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Corn Show Will Teach People Science
of Cutting and Buying.
a si is m
Have shape-holding quali
ties claimed by no other
maker of fine shoes for wo
and leath-
The styles, patterns
ere are the newest.
Ask to see the suede top, ename!
kid, foxed button boot.
Cloth tops on all popular leath
ers $3.50, 4 and 5 custom
Monograms, $3.00.
THE "ARA-NOTCH" takes the place
of the buttonhole and makes the
Collar sit in a way a buttonhole never
could. Ask for the "BELMONT" an
Arrow Collar
J cants ch-1 lot cent. Cluett, Pes body Ac Co., Makers
ARROW CUFFS. 25 cents pair
rrodarers' Association Ceadactlna;
rampalarn of Rdaratlon to Cor
rect Abases that Are Menae
lag and Alda Corn Gipo.
Health Officer Want Physicians to
Aid Against Diphtheria.
Ansloas for People to Understand
tbat Diphtheria EiUli and Will
Become Dana-erons I'nless
Properly Checked ow.
A Trial Bottle of Oil of Winter-green
Compound is Offered at 25 CenU.
By a special arrangement with the D.
D. D. laboratories of Chicago, we can at
present offer the D. D. D. Prescription
for enema in a special trial bottle at one
quarter of Its usual price. The oil of
wlnterrnf-TO compound will surely con
vince the moat skeptical. With the first
application you will get Irstant relief
from the itch' and soon you will see signs
of cure.
No matter how many salves and other
so-called skin remedies have failed, this
oil of wintergreen liquid (unlike salves)
will penetrate to the inner skin, killing
tho eczema germs. Will you not on our
special recommendation call at our
store? and get a 25 cent trial bottle of
D. D. D. Prescription.
Sherman tt McConntll Drug Co., Owl
Drug Co.
"Havine taken yonr wonderful "Cases
rets' for three months and being entirely
Cured of stomach catarrh and dyspepsia,
I think a word of praise la due to
'Cascarets' for their wonderful composi
tion. ' I tare taken numerous other so
called remedies but without avail, and I
find tbat Cascarets relieve more in a day
than all the other I have taken would in
year." James McGune,
loS Mercer St., Jersey City, N. J.
Plea.ant, Palatable, Potent. Taste Good,
pa Good. N.v.r Sicken. Wsske a or Gripe.
100. eSe. SOe. Never (old In bnlk. The fro.
alne tablet .tamped CCCi Guaranteed to
oars or your meaer bans. US
liWIBJlU aWiiTittftaafWIfl
Is Our Guide
m m
) 1 inmtr its f inY
At all grocers
Rough, Pimply Faces
made deer, smooth, beautiful,
blotches, blarkhssdt, sunburn,
un. tkiu-rouihn.M and redness
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pr.pai.uon on me maiket.
Sure to plcue. On Uul
proves Its merits. SO Cents a Bottls.
Manufactursa and for (ale by
Sherman McConrtall Drug Co.
ltk and Dodge, Omaha.
ISth aad Harney.
fectlon, until the seriousness of the cases
can be ascertained.
India Will Send
an Exhibit to
the Corn Show
Solution of the -"shortage of beer prob
lem is to have a large place In the scheme
of education promulgated by the domestic
science department of the National Corn
exposition In Omaha in December. How
to treat cattle and how to treat meat so
as to Improve and perpetuate the breed
and Increase the production and domestic
utility of the beef are the principles to be
The Beef Producers" association is go
ing to co-operate with the National Corn
exposition In this important work. Gen
eral Manager Sturgess of the exposition
Is In receipt of a letter from Fred P.
Johnson of Denver, assistant secretary of
the association, advising him of the eager
desire of that association to aid the ex
position In this undertaking. The work
will be promulgated largely through the
domestic science department, of which
Miss Jessica Bcsack of Columbia unlver-
Far Away Land Will Display Grain "'
a . , -r "r i . I 'TIa
ana aiso famous riciures oi
"There will be 1.000 to 6.000 esses of diph
theria in Omaha; and we will have a dis
astrous epidemic on our hands unless we
take very rigorous precautions," said
Health Commissioner Connell. "We took
fifty-six cases from the Kellom school last
week, and we have taken eleven cases
from the Saundera school for examination.
'Physicians, with a few notable excep
tions, are not co-operating with this de
partment as they should. For Instance,
after an examination of a child, when
called by the parents, I should think it Is
not the proper thing to assure the parents
there Is no danger Just because there are
few constitutional symptoms and the child
does not appear sick. This Is for the
reason that no doctor can diagnose dlph
therla. Indications may be wrong or may
be right and to say there la not diphtheria
existing la a mistake easily made. But the
culture tube never makes a mistake. Bo
physicians should reserve their Judgment
until they have taken a culture tube.
KxUtlaa- Condition 1 Serious.
In spite of Impressions to the concrary,
this department haa nsvsr established
quarantine until a culture tube showed
the presence of diphtheria. The existing
condition Is mighty serious as to numbei
of children involved, but It not so serlou
at present as to tho character of Infection.
But it must be born in mind by every
body that this nasal diphtheria Is exact!)
the same thing as the disease that kills
in forty-eight hours; that is, it can de
velop Into the worst form of the disease
If not stamped out in time. It is very hard
to make parents realise this, when the
child is not so sick as to be noticeable,
and they wonder why we send the young
ones home from school; but they should
not be allowed to attend while the danger
of Infection exists. Diphtheietlc Infection
attacks any membrane, and while In the
nasal form there is not the same chance
for absorption Into the system as In the
pharynx. It can and will develop Just as
malignantly if neglected. . Constitutional
symptoms are not as pronounced In Uie
nasal form as In the other, but the two
are Identical in their nature."
Turning to a pigeon hole, the health
commlaaiuner produced eleven reports of
diphtheria cases from Omaha physicians
that came into hta office Tuesday and
Wednesday. It was then that be requested
the publio be warned of the possibility of
serious epldemlo and asked for better
co-operation from the general run of physi
Cornell Still Asleep.
I have been trying for a long time to
secure health inspection In the schools,
said Dr. Connell, "and The Bee haa
strongly advocated It, but it aeems Im
possible to get the council to wak up and
follow In the footsteps of every city in
this country that amounts to anything."
The health commissioner is today going
through the Saunders school thoroughly
and will remove every pupil who shows In-
India Is to make an exhibit at the Na
tlonal Corn exposition.
Thus the scope of the big show reaches
from "Greenland's icy mountains to In
dia's coral strands."
Shiavak.sha H. Contractor, custodian of
the government exhibit for India, has Just
closed an arrangement with the exposition
management for space where this exhibit
will be shown, and It will be shipped
once from Bombay, India.
Besides the grain exhibits, the India
booth will show many pictures Illustrating
Indian mythology. These are the paintings
which attracted wide attention In the last
Franco-British exposition, in the Imperial
International exposition and other exhibit
tlons of world interest held in Dresden,
St. Petersburg, Winnipeg and Edinburgh.
Mr. Contractor, who brings the exhibit
to Omaha, is a member of the Royal Geo
graphical society, a fellow of the Scientific
society and has won, on this exhibit.
string of medals from the world's fair in
Chicago to those awarded by the Liverpool
Colonial Products exposition. His honors
have come not only from the exposition
management, but the Society of Science
and Letters of Great Britain, the Fine
Art society of Madras and similar organ'
Ixatlons, which had their attention called
to his exhibits.
Woman in Nighty
Runs Down Street
Escapes from Hospital and Gives
Husky Officer Hard Eace to
Catch Her.
A woman attired in a night robe raoed
up Farnam street. Half a block behind
a rotund police officer was hitting his best
gait In heated pursuit.
The chase began at the Omaha General
hospital. Fourteenth and Capitol avenue,
when Mrs. L. Steinberg of Tenth and Har
ney streets, under treatment for mental de
rangement, escaped. She slipped through
a window, down on a shed and out into
the alley. The policeman overtook the
fleet-footed woman at Thirteenth and Far
nans streets. There the blushing officer
with his charge draped in robe de nuit
boarded the ambulance bound for the
The adventure pleased the patient greatly
She was content to return.
Grave Problem.
Both General Manager Sturgess and Sec
retary Johnson are endeavoring to Im
press on the people the importance of this
work. l .
"Beef shortage Is a graver problem than
people realize," says Mr. Sturgess. "It
will take a systematic course of education
to solve the problem. Not only Is it neces
sary to increase and Improve the breeds
of cattle, but It is equally as important.
If not more so. to teach the people who
use meat, how to buy it and how to use
It. We waste too much of a beef. We
know nothing but two grades, the loin
and ribs. Every part of the beef Is good
and should be used and must be used If
this problem Is ever solved. And we pro
pose to set in motion a system of educa
tion that will sweep over this country and
end In a tidal wave of enlightenment and
the ultimate solution of the problem, which
today Is really menacing." .
Campaign of Education.
Along these Identical lines Mr. Johnson,
In his letter to Mr. Sturgess, says:
'Apparently the country . Is confronted
by a shortage of beef."
The object of the Beef Produc
err association Is to conduct a campaign
of education to encourage breeding and
feeding of cattle. If the people are fam
iliar with the situation It must centalnly
result In putting a stop to the indiscrimi
nate slaughtering of calves and spaying of
heifers. Here In the west cows are already
advancing very rapidly and I would not
be surprised If next spring cows are not
worth as much as steers.
I believe the threatened shortage
is much more serious than appears on the
surface at the present time.
We are arranging as part of our cam
palgn to inaugurate some publicity work to
educate the beef customer. You know
that the average American labors under
the idea that all there Is fit to eat on a
beef carcass Is the loin and ribs. We are
interesting the domestic science schools of
the country in devising recipes, for cooking
and preparing the cheaper uts of the beef,
The prices of loins and ribs is advancing
so steadily that unless something of this
kind Is done the large majority of the
people will have to stop eating meat oon."
"Can be depended upon" Is an expression
we all like to hear, and when It Is used in
connection with Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy It means
that It never falls to cure diarrhoea, dys
entery or bowel complaints. It is pleasant
to take and equally valuable for children
and adults. Sold by all druggists.
Remedies are Needed
Were we perteot, which we are not, medicines would
not often bo needed. But since our systems have be
come weakened, impaired and broken down through
indiscretions which have (one on from the early ages,
through countless generations, remedies art needed to
aid Nature in correcting our inherited and otherwise
aoqiiired weaknesses. To reach the seat of stomach
weakness and eonsequent digestive troubles, there is
nothing so good as Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discov
ery, a glycene compound, extracted from native medio-
inal roots sold for over forty yeers with great satisfaction to all users. For
Weak Stomach, Biliousness, Liver Complaint, Fain in the Stomach alter eating,
Heartburn, Bad Breath, Belching of food, Chrnrto Diarrhea and other Intestinal
Derangements, the ' Discovery" is a time-proven and most etticieut remedy.
The genuine ham on Urn
outaido wrapper the
Yoa can't afford to accept a secret nostrum as a substitute for this non-alos
holio, medicine or known composition, not even though the urgent dealer may
thereby make a little bigger profit.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate and invigorate stomach, liver and
bowels. Sujar-coated, tiny granules, easy to take as candy.
Squatters Must
Get Off Streets
People Who Are Obstructing Thor
oughfares Are Advised by City
Engineer to Move.
City Engineer Craig is going to reclaim
the streets of Omaha Tor the puouc, so
far as possible.
There are possibly seventy-five to 100
cases that I know of where fences, houses,
sidewalks, gardens and other obstructions
have been found In the streets," says the
engineer. "We have sferved notices on
aliqut all of the obstructionists that they
must get out of the streets and the city
legal department is co-operating with us
In the effort to reclaim the streets.
"In the paved street area, for instance.
the roadways have been narrowed, but
that doesn't mean that the width of the
street has been reduced. In many cases,
however, we find that the sidewalk has
been pushed out, or new walks laid fur
ther out than they ought to be. Next, the
fence is moved out to the walk and a
claim to possession Is set up. In some
cases squatters have gone In and built
shacks right In the middle of the street,
or have fenced in the highway and where
this was done twenty or more years ago
we may nave some . irouoie. cut aiong
about llOS, If I remember correctly, a law
was enacted, which makes it impossible
for anyone to acquire ownership in public
property by the squatter sovereignty
method." i
at the right price. A piano that
will last ron a lifetime.
There is a
Reason Why
When the piano business vt as, dull
last summer and the great piano
factories were running on half
time, as they always do during the
sweltering hot days of July ..anil
August, WE INMTIU'CTKH otif
IMANO EXPERTS togeUier .with
cur buyers TO HE ON THE LOOK
The manufacturers needed the money and our buyers
knew this. t
And now during the busy season we are able to offer to our patrons , ;
For less money than they can get elsewhere.
IT WILLY AY YOU to get that piano now from HAYDENS'.
We will make TERMS TO SUIT YOU and sell you the piano at the CASH PRICE.
WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS. And we give you a fair, square deal, AND IF WE
JUST READ THESE PRICES. They tell part of the story, then call and look over
the big stock and pick out your choice.
12 Mahogany Pianos each $120
10 Oak Pianos, each '. . . . .1?8
5 Plain Mahogany Pianos, each . . . .Sjl-'.lj
15 Walnut Pianos, each .126
18 English Oak Pianos, each
4 Rosewood Pianos plain style-
each $180
25 Assorted Cases, all woods, each. .$205
1 Adam Schaff Piano for $100
1 Henning Piano for $80
1 Brohman Piano for $105
1 Kelso Piano for $125
1 Baldwin Piano for ; . . . $265
1 Steger & Sons Piano for ......... .$130
1 Baley Piano for $135
1 Schirmer Piano for $130
1 Milton Piano for -.''. . .'. . . .$190
Free Stool and Scarf With Every Piano,
1 Hardman Piano for $175
1 Hanner Piano for $155
1 Regal Piano for .$165
1 Bordman Piano for $180
1 Kranich & Bach Piano for $285
1 Vose & Sons Piano for .$150
1 Smith & Barnes Piano for . . ;. .;.$185
1 Schaff er Piano for .$260
1 Gerhard Piano for ............ . . .$135
Write if you cannot call. All Mail Orders
attended to personally by the Manager of the Piano Department.
si la MTITF I ADr.rCT PI A Kt IIAIICt? I XI THE- tvrcTi)
uu sjnsxws. a i iniiu uuwdii lis I ilu 11 LsiJ I
Made to order in our store October 21,
2:. 21. H inclusive, by a German expert.
All work positively guaranteed The only
satisfactory way to get the best results
from an artificial eye. Call or write for
price and full particulars.
sis Bo. let a.
Open Until Midnight
Comet CompoBBAare of Presorlptloas
4th ana lau Are.
TeL Web. lie. B. 101
(Suecaaeor to Dr. E U RamaoclottL)
Offlee aad X capital, asie
Calls Promptly Aaswered at Alt Hours, OfrVeeatarBey 97. n-,,..
Omm Dwllas Year.
Conductors itfotormen
Able-bodied men, between the ages of 23 and 40, above
five feet six inches in height, and well recommended, for
permanent positions as conductors and motormen.
Residents of Omaha and vicinity preferred.
Apply from 9:30 to 11 a. ra. and 2 to 4 p. m. daily, al the
office of superintendent of transportation, 2d floor Merch
ants' National Bank building. )
Guy Liggett is
Sued for $15,000
Held Besnontible for Death of John
M. Campbell by the
Ol - r ;.fni r,m,t m - y.-.T - jl j 1 I . f"
Bewwatraraw ina i mill iiih n iiiBWiiiiiiiaraa :l
Bat Jest tbe Same lie unjecta i
Serious Business Relnsr Inter
rupted b' Howls.
Speaking of 247. the oog that kept the
telephone hot," said City Clerk wutier.
I have ascertatned that he is high bred
In fact, traces his pedigree plumb bacK to
the Adam and Eve of. his tribe. 80 some
of his idosyncrasies may be thus accounted
'But here's a new one. A blustering man
telephoned in that a big Newfoundland
dog was bothering him to death. I asked
him in what w-y he thought this office
was responsible. 'Well, he's trespassing."
the man said. Then says I, 'Can't you for
give him his trespass,' and he Intimated
thst he heard enough of that at church
and didn't want any of It from the city
hall. The man. I discovered, was raising a
howl simply because the dog .was occupy
ing the front porch of a vacant house he
owned that Is, the man owned the house,
but not the dog and I don't think the dog
would own the howl the man put up.
'Vet, that's neither here not there. I
have eaten a hot dog myself on divers oc
casions, and a warm man doesn't saw
much wood In my nervous system.
"But there's Judge Berka, councilman
from the First ward, whom Lee Bridges,
councilman from the Second ward, says
Is 'cool, calm and dispassionate," even
when fathering reduced fare . ordinancea.
The judge is master of all the wiles of
diplomacy, yet here he assigns me the
delicate task of making this coup de nickel,
without a diagram, too. I must perforce,
because of being popular with the voters,
take up the task of framing proper and
felicitous notes to the burgomasters of
twenty-five cities, and find out how they
handle fares, passengers, ordinances, per
mits and time cards on their street railway
systems. And with all this, the council
bats out a home run on every veto I read
from hlzzoner and kicks a goal on me
when Goodley Bruckor is away. There is
no council discipline like there used to be
when Frank Muores was king, and if I
were a spiritualist in wager the big
game of Saturday that the ablent air of
this architectural pile waa blue and noisy
above our earthly heads on a few occa
sions recently."
"But, any way, Dan,", Bald the philoso
pher of the city hall, "It's not at all a
bad thing to be mixing with the mighty,
even If a dog breaks In occasionally."
"Oh, doggone it all," snapped Butler,
with a dangerous look.
"Doggone you," said the philosopher.
"I guess it is, ail right," said Butler,
and went back to his den in one end of the
big barn he works In.
City Jail Ooonpants Rave Streao
ona Time with Mr. Jack
The dilapidated condition of the city
jail has forced the prisoners into a state
of siege from the cold. Missing windows
and loose fitting leaves the holdover open
to every wandering draught. Wednesday
night most of the bedding was taken from
the bunks snd stuffed into the chinks to
keep out the cold winds.
'We have several prisoners who were
actually suffering from the cold." declared
Captain Mostyn. "Those old windows are
In such shape that they can't well be repaired."
'There Is only one curfl for the condi
tions that exist at the city Jail." said Chief
Donahue, "and that Is a new Jail."
The present Jail building- was originally a
school house. It was erected In tlm 'Ton
The Natural Remedy.
The delicate and Intricate eharacter ot
the female organs makes them most sus
ceptible to Irregularity, and it Is most
important that each one should be kept
in condition to perform Its duties in a
normal manner. When womankind la per
forming the functions peculiar to her sex
there is a decided tendency to sluggishness
of the bowels. Nature then requires a gen
tle assistant. No powerful and expenslva
remedies which are so drastle as to damage
the tender lining of the bowels and do more
harm than good, but a pure and harmless
laxative, such as HCNTADI JANOH
Water, the famous Natural Laxative,
tumblerful taken on arising will move the
bowels gently but copiously and In a nat
ural manner. One bottle contains many
doses and cdsts but a trifle.
At all Druggists but look out for 'un
unless you ask for HUNYADI JANOS.
Omaha & Council Bluffs
Street Railway Company
Guy 11. LlRKc-tt has been sued for 115,000
In district court by the widow of the man
killed In an automobile accident when Lla
gett was driving the car.
Mrs. Mary Campbell, who was the wife
of John M. Campbell, is Bulng as the ad
ministratrix of his estate.
Her petition avers that her husband met
death through Liggetl'a carelessness last
August, It recites that Liggett was an In
experienced driver, that he caused his car,
an electric, to trail a street csr and that
he not only knocked Campbell down when
the latter got off the street car, but that
LiKgett's csr struck him a second blow,
which was the caute ot death.
perlal Sale
Baas aad Ma.
6 to (.000 yards of mattings, velvet and
Ingrain Carpets, art squares, and Rugs
used the night of the Ball at the Den.
These goods are not hurt a bit for wear
and will be priced at a fraction of the
regular value. There Is a variety of pat
terns, all to go on Special Sale, Monday
Morning. October 18th, at 8 o'clock.
Carpet Iepartment Second Floor.
See Sunday papers for full particulars.
If you have anything to sell or trade
and want qtuck action, advertise it la The
Bee Want Ad. Culumii
n -x
v r r
CoryrigUt 11H1 Y ash burn -Crosby Co., Sliaueayolls, Mi