Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 23, 1909, EDITORIAL, Page 13, Image 13

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Another Great Sale ol Oeoufiful New
Eaw can they sell such stunning garments so reasonable will be on everybody's
tongue when they see the beautiful new coats, tailored suits and dresses on sale here
Exclusive Tailored Suits
on sale Saturday, at
These suits are alt exclusive models, beautifully
tailored and trimmed; hardly two alike in the
entire special offering $43.00 to $33.00 valne.
at, each $35.00
Beautiful Tailored Suits
on sale Saturday, at
Over two hundred high class suits to choose from.
All stylish, new models made of fine all wool
materials, and lined with Skinner satin linings
' $37.50 to $40.00 values, at 829.75
Stylish Tailored Suits y r f A
on sale Saturday, at pJUJ
Every suit Is perfectly tailored The materials are
all wool worsteds, fine serges, diagonal cloths, in
two. tone or solid colors and broadcloths. These
suits are all new models, in trimmed or plain
tailored styles, and made in various lengths
$30.00 to $33.00 values, at S25.00
IMew Dresses on Sale Saturday
Over 300 pretty new dresses will be placed on sale Saturday. These dresses are all
bwintifully.made in fancy and plain tailored models. The materials are French serge
prunella cloths, worsteds and broadcloths $25.00, $27.50, $30.00, C1Q59 C C
$32.50 and $35.00; on sale Saturday at $ J O
SALE OF STYLISH NEW SKIRTS New walking skirts, made of all wool panama and
fine worsted materials, in the very newest styles. Some are trimmed and C C ( f
some are plain tailored models; $7.50 to $10.00 values on sale Saturday. .P JJ
New Coats and Capes C7Q 7C
on sale Saturday at t D
New styles, exclusive with us, both in
coats and capes for street or evening wear.
These garments are made of finest broad
cloths and lined with Skinner satin and
contrasting peau de cygne linings.
$40.00 and $45.00 values at $29.75
Beautiful New Coats CC Hfl
on sale Saturday at PDJ U
A wonderful variety of beautiful, new styles to
choose from. These coats are made of finest Im
ported fancy materials all wool broadcloths and
fine coverts $32.50 to :57.30 values, at 325.0O
Stylish New Coats
on sale Saturday at .
Theee coats are all stylish new models. Some are
fancy trimmed 6tyles, some are plain but. fancy
cuts, and others are perfectly plain tailored
models. All are made of fine all wool materials
and lined with guaranteed satin linings. 923.00
to 9.10.00 values $19.50
( WW J
U llulL
In order to make room for our fall stock we will sell, regardless of cost, fifteen prac
tice pianos, regular prices $100, $110, $120 and up, at $15, $25, $35 and up, on terms of '
50c to $1.00 per week. ,
Ono Piano will bo given away Absolutely
Froo between tho hours of 3 and 4 P. 173.
Saturday. Octobor 23d, the only condition being that
you bring this ad with you and present sams to our Floor Manager.
The piano given away absolutely free last Thursday morning was awarded to Mr. N. L. Aldrlch, 2010
Webster St., who writes the following letter:
This will certify that I received from the Schmoller & Mueller Piano Co.
at their sales rooms Thursday morning, the piano advertised absolutely free
on Wednesday evening, October 20th.
(Signed) N. L. ALDRICH, 2010 Webster St. ,
To make Saturdaw, October 23d, the banner day of the month of October, we .hare
decided to close out, regardless of cost, 29 Pianos, known.' as discontinued styles of
such celebrated makes as Chase, Knabe, Chickering, Lindeman, Farrand and many others,
at a reduction of $128.00 from regular selling prices. '
We also offer our entire stock of new WEBER. STEGER. SCHMOLLER MUELLER, HARDMAN,
EMERSON and McPHAIL, 23 other makes and our line of Player Pianos, at heavy discounts from eastern
prices. A call will convince the most skeptical that we can and will save you at any time from $75 to
$150 on a first-class instrument.
$1,500 Stelnway $450
$300 Story & Camp $75
$350 Kimball SlOO
$350 Ivers & Pond 8125
New Sample Pianos, up from
$750 Electric Piano 8375 . 800 Angelua S400
Sample Piano S13 I $550 Chase 524JO
$450 Knabe 8 1 75 1 1550 Stelnway -S325
$450 J. & C. Fischer ....$185 60 Chickering ....... .$350
S14S $156 na
We have been selling Pianos to your neighbors for 50 years and guarantee entire satisfaction.
for catalogues, prices and terms. We ship Pianos everywhere.
Schmoller & Mueller Piano Co.,
Operating 10 branch stores and IOO distributing agencies.
Main Warerooms and Office: 1311 and 1313 Farnam Street.
Established 1859
Halloween Decorations
Are Used by Hostesses
Hallowsn -dacnratlona will take preced
ence at most of the Informal parties for
Ahe rest of October or until the night the
witches Wih'he out with their black cats
ami" queer" looking brusn brooms. Pump
kin .Jack-o'lonterns will be used for light
ing and every one knpws that this sort of
lantern leaves so ; nufny shadows and all
ports ol- thing mar lurk in these dark
places to frighten the little ones and some
of the grown upa. Tha shops show a
great variety to assist the hostesses in car
rying ttU XtM Hallowe'en Ideas which fit
In' well wltn the harvest home celebra
tions. This has been of much assistance
to' the hostesses who are entertaining at
Happy Hollow this week.
one-half-inch hem on one side and knife
pleated on the other. .
This' Is sewed all around a strip of the
net. which should have been braided, em
broidered or similarly embellished. Black
or White may be used.
rinffr Jabot.
The fashion of closing the coats so far
dawn the front has created a demand for
fluffy jabots that will fill In the space left
vacant when the blouse Is considered not
sufficiently smart or too thin to suit
weather conditions.
And while there are' many elaborate
models and styles If one has only the
money to spare, one of the prettiest and
rn"tairc.ticnj Jabots can oe made from a
.i ef fine Brussels rSet. finished witha
Wedding Bells
IwMt Chines King- fe Kappy
Ooaplss) Xaewa is Oaaaha aad Aa
Mssoamti ef Otfcera Are Mad.
... i You ....
"We are trying to imprest
upon every woman in Omaha
the fact that the Sorosis
stamp is more than a mere
trademark it is n guarantee
of shoe satisfaction.
No Other shoe can promise!
what Sorosis does, because
no other shoe is made like
Soroeis in leather, style and
excellence of workmanship.
$3.50 -'$100
A pretty wedding occurred Wednesday
evening at the home of the bride's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Mass, 4712 Daven
port street, when their daughter Martha
was united tn marriage to Alvah P. Whit
more. The Rev E. R. Curry of the Calvary
Baptist church performed the ceremony.
The house was beautifully decorated with
ferns, pink and cream roses, the color
scheme of pink and white being carried out
throughout the rooms ' and the ceremony
was performed under an arch of smilax
and pink roses.
The atfendanta were: Miss Gussie Mass,
sister of the bride as bridesmaid and Mr.
Jason Toungs. best man. The ring cere
mony was used. Miss Gussie wore a dainty
gown of pink and white mull and carried
pink roses. The bride wore a gown of
cream mescaline, made princess and trim
med with baby Irish lace and pearls. She
carried a shower bouquet of brides' roses
and swansonla. After the ceremony was
performed, a two course luncheon was
served. The table was decorated with a bas
ket of pink and white roses for the center
piece. Only the relatives of the bride and a
few intimate frirrds mere present. Mr.
Whit more is treasurer of the Sheridan Coal
company, and has made his home at the
Chatham for a number of years. Mr. and
Mrs. Whitmore left last evening for a ten
days' trip which will Include Chicago and
Dea Moines. Thry will also visit Mr.
Whitmore's parents at West Union. Iowa.
Pleasures Past
octal S vests ef Vote at Wale
Coagsalal Veople Meet and In
Joy Themselves ta the Tftaost.
Combs, John Ross. Jr.: E. E. Kimberley.
C. O. Talmadge, W. S. Marshall, A. H.
Workman, Frank Hoibrook. Warner, E.
M. Wellman. Telser and Trimble.
Mr. and Mrs. Cadet Taylor celebrated
their fortieth, anniversary .with a family
dinner, Thursday evening. . at their resi
dence, ai2 Burt street. Twenty-three of the
forty years have been spent In Omaha.
Mrs. A. Stuben gave a luncheon Wednes
day at the Rome hotel, followed by a
matinee party at the Orpheum. For lunch
eon the table was decorated with pink and
white carnations and those present were
Mesdames J. B. Woodrough. Charles Dy
ball, W. K. Foots, J. H. Robinson, E. J.
McAdama. E. T. Johnson. A. Snyder, F.
C. Best. II. Rix. J. G. Kuhn. Leo Grotte,
H. A. Wahl. HA. Cameron, C. B. Liver,
Will Rosney, W. Krebs, H. G. Windhelm.
G. Swoboda and A. Stuben.
Mrs. J. Burr Taylor gave an Informal
kenslngton today at her home In honor of
Miss May Tates. who will be one of the
November brides. The afternoon was spent
embroidering Initials on towels for the bride
to be. Twelve guests were present.
A dinner party was given last even
ing by Miss Edna Keellne for tha mem
bers of the F pens-Keellne bridal party at
the Grand hotel In Council Bluffs. The
guests were seated at one large table
and those present were Miss Elisabeth
Adair of Atlanta. Ga.; Miss Jean Ell wood
of DeKalb. III.; Mrs. E. P. Reed of Chi
cago, Mrs. Hosplns of Chicago, Miss Phil
lips of Chicago. Mrs. Hawkins of Burling
ton, la.; Miss Edna Keellne. Mr. snd Mrs.
Glen Wharton. Mr. and Mrs. Arthnr Kee
llne, Mr. and Mrs. John T. Stewart, 2d;
Jlr. and Mrs. E. M. Fairfield. Mr E. R.
Puffer of Chicago, Mr. J. E. Buckingham.
Mr. A. M. Jeffrey, Mr. Spins and Mr. and
Mrs. George Keeline.
A new club has been formed at Happy
Hollow club, and they gave their first
party last evening, which was a dinner
dance. Halloween decorations prevailed.
The officers of the club were Mr. Jack
Palmer, president; Mr. Arthur Cajacobs.
secretary and treasurer, and three directors:
Messrs A. H. Clarke, F. R. Shear and
Ri-gir.ald Giles, The club la composed of
men and has been named the Pan club.
The members of the club and their guests
last evening included Misses Ines
Latey, Carolyn Conkllne. Delia Jacobson,
Rita McNamara. Charlotte Hendrickson.
Shear, Polly Hurst. Elizabeth Behrens,
Esther Devalon. Eileen McCaffrey, Grace
Hemple, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Roberts, Mr.
and Mrs. Oscar Lleben, Messers Jack Pal
mer. Arthur Cajacobs, A. H. Clark. F. R.
Shear. Renglnald Giles, Harry Sfein. Fred
Johnson. B. Pritchard. Frank Devalon, A.
J. Slstek, Neal Bowlby and Tom Murphy.
for St. Paul. Neb., where she will attend
a family reunion given at the home of
her brother, Mr. A. L. Covey. There will
be eight brothers and sisters present at
this reunion, which includes all of the
family except two sisters, who live too
far distant to be present. Those who will
attend are Midland Mrs. D. L. Johnson of
Omaha. Mr. A. JL. Covey of St. Paul. Neb.;
Mra. A. V. Veeder of Utlca, N. T.; Mrs.
M. N. Thompson of New York City, Wil
liam H. Covey of Sallda. Colo.; Mrs. P. N.
Deuel of Pine Plain, X. Y., and Mrs. Wil
liam Bostwick of New York City.
'J Water
vmM i Aockjsi to Tomt
fedi&a. rive gaUaa bottle Son,
Tel. Dwugla 60.
Mra J. J. McMullen was hostess at a
i perfectly appointed luncheon pat ty today
, at her home on Sou.h Thirty-eighth street.
The tables were placid in the Urge llv-
ir.g room and sun parlor and an effective
decoration of maiden-hair ferns was used.
Tha mantel was banked with ferns and
palms and the centerpieces for tne small
: tables were baskets of ferns. Mra Frank
Hall, who Is the guest of her daughter.
Mra. J. E. Elder, was the guest of honor
and at the guest tsble the centerpiece was
, of orrhlds. Covers were placed for suty
; four guests. Mra McMullen will give the
second of a series of luncheons this week
1 at her home Saturday. Tha honor guests
will be Mrs. J. E. Elder and Mrs. Charles
A. Hull.
f Mrs. J. O. Telser and Mrs. Char les Trim
ble gave the second of a series of luncheon
parlies today at Happy Hollow. Hal
lowe'en decorations were used both for the
trimming of the luncr.eon table and the
club. Tl.e place cards were In designs of
witches and black cata. Following lunch
eon the guests bowled, finishing with a
msrshmallow roast tha latter pari of the
afternoon at the larfe-e grate fire at the
club. Those poteen I today aere Mesdames
N. H. Nelson. W. H. Butts. U. V. Cole.
Simeon Joara. Marley, O. P. Goodman.
Ferguson. Rhoades, Shepherd. T. L.
Personal Gossip
Wtat tha Feepls Are. Waea
Tfcsy Are Qolag aad Wnea
Tasy Zapect ta aVstara Kama.
Miss Elizabeth Ball of Fremont la the
guest of Miss Emma Landrock.
Mrs. W. R. Gregg of St. Louis is the
guest of her mother. Mrs. Q. G. Whit
mark. Mr. and Mrs.- Richard Kitchen left
Wednesday for a two weeks' stay In Kan
sas City.
Mrs. Hymao Fisherson of Los Angeles.
Cat., is the guest of her sister. Mrs.
Sophia Coenbleth. X23 California street.
Mrs. A. V. Veeder of Ullca, N. T.. and
Mrs. William Bostwick of Pine Plain. N.
Y . are the eruests of Mrs. D. L. Johnson
for a few jayt.
Mra Jacob Landrock and daughter, Marie,
have returned from a two weeks visit with
relatives In Chicago. Misses Marie and
Bessie Landrock will leave this week to
spend a few days visiting friends In Anita,
Mrs. Frank Hall returned yesterday from
a month's slay In New York City. She
was ai'i-nmpanied by her daughter. Mrs.
Paul Schmidt, and. Mr. Schmidt of San
Diego, Cal., who will remain her.) a few
days at the home of Mr. and Mra. J. E.
Elder, i
Mra D. L. Johnson will leave Monday
Mew to Be Allowed -" Tetee la
the 'ew Aastraliaa
Mrs. Emily Crawford, president of the
Householders Lesgue of England, la one of
the leaders In ' the movement to found a
colony In Australia where no man will be
allowed to own a penny's worth of prop
erty. The promoters of the enterprise have
secured land In a fine situation near Al
bany, on high ground facing the lea. There
la a small lake on the property and several
mineral springs of repute for healing rheu
matism and gout. Tha women propose to
establish a resort similar to the German
Bad, only no gambling will be allowed.
When Mrs. Crawford was asked why she
and her colleagues were gofng so far away
to invest their money she replied:
"It la because there Is no protection In
England for the flpancltl enterprises of
women. We go to Australia where women
stand on the same footing with men, have
the same protection and the same advan
tages that having the ballot affords."
Mrs. Crawford was one of the Judges of
women's work at the Chicago World's
Two-Toned Hosiery
Little Thlasja that Are Warth Re.
saeaberiaa; mmd Help Glrla
Maka Frteads.
The girl whose manners are pleasing
knows the value of little things. She is
not satisfied with omitting glaring rude
ness; she Is polite In trifles.
She answers an Invitation the day It Is
received, and does not change her mind
later when something more attractive turns
- She does not take attention as a matter
of course, but expresses her gratitude of
the smallest kindness by an appreciative
She does not think that the telephone or
waiting until she meets her hostess Is a
polite substitute for a letter of thanks.
She does not consider It good manners to
be pleasant with the special friend and
indifferent to the other members of the
She Is thoughtful of the feelings of old
people and inferiors, and full of sweet
little attentions to the sick and feeble.
HILE two-toned stocking are
not exactly new they hava
been so much Improved upon
that this season they are like
an entirely novel creation.
For exumple. hose In two-toned ef
fects are In every conceivable color
and combination, specially designed
to match the twoAoned materials that
are so fashionable for tailored suits.
The latest of these models la tha
treave that gives a pure white on the
Inside, ribbed on the outside with
black or a color. One can find tha
new raisin shades, also the odd blues,
soft old rose, mulberry and dozens of
popular colors, both in two tones or
in combination with white. Tho latter
are especially dainty.
Next In favor to the two-toned ef
fects Is the bronze stocking. It has
the foot and toe of soft cotton. In
cidentally there are a number of
shades to choose from so that either
shoes or slippers may be easily
Another line of stockings that Is
most attractive Is In black lisle
thread, embroidered In dainty ' coror
lngs set In so the decoration can be
seen above tha high boot.
The embroidery takes the form of
a bracelet or wreath, and below It
are scattered sparingly single blos
soms. These are In sufficient num
bers for good effects, supposing low
shoes are worn. The design, how
ever, was originated for use with high
Btreet boots, and was brought out by
a high class department store at the
request of several patrons who felt It
was a mistake to cover the dainty
decorations of the usual stocking.
This, too. Is new, and will be a prac
tical foot covering for wear with tha
heavier shoes that must soon, owing
to weather conditions, be adopted.
The sole is said to wear well, besides
being much more comfortable for
street use than the thinner lisle
thread. Plain black silk stockings In
staple weaves are $L50, $1 more being
chanced for those embellished with
The newest In plain ailk hosa ta tha
thinnest finest stocking. Chiffon is
actually thick by comparison. It can
be folded until It measures only about
four inches long and then be drawn
through a finger ring of ordinary atse.
The price Is $15 a pair and there la
no decoration on them, aa the beauty
Ilea In the extreme fineness and
smoothness of the weave. Only black
and white are on sale. Other high
priced stockings are of silk in white,
black and neutral colors elaborately
embroidered in exquisite colorings.
There are few or no freak hosa
among the newest Importations, such
as contrasting tops, stripes and fig
ures. For all are of one coloring ex
cept In the case of the two toned, but
even these are quiet looking, no more
conspicuous than tha two toned wlda '
wale cheviots, etc.
The little silk tassels at boot
length are still a favored decoration,
but they must match the stocking In
color. There was an attempt to in
troduce tassels In gold, silver and
other metallic effects, but the novelty
failed to become a fad, the glittering
appendages being considered detri
mental to the good effect of dainty
slippers, especially when the latter
were bejewelled or ornately embroidered.
don showing the owners of the land. This
is nearly completed.
It snows that 44.UU0 landlords owns land
covering 11S square miles. these being
mostly single house owners. Sixty square
miles are owned by 187 persons, organiza
tions and corporations. One-third of this
area belongs to the crown, the ecclesiasti
cal commissioners, the county council and
the city corporation.
It is estimated that the present value of
the land on mhich London Is built Is, which will he Increased to
UAM.(M by 1910. New York Times.
The A. Ilospe) Co. Alrrady Has tha
Cote Lyrics They Passed Over
the Boards at the Boyd.
Just leave It to Maria Cahlll she
never yet has offered a comedy tn which
chic girla and saucy song hits did not
play an Important part.
Marie herself as well aa her long
skirted" chorus offer some exceedingly
dashy songs thla season and tha "hits"
of this week's engagement at tha Boyd
theater are already on sale at tha A.
Hoapa company at 1611 Douglas atreet
awaiting tha usual bevy of Saturday
These hits Include: "Girls, Girls, Girls,"
"Arab Love Bong." "Thafa tha Doctor
Bill." "Take Plenty of Shoes." "Auf
Wledersehn," and ''Gee. but You Look
Awfully Good to Me."
Then, too, tha "screams' on this
week's Orpheum bill they're all here. If
you've attended this week you know this
Is tha correct Hat: "How Do You Do,
Miss Josephine," ."'Say No. That's All."
"I'd Rather Be a Minstrel Man Than a
Multimillionaire," "I'm Going Home."
"Cubanola Glide." "My Husband'a In the
City," "She Borrowed My Only Husband,"
and "Thla Is No Place for a Minister's
"The Stubborn Cinderella," which has
Just closed an engagement at the Boyd,
la also replete with captivating aongs
and the complete list will be on sale to
morrow at "Hospe's."
By the way, have you ever before seen
I lui'n a iwiu song service in omul;
' Surely you hava not It has remained for
i the hustling A. Hospe company to In
! trdduce the Idea: "New songs on sals
the moment they are sung on tha local
All tha Sbova songs lta tomorrow ex
cepting the operatic pieces, which are
10 cents.
151 J Douglas Btreet.
Wosaea Aeeeat the Costly Faeries
far Traveltag Geiwaa with
Just- at the moment women appear to
be accepting the various forms of rich
brocade with enthusiasm. To be sure they
eye tho rich visiting gowns and afternoon
gowns of one tone satin and velvet bro
cades with some hesitation and are not
quits sura whether they like the models
made up tn these brocades combind with
plain materials, but when It comes to even
ing gowns the approval la more sure, and In
tha sphere of evening coats the brocades
are meeting with unqualified approval.
Chamberlain's Cougn Remedy contains
no Injurious substance and is pleasant to
Laa41era mt Laaelaaw
Tha London oounly council has spent a
decade in preparing a ground plan of Lon-
Weinlaiidsr & Smitii V
I Alma9 twAlna'asi C u . M sm B
317 So. 16tb Street
"mo- oomsxTS
are quite tha thing for stout
women. Your figure will be
reduced to perfect form and at
tha aama time yon will alwaya
feel entirely at ease.
auto KTrrruu.
A new article of wear for
women, which Is especially
made for cool weather.
A beautiful line of stylish
neckwear. In lace and embroid
ery, has Just been put on sale.
Including coat seta, Dutch col
lars. Jabots, etc
Colgata Sampla Day at
Sherman & McConnell's Stores
aw-rfx.H ym u.a .La-aiuoaisagggas.
Come (Saturday, October Z3. and get a
free sample of Colgate A C'o.'s products
as follows:
Free Sampla Colgate's Shaving Stick.
Free Sample Colgate's Ribbon Denti
frice. Free Samplpe Colgate's Dactylla Tal
cum. Free Sampla Colgate's Extracts several
We are general western scents for Col
gate s Soaps, Perfumes, Toilet Water,
o Colgate's Violet or Cashmere Tal
cum ISo
Colgate's Ribbon Ientifrtca 10c-o
Colgate's Shaving Sticks 10c-2uc
Colgate's Toilet Waters Sc. JSC. 60c-4o
Colgate's 'ash mere Bouquet
Soap 15c-C8
Colgate's English Process Soap, S
for S
Colgate's Shsva Powders Tie
Colgate's Shaving Soap 5c
We redeem PALM OLIVE coupons. Cut
them out of Ladles' Home Journal and
bring to either store.
Sherman & !.!cGonnell Drug Co.
Cor. 16th and Dodge Sta.
Owl Drug Co
Cor. Mia and Harney Stav