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Entered at Omaha postofflee aa second
cias matter.
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A.t.f.aa all Mn'lll.ll of Irregularities
In delivery to City Circulation Department.
Omaha The Ttee RulUlng.
South Omaha- Twenty-fourth and N.
Council Bluffs-16 Scott Street.
I.lmoln-f IS I.litie Building.
''hloairo 1M Building.
New Tork-Rooma 1191-1102 No. M West
Thlrtv-thlrd Street.
Wa-hlngton 72B Fourteenth Street, N. W.
Commuftloatlona relating to news and edi
torial matter ahould be addrenaed: Omaha
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Remit by draft, express or poatal order,
payab'e to The Bee Publishing Company.
Only 2-cent sfnmDS received In payment of
mall account, personal check, except on
Omaha or eastern exchangee, not accepted.
State of Nebraska. Poutlaa County, aa !
Oeorge B Taachuck, treaaurer Of The
Bea Publishing company, being
sworn. .eys that the actual number of full
nnd complete eoplea of The Dally. Morn
ing, rentnr and Sunday Bee printed dur
ing the month of June, 10, was as fol
1 4X.370
3 41.380
4 41,850
B 41,590
6 39.800
T 41.4S0
10 41,860
11 41,830
1 49,040
13 40,300
14 48,870
15 41,840
16 41,8441
17 41,660
18 41,680
1 41,680
90 40,000
81 41,780
88 41,870
83 41380
84 41,780
88 44,640
86 41,680
97 40,030
88 41,780
89 41,780
30 41,670
Total. .1,347.300
Ketumed Copies 8,230
Net Total 1,838,080
Dally Average 41,869
Subscribe tn my presence and aworn
to uerore me this let day of July. 109.
Seai) M. P. WALKER.
Notary Public.
Income Tax Amendment.
The housn has passed th senate)
resolution submitting a constitutional
amendment permitting an Income tax.
Whether It 1a necessary for the presi
dent to approve Is doubtful, but In any
event there Is no question about Mr.
Taft'a acquiescence, as be la already
committed to the plan. It will trrpn
require the endorsement of the legisla
tures of three-fourths of the state.
The governors of several democratic
states are said to be discussing the
calling of extra sessions to vote on the
amendment, and aa the Oeorglft legis
lature la now In session, It will doubt
less be acted on promptly In that state.
Thore Is no necessity for precipitate
action, however, as at the best It will
be at least two years before enough
Btates can act, and certainly that long
before all will vote, owing to blennlat
sessions In many states. The move
for Immediate action, therefore, Is
purely political. Mr. Bryan Bounded
the democratic keynote when he de
clared the republican congress had
stolen democratic thunder in passing
the resolution, and the apparently
concerted movement of democratic
governors Is designed solely for politi
cal effect, because not a single state
legislature was elected on this Issue.
The facts are not encouraging to
democratic claims, however. The res
olution had the endorsement of a re
publican president, was Introduced by
a republican, Senator Brown of Ne
braska, and passed by a housn and
senate overwhelmingly republican. Its
only stumbling block was placed by
democratic senators, who Insisted that
it be sidetracked to pass an income
tax law, which the supreme court had
once declared unconstitutional.
Subscribers leaviaar ra city tea
pnrartly aboaU fcT Tka Bi
mailed ta them. Aadrrsa will I
'ne ata oftem aa requested.
Damns seem Inadequate- to hold the
p.frlal water courses. '
Near beer In Tennessee means close
io the Virginia line.
Those nonpartisan candidates for
judge will now reaurrr their partisanship.
The numerous Leon Lings seen In
various parts of the world have proved
to be only yellow mirages.
Tho Rockefeller laboratory Is seek
ing a cure for thet sleeping sickness.
Did the investigators ever try a piano
or a phonograph?
Now that,, f.he'V FarJlan Insurgents
have entered the capital city, the shah
la now la a position to Wend a message
of sympathy to Abdul Hamld.
The west would appreciate the chair
manship, but Is not likely to secure It.
Mr. Acheson of Pennsylvania Is the
ranking member, and there ar three
other eastern men who outrank the
first westerner, Mr. Davidson of Wis
consin. Illinois will probably be given
the Lorlmer vacancy, and as Iowa al
ready Is represented, Missouri, Ne
braska or the Dakota will make a
fight for Missouri valley representa
tion, the Iowa member being from a
Mississippi river district.
Seducing the Corporation Tax.
There is every prospect that the
conference committee on the tariff bill
will reduce the corporation tax from
2 per cent, as fixed by the senate, to
1 per cent, but will retain the pro
vision in the bill. Some changes in
verbiage are also required to meet
legal obstacles.
The only significance In the changes
is that President Taft and the house
and senate leaders must believe that
with proposed economies the tariff
added will produce enough revenue
with a 1 per cent corporation tax to
meet governmental needs. The cor
poration tax provision was Inserted as
a revenue producer, and the amount
of the tax Is simply the measure of
government needs. The publicity fea
tures of the bill will be Just as effec
tive with a smaller as with a higher
tax, and there Is neither Justice nor
reason for imposing a greater tax bur
den than financial necessity requires.
With the treasury deficit last year,
and a prospective one the current year,
It Is encouraging that congressional
and the treasury experts rely on the
pending bill to relieve the situation.
It would be mighty nice to have Mr.
Bryan's legislature put the first O. K.
on it, although It would be a trifle ex
pensive to the taxpayers of Mr. Bryan's
home state.
Southern democratlo papers are
busily discussing the next party plat
form, but why this violent exercise
when we have an eminent Neliraskan
who will gladly relieve them of all
labor In the premises?
With fifty-four ships participating
In the naval maneuvers off the Atlan
tic coast, Boston feels safe from a for
eign invasion for a few days at least.
The chorus of demo-pop organs will
now berate the supreme judges for
failing to uphold th demo-pop non
vartlfan Judiciary act. That's part of
the play.
When Nebraska gets the figurehead
from the battleship named from the
state visitors to the state house may
see that much of the. navy without go
ing to salt water.
If the end of the world comes aa
predicted, on September 15 next, won't
it seem strange to the Angel Gabriel
if he should fall to find the Washing
ton team in last place?
Two big banks in Chicago have con
solidated with a capital stock of
$7,500,000 and deposits of $70,000,-
000. Big business enterprises require
tin banks to meet their needs.
Convicts from the Missouri peniten
tiary Were taken out to work in the
train fields In order to save the crop,
bnt It Is not every state which has
uough convicts to go around.
Governor Shallenberger 13 also ac
quiring the Chautauqua habit, but
hardly gets tho percentage of the gate
receipts which another distinguished
Nebraska democrat commands.
IT th Standard Oil company goes
into the butter manufacturing business
It may be figured a retaliation for
the inroads on the asle grease trade
by some of the nearbutter makers.
Death of Astronomer Newcomb.
In he death of Sliu6n Newcomb
America loses Its greatest astronomer.
While ranking as admiral In the
United States navy Prof. Newcomb
was not a sailor, but for seventeen
years was professor of mathematics at
the naval academy. Hl9 first public
servloe was in assisting In compiling
the nautical almanac, and from that
time on his advancement In his pro
fession was rapid. His tables are Btlll
used In the nautical almanac, by which
the location of vessels In all parts of
the world are told by stellar observa
tlons. At the time of his death he
easily outranked all American astrono
mers, living or dead, and was recog
nized abroad by the French academy,
the emperor of Germany and the Brit
ish Astronomical society. His most
notable achievement was computing
the orbits of the asteroids.
As a scientist Prof. Newcomb did
not attract so much public attention
as' some others, because he confined
his public opinions to well demon
Btrated facta and theories, and never
gave out fanciful and startling inter
views. The scientific world owes
much, however, to hla accurate and
carefnl research In his chosen field.
In addition to astronomy, he was also
a deep student of political economy.
A young aeronaut has made a trip
over the tops of New York's sky
scrapers with a dirigible balloon, and
If he did nothing else, he at least made
the people of the metropolis look up
to him.
A rain of frogs is said to have de
layed trains In New York, but reports
do not state whether It was because
' tlieT? was so many of them or because
tho engineer stopped to collect bait for
a fishing trip. lt
Accordlng"fd outward appearances
Bolivia and Peru are going about it In
earnest to ge up a war. It Is as easy
to pull off a war in South America as
a duel in France, and the one is as
serious aa the other.
The coming Corn show at Omaha Is
to havo an exhibit- of grata from one
of Pharoah'a tombs. Even If It failed
to geroiinat and grow in the valley of
the Nile, we believe it would prodMce
a good crop if planted In our rich Ne
braska soil in tho valley of the Platte
House Committees.
Speaker Cannon baa indicated his
Intention to complete the organization
of the house by announcing committee
appointments the last day of the spe
cial session, so that everything may
be In readiness for regular business
In December. Speaker Cannon has in
this demonstrated his wisdom, for not
only will the early appointment expe
dite congressional business, but nam
ing them on the last day will permit
members to nurse their sore spots
during vacation, and reasonable seren
ity will prevail in December.
Promotions to the senate of several
old members and the defeat of others
at the last election will necessitate
many changes in committees. The
greatest interest centers around the
banking and currency committee, in
view of the revision of the currency
laws, which will be undertaken at the
coming session. The principal contest
Is between Mr. Fowler of New Jersey,
present chairman, .and Mr. Vreeland
of New York, representing divergent
ideas on currency, and this is further
complicated by a personal difference
between Mr. Fowler and Speaker Can
non. The speaker has decided views
on currency as on other subjects, and
in spite of personal inclinations Is
likely to name the one nearest In har
mony with himself.
Much Interest also attaches to the
committee on rivers and harbors,
who3 chairman, Mr. Burton, has been
promoted to the senate, as has Mr.
LoriniL-r of Illinois, while Mr. Ellis of
Missouri was defeated for re-election!
So-Called Nonpartisan Law Defunct.
The so-called nonpartisan judiciary
law, enacted for strictly partisan pur
poses by the late demo-pop legislature,
has met an early death by collision
with the constitutional guarantees of
free speech, free assemblage and free
elections. The decision of the su
preme court voiding this act will not
be surprising to anyone at all familiar
with its provisions, not even to its au
thors or to the law-makers who voted
for It under party whip, because on Its
very face It ran counter to the express
provisions of the constitution.
Passing over other questionable
features, the rock on which this so-
called nonpartisan Judiciary act has
foundered Is its attempt to prevent
any political party, committee or con
vention from "In any manner whatso
ever indorsing, recommending, censur
ing, criticising or referring to any
candidate" for Judicial office. This
would prohibit any political assem
blage from exposing or denouncing
the despotism of a modern Jeffries or
the corruption of a venal Judge. It
would also be the bulwark of Judicial
usurpation and the shield of Judicial
Incompetency. It would prevent con
certed action to rid the state of any
odious judge who proved himself un
trustworthy, and Instead of promoting
liberty and equality before the law, it
would smooth the way for the Judicial
There Is nothing In the constitution
to prevent the legislature from pre
scribing the form of ballot to be used
in all elections. The legislature may,
If It wishes, remove the party circle
and require every voter to put a cross'
mark after the name of each candidate
of his choice. It may even go further
and remove the party designation from
the ballot, so that each voter must find
the name of his preferred candidate
without any identifying mark of party
affiliation. But the legislature has no
authority to throttle the right of free
assemblage and free speech by forbid
ding Indorsement, approval or criti
cism of public officers or candidates
for public office. In this respect there
Is no difference between the Judicial
office and other offices, each being
legitimate subjects of criticism or ap
proval by Individuals, or assemblages
of Individuals, whether under the
name of the republican party, the so
cialist party, the prohibition party, the
Anti-Saloon league, the Christian En
deavor or tho State Federation of
The annullment of the so-called non
partisan Judiciary law throws the elec
tion in Nebraska this year back under
the system of direct party nomination,
which will give the people ample facil
ity to choose between the various as
pirants for office. If our democratic
friends are really In earnest in thetr
prating about nonpartlsanshlp there Is
nothing whatever to prevent them
from supporting one or two repub
licans on their ticket. If they are
constitutionally opposed to having
party designations attached to the
names of Judicial candidates there Is
nothing whatever to prevent them
from foregoing their party nominations
and letting their candidates go on the
ticket by petition, and depending upon
their own personal merit and popular
ity to attract support. But, of course,
our demo-pop friends will do nothing
of tho kind. They will come to tho
front with a full quota of partisan
candidates for the nonpartisan office
of Judge of the supreme court They
have been merely playing a political
trick in the hope of catching some
wind for the stilled sails of the demo
pop craft, realizing that they had noth
ing to lose and everything to gain. Wo
do not believe, however, that any num.
ber of intelligent voters In Nebraska
will be fooled by such transparent de
A (food Indication.
Washington Post.
The crop reports Indicate that
farmera will be found on the bread
next winter.
Sarpaaalnar Splendors.
Indianapolis News
On the other hand, supposing the gov
ernment should furnish quarters for its
forelitn ambapsadors, they would hardly
be of magnificence to enable the Incum
bents to pull off such a funotlon as that
with which the Reida entertained the
world last evening-.
Jfeajllarenpr of a Strict Constructionist
Washington Herald.
Now that It haa been demonstrated that
the government can make Its own Ice at
a coat of , 66 cents a ton, It would aeem
to be up to some friend of the Ice trust
to make It plain to the United States
Sonate that It Is unconstitutional for the
government to make Its own Ice.
I.lTrra Ont of Whack.
New Tork World.
The activity of bishops In pointing out
and condemning the evila of modern con
ditions In America reveals a remarkable
congeniality for the role of devil's advo-
oate. A strong voice raised in some quar
ter In praise of a single feature of our
national life would be refreshing by way
of contrast. Is everything rotten In Denmark?
Around New York
Jalpplse era the Curraa of life
as Seen la the Oreat Amerteaa
Metropolis from Bay to Day.
Give the Coletre Boya a Reat.
New York World.
"Why Is it that a young man degen
erates within six months after he enters
college?" asks a Nebraska pedagogue at
the Denver convention of the National
Education association. Does he? And what
proportion ef the whole number? Why
not let the poor colleges alone for a while,
now that commencement is over and the
boat raceB and baseball series are settled?
Bundle of Graft Money Unclaimed.
Philadelphia Uecord.
One hundred thousand dollars of graft
money in Indiana la likely to go to char
ity. The member of the legislature to
whom It 1b alleged to have been paid Is
dead. So there is no evidence against the
agent of the American Tobacco company,
who, of course, refuses to claim the cash.
The taint on the money la likely to be re
moved by the purposes to which It will be
Heeded Imralarratlon Restrictions.
Baltimore American.
The deportations tf undesirable alien
are Increasing, and certainly from the
recorda which are being made here other
coutrtrlea cannot reasonably complain
that while as a refuge and a home this
country, In Its vast resources, la ready
and willing to accomodate their surplus
population, we object to furnishing a.
dumping ground for the paupers, Idlota
and criminals they wish to be rid of.
r.rpcciany naa the criminal alien clase
been drawing attention to its own un
deslrablllty, as we -have enough and to
spare of criminals fi Our own. A stricter
watch on the stream .pouring through our
gates win Denent all around.
The St. Louis Republic has started
in on Us second century of existence,
though not all of the time under that
name. There were not many people
west of the Allegheny mountains when
the first issue of tho paper was printed
and the country west and north was
almost as little known as central Af
rica Is now. What a story of progress
Its flies could tell.
.Kinsr oi Track Essential (.,,.,-.
L'nder Review.
Brooklyn Eagle.
The block signal and train control i.
of the Interstate Commerce Commission
nn- Determined that it has power to liv
vestlgate the composition of steel rails and
ufMeuuia wnai Kind shou d ha i,mA k
roadB engaged In interstate commerce
All of which means supervision of rall-
mamng and the erection of a standard
ear ago ana more, aa the frost up
coming out of the ground, there was an
unusual number of accidents growing out
of broken rails. The railroad managers
""uu" " to me making of the rails
ay a new process under whloh the steel
was brittle and peculiarly susceptible to
me alternations of heat and cold. A rather
bitter war broke out between steel rail
makers and users. Pince then the s-reater
roada have been experimenting with rails
made under another process. Now the
safety-appliance division of the Interstate
Commission entere Into tho field of In
veatlgatlon. The steel rail makers may not like the
assumption of power. Perhaps the users
will not; bnt the chances are they will
have to submit to the standard the com
mission may act up aa the result of lta
Investigation. It Is a "consummation de
voutly to be wished."
Greater New York's police department
employs 10,000 men at a cost of nearly
$15,000,000 a year. There are 8.800 active
policemen, exclusive of officers and sta
tion functionaries, and they are expected
to protect tiie lives and property of 4.0P0.
000 people living on a ground area of 80
square miles, besides watching a water
front of 341 miles. These figures help to
an understanding of the task of preventing
rrlira and running down nnd punishing
criminals In a great city. For the first six
months of the present year there were 113
homicides In the borough of Manhattan
alone, and no one of the perpetrators
haa been apprehended. "To a degree,"
saya the Brooklyn Earle, "this reflects
upon the Intelligence of the detective
force, yet In Justice to the polloe the diffi
culties confronting those who set eut to
trail asKaseins In a big city should not
be overlooked. It is easy to clamor against
the police when a murder mystery remains
unsolved, but It Is well to remember that
all great centers of population have their
mysterious crimes and their unraveled
clues, and that this is as true of Euro
pean cities, where the science of detection
has been brought to Its highest estate, as
It Is of cities In the United States.
"There are Innumerable holes and cor
ners In this huge metropolis, where the
taking of life can be accomplished wltliout
the cries of the victim being heard by any
human being. The ease with which a
man choked and beat a woman to death
In a dark and obscure hallway on East
Thirteenth street the other night and then
coolly slipped away from the neighbor
hood of his crime, Is typical of the facili
ties the city offers to criminals of the
worst sort. There are hundreds of tene
ments on the East and West sides of
Manhattan where the sounds of a fatal
scuffle would attract no more than pausing i
attention from people accustomed to
drunken brawls and family squubbles.
And not more difficult than the commis
sion of crime is the escape of the criminal
after crime has been committed. Give to
murderer a reasonable start and there
U no place In the world where he can so
readily cover up hia tracks and escape no
tice as In a city of 4 000,000 people. And
this Is more especially true In those cases
where a fugitive can count on the assist
ance of (rlends to help In baffling the po
lice, an assistance too commonly rendered
la the foreign quar'ers of New York."
Something like consternation was tempo
rarily created In the business world re
cently by a cipher manuscript discovered
in the possession of a burglar arrested In
New York. When translated, this docu
ment appeared to be a complete guide to
cracking safes, a regular manual of In
struction for cracksmen. It named many
of the different kinds of safes manufac
tured, pointed out the weak points of each,
and gave a recipe for "soup," an explosive
made from dynamite, warranted to shatter
the strongest money-box. Judging from
the statements of this remarkable manu
script, no safe is secure from burglarious
attack. In spite of all the many Improve
ments made In the oonotructlon of these
receptacles for valuables, only a favorable
opportunity Is needed by the experienced
burglar to rifle them of their contents.
She was In a very bad temper aa she
boarded an Amsterdam avenue car. Her
temper was not Improved by the fact that
as she drew a quarter of a dollar from her
Jeweled gold purse the coin slipped frorn
her fingers and rolled on the floor of the
car. She made no move to recover the
money, but when the conductor came in
to collect her fare she pointed with the tip
of her handsome parasol to the coin.
"I dropped my fare," she said snappishly;
"pick It up."
The young conductor looked her In the
eye for Just a moment and then, stooping
he picked the coin from between the slats
on the floor covering. Leisurely he took
four nickels from IiIb pocket and put them
where the quarter had been before. Maybe
It was the effort of bending that made
his face red. When he straightened up he
rang up the fare, turned and sauntered
back to the rear platform.
The Internal revenue collections
from the beer tax have fallen oft in
this district, but not enough to affect
the salary of the internal collector,
who will doubtless continue to do busi
ness at the old stand without handing
in his resignation on that account.
With federal meat Inspection and
the state pure food inspection depart
ment, it seems to ua that Omaha
should be able to have lta meat come
from Inspected slaughtering houses
without incurring additional expense
out of the city treasury.
Numerous complaints are made that
the chicken industry is becoming a
nuisance in cities because the crowing
of roosters wakes people up too early
in the morning. Her I a chance for
someone to achieve fame by inventing
a crowless roaster.
It Is up to Governor Shallenberger
to say whether the Nebraska legisla
ture shall be convened In extra session
to ratify the Income tax amendment to
the fedre.1 constitution. Of course, , be ooiiti. al trouble.
American Woolen Combine Iteacoln
tor More Profits.
Chicago Tribune.
Twenty-seven woolen mills, all but one of
them in New England, were consolidated
to form the American Woolen company,
with a capltallEatlon of r5.000.000. It la the
controlling force in a great Industry. When
It lays down the law as to the price of
woolen clotha the clothing manufacturers
have to accept the terms. It has sent out
notice of an advance tn prices of from 12Vi
io a per cent on those of a year ago.
ii explains in Its circular that It would
be hopeless to attempt to fight an advance
which la necessitated by the Increased price
of wool. All gradea are higher than they
were a year ago, and to pay the customury
7 per cent dividends on preferred stock and
add large sums to the surplus fund, the
company finds It necessary to ank mnro
for ila finished products. The clothing man
uiaciurer ui have to ask more for his
goods and next winter or spring the con-
aumer will have to pay more for his cloth
ing. There la a black outlook for him.
The prU-e of wool has been going up
steadily for months. If the American
Woolen company had any regard for con
sumers, It would have gone before the
committee on ways and means and asked
for a reduction In the duties of wool. That
reduction would have offset to some ex
tent the advance in price. It did not do s.
The woolen manfaclurers do not dare to
break their contract with the American
wool growera, a contract which provides
excessive duties for both psrtles. They have
had their quarrels In the past, but for
several years they have worked together
harmoniously for the exploitation of the
The Impending advance In the price or
clothing will not be due to the tariff legis
lation of thla aesaion, which will be a re
enactment of existing legislation. But it
will be Impossible to make consumers be
lieve It. When they see the enactment of
a new law followed by an advance In the
price of clothing, they will reason that the
law did It, and aa It will be Impossible to
argue them out of their belief, there will
"Judge" Rosa Bender, the superintend
ent of one of the model family houses on
the East Side of New York, Is so called
because, with sympathy and acumen, she
settles all the disputes of the 800 tenants
In her charge.
"Judge." Bender was talking the other
day about the host of children in her
enormous model house.
"They delight me," she aald. "They are
continually doing and saving the quaint
est things. For Instance, a little chap told
me the other day that his yellow dog
Salome had died.
" 'An' I bet the angels wus scalrt,' he
said, 'when they seen Salome comln' up
the golden stairway, for Salome wus alius
crows to people what hadn't much olo's
Another little boy," pursued Judge Ben
der, "Bald last month to his mother:
" 'Ma, get me a little baby sister, will
ye? I'm awful lonesome.'
"'Yes, my child, I will,' the mother n
awered, with a glad smile. 'I promise you
either a sister or a brother,'
"A baby sister Is there now, but that
boy often growls In the middle of the
night at her:
" 'Say, If I'd knowed what a yeller ye
win goln' to be, I wouldn't have ordered
ye.' "
A smoking room for women Is Included
In tho plan for a "two million and a half
dining place" on Broadway, which will
open In September and contain ev ry ele
ment of luxury besides. This womens'
smoking room is expected to cost more
than T5.000. We are further told ihat
"the furnlfhlng will be Assyrian, and
attendants In the garb of Babylonian days
will hand the fair smokers tare bronze
caskets filled with the costliest clsareta."
There Is much rivalry between J'.idges
rWalsky and O'Sulllvan of the general
sessions In New York, and last week it
looked as If O'Sulllvan had the laugh on
his rival for all time. He had a man be
fore him whose name was Rosalsky, but
who swore that he wasan Irishman. But
Friday things were evened up when a man
named Flynn was brought before Judge
Rosalsky and swore he was a Jew.
A Stalen Island man grew wrary of being
annoyed by Black Hand threats and killed
the troublesome pair of fellows who had
been making them. There Is no prevision
of law by which he may be given a medal.
A visitor to the Zambesi region noies
with surprise that natives In a spirit of
wantom destruction drive game Into the
river. Exactly the same spirit actuated
the extinction of the buffalo. Gunpowder
happened to be more convenient than a
Among the regular lodgers at the quar
ters of the Young Men's Christian associa
tion at Washington Is Senator Lorlmer of
Illinois. Mr. Lorlmer lived at the assocla
tlon while a member of the house, and an
nounces that he will continue to make the
association house his abode.
James Blair, widely known throughout
Scotland as king's fiddler, has passed away
at Aberdeen, aged S3. Blair and his father.
Willie Blair, had been connected with the
royal family as players of strathspeys for
more than sixty years, and James trained
the prince of Walea, Prince Edward and
the princesses of that day in the art of
Highland dancing.
Rear Admiral Benjamin P. Lamberton,
U. S. N., who was Dewey's chief of staff
In the battle ot Manila bay, has become
totally blind, the result. It Is said, of the
severe strain to which he was subjected
in that engagement. Admiral Lamberton,
who is one of the most cheerful men, has
a beautiful home In Washington and is
deeply Interested In church work In that
Governor Stubbs of Kansas, who haa been
asked to be a candidate for congress, de
clares that he wouldn't accept a certificate
of election if It were offered to him. "1
am too much In love with the Job of being
governor of Kansas," he says. "I am de
lighted with It The Impoi tunttii-B or
ofriceseekers, the routine of the governor's
office all of that does not bother me."
In recognition of the heroism of Major
U Brlen, an Irishman, who was the com
manding officer of the Korty-nlnlh rtgl
ment of Infantry of the Austrian army,
and who contributed largely to t lie vic
tory over the French forces in the battle
of Schwarzlacknau, on May 23, ISO.), a
monument was recently unveiled near iho
battlefield with much pomp and ceremony.
Cereal Monarch 'In Win a; On a liuac
Boston Transcript.
While the country Is doubtless deeply In
terested In the final outcome of the work
of tariff revision, it Is fully as much inter
ested In the crop prospect. The effect of
the former Is somewhat speculative. The
crops are a practical and definite measure
of prosperity, and the report of the crop
reporting board of the government to date
is highly encouraging. It Is, of oourse, too
early to say what the harvest shall be, but j
in actual conauion bi me present tune
there has been a great enrichment of
promise over the previous month, as a
reference to the statistics will show. The
condition of the wheat crop Is better than
last year, and the same seems to be true
of oats, which have been somewhat un
satisfactory In recent years, but the regal
source of bounty, If present Indications are
sustained, Is going to be the corn crop. In
spite of alternations of wet and dry sea
sons, our great staple has not yet ranea
us. The grand average has been one of
bundanc.e, and the prediction that this
year Is to surpass In production all that
have preceded Is an exceedingly comforting
one. What an appeal to the Imagination
there Is in the estimates of three billion
bushels of the golden grain. In condition
It Is now nearly seven full points ahead of
a year ago, and In acreage It shows an In
crease of 7,218,000. This equals a territory
larger than the states of Massachusetts
and Rhode Island combined, entirely de
voted to corn. In addition to that planted
last year, and there la small prospect of a
material drop In prlcea. The automobile
trade among the farmers of the middle
west ought to be rushing this year.
An Example Worth Following! In
Every Afflleted City.
Philadelphia Ledger.
It was Governor Stokes of New Jersey
who distinguished himself by proposing to
the legislature of his state a practical plan
of taxation by which It-was hoped to put
an end to the hideous disfigurement of the
countryside by advertising signs. Nothing
came of this laudable movement for the
preservation of natural scenery, and
perhaps the mears suggested the penaliza
tion of the landowner by excessive taxa
tionwas not the best way of going about
the reform. In any event, a woman'a
club of Cambridge, Mass., has begun a
campaign to bring about a reduction of the
billboard nuisance and will give a test to
the efficacy of moral suasion. Circular
letters have been aent out to leading ad
vertisers, asking their co-operation In the
beautlflcatlon of the city and In the preser
vation of such natural beauties as already
exist, and thus far the results have been
surprisingly favorable. Many business
men have agreed without conditions to
abandon the billboard method of making
their wares known, and others have agreed
to Join the movement provided others will
do so. It remains to be seen whether per
suasion will be more than temporarily
efficacious In accomplishing the desired
"Well, this Is certainly eras manna-v
menr ' cried tl-e liianman oi ior r,,-i
mlttee investigating the state Instltuti,
' Hut you must remember. '' pleads! '
aupritntrmli'iil. "I tint this Is an Ins,
as lutn." Baltimore. American.
Judge You are chaifd with King
leader of an organised band of plckpoi k, .
Prisoner Vt en. rril have l Impost
fine on de . oi poratlon, den, yer know; .
can't punish me p rsonally : Puck.
"A cannon craiker," said I'ncle All
Sparks, after the i-elebiatlon as o,
"IB another of thoxe things with fire ti
one end and a fool at tho other." Chi
cago Tribune.
"Father." snld little Sollo, "what Is a
political trickster?''
"I can't give you a definition that will
cover all vaiities. Hut in tho genet al iitiih
he is a member of the opposition .um
succeeds In having his own way." Wash
ington Star.
"Aha, villain!" exclaimed the detecth.
as he burst In the door; "at laet 1 haw
found you out!"
"On the contrary," observed the crlmimr,,
"vou have found me in."
'uitlng his nalla in futile rage the buff,. 1
sleuth withdrew. Harvard Lampoon.
"Sir," began the raller, "I enme to ".i
In the Interest of the city's poor rhtldnvi
1 thought you might like to contribuu
our fresh air fund for them."
"Of courHe," said Mr. Stlnjay, the weal h.
suburbanite, "you might take as much .!
you please from my place, but how i
the wond are you going to carry n .'
Catholic Standard and '1 lines.
Martha Shepard Llpplncott.
As twilight falls and everything
Prepares to take a peaceful .est;
Then, love, my thoughts will fly to thee,
To dwell with one 1 love the best.
Within the haven of thy heart
Most blissful rest I hope to find.
And though tho world around me sn'ini-
Whal care I if thou still art kuu.'
As twilight falls and nlt;ht comes on.
No darkness will o'enioud my x.mi!.
And 1 shall rem contentedly
In thy fond heart, my long-so,iglii
Thou f ir shalt be my soul's true
My beckoning . star, so clem
That liKiu.'i the pathway of my life
To ever teach mo what Is right.
We will not mind, though twilight fa!ls.
For lovers' eyes, though shut, ;ni
And though black darkness may surround
My heart will find its way to thee.
No barriers can intervene
Through which love will not find the
For It hmli e'er an Inner light
To pierec the dark to find the day.
And when life's twilight softly falls
I'pon our faithful hearts, at last.
To bid out free souls upward soar,
When earthly days too soon are past;
Then may we go, with hand in hand.
To our dear Father's home above,
To dwell forever side by side,
In an eternal, blissful love.
The Size of the Lens
Has 'much to do with the comfort
or discomfort of your exe glanaes.
Lenses loo large mHun Increased
weight, annoying reflection, unslght
Itness. Lenses too small bring it 111
greater annoyances.
Taste and skill In the selection of
the lenses and style of mounting
make our glasf-es more becoming
and most comfortable, always will
ing to examine your eyes.
Uuteson Optical Co.,
213 S. 16TII ST., OMAHA.
Factory on the premises.
also the "Crystal Lithium" water from
Excelsior Springs. Mo., in 6-gallon
sealed Jugs.
5- gallon Jug Crystal Lltbla Water. .2
6- gallon Jug Salt-Sulphur water $2.2fl
Duy at either store. We sell over 100
kinds mineral water.
Sherman & McConneil Drug Go.
Sixteenth and Dodg Sis.
Owl Drug Go.
Sixteenth nd Harney Sti
"Yello" Is Best '
The new cereal food, "Yello"
(toasted cornflakes), is made in the
largest mills in the world, from the
finest yellow corn ; naturally they are
the best of all toasted cornflakes.
Effective K.docatloo.
Brooklyn Kagle.
The process of civilizing the Moro goes
on apace. We would rather educate this
redoubtable heathen In the Philippine
schools, but since he declines to be thus
Improved and Insists on shooting holes In
our soldiers, nothing remains but to re
taliate In kind. Moroes thus educated
never need postgraduate Instruction.
Ovrrresrklsf Itself.
Wall Street Journal.
In discovering a formula whereby the
finest of table butter ran be made from
erude petroleum, the astute chemists of
the Standard Oil Co. may have orerreached
themselves. If the farmer Is to be driven
out of existence because of this lateat
by-product, who la to burn karoaaiisT
Bargains for Boys
The mid-summer season finds our
stock of boys' clothing a good deal broken
in sizes.
It is to your advantage and ours to dis
pose of these lots now.
We have taken all our $6.00 and $6.50
two-piece suits and all the broken lines
that sold up to $10.00 and put them all in
at one price to clear them out, sizes 8 to 16
There is a great variety of both fabrics
and patterns to choose from.
$1.00 Dlouse Waists, 65c.
25 per cent discount on All Wash Salts.
Do your shopping early. We close at
5 p. m. during July and August; except
Saturday," 10 p. m.
TirowninuTCing & Cq
i rlr l ttlN 1 n ANO DOUuLAS STRcETb,