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    rilK liKK: OMAHA, I'KIDAY, OCTOBKH 22, .1909.
$1.50 Cor
duroy knlc k e r
bocker pants
' ' ;
Humor Say Burlington Will Buy
Moffat 'Line to Bait Lake.
Caanertlna at Present U with Rio
tiraade Which l.oara Business to
narllnctnar Owf Honlf to
lout Tm Circuitous.
Kumr big railroad "moves arc expected to
materialise In the far-went, but what they
will be no one will positively ay. The
latest rumor haa It that the Burlington la
about to tie up. in some way with the
Western Pacific for an outlet to the Pacific
roast. This Story haa bn given a freah
Impetua by the trip of President Harris
of the Burlington and Vice President D.
Miller and I. Wlllard, who are now In
Colorado looking over the ground. .
Tha contemplated deal Is for the Burling
ton to get Control of the Moffat line from
Denver to Salt Lake City and the "Western
Paclfio from Salt Lake City to the coast.
The Western Paclfio has a- splendid lort
trade line oer which the heaviest trains
may be moved with speed, but it IS over
100 miles longer than the Southern Pacific
between Salt Lake City and San Francisco.
While, the' Burlington has an excellent
Una between Chicago and Denver, 'It loses
a large amount of coast business because
of Its Ujontiectlon with the. Rio Grande,
which I, a, most circuitous' route to Salt
Lake City. The Moffat line la almost
straight "across the mountains and should
1111 1 gain possession it will give the Bur
lington splendid connections for the coast
business , -
J. J. Hill slteaaV bwns the Colorado" &
Southern which gives him an outlet' to the'
gulf from Denver. A second line across
Wyoming Is now building and this will
pour business' fi'oW 'the' Pacific nffrtbwest
to the Colorado Southern at Denver, -and
alve Mr. Hill a system running inj a,ll
directions from Denvpj. '.' 11 -f-
C. L, Brown, superintendent of the Ne
braska; division of the Rock Island, has
arrived In Omaha to meet a. la we party of
Rock 'Island operating officials who will
arrive this evening and spend the night
In Omaha.' Among these will be II. IT.
Mudge, third vice president. In charge of
If you'll eat more
: .Quaker Oats
you'll, get the benefits in health of body
and brain that
S '
Dr. James Crichtoa Browne, LL D., F. R. S.,
the celebrated London medical expert on
food values, says are sure to come from
eating plenty of good oatmeal.
...The experts at the Seattle Exposition
confirmed all previous decisions of experts
by giving Quaker Oats the highest award
and gold, medal. ; -
pie Quaker Qia Qmpany
Next time you buy flour
7F W
Kanaj Milling f
Sunkist is worth 23 cents a
it costs you no more;"' .
Maney Milling -
Doys $3.50 Reefers and Overcoats at $2.50
For boj'B njres 3 to 10 years made of Scotch
cheviots, Melton cloth all serviceable and
good wearing, worth up to Ci'J Cfl
$3.50, at ............. pii.JU
Boys $3.00 Knickerbocker Suits at $1.93
A Eood school suit In fancy cheviots. Pants are with
reinforced (warns $3 suits a great ff nn
bargain leader on these, at .'. .$l0
76c knlck
e r bocker
50c boys'
operation; F. O. Melcholr. general man
ager; H. S. Cable, general superintendent;
J. B. Berry, chief engineer. The party has
been making a slow tour of Iowa. Inspect
ing work which Is In progress In that state,
and Is headed tor the west.
The Burlington is arranging to run two
through trains from Chicago to Seattle
each day through St. Paul, Instead of the
one which has been in service for some
time. The business has become too heavy
for one train to handle. The Burlington
will also quicken the time of Its Chicago
Denver train two hours and the Colorado
Limited will leave Chicago at 9:46 a. m.,
arrive In. Omaha at 11:20, and Denver at
2.15 p. m. the next day, two hours faster
than at present
Remarkable cures have been made by
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
Jimocrats Sore
at Shally Again
Kick Because He Comes to Town on
Political Mission and Ignores
Them and Mayor.
This matter of dishing out money for the
hungry pie biters Is not the' only thing
disturbing the Dahlmaultes these days.
They are particularly hurt by Governor
Bhallenberger's treatment of Mayor Dahl
man. i
."Instead of, coming up to the city hall and
passing around a good word when , he
comes to town, the governor evidently
doesn't ' recognise the building when ' he
sees it," said one strong friend of -the
mayor. -
"Of course, the governor hasn't as many
enthusiastic friends under the root bare
as he ought to have, and everybody knows
that. But he can't make them his friends
by studiously Ignoring the mayor every
time he cbtnea to town. Somebody Ought to
fix the governor's head. It won't hurt him
"kt all to pay bis Respects to Mayor Paci
nian on these visits, and as a 'recognised
leader of his party the mayor Is entitled
to this mark of respect. Let the governor
hold his private conferences here with his
particular friends, but In doing so need not
slight the mayor and his friends. We'll,
treat htm sociably, and won't even attempt
to bit him."
don't just order "a sack of flour
be particular tell the grocer to
send you a sack of
, The Flour of Perfect Purity
Sunkist Flour is made from
plump, sweet wheat berries from
the, very pick of Nebraska's
wealth of sun-ripened golden
wheat. That's what gives Sun
kist its rich creamy color and its
fine wheaten flavor.
sack more than ordinary flour, yet
Co., Omaha
Men's 510 Over
coats or Sells
at $6.50
Here are about 300
suit and overcoats
made to sell at $10
or $12.50, which
our buyer picked
up from a N. Y.
manufacturer who
needed the money,
at nearly one-half
off the regular
$2.50, good
peclal, at.
At Peace with 0. 0. P. and All World
Except World-Herald.
Celebrate Fortieth Wedding; IVatal
Day by Giving- tha Lie to Re
ports la the Donsoeratlo
"This Is my fortieth wedding anniversary
and so far as I know, I am at peace with
all the world, except politically with the
World-Herald," says Cadet Taylor.
"Forty years ago today, I pulled an old
Washington hand press, working off the
weekly edition of my newspaper, the Jndex,
at Wenona, III., and my. roller boy was
Charley S. Dlehl, now Colonel Charles 8.
Dlehl, assistant general manager of the
Associated Press. I may become reminis
cent enough to say that the old Washing
ton hand press was a good one, and when
press day was over we didn't need to play
golf, for additional exercise. Charley S.
Dlehl was a mighty bright boy, and I can
see him yet with his face and arms well
covered with ink, in his big paper apron,
industriously keeping out of the way of
the flying frlsket. He made good as a
printer's devil, as he has In his profession
as reporter, correspondent and assistant
general manager of the Associated Press.
"'After the day's work was done, I took
a train to LaSalle, 111., where our wedding
took place, forty years ago this evening.
Of the large number present, I think but
six are now living. 1
"But I didn't mean to Indulge In remin
Inlscences. What I wished to say was that
the World-Herald has put me In the wrong
pew. I am a republican, straight and
simon-pure, because I believe In Its prin
ciples. I think President Taft's administra
tion will go down In history as one ' of
tha best and most conservative we have
ever had and Tha Bee isdolng the right
thing In glvlhg It a hearty support, as
are both Senators Burkett and Brown. I
have lived long1 enough to see numerous
attempts made "to sidetrack the Grand Old
Party along the lines of liberal republic
anism, g'reenbaeklsm, free sllverlsm and
now some of our good but misguided polit
ical associates are being patted on the
back by Our democratic friends and called
progressive republicans or Insurgents. If a
man Is a republican, he stands tor well
known principles, and he doesn't need to
tie up with any 'Issues' to better define
his political standing. 1
"I am for Brailey for sheriff. 1 served on
the- executive committee In the city cam
paign last spring with him and he was
loyal to the ticket and worked bard for
it day and night. He has made a good
sheriff. Is entitled to a re-election and I
believe will be re-elected notwithstanding
the World- Herald's attempt to create a
division In the party. But Bralley will be
stronger than his party, as will Judge Les
lie, for county judge, for the people realise
that both are square, honest, capable and
accommodating public officials, who have
made good, and are both entitled to a
GrlgKore'i Father Comas to FaraUh
Money for Ills Son's De
fease. The trial of the alleged Overland Limited
mall robbers has been definitely fixed for
Monday next at S p. m. '
The trial will be conducted by United
States Dlvtrlct Attorney Charlea A. Goss,
diluted by Assistant District Attorney A.
V, Lane of Lincoln. The alleged bandits
will be defended by J. M. MacFarland and
H., B. Fleharty, The former has been re
tained as the special attorney for Woods,
Torgenson, Grlgware and Shelton. Mr.
Fleharty will look after the particular de
fense ot Bill Matthews.
About eighty witnesses have already been
summoned In the case. The accused men
will be tried collectively, separate trials
having been denied them recently by Judge
T. C. Munger, who will preside during the
Grig-ware's father Is here from Spokane,
and will furnlvh the means for the defense
of his son. A strong effort will be made
in Grtgware's defense on the ground of his
former good character.
State Food Commissioner Visits
Kitchens of Bating: Iloasea
with Depatr M array.
State Food and Dairy Commissioner
Mains, who has been in Omaha the lant
few days attending the Master Bakers'
convention, has combined business with his
Visit to some extent His deputy, B. L.
Murray, and Mrs. Harriet McMurphy, have
been making a round of the hotels and
restaurants of tha city to see that tha pro
visions of the state law are complied with.
Under the law as amended last winter, the
stats food commissioner and bis deputies
now have the power to go into hotels and
Inspect kitchens and storerooms. It is
understood that but little was found In
the local establishments to be complained
ha "Was Pleasantly arprlaad."
Miss H. E. Bell. Wauaau. Wis., writes:
"Before I commenced ti take Foley's
Klduey Pills I bad severs pains la my
baok. could not aleeep. and was greatly
troubled with baadacha. The flist feu
doses of Foley's Kidney' Pills gave me re
lief, and two bottles cured ma. Tr.e quick
results surprised me, and I can honestly
rcourumecd taeo." bold by all druggists.
Milo D. Frey, Young Husband, Takes
Life with Poison.
Ha (lain at Commodious Dwelling;
Where She Works sad Contem
plates Ilia Drath, "Which
looa Follows.
Mllo p. Frey, dejected In his poverty,
stood silent a moment In taking leave of
his wife Wednesday Sight. He looked up
at the handsome heme of George Barker
on South Thirty-seventh street, where his
wife was working" as a cook to add her
earnings to his small wages. Up and down
the street there were happy homes and
the splendor of wealth.
"Good-bye.'' he said. Then, holding out
a tiny vial, "This will do the work end
It all."
Thursday morning Mrs. Frey learned that
tht body of a man who had given his name
as Frt-y shortly before he had fallen dead
on the street, was held at Heafey's under
taking rooms. , She Identified the body there
and told the story of their family griefs
to ' Conorer Hcafey.
Misfortune and poverty came upon the
Freys. The wife took up her share of the
family burdens and sought employment as
a servant. Her child, a little babe 1 year
of fcge, was s-?nt to the home of her mother
In Iowa. Frey. a farmer, 28 years of age.
got employment with an art store In a po
sltion paying but small wages.
Six days ago Frey sought to draw his
wage and was unable to collect. This dis
appointment, together with the depression
of his circumstances', completely broke him
down. He at that time told his wife that
he contemplated Suicide. His parents live
on a farm near Mankato, Kan.
Frey was arrested while wavering about
on the street near Thirty-first and Far
nam streets early Thursday morning by
L. R. Johnson, a watchman, who believed
his prisoner drunk. On his way to a call
box, where the watchman intended to call
a patrol wagon, Frey sank to the pave
ment and died.
The coroner and Assistant City Physician
Dunn are positive : that Frey took a
poison,, but no trace of It is evident on the
body.' A post mortem examination will be
held to determine the nature of the drug
and a chemical analysis may b necessary,
An Inquest will be held at 10 o'clock this
morning.. '.!'"
Cute Bunco Game
Fails to Work
Smooth Stranger Almost Gets Away
with Little Easy Money from
C. N. Dietz Company.
A new scheme to get a little easy money
was tried on the C, N. Dletz Lumber com
pany, but failed. '. ,
All Omaha Is now 'looking for cement
and there is quite a contest to get all pos
sible to supply the," trade, as the cement
situation Is the worst that It has been In
years. Hence cement sacks are also In
demand. , , , -
A man appeared, at, the Diets yards and
wanted to.seiisuipjt empty socks for which
10 cents apiece. lsl(ajlowed Jay the Jobbers.
.The sacks were counted out and the man
given an order orf'the uptown office for
f lfty-slx eackA 6r $3.60. ' .
After he had 'gone the forman thought
he recognized the ' sacks' and on looking
over a big lot which, the company had piled
up to return to the mills it was found that
one pile was missing and that the In
dustrious, stranger had simply moved one
of the piles' from the warehouse to the
sidewalk outside, during the noon hour,
The order was headed off.
Rtsht to Bnlld Issued br Wlthaell,
Sabject to He vised Plans to
Be Approved.
A permit has been issued for the new
Forest school building, to be erected at
Phelps and Thirteenth streets. It Is de
scribed as a fireproof brick building, two
stories and attic, to cost $90,000.
When application for a permit was first
made for this building the city building
Inspector refused tq Issue it and the per
mit now Issued bears the notation at the
bottoim "This permit is Issued subject to
revised plans and specifications to be sub
mitted to and approved by the building In
spector." The school board now expects to get pos
session of the new wing of the high school
about March 1. January 1 was the date
originally set, but the later date Is now
considered the earliest at Which the rooms
will be ready. When the 'new wing Is put
into use there will still be four or five of
the rooms in the old high school building
In use, so that structure is likely to stand
for several years yet.
Both too re aest.
Louis Boon, a leading merchant of Nor
way, Mich., writes; "Three bottles of
Foley's Honey and Tar absolutely cured
my boy of a severe sough, ad a neigh
bor's boy, , who 111 with a cold that
the doctors , gave him up, was cuisd by
taking Foley's Honey and Tar." Nothing
else is as safe and certain In results.' Sold
oy rll druggists.
For over 40 years Dr. Pierce's Family Medicines have kept the lead and still stand in the front rank as
curative agents. . ...
They are little advertised now, as compared with many others, resting, as they do for popularity upon
their many years of marvelous cures and the grateful friends they have made.
They must know of many cures of bad cases of Female Weakness and Kindred Ailments of Worn si;
, due. jo, the use of
V ,
' It's the only advertised medicine tor woman's ills which contains neither alcohol (which to most women Is
worse than rankest poison) nor habit-forming-, or injurious drugs and the makers of which are not afraid
Uo print all its ingredients on its outside wrapper. Is that not significant? i :
BthiMd Dr. Firc0'M Mmiiciata
tada th tavlitUt Bottl tnd Sur-g-icaj
lustttut: at BulUlo, tbor
eughly qutppd tad wita a staff
of SkiUmd SpiciMJiMt to treat tht
mora difficult ssaa of Cbromio
cfaaas waetasr requiring tttd
icl or SurticmJ skill for taeXr
cure. Writ tor tr
Sells Furniture 20
Omaha Prices
Large line of Fall styles in Li
brary Tables One-fourth! below
Omaha Prices.
J I if'
English Accepts n
Henry's Plea of
Guilty for Life
County Attorney AgTees to Wife
Slayer's Flan Alleged Bigamist
May Also Confess.
Frank Henry is ready to plead guilty and
take a life sentence In punishment for the
murder of his wife. This has been fore
casted, but It Is now added that County
Attorney English Is willing to accept the
offer of the defense and sentence will be
Imposed Saturday.
Another offender, Fred Hicks, an alleged
blgamlfit. Is also expected to plead guilty
that day.' Hicks Is the man whose New
York wife heard he had married a woman
in South Dakota and inserted blind ads In
a trade paper saying that his mother was
ill. Hicks fell into the trap and wrote
from here,, though he did not sign his
name. Along came Mrs. Hicks and ran
him down in Omaha.
He Is to plead to a charge of adultery
and will receive a jail sentence because the
Nebraska statute does not permit of a
prosecution for bigamy here when the of
fense was committed In another state.
The plea of guilty by Henry Is at least
unusual In this: His attorneys are willing
to sacrifice the advertising they might get
out of the trial for the benefit of their
client; They feol that he might get worse
and probably not less than lire, while the
county attorney on the other hand thinks
It uncertain that a heavier sentence would
result from a trial.
University Professor "Will Open Ho.
ctal "Workers' Coarse at
the Y. Mi C. A.
Luclle Eaves, assistant professor of so
ciology In the University of Nebraska, will
deliver the first lecture In the series for
social workers on the evening of Novem-
Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
Is equally renowned for its many cures of Stomach Weakness, Indigestion, Torpid, or Lazy, 0 '
Liver and kindred derangements, as well as for Blood and Skin affections. In many ail- .
ments of women the combined use of , these two medicines is advised. . . ; . -.':
It's only a dishonest dealer, here and there, that will attempt to persuade you to accept
a secret nostrum in place of these time-proven remedies OK known composition. Resent the
insult to your intelligence and trade elsewhere.
World's Dispensary Medical Association, R. V. Pierce, M. D.', President, Buffalo, N. Ys
C 3
(o)3S '
World's Best
High Grade
Range, 4 hole,
6-hole, $24.50
(1 1-50
L! u
sssMtSsskWssp hMassnV'
ber"8at the ToungMen's dlirfitlan 'asso'
elation rooms.
This Is the course that Miss Jonts of the
Associated Charities has planned, telth the
assistance of tha religious secretary of the
Toung Men's Christian association, Mr.
Crossman. It will be designed especially
for those proposing to make a study ot
social help, or to take It up as a profes
sion. The demand for trained workers Is
such that the promoters of the course ex
pect to see it . carried forward to success,
in spite of the fact that it Is a new thing
In Omaha and Nebraska. Oher competent
lecturers will be announced later.
Says Trouble Brooaht to Pabllo At
tention Manr Grievances that
"Will Be Redressed.
Councilman Kugel, ohalrman of tha com
mittee appointed to- investigate the street
car strike, ascertain the causes leading up
to It and offer suggestions for preventing
similar strikes In the future, has not been
able to get Uie committee together as yet
"I have made three attemps to have a
meeting of the committee," said the coun
cilman from the Tenth ward, "but have
not been able to get more than three of the
five members together at any one time.
Before we begin investigating or taking
testimony we must meet and agree on a
plan of procedure. That dune, we can ask
all interested parties to come forward with
any evldenoe they may have, or any
suggestions for action by the council or
the legislature. I believe that a properly
conducted investigation will result In good
to all oonoerned, and that It would Indicate
mistakes to be avoided In the future.
"There Is onother phase of the present
agitation tlsat should be kept in mind."
said Councilman Kugel. "It always takes
something drastlo to wake up the public.
It was only after the Iroquois fire that
careful watch of theaters was Instituted
along preventive lines. The Colllnwood
holocaust, in which a great many school
children lost their lives brought us all up
standing In the matter of protecting schools
Combination Bookcase, like
cut, with mirror-- T y rj
at .........,.,... "
against fires, and emphasised the need
for adequate fire escapes. So in the case
of this street car strike, the public became
a war that abuses have existed tor years
that could easily have been abolished by
consultation between the men and the
company officers. As a result, many things
are being discussed for action by council
or legislature, and tha result canot fall to
be beneficial if good Judgment Is ued in
sifting out tha lessons to be learned."
Man Who Bled to
Death Arrested
Alleged Fake Frize, Harry Forbes
and Brother, in the Ma
bray Net.
Harry Forbes and his brother, Clarenc
Forbes, were srrested In Chicago, Wed
nesday, on a capias issued from Omaha, for
Harry Forbes was indicted at the recent
session of the federal grand juries, both
In Omaha and Council Bluffs! ,He was
Inflicted at Omaha tmdtjr the name of
Harry Forbes, No. "50", while his brothei
Clarence bore the number "87."
Capiases for the arreHt of both men
were sent out from Omaha and each gave
bond before the United States commissioner
in Chlcugo, In the sum of $1,000 each for
their appearance in Omaha for trial.
Harry Forbes Is a former bantam weigh)
prise fighter and It is he who Is alleged to
be the prlie fighter who worked the fake
bleeding game in the stunts pulled off
by tho "millionaire club," of which Mabray
was the head. He Is further alleged to b .
the prise wrestler and foot racer that the,
"club" carried with them to .wurk off, their ,
fake wrestling matches and races to the
sorrow of the victims of the fclub." .
A Usngrroui Wound ' '
In rendered antiseptic by Bucklen's Ar
nica Salve, the healing wonder for sores,
burns, piles, enema and salt rheum. .,. u.
Sold by Beaton Drug Co. ' '