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Park Board Will Hurry Along Some
Improvement Flam.
Bottom Will Be Barked Oat of Call
Oft la Order to Make Weer
Oronad In the Law
Every Day Interest Increases in the Great
tors fmmmmammaanumKmmmmmm
Advices have been received by the.
Hoard of Park Commissioners from the
concern constructing the large hydraulic
auction dredge for work in the lake la
rrady to be art up. The parts are being
assembled In Chicago, but will be sent to
Omaha "knocked down" and aet up on the
phorea of the lake. Bhlpmenta will begin
In about ten daya.
The contract calla for dredging work
to begin October 1," said Colonel Kd P.
iir-rryman. president of the Board of Tark
Commissioners, "and It la our purpose
to keep the big dredge going until freea
Ing weather. Thla work will be resumed
next spring aa early aa possible, and there
will be no letup next year. Under a clause
In the contract, the firm building the
dredge will operate It for thirty daya."
The Board of Park Commlsslonera met
In regular monthly aesslon Thursday morn
ing, but little was dona other than to
audit a number of bills and receive re
ports from the superintendent as to work
dona in several parka.
I'alnaj Artesian Wells.
The artesian well In Miller park Is now
down 435 feet and the contracting firm
believes water will be secured soon. The
well In niverview park is 1,130 feet deip,
but a flow Is expected nearer the surface
In Miller park. Under the contract the
board will pay IH per foot for the first
TOO feet and $3 GO per foot after that depth
ia reached.
Superintendent Adama was Instructed to
devise sum plan whereby the animals In
the Klvervlew park aoo can be watered
from the artesian well and thereby save
buying city water. The Omaha Water com
pany Is charging M a month for water
furnished the park while water from the
artesian well which coat (4.300 flowa Into
a lake and thence to the river and no use
Is derived from it.
Charlea R. Foster, secretary of the
Playgrounds association, appeared before
the board to aak that some provision be
made for playgrounds. No public play
grounds were provided for the children
this year on acount of the land formerly
used for thla purpose being taken for
building operations. The board designated
a block of ground near twenty-seventh and
Burt streets and another plat containing
.learly one block near Thirty-fourth street
and Poppleton avenue for public play
grounds. Mr. Foster said it was too late
to do much thla year, but next spring
steps will be taken early to equip the
playgrounds designated.
Two female elk will be bought by the
board for the Rlvervlew park aoo. -
Big Demand for
McKeen Motors
Factory is Going; Fall Time in Ef
fort to Keep Up with the
The McKeen Motor Car company has
shipped a splendidly equipped motor car
east for use on the Erie railroad around
New York. The Lake Shore officials
asked permission to ship the car free of
charge from Chicago to New York over
the rails of that company that some offi
cials might accompany It and inspect lta
workings. The car waa No. S which the
company has turned out
The McKeen company haa 425 men em
ployed and Is now working on car No. 65
with material enough on hand to make
eighty cars. Railroad men from all over
the country are anxious to secure these
cars and work la being pushed aa fast
as the limited apace will permit. The
Northern Paclflo has bought one of the
curs and other roads have their ordera In.
He Certainly
Must Look Bad
Man Arrested Twice on Suspicion is
Finally Son Oat of
Arrested by one detective, sent out on
an errand from the police station, and ar
rested a second time before he could com
plete the errand waa the experlanoe of
Hi:$h Richards, ; who waa In police court
Tli u red ay morning.
Detective Van Dusen arrested Rtcharda
as a auspicious character and took him
to the station. Before putting him in
jail It waa decided to send the fellow to a
tailor shop after a package. He went out
to do the errand and was picked up by
Deteotives Ring and Murphy on suspicion.
In police court Thursday morning he
was discharged and told to get out of
, 1 s
Former Oman Man Take Poison Un
der Sensational Circumstances
at Denver.
Word comas that Ned Copeland, for many
years connected with the Paclflo Express
company in Omaha, committed suicide
Wednesday night In a hotel In Denver.
Mr. Copeland, 40 years old, wsa a member
of a prominent family of Santa Anna,
Cel., and has been proprietor of a hotel at
Espcrnasa, Mex. Copeland left his young
wife sitting In a theater, aaylng that he
waa faint and was going outside. He went
to his room and took some cyanide of
potassium. He haa been afflicted with a
nervous trouble for acme time, and waa
not well when he left Omaha a doaen
years ago. He haa frequently threatened
to commit suicide. His widow was for
merly Miss Grace Schlckstans of Omaha.
10V.BC m0mmmmmmmmmmmJr br.
G reat Bargains
'Remeaai Day
Friday will be another day when every woman in
Omaha can save money by buying at greatly reduced prices.
Sample Strips j Remnants oi Laces
Irish crochet laces and insertions, Oriental insertions, net
top laces, Point de Paris and Plat Vals, cluny laces, real
linen torchons all
kinds worth up to
50c at ,
Remnants ol Embroideries at 74 c .- 19c Yd.
18-inch flouncings, skirtings, corset cover embroideries.
medium and wide edgings, also insertions and headings
all kinds two big squares 1 1 l
worth up to 40c yard- A jr(J and OC
French and English Vnl. Laces and
Insertions neat designs many to
match worth 5c, at. yard
Every yard of Foulard in stock will be closed out Fri
day regardless of cost.
One lot printed jac
quard, pretty pat
terns and good
colorings, f C
at, yard. ..
Foulards Dots,
stripes and small
figures and geo
metrical effect:
go at
yard . . .
Finest spot proof
foulards, sold for
merly at $1.25 per
Remnants and Odd Lots in Basement
Summer Wash Fabrics
15c Flaxette Batiste, natural colored linen grounds with
neat figures, stripes and checks 45 inches wide, gradu
ated bordered Batiste, regularly sold at 25c yard, beau
tiful colored Dress Swisses, worth 18c (
a yard all high grade wash goods on
bargain square in full bolts at, a
yard, beau-
Various grades and lengths sum
mer lawns, percales, shirtings,
prints, etc. Friday 9L
forenoon only, yard . . . . M2K
Beginning at 1:30 remnants of
bleached muslin In. long mill
lengths on bargain
square, at, yard
Next Saturday
Men's Pants
All the Men's Pants, fe
worth up to 3, at. .$1UU
All the Men's Pant, PA
worth up to $5, a.t.p,DJ
Is Alwrxyi Cool
Ioe Cream Soda pure fruit
flavor, glass 5
Nut Sundaes at 10
The best Ice Cream made in
Omaha. Quarts 25c. Pints ISc.
Will keep hard an hour. Take
homo a brick.
Banks May Get
Boost from the
State Board
Assessor Shriver Says He Thinks it
likely the Assessment Will Be
Slightly Raised.
Hcarr Hoar Is Hecos;nlse4 by tke
Goveraaaeat for Services Wki
Not a Selatcr.
Henry Hoar died a rew days aco In Sa
lem, Ind.. of wounds received durlna; the
civil war. Hoar waa the only civilian
who drew pension for1 service during
the war while not being a soldier. He did
not enter the military service at all. but
did render valuable services as a civilian
during the Morgan raid through Indiana
and Ohio. He actsd aa a volunteer scout
ahead of Morgan's command, and was
subsequently captured by Morgan la
Ohio. While attempting to escape be was
hot July 10, k3, and has been a helpless
County Assessor Bhriver Is of the opinion
that the banks of Douglas county will find
their assessments raised I or S per cent
when the State Board of Equalisation gets
to work on them. The board has notified
Mr. Shriver that he will be expected to
give some reason why the assessment of
Douglas county should not be raised, and
he expects the Increase to be borne largely
by the banks. An Increase of 20 per cent
on horses and mules In Douglas county Is
also contemplated.
The Douglas County Board of Equalisa
tion allowed the banks a S per cent reduc
tion on bad notes and loans, and thla may
be overruled by the state board. Mr.
Shriver protested against It as such reduc
tions have been overruled before and It is
his opinion that thry are unduly favorable
to the banks as actual losses on bad loans
do not amount to so much.
The banks are also In danger of having
their assessments raised beef use of their
practice of not returning any value on
secured Interest on bills receivable. Re
ductions are allowed for loss and deprecia
tion, for accrued and unpaid Interest on
time deposits and on unearned pro rata
portions of discounts on notes or bills re
ceivable. Included In undivided profits.
These reductions decrease the book value
of their property by almost 50 per cent.
Partly to balance this they are expected
to make return on accrued Interest on bills
receivable, which would make a difference
of from 1 to 1 per cent.
Most of the Omaha banks make no re
turn on this Item and may be forced to suf
fer a revision by the state board.
Mr. 6hriver will go to the conference at
Lincoln, August ft.
Many, people with cnroulo throat and
lung trouble have found comfort and relief
fa Foley's Honey and Tar, as It cures stub
born ce-gtgha after other treatment has
failed. I M. Ruggles, Reasnor. Iowa,
writes: "The doctors said I bad consump
tion, and I got no better until I took
Foley's Honey and Tar. It stopped the
hemorrhages and pain In my lungs and
they are now as sound aa a bullet," Sold
by all druggists.
Army Notes
Bids will be opened at the office of Major
D. E. McCarthy, chief quartermaster De
partment of the Missouri, Friday for forage
for the several posts of the department for
the period beginning October X, 1909. and
ending June 80, 1810. The proposals call for
82.307.000 pounds of oats, .2.421,400 pounds of
bran, 44,935.000 pounds of baled hay and
10.804,000 pounds of straw or hay for bed
ding. The oats are to be equal to standard
oats as recognised and established by the
Omaha Grain exchange, to weigh not less
than twenty-eight pounds to the measured
bushel. Preference will be given to upland
prairie hay of equal standard.
The payment of the troops for the De
partment of the Missouri for the month of
July will begin at the several posts Friday.
Major William P. Burnham, who will suc
ceed Lieutenant Colonel W. P. Evans as
chief of staff of the Department of the
Missouri, will arrive In Omaha about Au
gust 15 to enter upon his new duties. In
the meanwhile the office of chief of staff
will remain vacant. Colonel Evans al
ready haa been relieved from that duty and
will sail for the Philippines August 5. where
he will become chief of staff of the Phil
ippines division.
Plaas Ineobatlns; for Additional llln.
mlnatlasr la the Down Town
District of Omaha.
When the warm weather has gone by
somewhat the Commercial club will take
up the project of lighting Omaha brilliantly
from the Burlington depot to Sixteenth
and Kamam streets. The Omaha Electric
Light and Power company stands ready
to Install all the lights necessary If given
a contract for the current.
There are two ways in which this can
be brought about. One la by a contract
with the abutting property holders on
Tenth and on Farnam street, and the other
to get the council to declare a special
lighting district
Sixteenth street men will wish the spe
cial lighting carried farther south along
that thoroughfare and there will be a de
mand from Farnam above Sixteenth street.
A Viper la the Stomaeh
Is dyspepsia complicated with liver and
kidney troubles. Electric Bitters help all
such cases or no pay. Mc Sold by Beaton
Drug Co.
ijj f f We Close at 6 o'clock; Saturday at 10 P. M.M I if i
i 1 I Tuesdays at 1 P. M. Purine; Julj and August. J A
ll Thr tTscx rmpn RnvAr Tt r1nrc Print rJ
The Garment Buyer Reduces Prices
to a Mere Fraction of Rcsxl Values
Friday Is the day we take to clone out the odd lots. There Is no
regard for what goods are worth, the object is to make a quick clear
ance and we willingly take the losses.
Two tables heaping full, very effective styles, made up from fine lawns,
madras, Anderson Scotch ginghams, etc., fancy and plain effects,
beautifully made, high and low neck styles, values $7.95, for 3.50
Here's a real treat. One-piece dresses, all white ground percale with
neat figures and border trimmed, low square neck and short sleeves,
all fresh and new excellent $2.00' value $1.25
About a dozen smart styles, mostly plain shades, blue, green, rose, hello,
gray, also white there are a few striped effects Included our Friday
price $7.50
HATS, worth up to $2.50.
These are pretty summer hat of
embroidered white material, but
soiled, easily laundered. Buy any
of them In our Friday clean-up
for 2 5c.
Large miscellaneous lot of styles,
worth 25c, 50c, 75c and $1.00,
soiled, choice 10
WORTH $1, $1.25, $1.60.
Charming styles, most of them
newly unboxed, fresh and clean,
lace and embroidery trimmed
worth double and more, 690.
Purchased specially for our July
sales, and many are worth $1.00.
Fine materials with elaborate lace
or embroidery trimming.
Another Friday opportunity to
buy 50c and 75c silks for 29c.
About. 100 pieces, all colors,
Including 27-inch China Silks,
27-lnch Pongees, Printed Fou
lards, Louislnes, Her
ringbone weaves,
Lining Taffetas .
One of the best bargains In town"
Is this lot of pretty lawns at 6c.
There's a big table full, light
colored floral lawna f
and batistes, worth DC
10c, at
Embroideries, Flouncings
200 pieces embroidery edges,
bands and Insertions will be of
fered Friday at a very low price.
The goods are all new and
would easily bring
double and more.
Buy all you need,
Just the kinds many are buy
ing, for making combination
undergarments, for skirts,
dresses, etc Beautiful, showy
patterns. Imported
to sell at 36c to
60c, now
DFMlNIiUMTQ WHITE GOODS All odda and ends, mulls, diml
EVLLlllliill li3 ties, madras, India Llnons, Etc., worth to 19c, 5
ailmljas, unDieacnea, heavy bc quality, lengths 3 to 16 yards, at,
16c Pillow Cases, size 42x36, to close out, at 10f
wnfiri The Buyers' and Managers' Sale Continues Friday
Two Special Lot at
Omaha women fully appreciate ttyp fine bargains this week's sale
makes possible. The crowds have been enormous. We have sold al
most 75 dozen corsets of these lots, yet plenty more are here. They
were specially purchased for this occasion and the values are unsur
passed. Styles are all new and worth up to $1.25. The sale is draw
ing to a closej Don't miss it. Friday, last chance at 49c and 69c.
200 pairs only, good, serviceable worsted and cassimere pants, In
stripe patterns, values to $3.00. Have every size up
to 42 waist bands. Ought to sell every pair
Friday, at
Clearing Sale Reductions Hardware
Enasalware .clean-up. Every piece
goes, large sauce pans, worth to
89c. at . ... v Bo
Large Berlin Kettles and Sauce Pans,
at 16o
(arge Milk Pans lOo
Soap Dlshea . ; 100
I qt. enamel Cups lOo
Enamel Bread Pans lOo
12c and 16c Pe Plates for 6o
15.60 Challenge 16 Inch Lawn Mower,
at $3.8S
$12.50 Philadelphia Lawn Mower
at S6.7S
17.00 High Flyer Lawn Mower 4.TB
11 60 galvanised Garbage Cans 88o
11.75 galvanised Garbage Cans fl.Si
Rubber Hose (50 ft. length), fu 8o
12c cotton covered Garden Hose So
1 6c Wilson Bread Toaster ISo
73c Bread Boxes 89o
10c hoe, shovel and rake seta.... So
Columbia and Liberty house paints
40c quart cans at 89o
!5c quart cans 16o
Carters White Lead, 100 lbs. f 7-85
Double Stampa on Paints.
Dennett's Serve You Best in Groceries
These items as advertised for' Friday and Saturday.
Grocery bills reduced to the minimum If you supply your needs here.
Flour Bennett's Pride,
per sack and 40 stamps
at 8180
Bennett's Best Coffee, three pounds for
Bennett s Best corre, pouna
Llptnn a TPa, pound can
SOXTBI.S STAMPS OW I Marrowfat Yeas, Mia
OKABTUIiATED nonette brand, ( 90c
bUOAJU J dozen, can 80
.91,00 and 100 green stamps
. 3So and 30 green stamps
Corslcan Blend Tea. for Iced tea 48o and 80 green stamps
Rice. 10c quality, four pounds aoo
Pnlldet Imported Sardines, 20c cans 16o
Bennett's Capitol Baking Powder, 5 lb. can $1.00 and 100 green stamps
Bennett's Capitol Baking Powder. 1 lb. can 84o and 20 green stampa
Snlder's Tomato Catsup, No. 3 can. aoo and 20 green stamps
Select Queen Olives, pint 9 So and 10 green stamps
Clam Chowder, per can lOo and in green stampa
Dried Grapes,
Vanity Tomatoes, No. 2 csn 7c
( Prt
I It.
nes, 12 We qual
. lb So
ninmnnd C. Roan. 10 bars for 8Bc
111 . . . nan . lrtev
Bennett's Capitol Corn, 2 "cans". aoo ami 10 green stampa
Charm Table Syrup, bottle ...
Poppy Brand Condensed Milk
Eddy's Mustard, two Jars for . .
Hippo Washing Powder, six for
Tskoma Biscuits, three pkgs. ...
Assorted Cookies, pound
vnttarmllk Ire cold, served free Saturday in butter dept.
CHEESE Full Cream, lb aoo and 10 green stamps h
Brick Cheese, lb soo noqueion c;neese, id tva
ISo and 10 green stamps .
lOo and 6 green stamps
lOo and 10 green stamps
86o and 10 green stamps
15o and 10 green stamps
Approved by Nation and State. Best
Climate and Medtrtnal Springs Is
America. First Class Hotels, llospt
tsls snd Beta Houses. Write to
Secretary Commercial Clas,
Sot prlaxa. So. Das,
Will Ask National Oraanlsa t ion to
Come to Omaha Next
Ten live members of the Omaha Ad
club have volunteered to attend the con
vention of the Associated Advertising
Clubs of America at Louisville, August
25, 26 and 27, at their own expense and do
all in their power to land the 1910 meeting
for Omaha.
A movement Is already under way to
secure sufficient funds to open head
quarters for the Omaha delegation at one
of the leading hotel. The Commercial
club and the Ad club have each sub
scribed 100 for this purpose and leading
business houses and hotels have signified
a willingness to help the project. The
money subscribed will be used entirely
for the legitimate expense of entertaining
and boosting Omaha and no for the
personal expense of any Omaha' delegate.
The convention of ad clubs draws from
1.600 to 2,000 visitors from every part of
the United States, Including the leading
national advertisers and publishers. In ad-1
dltlon to working directly to secure the
1910 convention the Omaha delegates in
tend to advertise this city and Its many
attractions in an aggreualve manner. They
will distribute souvenirs and booklets fur
nished them by any business house, and
are making special Sjirangamenta to boost
j the Corn show.
So You Must Store
Your F uriuture?
Then call us today. We have the
place you want We have the facilities
you appreciate. We have the vans and
the men to relieve you or every detail.
1609 Farnam St,
Doug. 1559 Tnd. A-1559.
In the Shopping
11th aad
MoGes. oa
Hotel Kupper
llth and XcOee.
Kansas City. Mo.
In the Sbopplsj District.
Hear all tbe Theaters.
00 Beautiful totau.
100 mvate Bet&a.
Slot aad ooU watei la all rooms.
Speoieue lekby, parlors.
Tslepheae la every room.
Beautiful Cafe, aerfec Oalataa,
$1 to $2.50 Per Day
arorepeaa Flaa.
r. a BaarsosT, stgc
Friday Is Remnant Day
All the mill ends in the mussed and shorter lengths rill be sold
out Friday. Over 50,000 yards of all kinds of new goods, Wash,
Goods, Flannelettes, Fercales, White Goods, etc., will go, at,'
Pr yard t . .3VC 5c 7l2C 8V4c and 10c
Sheetings, Muslins, Towelings, etc., in mill ends, at
yard 5c 7ltC 8VC 10c and 12V2C
Genuine Indigo Blue Frints, yard 3VaC
Linens, fine goods, mill ends, at 19c 25c 39c 49c and 59c
High Grade "Wool Dress Goods, worth up to $3 a yard, at, per
yard 15c 19c S5c 39c 49c 59c and 75c
Specials called off every hour. Come early.
48 in. wide, 10 patterns to se
lect from, $3.50 val- M nn
ues, choice, pair . .M JO
uanneue, worm ifo.uu per
pair, at,
Five Rousing Silk Specials
85c Quality Pongees in natural
and bamboo color, 26 inches
wide, at, yard 49c
75c White Habutia Wash Silk,
just five pieces in this sale, at,
per yard 39c
$2.50 Quality Black Peau de Soie, 36 inches wide, heavy double
faced gloss finished, at, yard ".$1.50
25c White Jap Silk, 20 inches Long Mill Ends Taney Silks,
wide, at, yard 17c values to 75c yard, at , ,19c
Friday's Grand Notion Sale Bargain Offerings
Prices on fancy and Staple Notions cut 50 per cent to 75 per
cent for this day's sale. Here are a few items: N
Pearl Buttons, per dozen 3V&C
10c Fine Combs, each . . . .4V2C
15c Dressing Combs, each 4V&C
5c Gold Eye Needles, at, per
package lc
Cotton Tapes, all sizes, roll lc
Shoe Laces, per pair ..... . .lc
Best Fast Black Darning Cot
ton, for .lc
Tooth Brushes ..3Vc and 9c
Hair Brushes, each TVC
Back Combs, each 5c
Scores of Other Articles at Proportionate Bargain Prices.
Ruffeled Net and Swiss, val
ues to $3.00 a pair, on sale
at, per Q
pair Wis fatal
Big assortment for selection,
on sale Friday to close, at
Friday's Special Underwear Bargains
Ladies' Knit Underwaists, taped arms and neck, values to 25c, at,
each 5c 10c and 12Hc
Corset Covers, and Drawers.
handsomely trimmed, values to
$1.00, choice 25c
Fine Gowns and Skirts, big as
sortment of styles, values to
$2.50, at 98c
THE TIME. The Greatest Money-Saving Grocery
Department in the West.
20 pounds best Pure Cane Oranulated
Sugar for 11.00
48-pound sack Highest Patent Flour. 11.65
10 bars best brands Laundry Soap for 26c
5 pounds best Pearl Tapioca or Sago 26c
6 pounds choice Japan Rice 25c
The best Cornmeal, per sack 16c
The best Corn Starch, package 6c
The best Bulk Starch, pound 6c
The best Cold Water Starch, pkg 6c
The best Domestic Macaroni, pkg...8Hc
Alaska Salmon, per can 12 He
011 or Mustard Sardines, per can 4c
Seeded Raisins, package 7Hc
Fancy Cleaned Currants, per lb 8Hc
Teas and Coffees We Import Slreot.
Choice Bun Dried Japan Tea, per lb.. 26c
Fancy Oolong, Ceylon, Basket Fired Japan
or English Breakfast Tea; special sale
price, per pound 18c
For Ice Tea, try a pound of our Execel-
lent Blend Tea, per pound 85c
Golden Santos Coffee, per lb. 16c
Fancy Marlcatbo Blend, per lb; 18c
Fancy Porto Rico Blend, per lb 20c
Fancy Ankola Blend, per lb 25c
Tresh Vsgetables at Less Than Market
Sweet Corn, per dnien 8o
8 bunches fresh Onions ...6o
8 bunches fresh Radishes 5o
4 bunches fresh Carrots la
4 bunches fresh Beets 6a
8 heads fresh Cabbage .....60
2 large Summer Squash 6o
Fresh Cucumbers, each lc
t bunches freHh Parsley So
2 lbs. fancy Wax or Green Beans. ..... 5c
Fancy Cooking Apples, per peck 25o
8 heads fresh Leaf Lettuce 6o
Fresh Peas per quart 6o
Large Grape Fruit, each 6c
Boat Tortet the Big reach and rear Bale.
A whole carload of the delicious fruit
for this special sale.
Bushel boxes extra fancy California Pears
the finest grown for canning on sale,
per box a.SS
Large boxes extra fancy yellow Crawford
California Freestone Peaches. These
are very fine, per box ..fLaS
We carry the most complete
line of trunks, traveling bags and
suit cases In the city. Our line
embodies the best quality In. all
the different grades.
Our prices are low because we
can afford to do business on a
economy to deal with us for the reason
good gooas man ia aaKCd lor
small profit. It Is
that we charge no more for
cheaper grades elsewhere.
Matting Suit Cases, up from. ... $2.00
Suit Case $1.35 $135
Our Own Make Trunks. .$3.50 to $70
Omaha. Trunk Factory
1209 Farnam Street. Tel. Douglas 1058
Aro You Going Wost
to Got a Farm?
Three Big Reservations Now Open.
The Spokane, north of the city of Spokane,
has about 50,000 acres. v
The Coeur d'Alene, just east of the city of
Spokane on Coeur d'Alene lake has 200,000
acres includes timber lands.
The Flathead, in the heart of the Montana
Rockies, has 450,000 acres of fine agricul
tural and grazing lands. A government
reclamation project will make a large part
of it very productive.
Electric Block Signal Protection.
Dining Car Meals and Service "Best ia the
Dustless Roadbed Perfect Track.
For descriptive literature and full Information
relative to rates, routes, etc., call on or address
Omaha, Nebraska.
'Phones: Bell, Doug. 1828, and Ind., A-3231.
I Bee Want Ads Boost Your Business