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.Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Minor Mention
Yh Oeaaosi Huffs Offlo. ef lh.
Osnaba Im U at 1 Iwtt Itmi
ft TUM 43.
Ivl. Arum.
roRRiaANfl. Cndertakers. 'phones 141
Woorirlng Undertaking company. Tel. 333.
Ll Culler, funeral dlreoter. Thone 27.
H. V. Battey, attorney and notary public.
Metes If blcfck.
Whan you want reliable want ad adver
tising, ure The Bee. ;
fleering binders and mower. Fpearllng
A Trlplett. 327 Broadway. ,
I nW!aker. 'Phone 123, IS. .Main fit.
tr. W. V. Magartll, optometrist, moved
to city Nat onal bank building.
rncniMlnga beglna Monday. C. E. Aleaander.
Mi Broadway.
John 1,. Mayberry of this city and Mian
Kdith Bedford of Avik-h were married yes
terday morning by He v.' Henry IeIong.
Bluffs chapter of the Womtn'i guild of
t. Faille Kpmcopal church will meet
VVeinKilay afternoon at the home of Mri.
Ouy Shepard on Fifth avenue.
The opening of a Sunday school at the
I'M.ona mlpnlon, lo:!4 Avenue F, has. on
aocount of the flood conditions prevailing
In .that fcctlnn of the rlty, been postponed
i nunuiy afternoon, JUly Jb.
starry Curtis, general secretary of the
reurtg Mens Christian axKoclation will oc
cupy the pulpit at the First Baptist church
this morning In the ahHence of the pastor,
Rev; F A. Cane, who In in Seattle, . Wash.
narr weeicy. a netcro, who for some
tlm? has nutted a bitter feeling against
the-police department; waa before Jurifre
unvner yeotpntay morning charged with
nk UK lineal against Officer f IN hardson
The ensn wo continued for two weeks on
N'eeley promising tire "court to behave.
Major Oaorge If,. Rlnhmdnd, chief of no
Hoc, expneta to attend a state meeting of
chiefs of police at jes Momea. Thursday
and Frldny of this- Week. The purpose of
the meeting is to organise a state associa
tion1 of pollre chief as at present there Is,
no sucn organization In Iowa. The estab
llshment of a state department for Ber-
ttitinn photos will also be discussed. ,
"The Tigris River" wll be the subject for
aiHcusxion at the open air meeting of the
loving Men s Christian association at the
Redwood stump in Falrmount at 4 o'clock
thle afternoon. This la one of the numbers
In The course of study of sacred waters
that Is now being pursued by the young
men. In case of rain or that It Is found the
ground la too damp the meeting will be
neia at the handstand.
Jay Smith, Jr., Howard Chesterfield and
I( li. Orav, students of Princeton univer
sity, who reside In Ohlcagn passed throuch
Council Bluffs yesterday morning on their
wav to trie fnomo coast in a covered
wsgnn, drawn by two mules and a horse.
Frm Princeton to Portland or Bust,"
waa the legend Inscribed on a banner on
the wagnn. The young men started from
Buffalo In February, and have been on
the way ever since. Reaching Iowa the
mild made it necessary to add a horse to
the original equipment of two mules
It's like taking tnnlo when you get on a
suit of clothes that we nave cleaned and
pressed. You will tackle businesa. with a
greater test. Tou think more of yourself
and unconsciously. That makes those you
meet think more of you; makes you look
prosperous, and erasea that "hard times"
look-'from your face. The cost for press
ing and gleaning; 4s srnaH. Let us convince
you that we can clean and press your
clpthes to suit you. Bluff City Laundry,
l"ry Cleaning and Dye Works. Phone S14.
22-24-28 North Main street
If you are dissatisfied try me. We keep
our customers In good humor all the time
and HONEST GOODS. Here you get the
benefit of . years of experience, our per
stjfiat -attention and care of the ejres. Re
member that we grind our own lenses and
guarantee satisfaction. "Eye-sight Is my
Specialty." W. W. MAOARRKLL, Opto
metries 206-S City National Bank building,
Council Bluffs, la. x
Ileal Estate Transfers.
These transfers were reported tq The Bee
July 10 by the Pottawattamie County Ab
struct company of Council Bluffs:
Charles Schmidt, Jr., and wife to A.
8. (Hliln. lots 4 and 6. In blook 19.
Avoca, w. d t 2,000
A. R. Jaoobson, executor, to Otto
Hennlngs. lots 2 and S. In block 2.
Walnut, e. d 1,800
Frank Shlnn and wife to Ira R. Ptltt,
und. H of lot 8, In block, 2, and all
outlot 3. Shlnn'a add. to Carson.
W. d ' X.500
Total, three transfers
.$ 6,300
July Clearance of Plot area.
Big discounts on pictures, both framed
and unframed. .Alexander's Art Store, lot
Broadway. I
Geo. W. Klein
rpholHterlnK, Furniture Repair
ed and HefiuWhl, Featbera
Itenovated, Mirrors ItepUtrttt,
aud all kinds of mattress work ,
Both Thonri.
18 So. Main St., Council Bluffs.
'Have It Done . Right'
We are open lor Bids on Cement
We manufacture the bast cement block
on the market, the continual alr-spaoe
cement block. The Walls inside never
get wet or damp Put HP in cement till
Ut a life time,
Offtoe, Moom S, rival MaUoaal Saak
aulliUag. yUone tod. Viaat a Via
Street and rirat aVveaae.
LttUrVa'EVSt Lenses!
Of-tt Ctmiert Kaewa le Wesrert ef
-flCS rW e ,.
star Lias ' w
aaua a ao a
an aani
ymmilMmmmmm saBnnnjai J II I IIIIIMIW
I RAM nflNPY flH nonsi, CATTLE AND
I IVamtjr Yean of Buecrvafol Muamewa.
Kn oonnectln with toe Ilrea uumana Tn. fu-w wn r.
both ruoNi3 1J7.
New Orleans Man Loses $5,000
Alleged Maybray Gang.
Tfcea H Wae Cilreai
taaltr Get Ills Montr
aaa l,et fT.nOO Afldl
k tlonaf.
Poatoffloe Inspector Swenson Is home
from a trip through Illinois, Indiana anu
Iowa hunting evidence against J. C.
Maybray and hla gang of "big store'
swindlers. He waa In Council Bluffs for
a short while yesterday and will go to
Lincoln Monday to attend the prelim
lnary hearing of William Scott, an al
leged member Of the gang, before the
United States) commissioner. Scott la
said to have acted as a "steerer" for
the gang. He Is the man who escaped
from the sheriff at Fredonla, Kan., after
being arrested, but was captured a few
days later at Falls City, Neb.
While In Illinois hunting up evidence
against Maybray and his associates Mr
Swenson ran across a man who had been
buncoed out of $1 J.R00 by the gang In
New Orleans. This victim, however, pos
itively refused to prosecute and told
Mr. Swenson that to d4 ao would ruin
him financially and break up his home.
Thia man la stlU worth about $100,000
and he told Mr. Swenson that he would
gladly lose 50.000 more rather than have
the details of his folly become known.
"I don't know that I blame him," said
Mr. Swenson, "declining to prosecute,
seeing that he waa not satisfied with
being' buncoed once, but allowed the gang
to get him a second time. This man told
me that he first lost $5,000 and that
when the gang told him It waa all a mis
take and he would be . given another
chance to regain his cash and win aome
beside ha again bit and thia time to the
tune of f7,E00."
While In Ottawa, 111., Mr. Swenson at
tended the preliminary hearing of Thomas
Oay, who has been held under" bond of
110,000 to answer to a charge of conspiracy
in connection with the fleecing of Jamee
Tlerney of Streator, III., out of 110.000 on
a fake wrestling match In New Orleans
Gay Is alleged to have been both the
"steerer". and the wrestler In this particu
lar case.
During his trip Mr. Swenson called upon
"Mikes" at Bloomington and Ottawa, III
Terre Haute, Ind., and Fort Madison and
Mount Pleasant, la., In his search for evl
dence against Maybray and his associates.
We have just received a big line of the
celebrated Perfect Flrelesa Cookers. Wi
show them In three slses, with aluminum
vessels or. enameled. We Invite your In
epectlon. Prices, 17.60, 19.00, . 112.00. Ft C,
De Vol Hdw. Co.
Structure Over Indian Creek Serl
oaaly Tlamasred by Floods,
James Saguln,. tbe .well, known, bridge
builder;of this city who at the request of
tne city ornciais made a critical examina
tlon of the bridge . over Indian, creek at
Benton, found that the structure had been
seriously damaged during the recent flood.
The steel beams are badly twisted and the
entire structure Is In danger of collapse.
Both approaches to the bridge were badly
washed and .it -has been- closed to traffic.
Following the examination by Mr. Saguln,
it waa;. deemed advisable - to anchor the
bridge as a - further - precaution against
further floods. .
It has been the intention of the city
council to replace this -bridge with a con
orete structure, but lack of money in the
bridge fund makes this Impracticable a
thia time. In fact. It is a question where,
the funds will come from to . repair the
bridge and make it safe for travel.
.City Engineer Etnyre has a force of men
at work constructing- dams on the upper
portion of the creek, the bed of which was
badly washed during the recent floods. A
soon as possible several dams of pllin
ana concrete will be construoted.
The work of ..removing the vast deposit
of mud on Broadway and adjacent paved
streets Is slowly progressing, but Street
Commissioner Flood with the limited num
ber of men and teams at his disposal
rinding the task almost a herculean one.
Tons upon tons of debris are being hauled
out of the creek at the different bridges
and the end Is not yet In sight.
Reports from the members of the Board
oi bupervlsors show that many of the
county bridges were badly damaged or
completely washed away during the recent
floods. Colonel Baker and Supervisor
Spencer, accompanied by William Lanna.
the county bridge contractor, went tq Love
land yesterday to Investigate bridge dam
age In that section. The damage to
bridges In the county will amount to sev
eral thousand dollars.
Let us fiKure your contract on painting.
We know we can satisfy you. H. Bor
wlck, 211 South Malnt street.
N. Y. Plumbing Co. Tel. KO. Night, F-17TS.
Hoape's Lincoln Stock of Pianos
Will not last long In Council Bluffs.
There's a difference between closing out
this Lincoln branch store big stock of pl
anoa and the ao cemmon special purchase
sale, and people know It
These pianos are unquestionable as to
quality. The same we have been selling
for year a NQT pianos that are made and
purchased cheap for a cheap sale.
This stock represents the world's best In
struments. KrMch t Bach. Cable, Nelson,
Bush & Lane, Hallet Davis, Melville
Clark. Krakauer, Kimball, Waser Broa.,
Decker Broa Co.. Hoepe, Burton, Cramer
and othera. They are all bargains every
one of them, from the one marked down to
$12 to the beautiful grand at $480 and
very one brand new.
We have included In this big aale sev
eral used pianoa taken In exchange: One
Chlckering. $40; one Groveatein, $28; one Mo-
jjslo. p. tin lk i . si.
annon piano, .'-'; one Oreat 1'nlon piano,
13$, and other bargains too numerous to
We are willing to 8ACRIF1CE OCR
PROFIT, and then some, to get you Inter
ested In this sale and to unload thia big
lock quickly. If you ever expect to get
piano it certainly would be very unwise
not to at least Investigate thia aale, and
very foolish to buy a piano without doing
HOSPE CO., O. O. Over, Manager, Pearl
street and 28 8uuth Mailt street, Council
BluTfs, la.
H. V. Battey, attorney, Metcalf block.
Office with George S. Wright. Law, pro
bate, collections. Notary public
We bare a large number of bankers'
carpenters,' clerks,' and stenographers' pen
cils whloh we are giving away as long
as (hey last Call at our effioa and get
thein. Iowa Loan company, corner Pearl
and Broadway, suite S. !
Joha Wilson Accnsed of Dittos;
Thamo of Ballooolat.
John Wilson has been bound over to the
district court grand Jurj by Justice Rlef
of Lewis township on the charge of "will
fully and feloniously biting the finger
known as the thumb" of Thomas Andrews,
the balloon man at Lake Manawa. Wilson
secured his release pending action by the
grand Jury, according to the transcript of
the case filed In the office of the clerk of
the district court yesterday by "giving
satisfactory bonds to the court."
Andrews, In addition to making balloon
aaronslona at Lake Manawa. has one or
more concessions at the resort. Wilson,
It is said, purchased articles to the value
of TO cents at one of Andrews' stands last
Monday, and his alleged neglect to pay for
them started the trouble between him and
h aeronaut. . As the result of the en-
counter Andrews is carrying nis tnumo
In a sling and Wilson has to face a charge
of mayhem.
LIQUOR CO. 610 8. Main. Phones 2323.
The Fashion, ladles' tailoring. R. H
Emlein proprietor, late fitter Orkln Bros.
do first-class work reasonable. I make
suit for $13, skirts 5. I also do altering
to suit. Would you give me a trial T 33
South Main street.
Services at the Charaes.
Broadway Methodist Church, Rev. James
M. Williams, Pastor Class meeting at 10
m.; morning service at 10:30; ser
mon y the pastor, theme: "The Story of
an Obscure Man"; Sunday school at 12,
F. H. Orcutt, spperlntendent; Epworth
league devotional meeting at 7 p. m., lead
er, Miss Alice Fintel, topic: "Transformed
Common Things"; Evening preaching ser
vice at 8, theme, "A Comparison,
Two of God's Men, Calvin and Welsey."
This meeting will be held in the Sunday
school rooms on account of their coolness.
The orchestra will assist In the xnuslo.
Flrst Congregational Church, Dr. Otter-
beln O. Smith, Pastor Morning service at
10:39' No evening service till , September.
Sunday sohool at noon. Morning subject:
"The Voice Crying In the Wilderness."
Speoial muslo, . anthem. ."Savior, Blessed
Savior." Solo, "Rock of Ages," Mrs. W. W.
Sherman. . !
Free Methodist Church, Rev. D. C Lam
eon, Pastor Sunday school at 10 a. m.,
followed by preaching; preaching at 8 p. m.
Weddiasr IMaga,
Pure gold., seamless, ' all sixes, thus Tao
gelay or altering, tJ tq S13. Engraving
free. Leffert.
Oxfords and strap pumps In all leathers.
Prices tbe lowest, quality cot.sldered. Dun
can Shoe Co., 23 Main St.
The Wise-man received a telegram to
come home at once pa account of sickness
as he did not have enough money he
telephoned the Iow Ioan company, corner
Pearl and Broadway and waa able to catch
the first train home. If It la money you
a ant pee tbern.
Mlsaea Dntrher and O'Harsv Enter
talned Corona Club Wednesday.
Mrs. Milo Smith la visiting relatlvea In
Atlantic, la. ,
Miss Bee Oliver Is visiting relative in
Colorado Springs.
Dr. L. L. Poston (s visiting relatives
at Brookfleld, Mo.
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Annls are sojourn
tag at Pueblo, Colo.
Miss Agnes Drake has gone to Ithaca,
N, V. to spepd the summer.
Mrs. N.'M, McCreedy left Friday to Visit
relatives at Connersvllle, Ind.
Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Lorlng are spend
ing a month at Pueblo, Colo.
Mrs. Rose Martin left last evening for
Mra A. D. Van Horn left Thursday to
visit relatives at Decatur City, la.
San Francisco to visit relatives.
Mra Charles M. Harl has gone to Col
orado for a visit of severs! weeks.
Dr. F. W. Houghton left Tuesday for a
trip to Colorado and the Pacific coast.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Rosenfeld left
Thursday for a month's aojourn at Spirit
Mrs. T- C. Leffer has gone to Hot
Springs, S. D-, for a sojourn of two
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wilklns and daugh
ter left Tuesday to visit the Sesttle ex
position. Mra. If. D: Howard arrived home Fri
day from a three weeks' visit In Colorado
Miss Frances M. Mallery has gone to
Denver to Join a camping party In the
Mrs. Dan Siegfried of St. Louis was the
guest last week, of Mrs. C. J. .St Dwell of
Glen, avenue.
Mr. and Mra p. C. Scott left Wednesday
for a months' visit with relatives at Los
Angeles, Cat
Mra. Kate Harrington and aon, Rob
ert, have gope to Minneapolis and St.
Paul to visit relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Caldwell, 224 South
First street, are home from a visit with
relative In Crete, Neb.
Mr. Herbert Rogers of Willow avenue
will leave todav for a visit in Chicago
and other eastern cities.
Mrs. J. W. Bel of Fifth avenue has as
her guests 'Mrs. Richard Klbel and two
children of South Bend. Ind..
Mrs. Q. T. Martin will leave today for
Chicago ta Join Mr. Martin for a month's
visit with friends in that city. v
Mra George Avery of Sioux City was
the guest last week of Mrs. W. L. Doug
lass and Mrs. William Coppock.
Mr. and Mra. . E. Morehousa of Frank
street left Wednesday evening for Madison,
Ind., where they will visit relatlvea
Mr. and Mra. Henry W. Voss, 211 Scott
street, left yesterdsy for Little Rock,
Ark., where they will visit relatives.
Miss Harriet Judge accompanied by her
nephew. l;aymond Ingolsby, left Monday
for Plnesvllle, Ky., to spend the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Moran of Salt Lake
City were guests last week of Mr. Moraa's
sister, Mra Mary Monroe, of Fifth avenue.
Mr and .lia. Oeorse A. Husse Irft
Wednesday for a trip through the nortli
wt, stepping at Portland and Seattle.
Mra. Howard B. Evana of Oklahoma
City la the guest of her parents, Mr. and
Mra. C. M. Bcett, 131 North Second street.
Mlaa Oortrude Davenport Is spending
the summer with her parents, Colonel
and Mr. W. J. Davenport at Boulder,
Mr. Max AJlaman af Atchison, Kaa., will
be the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Walt
era at (heir home on Wllltow avenue this
week. '
Mr. and Mrs. George Williamson have
gone tu Montreal, Can., aud Mill kptnd
some time In the Thousand Islands before
Mr. and Mrs H. A. Doner left Frldsy
for a two months' trip to the Pacific
coast. Including a visit to the Seattle ex
Mrs. K. A. Williams and dausbter Maud
of South First street left ynterday for an
extended visit with relatives and friends In
Miss Nellie Moore entertained at ' I
o'olork breakfast at the Orand Hotel,
Thursday morning, covers being, laid for.
twelve guests t
JW ice Ilia I n I'll, vi niLiiiPvn,
Kan., was tbe auest last week of. Mr. aoa
Mrs. Jerry Walters at thekr cottage at
Lake Manawa,
Mias Ida Solomon left Friday for Lu.
Angeles and other points In California,
where she expects to spend the remainder
of the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Ford announce the
engagement of their daughter. Olive, to
William J. Frohardt, tha wedding to take
place this month.
Miss Ella M. Stelnbach, superintendent
of the Jennie Kdmuniison Memorial hos
pital, left Thursday for Houghton, Midi.,
to visit relatlvea. '
Dr. A.- P. Hanchett Is home from the
east, hut Mrs. Hancjiett will not return
until later, having stopped to visit rela
tives In MJchlgan.
Mis. Stella Gilbert haa gone to Helena,
Mont., to visit her sister. Hefore return
ing she will visit the Yukon-Alaska ex
position at Seattle.
Miss Minnie Helm of New York City,
who was the guest of Mr. and 'Mrs. P. 1.
Brown of North Twenty-seventh street, left,
Tuesday for her home.
Mra. Marls Fleming and daughter, Mil
dred, are guests of the former's father,
Colonel V. F. Raker. Miss Mildred will
remain here until fall.
Miss Dora Murphy had as her guests
last week Miss Ellen- Dohson and Miss
Ills Ware of Lincoln, Neb., and Mlfcs
Fiances Klots of Avoca, la.
Mrs. A. V. Brush and Miss Kitty Dullard
left Tuesday for Canton, 8. D., where Mrs.
Brush will spend the summer. Miss Bullard
will return home thin week.
Miss Nina Children left Tuesday for a
trip through the Yellowstone park and
a visit to the Seattle exposition and
other Pacific roast polnta. . . .
Miss Marrlon Tyler was hostess at a din
ner given Friday -evening at the Country
club, Omaha, there being a number of
guests from this city present.
Mrs. Frank T. True and Mrs. James W.
Mitchell will entertain Monday morning at
the home of Mrs. True on Second avenue
for Mrs. M. Fleming of Chicago.
Mra. E.. fl. White, and two children of
717 First avenue will leave todav fnr
Colorado to spend the remainder of the
isummer among tne mountains.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gould and daughter
of Kansaa City were guests last week at
Mr. Gould's parents, Mr. and Mra. George
M. Gould of North Second street.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hewlette have closed
their theatrical engagements tu? the sum
mer and are spending their vacation with
Mr. and Mr8. Frank Snyder on Avenue G. '
Miss Edna Orcutt is visiting In Anita,-la.
Mrs. Allen W.. Tyler of Oakland avenue
and children left Thursday for Colorado
Springs to spend tha remainder of tbe
summer- - ,
The i Misses ' Charlotte and Gertrude
Dryden left yesterday for an extended trip.
They will visit St. Paul, Minneapolis, Ta
coma. Seattle and other points of Interest
on the -Pacific coast
The Misses Mildred and Nora Herr. 903
Avenue A, will leave today for Brooklyn,
N. Y., and other eastern points. They
expect to return by way of Toronto and
other Canadian points.
Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Tlnley left Tuesday
for Baltimore from where Mrs. Tlnley will
go to Virginia to spend ti e summer at her
old homa.Mr. Tlnley is expected home the
early part of this week.
Mrs Ev A. Wlckham entertained six
guests at an automobile party Thursday
afternoon, after which they rode to
Omaha, where they were entertained at
dinner at the Field club.
Mra. Jerry Walters entertained at a 6
o'clock dinner Monday at Idle Hour cottage
at Lake Manawa, In honor of her guest.
Miss Nina Marie Balcom of Atchison, Kan.
Covers were laid for twelve guests.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. Smith have gone
lor an extended trip to the Paclrlc coast.
Mr. Smith will attend the grand lodge of
Elks at Los Angeles. They will visit the
AluNka-Yukon exposition before returning.
Miss Hasel Hannan was hostess of a
prettily .appointed dinner Tuesday evening
at her home, 605 Second avenue. American
flags and Fourth of July. decorations Were
effectively uxed In the dining room. Covers
were laid for fourteen guests.
Mrs. A. M. Bonham, 220 Harmony street,
left Sunday for Grand Junction, Colo., to
visit her daughter, Mrs. Clara Snodgrass.
From there she will go to Oitden. Utah,
to visit Mr. and Mrs Aleck Glenn before
returning home.
Mr. Bryan E. Woolston left Thursday for
Harrlston, unt., where on July 14 he will
be married to Miss Laurel F. Darch. Mr.
Woolston and bride will I'lurn to Council
Bluffs about August 1 after a wedding trip
In the east
Mrs. J. W. Bell of Fifth avenue enter
tained at bridge Tuesday afternoon, com
plimentary to Mra. Dan Siegfried of St.
Louis, who Is the guest of Mrs. C. J.
Ktilwell of Glen avenue. At the close of
the game a course luncheon was served.
Mrs. Annie McElrath of Okaton, S. D.
who Is visiting her parents. Rev. an-Mrs
Henry DeLong, will leave today on a trip
to California. She will be accompanied as
far aa Salt Lake City by her uncle, Mr.
Albert DeLong, who haa been visiting his
brother here.
Mrs. V. MeConnell entertained inform
ally at "500" Friday afternoon at her home,
607 Willow avenue. Five tables were used
in playing, the prize for the highest score
being awarded to Mra. Roy DeVol. At the
olose of the game a luncheon was served
In the dining room, which was pretty with
summer flowers.
- Mrs. Karl Kjhrer was hostess of the
Phlle club Wednesday afternoon at her
home on Harrison street. The afternoon
was spent In playing bridge, there being
twelve guesta present. Mra. Towusend was
awarded the prise for the highest score.
At the close of the game a course luncheon
wa served. The club will be entertained
Wednesday afternoon at the home of Miss
Katharine Warner, 117 Glen avenue.
Rev. and Mrs. H. W. Starr of Wlnnetka,
111., who were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
C. R. Tyler during their brief stay in this
city, were tendered an informal yet none
the less delightful recaption Wednesday
evening at the Tyler home on Sixth ave
nue. A large number of the members of
St. Paul's parish were present to greet
their former recter and his wife. Rev.
and Mra. Starr returned home Thursday.
In honor of Rev. and Mrs Homer Worth
Ington, Starr of Wlnnetka. . III., Rev. John
William Jones, rector of St. Paul a Episco
pal church, entertained at dinner at tlsr
Grand hotel Tuesday evening- Covera were
laid for Rev. and Mrs. Starr, Miss Haxnl
Hart, Miss Theresa Klnxel, Mr. N. A.
Crawford, Jr., Mr. Roy Allen, Mr. Earl
Patterson. Mr. Perclval Mullls, Mr. Cheater
fK ... , 1 ., . I .. k.i.ln.. . MAlnv ,4
IIW ICKUmi IIUFllllllJ wuoinrnn (llcr.lI'B .,,,
keiislngion of the Flower Mission was held
Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
W. J. Heiscr on Glen avenue. Following
the bUHlness meeting a social hour was en
joyed. Twelve guests were present. Assist
ing Mrs. Helser In entertaining were Miss
Nina Meyers. Miss Helen Robinson and
Miss Josephine Hixby. The club Is plan
ning to give a "waffle" aupper In the near
Miss Mate Baker and Mrs. W. L. Butler
Kntertalned at a charmingly appointed
ireakfast Wednesday morning at the home
of Mlsa Baker, 42) North Second street. In
honor of their sister, Mrs. M. W. Flem
ing of Chicago. A four-course breakfast
was served, after which "500" waa en
joyed, there being five taMea used In play
ing. Mrs. Lucius Wells us awarded the
prise for the bivheat score, and Miss Jes
sie A 1 w orth the sveond peine, ' Eighteen
guests were present. .
Wit Emma iHJtcher and . Miss Susan
O'Haia were huatessea of the Corona club
Weil.iefcdwy evening at the home of Ml.-
O'Haia, 1017 Third avenue. The evening
was spent In playing games. Miss Luretlu
Wlckham leceiving tiie first prise, and
Mu,s Anna KelUy the consolation prim.
Miss Williams of Fort Dodge waa a guest
of the club. At th close of the gume, light
refreshments were served. The next meet
ing of in . club V 111 be held at the home of
Mies Edna Tracey on Sixteenth avenue.
The members of the te1is' AM sooliy
of Hi. First Congregatlunal ehurch war.
entertained at a seiialnglon and tulnaa
mceilna Tuesday afternoon at the home of
Mra. K f. Wilson. ittJ South heventn
etr-t. The biuinraa nieetlng devoted
to the dlsruvalun of the a aye and meana
of raUIng fund, to erect the new church.
At Uie close of the meeting a social time
;on the following;
Alaslka ReSrigcpatops
the great ice savers, 20 off.
in a variety of grades and weaves, 20. off.
Porch IFopnitoFe
I '
Gliding Porch Swings and Settees, 20 off.
A great many bargains in our line of Go-Carts, 20 off.
Take advantage of these prices. They will last but 1 week.
Petersen .& ScSioening Company
208 to 21S Main Street Through to Pearl Street
This Week's
' r
We Furnish
Your Home
Cash or Credit.
f it iri
Toilet and - Manicure Silver
at Manufacturer's Prices
Many articles in Sterling Silver, Toilet Ware, both fancy and staple patterns, will
be put on sale , '
Monday Morning, July 12th at a Discount of 25
This wil be an opportunity to add to your Dressing Table the requirements necessary
for a perfect toilet. There will be on sale:
j '
I t'
' jr
We have an assortment of broken sets and discontinued patterns in Toilet and Mani
cure Sterling Silver that we will sell while they last for JUST ONE-HALF PRICE.
We do this to reduce ptock before moving into our new location, 503 Broadway, next
to First National Bank. . .
LEFFERT, 409 Broadway
C K W. f
was nJoyeJ, light refrenhtnunu being
an veil. Mi s Wilson w as ua.iBtcJ in emu -
talnlng by airs. K. L. Scott and Mrs. Rob
flu I J . . i., i itu out, nuv
The next meeting of the society
held Sjt the homa of Mrs. U. K.
n Souih SUth atrett
ertson. The
Will be
itowe. en
A jolly lari sijtsnt the . week-end at the
Latensrr cottage at l-k alanawa, the
gueeia arriving Friday and remaining un
til Tuesday, (he Fourth being spent at the
lake. The hoots were Mr. Allen Iudl.y,
Mr. Bovilby. Mr. J. H. Ulles. Mr. Ouy Orant
and Mr. Sprague of Omaha; Mr. Will
Ilichmond. Mr. Kumrorth. Mr. Van Brunt,
Mr. lUlbh Walters and Ur. Ted iiazeJtoa.
the coming week we
Specials Are the
:.. Mission style
weathered oak
' Pedestal for
Mission Tabourette
Dq Not Miss These Values
We still have a few of tha
Matting Cevered Shirt Waist
. :.V S2.50
I !
The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Dunn, Mrs.
L. O. Uilaw, Miss Fanny Irteirlch, Mias ksam
sl. Spaur, Miss lnes Huiincl, Mips Mxr-
tuerlte (Jrant, Mix. Braela Orant, Miss
ouise fliant, Mux It.anie Belirens, Mm
Cooler, Mlas liaugherty and Miss .Rich
ards of Lincoln; Mr- Bohn, Mr K.ldli
Fearon. Mr. Vernon Brown and Mr. A.
Waller at Omaha.
Mr. Frank R Starr and Mlsa Henrietta
Naomi Suuer were quietly marrle4 at t.3U
o'clock Monday morning at 8t Ham's
Episcopal ehurch. Rev. Homer Wort hi un
ion Btarr, rx!or of Chiint rhurcli, Win
aciaa. lit. and b
rulber U.e Juiu, of
Style for Every
body; prices to
fit every purse
and terms to suit
every salary.
flrlsted. btlng adslMted by R.v. Joha fA' 11
lUm Jc.iiei rrctor of tit. Caul's. The wed
ding . .it-iid-d only by relatlvM of the
brl.le uixl gruom ami a f Intimate
ri mum. Alter a wediling breakfast
it ut the
ml Mra.
lioine of the bi hie x parents. Mr. ar
ti. W. I-.. Snuei, Mr, mid Mrs. .Htarr left
for a wedding trip to Chicago ana the
lakes. On their return they will orcu;iy
fur the pieeent apai'linentx at the Henai'il.
Mr. Mrr is head of the electrical lir-pni-tmtiit
of the t'ltiseu' las and Klecirlc
Oompany of this city, uhlle his I. rid. Is a
graduate of the Council Bluffs High school
- j ut the class tif UMt and popular lu a luwaja
'S .s.rll 'r. I""
. ,' -,'t 'ft
' ;'i
t i