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Fall Styles Ready
"We become enthusiastic when we talk about our Fall
styles in xoad-to-wchr. You will feel the name way when
you inspect the beautiful new garments now being shown on
our Second floor. Every day our stock is being augmented
by the addition of the latest models for "My lady's" wear.
Come and see the new styles even if you have not the
slightest idea of buying.
Sec the new Suits in our Sixteenth street windows.
B - i -
Ufll Doilf. IS OTM riOl
street succumbed at Thirteenth and
1avenpurt streets while walking his
beet About 4:4t) o'clock Monday after
nonn. He n taken to Ills hume in
the police nutotiioulle.
K1SST JOfllfSON, "615 Martha street,
a laborer,' Mlo' on his way to St.
Joseph's hospital where he has been
ret-rlvlne; frprment. fell at Twelfth
an1 Castellnr streets. He waa takan
to the hospital and treated by Dr. Si. U.
AST SUB B. BMITH, 1620 Maple street,
an employe of the Weir City Coal com
pany, went out at Fifteenth and Madi
son streets. He wi treated by Dr.
Bishop and taken to his home In the
pollro automobile.
VmOXHTirilD MAX. Weight 2C0 pounds
picked up under the Sixteenth atreet
viaduct at Many trt.-tt. Taken to St.
Joseph's hoHpltiil and treated by Dr.
Harris arid Slmunek. Mia condition is
serious, but Uo nmy recover.
VJUBSHTirlSD MAM, picked up In the
Howell Coat company yards at 6:30
o'clock Monday afternoon. Taken to
St. Joseph'!- hospital. Will probably
O 0. OBVAKl, llvfng art 109 Bloomer street
Council Bluffs, wair removed to the
Edmundson Memorial - hospital last
evening In an ambulance In a delirious
condition from the float.- The attending
physician- said !he- expected Mr. Orahl
would recover.
Three Men ( Once,
Three men, names not known, were
overcome at Thirty-ninth and Ames ave
nue while working tor W; L. Hamilton on
some new building. All Were taken to
their homes. A number of other men
employed at the same place stopped work
on account of the heat although none of
them were overcome.
Ire Men Hampered.
A feature of the hot weather which
made U all the more insufferable has
been the Inability of the Ice companies
of the city to supply the demands of their
customers. This Is not qn account of any
acarclty of Ice, but Is brought about
through lack of teams to haul the wag
ons. So many horses have gone down under
the heat that all the companies are badly
crippled In thl ,, regard ; and . they Jmw
encountered tbe jfuiijier difficulty of
being finable to rent or1 hire any as own
era refuse to let out their stock while
the present heat - wave -continues.
There was . much complaint from cus
tomers who were unable to get as much
of the coolliiK element uh they desired,
but the Ice coinpanlea were up against a
physical difficulty they eould not over
come. ......
(Continued from First yage.)
knew . perfectly his condition and made
an effort to find his way home, yet being
unable to see, he spent the afternoon wan
dering about, ,H1 -mother's , cornfield . and
that of a neighbor by the name of Blank.
PLATTSMOUTH. Neb., Aug. 15. (Spe
cial.) William JCrftttliler .'t 6 tlavaloolc. u
blaoksmlth In the 'Turlington shop there,
died Friday night." from ..the . effect of
excessive heat;; , the deceased was born
and (raw to inanhvqd, In.' Utls city and had
worked for the Burlington many year.
Dr. A. A. Handall conducted th funeral
services Sunday afternoon and.. Interment
ment waa In Oak Hill oemetery. Th Mod
ern Woodmen team accompanied the body
to this city and to th cemetery.
PIEKHU, S. U Aug. 1U. (Special Tele
giam.) Th govci niiien; record here today
Was 1044. .the hottest record for year.
BEATK1CE, Neb., Aug. 16. Spolal Tel
egram.) Today was trie hottest of the
season, th Umperatur being 100 degrees
or over, all day. No rain has fallen here
fur nearly six weeks and corn 1 sufferlug
fur want of moisture.
SIDNEY.- Nb.. Aug. 18 (Hpeclal Tele
gram.) A good rain fell here today, stop
ping a ball gam. Crop Will be greutly
benefited. '
.STANTON, Neb., - August l.-(fipclal
Telegram.)-A young man aged 11, son of
N. W. Kojv who lives five mile aoutheast
of Stanton, vwbll shoveling grain for a
tbreaher crew at Henry Andrew' farm this
fwrcnocit n overcome by th heat, b was
You can examine the fabrics as
thoroughly and a long a you
please you actually WONT -find
made ware the mun that acaldal
made to measure for even 25.
Nor will you be given a stronger
uarrantee anywhere-of PERFECT
TION than- will give yon here
when you order n of these
t.ros. $15.00
Better hurry up they're nearly
all tone. -,, -
. Tailoring Co.
8O4-.nO0 So. lOtti Rt.. Near
Itith and J-"rjn Hta.
Aafiil Saeept Mnrlars at :M SX, X."
lS - J
carried to a cool place and A doctor a
summoned, from .Stanton, but before he
got there the young man had died. Tin
heat of last week - has been Intense, but,
this Ls the first prostration that has beeii
reported. Three horses were'kTlhtl by Befnb
overcome with heat -her In- the . latt Wee It
Mnetr-I'unr at Dea Molars.. ..
DKS MOINES, la., Aug, W.-tSpeclal.)-The
temperature renched 94 this afleincwti
In les Moines. The prolonged heat causeO
six persons here to be overcome. A.num
ber from outside Dca Moines were brought
here for treatment. '
ST. JOSEPH, Mo., Aug. 16. Sunday wu
the hottest day In St. Joseph m five yeiw.
but the record was broken today,-.
mercury registered Ue at 10 o'clock; 1 de-givi
above yesterday's record at that time,
t'haataoqaa Tents Uentrojcd ssd ,ol
leaje la Strnck by I.lahtnlnK. .. .
CHARLES CITY, la., Aug, la.-pecla
Telegram.) High winds accompanied . b,
hall and rain did considerable damage hoir
Sunday evening. The large Chautauqua
tent waa blown down and toru, into shied?
by the poles falling. The chautauuJit
cloetd Saturday and no one was In tin
tent. The canvas fence around the b.i!
park was blown down, as wefe also a lars.
number of tents used by campers at th.
Chautauqua. Lightning struck the' cdlleg'
and set the building afire, but It was pu
out without much damage being dune. A
large amount of corn was flattened to the
Aeroplane Drill
at College Park
lieutenants Lahm and Fonlii Will
Be Instructed by Wilbur
WASHINGTON, Aug. 16. Wilbur Wright,
the aviator, who 1 to Instruct Lieutenants
Lahrn and Foulols, U. S. A,, in the manipu
lation of th signal , corps aeroplane, was
In Washington for a .few hours today.
He consulted with thilstgnal corps of
ficer regarding the arrangements for the
training flights. The lease for the grounds
at College Park, Md., a few miles from
Washington, that are to be used for. the
flights, has been forwarded to Secretary
of War Dickinson at Nashville, Tenn'., for
his approval. Mr. Wright left tonight for
Dayton, O., but will return to Washington
when the preliminary arrangement , for
the training flights have been made.
fects In the exportation of canned meats,
table fruit, dried or pressed truly, com
mon wood logs, hops, prepared pork, min
eral 611s, lard and Porto Hice'borfe, while
France would be hard hit In exportation
to the United State of brandies, still, wines
arid vermouth, and champagne,-which, form'
a large element of It trad with this coun
try. France has applld.rbut about twenty-'
five articles en It mlnttnum tariff list to
th United State and. 'half of these are
intended mainly for the benefit of her col
onies and do not profit ti because w do
not produce them In this country. (
- FVnek Rtlfi on Pork.
Undet the French maximum tariff? lard
and Its compounds are Increased 'from'
15 francs per 100 kilogram, th minimum
rate, to 40 franc maximum. In manu
factuied and prepared pork meat, th
increase 1 from 60 to 100 franca per 100
W hen the reciprocity agreement t with
Franca expires on October SI, It exporter
will be required ta pay on American Im
portation an Increase of from fl.TS to per proof gallon on'. or, other
splilts distilled from grain or other mater
ial; an Increuao from 16 oents -to -4G etlts'
and 60 cents per gallon, respectively, ac
cording to alcoholic, strength, tw .t 111 wines
and vermouih in casks, an increase of from
ll.ij to ll.aft when iuiporld'ltt..cae '.made
up of bottle or Jugs, and also, an Increase
of from-$ii to IU.60 per', dosen quart, of
chumpague and other spiurkjlng' v.lna'
Should the maximum rateB be levied, by
th president a a result, of discrimination
atalnl AmerlcuA pi oducU. ther Woud
be an addition to these rate of Zi per cent
ad valorem.
Cretan Will Lower fcmblem' Aceard
In It to London
Heport. ,
LONDON, Aug. 14. -n 1 understood her
that the Cretan at last have tieoonie con
vinced th power are in earnest, and they
have promised that the Greek flai,. raised
by them, will bo lowered permanently to.
night. In th event that fills ' promise 1
not carried out the International force
will tomorrow remove the cause of strife
forcibly, and marine and bluejackets of
ureat Britain, Russia, Italy and France
will again ttTke up th duties laid down
July IT, when th Island of C'ret wa vao
uated. . ' ""
Deleamtee Heroaontla '. " ftttr-on
eret SuSlotlea Holo Annual
(oaveatlea, J " ,
IMJSTON, Man., AUg. W. Ikslat rap
resenting flfty-wa eecfet. socletl of the
I'nlted State were gathered In this city
today at the opening muuto of fhe 23rd
annual eonventton of th Maltonal Fra
ternal congress. Two-third of tit mem
bers were women. " " ',!",1'
' President Charles K. Plpr of'XrhI,iaKo
presided . j' '-' "
- .-'."
Quick Action fwr Your ..Money Tou get
that by unliig The Be advertising columns.
Boy Drowned
in Rapids of
Niagara River
August Sporer, Caught in Sweep of
Current, Makes Strong Fight
for Life.
NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y., Aug.-lSElght-een-year-old
August Sporer of this Jiity
drowned today In the whirlpool rapld.
With three companion, Sporer we'nt for
a swim In the river at the former Maid
Of the Mist lamllng. He struck out at once
for the middle of the stream and then
turned toward the bridges. . His compan
ions called to him to turn back, for tTie
current Is very swift at that point, but, he
kept on down Btream and was caught In
the Kieat sweep, the first break from the
smoother" waters to the rapids.
The boye-truSBled for a time against the
current, but to no avail. Then, realising
that he was beyond human help and wa
to be carried through the rapid which' took
thft life. or Captain Webb, and which re
Hlsted every human effort at passage, he
deliberately turned down stream and began
a (trim flRht for life.
Not In nil the history of the river has
such a brave effort been witnessed. Al
though but a frail boy,- he went Into he
rapids swimming strongly and held hi own
until he struck" the giant wave, which curl
up opplelt the old Battery elevator. ThA
ho went under and for a second was lost
lo sight of the score of persons who stood
mi the lower arch bridge.
Agalii and again he disappeared, only to
reappear each, time f'shtlng desperately
igralnut the terrible current. Then, when
within .WO yards -of the whirlpool, his
sti'enejtta gave out and he sank and -was
'ust to view. "
Kven then he had swam perhapn' 100
ards further than did the great English
swimmer, Captam Webb.
The body can now be seen In the whirl
pool, where river men are awaiting for it
i be brought In toward shore far enough
o be recovered.
Indiana Plan
Is Approved
Prison Association Favors Prevention
of Propagation of Criminals
and Idiots.
S RATTLE. Wash.. Aug. 1.-The debate
n the Ameriean Prison Association con
,'ress today on the "Indiana plan" for
preventing the propagation of criminal
md Idiots, developed almost unanlmou
.cntlment for . the. . plan. The . discussion
4ecordlng to President Gllmour, . of . Tor,
jmo, Canada, was the most profitable
he association lias held in year.
The report of th oommittee pn preven.
Ion and probation, presented by Judge
Jen Llndsey of the Denver Juvepile
-ourt, said in part:
"pur criminal liw, a It came down
o ua through feudalism, wa an Instru
mentality of government rar from per
fect even for the pdrpose for which It
w a Intended. Affmltttng that - 0 was
neoessary and Justifiable4 as ' system th
that-period of social developrnefifaa we
mut-ryet. we. mut.qually admlt-lt must
do- more harm than good as Ion; as it
rest alone .on force, violence, vengeance
and punishment. .-
"The time may, come, however far In
the future It may he or how unprepared
we may be for It now, when the state
will come to dec with . a criminal much
as we now do. with the Insane.
"But this treatment of the criminal will
be as unlike the extreme methods In
vogue, of stripes, Iron cells and .other
reminders of degradation as It Is In th
treatment ' of the' insane, who within a
century were as completely brutallxed and
degraded as "convicts are now."
Mr. J. Ellen "Foster of ' Washington,
spoke on "The Harmonies of Progress"
and F,li Brown." of Frankfort, Ky., "on
"Pronation 1n the- South.""
ChleaKO Aldermen Confirm Appolnf
ment of Successor 'to
CHICAGO, Aug. lG.-Chleago aldermen 'in
special session today confirmed th ap
pointment of Colonel LeRoy T. Steward,
a chief of police to succeed George M.
Bhlppy, resigned.
Colonel Steward wa superintendent "of
the City' Bell very In the Chrcago postofflc,
and resigned that position Saturday.: '
Hundred Sixty-three Thonsnnd Acre
r Newcastle, Wyo., Desig
nated Lnder Mew Aet.
WASHINQTOX, Aug. K.-Approxlmately
1G3.600 acres of non-li rlyable land located
In the vicinity st Newcastle, Wyo., -were
today designated by the secretary of th
Interior for " settlement under fhe'"nW
homestead act. This make tha total of
uch. designations to, data In, .Wyoming,
u,.iu,800 acres.
Where to Vote Today
Today the primary election to nominate candidate for the various offices
to be filled at th general election In November will b held. In Omaha and Bouth
Omaha th poll will be open it I li m
o'clock noon. Poll ar kept open every
Doug-las county are;
First Ward.
1 1208 South 6th.
t 0 I'uclfic.
S-17U3 South 10th.
4-lil Bancroft.
Met-oud Ward.
1 23?2 South 29th.
8 13a Parki'Ave.
2L(j S. 33d.
1-104 North
21909 CUming
3- 612 worth 17lh.
4 2114 Cuming.
1 2S79 Cummg.
3 Cj0 Burt. (Barn, rear) '
S 33o4 Davenport. (Barn.
i Vinton.
t UiU Vinton
t lTtit Vinton,
t 22U4 South lttth.
Third Ward.
1 1K1 Webster. -131
South 10th.
J 311 North 15th.
4 4M fcoutb. lath.
6 60s South 13th.
' Voarta Ward.
"1 1GU Davenport.
I ii Houth Uth.
;is Houth lotn.
4-3U K. 36th.
624114 Farnara.
, Tenth Ward.
1 1018 bouth 10th. ,
2 1531 Leavenworth.
3 tli Leavenworth. " '
4 14:W South ltith. '
142 South lath. . .
BleTealh. Ward.
14108 Hamilton - - -.-
3 3UX Farnara.
5 14 South 34th. (Barn)
4 706 South I7lh. .- -
Twelfth Ward.
14411 North 34th.
tXii Amu Art.
3 ul6 Corky. (Barn, rear)
4 2no North 34rh.
.4 S16 South 20th. .
-224 North 13d.
Fifth Wnrd.
1 SS04 Sherman Ave.
t-Ooi Shermau Ave.
J-3nol Sherman Ave. tBarn)
9 rurio loin.
Sixth Ward
1-3419 North 24th,
3 North 24th. ' .
3 3U4 N. 2th. (Darn, rear)
4 U23 Military Ave.
'seventh Ward.
1 fn Leavenworth.
2 Idas lieorgu A v. (Barn,
T 1-543 fprth
, ui y.i nui.
' Deooad Ward.
l-liO Foulh Soth.
3109 North 34th.
Union Pacific
Txikcs Tumble on
- - Selling Orders
Common Stock Goes Up. to 219 -And
Then Drops Bask Ag-ain
to 214. '
NEW TORK. Aug. K-Ttilon Pacific
common stock, which has-been- pursuing an
upward course steadily for the- last few
weeks, experienced - - sharp setback in
the stock market this afternoon. After
closing Saturday at JlTV tit -tock opened
this" morning at 819, but tnl hew high rec
ord 'price brought on a flodd of telling
order fcnd It ouh went back below Sat
urday' closing ' price. v
5n the decline the' market "became In
active, but thia' after noon 'various report
were circulated ;io depress the "price, and
Shortly after J o'clock a sharp selling
movement et In.' Thl uncovered a num
ber of orders to ell when the decline
reached a certain figure and the .price
quickly broke to 214, .a' fqs of -five point
from the high p)nt of the day and of l
from Saturdiu'6 closing price.
Reading, New York Central' and South
ern Pacific were affected by the decline,
but the general macket. waa only slightly
Influenced,.. .h .. . . .
Montana Man is
First at Spokane
Allen Newton Draws -N6.-1 in the
Lait.iof.the Three' Xad . '
.SPOKANE,. -Wh , u.,16.-Allen New
ton, B.nd 24, of Helena, afont., drew No. 1
ltv the Spokane reservation land drawing
todny. v -
The winner of the-: highest number In
today's -drawing for the kipokane reserva
tion Include the following r -
No: 1 Alien Newton, Helena, -Mont -No.
2 Mabel D. MoMlckle, Chicago.
No. 9-Fay J. Snoddy, Miller, 8. li.
No. 14-Pavld "Mentxer,' BprlngVllle, la.
No. 87 Clifford C. McCoekey, Piedmont,
No. 41-Davld C. Ttalfi! Ord, NJ.
COEUR D'ALENK, Mont., Aug. 18.-Th
shortest of the three, great Jndlan land
drawing took,, plape.her. today.. The Spo
kane reserve, , the hilly, 'timbered strip of
land lying juet north aad east of the junc
tion of the Spokane and Columbia livers,
furnished . the prlxe,. and dainty Harriet
Post, the 12-year-ohl daughter of Attor
ney Frank T.' Post ef Spokane, selected the
blue envelope holding the first winner's
ham. ' " "'
There were In all M.Alt applications.
It Is believed that on some of the land
to be disposed of today Valuable water
rights and choice "frlilt " tracts may be
found. It Is possible also that (rood min
eral deposits may be' discovered. Superin
tendent James W. "WTHen, ha'vlne; decided
that only 2C0 names should be drawn for
this reservation, the task was an easy one
for the trained force, hd 'before tidon the
fate' of M.t57"&ppllcaMf ''who failed to get
numbers had eenrseola.'- " '? '
Two ' residents fromird, Neb,,' were
added"" to 'the" list of afpflcants from that
City, wno' have ' beeW successful ' in the
drawings' for the 'reWervVrtond, when feavld
I.f R.ihr's.r,glvn -190. 4t "ori the rTpokane
land nd Hnryflco' was given- 1431
Th other fcucctMfufr-appUeeatS'-. Were-'lf.
R. MuUen n( Litvoem.- 8s, and Mi - B.
Latnr -man of Humboldt,? Neb.-
Sutton Court: ' r :
- SighsvVerdict
Findings Sealed and Sent to Wash
ington for He view by Naval
"ANNAPOLIS, "kid., Xug. 1.-The Button
CoUrt of Inquiry "closed today after two
secret session during which ' th ' testi
mony relative to the-death, October 13,
VMT. of Lleutknaht' JlCmeS "U. Button, jr.,
C '8. M. C, was goh'e "over thoroughly.
The findings was reached1 and signed to
night What they' are the 'members ef the
court refused ' to "say, ' as they will " be
reviewed by "the "Navy " department at
Washington befor being ' mad public.
The finding were algfled by the member
Of the court and bV Judge Advocate Leon
ard, who returned fo ' Annapolis' from
Washington ' 'for that purpose. ' Major
Leonard, ' guarded' by ' a sergeant of mar
ines, then left AnnkpoTls carrying the
Court's report with 'him for delivery' to
the Navy department1. :
nural Carrier 'Annolatted 'for No in ber
of -Roate In Sontn
WASHINGTON, AMg. 16. (Special. -Rural
carriers appointed 'for South Dakota
routes: Avon, route I, Christ Johnson
carrier, John Johnson ub.; Gregory, rout
1, B. L. Lancaster carrier, no sub.;
Owanka, rout 1, Robrt E. Legro carrier,
no' sub. " i "
U 1
la all othr district the poll open at 11
whar until f
p. m. The voting places in
- " Third War.
1 R. R. Ave. and Madison.
2- Sid and V.
Foorth Ward.
i-Jil North Uth.
t i3 Q.
. .' Ffth Ward.
1- 723 North 37th.
2- Dob North 36th.
lath Ward
1-1314 North 34th.
3-416 North aUh.
(Barn, rear)
(Barn, rear)
i'oaatrt r-veclaets.
Benson Town hall,
Chicago Klkjioru. .Town
Clontarf 1111 Blaln.'
DouKta 'id Ta 'd welt
ing, Wtlt L.
Dui.dee t'lty hall,. 40th
and Underwood Ave.
East Omaha School Dis
trict No. ' 49, Anderson's
. dwellln house,
Klkhqrn Elk City hall.
FloreneeCity hall.
Jefferson Oottsch carpen
ter shop. '
MeArdle-W. O. W. hall.
Millard School house, Mil
lard, Neb.. plstrl9t No.
Platte Valley Town hall.
Valley, Neb.' ' '
Union M. W. A. halt,
Irvlngton, Neb.
Waterloo Town hall, Wat
erloo, Neb.
H arrirriah Said .to
Have Control of
New York Central
Acquisition of Road Would Give Him
' , line from Coait to '
NEW TORK, Aug. 18.-A report that E.
H. Harrlman has obtained an option of a
Controlling Ihterest In the Nw Turk Cen
tral lltiot., which. If exercised, will give
him control of through route frqsit the
Atlantic to the Pacific oceans, was cir
culated on the stock eachange todny. Such
a route ha been the dream of railroad
men for year. The option taken by Mr.
Harrlman Is said to cover about 300,000,000
wo-th of New York Central stocks, a large
part of which was formerly controlled by
the Vanderbllt Interests. The price at
whioh the stock may -be taken over Is said
to be 4)164 a share.
tt wan pointed Out that the acquisition of
the New York Central would give Mr.
Harrlman an oocan-to-ocean route by way
of the New York Central, Chicago A North
Western, Illinois Central, Union Paclflo and
southern Pacific.
Electric Line
Across Missouri
Double Track High Speed Road from
St. Louis to Kansas City is
Planned. -
8T. LOUI8, Aug. 16. According to an
announcement made tonight a double
track, high speed electric line, pursuing
tho shortest route between Kansas City
and (t. Louis la to . be the object of a
company which, is to. be Incorporated at
Jefferson City tomorrow with a capital of
Jl5.000.00t. It Is anpounced that the right-of-way
has been obtained, plan worked
out for entering Kansa City and St. Louis
and options taken on property for ter
W. D. Nevln and Harry Insley, Denver;
Daniel E. Miller, former head of the
Brooklyn Btreet Railway system, several
Kansas City bankers and W. it. Chase,
B. F. Gray and Edgar D. Tilton, St. Louis,
are named as the leaders In the organi
sation, t
In mapping out the route, tt Is stated,
little attention has been paid to cttles
and towns, th aim being to construct
a short line for through traffic with
Branches to the principal communities
adjacent to the right of way. Freight
a well an passenger traffic, will be
handled and the maTn offices will be
located- In St. Louts.
Ten Are Injured
in Gas Explosion
Seven Men and Three Women Caught
in Accident Two Are
Likely to Die.
CLEVELAND, O., - Aug. 18 Seven men
and three women, two of whom may die,
were Injured . early .. today when an ex
plosion., of- natural gas wrecked the four
story building occupied by the Wlriok
Moving and Storage company, kfost of th
injured were employe of the storage com
pany. .
Following the explosion seven buildings
In the neighborhood caught fire, but quick
work by firemen saved them. The prop
erty loss was $100,000. -
Son of Founder
of Mormon Church
Arthur Hale Smith, Third Son of
' Joseph Smith, Dies at Church
; 'Convention.---' '
! DE8 MOIN'&S, la.. Aug. 16.-Arthur Hal
Smith, third son of Joseph Bmtth, who
foppded .the Reorganised Church of . Jesus
Christ Latter Day Sains, died yesterday
at Montrose, 'la., where he was attending
the convention .of Latter "Day Balnts. He
will be burled at his home, Lamonl, la.
President Clolwe 'Also Appoints Gov
ernor's Coencll, tncladltta Several
Caotro Member. -
CARACAS, Aug. 16. Th new Vne-
tuelan cabinet wa announced officially
tpday as" follow!" ' '
Minister of the Interior Llnare Alcan-
taia, reappointed.
Minister of the Exterior General Juan
Minister of Finance Dr. Abel Santos.
Minister of War General Regulo Oll
vates, reappointed.
; Minister of r'atronage (Fbrmento) Rael
Cirlbano, reappointed.
. Minister of Public Work Dr. J. M. Ortga
MIniwtrr of rubllc Intructlcm Dr. Mal
dano. reappointed.
HecrMary-Ueneral Antonio Piemen tel.
' Governor of Caracas, Dr. Carlos Ieon.
President Gomes has appointed a gov
ernor oouncil a provided for by th hew
constitution, consisting of ten members.
They Include a number of prominent poli
tician and several of the Castro leaders:
Ramon Alaya as president and Nicholas
Rolando and General Relra, first and sec
ond vice, president of the eouhell. These
officials act a vice president of th re
publlo in (ha 'order named. Congres ad
journed today.
New Ministry Formed la Denmark
'fader Coant Holstela
Ledrebord. COPENHAGEN, Aug. 16 The ministerial
crisis came to an end today with the for
mation of a new. cabinet under the premier
ship of Count Holsteln-Ledrebord. J. C.
Chrlstensen Is minister of war and sparine;
ex-Prraler Neergard minister of finance
and Thomas. Larsen, minister of - public
work. Count Ahlefteldt-Laurvlg, E. Sor
tnsen, F. 8. Doegsbro, A. Nielsen, K.
Berntacn, and O. Hasen retain, respect
ively, th portfolio of foreign affair, edu
cation. Justice, agriculture, Interior and
commerce.,, . -,
New Detachment Will Be
, , Part ( National
Gnard, ......
JEFFERSON CITT. Mo, Aug. 16-Ad-Jutant
General Frank M. Rumbold of the
National Guard ef Missouri today Issued an
order directing th oiganlsatlon of an aero
detachment,'" which will be a part of the
signal corps, located at l. Louis, fit.
Louis balloonist have offered their serv
ices and fifteen aeronaut will be enlisted
Sale oS Panama Skirts
In Black
and Gluo,
plain gored
styles, at...
This Skirl Sale Includes Every
Final Clearance of Dresses
One light blue linen dress specially priced at $7.50- One rasp
berry colored linen drees specially priced at $G.2o- Two llKlit blut
lingerie dresses, formerly $80, now marked at $7.50- Two navy blue
foulard dresses specially priced $17.50. formerly 35. Twb peacock"
blue measallne dresses specially priced at $10- ne 135 green rajah
silk suit, size 36, now marked at $10- One $35 green mohair suit
size 56, now $10
If I nm elected county com
missioner no special interests
will have strings on me. My solo
aim will be to see that the coun
ty's business is run open and
above board and on a business
basis, and that everyone having
business with the county gets
fair and equal treatment. I will
not favor specially any interest,
or taxpayer, or contractor at the
expense of any other or of the
county. I will give the merchant
the same consideration as the
real estate owner, and the home
owner and farmer Just as cood
treatment au the big corporation.
I respectfully solicit your vote.
Republican Candidate for County Commissioner, First District, 4th, 7th. 8th
and 11th Wards.
Primary, August 17th. 1909. Polls open until 9 P. M. 1
(Continued from First Page.)
to the rear, the ecouts of Captain llyan
of the mixed cavalry eabtured about forty
nrivatea of tne blue scouting parties ana
outposts. These prisoners, however, were
later recaptured by the blues and two rea
scouts with them.
General Pew today forwarded to Major
General Wood, chief of umpires, a protest
against the alleged aotlon of Brigadier
General DIUs of the Invading force In mov
ing his force earlier than 5 a. m. today.
Th. rnlted States army transport Bum-
ner arrived here from Newport News.
The Sumner had on board 300 ooast
ai'fiiiery men who will reinforce the Bos
ton fort. ''
Note Broker Chnrared with Steallna
Copper Stoelt 1
. Indicted.
NEW YORK, Aug. 11 Two Indlotments
for grand larceny were returned by the
grand Jury against Ponald U Persch, the
note, broker, under (50,000 ball in the
Tombs prison under charges In connec
tion with the sale of collateral deposits
by M. M. Joyoe, a broker, - for a loan
negotiated through the Windsor Trust
MOTixxn or ocxajt itbabibxxvs
AITII.4. Idled.
, .X. Amsterdam. .
..X Dretagna,...
..Cdrlo Clllo.
..Columbia csllfornl.
. . Mugantle MonfalUa.
. Ptitltdalphls...
John Says:
smoke at o 1 aet
too dry not teo
KAW damp aot too pi
VajNAX? not tee UtU. It's
1 y Just 10o vorta of
cigar alias at a prte saat fit ta
memory, "
Central Cigar Store
521 Seufft 16(0 Sfreef.
The Pacifio & Northern Unit
Co., Ltd., of Vancouver, British
Columbia want a capable agent
to Bell -their timber unit securi
ties in Nebraska, Kanuas and
Iowa. See Mr. Maher, Her Grand
It Is an Ideal place for alioppera
$0.75, $10
Spring Wool Skirt tit Stock
51 li." 1 .
OMAHA, Neb.. Aug. IB, I BOD. -
To lfie Voters of Douglas County
The undersigned attorneys at law La
active practice In all the courts, repre
senting varied political affiliations,
recommend to voters participating in
the primary election neat Tuesday, Au
gust 17th, 1909, Hon. Elisha C. Cal
kins, of Kearney, as one of the three
judges of the supreme court to be nom
inated by republican votes. , We do
this without solicitation on the part of
Judge Calkins, because we know him
to be an able, upright and learned
Judge, an educated gentleman and a
citizen of Nebraska since 1873. A$
stats senator, as regent of the univer
sity, as Supreme Court Commissioner,
and as president of the rjebrska tate
Bar association, Judge Calkins baa
fitly performed his high duties and has
shown himself a man of untarnished
reputation, of marked ability, and'ot
irreproachable character. .
James H. Van Dusen. f.
John P. Breen."
Byron O. Burbanlu ;-.
Matthew A. Hall.
J. C. KlnBler.
Francis A. Brogan. . .
T. W. Blackburn. . r
Frank Crawford.
Clia8. L. Dundey.
Geo. W. Shield.
Wi niki ill it tell
Omaha Trunk Factory
W also carry a fin Una ef leather good
Bong. 105S 1209 rarnajn St. lad. A-lOfis
18o, B5o, 60o, T8
Greatest mysterious story ever written.
Shadowed by Three
ltv Big Vaudeville Act Quartet.
Vntil WsdnasAar Might.
Mnitlsr Matinee, An Seat SS Cnt.
Hovlng Wotures Tbarsday, rrlday and
aaturdar. riv and Ta Cent.
The Cowboy and The Thief
Wttfh for Aunvunceitarut of
IN .
"Down Where the Cotton Blos
soms Grow' v