
Defendant Acquitted By Jury, Bat
Judge sends Ulna to
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 6 Because he
gave the "distress signal" of a secret so
ciety In court here today, Adolph Mosko
vlts. plaintiff In a litigation Involving a
small amount ot money, after the Jury
had returned a verdict In his favor waa
sent to prltou for contempt of court.
He was detected giving signals to th
Juror and admitted the signals were used
by a secret order of which he waa a mem
Former Mayor of New York Befase
to Utaeasa Beport He Will
Head Loadoa Embassy.
NEW YORK. Nov. -Sth Low. former
mayor of New York city and ex-preeldent
of Columbia university, would not discuss
today the report emlnatlng from London
that he bad been selected to succeed
Whilelaa Reld aa Ambassador to the
court of t. James.
Two large floors axe required to show our Immense line of Gtoves and Ranges the
acknowledged leaders of the Stove World. Our years of experience in buying and selling
Stoves have given ns the enviable reputation of selling only reliable stoves at reason
able prices. We guarantee you bigger, better values for your Stove money than you can
find elsewhere. Investigate our prices. We sell for cash or on payments.
i: jirqRlT-?
f&eports from All Sections lire More
Than Satisfactory.
Retail Trad 1 Brisk: and Outlook
for Holiday Baalaea 1 Uwnso
ally Brlsjht Demand forFaot
wear la Good.
NEW YORK, Nov. .-R. O. Dun ft Co.'
weekly review of trade tomorrow will say:
Without exception the reports i of. trad,
both wholesale and retal . in all PJ" "
the country are more tHain atlafotory
and hold out the promise for 1S10 1 of a year
Of unequalled bunlness. What thl .
ixnressed In almost Inconceivable figuraa,
ta ?T.?tno United Statea 'V.'schteved
Ha wealth at a rate never bef ore nchleved
Neither the high prevailing prices nor the
discussion of -disputed on"'0M"cl"
seem In any way to "hake confidence or
oheck the Industrial rre". "
Drlnclcal cities the advices are of an ex
tent retail distribution th. -puoook
for the holiday trade is bright. The ex
traordinary advance and ""c"1''0 A"
cotton Is the most conspicuous adverse de
velopment.! . .-A
The remarkable progress In Iron nd
steel is maintained and In October all pre
vlous records aa to the amount of actual
. . . . t-.L,.. waaoaa lirnlBlAd. Ill Dr&O-
D U H 1 liejBa VJJTWk wejsa ww-g- -
tically every division orders are received
in heavy volume and many mills aro tall
ng steadily behind In deliveries. Booking
by the steel companies are especially large
and some Important oontracta are Pending.
There. Is a further large gain In the
movement of dry goods. The removal of
restrictions in purcnneina f
notlceabl In some of the W " LvmI
The tin irrtrula And V ftm niW KK
are still affected by the high cost of cot
ton and proaucuon is di"i "
some large plants, but the curtailment ha
beoom a factor In Inducing larger pur-
,hEffort are directed In worsted, cotton
and silk manufacturing centers to prevent
aooumulation of high cost goods not cov
ered by contracts. Jobbers are doing a
much better Business man u'
season. -
The demand tor rooiwear suuns iui
improvement and the prioo question is less
of a disturbing factor. Sole leather con
tinues In activo demand and while no par
ticularly large blocas are moveo. iu "o
Instances, business In the aggregate is
heavy. Prions are strong tor an '"p
Packer hides are strong and In brisk de
mand at extreme quotations, with consid
erable quantltlea sold In advance, of take
off. Dry hides continue to advance with
oommon varieties bringing eiinmn ni'.
Tk... ia . rnni.Mern.hle manipulation in
country hides and that market la largaly
Port. i ArrlTs. &ll4.
NEW YORK Campania
ROTTERDAM.... Ryndim
KAPLK9..... Ar(ntlns I.
OKNOA. ktondoaa
Every one of the Medicinal In
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Peruna let him consult
the United States Dispen
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anil Farnam Street a
Site is Selected
for the Woodmen
Harry Tukey Wins Priie, But Loca
tion of Structure Remains
Secret with Committee.
Harry Tukey ot the firm of A. P. Tukey
& Son won th prise against all com
petitors to locate th Woodmen of
th World headquarter building. At a
meeting of the building committee of th
Woodmen held Friday afternoon a Bite
waa selected and Mr. Tukey waa given
contract to deliver the goods at a certain
price, which Is somewhat under the price
aslped, but which Mr. Tukey thinks he will
be able to negotiate.
Just which corner haa been selected Is
till a mystery, although It I known that
Mr. Tukey HE represented owner of two
pieces of property, that Of the Coads at
th corner of Seventeenth and Harney and
Russian laborer Guest at
Unique Function in St. Louis
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 1-Paul Rep. Immi
grant laborer from Russia, waa th hero,
guest of honor and patriot this afternoon
In one of the most unique celebrations
ever held In 8t Louie. Th leader In
th celebration were women, whose name
oome at the top of the social reglstsr,
wbo home ar th finest In 8C Lout
and whose families ar of th wealthleat
of the city. -
Rep had challenged th patriotism of th
social leaders, and the women made him
their hero tor a day. He received hi final
naturalisation papers today. Two weeks
ago he wrote to Mr. W. K. Kavnnaugh.
wife of the president of the Lakes-to-the-Gulf
Deep Waterways association, inform
ing her that he would become a cltlaen
November S and asking her whether She
could arrange with her friend for a. cele
bration tn hla honor on that day the great
est day of his life.
Mrs. Kavanaugh, while astounded, had
the letter Investigated. She was told Reps
wa looking forward to celebrating hla
eltlzenshlp. He had spent 111 for court
fees and waa willing to expend tlft for a
hill where Mrs. Kavanaugh and her friends
could meet him if they would come.
The use of the hall wa donated to Mrs.
High grade, guaranteed In every par
ticular. Ilouble wall of httmmerd
pcllahed steel. RomovaMs
duplex grates for wood or
coal. Prices up from . . . .
With and without reservoir, pellohed
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closet and duplex grte. (97
Ounrnnteed bakers. vui
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Our Puritan Is odorless and i
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smoVeliiss. Prices
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'8crew drsft and draw
center antes, price
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,n any Jet. F.xpense cnlv
on cent vr
hour. Price
Builders' Hardware,
Mechanics' Tool.
the Cudahy property on Douglas street.
Here again ' Is another mystery,, as Mr.
Cudahy owns three corners on Dougln
street. He owns the old Grossman corner
t Seventeenth and Douglas, opposite th
new tlrandels theater, and he also owna
the half block on Douglas street between
Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets, so that
It m:v bo either one of these corners.
OffWfrs of the Woodmen refuse to divulge
the -locution and Mr. Tukey refuse to
either ny any part of the deal, although
the Woodmen sny positively that an offer
has bewi made, and It Is up to the client
of Mr. Tukey to say whether they will
It aeemed certain for a time that the
corner ' of sixteenth and Jackson street
would be selected, but when It is stated
that Mr. Tukey is negotiating th deal it
Is certain that he ha nothing to do with
that corner.
Use. Chamberlain' Couch Remedy for
cough, eolds, croup and whooping cough.
. If you have anything to sail er trad
and want quick action, advertise It In Th
Be Want Ad column.
Kavanaugh, as waa the pipe organ In It.
Reps, an employe ot th Frisco road, Mrs,
Rep and their three children were in th
hall early this afternoon. Among those
who attended the celebration besides Mrs.
Kavanaugh were Mr. R. h. Krlsmann,
wife of the mayor of St. Louis; Mr. Ed
ward P. Preetorlous, wife of a newspaper
publisher, and Mrs. Wallace C. Capen.
While Reps wss the guest of honor, he
requested his hostesses to sing different
songs. : ; '"America" and other patriotic
songs were rendered by a chorus of th
social leaders, and these were followed by
bugle call and war songs.
In hi letter to Mr. Kavanaugh, Rep
"I want to be a good patriot, good cltl
aen, and this event In my life I wsnt to
remember and have something great.
Old Russia for me I dead. Is It possible
for 110 or 15 for us to hear In respectable
manner and place, to hear once singing
'America,' 'Pnnner of Country.' or other
American patriotic songs and even accom
panied by fin music T
"We think It very bad and disgraceful
as most Immigrants in such event, Induced
by politician to take naturalisation, drink
much beer, use bad language and fight."
It can
c truly said of
Peruna that it hai
stood the test of time
: ; Used
,1mm Over