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Etory of that Winchester Thriller
Told by a Participant.
S. n. refers, Vka Rode wit "Little
rhll" that Mrmomblt Day, I
scribes tha Illstorta
"While every loyal and patriotic Amer
ican rejoiced In the celebration of the 12Mh
anniversary of the surrender of Cornwallls
at Torktown, Va., Tuesday," said K. A.
Parmelee at army headquarters, "yet Oc
tober 19 was alKO the forty-fifth annivers
ary of the most dramatic episode of the
civil war, "Sheridan's ride.' ',
"It has a peculiar Interest to me because
I waa at the time a member of Colonel H.
B. Hayes' regiment, the . Twenty-third
Ohio, which received the brunt of Early's
attack that morning at Cedar Creek. Hayes
also commanded a brigade during the bat
tle, and It was his gallantry In holding
Karly's victorious forces In check that
waved the Nineteenth corps from a com
plete rout and made It possible for the
coming of Sheridan later In the day to
rally the retreating union army.
"I waa not directly engaged In the bat
tle, having been laid up from a severe
wound a few weeks before. But the story
of the fight and the part that the Twenty
third Ohio took In It Is a part of the treas
ured history of that regiment. General
John C. Cowln. now of Omaha (he was
Private Cowln then), was also a member
of the Twenty-third, as was the late Presl
dent MeKlnley,' the latter then holding the
rank of major In the regiment."
Time of Arrival Disputed.
A controversy has recently been I awak
ened regarding the time that general
Sheridan arrived on the- field at Cedar
Oeek. Many hold that he did not reach
Ctdar Creek until shortly after 3 o'clock
while others claim he was on the battle'
fle'.d at 9 o'clock or 11 o'clock In the morn-
tnlf. PosBlbly each of these contentions U
right, depending upon the part of the bat
tlefleld he reached at these respective
The writer, S. S. Peters, happened to be
a part of General Sheridan's escort that
morning and accompanied "Little Phil
down the- Shenandoah pike. The Sixth
United States cavalry was made the head
quarters' escort to General Sheridan when
he took command of the cavalry division
of the Army of the Potomac In the sum
mer of 1S64, and remained aa such during
the entire war following.'.
General Sheridan had been , called to
'Washington after the battles of Fisher's
Hill and Opequan creek, for consultation
with General Halleck. He returned to
Martlnsburg from Washington early the
morning of October 19 and reached Win
chester at T o'clock . that morning. The
escort was waiting for him at Winchester.
Desultory Firing Heard.
Some desultory artillery fire was heard
from down the valley, but Sheridan, sup
posing It to be but a reconnalsance, did
not pay much attention to It at the mo
ment He then rode leisurely down the
road to Mill Creek, accompanied by his
staff and the escort, a distance of prob
ably four miles. He reached Mill Creek
about 8 o'clock,, and then realized thatj
big battle was In progress down the
road. Some of the retreating troops, with
transportation, were already pouring Into
Mill Creek, and Sheridan, hastily calling
a small escort of twenty men to follow
with his staff (thla escort being of the
Sixth cavalry, with one or two New York
and Pennsylvania cavalrymen), the party
started down the road on a gallop. Sheri
dan was naturally in the lead and for
awhile carried a cavalry guidon, , and as
he passed the rapidly augmenting re
treating forces he asked, "What men are
your and waving the guidon at them
called them to come back. "Come on,
. boya. we'll whip out of them yet."
Ride Eleven and Half Miles.
The ride from Mill Creek to where the
first line of the Sixth corpa was encoun
tered was Just eleven and a half miles. A
number of toll gate poles had been pulled !
down and chained by the retreating troops !
and the escort had to cut or break these
poles away In order to get through. In one
Instance the toll gate pole waa so stub
born that the escort had to tear down a
big section of fence no that they could get
round back of the toll house and onto the
road again. These delays occupied prob
ably fifteen or twenty minutes In the
eleven and a half miles' ride.' ,
The whole time of the ride, Including
' delays, from Mill Creek to the Sixth corps
line occupied poBoibly an hour and twenty
minutes. ' - .
Just before, reaching the Sixth corps line
a group of officers, among them General
George A. Custer, rode up to meet the
party with their staffs and escorts. Custer
gang out with a cheer, "It's Sheridan,
: fcoya."
In the meanwhile a number of scattered
troops had fallen In line along the pike
t and recognizing Sheridan cheered to the
echo and began singing "Glory, Hallalu
Jai." Bally t Replies Sberldaa.
"What troops are these?" asked Sheri
dan. ' Someone sang out, "It's the old Sixth
corpa. We are all right."
i ' "Bully!" replied Sheridan. "Get right at
them, boya. We have got them going now.
We will steer In our old camp tonight"
The presence- of Sheridan thrilled the en
tire army and cheering could be heard to
the right and left, "Sheridan's here, Sheri
dan's here."
General Sheridan remained on the Sixth
corpa line but a few moments, gave some
hurried directions for the disposition of
the troops, and rode off In a gallop to other
- parts of the field followed by his staff and
escort, repeating his orders and giving hope
- and cheer to the scattered commands that
i were now rallying.
The day was saved and It waa Sheridan's
J presence that saved It.
tt e .
W Biz I rrrrs n r nrwsrwi
n At IJ ' i) I ii "1 .- I Ait II
II 4 jm . . mf
i,4 i ii ill, - n w
mm is s mmm fTTs
"V 511 IX
A Cordial Welcome to VisitinJ W. C. T. U. Delegates
We Invite you to make yourselves at borne la this store,
.to make use of our free rest and waiting rooms, to check your
baggage and parrels free, and to make the store a meeting
place for yourself and your friends.
- .We will be glad to extend to you any courtesy In our
power. .
This is the largest store west of Chicago. Omaha's proud
est boast is Drandels stores.
. - J. L. DltANDEIS & SOX9
eavier Underwear
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Bleached white and silver grey,
regular and extra V .'
sizes, a suit .'frC
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s w
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ium and light shades, double heel and toe, ' "T
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ribbed school hose,' aUo men's
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V floral effects, up to 5 Inches
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kerchiefs hand Madeira
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Special Sale of Gloves
Verdict af t'oraarr'i Jury in Casa at
Despondent Hti Who Dtea la
Police (aarit.
Mllu D. Frey. .who died at Thirty-first
and Douglas streets early Thursday morn
ing whtlo under arrest for supposed drunk
nners, was found to have died from tak
ing arsenlu poison by a coroner's Jury at an
Inquest held Friday morning-.
The poison had been taken In the form
of a powder In combination with (round
splceu. A chemical analysis by Assistant
City Physician Dunn waa necessary to de
termine the nature of the drug- used.
Mrs. Carolina Frey 'of Mankato, Kan.,
mother of the dead man, la expected to
arrive on Friday iilght and arrangements
for the funeral will be delayed pending her
The testimony of the wife of the suicide
at the Inquest yesterday Indicated that he
had Ions been despondent.
"Women's one and two-clasp kid, Mocha and cape gloves
silk lined and unlined for street and evening wear-
in tan, gray, brown, green, blue, black and white Paris
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Women's 1 -clasp. English walk
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Cashmere and Cashmerette Gloves for
women and children; silk lined and
fleece lined brown, ' p . pv
"pair6.1. "I ,T.a.c.k:. . . 25 C-5UC
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Drug Co.
Mr. Samuels, Ipth and Miller Sts.,
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you fourteen yeara ago will last four
teen years more, ' Judging; from its
present condition. We had It ten
years before It needed repairing. It
la an axtraordlnaryly fine baker, heats
up so quick and takes so little fuel
that one would not believe it until
they use It."
There are three features that con
stitute a first class gas stove. No gns
atove Is first class without any one
of them. They are: economy of gas.
working qualities and durability..
There are many gas atovea Hold in'
Omaha every day that haven't any
one of them. There are many Hold '
that have only one or two. A gas
stove should last aa long aa a first
class Hleel Range. How many doT
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The Shoers
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A ! r
Dependable :
in ii i '- -i ii i i ir- "-- -ir iiHT -'---"-
The "good enough for the
boy" Idea in buying shoes Is
poor policy.
The best In shoes Is none
too good for the boys. They
give their shoes harder wear
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a waste of money to buy them
poor shoes.
If our kind of boys' shoes
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Hoys' Sizes
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Youths' Blies-
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Little Gent' Sixes
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Drexel Shoe Co.
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by 'Phone
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Write for Illustrated booklet (T)
fXotel Colfax Colfax, Iowa
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Hotel Rome
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CTrlM IOB9 hr H.rt cht(fhr tc Mars
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YlfJW .
Doug. 2141
Ind. A-2147
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